Are You An Overwhelmed Leader? | Learn How to Kill the Endless Got-A-Minute Meetings and Those Soul-Sucking Emails

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Learn how to use proactive power meetings to become more productive and to kill the endless time-sucking got-a-minute meetings and soul-sucking emails.

  1. Are you an overwhelmed leader?
  2. Do you want to become a proactive leader instead of a reactive and overwhelmed leader?
  3. Do you want to end your slow death by got-a-minute meetings?


Proactive Pastors

Managers of Disney World

FUN FACT – The Potter’s House is a megachurch in Dallas, Texas, United States, founded by T. D. Jakes. Outreach magazine ranked it the 10th largest in the US as of 2008 based on a weekly attendance of 17,000 and a capacity of about 8,000.

FUN FACT – Charles Thomas Munger is an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett; Buffett has described Munger as his partner. Munger served as chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation from 1984 through 2011

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Although I had successfully grown each of my divisions by at least 100% within 12 to 15 months of taking them over, I was out of control and reacting 100% of the time.

Even on vacation in Hawaii, I was receiving 15 faxes per day. In contrast, when I had a meeting with Charlie Munger, I had to call his secretary and make an appointment. I had to have a strict agenda. I had to be on-time and organized. Every meeting was highly productive and to the point. Then suddenly it clicked that I needed to take control of my time and my staff. So after a few years of working 12 hour days, every single day including weekends, I realized that in order to more successfully run and manage the divisions under my control, I had to get more organized and less reactive. I put out a memo effectively ending my “Got-A-Minute” management style.” – Chet Holmes


From: Chet

To: Staff

Do not come to my door and ask if I have a minute. The answer will be no. Unless urgent, hold all thoughts, ideas, issues, or (nonurgent) concerns until the weekly division meeting. Below is a list of when these meetings will be held. Otherwise, I will post two times per day when I will take “got-a-minute” meetings. If your needs can’t wait for a weekly meeting, write your name in the got-a-minute time allocated and I will take quick 10-minute meetings.

The Perfect Meeting Downloadable –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #1 – “The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it.” – Stephen Covey

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #2 – “My phone’s on airplane mode. It’s always on airplane mode.” – Tim Ferriss (How to Do Everything – Entrepreneur Magazine)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #3 – “To be a proactive person, you must learn to say no to most ideas and opportunities so you have the mental and physical bandwidth to execute the realistic business plans you have already mapped out.” – Clay Clark

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #4 – “I strongly believe in ruthless prioritization. Sometimes people think of prioritization as only doing things that will have a positive impact on your business. But ruthless prioritization means only focusing on the very best ideas. It means figuring out the 10 things on your list and, if you can’t do all 10, doing the top two really well. Ruthlessly prioritizing can get hard because you’re always trying to do more, but it’s one of the best and most important ways to stay focused.” – Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer of Facebook who tragically found herself as the widow of two young children in 2015)


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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the business workshop conversation because we thrive time show on your radio and podcast, download your place to go if your audio daily Dojo of Mojo fo sho, because on, on the show, we focus on helping you to create both time and financial freedom. And one of the biggest issues, Marshall, as a business coach and business workshop leader is that you’ve seen for years now, one of the biggest issues that I’ve seen for years as a business coach, one of the issues that Jason, the Super Manager with the elephant in the room has seen up close and personal, is leaders that become reactive people. They become these reactive, uh, overwhelmed, insecure people that have no plan. They, they, they, they go from being a proactive, powerful person to becoming an endlessly overwhelmed nuclear reactor. Marshall, how do proactive people become overwhelmed? Reactive anxiety, written people well where as you’re growing your business, you’re continuing to have more and more people that become accessible to you so you’ve got more clients, you’ve got more employees and everybody wants more of your time, so you go from having maybe 10 text messages a day to 50, 60, 70, 80, and then you get to the point where you’re taking all these phone calls, the text messages, the notifications, updates, and at no point are you able to be proactive then to continue growing your business the way that you did when you first started, and so being able to do that.

It’s tough. This just in now what I want to tee up this idea, let’s say, let’s say that you are a proactive pastor. Okay? So I’m going to just give you two ample examples that I think the human mind could handle. Let’s say that you are right now, you are a proactive pastor and you’re a proactive pastor with a hundred business workshop members. Okay? 100 members at your church, okay, and so you’re known as the guy who picks up the phone. Anytime somebody has a wedding or a funeral or a life issue that you say, listen, I am the proactive pastor. You call me. If you have a problem, you call me, Mr. Member of our flock, you call me, you call me and I’m going to. I’m going to be the shepherd of this flock. I’m going to answer the phone. I’m going to get this done.

