Analyzing Website Traffic 101

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Are you looking to increase conversion rates on your website? Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your website? Business coach Clay Clark breaks down how the Lucky Orange tool has the power to provide you with the information you need to transform your website’s overall conversion rates.

Analyzing Website Traffic 101

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker (A world-renowned management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” – Stephen Covey (The legendary best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
  3. Use or Heatmap Software and Don’t Waste Your Day Looking at Analytics
  4. Installing analytic tools and heatmaps on your website is only helpful if you actually schedule a weekly hour per week to analyze the data:
    1. Heatmaps
    2. Recordings
    3. Inquiry Source
  5. Story Time – Analyzing the Elephant In The Room website traffic
  6. Action Plan
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing. His group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, all right, swipe, mason, woke up back to the conversation is the drive time show on your podcast, download and radio and a so many of the business coach clients. We work with the date that the first one, the big struggle to have it first, it was relates to internet marketing as they struggle to get to the top of the google search engine results and her so much misinformation out there marshall images on a brief kind of an overview of how much just jackassery and miss information is on the internet. I mean talk to me about by the way through. If you want to download a free copy of the book jackassery that I wrote, you can find it thrivetime show.Com, where you can buy it on amazon, but marshall talk to me about just a jackassery of just the false of the full sniss of all of the information out there. But how to get to the top of google? Well, it’s exactly like you said it’s jackassrry and if you’re not spending time reading the books that are actually endorse by google, then you’re getting your information ocean from somewhere else. That is a credible source until we’re actually read those books in order to create a marketing system that works, and we have all the businesses that we work with to prove it. It’s kind of funny when you never win when you were first rejoining with the team, and you knew me-is dj guy and then when I was kind of more business coach people just started saying he knows how to get to the top of google I think it was like this guy, because clay doesn’t use computers, but I mean you know that about me. You know that I don’t like to use computers very much, but yet the system that we have works if people want to get the top of google and I think there’s people out there that are fighting that they’re, saying yeah I know that it’s supposed to work xyz123, but yet they’re still fighting how how the internet works. I’ve been listening right now, he’s saying:i, don’t believe that you guys can get me.

The top google help help correct them out there, marshall they’re, fighting us on how to get to the top of google. Don’t know how to do. That. We have tons of business coach clients that we have got the time I got home. So give me some actionable proof. Give me something that that lets me know that we actually want to listen to round here the thing if you google tulsa men’s haircuts, you’ll see that we come up top for elephant in the room, tulsa men’s haircuts for tulsa men’s haircuts. If you google, broken, arrow basketball camps, you will see score basketball coming up top one of our client. If you google any number of these different terms, you’re going to find that our companies are coming up top until I would equate it to this clay kind of like making a cake. I know how much you like carrot cake, and so, if you wanted to make a carrot cake in your like, can you just give me the rest of me I’ll be like absolutely and then, if at some point along the way you said want to put in eggs into this carrot cake, then you got clearly don’t want to make a carrot cake, and so you have to find a way to find a mentor find somebody who’s actually had success in the area that you want to achieve success in it just do what they do. I, don’t understand this I don’t understand. If somebody gives you a proven plan, why do anything else? Why do any other ingredients? Why do any other? If you don’t trust the plant, why the crap? Are you doing the plywood? You know what i, what I got to jump in on this cuz I ice feel like that some of these people. They have kind of a right to be skeptical of people telling if I can get you to the top of google and here’s. Why I say that I’ve worked with or heard a client of ours or prospective clients of our save the following things? Okay, we had one guy who got called after you. First started working with us, but I first started working with us. He got a call that from somebody who is quote-unquote a certified business coach and google partner, I’m assertive and they said for $300 a year were optimizer google map for you. You can do it yourself. You don’t need to do that. We’d already done that for them, but he didn’t realize that any paid it in between meetings cuz. He didn’t know what we were working so I know what I want to do is I want to give the listeners a bunch of examples, real quick to go. Tulsa cookies, bbq, barbie cookies, with topping google. If you google chuck, give us some examples of tulsa men’s haircut to find elephant, the room is top in google searches is going to be tough. These are just gets their top for all the stuff. You can get a smart phones on that guy. Let’s get some years on that guy and here’s steve marshall morris, you too I haven’t seen what was in there most of the day today and I did miss. You will thank you. I missed you today and tulsa mortgages. Steve currington. Com is always near the top of google search results, google analyzing the website traffic. Can you explain to me lucky orange.Com, chop and just walk me through what lucky weren’t can do for your lucky.

