America’s Life Expectancy Just Went Down Again | 4 Super Moves to Prevent Depression

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Clay explains why it’s dangerous to live without goals. People who are without goals, don’t know their roles and thus they run around perpetually seeking affirmation from others and they become chronically distracted and depressed as they move from the chase of one unicorn to the next. Thus, they turn to prescription or recreational drug use to escape the feelings they have and the…they kill themselves.

FACT: CDC says life expectancy down as more Americans die younger due to suicide and drug overdose – YORK

Suicides and drug overdoses pushed up U.S. deaths last year, and drove a continuing decline in how long Americans are expected to live.

Overall, there were more than 2.8 million U.S. deaths in 2017, or nearly 70,000 more than the previous year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. It was the most deaths in a single year since the government began counting more than a century ago.

The increase partly reflects the nation’s growing and aging population. But it’s deaths in younger age groups — particularly middle-aged people — that have had the largest impact on calculations of life expectancy, experts said.

“These sobering statistics are a wake-up call that we are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable,” Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC’s director, said in a statement.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene (The best-selling author of Mastery)

  • Dream Big
    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finances
      1. Take the jobs you need to take to make the money you need to make.
    4. Fitness
    5. Friendship
    6. Fun
  • Ask Yourself Why 5 Times?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene (The best-selling author of Mastery)

    1. Goal: Make $100,000 per year
      1. To afford the things you want
      2. To have the time to do the things you want.
        1. Only 1 out of 10 people who start a business will actually create time freedom.
        2. Exceptional and ordinary people will have conflict.
    2. Why? So that I can have the money to do what I want (but will you actually have the time to do anything with the money?)
    3. Why? I guess not…I need to rethink my plan…
    4. Goal: I want to live on the beach in California?
    5. Why? So that I can enjoy the weather?
    6. Why? I guess not…because to live there in a 2,600 square foot house it would cost me –,pf_pt/2140347655_zpid/116638_rid/globalrelevanceex_sort/32.806862,-117.206827,32.7435,-117.293344_rect/13_zm/
      1. $16,602.71 per month
      2. If you made at 20% down payment
    1. Goal: I want to own my own business?
    2. Why? So I can set my own schedule…
    3. Why? I guess not…as a business owner I get to choose whatever 80 hours per week that I want to work
  • Emotionally Commit to That Future and Emotionally Disconnect from All Adversity
    1. ADVERSITY 101:
      1. Working at Applebee’s, Target and DirecTV to fund the purchasing of DJ equipment.
      2. Working on a Concrete Crew from 5:00 AM until 6 PM every day then going to work at a retirement home from 7 PM to 3 AM every day.
      3. Spending all of my money to buy a maroon Mazda MPV with 150,000 miles on it and DJ equipment from Guitar Center and Joey Shake.
      4. Hand painting the vehicle because I couldn’t afford to autowrap it.
      5. Realizing I had no leads…and literally calling through the phone book alphabetically.
      6. Hell gigs:
        1. DJ 7 nights per week at the Holiday Inn Select.
        2. The Sand Springs Community Center softball fundraisers.
        3. Dealing with the wedding chapel lady.
      7. Realizing that I didn’t have a database or software to keep track of the weddings.
      8. Turning off our air conditioning to be able to afford to buy the Yellow Page ads from Sally Lewis.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you.” ― Robert Greene (Best-selling author of Mastery)

    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – All of the guys I hired from college eventually bailed on weddings that they promised to work for me.
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Getting sued by the Moose Lodge Lady
    3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – A DJ bailed out so I had to DJ one day in Dallas and the next in Minnesota…it took this event for me to finally realize that I can never count on people.
    4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Being named Tulsa’s Entrepreneur of the Year by the Tulsa Chamber…the haters came out in droves.
      1. Being black-listed from wedding shows…had to start my own.
      2. Figuring out how to get the bridal stores to refer me.
      3. Top sales guy…becomes entitled and refuses to do his job.
      4. 2nd best sales guy can’t wake up before noon.
      5. 3rd sales guy stealing gas.
      6. The administrative guy is always high.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance. The world is full of people with different characters and temperaments…Some people have dark qualities that are especially pronounced. You cannot change such people at their core, but must merely avoid becoming their victim.” – Robert Greene (Best-selling author of Mastery)

  1. Embrace That Failure is a Prerequisite to Success

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t  like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise–ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.” – Seth Godin (The best-selling author of The Purple Cow)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.” – Napoleon Hill

      1. 4th sales guy…converts a referral sources website into adult website.
      2. 5th sales guy…starts his own wedding videography company to compete with me, uses my name to get bookings and then doesn’t show up at the weddings and causes me a PR nightmare.
      3. 6th sales guy…gets religious and claims that he is healed and throws his glasses away so he can’t function…

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Killed for Being Right:

  1. Jesus – Killed for sharing the message of salvation.
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr – Killed for standing up for civil rights.
  3. Socrates – Killed for refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state.
  4. President Abraham Lincoln – Killed for abolitioning slavery.
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America’s life expectancy just went down again. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, more people committed suicide in America last year than in any year. In recorded history, people are getting more and more depressed. Why and what can you do about it? How can you live a life where you’re inspired each and every day? On today’s show, we teach you four super moves that you can use to prevent depression.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download today. I’m joined with Dr Breck, the good doctor and chiropractor’s, sir, how are you? I’m doing fantastic. Thank you. I’m joined here with Andrew, the incredible coacher. He does coding and coaching. It’s the code. It’s the coacher. Oh Man. How are you sir? I’m doing fantastic. How are you sir? Well, I’m, I’m excited because there are jumps here. Ah, I mean, you, you, it’s like you, when you, when you’re here, Andrew prove the room by 1% a little bit. Yeah. Dr Breck improved the room by two or 3%. Yeah, because I’m here at, brought the room down by 3%. It’s really just right now. But then chuck came in here and increase the overall quarter of a percent. So now we’re up a half a quarter percent.

So I’m not depressed. I think we’re there. And on today’s show we’re going to talk about a subject that really is something we shouldn’t joke about. So I’m going to joke about it. Okay. America’s life, it’s America’s life expectancy just went down again. Seriously. It just went down again. This is just dead. There’s want going to give you some hard stats today, but the American, um, it’s the center for Disease Control just reported that yet again, the average life expectancy in America went down again for the second year in a row. Now, let me explain to you why I didn’t expect that. Uh, there are more people, there are more people in America right now killing themselves from drug overdose or just some other kind of suicide. Then we’ve had a ever, so people are killing themselves at a, at a rapid rate, which is actually decreasing the life expectancy of a, of the average person that is that. Now this show is a, a business show. Um, but I want to teach today for super moves that you can use to avoid depression. And I think it’s so important that if you’re out there listening today, do you wanna start a successful company? You understand one wants to work for you.

If you’re depressed, I mean peanut Chub, you’ve, you, you’ve probably been around business people that have kind of gloomy aura and Dee Dee is it, I mean, is it possible to recruit people to work for you when you are a depressed bus? Definitely hard to recruit and it’s, it’s definitely impossible to retain, right? If you’re just a er every single day, the day in a business, we talk about it all the time is burning fires. There’s things that you have to come together, come over, run through those walls. And if the leader of the organization is just Marc Mero all the time, you’re never going to get any good people. But Andrew, do you have the show notes pulled up there? Do you have shown us pull it up and I do. In fact, can you read our, our, our, our a fact here from the CDC here, my friend.

This is the Center for Disease Control. If you could read the fact that place. Yeah. So it says, uh, the CDC says life expectancy down as more Americans die younger due to suicide and drug overdose. Keep reading, Andrew. Here we go. Um, after the lane. All right, so suicides and drug overdoses pushed up us deaths last year and drove a continuing decline and how long Americans are expected to live overall there are, or there were more than 2.8 million US deaths in 2017 or nearly 70,000 more than the previous year. And, uh, the center of disease or I’m sorry, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday, it was the most deaths in a single year since the government began counting more than a century ago. Continue reading. All right? The increase partly reflects the nation’s growing and aging population, but it’s death. It’s deaths in younger age groups, particularly middle aged people that have the largest impact on calculations of life.

Life expectancy experts said, uh, did a fine job ready? Or you’ve only got about two more paragraphs. So just keep only a couple if you’re doing great. All right, so there’s a quote that says, these sobering statistics are a wakeup call that we, uh, that we are losing too many Americans, CDCs to elder. Uh, here we go too early and too often to conditions that are preventable. And that was doctor Robert Redfield, the CDCs director, uh, said in that statement and it says, these, uh, countries could soon have the highest life expectancies and the suicide death rate last year was the highest it’s ever been. Uh, and at least 50 years, according to the u s government records, there were more than 47,000 suicides up from a little under 45,000 the year before. So 47,000 suicides in America last year. And if you divide that by 365 days, you’re gonna find that there were 128 people a day killing themselves in 128 divided by 24 hours. That means 5.3 million people will kill themselves during the first hour of today’s show. And then 5.3 more people will kill themselves during the second hour of today’s show. Now, why am I bringing this up? Because this is what, this is what, this is how it happens. All right? So I’m going to you through the four steps

to not becoming depressed. And I’ve seen this work over and over again. I’m giving you super moves, but here we go. One, you have to have a dream without a vision, the people perish. Uh, chuck, talk to me about a goal, something going on in your life where you’re like, man, I’m excited about this. This is something you’re looking forward to. Some anticipation around the corner that’s going to happen. You’re fired up about it. I’m having a son in three months, my son and I aim to raise an awesome young man. So your half sibling or her son and how many months? Three months. Three months from now. Three months from today or having a baby. That’s correct. Are you, how are you going to push the baby out of your body? Well, it’s interesting that you bring that up, but no. Uh, so you’re, you’re excited about that.