I’m a proactive pastor of 100 member church. Now, right now, let’s say you have 100 members and you get one call a day from somebody having an issue, a funeral, a wedding, a life problem, a divorce, marital counseling, teenager on drugs, whatever. Let’s scale that out. Now, let’s say now you’re td jakes. You’re a member of. You’re a pastor of a church with the Potter’s house. I’m not even sure how many people attend the Potter’s house. Uh, we’ll, we’ll look it up and put on the show notes here. But the Potter’s house is a massive church. Oprah has attended td jakes church. This church has thousands upon thousands of people that attend every Sunday, and they have an online following that is massive. I mean, td Jakes is a best selling author. He writes books that you can see New York Times bestselling books you can find in bookstores everywhere.

He’s a creative consultant for Oprah. He’s massive. So Marshall, if td jakes now continued with the same leadership style, he used to grow to 100 members, right? What would happen if it. Is it even possible for him to get to a church of more than 10,000 people if he’s personally making himself available to each and every member of his congregation? No, it’s not. He has to set up a certain infrastructure or a hierarchy of communication that allows him to handle all of the issues that go on. Every week we see this with Lee Cockerell who managed Walt Disney world resort. He managed 40,000 employees, team members, cast members every single day at Disney world resorts, and so you got to set up the appropriate communication that allows you to effectively manage all of the people that you’re interacting with, all of your guests, all of your clients, and all of your employees at the same time.

So again, if you’re a proactive pasture, I’m just giving you some examples here. Proactive pastors, you cannot make yourself available to every single member of the church and the way that you probably used to when you started. Now if you’re a manager of Disney world, there’s 40,000 people that work there. Yeah. You might have used to manage in a way where everybody could call you whenever they had a problem, but you cannot do that and scale something because if you Marshall, you’ve seen people attempt to manage the same way they used to manage and they were small because you help grow companies and there’s a lot of companies that you personally worked with where they say, well, you know, when we were a smaller company, what we would do is jeff would just pick up the phone, he would cold call a few major accounts, close a few deals, and that’s how we brought in millions of dollars and, and so it was just you and jeff and you told Jeff what to do and Jeff took you and jeff just did it.

Well, now you have a team of people and you’re going to have to manage people differently. It can’t just be you telling Jeff hate. Say this on the next call. You need scripts. You need systems and he processes. It can’t just be verbal traditions were back in the day, you know, you’d say, so why Jeff? Whenever I get on the phone island Atlanta deal, I typically say something like this, why don’t you try this? And then you can’t run a call center like that. You can’t just be telling everybody, well, one move I like to do is try this. Try. It’s got to be documented. Why do you have to document things? If you want to scale things you’ve got to document things is because you got to take out what is in your head and put it onto a document, a process, a system, a checklist that will allow that to scale out to the rest of your team members so that they can operate in the same, uh, effectiveness that you operated and thrive nation. This justin td jakes was church. The Potter’s house is reported to be the 10th largest church in the United States based on a weekly attendance of 17,000 humans that attend that church. So that’s again, td jakes cannot be receiving a text message from everybody. So Jason, I want to get into your world as the super manager of elephant in the room. Yes. On Friday you witnessed what I would call the flowmaster

during that Friday meeting, you and I had to sit down with some great members of our great team to help them do reevaluate

work schedules

and we did all of it on Friday. Why do we meet all people, all staff, all team members, everybody who had a scheduling question. Why do I insist on meeting everybody face to face on a weekly basis? I want to look at their faces. Why do I want to do it once a week at the same time on Friday? What time on Friday do we do it? Why do we do it every Friday? And not via an endless barrage of text messages.

Just hold the text messages, have no value. People want to know that you care. Like you said yesterday is, Hey, I want you all to know that I care. I deeply care and what better way than to do that face to face. And so we had one person who said, hey, you know, with this new schedule, I can, I can do that schedule, but I can’t do this particular day because of this. And I said, cool, I need to have you work 36 hours a week. Can we switch out this time for that time? And we scheduled Tetris, right? And this is what I do not like about the Internet world of marketing, uh, these, these ridiculous charlatan systems, Marshall, you’ve see youtube videos from coast to coast being played, people getting excited. They say there’s a new APP that will help you manage your team and to help schedule your staff via this new app.

