Allen West | Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas Shares Why Now Is Not the Time to Lose Faith in America + Roger Stone Joins

Show Notes

Why judges are supposed to interpret the law and not create law, understanding the voter fraud of 2020, why communism can never be allowed in America, and why the communists have found a way to gain ground in America using useful idiots.Allen Bernard West is an American politician, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, and political commentator

3 Points 

The 3 branches of government

Why judges are supposed to interpret law and to not create law

Mail-in ballots

  1. Engaged in the Electoral Process
  2. Don’t Lose Faith
  3. Understanding American Civics Again
    1. Step 1 – The Canadian-owned DOMINION vote-counting machines are used in 28 states
    2. Step 2 – DOMINION gets its software from SMARTMATIC which is a Delaware company owned by Venezuelans close to the Communist Venezuelan Chavez and Maduro family
    3. Step 3 – Then our votes are stored on a server in Frankfurt Germany.
    4. Step 4 – Then our votes actually get counted in Barcelona, Spain and Smartmatic has a special software feature that allows users to change votes
      1. Their software allows them to change the VOTE 
    5. Step 5 – All major manufacturers of voting systems in the United States are working with us to explore ways to incorporate ElectionGuard into their systems including Clear Ballot, Democracy Live, Election Systems & Software, Dominion Voting Systems, Hart InterCivic, BPro, MicroVote, Smartmatic and VotingWorks. We’ve worked deeply with many of these companies over the summer to prepare them for today’s SDK release.
    6. Oh…and Smartmatic Owns DOMINION
      1. Listen to Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis on the Dan Bongino Show 


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