I’m super excited about it and I’m planning for it and it’s got me pumped up. Doctor Breck, what is something you’re excited about in the next three months? Oh Man. In the next three minutes. Well, we have summer coming up, so I’m excited about that. Business Wise, we’re looking at a, still moving the practice, growing, expanding into a bigger location. Yeah. Um, and then also I have a birthday coming up in, in a couple months. He turned 39, almost 40, 44. Wow. What, when, when do you turn 40? June 25th. Well, I’m excited hearing about your cards and your gifts. I’m excited. I’m in about an hour or so. I’m excited cause I’m gonna get my chiropractic adjustment. But now I look forward to that all week. Um, also though some big goals I’m excited about. I’m excited about the completion of the man cave. Um, I’m excited about I’ll ever be done.

It’s just the first phase of completion, but I’m excited about that. I’m excited about to, we’re taking the kids on a cruise during July. Uh, I, but I think it’s so important if you’re out there, you’ve got to have goals, got to have them. So I remember when I worked at Applebee’s, target and directv all at the same time. I really, really despise working at Applebee’s. I hated, um, if you’re out there and you are homosexual, that’s great. That’s awesome. I’m heterosexual. That’s great. That’s awesome. I worked at Applebee’s though. We’re literally, every single employee was a homosexual except for me at this particular Applebee’s really? And so I don’t have a problem if you’re homosexual or heterosexual. But the problem was they kept trying to recruit me to their team literally all day, every single day they would go after work. What are you doing? I’m going, I’m going to go home and see my wife.

That’s great. You want to cover him? Come by my house and watch them? No, no I don’t. And it is everyday. Hey you should come by. The two of us are getting together and just constantly talking about their, their love or relationships and I’m going, you know, I don’t ever talk about my horizontal activities with my wife. No. Is it possible that we could maybe, you know, tone down the talkig about your flamboyant behavior, but they just continue and continue it. So I hated that job. Yup. Hated Applebee’s. Target wasn’t super bad, but I hated Applebee’s and I hated working at direct TV. I just, cause people would call me, I rate all the time loop, thank you for calling direct TV. How can help you? And they would say things like, my fricking TV won’t work. It’s got to work. And you go to a, do you have the device turned out?

Of course it’s turned on. My device is turned on. I wouldn’t be calling you if it was turned on, sir. Do you see the red light there? Oh my bad is plugged in and all of a series, like probably 70% of time it wasn’t turned on by it. And then it was like, sir, is your TV on now would knock out the other 10% now we’re down to like 20% of actual technical things. And then it was usually something like are you on Channel Two? Oh there we go. But that was my job. Right. And I couldn’t, I don’t, I don’t even watch TV. I hate TV. Not into TV. You don’t care about TV. And the fact that some guy’s calling me cause he can’t tune into Fox News to watch is a bill O’Reilly update. It made me crazy. So it was more of a passion project for you, if anything else? I hated it. No, that’s what I’m saying. There’s a reason why I’m saying this is I was not depressed because I was doing that as a means to my end and my end was to start DJ connection.

Yeah. Whenever I do our group interview every week, clay, I explained to people that were looking for goal oriented people to be on our team. Right? And I explained that we view goals as the rutter tier life’s ship. Oh, there we go. And if a ship is in the ocean with no rudder, it’s going to drift around and never get to a destination. So that’s, that’s one of the reasons I view these, these goals, these dreams, these big dreams is so important.

So think about this for a second. What are your goals? And we’d like to break up these goals into this area. We call the F six life. Mr Eric. Chuck, can you break down the big F six goals here? TheF six goal areas for us?

Yeah. So we will start with faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun. And the cool thing that I’ve learned about implementing this system in my life is that if you, you know, you set your big goals for these and then you also set your daily goals and each one of these categories and you get so much more accomplished in your life because you’re just chunking away these little things in all of these categories. Faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun.

Now, everybody that I have ever met that I’ve met, who’s ever worked for me, which would be at this point, um, dozens of people who have worked for me who said they were depressed each time. They, anytime I’ve sat down with he or she and have asked them this question, I say, what are your goals? They never know. Is that shocking to you, doctor breakfast, that people who are the most depressed don’t have goals? Was that shot at you?

No, I think, I mean if you’re looking back in your, your of wallering in your misery, you’re not, you’re not looking above the clouds. You just, you know, like, uh, Eric said, I mean you’re, that he or that’s, that’s wallering in the moment. Just feeling that blueness and that sadness. And so you’re not rising above, you’re not looking at, and I’ll finding the silver lining. Um, you’re really just kind of looking down into your own situation. Um, rather than, than looking out for inspiration or, or being willing to dream for, for bigger things, better things that believing a better day is coming. You’re, you’re staying in today, in this moment and not thinking about, hey, I can work myself out of this. Like your situation. I mean, you weren’t staying in that moment. Your, your head was already far ahead. You just knew you had to get through today to get to tomorrow.

Another example would be I worked concrete. Uh, Eric, you managed to concrete team in Minnesota. It was a little bit different, um, than Oklahoma. But in Minnesota we’re doing poured basements. So every home in Minnesota, I believe it’s eight feet below the, the, the, the, uh, you, you dig down eight deep to pour every basement. I believe it would, might, might be more than that. I’ve been 12 feet, but I know you go at the forms that we use to pour, I believe those were eight feet tall. I think some of the deeper basements were 12 feet, but you always dig down eight feet deep in Minnesota, but below the freeze line. So that way you can add on a little more a room for the home. And I guess if the is below the freeze line, it’s better for the home or the homes stability.

If you have a home where it’s frequently subzero, but when I’m pouring a basement, when I’m down there and a whole 12 feet below the earth’s surface and it’s wet and it’s five in the morning and it’s cold, uh, that was not where I wanted to be. And you just smashed your finger, Ryan. Terry, I was down there with a bunch of dudes every morning, and this is kind of how my morning would sound. You would hear the Oop, oop, oop. And it would drop down the forms because you’d play and you’d unchained the, uh, the forms. Each form weighed about 80 pounds. We had wood ones that whenever they got wet, they wait so much. Yeah. And you carry them and you, you put them into place. It’s almost like building a maze, right? And then around noon someone would pour concrete in there and we’re always sore.

Um, sparks were always flying. There was a lot of injuries on the job side. There’s just a lot of stuff happening. And again, I mentally detached myself from being there. And the entire day I thought about starting the DJ company because those were the jobs I had to take in order to make the money I needed to make to get started. If people say, well, how did you get the seed capital? Well, if you’re working 80 hours a week, when I worked at target, Applebee’s and direct TV, I think I worked over a hundred hours a week. But when you’re working 80 hours a week, uh, one, you can’t really spend any money. That’s a big factor right there because you’re just hurting and you’re not spending burrito at quick trip. And that’s what a seriously, so you’re earning a lot. And then I just lived below my means and that’s how I did it.

But I always had goals in those areas. So I’m asking you today, what are your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. Now once you have those five goal areas, this is where it gets chipped a little bit. Woo. A little bit. Woo, Woo. And I, it gets me a little woo. Yeah, it’s good. Again, it’s going to get, we’ll, we’ll be in, it gets a little, it’s all a bit weird. Gotcha. And we want to give them other physical, usually on this show, I don’t, um, go, let’s go deep. But I’m going to go just a little bit deeper than what I typically do there. So,

oh God.

Seems like a deeper basement in Minnesota that, that, that is true. Now. So let’s just say that you’re out there and you now have your goals for your f six life. [inaudible] now you’ve got to get into why, like why z? What’d you want to do is you want to ask yourself, so let’s just, let’s just pick on one area here. Okay? Sure. Let’s go with finances because that’s probably the least deep of these areas. Let’s say you’re listening today and you say, I want to make $100,000 a year. All right, chuck, why do you think most people want to earn $100,000 a year? Why? Why is that? Uh, to be able to buy what they want and have some financial freedom? Okay, so let’s just say that that’s the goal. Now, doctor Breck, what’s the trade offs? If you want, let’s just say you’re listening today and you want to start a business that will allow you to make $100,000 here, right? What were the trade offs you made in those first two or three years of being a chiropractor?

Oh, man. Well, I mean, time is obviously, how many hours a week were you working? Oh, I don’t even remember. Um, so kind of like you, I mean, I was doing other things as well. So before I would go into my office, I actually would, uh, you know, clean, do some commercial cleaning. Um, so, you know, not the most fun, glamorous job, uh, before going into your chiropractic office. Um, but you know, you’re vacuuming your cleaning toilets for, uh, you know, some, some commercial businesses here in Tulsa. Um, but, uh, you know, time with my kids. Um,

you sacrifice time with your kids. Yeah. As did I. So let’s just think about that for a second. So you say you’re listening. I wouldn’t make $100,000 a year. Okay, well how does that works? More money equals more problems. So every day I have some sort of issue I’m dealing with, with some employee who’s freaking out about something. Somebody who puts in their two week notice, somebody who quits, somebody who thinks they’re pregnant, somebody who needs to take time off to have a baby, somebody who had a baby, he wants to come back to work. Somebody who, uh, is frustrated about not being promoted. Somebody who got promoted, who doesn’t want to be promoted, somebody who should be promoted, who says they don’t want to be promoted. There are all these issues. There’s pride, there’s jealousy, there’s envy, there’s people arguing about religion and politics. And you’re dealing with all of that. And Chubb, you’ve, you’ve seen this before, managing a crew of people. Yeah. How many guys did you manage on the construction crew?

Oh Man. At the most, we probably had 35 or 40 guys out in the field.