It’s an unbelievable APP. This APP allows your team to have autonomy over their schedule. Now, Marshall, if we were to allow them, the elite members of the elephant in the room team to make their own schedules using set app, what would happen? Uh, you wouldn’t have anybody scheduled at the least desirable times. And so getting a schedule is going to require you to make a sacrifice at some point. Maybe a, taking a scheduling a day or a time that you don’t want for a time that you do want. It’s a tradeoff. You gotta make sacrifices. Now I’m not attacking the wonderful business workshop company known as SLAC. I would not do that. I would not. I would not attack a company known as as slack. That’s not the kind of thing I’m into. I’m not going to go out there and say that slack helps to create slackers.

I’m not the kind of person that would say slack create. No, no, no. This is Justin. I wouldn’t do that. Marshall would that that’s below me. I’m not going to do that kind of thing, but I am going to say in an alternative parallel universe. I’ve heard stories of now I’ve never seen this in my office. I have it. Well, when they. When I walked by, saw the minimize the screen, so I cannot tell whether the slackers we’re using slack, I don’t know, but I have heard other businesses, not our company’s Marshall. You’ve heard of other companies where they will install a program called slack on their computers, which allow their employees to endlessly communicate via instant message back and forth about various projects. I’ve seen graphic designers and other companies that are companies who have been reduced to the level of mildly retarded idiots because they are using this program that allows instant message, instant in endless instant communication to occur between team members and Marshall.

What begins to happen when graphic designers, uh, began to have an endless stream of communication between each other during the day. This productivity increase, just productivity decrease. What have you seen happen with other companies? It definitely decreases. And so really slack, uh, I’ve seen, I’ve seen is, or a company like slack, not slack, but other competitor companies, their companies name slack, not named slack. Those companies, it’s like a, it’s like aol instant messenger, but for adults, that’s what it is. And so you end up having this perpetual cycle of just messaging each other back and forth and you never actually get anything done. So when I am, I am going to talk about the elephant in the room, instant messaging for them. Okay? And I want to talk about what begins to happen if I don’t wage war on this kind of thing. Okay? This is what happens.

Uh, Andrew, let’s pretend you’re manager of store one. Got It. So you’re, you’re managing. Remember this, Andrew, remember that you’re managing, you’re managing broken arrow. Okay. Jason, you are managing downtown and Marshall, you are managing South Tulsa. I’m and I’m in the. Okay. And this is typically the kind of communication that would occur if we’re not careful. Okay. So I’m going to send you a message. Andrew. Hey, Doug Smith is running five minutes behind and you respond with what got it. And then I say, Marshall, Doug Smith is now on time. Oops. I meant to send that to Andrew. And you say, why did you send it to me? And then I say I sent it to you because I actually meant to send it to Andrew. And the point is Doug Smith is on time, but Scott Stevens is running behind and I send it to you. Well, why was he late?

And then I respond to Jason and Jason says, Hey, Karen is here. She dropped off her son. He is 16 years old to get his haircut. However, he’s under the height requirement. Is it okay for us to cut his hair and I respond to Jason? It is okay if we cut his hair and I actually cc everybody and then Andrew Responds with a why did I get this? And I responded because I accidentally cc’d the group and then I say, does anybody want a Burrito? Yes. Have you not seen this drivel occur? Oh yeah. It gets crazy. Does it not know that that’s one of the reasons that we scrapped. We use Google chat for everything just to relate like service information and as soon as it got squirrelly, it would be this avalanche of, Oh, what are you doing on Saturday? How was your weekend?

Oh my God, what band do you like? And we stopped working and it sometimes where people will leave it up and it will become a toxic cesspool of, of rumors and gossip. It would be like, again, it’s hard to, to, to uh, when you’re typing on a podcast, it’s hard for you as a listener to the podcast to see what I’m talking about. So I’m going to do is I’m just going to sound the way that I feel like that. Did the messages looked because I would see him after hours. Some people will leave them up and be like, oh my gosh, did you hear that Jason was late today? Oh Gosh. That person responds. Well, he wasn’t actually late. If you’re going to say that you should take it to his face, another person respond, well now I’m telling. I did talk to him.

