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Are you too young to become successful in the game of business? How do you produce good leads for your business? Clay tackles both subjects during this edition of The Thrivetime Show.

  1. Question – “I’m just 22 years old. Should I be worried about my lack of experience?”
    1. FUN FACT – “WASHINGTON, D.C. — The percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were “not engaged,” while another 17.2% were “actively disengaged.” The 2015 averages are largely on par with the 2014 averages and reflect little improvement in employee engagement over the past year.” –
    2. FUN FACT –
  1. List the entrepreneurs
    1. Mark Zuckerberg: Founder of Facebook – 19 years old
    2. Andrew Carnegie – started working at 13
    3. Matthew Mullenweg: Founder of the WordPress – Started the company before he was 20
    4. Catherine Cook: Creator of – 15 years old
    5. David Karp: Founder of Tumblr – 21 years old
    6. Varun Agarwal: Author of How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company – 21 years old
    7. Pete Cashmore: CEO of Mashable – 20 years old
    8. Blake Ross: Creator of Mozilla Firefox – 19 years old
    9. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “genius is 1 inspiration and 99 perspiration”
    10. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Phil Pressey – 5’8 Phil Pressey’s INSANE DUNK Over 6’8 Defender
  1. Question – “How do I find plenty of good leads as a contractor/remodeler without a good basis of former clients to work from?”
    1. Gather Objective Google Reviews from Sincerely Happy Clients
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – 129,035 Google Reviews
      2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
    2. Search engine optimization
    3. Retargeting advertisements
    4. Social Media Ads
    5. Youtube Ads
    6. No-brainer offer until you reach you the tipping point
      1. The Tipping Point Quotes (showing 1-30 of 114)
      2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” – Malcolm Gladwell (Malcolm Timothy Gladwell CM is an English-born Canadian journalist, author, and speaker. He has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996.)
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Want to attend the legendary best business coach thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our best business coach riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. The primetime show on your radio. My name is play. Clark I am the former ussba entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to get you into a great financial position and what are things that I have discovered? Having done this show now for over a year-and-a-half having coach businesses for over 12 years by my name, clay, clark and you can see the businesses I’ve started over the years. I dr., z and I was in the two of us. We’ve been blessed to build 13, multimillion-dollar businesses and right now we’re on the verge of getting business. 14, 15 16 inbb17 into that orbital all at the same time. It’s not because we’re geniuses, we just understand how to mail it and then scale it so important, mail it and then scale it. And so what happened is a lot of times thrivers will reach out to us and I’ll. Ask questions that are I would call them they. Just you heard about racist. You heard about sexist, but there’s also this thing called a just wear a lot of young people don’t believe that they have what it takes to be successful.

They have the value the value of young people and i. Just don’t like that. I, don’t think the average person or best business coach thinks about being successful before a certain age. Can you see a lot of people say gosh, I’d love to be successful, butyou know i, probably couldn’t do it until a certain age, and it is I would just say that that’s not usually true at all, and so what I did is eric trump and I got together and we’ve compiled a list of a super successful entrepreneurs who had a big success at a young age and I’m going to give these to you and i, as we go I’m sure all kind of add some more as we go through the list. But let’s just going to go one by one through them and what’s the question from the actual driver says, should I be worried about the lack of experience from somebody a meeting with when they’re just 22 years old years old should I be worried about the lack of experience when I meet with somebody I mean that’s. The question you know should I be worried about my lack of best business coach experience. Think about that question. Againi’m, 20, I’m, just 22 years old, should I be worried about my lack of experience. Will okay? Let’s, let’s talk about that, I mean. Why would you be worried? Well, i, don’t know my job, your job, that’s a problem, regardless of what age does chapa mean, i, don’t care if you’re 55 get you be a hundred and thirty michelle.

Have you have you researched the the gallup poll on I’m disengaged best business coach employees? You ever look that up here. This is a gallup poll here from disengaged employees and i. Just read this to you and then it hopefully, this resonates with the whispers out. There any trouble put this on the show I just copied it over here, for you, I’ll, put hear one of the things about being on. The show with me is that I I might in a point, bring up a statistic that I’ve read and then I’ll just ask a question like aid. Remember that dinner, like no cuz i, wasn’t there when you’re reading it you sick freak. So it’s kind of a weird weird show to be honest:okay, so this is what I want I want to share with you did research and took you read that now I got that now that I have the stats on the 2015 who gallup considered, engage in their jobs average 32%, the majority 50.8% of employees were not engaged while another 17.2% were actively disengaged. 2015 averages are largely on par with a 2014 averages and reflect little improvement in employee engagement over the past year. One more fun factto us. If you can just pull this article from the us news and world report’s now, I know not everybody listening agrees with us news & world, report, so I think it’s important. You read a part of this article go back and forth. Run dmc.