It did it. Did they ever get into debates about anything?

Uh, yeah. A lot of times it’s stupid stuff too. Right? And yeah, it was funny and I learned this a retroactively after coming to work with you, clay, if you don’t keep your people busy, right? That’s when they get crazy cause there’s just, they stand around and talk. Um, but you know, the things you’re talking about that’s only on your side of things you haven’t even brought up dealing with issues with clients or you know, delivering your product or service. That’s just all issues that have to do with your team.

Let me give a little proverbs for the listeners out there. Proverbs 1627 29 yet proverbs, we are, we are in favor of verbs here. Proverbs 27 through 29 reads, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Oh, idle lip stars, mouthpiece and evil woman, so’s strife. Gossip separates the best of friends. Wickedness, loves company and leads others into sin. So at the workplace, I mean, I’ve got to keep the team busy, but I just want make sure you’re getting this. If you want to make $100,000 a year, you got to ask yourself, okay, what are you willing to give up for that? So now we go back to it and say, well, why do you want to earn $100,000? You say, well, so that I can buy whatever I want. And I said, well, what would you want to buy that? And they’d say, well, I want to be able to afford a vacation chop. How many times have you met a business owner and before we work with them, they’ve told you they haven’t been on vacation for years,

man. Almost every time. Yup. Yup. Dr Breakfasts over there. It’s almost every time.

Yeah. And so before we coach somebody through the program where they can create time freedom, a lot of entrepreneurs say, I haven’t been on a vacation ever. Can I give you a real life when from last week or real law, can you give us a real life with a pork chop? You can give us a real life would because it is time for

ah, yeah.

The bolt pants. Give them the flow. Get yourself ready to

all right, chuck. All right. So doctor Jay Schroeder healthworks Chiropractic, a Franklin, Tennessee, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Franklin, Franklin, Tennessee Murphy’s Murphysboro, Tennessee, Tennessee doctor chiropractic doctor Jay Schroeder tried to, I tried to look this guy up right now. Doctor Jay Schroeder. Let our listeners are trying to Google this guy healthworks chiropractic [inaudible] dot net. Uh, so we’ve been working together for a couple of years and for one of the first times in his life. Yes. She was able to take a week long trip with his family. Come on now. The beach. Yes. He didn’t have to answer his phone log single time. And when he got back there were zero fires in his, both of his offices. Oh, Chub, I’m going to jump me. Let me just marinate on that for a moment.

Lot of pressure. You’ve got to rise above it. You got a harness and the good energy block out the bad harness. Energy block, bad fuel, the flow, happy, feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, it goes up and down and the round circular circle with the music, the float, all good things.

So it is possible. So he did that. Why? Why? I thought of it is because he did all of these things. 10 years ago we started working together. What is your why? Why do you want to do this? And that was his exact reason. I want to spend more time with my family, but I can tell you it was a grind for the first year he had to launch that rocket and get it into orbit. And then now

all the systems are working for themselves. So, so Andrea, make sure we’re typing on the show notes. I want to, I want to type up the layers here. Layer one is you want to earn $100,000 to be able to afford the things you want. Okay? That’s layer one. Layer two though we get down to, you want to have the time to be able to use the money to do the things you want. Right. And Dr Brick you used, you were saying that you hadn’t gone on a vacation for, for how long? Oh, really? Honestly, for sure.

A real vacation that was more than, you know, a weekend. I’m going to Bixby. That’s not a bad kid. So yeah, I mean really we’re, we’re talking,

I mean more than 15 years. So you’re saying that you have gone on a vacation now? Yes, we have. What allowed you to go on vacation now where you couldn’t for the previous 15 years. Okay.

Oh good. The uh, the money freedom, the time freedom, having systems in place, being able to step away and, and know that things were going to still run,

uh, in my absence. So if you’re out there listening today, again, I want to, I want to ask you this, what are your financial goals, right? You see, you wrote those down and then why you say I want to have the money to buy what I need to buy. Okay, great. And then two, I want to have the time. Okay, that’s layer two time. But why do you want the time?


Because I don’t currently have the time. Okay, great. That’s one reason. All right, let’s think about that because I don’t currently have the time. Okay. We’re putting it out because I currently don’t have the time. Okay, well why don’t you at the time then you’re like, well, cause I work all the time and I still don’t see, and that’s where these entrepreneurs get stuck in that loop is they then create a business that does produce more money for them, but they don’t have any time to enjoy it. So what we’re gonna do today is we’re going to teach you specifically how to, uh, achieve, achieved those goals. Okay? But as you’re listening to what I’m saying to you today, I want you to understand that anytime ordinary mindsets in counter, uh, mindsets of super success, somebody gets upset. Cause because what I’m going to teach you is the complete opposite of what the world teaches you.

So let me just give an example. Let’s say chuck, you and I walk into a local church, Kay and we are hosting some pastor screwed up and invited us to speak at a, at a church, a business leaders conference, okay, I’m sure you’ve seen those kinds of things around town. And so we say, all right, ladies and gentlemen, today’s speaker, Mr Eric Chuck will be presenting on how to create time, freedom and financial freedom. How many of you are business owners? Now? All hundred men stand up and you say, if you were a business owner, please stand up and put your hands together for Mr Eric Chop. Ooh, now you come out on the stage and each up you say, here’s the deal. If you are here today and you are in the front row, you, you 10 right here, I want you tend to keep standing.

But everybody else sit down and the, and everyone goes, okay, we’ll sit down. So now you’ve got 10 guys, Stan, and you say, now you tend, I want you to give yourselves a round of applause. Woo. Clapping. All right. Now according to Forbes, nine out of 10 startups here will fail. So you were, you would be the only 10 by default to make it in America. That would make it right. Now guys, here’s some more encouraging news. I want of all you 10 standing in the front row. I want you nine to sit down and you sir, clap for yourself. Ooh, because according to all the research out there, only one out of 10 of the people that actually start a business will ever create time and financial freedom. Yeah. All right, so we’re back to where the show began. We now, I want you, I want, you know, you serve standing. I want you to clap for yourself about how great you are, and I want to make sure that nobody here gets envious of the success that you’re having because you’re having success and no one else is because you, my friend, are doing extraordinary things, exceptional things, and everybody here is doing it wrong. And so now you guys have a have a debate and let’s see whose voice is whose voices loudest, the 99 or the one. So listen to this notable quotable, notable quotable from TD Jakes.

So Jesus, who is exceptional if having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always bought a big conflict.

All right, so now we move on to step three is a super move. Number three, for not getting depressed, you have to emotionally commit to that future, to those goals emotionally commit to those goals while emotionally disconnecting from all of the adversity you have to emotionally connect to your goals while emotionally disconnecting from all the adversity. So I’m going to give the listeners some examples of adversity. When I started the DJ business adversity number one, working on a construction crew. Chuck, I thought that seemed like a good idea until about our one in today’s world. Like my feet hurt. No, I’m serious. It is not a fun job. That’s why I got out of it to be. But you have a powerful forearm as a result of one powerful forum. Are both forums pre tougher? Is it one? Is it both the this one? Just the right one.

Really swinging that hammer. Do the left one. Yeah, the right. The right one though is it’s look at that. It’s crazy. You got a four year, three years since I had swung a hammer. It’s, that’s awesome. So again though, the construction crew, it seemed like a great thing until day one. We got to the job site at 5:00 AM and then I worked until 6:00 PM all right. And I thought, I am so sore. And then because I was a smart guy, I already landed a job working from seven o’clock at night until three in the morning at a retirement home. Oh Man. I got both of those jobs before I came home for the summer to work in Minnesota. And that seems like a cool idea to have two jobs. Sure. On paper until you get paid. So I remember getting home covered in mud. All dirty, take a shower, 40 minutes left Russia, brush my teeth, Gore to the other job working.

They’re calling Bingo for old people that are deaf. Uh, making meals for people working in this retirement home. I’m watching some of the old older folks, they’re people in their 80s argue with each other about things. Uh, seriously. Again, time on their hands. I mean, you know, you’ve got a lot that you can get the squeak I anytime I could cause I, there was survivor night and that was like a blessing. So I’m like, what survivor with knight was on, it was like everybody just watched the show. But when survivor night wasn’t on, I was calling Bingo, you hit got those guys filing. Go Dj though. It wasn’t if they could physically move their bodies or would have been fights. It was, it was, it was a rough water. I’m throwing my cane. Yeah. But then like they’d all go to bed around 10 o’clock and nine o’clock then I’d sleep until three so got like five or six hours of sleep and I go to work the next day and I would do this schedule five days a week and I thought, this is terrible, but I knew that I wanted to start the DJ business that next summer and I needed to have a way to fund it and so that’s how I did it.

Then that goes back to the previous point. That’s why it’s so important to know those goals because when you’re right in the middle of all that, if you don’t have that goal, what are you doing right? Easy to get depressed and then I am spending all my money at the end of the summer, spending all the money that I’d saved up, buy a Mazda MPV with 150,000 miles on it, and then spending the rest of the money to buy equipment from Guitar Center, from a, from a sales rep named Joey shake. I just remember spending all of my money at one time and then I remember driving, uh, or I, I remember telling, telling Vanessa, hey, we’re gonna hop in the van are here and we’re going to drive back to my house and we can, we can paint the van. And I know, I think at this point what I bought, I had painted the van after I bought it, but I was going to go after we went to guitar center and we’re going to go straight from guitar center, Minnesota to Oral Roberts University.

