An Interview the White House’s Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley (who meets with President Trump Each Day)

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The White House’s Press Secretary Hogan Gidley joins us to share about The Transition to Greatness, the truth about the COVID-19 chaos then former professional baseball players turned reality TV stars, the Benham brothers share about the keys to real estate investment success. Plus “Brick_Suit” makes a special appearance.

Protest the President in D.C. 

  1. Hogan Gidley, Why was it ok for hundreds of thousands of people to protest in D.C., but the mainstream media doesn’t want us to peaceably gather in support of President Trump at a rally?
  2. Hogan Gidley, Why is the media obsessed with the number of cases and not the number of actual deaths?
  3. Why are massive numbers of people not dying in reopened states?
  4. Hogan Gidley, Why is the mainstream media not covering the incredible job number?
  5. Why are Facebook, Youtube, Google, and Twitter posts from my friends being deleted?
  6. How does the Presidents’s new executive help to make law enforcement work for all Americans?
  7. Hogan Gidley, How did the SBA Paycheck Protection Program help save American businesses?
  8. How many jobs do know that the SBA Paycheck Protection Program saved?This Man (Rich Cordero) | Traveled 2,143 Miles to Support President Trump at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Trump Rally
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Oregon resident and Rich Cordero explains why he traveled 2,143 miles to support President Trump at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Trump Rally.

Hugely Inflated Doomsday Predictions – 

  1. Why Would Dr. Fauci Fund the Controversial Gain of Function Research in Wuhan, China
  2. 99.2% of Those That Died in Italy Were Elderly and Had Deeply Compromised Immuned Systems

Ugly Truth of Inflated Numbers of COVID-19 Deaths and Cases – 

Grabbing Your Freedoms –

Lockdowns of People and Businesses – “Lockdown was a waste of time and could kill more than it saved, claims Nobel laureate scientist at Stanford University.”

  1. Tens of thousands of coronavirus tests have been double-counted, officials admit
  2. The Loose Guidelines Intentionally Created an Inflated Number of Cases
  3. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is estimating that about a third of coronavirus infections are asymptomatic.
    1. One of the scenarios (Scenario 5) is called “current best estimate” of the parameters of the viral pandemic. That scenario states that the overall fatality rate of infections that show symptoms is around 0.4%. Yet the CDC says it estimates that around 35% of all infectious are asymptomatic, meaning that the total infection fatality rate under the agency’s “best estimate” scenario is around 0.26%, or a little more than twice that of the seasonal flu 