Can you start off the article hear the title is most teachers are not engage in their job. Khaled find people who have a heavy influence on the engagement of young people. You think teachers would be more engaged in their jobs, yet nearly seven and 10 are not emotionally connected to or are dissatisfied with their workplace. According to a new gallup report, as part of its state of america schools, report released, wednesday, gallup use the answers of more than 7,000 teachers regarding various aspects of their workplace and I got a lot of people in that subset of all people, research group, including whether they know what’s expected them at work and where they have materials needed to do their jobs and what do they feel their best business coach or supervisors or others care about them. As a personon two points, teachers were the least likely have any profession surveyed on the workflow on workforce engagement teachers worth likely of any profession surveyed on workforce engagement respond positively. Where do they feel that their opinions at work count and whether their supervisor creates an open and trusting environment? And it goes on and on? The point is 7 of 10 teachers do not engage at work or not emotionally engaged you’re not willing to pay. So you know what it’s just kind of like whatever, then one thing is they going to show a graph where it says you know, teachers that are on the job, 6 months or less are about 35% engage.

You can go all the way to 10 years or more, and it’s only 32% are engaged eventually. Teachers like whatever you know, whatever I’m high school, mrs. Jensen and mr. Beckerman. That was my to mr. Beckerman work with me on speaking and I’m, telling you that guy is the man and mrs. Jensen work on how to write effectively really pushed me. I had two teachers, my entire time and high school ever push me yeah. Did you have any teachers that pushed you I’m pretty get along to go along guy, so i, like all my teachers, they’ll like me, but i, don’t see, none of them pushed me. So, okay, so here are the entrepreneurs that have had success before the age of 40. Of this is a short list, is kind of like an off-the-cuff list, so chuck going to read the list. Okay, we got mark zuckerberg of facebook, but he was 19 years old. Okay, let me give you an example and I want to add this on the show andrew carnegie. He started working at the age of 13 to support his parents and he was able to support his family before the age of 23. He started working at the age of 13 as an immigrant son. It was able to support his best business coach family before the age of 20. What was your first pay job that you weren’t kind of hustling to make money on your own I work at the job called the norseman and my boss is name-was butch and butch drink vodka during the best business coachworkplace. So you’d look at you like hey. Just, totally like he was totally like, not there’s a lot of times. You talked to him and he was hammered, but he was also violently hammer. Who. Are you bathroom?

It’s like I just threw up everywhere. I quit I worked at a place called the pizza factory que quit each time. My parents, are you quitting your job right? So I went through a bunch of those jobs that I landed. My triumvirate of super jobs, I worked, it I’ve been triumvirate butts, 3 I worked at target, target, applebee’s and directv, and that’s why I finally started to get some mentorship I discovered that if I over delivered people would notice until I got hired for an internship, a tax and accounting software at the age of 18 or 19 I want to make it like 67528. Now our and all my jobs to making like $0.15 an hour. What high on the hog I was literally making 6:25 an hour or some of these jobs to working an 8-hour wearing a tie. Making 15 an hour was awesome. I got hired at tax and accounting. No I can say is that the dj company was self-sufficient when I was 21. I was able to bring it over $100,000 at the age of 21 and i. Remember we were living in a condo and vanessa kept asking. Why do we live here and I’m going to because we’re broke, but seriously it’s ridiculous people picking up equipment, I’m, weird inside the time, I thought it was a movie at 67th and lewis. If you google map that at 67th and lewis in tulsa, oklahoma i, believe our condo unit never was 6714, but we live there and then it was like I told vanessa we’re driving to riverside one dennis and maybe want to build a house, and she said yeah, you know, I do so. I was I was like 21, you know, maybe 20 21 I bought the house i, don’t know we moved into the house. I got to ask I’m, not exaggerating more than a dozen times as a best business coach. I, don’t know how many times but people to come by neighbors who are in their forties and fifties. Just now, moving to a mcmansion saying, what are your parents do where they had never see him right through the next week when the next success story that happened at a young age, hey matthew mullenweg was the founder of wordpress and he started the company before he was 20. T

