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Are you looking to grow your business? If this is you then listen in today to the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay Clark lays out the actual moves you can do today to grow your business.

What can I do that will actually help my business grow?
Reputation Management / Reviews (Both video and text)
MYSTIC STATISTIC – “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers.”
Launch 3-Legged Marketing Stool
Move #1 – Youtube Advertisements
Move #2 – Retargeting Ads
Move #3 – Ongoing Search Engine Campaign
Move #4 – Attractive Signage
Launch Weekly Group Interview
Let Negligent People Go

I am super excited to be back here with you or broadcasting live from the man cave studios somewhere within the incredible confines of camp clark and chicken palace. Where the wall almost complete, chopper been talking about the business conferences style wall, it’s been like 10 years hasn’t it went with the wall for a while, but shut the water off. Have you seen the stone work out there? The stonework is legitimate stone when there’s guys out there cracking stones for weeks, not not.. So stone is his real steel. Real life like medieval, awesome, stone i, was thinking about the other day and I thought about this, because somebody asked me I are they said, hey that wall I drove by that, like that wallet-size wally, know. It blocks out the haters, even their vision their site. They can you can’t see it I feel more freedom. It’s going to be great and I put the barb wire behind that’s going to help. Now, when you walk around the front yard with your pants off, it’s not a weird thing is you’re, so good, it’s going to be a great time at break cited about it. We have questions today from the thrive nation in the thrive nation never fails to email is gray questions. If you want to participate in the conversation, you can email us 2 info at drivetime, show.Com info at drivetime show.Com, in before we get into today’s question. We have two things:i want to give all the listeners for free. What, if you want to attend our february 16th and 17th workshop, it is going to be sensational. We’ve got live music at the ice sculptures. We got exotic cars, oh by the way in 15 hours, the business training. It’s going to be awesome. Those tickets are normally $250, but there now just $99, because paul hood, with hood cpas, has decided to sponsor our workshop and so paul I appreciate you doing that. Can you share with the listeners why you invest both your time and money and sponsoring our workshops, cuz you’re here, making the ticket support everybody absolutely play I’m the reason we’re done. It is because I just we’re declaring war on poverty. Yes, yes, and the best way to do that is the problem. Is people don’t know what they don’t know and when I went to your your workshop, the very first time I thought I knew everything I’m a cpa, my goodness I went to oklahoma, state i, know everything. I didn’t know, 10% of what I needed to know and my business is exploded since then.

The guidance that I received just just three or four fight I’ve gone multiple times every time. I go i, get things that then things that will help me grow. My business and I want people to be there, for them is that it’s not making anything for them. They got to be their clients for free time. Show on itunes find the thrive time show on itunes when you get to itunes, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review. Tell us how we were doing and email us, your contact, information and proof that you did it have time. Show.,, send you two free tickets, also also, if you want to get a free copy of warren buffett’s book called the snowball. You can get that book today by going to hood cpas. Com put cpas, is no catch, just schedule, 1 hour meeting with paul hood a free consultation. You learn everything you need to know about accounting and get the book, and so here we go check our first question of the day. What do we have from the thrive nation? Alright, we got a question. What can I do that will actually help my business grow? Okay, actually help the business group before i. Explain the foremost I want explain the things that won’t help your business grow, and that is almost everything else. So there are things that there’s all these things that you could be doing and somebody’s putting pressure on you and I’m, not sure who it is in your life, it’s probably clock out chamber of commerce or it’s a local tips group or it’s a local get together or business conferences. Where you don’t have crap on your to-do list that doesn’t move the needle doesn’t pay you. So when you asked the question, what can I do to actually help my business step? Capri, one is saying no to everything just start saying:no, when people ask you just no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You know I used to say no just now, nice, nice classic. No, no, no I mean just in statements with no signup no joke inside of nowhere once was a man in his name was no no yes, nostradamus know about rhinoplasty and knows it’ll, be fine. I figured out. So that’s that you’ve got to get your online reputation management to a good place, so I’m going to brag I and his name is paul hood and he’s inside the box spalding locked inside the man cave does paul hood accountant tells I’m typing in right now:paul hood, accounting tulsa the screen, so I can see it. Okay, that you currently has 89 reviews, wow uppermill customers in his tulsa office, now I’m going to type in tulsa accountants coming to see who has almost as many as you right, so there’s no 89 and then there’s a company called br accounting and consulting I mean this sincerely br accounting I know you’re, not a client in so I want you to be successful in life, but I really do want you to lose as it relates to paul hood in accounting, because paul is doing things the right way and I’m sure you are too but he’s my client.