So we were going to start our 12 hour trek from guitar center. And I remember telling Vanessa, what’s hop in the car, let’s go. And then she looks in there and she says, what am I going to say? Ooh. And I thought, well, you just will sit in the car paper. And she’s like, there’s no room in the car babe. And I’m like, well that was in the garbage. So I look opened the card when I look in and sure enough, there’s no room for her. So Vanessa had to sit on the passenger seat while a 70 pound, 70 pound. It was an amplifier mixer, CD Deck Combo, sat on her lap, this thing called the Gig rig for 12 hours and I don’t think she was excited about that. She has a heart of gold, but we both wanted to build that business together and so on.

That wasn’t fun. Our hand painting the vehicle wasn’t fun. Um, if they couldn’t afford to auto wrap it, but the part that was the least fun shop was realizing once I got back to Tulsa and I had got my yellow page ad set up. Oh yeah. And I got my storage facility setup and yellow pages. By the way, if you go all in and get the big ad, then you’ve got the big people could see it. Right? But if you did the small ad, nobody see that no one would see it or call it is. I remember just going, Gosh, I don’t have any leads. And that wasn’t fun. Right. Well that’s never fun. So I thought, chip, you want me to do, I’m going to call through the phone book alphabetically. K starting with a apartments. I’m going to go from the apartments. I’m going to move into banks.

I’m going to, and I booked Stillwater on national bank. I booked the band used to pawn. Yeah. Did you really? Well, when I was, I went to Lsu, I booked the vintage on Yale. I booked these different, um, apartment complexes in different banks and, and, but I typically, if I made a hundred outbound calls, I usually would set two or three appointments. Uh, Andrew, have you made outbound calls before? Uh, have, Yep. Who have you made outbound calls for it? Um, I don’t remember the exact clients. There was some of our clients in the past. They’ll come on, remember one of them. Oh Man. Um, I did call for shy at one point. I saw homes. Shah homes. Shaw. Yeah. Um, uh, this is a shout years ago. Have I ever told you this story about the guy named Shaw? No. This is a funny story. Not related to this persona needs to hear this.

We’re trying to lift people out of depression right out of it. I was on a southwest airlines flight and there’s a guy who was intoxicated, like totally hammered and he had a smartphone but one of the big ones like the big iPhone and he’s sitting in the seat right in front of me and he’s looking at a phone like it’s close as he can and he goes and he has got it on speaker phone while we’re um, in public. Well, while we taxing onto the plane. Right. Or what were were, were, were, were taxiing down the runway, getting ready to take off. He goes, Sha, chop shop and Shaw’s, it seems like a normal guy in show. I was like, what’s up bro? And he’s like, Sean, I’ll be there in a moment. We’ve got to get on this flight and then we’re going to be taken off.

And his buddy seems like a normal person and his buddies like, all right, well call me when you land and I’ll pick you up. And he’s like, all right, Shar, Shar and just kept saying that. And the whole plane is looking at this guy like is he dead for, is he blind both or what’s going on? Well then when we land he calls [inaudible] shop [inaudible] and I was like, okay, well I’ll, I’ll pick you up or what time can I pick it? Well right now. And then he’s trying to organize some like man, treat some medication. He’s something like a 45 year old guy rounding up a bunch of dudes to reenact wedding crashers cause he’s like, well I don’t care. They’ll kill you have to keep the bar open all night for us. Right, right. And his buddy Shawn was like, yeah, yeah, they’ll, they’ll keep it open for a sec. All right. Shaw will all be, and he’s just, your name’s not shocked, but I mean everyone on the plane got a chance to meet me. This guy named me. So anyway, but that, that’s a, that’s a

bread straight. But you want to be depressed, just have speaker phone conversations in public and somebody will hit you.

Dude, it was weird. I felt bad theory guy cause they’re guys like, all right, well we’ll try to be normal. See you later buddy. I’ll pick you up at him. And he’s like, no, no, no. I’m telling you, you got to get all the beers and get the guys ready. Oh wait. But Chuck, but think about this. You made outbound calls, I’m sure before Andrew, you’ve done it. Yeah. When you’re making a hundred outbound calls, does it feel good? No, not if your mindset’s not right, but again, you could get depressed if you didn’t have your goal in your mind. Definitely you’ve got to emotionally attach yourself to the goal in emotionally. Detach yourself from how you feel. But if you’re somebody who agonizes about how you feel and you obsess about that, nothing good could ha can happen there. And this is where Robert Greene chimes and this is the bestselling author of mastery and he says, people around you constantly under the poll of their own emotions changed their ideas day by day or by the hour, depending upon their mood.

You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires. Ah, this is why I don’t advise most people to partner with me because once I latch onto an idea, I will not stop and everybody else always does. So what happens is, is people will say, Gosh, let’s start a business in this particular niche. And I’ll say, sure, let’s do it. And then long after everybody else has quit, I just keep going. And then when they leave and the buyouts are done, I’m always left alone. It happens every time.

That’s how my dad started his concrete company. Really? Yup. He had his, one of his best friends and then three brothers from Missouri that he worked with, they all decided we’re going to start a concrete company in like September. And then it started snowing and like November and they couldn’t work for a month or two and the bills were piling up and the brothers moved back to Missouri and his best friend said, hey man, I just want to work for you. I can’t do this anymore. And then there he was.

I remember John and I one time, we were working on a project for somebody and I told John, I said, Huh, see how many weeks in a row it’ll be before these people could come into their meeting? Because you could just see it in their eyes. They were half in anyway. And uh, that’s, you can’t be half in or you’ll get depressed if you start and stop if you start things and never finished them, that will cause depression. True. So let’s just get, let’s go back to our, our steps here. One, you have to have goals, right? All right, so that’s step one. You’ve got to have goals. I have goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. Now, step two, after you have those goals, which you want to do, is you want to ask yourself, why five times? You really want to clarify those goals. Chuck, why is it important that you really, really, really clarify those goals before you start?

You’ve got a deep think about it. If you’re going to, you know, send your whole life down this path and you’re going to commit to it, then you need to do some deep thinking. And this is a way you can do that is just keep asking yourself why and find out the root cause to what you’re really about to commit to.

Uh, my kids are getting very good at playing the piano and a doctor, brick your kids playing instruments or sports or anything like that or what can activities, are they involved? They’re involved in tumbling and palm to the musical theater. Musical theater. Okay, well like for music lessons for my kids, all five of them have to take piano lessons. And a Havana got the Taylor swift song book the other day at Guitar Center and that kid is playing that and it sounds great. And she’s 14 and she’s starting to develop this ability to play, I wouldn’t say by ear yet, but she can almost play by ear. And she started to have fun with the instrument and she’s playing at night now just for fun. And she started to become good. But how many of us start piano lessons? Take two and then quit a lot. Most of your buddy.

So what happens is, is that you are going to get depressed if you start something and quit. That’s what causes it. It’s called cognitive dissonance. This is not a word that I’m making up. This is not hack psychology. This is a real thing, right? It’s called cognitive dissonance. Um, another way to describe this, and I, I know, I’m know I’m going to irritate somebody. I know, I know chuck even mentioning this idea. It’s going to make somebody mad. Probably Andrew. But I’m gonna, I’m gonna say probably gonna throw it out there and I’m going to help somebody with it. Maybe we’re ready. Mom. Guilt, mom, guilt. I hear this a lot. So women have a baby and say, I feel guilty that I’m not at home. So they hire someone to help raise the kid. Maybe mom, maybe grandma, maybe babysitter, maybe $10 an hour employee at a daycare, whatever.

And then they start to say, well, I feel guilty about, you know, being gone. Well, it’s called cognitive dissonance. You want to be home and you’re not, therefore you feel bad. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means that what you want to do and what you are doing are different things. Right, right. It’s called mom guilt. That’s what that is. It’s a, it’s a feeling where you’re going. Gosh, I feel, um, I can honestly tell you I don’t experience dad guilt. Um, I don’t know why that is. Some people have said, do you admit, did you regret missing the early years watching your kids learn to walk or no. Do you regret not hearing their first words? No, I don’t personally. Um, they don’t remember it. I don’t remember it. It’s good for both of us now, isn’t it? Now they can speak and communicate and we have a conversation.

I don’t want to miss out on that, but a little baby things for me. Now, some of you out there wanna spend time with your baby. I’m not here to judge. I’m just asking you think about your goals. Write them down because you’d have to commit to them. Cause if you’re half in, you’re going to start something. And then stop. And that will cause cognitive dissonance that will cause depression. Now move number three, again, emotionally commit to it. Commit to your goal. So let’s say you’re a mom out there and you’re going, I am tired of filling mom guilt. I’d say, this. Quit your job. What? Yup. So there was a friend of mine who actually asked me, she was way older than me and she said, I feel super, super guilty that I am raising kids. They had adopted kids and she’s never with them.

And she said, I feel horrible. Um, how do you and Vanessa deal with the balance of that? And I said, well, Vanessa, you know, quit her job. Essentially, I’m helping me to raise the kids in their babies because she wanted to be there. So I advise you to quit your job. And she goes, are you kidding me? I said, no, no, I think you should. She says, really? I said, yeah, we’ll think about it. It’s, we sat down, uh, her husband and I, and we sat down and we made a list of all their expenses. And I said, you have two cars. Why? Uh, to drive to work right now you have one car, all right, and you get rid of one. You have two cell phones. Why? Cause so he can reach me if he needs to at work. They were, they were both teachers.

I said, so get rid of your phone. So now you have daycare. Why do you pay for daycare? Because I’m at work. So we looked at it and after the car, check this out after the car, after the phone and after daycare, this person was literally only coming out $3 an hour ahead. I believe that. Seriously. I totally blew the car driving there and back daycare, a phone. They came out, we ended up insurance, car maintenance, all of it. They literally came out $3 an hour ahead as a result of sending their child to daycare. I mentioned that to say if you’re listening right now and you are experiencing mom guilt, Dad guilt, whatever it is, you’ve got a fitness guilt, uh, any type of, you’re just, you feel depressed in an area. It’s because what you want to do and what you’re doing are not the same thing.