I did say to his face, but the one thing that he did with, they just go just crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I see pastors, Pastors of Churches that I’ve coached in the past who literally respond to every single member of their team and they have over 40 employees and they have no weekly set time to answer questions and they’re just getting bombarded with text messages all day. Marshall, why does that not work? You can’t get bombarded with text messages because you can’t be perpetually available for everybody. So I see this a ton in construction and contracting where you will have sub contractors or employees that constantly need updates, or you’re also the salesperson and you’re the project manager and you’re the salesperson and you’re trying to go get a new materials. But if you’re constantly responding to text messages, you’re never mentally present at what you’re supposed to be doing.

So if you feel overwhelmed, I’m going to teach you now on today’s show, how to use proactive power meetings to kill endless. Got a minute meetings. So I want you to be honest with yourself. You cannot improve if you’re not going to be honest with yourself. You’re going to be dishonest with yourself. That’s cool, but weird and you’re not going to improve, right? So I’m going to give you some notable quotables I need. I need somebody out there just to, to just take a whoo moment, listen to these notable quotables and then with the education shall begin. Okay? I want to make sure what we’re listening. Here we go, here we go. Let it happen. Let it happen at the flow occur. Let the flow, the flow, let the flow feel the flow. Feel the flow with the business workshop education began. Here we go. Steven Covey writes,

the proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly correct and done from it. What does that mean? What it means is if you find yourself perpetually overwhelmed by text messages to you’re overwhelmed by questions, but got a minute meetings, perhaps you should become proactive. Timothy Ferriss, tim ferriss, tf, as I like to call. Nobody else likes to call them one of the. I also like to call them the big F. Yeah, I’ll just say, Hey, speaking of vf, Tim Ferriss, he writes, this is the author of the four hour work week. Some people would call it for our work week, but they’d be getting rugs. It’s deep. Where I work, we keep writes. The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly. Correct and learn from. It. Sounds very similar to Stephen Covey. Why? Because he quotes Steven Covey often, so same principle just years later. It’s been.

It’s. It’s the same universal principle that binds is going over. Stephen Covey says it years ago, you go, oh wow. Wow. Seven habits of highly effective people. It’s amazing. Can you go through for our work week? And you go, that’s amazing. Um, Sheryl Sandberg wrote here on CNN. She says, I strongly believe and ruthless prioritization. Sometimes people think of privatization as only doing things that will have a positive impact on your business, but ruthless prioritization means only focusing on the very best ideas. It means figuring out the team leads on your list. If you can’t do all 10 during the top two, really well, ruthlessly prioritizing can get hot because you’re always trying to do more, but it’s one of the best, the most important ways to stay focused. This is deep thoughts.

So if you’re out there today and you find yourself overwhelmed, you have to first off, acknowledge that you’re overwhelmed. Now, Marshall, I’d like you to read it to read the notable quotable from Chet Holmes, Chet Holmes, the bestselling author of the ultimate sales machine, a former partner of Charlie Munger. For those of you out there who are not familiar with Charlie monger, we will put a link to Charlie mungers profile here on the show notes. Charlie Munger is the billionaire you’ve probably never heard of unless you listen to this show. If you listened to this show, you my friend know who charlie monger is. Charlie monger hit today. Charlie Munger is the still the partner of Warren Buffett. He’s worth one point $8,000,000,000. Say billion billion. Did you say thousand billion? Did you? Yes. Put. Asking me the question. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re slowing up the show here. The Charlie Munger is worth one point $8,000,000,000.

Okay. He teams up with Chet Holmes. Chet Holmes works for him. Writes the book the ultimate sales machine based upon his time spent with, with Charlie Munger. Marshall, please rate the notable quotable. Although I had successfully grown each of my divisions by at least a hundred percent within 12 to 15 months of taking them over. I was out of control and reacting. Stop right there. Although I had grown my division by 100 percent within 12 to 15 months, so although it’s working right, so everyone out there to say, although it worked to grow my church from zero people to 400 people, although it worked right, I was out of control and reacting. Jason, can you relate to that? What that feels like as a manager, super manager, when you don’t have weekly meetings, what begins to happen? You just kind of spiraled out of control. When I was overseeing one location, it was super easy to manage a team of six to eight people respond to every text message, but then you had the other two top of that.