Orange.Com lucky orange is one of the coolest and maybe one of the scariest tools that we work with our clients on, and so so what it is, is you you pay at 10 bucks a month for one website and they give you a little piece of code and in the one of the cool things about working with the right time. Show business coach program is. We can actually add that code to website for you, so you have to worry about doing that, but what it allows you to do is it takes a you can visit. You can watch a live visitors on your website. You can literally watch their mouse browse around scroll. What they’re reading it takes recordings of everybody? That’s on your website, so you can see hey we watching a day land on a landing page. What does it look like when they know that pam at their house, like you, can see them their faces? Steve know:how does picture of listeners get that once you finally get to the top of google or you’re running ads sales are not topping google but you’re just running at of traffic on your site. What you’re looking for is to understand what the visitors to your website are doing their behavior like. Why is a visitor leaving without subscribing? Why are they leaving without signing up? Why are they not do I change my oil, so you have to analyze. It is. Is there a staffing called analysis with paralysis, and that’s where what happens is you have so much information? It’s coming at you in number form. You can’t really make sense of it. So lucky orange is designed to create actionable data. I would call it on tacit data tacit tact. The word tacit detect asset learning. Maybe that is made of the business coach context you might have heard it before you go in i. Think I know what that means. We’ll tennis, it learning is basically or tacit knowledge. Is it’s a knowledge difficult to explain to somebody civilly by writing it down or by verbalizing? It would be like the truth-in-lending disclosure for the mortgage business is your website. It’s almost like a dvr for your website and lucky orange to automatically record visitors on your site. What they’re doing where there clicking what’s are clicking what they’re not clicking so you’re able to make decisions based upon looking at the traffic and I also include what they call a heat map which shows you where the users of your website or clicking the most where their mouth is hurting most. It’s super useful tool to see. What’s going on with you, what’s it’ll tell you where they came from so you can see like when we come back on heat maps recordings, an inquiry resources in knowing those three things could really help. You dramatically improve your business’s bottom line:business coach for teaching you how to optimize the conversion of visitors on your website to them.

What you learned in in due time. You got money to send that money to park thrive time show like a horse with the conversation. Does the thrivetime show on your radio and for so many people? You are working super hard to get traffic to your website. Think about that for a second for so many of her listeners, you’re working super hard to get traffic to your website. Now, google ads, adwords, youtube, ads facebook ads retargeting ads. Are you going to a business coach trade show and encouraging people to check out your website? Are you passing out cards? Are you already topping google? Are you or are you already driving people to your website, but then once they get to their website? What are you doing? I mean? Do you know what your visitors actions are? Can you see it in one clear picture and I found it more and more people that are more business, coaching clients we work with? They will literally don’t know what people are doing on their site, and so they can’t improve because they don’t know what their forms, what forms on their website or working. Well, what ones are not? Why would service even one step further than that a lot of times just implicitly, they think that their ideal unlikely buyers are doing what they would do on their website so that they don’t know they’re kind of projecting what they would do on to their buyers, and that’s not what an uneducated by you’re going to do. Well, what forms are causing friction which which ones are causing people to abandon your site that feedback now, so you can fix it. There’s a lot of programs out there. They will charge you hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month, but what key orange.Com we recommend and there’s three pieces of information to provide you that are powerful, there’s a lot more, but there’s three that I believe our game:changers for business owners, their heat, maps, the recordings and their inquire resources. Now peter drucker the business coach management expert, best selling author, he wants wrote, management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things through this tool. You can discover what right things you should be doing. What changes you need to make I’m stephen covey, the best-selling author of seven habits of highly effective people write. Effective leadership is putting first things. First, effective manager is discipline carrying it out. What was the leader? Sometimes you have to know like hey. We’ve got to get more leads for our people like that’s something you have to do so. Any did resolve in your mind, right now as a listener, as a business owner that the entire goal of this podcast or this training is radio show, is to help you produce more leads. You got to resolve in your mind. The entire purpose of what we’re talking about is to help you produce more leads.