You have cognitive dissonance. Let’s do another example. If you’re saying, I’ve always wanted to start a business, but you don’t do it, you’ll be depressed. You’ll just around for years. For years, I meet people all the time at conferences. Just say, you know, clay, I came to a conference two years ago, started a company. It’s doing well in, my only regret is that I didn’t do it 20 years ago. What was I thinking now, chuck, you’ve been to the other side. You’ve run a business before and you’ve seen how many hours you had to put in. Yeah. How many hours a week did you have to put in when you’re running your dad’s concrete business? Every week, every week. A minimum. 60 I mean, absolute minimum, 60 hours. What’s the average week you think? Like what time did you wake up and what time did you call it quits?

Most days, uh, when it’s hot outside, we’re getting up at 1:00 AM midnight. We got to get out there and start pouring, and then we would pour concrete until 10:00 AM and then I would go work until four or five bidding jobs, doing contracts, all that kind of stuff. So long days, long, long, long days. I think you probably working 16 to 17 hours a day. Easily. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I think if you’re out there and you say, I want to start a business, be careful with that. [inaudible] I, this is another example. Um, Dr Breck, you’re really into fitness, right? Uh, I met a guy recently, this is what about I guess a year ago at a conference who was jacked? I mean, we’re talking like striations everywhere. Just Jack The vascularity. This guy, he’s looks like he’s been just eating nothing but protein. And do you, do you want to speculate as to why this particular person was depressed?

Did you, do you want to do, want to just guess? He’s a business owner. Do you want a guest one? Hmm, I won’t, I won’t hit it. The industry, I won’t mention the state. I just, this is the guy who was physically jacked. He’s not a client, not somebody that you would know, but he’s physically jack that he was depressed, he wasn’t meeting his business goals. However, I’m sure he’s meeting his fitness goals. I met him, I met him and I said, hey, so we are not to launch it to Los Cabos. And I said, so what’s going on? He says, I’m just frustrated man. I never can get anything done with my business. And I said, I’ve just throwing out an idea. Your body is present. Can I think your body is your body of work? And he’s like, snap, I’m writing that down. And I said, he goes, what do you mean though?

And I said, well, I mean I think you spin and how many hours a week do you work out? I want to be tell me. He goes, well, two hours a day. And then I jog when I get home and I am like, you’re you, you, you’re a crossfitter, aren’t you? He goes, Oh yeah, I do the crossfit. I compete at this level, that level. So there’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to understand that you can’t be an all star in every area. Yeah. And I said, what other areas are you feeling kind of depressed? He goes, I really don’t spend any time with my kids. I was like, well, you’re three hours in the gym every day is probably where that would go. I would recommend you work out like an hour a day every other day. And he says, well, but then I wouldn’t look like this.

And I’m like, well, there we are. Yeah. So I think that’s your goals, right? But I’m saying you have to choose. There is no balance. There’s just worklife tradeoffs. Jack Welch, the former CEO of Ge, was asked about work life balance and his quote was, there is no such thing as work life balance. There are simply worklife tradeoffs. So you’ve got to emotionally disconnect from the rejection. I remember when I booked my job at the Holiday Inn select Dj and my first Chub, this is when I could quit all my jobs and just focus on Dj. You did it. I landed this deal. You made the leap. I came home, I was pumped. I told my wife [inaudible] I landed this deal at the holiday inn select. She says, great. I said, I get the DJ seven nights a week. Yes. And she says, what? No, how much is it?

I said, well, I’m, I’m at $700 a week. She goes, you’ve just committed every night of your year for $700 a week. I said, yeah, it’s only two hours a night for three hours a night. She goes every night. So I lived at that place, but to me it was, I negotiated free lobster. Serious, I’m jealous you’re coming out of him once. What I thought and I was like, I got free lobster. She goes, do you recognize it every single night? If I want to see you, I have to come up to the holiday inn select and sync with you in a bar. And I was totally oblivious I, and they’re like, yeah, but there’s lots of, well this is going to play out this string, you know, picking up a stranger in a bar thing like every night. Well, this is kind of my, my superpower is that I don’t have fomo.

The fear of missing out. I’ve never experienced that. I’ve never thought about, gosh, if I don’t go out tonight with the guys, what if I miss out on that thing? I’ve never had that thought, but I do know a lot of people have that thought. Yeah. Um, I do know that when I, after I finished the hell gigs at the Holiday Inn select, somehow I landed on the, uh, what’s the opposite of a goldmine? What’s the least precious metal out there? There’s that copper that that’s covers valuable for is valuable Coles value, but what’s kind of mine that has no value at all? Maybe a dirt mind, Derek, my hand. So I landed on, I turned mine here, these sands, I landed on a, uh, uh, it would be a contaminated dirt minor called the sand springs community center, softball fundraisers. Clearly, somehow I became the sand springs, a community center over there by the Taco Bueno.

For some reason, they started referring me to everything in every event they referred me to was some kind of fundraiser. Either a church or a softball event. And I did DJ at all those events, brought the house down. Dude was, everyone would say we could only afford to pay 150 because we’re raising money for Jesus, but we’ll help you promote your company. And I’m like yeah, I’ll do it. And the next Gig they’d say the soft softball guy. Well here’s the deal. We got a 12 young ladies who are trying to go to state right now. We’re trying to raise money to go to state. Now if you do get behind this cause we put your name on our t shirt, I’m like Oh okay I’ll do it. How much is it? $150 frick. And so I became known as the $150 I’m not kid, I probably did TJ.

They’re at least 50 times home of the hundred and $50 Dj. It was terrible. And then we had to buy a yellow page ads cause I realized the small one, no one calls a small ad. Right? So to buy that bigger at Chuck, what do you think we had to do? Pay Money. And how do you come up with money if you don’t have the extra $2,500 a month sitting around? What do you do, chuck? You sell stuff, right? Do whatever you gotta do. You turn off that air conditioning, right? That’s what we did. No TV, no air conditioning, one car. And then we came up with this diet plan that allowed us to achieve our goals. And you will think this is terrible as a doctor and my wife would never do this. Now back in the day she wasn’t educated about all that non GMO organic stuff.

So I said baby, we’ll go over there to the Walmart to the budget gourmet section is 96 cents for chicken Panini. You look at the back of it, it’s like 70% sodium or something. It’s crazy. Seriously, there’s like two servings per container in each serving was like 80% of your sodium for the day and you ain’t both of them. Yeah. And so for a year there, Vanessa ate the food for the or you cafeteria for breakfast and then I would just get too. Dot. I mean it was $2 a day, right? What I lived on. There you go chicken Panini. I remember those. Yeah. Budget Gourmet. I was hot. Did they have the little sleeve, like the hot pockets that you cooked it in? Do you remember if we think it maybe, I dunno, the platform at the top of it and you peel it off. I tried the beef stroganoff one time and that was [inaudible].

So other, other trade offs I made along the way is I remember, I remember that I hired guys from college and I had these crazy rules, Dr Brick. Like if you were a Dj for me, you had to show up on time to someone’s wedding. Weird. You are so mean. But listen, that was the rule I had. Yeah. And I remember the first time I uh, talked to her, the Djs and I’m like, hey dude, here’s the deal. The wedding started at seven, the reception to start at seven. You’re supposed to be there at five to set up. I hear you got there at six 50.

You can’t do that again in this guys. I thought we were Bros. Come on. Are you freaking kidding me? I’m like, no, I’m not kidding you. I’m serious. If you do it again, I’m going to have to find you. You’re going to find me. Well, anyway, lost that friendship. Um, then I remember another Dj who worked for us at the time. This guy was incredibly impressive human. He can’t look like a backstreet boy and everyone liked him in college and he was supposed to Dj an event at the Moose Lodge. Mm hmm. And uh, the bride calls me on the day of her wedding. Did it? He, you dude do you do to answer my singular phone? What’s that? Full name, the brick. And she says, yeah. She says, ah, your DJ is supposed to be here. He’s about 10 minutes late and I just want to make sure he’s here cause I’m about ready to start the ceremony.

They’re having the ceremony and the reception at the Moose Lodge, this is a family, didn’t have a lot of money. Um, they are really doing what they could do to make the nicest wedding possible. A few minutes later, did it, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, if this continues, I’m calling the DJ lightened him up. He keeps telling me he’s on his way. He can’t find it. 11th and garden, he can’t find, he’s looking for it. He’s trying to find it. He can’t find it. He needs to find, he just, where is it? And then ghost to me. Um, never showed up at the wedding. I get sued, had to settle with the lady. Horrible situation. Two years later I talked to the guy and I said, dude, whatever happened with that thing, because after that situation, he never did. Like he’d returned the gear and said he had a car problem.

And then from that point for, I never saw him again, like ever. And a couple of years later he reached out to me and I said, whatever happened. He goes, well, you’re not chick from college, the one that I got pregnant. He’s like, that’s what we were doing. We were hooking up. And I’m like, you literally hooked up with a chick and miss somebody’s wedding. He goes, yeah, but it’s cool now, right? And I’m like, no. So I mean, when you hire a family, you’re going to be prepared to fire fam. Oh my God. Ah, I remember one one, a Dj of mine, he, this guy was supposed to Dj in Dallas and he called in six and I can’t Dj. We were based in Tulsa. He was supposed to drive down to Dallas. So I drove down to Dallas to Dj and then I get a call from the Dj who was supposed to Dj in Minnesota and he says he can’t do that gig either.