So I have a homer I want him to win okay, but would you were looking for an accountant and you found some with 89 reviews and you’re comparing and some with someone with one review or zero and they’re real authentic reviews? Do you and your wife like to go out to eat or something you guys, suck in bartlesville bartlesville, tulsa claremore, where we’re at dimly-lit? Yes, they know me:they bring their. They got these little jelly beans and they always bring me a little bowl of them. They just they know, they’re they’re, perfect person, that’s correct, but mahogany’s has a reputation that precedes itself is known for being a fine dining place for it. Someplace man, we mix it up. A lot of fennel throwback is molly’s landing at in catoosa. You guys ever gone out there, nice large fillet i, don’t recall that I think it’s a wedding or something those out there sure if I’m going to cook steaks out there when I was 13. Well, what are we doing? Yes, I’m going to go ahead on to leave a review right now for the good folks at the prime steakhouse of the mahogany. They have right before my review. They had 205 reviews just hit a big business conferences milestone, 3 reviews overall baby just passed a hundred a couple weeks ago for my old clients, so I’m going to let you ask the question:is what will act? Help grow my business you’re at work-if you don’t have reviews will put us on the show note but 88% of consumers according to forbes 88%, if you think about that, that’s like the number, eight and never ate together with a percent. That’s a good deal. I’ll tell you it’s! 6 months ago, I probably would argued with that, because I said all my clients came from from referrals ideas. Any clients that was the paradigm you weren’t looking at the funny thing is, is how am I going to get clients for more views? If I don’t have reviews, we literally have at least one or two or three a week to come in and say:do you know you’re the only cpa firm that has reviews you’re the only one that has content things written on the internet and so harley’s recent? How are you graduate? Did he study business in or are you hello hello? Do they teach you about the 3-legged marketing stool business, business school that wasn’t in their curriculum, no concept? You want to have three ways: your advertising that are going to get in front of your ideal unlikely buyers.

So if you’re listening to the show today, I don’t know what your business by the way through, if you email me to info at thrive time, should I come. If you will tell me what kind of business you have I can help you 8 times better I can I can literally helped an exponential exponentially more specific answers to any business. Any business, because I haven’t worked in the mystery of a d3 like a marketing stool, let’s say you’re listening to the show today and you own a dry cleaning service like lamode I will give you the motive lamode cleaners, as one of my clients I’ll, give you the 3, so move number one. This is move number one you’d want to go ahead and have youtube ads youtube advertisements and have a drink on youtube. That only show two people live in tulsa who have searched for the word dry cleaning. You know why cuz I probably need a dry cleaners, and you can do that with technology. Second, things going to get that retargeting going. Are you want that retargeting of each organism to add that follow you around internet matter? What site you go to every site in the third? You want to start an ongoing search engine, optimization campaign, which we will teach you how to do a tour in person. Workshop, if you’re feeling sexy and you can knock out the first three-if you can knock out the first three-then don’t do the 4th. But if you got the 3rd at the third legs, what’s a stable stool now here comes the 4th signs, I caught signs and wonders, but the big feather signs and bring your business that offer a no-brainer first dry cleaning services a dollar: okay! That’s how you do it! You don’t have good people. Can you explain why everybody where we’re short on time, but where? Where were full of information here? Why did the group interviews matter so much to the first of all the group setting matters because you, as a business owner, don’t have time to meet with each individual candidate for 30 minutes to an hour? So you can do it all at one time that way, if you have 10 candidates or a hundred, you can meet with him all for one hour and you just cut out so much time from no-shows and and just deadbeats so harley over here works restaurant in redmond jared, and he is done a very good job in the sales department as well done first and doing a lot of different tasks, he’s been chatting with me and have the honor to have the guy. In a with me, the last couple weeks harley for every two people, like you, that shadow that I like there are probably 50 that i, don’t like no exaggeration man and so is probably seen it or heard rumors about it. But there are people who shot of me for maybe 5 minutes. I said the month and so it’ll happen is I help business owners grow in shadows. If you have a great resume, but they can’t get it done in the in the business game. They have a great resume, have a great 40-yard dash, but they can’t perform well under pressure in the super bowl. There’s it’s that kind of detective gap between talon execution in shadows me I’m, looking for are the attentive and those who want to go to business conferences.

Are they kind? Are they studious? Are they? The person is a good energy that dress sharp. If it does, we can continue, and you have done a fine job on that. So I’m just telling you right now on the radio you, my friend, have done a really good job and I want it that the opposite of that, though paul it is, is negligent people, so the 4th movie have to do. If you want to grow your business. If you have to let negligent people go, it’s a must. Have you ever tried to get a negative person to do something? I, have you know it? If you try to have compassion and because the median school they don’t teach you that’s, that business is there for you and it’s hot. So, okay, we kind of got to be nice and then, let’s put other people’s interest first in yeah, yeah, that’s okay, but not when we’re coming to make money in the investment than the millions of dollars that I have at risk. So yeah trying to get somebody to do something they want is a waste of time. It said clay, you’ve taught me that you create opportunity and, and then you do, the group interviews and I’ll tell you what group interviews is a great thing in the past. Play I would have an opening and I would interview people, and it was always me-and it took all my time and show up now and going to hire somebody I know. And yes, so what you end up doing is is I ended up looking trying to get the the worst person that you know that the worst of the best, but when I do group interviews, it’s a great feeling to say, and none of you qualify, and that is what you need to do to grow your business. Now we come back with a Thriver who just emailed us the question:what is the busy work that I need to stop doing if I want to be successful? If you can email me, your industry down


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