Are You Considering Buying an OXI Fresh Franchise? Discovery Day 101 with the OXI Fresh Franchise Brand Developer Matt Kline

Show Notes

Are you looking to buy a franchise? Matt Kline walks us through the step-by-step franchise discovery day process of OXI Fresh. 

Step 1 – Fly to Denver 

Step 2 – Meet and Greet – 9:00 AM 

Step 3 – Learn About the Technology and the Scheduling Center

Step 4 – Walk through every part of marketing with Erin Hogan

Step 5 – Break for Lunch – Question and Answer time with Jonathan Barnet, Matt Kline, and the Vice President of Oxi Fresh.

Step 6 – Meeting with Jonathan Barnet after lunch about the future of Oxi Fresh. 

Step 7 – Wrap Up – Any questions involving maps and areas are solved now. 

Step 8 – We go through the entire process of a day in the life of a franchisee who works in their business. 

On today’s show we are using the latest audio technology to protect the identity of the ThrivetimeShow host and investigative show host Clay Clark and he takes us deep into the world of the OXI Fresh world of franchise glory to expose its glory without exposing himself. 

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