Now you’re dealing with 50 or more people and if each one of those people’s texting you every day on top of having action items, you have to get done. You lose your mind, so then you have group text messages too. Insane ones. There’s accidental messages where people don’t mean to include you, but they do. There’s intentional ones. There’s people. Gossip is runs a mock people. They don’t stick within the organizational chart. Now, how does that work, Jason? Who if a manager has a question, who are they supposed to ask? If a manager has a question, they’re supposed to ask me. Right? And then if you don’t know what to do, who are you supposed to ask Jonathan? And if John, John, John, John doesn’t know, then he reaches out to me. What he’ll do is he’ll, he’ll slam a beer and he eats the panic button and then he calls me.

I mean, seriously, it can be, it can. It’s usually I’d ever get that call. Right? But it’s like, if he can’t solve it, I mean it’s, it’s, it’s a nuclear crisis. Okay, so you’re out there. Quit martial. How often do people say, but dude, it’s worked, man. That’s how I grew my company. Baby was talking to each and every customer. I tell I grew it from zero people, from zero employees to 15 employees. I’ve grown my division by 100 percent. Man. It’s working. There’s a great sermon by a td jakes and he talks about if I want to take in more into my life, if I want to continue growing, then I must bring a new order and structure to my life in order to accommodate it. It is phenomenal. Dr Nation, real quick, I don’t know if you’re here. This Marshall is passively aggressively always advocating for the new world order.

Oh yes. And I have busted you yet again. He always said a new order, new order. Andrea, did you notice how today he encouraged us to have an off, off, off, off mic. Off. He was encouraging us passively, aggressively through his eyes to convert to one world currency. I felt it. It’s interesting. Yeah. Okay. Back to you Marcia. New Order. Okay. So back to Chet Holmes. He says, um, I was out of control and reacting 100 percent of the time, even on vacation in Hawaii. I was receiving 15 faxes per day. This was before email became the newest time burner. He goes onto say, Andrew, I want you to do is I want you to go to the bathroom real quick in the man cave. Okay? Now, once you get out your phone and once you to take a picture of the wall to the left of the sink, okay?

It talks about endless emails. Please take a photo of that and then come back and report to us what that says. I want to make sure that the listeners can see what is to the left of the sink in my bathroom. This is powerful. Marshall. I want you to continue teaching because this is a powerful bowman here. People are on vacation and they’re still being interrupted. That’s right. You’re still receiving emails. That’s right. Don’t get hung up on the fact that he was receiving faxes. Why does he receive faxes? This book was written what? Twenty years ago. Back in the day when faxes were hot. Right? But continue reading. In contrast, when I had a meeting with Charlie Munger, I had to call his secretary and make an appointment. Let’s go back. Let’s go back to the Hawaii part. Even when. Even on what? Even on vacation in Hawaii. Okay. Even when on vacation in Hawaii. What was happening? He was getting 15 faxes per day.


Keep it. Continue to hit a page or the whole deal was awesome. He’s A. Yeah, he was cool. He was just like a Miami vice character here. The pager in faxes coming in. People wanted to talk to him. Yes. He says, when I had a meeting with Charlie monger, I had to call the secretary and make an appointment. I had to have a strict agenda. I had to be on time in organized. Every meeting was highly productive and to the point then suddenly it clicked.

Thank you. So we’re here in Beautiful Hawaii. Enjoying the waterfalls. Maybe a parakeet is on your shoulders are probably a parent because a parakeet would probably not hang out there. Prepare it on your shoulder. Perhaps you have a local mcgee you’ve been introduced to. You have the coconut, you got the coconut Da. If they take the ticket, coconut and they carve out the coconut. I’ve got one on my desk here and the shape looks something. They fill it up with a with an adult beverage because you’re an adult, you’re looking at over the sands. They got water, they got the whole thing going on. Your wife is looking hot. Your kids or catching you, given your mom though, give your wife the night, your mom. That’d be weird. Cancer catching you. Given your wife that the. I certainly. It’s kind of a romantic kind of a seed and the waitress walks up and says, would you like another mosquito?

