Amanda Grace | The Proven Prophet Shares God’s Vision for 2020 America

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Amanda Grace is a proven prophet who documents the visions, dreams, and prophecies that God has given her including accurately foretelling the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the day. Then John Benjamin joins us to share about “an instrumental of hope” and why he is helping to raise money and to locate music instruments for children in need.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrive Nation on today’s show are interviewing the modern American Christian prophet Amanda Grace! Amanda, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show. How are you ma’am?
  2. Amanda, briefly just so that our listeners know that you are in fact a real human I would love for you to share about your background and how you were raised growing up?
  3. I understand that you grew up with severe asthma…tell us about this?
  4. I understand that your parents announced that they were getting divorced around the time of Christmas…tell us what happened?
  5. Tell us what happened in May of 2015 and your get out of the boat moment?
  6. When did you first learn how to understand when God was speaking to you?
  7. What does it feel or sound like when God is speaking to you?
  8. What do you believe is the message that God is wanting to share with America right now?
  9. What has God shown you about the uncovering of evil and darkness in 2020?
  10. What has God shown about exposing corruption and the dark web?
  11. What has the lord shown you about Prisoners of War and setting the captives free?
  12. What has law weighted down at the bottom, I the Lord am releasing?
  13. What has God shown you about Christians that are looking to the media to find truth?
  14. What has God shown you about what is going to happen to the media?
  15. What has God shown you about President Trump and the First Lady’s relationship with Christ?
  16. Donald Trump’s two terms in office have been prophesied by numerous profits. Right now there are many Christians who are questioning whether people missed it or not. What are your thoughts on this?
  17. On your show you mentioned that we are in the midst of a Haman moment. Can you explain what you mean by that?
  18. What role do you believe the average Christian plays in what’s going on in our country right now?
  19. Can you give some examples of the prophetic words that the Lord has given you with regards to what’s going on in our nation to help build the faith of some of our listeners that God is speaking into our nations future?
  20. Do you have any insight on the Word of the Lord from 9/14/20 that said,”Watch Tulsa Oklahoma a major event, says the Lord.”
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