There’s no way. There’s no other is know whether we’re making a commission for encouraging you to check out lucky orange.Com. We don’t make any extra money. I, don’t have a promo code, I’m, saying hey, make sure you’re typing make sure to tape into bro code click I’m, not supported I’m, not asking listeners to do that covers what I’m doing is I’m saying this is a tool that we would recommend because it takes analytics that are otherwise not actionable right. Otherwise it takes a bunch of dad at you. Look at you go yes, so the promo codes actually steve currington sitting out here. You have used analytics before steve and when you get that data yeah, that’s why I like looking orange I get are lucky and reports for all of our websites, and it is the first thing that I do every single morning as I look at our visits and where they came from and then, if i, if I click on the like chump was saying about the recordings, you can actually go like we have this one specific like it’s. It’s like an ip address that visits our business coach website all the time. So I go watch that recording cuz I’m sure it’s somebody trying to sell us something and they’re like an indie i, don’t know what it is. But it’s like it’s it’s not an oops i. Did it come from it’s like an ip that shows it shows up about the user behaviors, and then you can say you know what based upon that I’m going to make some changes to visual heat map search up. What’s going to what is a heat map? Okay, so he mad at marshall back on the marshall, come on marshall and lower what you need body heat map. It’s going to show up and it’s going to color code where people are clicking on your site. That boy has more. You have to be careful on the heat map, though, because it’s hot, it’s so hot quick reports before marshall jumps in your I want to give some real examples of a client that I was working with okay, he had a lot of technical information, his businesses in athletics and he trains people how to do certain things and yeah a lot of information. He was spending a lot of time putting on his website and so I kept telling him hey. That’s great! That’s awesome, but my man nobody’s reading that we got to get you know you got to work on some other things, so we look at his website and lucky orange every full block. It is written people’s scroll straight to the bottom straight to the top and hit the home button and go back to the homepage. One other thing that we found was that, on his landing page, people were cooking, a ton of people click on his ad.

We going to look at the recordings of his landing page. We didn’t have enough detail of what his no-brainer offered, so people were just bouncing all I have, for you is like this information. How do you supposed to do with it and then the second question I have is like walmart today, like make walls there in the world that there was a heat map right now, I’d be on you, maybe like just feel like I’d analytics. Would you like to look at your face in between two guys? The heat is:does walmart sell, walls? Maps? Why do you have to look at the heat maps and how can I help you, because, if you’re, looking at your heat map and you’re, okay, here’s the exact same guy, the exact same guy, we realized by looking to the heat map that an absolute ton of people like the most traffic on his site. Everybody was going from the business coach homepage to the about us page. So let’s say marshall. Someone is looking at the recording, alright I’m, looking at the recordings and I’m able to look at the recording, so I can see video footage of people cooking around and they’re going over here and over here and over there and the trumpets in the looking for how can you make an actionable don’t look back in anger? How do you make it actual, don’t be upset about what I asked you a question? You can we get some pizza some pizza to eat, so you got to talk with your web developer and you got to talk with the designer hey. We need to create more content. We got to create more about you. We got to provide more information until if you have a web developer, that’s going to charge you for every change that you’re making on your website. That bill is going to get crazy high because you want to improve your website. You want to make an improvement at 2% per week, you’re not trying to overhaul all the improvements all at once. I would say:that’s what would you say to all the listeners out there who don’t actually own a toothbrush? What’s your main concern? I’m, sorry, marshall marshall, you been answering all my questions, then the patient resource the inquiry source talking about that break down with some of the things that you asked. So what are the things we have? A landing pages for all of our loan officer, so are get qualified. Com site. I can actually see how much activities coming in per loan officer by the by then going directly to their landing page and then, where that’s coming from silver radio at is working or not. They’re fighting on google or from a side loan officer had end up taking activia application. So you know they’re, like they have nine visit to their site. That day is a terrible, terrible story. What does drivers we worked with is very good in her industry and she was sold at a workshop somewhere vegas that she should be spending about $67,000 a month on indeed ads and we put lucky ones on the site.

We discovered that she was getting like 18 to 20 clicks a month from indeed, and she was getting like five hundred to 1000 clicks a month from google, and so she wasn’t paying anything for google because you was already there as result of our team writing content for her and so I said. Perhaps you want to turn off und dad’s, perhaps perhaps. You want to turn them off when we know it’s a, not a good thing. Marshall at me. You can leave me here in a bit of money right there. It’s just not right. It’s not what I said that they were told that they need to be spending six to seven thousand dollars for marketing. Can I sell that person, something because I feel like i, have some things they would buy. This is why I brought this up earlier, but I’ve heard client that we have now tell me that companies were charging them $1,800 a month to keep their internet on their website on the internet. What is that? Even though that’s a real thing, I’ve heard another client that I’ve heard another client tell me you can only choose between organic search results or pay per click. So you have to choose one path for you going to do. Are you going to pay going to do you know it’s understandable that you’re skeptical, but that’s why we have all those business coach testimonials encourage. You just email us to info at thrive time show.Com and let us run a complete analysis on your website. So we can show you what’s wrong with it what’s great with it, how we can fix it and it’s free, just emails info at drivetime show.Com in the show always.


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