He had to call in sick. So I had to go straight to Minnesota without sleep from Dallas, which is like 1817 hour drive. Terrible. And all I’m saying is that these are the kinds of trade offs, but I never was depressed because I knew where I was going. Yeah, right. But if you don’t know where you’re going, it is going to be terrible. You got to keep that picture in your mind. Another, you know, you brought up an idea that I remember growing up and then even as I was running the company with my dad, a lot of times I see entrepreneurs out there when they don’t have work, they just sit there and like kind of like Brett was saying, wallow in self pity. And I remember my dad during the wintertime, it’s hard to pour concrete when there’s snow all over the ground.

This just it. So we would go out and take, you know, bobcat’s in front end loaders and clear parking lots, just door to door knocking on businesses. Hey, you want somebody to clean your parking lot? We’d go out and chop wood. We, you know, do whatever we had to do. We had trucks and trailers and equipment, so let’s go make some money because we’re not going to survive if we don’t pay. And it was, it was knowing, let’s get to the spring and then we can really make some money. Period. Chuck was, Reese was a resourceful guy. Oh yeah. And it pragmatic guy. And he recognized that the no one’s going to wake up with a burning desire to call you for concrete people. I want to give you eight tips real quick to um, to be unsuccessful as an entrepreneur. Um, tip number one is when no one’s calling you and you have no business coming in, do nothing.

Just wait for their own door and just stare at it. Step two, to become a unsuccessful is talk about how you feel a lot during the time where you could be calling. Like, just talk about how you’re depressed, how the sales aren’t happening. Step three, watch a lot of news, like get a lot. And he’s talking about the economy. Dr Brick. How often have you seen a chiropractor who maybe went to school with or a guy, you know, talking about how the economy’s terrible and that’s why his business won’t grow. Oh, every, every, uh, relicensing seminar where you know, all the chiropractor, they come together, Amin and economy. Woo. It is, it is brutal for everybody’s just hammering on it. Step four for and being unsuccessful. We want to do is talk about how your industry is dying. Have you ever heard people say that about chiropractic care and they go, well, Dr Brick Shit.

Six out of 10 people don’t even know they’re afraid of chiropractors and nine out of 10 don’t even want to go. And all of us are, are we’re done. You’ve heard that on the vine. You’ve heard this, haven’t you? Yeah, our hope profession and it’s dying on the vine. Step five or being unsuccessful. So you can’t find good employees can’t do it. They’re not out there. Instead of taking the time needed to look for them, spend your day complaining about it, wait until you need them, and then hire the first person you can that will inevitably screw you. Step seven, then spend money. So that way you uh, with the very time you need to conserve resources, you’re g you’re going on vacation just to plead them at the very time that you don’t have any cash. I want you to go to Vegas. If you’re going to be unsuccessful, go to la, go to Hawaii.

If you haven’t. If you have no money, if you’re trying to start a business right now and you have no money, a tip for being unsuccessful is you need to go on a trip you already broke. You might as well extend it to stay here. You might, you might as well do it. You might as well to and my flight, I’ll feel better. And you’ll, you’ll come back and you’ll hit it hard when you get back. And my final tip, and perhaps my best tip for, for being unsuccessful is probably my best tip, is tip number eight. Uh, always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your stay and just have it ready. That’s a tip right there. That’s, that’s how you should start with that. That shouldn’t be tip number one, I think. Okay, so this is what you have to do now.

You have to, now that you emotionally attached yourself to your goals and you’ve emotionally detached yourself from the emotions and the rejections and all that, now you have to have this attitude of supreme acceptance. All right, so let me just give an example. I was on the cover of the Tulsa world business section. Never been on the cover cover, but chuck on the business section, there you go. See Oprah, you open up the business section and there I am holding two phones on the cover, but Dow and I thought that’s cool. That’s cool. That’s nice for you can have a ride. Um, so I remember going to the wedding show and all the Djs are giving me the stink eye. All the other, all the competition or I’ll give me this horrible look and I’ve never met most of these guys. There was three or four guys that I applied to work at their business and they had said no.

And I knew they hated me because occasionally if I book a lot of deals in a day, I’d call him and leave him a voicemail to remind them. I do that a lot. I’m like, Hey, let’s move. I did a lot. There’s one guy who was really a jerk to me and I used to cause Dave, what’s going on man? Hey this clay, what do you want clay? Here’s the, I just wanted you to know that I booked 10 weddings today and I dunno if you booked any weddings today, but I did see ya. Boom. And I just kept doing that. Every time we hit a sales goal. Like Greg, we just did $100,000 this week or this month of sales and I don’t know, but didn’t you do that last year? Just curious. Oh, is this the same feeling you had? Oh, I love that guy. I enjoyed that.

I shouldn’t have done that, but it was so fun. So anyway, that is hilarious. Yeah. Cathartic. But anyway, I noticed that everybody started, hey, all the competition. I have no idea. Well that was a guy that I applied for working at his job and he told me I didn’t have what it took. Right. So I, we had a little little pin down these other guys. I’d never met him before. Right. And they actually went out of their way to start getting me blacklisted from wedding shows, saying that I was using and manipulating the media to get what I wanted. Uh, I remembered that my top sales guy said that he now refuses to make outbound calls because he couldn’t keep it, couldn’t keep track of the inbound calls. He said were so many leads are coming in. I can’t make outbound calls now. I will only do inbound.

He became entitled. I remember my second best sales guy started saying he couldn’t wake up before noon because his gigs were two. Awesome. Hey Man, I’m rocking it. We would be, we’d rock until two, three in the morning too. Good. And we used to get back to work and we’d be at work at seven or eight. He started not coming until noon because he says, well, the business has blown up. You don’t need me to come in before noon. I remember my third guy, my third top sales guy, he starts stealing gas. I remember my administrative guys constantly high. I remember, this is my third sales guy. I remember we go, at least this guy has it together. And I remember seeing that I’m getting two and $300 charges at quick trip and he was filling up his boat with gas chicks. You know, and then my top sales guys, my administrative guy starts smoking pot all the time and here’s, here’s the notable quotable I want to give you to a vote to to help you avoid having depression as a result of growing your business.

Robert Greene, the best selling author of mastery, writes the most effective attitude to adopt one of supreme acceptance. The world is full of people with different characters and temper temperaments. Some people have dark qualities that are especially pronounced. You cannot change such people at their core but must merely avoid becoming their victim. And Chuck, don’t you? At a certain point as a business owner or a guy managing a team, don’t you have to eventually just get to a place where you recognize, you know what, people are not going to change and I’m just going to have to hire somebody else. Yeah, you have to. Otherwise you’ll have the same team for 17 years and you’ll never get anywhere. In fact, your life will become much worse. What happens if you try to fix those people? Doctor Greg, what happens if you have a person on your team who is a terrorist, right?

Who’s a negative person? Who’s a mopey person who’s constantly pessimistic? What happens if you spend your entire life trying to get them to stop moping or you just waste your time? I mean on an area that’s just not going to improve and now your, your wallering in their same depression and mess and I mean, they’re bringing you down. You’re not, you’re not bringing them back up. If you’re listening to the show today and your, uh, in your forties and you pull all nighters playing video games, I apologize for what I’m about to say to you, but there was a guy, no, you don’t need the conference. Nor should I set the conference. It’s kind of like saying, with all due respect, Yah, no, no, no, no fancy. I thought they respect here. There’s a guy, there’s a guy who came to me after one of the conferences and he says, hey man, I don’t see that you’re getting everything done.

I don’t, I don’t see it. And I said, well, let’s sit down together. We made a list of his schedule and we took the time to audit his schedule and I’m like, well I don’t, I don’t really see where you’re running out of time here. You know, how come you can’t get up at seven or six? And he’s a, well I played this lot of video games and WWE, it’s like Warcraft, it’s called Warcraft. But I guess you wear like a headset and you can like compete converse with a, with another dude. And it’s like the, I guess they’re scheduled games so it’s like, hey dude, where’d you want to play tonight? They’re three and number three and tear scheduling a time to play Warcraft against some guy in Asia. What in the world? I mean, are you kidding me? I mean, seriously. This is a real man.

I, I just don’t even get it. So he left that off of his schedule inventory initially because he was depressed. His business was terrible because he literally, every week I’d say, did you record your podcast? Nope. Did you make your sales calls? Nope. Did you do your group interview? Nope. Did you level up on, and this is what’s even crazier, he had a business. This particular business was a business where they provide, um, services for young kids and he would call the parents on the day of service. It is as a membership model here or Andrew, a membership model, right? He would call them and say, Hey, I can’t make it today. Let’s reschedule. Right? And what have you do that with a hundred members and you reschedule it to how long is that going to last doctor Brenda off? Very long at all. No, three weeks.

Now, step four, to avoid depression, you have to embrace that failure is a prerequisite to success. Sure. You see a Seth Goden, the bestselling author of the Purple Cal writes the purple cow. He writes, if to remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out. So doing this radio show to this radio show and there’s certain people that don’t like me and that’s okay because you can change the channel. Certain people that do like me, certain people that don’t like me so much, they have to listen to, hey listen, I don’t quite get it. But some people just have to. Yeah. So all I would say is that the worst thing I could do is listen to the feedback of all the people that hate me because the people that like me like me for the reasons that the people that hate me don’t.