his is huge, catherine cook. What did she do? She was the creator of myyearbook.Com when she started that thing at 15 years, old, david, karp, 21 years old, baron, agrawal. Think about this. For a second, he started the company at the age of 21. Next one please pete cashmore ceo of mashable 20 years old, ross, creator of mozilla firefox 19 years old I could go on and on and on and on you steve, jobs and wozniak. They met up at the age of like when steve was like. He was 16. That’s when the ideas that we can’t did the became apple began so I’m just telling you that’s about the beatles story to write they were all you need is love:all, you, need, is, love, all, you, need, is, love, love love is all you need, is love all you need is, love, all, you, need, is, love, love love is all, you, need I’m, just telling you this as a best business coach. If you are out there and you have a pulse, you can do it, but here’s the deal you do not deserve the attention of the marketplace. If you haven’t prepared for the opportunities are not entitled to that spot, so I don’t care what age you are. I bet people that are 20 years old. Do you say god is awesome, but here is I would have put it of a quart of wonder from thomas edison thomas edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration took that picture about paraphrasing that, but but thomas edison, the guy, who invented the light bulb modern light bulb recorded audio recorded video. He says what genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent. Perspiration genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration about that genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration example.

This I have a friend of mine who went on to play basketball for the boston celtics. His name is phil. Pressey I’ll put a link to his basketball with a link to his youtube video and I’m dunking on a guy, so he can see phil pressey dunking on another man during high school. There are the pros we can see it, but phil is playing professional in barcelona right now and i. Don’t know how it the official height he hasn’t put on the show. Nuts 5/8 is what it is official height 6560 he’s playing in the nba I can barely touch the net. I want you to put this on the show notes, and everyone has to see him dunk for the celtics I mean it’s crazy, but my man is a grinder. His father played in the nba he was drafted in the first round by the milwaukee bucks he played at university of tulsa. His father gave my dad. He is a nba draft jacket to the man cave her hang up on the wall when he saw that my dad was dying of cancer, love, paul pressey, but I’m going to tell you why he made it to the nba, not as a result of of talent or skill. Because of that hard work again. Genius is 1% inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration to claim your best business coach tickets to the drive time show today at erected. Business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time show on itunes, leave it injected review and send as confirmation an invoice, drivetime show.Com to claim your star in the national star registry of the year honor to serve you in today. We have a question from a thriver that is absolutely absolutely normal common. When we get all the time, it’s fun to have you email us to info at thrive what time should i,, because, typically as a best business coach, our entire focuses on helping the client execute the systems in making big wins real fast, helping them grow their company sustainably, but quickly albert? What types of questions you can ask the meetings don’t get asked by the listeners and so I’m excited a listener and gage and email it to info at thrive time show the following question chip. What is the next? How do I find plenty of good leads as a contractor or remodeler, without a good basis of former clients to work from okay? So here’s what you have to do:jective google reviews from sincerely happy clients.

Now you say how do I do that? A friend of mine! This is an example. He actually went door-to-door, true story door to door, saying hi, i, actually clean, carpets and carpet cleaner, and if you would, if you would allow me to clean your downstairs, if your home for free I would I would I would love to be honored to do it. If you would just give me a review as in exchange for cleaning or downstairs, this is before google reviews. Do you like what you mean, because I totally bill to use your name and number is, are as a testimonial cuz? A lot of people are p.M. Little bit weary of hiring me to clean their user carpet, and if I can get more reviews, it would mean the world to me, and so people would say yeah sure what he did this for a long time will pretty soon. What are you getting off your high I’m doing some carpet cleaning in your area and I wanted to see if I can clean your carpet for 50% off of our are normal prices I’m already in the area and I wanted to see you I’ve got a list of reviews, he wasn’t working I called yeah,, come back and I’ll come back in a couple hours. What people call them and did you guys actually use them to clean your carpet? Yeah they’re phenomenal? Really. Were they charge you all? They came into the first service for free. You know it’s all the sudden best business coach people are reluctant to use the service, you have to build your reputation and that takes a while. You can’t fake that, but now, with 129,000 reviews and the world’s greenest carpet cleaner. According to the environmental protection agency, a company that uses 10 times less water than her closest competitor, I unabashedly tell you that if you want to make over $100,000 a year and you’re in a market where oxyfresh is available go to o x, I fresh.Com in learn more about getting a franchise. I. Tell you what take a shortcut email us info at drivetime, show.Com after you’ve done your research typing carpet. Cleaning quotes oxyfresh down top in the world top of the world.