And you say yes. Make that seven Mojitos. So you have seven Mojitos. You’re out there on the beach eating those cheetos. You’re having the sheet has some kind of chip. You’re having some guacamole. Things are good and you’re saying the hollow past the point and then your pager goes off your pager, back day updates you, but you have received a fax that fax. There’s bad information. The question I have for you, Marshall, is are you achieving time freedom? If you truly have the financial freedom to go to Hawaii, you fly to Hawaii, you’re on the beach, but you’re still receiving faxes. Is that any way to live a life? Marsha, uh, I can imagine that would probably ruin the mood. So please repeat again. This notable quotable from Chet Holmes. Let’s start again. Where he goes to Hawaii. Tell us about this particle tells me so. So in Hawaii, even on vacation in Hawaii, I was receiving 15 vaccines

per day. How many good? Fifteen, 15 faxes per day in Hawaii. That’s right. It’s probably not a good number. I hit continue. Okay. In contrast, when I had a meeting with Charlie monger, I had to call his secretary and make an appointment. Now getting, receiving a lot of faxes on vacation would be a very similar to being on Hawaii. You’re on the beach, you’re looking at the view and then a volcano

blows up and you’re just hearing this, you know, it’s kind of, it’s the distance, what you’re hearing this explosion and you’re going, oh no, we might have a tsunami upon me.

That’s what it’s like. Right. Let’s go back again. You’re, you’re, you’re the. I wanna. Make sure we’re getting the scene right. You’re having a, you know, you’re having a great time with your wife. You’re having a Mohito side of avenue, $7,000,000 because he’s got a fax and you look down and the facts is, and it’s like, Johnny can’t come into work today. Kyle can’t come into work today. Karen cannot come into work today and now you’re trying to go back into that Mojo. Right? And you’re like, oh, Mr. Waiter. And it just, it’s that sudden like you don’t expect, you know what I mean? Because you’re trying to have a Mojito or seven or seven and every time you sit down and you’re like, okay, taking the cool breeze. I’m resetting, I’m relaxing. I’m a pastor of a church with a thousand people trying to plan my sermon, trying to plan the company’s growth, trying to think of a proactive marketing strategy for the holidays. I’m trying to be proactive.

Yeah. I’m just, I keep seeing.

Whoa. So you find yourself being overwhelmed because the volcano keeps exploding. It’s hard to pay attention when the volcanoes exploding. It is, it has continued business workshop margin. Okay. So because. Yeah, sure. And so he says every, uh, with Charlie monger, I had to call the secretary and make an appointment. I had to have a strict agenda, I had to be on time in organized. Every meeting was highly productive and to the point. Then suddenly it clicked that I needed to take control of my time and my staff.

Oh, I’m so good. Continue. So after a few years of working 12 hour days every single day, including weekends sounds hot, I realized that in order to more successfully run and manage the divisions under my control, I had to get more organized and less reactive. I put out a memo effectively ending my God a minute management style. Continue reading this memo. Okay. When people sent out memos, so this is the memo from chat to staff. Got It. Do not come to my door and ask if I have a minute. The answer will be no, that’s good. It’s good. Unless urgent hold all thoughts, ideas, issues or non urgent concerns until the weekly division

meeting did the kind of thing to just get started though thick thing you’re talking about no one could reaching you and email you and talking to you and giving you updates. I mean, didn’t even dirty, dirty to perfect the idea Montereau, continue reading it. The part below is a list when these meetings will be held. Otherwise I will post two times per day when I will take God’s it. Meeting your needs. Wait for a weekly meeting, write your name in the gotTa meeting. Time allocated in. I will. Hey, quick 10 minute meeting where what you just said. Repeat that whole thing. Come to my door and ask if I have a minute.

The answer will be no. Put some coconut oil on there unless urgent hold all thoughts,

ideas, issues or non urgent concerns until the weekly division meeting. How you doing? Below is a list of when these meetings will be held. Otherwise I will post two times per day when I will take. Got a minute meetings. I’ll tell you what. I don’t know if he just got like an aphrodisiac and I’m saying I want to do right now that want to get some coffee and then I just want to.

Marshall. Seriously, this is awesome. There’s so many people out there listening who say, I manage a company of 40 people and I have time freedom. No you don’t. If you’re on the beach and it’s like a volcano explosion with messages and emails and interruptions and social media updates. That’s why I can’t stand these marketing strategies that involve business owners being 24 slash seven responsive on social media. Marshall, how many people do you have? Many times. Have you seen it where someone’s life is literally being destroyed in front of your coaching a client and you can see their life being destroyed in front of you. One email, one update, one tax to on social media update at a time because they have all the push notifications right there on their phone and they can’t even pay attention for a one hour meeting. They cannot even go one hour without being interrupted that they’ve never had their phone off for everyone our.