Exactly. So the people that liked me, I hear a lot of people say, I like that you and your wife have been married 18 years. I liked that you occasionally bring your kids on the show. I liked that you referenced scripture from time to time. Um, I like that you’re conservative when I can tell. I like that you’re libertarian from what I can tell. I like that you aren’t a socialist. I like that you don’t believe in putting people on drugs for every possible issue. So let’s, uh, recently I was listening, I was listening to a podcast called and the writer is in preparation for interviewing one of the top song writers of the past decade named Ross Golan. Oh yeah. And you guys should all listen to this podcast, but he’s interviewing BB wrecks up who’s a songwriter and asking her about what it felt like to write a hit song.

And the main, the main, uh, she wrote a song with like three or four other, three or four other artists and the main two other artists refused to put her name on the credits even though they were using her voice. And she wrote it. And this happens a lot in songwriting. Yeah. Because they want to take all the credit. Right. And she was a new songwriter and she makes less money if she gets less credit. Analysts put pla, less publicity. Sure. And so she talked about how it really upset her because here she was this innocent, naive young girl, right. In music thinking I’m going to be in the video. And when they went out to shoot the video in the desert, these big artists, they didn’t take her with them. And she was like, why am I not on the video? Why am I not in the song?

And they go, we just, you don’t have a look for pop radio. And you’re too, uh, we, we used to, we don’t think you’re a good fit, but we’re still gonna use your vocals. And so she talked about how he really upset her. Sure. But she realized that in the music scene, if you come out and say to people like, I am very upset at this person, then everyone doesn’t want to work with you because they say you’re a drama queen. So if you tell the truth, she said, people get you. They said that you’re a Gossiper, right? If you tell the truth. Right. So she realized that she couldn’t say the truth or tell people what really happened until she’s was big enough. But now she’s on the, and the writer is podcast and she’s just letting it out there, share with people, this is what happened.

And, um, that’s part of the game of running a business. Can’t I remember that? The first sales guy that would constantly not cause leads. You’re the guy that would sleep until noon sharp. I could walk up to him and call him out for not coming in until noon. Why you would quit and you probably needed him, right? But then eventually I could tell him he had to be worked before noon. Why? Adios. Muchacho I got a replacement. Right. That’s how it works. And some people would say, that’s so unethical. You shouldn’t be candid with your people. You try that. And a group of four people you try to do, you have four employees, doctor breaking. You have four employees and you need all four of them. Right? And you know, one of them is screwing you. Why can’t you call him out on it? So you have replacement because then what are you going to do?

I mean, you can’t do all those jobs. It’s gone up. Hey, may, you’ll be on everything. Have you ever got to a place before where you accidentally as a younger entrepreneur, didn’t observe this rule of firing people in your mind and coming back to it later? In reality? Have you ever made a mistake of, actually I’ve made every, so if you have ever fired somebody who was a key person and then found yourself doing all the jobs. Yeah. I always say I was the one man band and it never sounded good. There it is. I did that mistake right before my dad was going in for back surgery. If we fired one of our lead guys, which took us from four lead guys, including my dad to two. Therefore I was out running two jobs the next week. It needed to happen. Just really bad timing for that.

I should have waited and waited about three months. Check out this crazy scenario. I had a fourth sales guy working out of our house. It’s a Home Office and this guy did web a web project for a local bakery in town. Okay. Now remember, I have no connection to this website that’s being built. It’s a peer in the wedding industry. A woman who referred me weddings. She calls me one day and says, have you been to my website recently? I said, no, I haven’t. Why? What’s going on? Look at it. So like Google search it, dude. I pull it up and this guy had converted her website into an adult pornography website. Oh, nice. With like, uh, an animation that you couldn’t stop because he got mad at her bow. Oh, that’s awful. Seriously. They got into some dispute over payment and so he and I pulled it out.

He’s in my office and I’m like, dude, what are you doing? Work for one of my clients without asking. And he says, or for one of our, uh, colleagues, he said, yes, I am. I said, why would you take the site and turn it into an adult website? And he says, well, her payments late. I was supposed to get it on the first. I didn’t get it until like the 10th so that’s, that told her and that’s how I’m gonna do. And I’m like, you did get paid though. Yeah. Are you going to take it off? No. Why? Because I’m pissed and I’m like, are you crazy? Seriously. Now this guy had this guy, he’ll, you’re going to die on this guy. If you go on, if you go on Facebook, you can find them has been divorced twice. This is his super move is screwing people.

That’s his move. And here he is and I’m just telling you now, fifth sales got this guy started his own wedding video company chip out of my office. Oh Nice. I’ll explain how this movement, thank you for calling DJ connection. This is the incredible Dj, whatever. Okay. Yeah. What Day are you looking at? Yeah. Okay. You’re saying are you still need an aide? So we got your DJ booked now for July 5th and now that we know what song we’re going to play for your first dance and that we have the, the details clarified and other life answer, whatever your question was, are you still in need of a videographer? And the brides would say, well yeah, absolutely. And he’d say, well let me tell you. Let me give you the number real quick. Have a great video company that I actually run. And so you can just call me and I work on the side.

It’s totally legit. Clay knows about it, no big deal. So then she would call that number. She would book the video company. Nope. Jump once this guy had about 50 wedding videos booked, do you think he showed up at the weddings? Uh, no. He probably screwed you right. And not only that, but he actually married a prostitute. Okay. True Story. He married a prostitute and they ended up getting into some epic fight, which is predictable. And he did the editing from his house. So he lost all of his gear because I guess she threw it out and he didn’t edit the weddings. Now who is the bride going to call if they can’t reach that guy? Dj Dj connection. They’re calling me wanting to know why I screwed them and I did and he referred himself. Right. But I had to come to a place of acceptance that that kind of crap won’t stop.

Right. Another example, six sales guy just wrote down the, the, the six. So I could convert it to get it out there because somebody needs to hear this because someone’s going, my sales guys are screwing. That’s why I’m depressed. Listen, you don’t have to accept that. You’re never going to have an awesome team. You could have a better team. You can have a a team that gets it done in our office right now, we have a really solid team of people, but it’s never going to be perfect. There’s always somebody putting in their two week notice or someone crying or somebody’s having some sort of life issue they bring to the office misunderstanding. So this six guy, this is, this is probably my favorite one, he went to Arama conference and I do believe in God. I believe that Jesus Christ has the power to heal people.

I believe that, but he, I get, I guess it goes to conference and I guess they have a preacher come in and says, you know, you need to do is you need to claim your healing right now. So Chuck, he takes his glasses off is it takes them off and he breaks somebody stomps, he claimed it, breaks them into pieces in and he ends up, uh, claiming as healing comes to work on Monday, blind as a bat, Mr Magoo, it’s like I an a mole in the office and he just can’t see. And he’s like, wow, thank you for, do you know he can’t type anything? And I’m like, dude, what’s going on? Why are you not wearing glasses? He’s like, I went to a healing conference last night and I thought it was healed, but I wasn’t. It was like one of these like George from Seinfeld moments.

I’m like, you threw away your glasses. Absolutely. I named it and I claimed it. I said, well, you need to go in for an optometry appointment. You to go visit no doctor z kitchen in the morning classes. And he’s like, nope. Because that right there is accepting, I’m not going to accept. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to just name it and claim it and bind it and believe it and rebuke it May 8th. And I’m like, all right, this guy went on like this for days. Now he’s typing everything wrong. I mean, it’s serious. This is a problem, right? And so I can read a script when you don’t have Columbus, had to fire a guy for being blind. He finally went back and got glasses, but it’s, it’s real. It’s a real story. Weird. Now. So again, Matthew five 10 I’m going to give you this Bible verse.

It says, blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. So at the end of the day, if you are right just to understand, there are four people that went before you that I can think of off the top of my head that a knew what they were all about, but it didn’t end well for them. Jesus. Why w Dr Greg, why was Jesus killed? Was he killed because he was a stealing things, doing bad things? Did he mean what, what, what was, why was he killed? Well, I mean, you know, without getting too deep, I mean, he was killed because he came here for the purpose of being killed. For our sins, but he was persecuted for being righteous, for claiming to be the son of God, to be God himself. What about Martin Luther King Jr? What was what? What, why? Why did people want to assassinate that guy?

What was the deal again? He was preaching a message of peace and tolerance and acceptance and equality. And here he is leading the civil rights movement. They thought, well, since he’s helping people get equality, let’s kill him. Socrates kept refusing to recognize the false gods, right? And so they killed him to Abraham Lincoln. He says, here’s the deal. Slavery not so good, right? And so they shot him. And so if you’re out there and you’re wanting to get undepressed, please understand these, these four steps. Step one, find some goals that you believe in. A big goal you’re passionate about, right? Even if it means your death. Think about it. What is something you’re 100% sold out, too passionate about to ask yourself why five times? Really get down to the marrow. Make sure that you are not just making epidermis surface goal. If you ask anybody in the world, what do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to do? They always say, I want to be successful, but if you really ask them why or what does that mean? A lot of people say, I don’t really know the answer to that question. True. Define success for yourself. You gotta to define it. It’s, it’s gonna be different for me than you name it and claim it. Claim that is true. Now, moving, move number three, smash the glances. Move number three. You got to emotionally commit to that future and emotionally disconnect from the adversity. You’re going to have adversity in route to your success. You trying to dodge adversity is like trying to dodge raindrops. It’s so true. You’re going outside. It’s raining. Uh, what are you doing out there at Carl? I’m trying to dodge the raindrops, Bob, and we’d run serpentine. You can’t do it. No. Now step four, embrace that failure is a prerequisite to success. Just like walking down a path where there are 10 stepping stones on your path, you can’t typically go from step one to step 10. You’ve got to walk down those steps and step one might be rejection. Step two


betrayal. Step three might be theft. Step four might be rejection. Step five might be being screwed. Step six may be betrayal. Step seven maybe being sued. Step eight maybe being lied to step nine maybe adversity stepped in. Boom, you’re there, so you’ve just got to embrace it. I want to, I want to wrap up today’s show by asking you this chump and doctor [inaudible], I want to ask you this as well. Oh, and I’m going to ask Andrew this too. Oh Man. In route to your success, Dr to sir, what is the biggest sacrifice sacrifices that you’ve had to make in the last two years as it relates to systematizing Dr Brick, your, your, your, your chiropractic center. What are some of the sacrifices or or trade offs you’ve had to make an order to build your chiropractic center to be the success that is today?

