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Does time freedom feel like a myth? In this episode of the Thrivetime Show podcast, the best business coach team in Dr Z and Clay Clark will get into how to create room in your schedule for yourself.

It’s not so much about spending time doing the right things, as it is about not spending time doing the wrong things. Sometimes it’s easier to eliminate and know what you shouldn’t be doing to free up the time.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)

Your time is yours to give. You choose to give your time no one has the ability take it.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “This is not about managing your time. It is about keeping Your whole life under control. Plan the life you want or live the life you don’t want…” – Lee Cockerell (Former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 team members)

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Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group, that you did it and your contact information to android drive time show.Com. Have you been to new orleans, where you at I love, new, orleans, the, big, easy, I have family and history music reminds me of you guys and they just had mardi gras down there. I didn’t I didn’t make it this year, but this year, I didn’t have you ever been before? And yes, what was your highlight of your experience? You know what steve define and of the festivities in the people that you know new orleans is kind of a unique flavor. If you will so you know you kind of got to have that mindset of ross, diverse group of people there partying together and enjoying a fat tuesday and enjoy all the parades and join all the stuff. You no more talk about this principle of successful people is common denominator that we see was successful people and it’s really a few setbacks as setups I think that new orleans is a is a city that was basically destroyed by a flood, and then people thought okay, we’ll just rebuilt it better in the city is flooded a lot of times and I think as an entreprenuer. It requires almost that level of resiliency I mean mercedes one of the naming rights of the superdome and they built it back. Better I mean i. Just it’s it’s a weird. It’s a weird, not natural mindset for to view a setback is a setup and I want to go around the horn to get everyone to take on. This will start here with you, dr. See them go to amber and go to mr. Paul hood. So, what’s good with you, dr. See what how do you? How do you taught your mind? A few setbacks as setups? What I try to teach people that, when you have a break down you’re ready for your breakthrough, come on now, so you have a breakdown and if you could be a number of different areas that you have a break down the first time you have to fire somebody, oh yeah, that’s it that could be hard on you. If you’re out there listening and you started a business and you’re thinking, you got to fire someone and you’re like oh, oh, oh and you’re having a breakdown and then you and then you finally do it. And then you know you hire a new person, who’s awesome and you have that kind of breakthrough moment of going.

Oh, my gosh I I can improve I’m, not married to these people, I’m going to prove my best business coach employees by pruning the ones that aren’t so good and bringing in ones that are better and that’s a break down to get a breakthrough. How would you deal with a passive aggressive personality in your business is not very well I mean I die i, don’t like it when people are that way, and ultimately you know if they’re, even over-the-top passive aggressive. You know the night i, let those people go because I want powerful people that you know that say what they going to do mean what they say. So what to say to you, hypothetically hypothetically, they were to say to you i already sent it to you in that best business coach report, but I work for you. How would you respond to that? That’s how long to that’s it. That’s her heart and that’s the way they are and make him a bad day a bad day to make a bad light move. You have been they’re, not they’re, not long-term they’re, going to be replaced as soon as I can get them replaced. I, don’t have the time or the energy to put up with that kind of negativity in my life, I don’t want it. I have so much I have so many people around positive people, because you prune the tree all the time. It’s crazy. If your negative I’m not going to have you around me, listen if you have friends out there that are idiots, you have friends that are negative. Shame on you! It’s your life pick who you want to be around I was going to die.. I didn’t mean to use your debit card, I thought it was mine, but then I realize that I borrowed yours and I was going to tell you that I borrowed it. Do you want to see you like that as long as going to put up with him and the problem is-is that they robbed joy that rob life, they rob enjoyment? And you know you have nobody to blame, but yourself going well. You know he’s been he’s been a long time, so you don’t got to kind of put up with it and he borrows my debit card on occasion and did goes in charge of sex at the ball. But you know what overall really tired of that nice, but it was with my friend for a long time. You know your friend too, if you kept getting paid from this person, you are surrounded by idiots. Shame on you get rid of them, and you know what you might save yourself:how to how do you? How do you? How do you do it? How you do it promise to do it? I was laying on my digits. They send me a text and so therefore I have to respond. They asked me a lot stiffer I have to go. You know you say no and if you’re too scared to say no just goes to your take on this year, I miss amber cole on viewing a setback as a setup. Is there been a time and colaw fitness over the years? Were you thought wow? That was not positive, but it ended up becoming a positive sing in the end for you and your husband and the business at colaw fitness many life, lessons that employees have brought to us as a gift and that’s just how we take it and we had people steal from us lie to us in all different areas.