Have you ever seen that? I’ve seen that more times than I wish I had and I can think of two instances this past week where I’ve had clients where they’ve come in and they said we’ve actually taken the time to proactively train one of our team members and it’s allowed me so much more time freedom. Two separate instances in. That’s awesome because now they are actually spending time on the things that they should be doing. I have an entrepreneur magazine on there on my desk. I think it is right, right there on that big table. It’s in my bag. Jason’s in my bag there. I think it’s in there. Perhaps in there now. The Andrew. You went to the bathroom. You have to go jet ski. Pass that to me. Andrew, will you read the quotes from the wall please, please? Oh yeah. Alright, so remove unsolicited feedback loops.

So constant emailers. So real quick, just so we’re clear, it’s up to the left of my sink. People that constantly email. I removed them from my life. I tactfully tell them, stop doing it, but if they won’t, I literally removed them from my life. I just, I, I guess I’ll just tell them, hey, you know what, it’s been great knowing you, but we’re done talking because I was, if I don’t do that, Marcia, what happens then you allow an entire friend group, thousands of people to have access to you at all times and the people that you’re allowing access to message all the time and they’re not my kids. They’re not my wife. That’s right. Don’t end up living in a van down by the river. This is, this is how I ended up living with Marshall. No, I didn’t, but I’m just saying this is what would happen.

Okay. Continue. Continue there, Mr. Andrew. All right, and then we have a removed people who cannot show up on time and are chronically late. Anybody who’s chronically late, I just want you to know, I’ll warn you, I’ll warn you, but then I’m just going to remove you from my life because it’s always a drama. We can’t go to the lake because you’ll say, I don’t know. I can literally. There’s a, there’s a member of our family back in the day, he would say, I want to go with you guys to the lake. I’m like, cool, let’s go. Then we’re going to leave at noon on Saturday at like 1:30. They’re like, I’m on my way. I’m on the whole trip, gets screwed up. The reservations on the boat, the whole trip, the whole thing. We have an airbnb host. We’re supposed to meet at a certain time.

The whole thing is screwed up. They were always late because they always late, so I just tell him, hey, stop doing that. And if they can I just punch him. What’s the next one? Andrew? Moo. People with constant drama. Oh yeah. There’s drama loops. People that love every, every story has a part one, part two, part eight. And they all involve like, well, what had happened was, and then what happened now what’s going and ethic? And they went okay. And I was like, no, you’re like, what? No, no, I was like [inaudible]. Yeah. And that was like, damn this, this, and he and I was like, okay. And they were like, yeah, and I was like, Whoa, I didn’t know you didn’t know I didn’t. I was like, whoa. And you go, I don’t even know what you just said. And it’s taking 30 minutes of your.

It’s like, did you hear what had happened? No, I did not hear what had happened. What had happened. Would they were thick and it was because they won’t eat and ride. They want live and ride and they, they are, they are going to path and it just had because they were not financially prepared. And I just want you to know he to stay out and like stop talking about people that aren’t present. Stop at. Continue. Andrew. What’s an excellent. All right. And then remove connections from emotional people. They’re just emotional people that constantly have emotional issues. Now, Tim Ferriss was asked here in this copy of Entrepreneur magazine. And I have in my hands here, uh, this is a hot and fresh entrepreneur magazine. Our read this, the question was asked, how do you handle your phone? You’ll tim ferriss top podcast are in America right now, a best selling author for our work week, investor in facebook, Uber, that kind of thing. He writes, my phone’s on airplane. It’s always on airplane mode.

How do you, how do you handle your smartphone? He says, it’s on my phone’s on airplane. It’s always on airplane mode, but that just somebody out there, please understand if I want to call it t jake’s td jakes right now. I can’t and Marshall White can I call td jakes right now because he will not answer and he does not taking calls from you. Now, soon, soon I predict you will be on this podcast, but until that time I cannot reach him and then even after I do have him on the podcast, we know it’s going to happen. He’s not going to take my real time calls and you know why he won’t take my real time calls because if he took the real time calls of every single person he’s ever been interviewed by, he would be a reactor. Right? I’d like to issue a challenge to the thrivers.