    1. Michael Levitt, a Stanford University professor who correctly predicted the initial scale of the pandemic, suggested the decision to keep people indoors was motivated by ‘panic’ rather than the best science. 
    2. Professor Levitt also said the modelling that caused the government to bring in the lockdown – carried out by Professor Neil Ferguson – over-estimated the death toll by ’10 or 12 times’. 
    3. His claims echo those in a JP Morgan report that said lockdowns failed to alter the course of the pandemic but have instead ‘destroyed millions of livelihoods’.
  1. Require the Chip-Based Vaccine
    1. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have the solution to the problem they created – 
      1. “The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.” 
      2. “[0005] Some exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure may use human body activity associated with a task provided to a user as a solution to“mining” challenges in cryptocurrency systems. For example, a brain wave or body heat emitted from the user when the user performs the task provided by an information or service provider, such as viewing advertisement or using certain internet services, can be used in the mining process. Instead of massive computation work required by some conventional cryptocurrency systems, data generated based on the body activity of the user can be a proof-of-work, and therefore, a user can solve the computationally difficult problem unconsciously. Accordingly, certain exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure may reduce computational energy for the mining process as well as make the mining process faster.”
  2. Shift to One-World Currency
    1. “[0001] A virtual currency (also known as a digital currency) is a medium of exchange implemented through the Internet generally, not tied to a specific government-backed “fiat” (printed) currency such as the U.S. dollar or the Euro, and typically designed to allow instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer of ownership. One example of virtual currency is cryptocurrency, wherein cryptography is used to secure transactions and to control the creation of new units.” 
  3. Wear Masks Everwhere
    1. Dr. Jim Meehan – Why healthy people should not wear masks.
  4. Ban Churches, Social Gatherings and the Ability to Dissent Forever 
  5. Expensive Pharmaceutical Treatments
    1. Gilead to start selling remdesivir in coming weeks, expects ‘multi-year commercial opportunity’ –
  6. Sending Out Contact Tracing Inspectors to Isolate People and to “Keep People Safe” from the Virus – 
    1. Why Are Compliance Officers Now Coming Into Your Home and Separating You From Your Family? Watch from 5:14 – 6:35 – 
    2. Why Is Government Now Allowed to Track Your Movements to Keep You Safe?
    3. Three states will use Apple-Google contact tracing technology for virus tracking apps
    4. Thousands of COVID-19 Social Compliance Officers Are Being Hired
    5. To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes. –
    6. Thousands of Contact Tracers / National Guard Being Deployed – “I’m quite concerned that as we ramp up testing and ask people to be tested, there might be a lot of people that don’t have symptoms and frankly they don’t want to know if they’re positive because they don’t want to be isolated or quarantined and they don’t want to be put out of work,” said Aaron Wendelboe, interim state epidemiologist.
    8. It’s like watching a movie
    9. Bill Gates Recommends 
      1. Banning social gatherings, church services, and the ability to dissent forever until a “vaccine” is given to everyone at 17:20 – 18:04 
        1. Bill Gates is creating these models – – Watch at 1:52 – 2:50 
  7. Requiring the User to Do Something is Nothing New for Bill Gates!
    1. The United States Versus Bill Gates –
      1. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued his findings of fact on November 5, 1999, which stated that Microsoft’s dominance of the x86-based personal computer operating systems market constituted a monopoly, and that Microsoft had taken actions to crush threats to that monopoly, including Apple, Java, Netscape, Lotus Software, RealNetworks, Linux, and others.[5] Judgment was split in two parts. On April 3, 2000, he issued his conclusions of law, according to which Microsoft had committed monopolization, attempted monopolization, and tying in violation of Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act.[17] Microsoft immediately appealed the decision.[18]
      2. On June 7, 2000, the court ordered a breakup of Microsoft as its remedy.[19] According to that judgment, Microsoft would have to be broken into two separate units, one to produce the operating system, and one to produce other software components.[18][20]
      3. Bill Gates would be viewed as a criminal if it were not for his investment into Apple in exchange for Steve Jobs’ refusal to testify against Bill Gates.
        1. Bill Gates Invests $150 million into Apple (the company he almost killed) 
        2. Bill Gates deposition highlight 1 –
        3. Bill Gates deposition highlight 2 – 
        4. Steve Jobs announces Bill Gates investment – Watch at :48 seconds


A coup d’état /ˌkuː deɪˈtɑː/  is the forcible removal of an existing government from power through violent means. Whereas a coup does not specify the means taken by the revolting party to overthrow the state, a coup d’état is a revolt performed through violence. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator.[1] A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers seize and hold power for at least seven days.

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing twin brothers and former professional baseball players turned reality TV stars who had their reality show “Flip it Forward” canceled for not being politically correct…David Benham and Jason Benham, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show how are you guys!?
  2. David, I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the bottom and the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
  3. Jason, how would you describe what it was like to grow up with a twin brother?
  4. David, when did you first realize that you wanted to play professional baseball?
  5. Jason, how good were you two in high school as baseball players?
  6. David, I understand that you were actually drafted by the Boston Red Sox, when did you decide to move from professional baseball and to pursue a career in real estate?
  7. Jason, you were drafted by the Baltimore Orioles, when did you decide that you wanted to move on from baseball and to pursue a career as an entrepreneur?
  8. David, when did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your real estate career?
  9. Jason, what is the most challenging aspect of making money in the world of real estate home flipping?
  10. David, where do most people get it wrong when it comes to flipping houses?

    NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson
  11. David, you two are both very outspoken conservative Christians and I happen to agree with 100% of the statements that I have watched you actually say while doing my research for this interview. In your mind, what statements did you make that caused HGTV to cancel your house flipping reality TV show?
  12. Jason, in your mind why is it so offensive to be in favor of traditional marriage, monogamy and heterosexuality?
  13. David, why are you so passionate about fighting for the lives of unborn children?
  14. Jason, in 2016, the Center for Disease Control reported that 623,471 abortions/baby murders occurred in the United States, which comes out to 1,706 per day. In your mind, why does this have to stop?
  15. David, what are you two doing on a daily basis to encourage mothers to not abort their babies?
  16. Jason, if our listeners want to get more involved with you and to support your cause, what is the best way for them to do this?
  17. David, you come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  18. Jason, you are the better looking of the two of you and you too come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  19. David, What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
  20. Jason, you’ve got the mic, what is one thing that you want to share with the Thrive Nation before you drop the mic?
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