But the thing we always go back to is it is a perspective you have in life and what we always tell our kids and what we try to live by is if this is the worst thing that happens today, life going to be okay, keep going back to that. So, no matter what? If this is the worst thing that happens, we’re going to be okay, you could say this to women listening and i, can’t so I’m going to ask you to say that what your take on that is on this I see a lot of best business coach or  men who there and I can is just a sexist observation of patterns. I see lot of men there, like i, don’t got time to learn strategy. I, just see it so more emotional, with the women a little more aggressive it down with the man. I just see that kind of pattern. You know what would you say to a woman out there who’s struggling to make the tough decisions in their business cuz of emotional reasons when they are in fact the owner of the business that very hard? We are wired to be emotional creatures and I think as we age and we learn to take control of that. I’ve also learned that I have to take advice from my husband and listen to him. He’s got a great male perspective and the business world is dominated by men, and that doesn’t mean it needs to be negative or nasty coming out of a female’s mouth or that we have to try to dominate but I think it’s it’s just self. It’s personal growth and learning how to control those emotions and not take everything. So personal mental middleby matter of fact-and that is what it is-it’s black and white-so don’t take it as personal there and again we’re having amber cole on the show from time to time, cuz she’s, a great entrepreneur, a great member of the thrive nation, was fun to see her at the best business coach work shops in there. So many women out there that just say I just would love to hear from a female perspective Sarah. Thank you for being on the on the show today and up all night with I want to i, want to ask you if your take on this. What is it what’s an example from your best business coach client experience or career, where you had a could have been seen as a break down that end up being a breakthrough for you.

Where could I see if I can set back before you up? What play it’s hard for me to answer that, because I believe everything that’s ever happened to me as positive I’m, either going to learn from it and-and you know, you’ve heard that before, but it literally with me, I either learn from it and get stronger or I win, and ultimately, both both are winning and so I believe and then I try to teach people through our firm that you know it’s okay to fail. What’s not, okay is to quit, because you learn from failure. You learn from mistakes. You learn from princeton you at the workshop. You talked about walking out and getting attacked by a log that was in there in the yard. You tripped log that almost killed me twice yet so, but you learn from that. I’m not going to step that way or maybe next time, I’m going to bring a flashlight but I just I threw it into the woods with rage. It’s gone, but you know you learn from failure or the experience of a best business coach and you don’t play this one of the reasons that we’re giving away that book. The, warren buffett book and if you’ll just go to my website, hood cps.Com and fill out the form I’m, giving away an hour of free of my time and warren buffett’s book, and you really want that book, because it’s full of examples of winning and losing and how he reacted to it and how he reacted. The failure is really more. What determines his success when we come back, we can talk about more common denominators of super successful people. Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at thrive time, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on the air directv,, the angelic music mixed with then going immediately into some kind of vaudeville I do.

But what I really liked when we were at the in-person best business coach workshop, and you can select that I think for dudes? Yes, and they brought with vitamins a box that rocks yes and we actually just laid down a show segment. Yes and it was, it was really fun, but it was the first hour of thursday showing you need to get on the podcast for thrive time, show.Com get on the podcast deal and go to itunes, actually right, google itunes, the best fried do it is you find the prime time show on itunes could be a subscribe button and believe is an objective review will send it to three conference tickets. We got to get your contact information so send it to me down, but can’t win. Can we know a lot. We, don’t know everybody’s address and phone numbers right, I mean if you know I drive time should I come into it. Drive time should I come. We shall help me play as knowledgeable he’s not omnipotent right. I was at an important to you. Things look up medicine for tonight. Here’s the here’s, the observation I’ve seen about super successful people. It’s not so much about spending time doing the right things as it is about not spending time doing the wrong things come on free chat. Can you please break down with that means to you not to somebody who owns a multimillion-dollar business where the things you should not be doing? That’s a great question and what you should not be doing is answering every phone call answering every text message answering every email about all the pussy.

You have 5000 subscribers to whatever you’re out there doing. Okay, and if you were the month club, you got 5,000 people your ship and jelly to write, and they have they have all your fitness, dude least amount. He smells a lot like testosterone, i, wonder why you guys are better I’m at now. I know I didn’t like, and it would have happened. Is it that you can get caught with them? I knew shut my mind and, as you grow, you have to have more more gatekeepers one more people around you that deal with that. My nusha, because everybody wants wants a minute I see I was calling from your office here and I just want to see how it’s going to get like a stapler. Oh my gosh I do it as like $17, so I thought like now:i should probably not get a stapler, and then I was just thinking about that and I like red sharpies is right, is absolutely necessary or can I go with like more of a blue? Would you take that call know they won you did. How do you need to do to respond to the phone? You said, gatekeepers I have a personal best business coach assistant now and it’s a gatekeeper boom. That’s the best business coach move. Personal assistant ebony understand that I’ve got a schedule to that person. Now, yes, are you still using the the personal assistant who’s, the literal viking? That threatens people immediately upon the first question? Is it a nicer person can work out too? Well, that’s not good. At setting them up. You have people set them up for you, and then those people are actually the boundaries. Those are what we call the gatekeeper. Not part of our lessons are how to get through gatekeepers how you defeat the move right. So that’s part of what are treatments, don’t use portable from steve, jobs, steve jobs, says people think focus means saying yes to think you’ve got to focus on, that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good things there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually is proud of the things we have it done, as the things I have done.