Let’s do it. The do not disturb. Challenge, okay, just just do it. Let’s do it. Can we? Can we do that? Let’s. Let’s, let’s ask us what we’re. What’s the challenge? Okay. The challenge is, is for anybody that can’t separate yourself from the phone, they can’t. They can’t separate themselves from being reactive to the phone and separate myself from my smart phone. There is a feature on your phone. It is do not disturb and you turn it on. Do not disturb. I to call me on your cell phone and you still get all the messages. You still get all the phone calls, but then you are responding to it when you have time when you have scheduled. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, wait, wait, repeat it again, please. Okay, so you turn your phone on. Do not disturb when all the time. Now I know, I know. Marshall, we want to do baby steps. Okay? You’re going out there and you’re trying to change the world. Even listened to all this Eric Clapton. Go change the world. You wouldn’t be, you know, that’s. That’s cool. That’s awesome. Let’s see. Let’s say a two hour window when you are needing to be the most hooked up. Change the world. I got my new woodlock Oh, you wouldn’t be in that Sunday in my unit. Hey. Hey marsha. Let’s play. Name that tune. Okay, here we go. What song is this?


That’s changing the world. No, Mickey Mouse is. The plan is to me it’s Hawaiian Song. Oh, let’s do. Let’s try one more. Yeah, I think you’re getting good at this. Okay. Here we go. Ready? Is that changing the world? No, it’s prince cream. Cream top cream. Marshall. You’re not good at this game at all. Andrew. You can try the next. The name that tune this. Is a business going to be a good one? Okay.

Don’t stop.

No, it’s the love boat. No low. Both. Exciting. And come on board. We’re expecting you the love boat. Soon. Well named. He never seen the show. The love boat. Hey, my mother in law was on the love boat and I have a picture of my mother in law with Tom Hanks. This is great. Click Bait for the listeners out there. So this is Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks, let me get it. Tom Hanks. Here we go. Love boat and we’ll put. Oh, okay. Let me pull it up here. Okay, I’m going to grab it. I’m going to get it. I’m going to find right now when I find it to Tom Hanks. Love boat drivers. I realized this is an audio show because you can’t see what I’m doing. I realize that, but I’m going to pull it up here. Here it is. There it is. This is Tom Hanks and that’s my mother in law.

You see it? You guys see this? You see this? So we’re going to put it on the show notes. Marshall. Got to Google search. Tom Hanks, love boat. Put it on the show notes. So I got two challenges for the listeners. Let’s turn our phones off for two hours a day. Can we do that two hours? Is that, does that seem reasonable? Is that a challenge that we could? Does that seem reasonable, Jason? Two hours a day. Oh absolutely. So let’s turn our phone off for two hours a day and let’s proactively plan our lives. Date, our wives, interact with our husbands. Have some funyuns let’s have a good time. Maybe let’s learn to become a mime. Let’s do whatever we can do during two hours of power. Turn. Let’s. Let’s do a. let’s do a two hour smartphone fast everyday. Let’s start there. Challenge number two, look up today’s show.

Are you an overwhelmed leader? Learn how to use proactive power meetings. Find it. Are you overwhelmed? Leader, learn how to use proactive power meetings. Go to thrive time You go to thrive time You Click on the podcast button, you find the show, and I want you to look at the picture of my mother in law rubbing oil onto the body of the iconic and legendary actor Tom Hanks. You’ve seen forrest gump? Yes. You have. You’ve seen, you saw Tom Hanks, but did you see Tom Hanks being rubbed with lotion by my mother in law? No, you didn’t. That’s because you haven’t seen this episode of the love boat. Have you? Have you seen saving private Ryan? Yes. You have, but did you see him getting his body rubbed with Lotion and that movie? No. You didn’t. You saw the movie big, right? You start big, it’s great, it’s awesome, but you didn’t see him get rubbed with lotion.

No, you didn’t. You know why? Because you have not gone to thrive time and click on the podcast button and seeing this amazing photo and then when you have this amazing photo, I challenge you to share it on facebook or instagram or twitter, and I want you to tweet at me. I want you to tag me. I want you to share it with your people because that is the only way that America will see this photo. I want this photo to spread virally. I want this. I want this photo to change the world. I want this business workshop photo to infect other planets with encouragement because other people from other planets might look down upon us and say, it sucks up here, but when they see this photo, they’ll realize there is hope and when they invade our planet, they will be nice because of this photo. Okay? So that’s what I want you to do. So to phone a two hour day smartphone fast and check out this [email protected]. And now that any further I do three, two, one boom.


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