Oh Man. Some of the biggest sacrifices in the last couple of years. I think I’m, one of them was sacrificing my own pride. Um, you know, I had to nail that one through the wall and just say, you know what, other people have gone before me that have systems that work, uh, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and a, and trusting to put those systems into play rather than, you know, it has to be my way. It has to do this. I mean, I’d rather, I think I heard you say, and I may be misquoting you, but you know, you can be right or you can be rich and a, you know, a lot of smart people like to be right, but they’re, they’re doing it to their own demise. And so, uh, I didn’t want to continue to be that person.

Now, chuck, I want you to think about this and your path to becoming a coach or a consultant for our clients. Um, you done a lot of things. Think about some of the tradeoffs you made into to get your education base up to a level where you could be a competent coach. Like what are the, some of the trade offs you had to make to learn these things cause you, I can’t just hand you a book and say go, go lead co goalie clients. I mean, talk to me about the, some of the trade offs and sacrifices you’ve made to increase your knowledge base. Yeah, I pretty much gave up everything extracurricular except for my family family time. Yeah. So I gave up a hunting, I used to be an avid duck, hunter, deer hunter, bow hunter used to hunt all the time. Right. Every, every Saturday or Sunday or if not both.

I wouldn’t, you know, it was just kind of the thing from September, October to February, my wife knew a hunter. I gave up music. I used to play a lot of music with a buddy that moved to Marshall and I used to play a little bit but schedules got crazier and you know that’s something that’s not on the goal list or did you guys break up the band that the soggy bottom boys still together and you break it up. We are officially dead. Are you guys playing at a casino anywhere tomorrow? Yeah. That’s usually what happens. That’s the next step. My spirit. So you’ve made trade offs that, and I’ve given up basically watching sports snow longer watching sports. You got rid of cable and I just don’t need to waste the time sitting in front of a TV watching some people compete with each other when I need to be competing with myself to get better.

Got It. No, no. Andrew, what are some trade offs that you have made in route to becoming the coder and the coach that you are now? Oh yeah. That’s why I had three main things, trade offs that I’ve, uh, had to make in the past and say three or four years that have really changed and helped me improve my life. One would be, uh, friends at the conference. Michael Levine talked about firing your flaky friends. So all the people who I used to hang around who used to sleep in until noon and who used to waste their time no longer cold Turkey, she cut him off. Wow. And that was a big one. That was a huge one. That’s a huge one. Okay. Two is going to be finances, being able to um, uh, sacrifice living below our means. You’ve automated your savings and you’re saving. How much of your cheque? A 35%. 35% of your check goes automatically into savings. 30% of my wife’s check does 35% of your wife’s check. Yup. And you are how old? A 20 at last count. And you’ve been married for how long? One year and about a month. And you own a rental house already. A rental house. Unbelievable. So far. I know. Right. And

then last one, a big sacrifice of been able to, uh, that has helped me so much is sleep. Uh, sacrificing sleep. Waking up at 3:00 AM every day has been, uh, given me a lot more hours or seven hours a day. How many hours a day do you sleep? About five to six. Yeah. So we go to bed about nine, nine 30. Wake up at three. Now if you’re out there, I want you to consider this. Um, I’ve worked with a lot of doctors and they all have different opinions on this, but I have found that most of the doctors I’ve met, I’ve spent time with have said that most people need between six and eight hours of sleep to maintain a healthy body. Now you might need seven, you might need a, you might need nine. I’m not here to say how much sleep you need.

All I can say is that most people are oversleeping. I see a lot of people that are literally sleeping in until 10 o’clock every Saturday. Right? Oversleeping and so if that’s, you tend to wake up because you only live once. Think about this. A lot of people, they go to work, they go to church and they go home. They go to work, then they go to church and then they go home, go home because what they’re going to do next, next week is we’re going to go to work. I’m going to go to church and they’re going to go home and the next and then the next year they’re going to go to work. They’re going to go to church and they’ve got to go home and then they’re going to go to work next, next decade to church to home. Me, they’re going to go to the next day and have to work and church and go home.

Then the next day, the next decade, work in church. You go home and then they’re dead and then your 80 that’s it kinda reminds me around junior high football coach to you can rest when you’re dead. I think there’s a lot of people though that are going to a church right now, not paying attention. Oh, they’re asleep in church. They’re physically awake, but they’re not mentally present where they’re physically asleep at church. I still go into work and not really being at work. Yeah. They’re not really at mentally, so being present is a present in every day is a gift. My friend. You must view every single day as a gift from God and you must live as though you’re going to be dead soon because you are going to be dead soon. My friend. If you want to prevent depression, those are the four super moves that you can use.

You don’t have to be a statistic, you don’t have to run around having anxiety. I will tell you that you and I, everybody listening right now, we could today for sure go to any doctor, any medical practice in Tulsa, any one of them, and we’ve got about an 80% chance we could walk out of there with a prescript with a prescription for some kind of drug and a Dr. Beck. Have you seen this to be the absolute the case? Yeah, I would say well greater than 80% I would say. I would be shocked if you were able to leave without a prescription. I would say 99 plus. So you’re like, doctor, here’s the deal. I have anxiety. I have a five scripts right there. Panic. Whenever I think of two more work. Well, who doesn’t write the prescriptions to deal with these types of side effects?

Original people ask me all the time for speaking events. They say, how do you at the conferences get over being nervous? And I said, I don’t like, I’m still nervous. Just did it just to, I really am nervous because every time that you invest your time and attending my conference, I’m not so worried about them the money because we do a money back guarantee. But when people invest their time and they travel here from Guam, come on, we’ve got a homie from Australia, apparently gonna his way here for the adjuvant. It looks like we’ve got a homeys all a ton of homies from California. A lot of guys from Arizona, New York, Canada, Canada is making their way. Any place that has an economy that’s not terrible, right, is interested in as this conference. Right? And when they attend the conference, I want to put on a good show.

I wanna make sure people leave. I want to make sure people laugh and learn, but I want to show that they did. They leave with the answers. It’s a chapter in the conference. We scan the room as coaches. You guys are scanning the room, checking in with each one of the coaches gets assigned 15 clients approximately that your, your job is to kind of make sure that they don’t get lost. Do they understand what’s going on? And so you’ll pull your client aside and say, uh, hey, did you get how search engines work? Or do you have any questions? If they say, well, I do have some questions, we add those questions to the whiteboards. Right? And those all get answered. And I’m telling you, that is a, that is a stressful moment for me, but we, we do it every time. So far we have 582 uh, reviews on Google, five star reviews.

We have a a over a thousand now I put a hundred on iTunes. Now do you still get a question that like you haven’t seen before? I mean, is it like this last conference, did you have a question? Were you, there was an original question. Uh, yeah. I mean, there’s always different ones because I’ve been coaching for so long, there’s really not something that can be asked anymore where I’m not sure to the answer for it. Um, but yeah, I get, I get asked to ones I don’t like people asking you if you’re thinking about it coming to the conference and asking me these questions, don’t ask. But these are the ones that I, I try not to answer. And the ones that I do get asked sometimes never cease to surprise me. They’ll ask, well, what’s your political worldview on America and the current situation with taxes?

I’m a libertarian, so I believe that there should be as low as a small of government as possible. I believe in limited government. I believe that government inherently spins more than they bring in. And anytime you run anything where people can’t be fired, there will be bureaucracy. That’s my belief that since the beginning and the end of my statement there, but people are like, but why? Uh, and you get into it and they want to talk about, you know, could socialism work? Um, other people that will ask me stuff like on a metaphysical level, I love that. All of the beginning of that on a metaphysical level, do you believe that you’re sowing good Karma into the world? More good Karma than bad Karma being that you are such a consumer? I’ve been asked that question. I’ve been asked the question about my hummer. Do I think it’s ethical to drive a hummer, uh, with the global warming that is occurring?

Um, I could ask those kind of questions a lot. Um, and then I’ll tell the person like, hey, you know, maybe we should, but band volcanoes and they’ll say, what? And I’m on board with that. And they say, we’ll volcanoes produce a lot of lot of carbon monoxide poisoning. And if you think about it, Alvin Gore, well, Al Gore travels around a lot on a jet talking about how the global warming is a problem. And I travel on a jet usually like right now, like twice a year maybe. I was thinking maybe the jet he’s in uses fuel. And I thought, well, maybe we should ban Al Gore. I don’t know. And so those kinds of devices and the political and religious discussions, that’s not what we talk about.

I’ve noticed with you clay also, um, especially at the conference, but just in life in general, like don’t spend a bunch of time focusing on things you can’t change, right? If you can’t change it, why, why even worry about it? Focus on the things you can do to make your life better that you can change. Absolutely. My friends, we like to end each and every show with a boom, and I just want to encourage you out there. If you feel depressed, don’t give up no matter what you do. Do not give up, okay? Seek help if you need it, don’t give up. But if you’re somebody out there who just Kinda Jose Cruz with blue moon and maybe on Monday, you don’t feel excluded to come to work, go through these four super moves over and over and over again until you feel inspired. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go. We’re going to in the show, the boom three, two, one, boom.



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