Innovation is saying no to a thousand things, so the next principal that’s, did not have to think about that. That might be, you say no to good thinking. 5 hours of tv today and I could be a good thing for you, I’m saying where you could be saying no to a good conversation with the manager. She have a great conversation with an investor bingo. So the next point is your time is yours to give you choose to give your time? No one has the ability to take it, that’s power but I like that, but this is what lee cockrell says. He said this is not about managing your time. It is about keeping your whole life under control plan. If you want or live the life, you don’t want to struggle. So much with telling somebody hey I was on facebook and I tagged. You in that you hadn’t responded yet, but I used to feel bad now. Again. This is just happened a couple months ago, guy walks up to me and one of my conferences. He did I hit you up on linkedin and facebook and email and I’ve even text. You did you’re impossible to reach I sent you a message in a bottle come on. It was a baller i, probably wouldn’t you know from picture that looks kind of cool. What kind of cool but I don’t return any buddies calls at all right now, because all I focus on is the people in my inner circle like to get your take on that z. How do you know if your time is yours to give you choose to give your time? No one has the ability to take it talk to me about the practical application of said idea. What I mean that’s beautiful and that’s and that’s where it is and that’s hopefully, people are looking at their going. I hope I can get to the point where I’m saying no to a lot of things, because if you’re saying no to a lot of things, that means that you’re, the more successful you get, the more people want to come into your inner circle that other people want your time or people want the best business coach energy that you have met me all those kind of things it’s it’s kind of hard to say it like that. But it’s no people out there going to hate your your successful i, see it i, hear it and feel it I want I want I want to I want to buy a skin that for a moment and if you’re not careful as a best business coach, you’ll end up every single day, completely worn out. Looking at yourself going I didn’t do anything I wanted to do today, because i, let all these people and chop society teaches that you’re supposed to do the. What time frame you have to scale a business to some level? I mean it could be national regional local you have for you could win the lottery. I mean there is the second way to do it. That is the 2nd winning the lottery so I think but I mean if you want to work work, if you were furniture store and you want to become financially free and have time for him, you have to eventually sell a lot of furniture and to do that, if you continue to be the person who took everyone’s hand and does every single tell yourself you couldn’t do it so again you, if you’re, going to scale a business in great time freedom you have to embrace an entirely different mindset than the mindset needed to start the company, which is crazy, right, now., atul, more and more layers are going to be more people working for it.

So you have to have some type of org chart right and like doctors in organization that personal assistant is of your z, that they need to get ahold right. No, don’t come talk to me about that. Talk to your manager about that, that’s how you can get rid of those got a minute meetings and that will steal so much of your time as a business owner. That’s growing a small businesses, all those gotta minutes, gotta minutes. You cannot allow yourself to be controlled by those got a minute meetings and if you have found yourself in a place where you say I’m just overwhelmed, we absolutely can help you, but what we have found is we really can’t help you unless we interact with you and see what I want to do, the one take a few moments to it to hammer on the ways we can help you. If you want to attend of the world’s best business workshop, to answer the time of the recording of voice act, timeout timeout, is it been certified I mean when you said the world’s best I voted for it. I know, I want to give it to of you. If you do a google search for thrive15 and jinx, we have 336 reviews from conference attendees, they have written there review and you can see who they are. That’s wrong! That’s fine! If you get a chance to go to itunes right now, just it’s different listeners, many of what you’ve attended our conference we have right now is the time of recording of the show pulling it up right now, 515 review wow wow. We have almost 500 video reviews. In my mind, does the most powerful wow I mean you’re right. We, you know what you have now proven your best business coach statement and that’s how you do it, because your facts and knowledge we have to have the last workshop. We did it a couple people that I would have attended the tony robbins seminars and they told me you guys for a tenth of the cost, I paid to go to tony’s event. You guys delivered so much more practical knowledge from the best business coach team and it was a game-changer I’ve heard. So many people tell me cash I wish I would have known about this 2 years ago. So I would encourage everybody. Everybody. If you wrap up today in courage you one time they were asking to take the challenge time. We humbly submit that we’re going to ask you to do. One thing here go to thrive time, show.Com and when you go there going to find the for the quad who got the podcast the one on one business, coaching in person, workshops for a video library filled with thousands and thousands of videos. We heard you to take the challenge and if nothing else leave us an objective review on itunes, get your free conference tickets and come out to one of our workshop. So I know it will change your life so much fun, I mean if we charge you per every laugh, you did, it would be, it would be, it would be affordable, laugh. It was only assume you think. I laugh more or learn more. This last workshop I’d say 2 1/3 eleven, it’s also the band was incredible and we go to


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