You type in the word oxyfresh they are top in the world. There could look up carpet. Cleaning quotes for the number one search result in the world according to google, and it’s because they have over a hundred twenty-nine thousand sincere objective reviews so step one. You got to gather those objective best business coach reviews step to search engine. Optimization, don’t you! Why do you? Why do you have to begin a process search engine optimization as soon as possible? I mean we know it’s not a short-term result, the why we have to start short term right away. Well, it turns out that people are using this old internet thing in there using google to find people, and if you can come up on the top of the organic search results, that’s the result that come up naturally right below the map listing on a google result. People will use you, they will call you and you will get what doctors on early talks about his golden look and that is that first opportunity to wow a new ideal, unlikely, buyer and wow them with your service and therefore create that word of mouth and minnie.

Objective reviews as possible, it’ll caveat to that 88% of people according to forbes, will read a review before hiring a service provider. So you got to have those reviews of the wise. A search engine optimization doesn’t work if you get to the top of the google search results, and you don’t have reviews I check if you seen the new elephant, the room page here for the contact us page, no I haven’t dude. Let me try this roleplay page going to schedule a first haircut. You can see your it tells you what’s included all the benefits I like it. It’s got a one that tells you about this, your first check of $2. If you’re not satisfied you going to want you get your daughter back, that’s amazing! You see video testimonials from actual best business coach clients. I got to look at all of them. It’s pretty awesome me contact us page. You see this right here, look at this most highest and most reviewed men’s salon that is so powerful because, according to these studies, people are trusting these on my reviews, more than recommendations from friends and family man. So you’ve got to get those reviews, so you got to get out there. Now, the next movies you got to get retargeting advertisements going now we targeting advertisements are the ads that follow people around on the internet. So I’m going to do is I’m going to pull up on the big screen, so chuck can see it but I’m going to go to harrys.Com harrys.Com.

This is the company that proclaim to be a shave, above the rest. They say all you need to get started. They always offer a ridiculously awesome free trial or an entry-level trial where it’s $8 for the trial for the trial set plus free shipping, and that includes the detroit razor, with the blade the foaming gel the travel blade. All that’s included that you go i, don’t know, i, don’t know if that’s the right side, maybe I’m at work, maybe I just got a cell phone call. Maybe I went to the website for the first time on my smartphone, but I am I smart phone just rang, and so I’m now distracted when I get back home, though, and ihop on my computer, you can see this is powerful. You can see the bee harry’s ad immediately going to pop up on fox news. They start to show up on cnn right there, the top immediately and it’s because there’s a thing called retargeting ads. A lot of people don’t know how to launch retargeting ads, how to make them work with retargeting ads are absolutely essential because the average best business coach person has to see your ad 4.7 times. Then you need to get those social media adds run the ads and only shown to your ideal and likely buyers. You too bad only show those add to your ideal unlikely byers. Then you got to make a note. Brainer offer come on a no-brainer offer until you reach the tipping point chuck. Can you clarify?

Can you read the notable quotable from malcolm gladwell, the family author of the tipping point, the founder of the tipping point concept? Can you read his notable quotable magic moment when idea, trend or social behavior crosses the threshold tips and spread like wildfire and that’s what’s happening with the thrive time? She say. Oh, my gosh. This program is incredible. It works. It doesn’t make any sense, not to least give him a try, because the conference is a money back guarantee and coaching is month to month. So in another couple to make it a no-brainer gay, it’s unbelievable, unbelievable offer here is classic janitorial. You know in our workshop we get so busy, we have so much foot traffic and the place can quickly get dirty everywhere. We want to make sure our place is clean, and so we can reach out to anybody. We can pay anybody to do the janitorial services, but we as a best business coach program wanted to reach out to somebody who knew what they are doing. So we reached out to the janitorial service of choice for dupont for google purdue start never heard of them for dupont google new star. These guys are the classic clean.Com, it’s a classic, clean., and so clean before the conference. It’s a game-changer I have actually contemplated using our urinals as 8 drinking fountain. We could back up and take more about the classic clean stay tuned


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