Are You Using Your Finances As A Dashboard | 8 Game-Changing Accounting Moves – Part 3

Show Notes

To be successful you must view your accounting as your dashboard and not a rear view mirror. Clay stresses the importance of seizing the day in the area of your personal finances and beyond.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

Step 5 – Learning how to read your financial dashboard (From Take a Look Under the Hood with Certified Public Accountant with former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark)

MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day”


Busta Rhymes – Arab Money –

Action Item:

  1. You must know how much money came in.
  2. You must know how much money went out.
  3. You must know your weekly budget.
  4. You have to fight to stick within the budget.
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com. Yes, yes, yes and yes, we’ll go back to the drive time show on your radio. This is the day that the lord has made, and we should all rejoice and be glad in it was it was it mean this is the day that the lord has made. What does that mean? The virgin on the show notes it’s psalm 118, so psalm 118, verse, 24 song for the bible psalm 118:24. This is the day that the lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Try to get. This is the day that the lord has made. We will rejoice as business coaching professionals in it. We will rejoice and be glad it. Let me know what it means is. This is a day that god create it think about that got traded. Today he gave you the air in your lungs. He gave you the ability to hear this audio to meet with me right now. I’m totally totally a person doesn’t believe in, like randomness I do believe in divine appointment, I’m, a big believer of like the reason. Why were communicating right now is be cause of an actual intentional specific thing, a plan, a purpose so now we’re listening and I’m I’m teaching you the eight game-changing accounting moves that can help you get into a great spot, financially you’re going to have to decide. Do you want to throw away the day, god made you, see if you got made today, god gave the gift:do you want it or you want throw it away and I’m going to give you example.

This is soap. This is so powerful that somebody will get this idea. I think it could be a business coaching life changer for you as a young. Kid i. Remember that my mom and dad really gave me some cool gifts. As a kid I remember when we got a dog, the boxer, you know, I bought the box on my tv with my mom and dad to buy this dog i. Remember getting a business coaching nintendo, my parents, I save dat money throughout various scams. I had at school, I was making a high-speed I was at making high-speed copy illegally up cassette tapes and I was I’m selling those copies of paula abdul and milli vanilli and I made enough money to buy a nintendo game system for christmas parents and I will give you like sweatpants. You know they give you sweat pants or they give you jeans and there’s a certain kind of jeans. If you remember back in the demo, just old-school enough to references, there’s gas, so I guess. Yeah, we’ll try to hold triangle there on the butt and then there would be like offering jeans like lee’s levi’s, but please and then there was like the nike choose, and then there was like another kind of shoe there be like a jordache and so I started as a kid. I started a lot as a kid and so again, I got made fun of a lot, and then you show up at school and you wear the off brand shoes cuz of public schools which, by the way I hate all things related to public schools, with exceptions of really great teachers who work there, but the public schools, it’s a big competition to see who’s got the nicest brands, and so you go to school and they mock.

You don’t have the nicest brands and they mock you. If you stutter cuz, if you stutter, you have to make, if you do, if you stutter it’s like a it’s like it’s, the business coaching school has decided subconsciously. We have to pick on anybody who’s less than us. So if somebody is like bigger or physically heavier than everybody else, we should make fun of them. If somebody stutters, we should make fun of them. If somebody doesn’t have the name brand shoes, we should make fun of them, and so there’s this business coaching culture like i, just pick on the difference, but here’s the deal this is what’s crazy. Is that the different people always end up running all the companies that all of the people by the to the sheeple that followed the systems that follow that they all end up working for us? So it always happens. Everyone I’ve met who’s ever super successful, we’re all like yeah, yeah i. Remember that to all the high school like quarterbacks and all the star athletes and all the guys who were the popular guys always fail every time. It’s because they’re so of worried about conformity, where you at it’s. The difference makers that exceed my mom used to come downstairs to tell me dare to be different. Give me a poster actually I put on my wall dare to be different and I hung on to that promise, or that thought. That’s. The only thing that may become of the bathroom I would cry. Cuz I get to make fun of me all the time. I just didn’t want to be around people. So that’s why I just keep going there be different. I just sit there and draw all day reading books just very differently, and you know, as I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to shift it from going from bitterness to betterness. You know, but I really am excited about the perpetual poverty of all of the people that have lost made fun of me and I am so excited that they lose, but when they usually reach out to me years later, like make the apology I forget:i have forgiven like in a spiritual sense, but i, just I kind of enjoy it sometimes a lot watching them fail.

Cuz I hear about it and I’m like this is awesome around sarcastic and mean and terrible. You always were. This is great terrible missing. You got a harvest of it. I don’t know i. Just that’s, that’s a thought. So what we talkin about these financial tips for teaching, there’s kind of a pushback about this next step, because it requires time and according to what was on the show notes, but according to the new york post it published it in according to nielsen it published it how you can find the same stats on ink magazine. The average american iwatches 5.2 hours of tv per day and other smartphone for about 2 hours, a day being distracted as well, so that 7.2 hours but we’ll put the put the stats of nelson stats to show the average americans watching 5.2 hours of tv per day, because it’d be very hard to do this part. If you’re watching tv, which again takes us back to the sheeple conversation people, all the time will pull me aside. Like dude, you know that new show that just came out. What do you think about booma, booma, i, don’t even know like i, don’t even know where you like dude on the news last night. Did you see their teachers that are like business coaching walking to oklahoma city on strike and i? Don’t ever want to watch tv at all and, like you know, you’re not getting paid enough. I mean, should probably quit and become a dog trainer. I mean if you go work at tip, top, dog, training, tip top me to buy a tip top k-9 location and if you want to buy a tip top k-9 franchise, your business and you reach out to them. It would cost you about 25 grand maximum to get in business, and if you are the worst dog trainer in the history of the world, you will for sure make a thousand a week if you’re the worst ever know. If your good home skillet, the guy in owasso, has been open now for a week at 2 months, 2 months and he’s brought in $44,000 of revenue in that consist of him training a dog there is. There are systems in place in people dogs, terrorize, family somewhere to eat, on your shoes, when you buy that cute puppy and it becomes a monster, we can eat in your everything you you’ve said:okay, I’ll talk, I’ll pay to get the dog trained, so tip, top k9 does a no-brainer were $2 to train the dog one time and they have a very affordable options you can choose from in this guy’s good, so I mean i, hear about teachers, you to walk into oklahoma city to protest and I would say if you’re, a teacher just quit I just mean quit now.

I quit protest with me. Just quit your job like give up on it. You know that trains left I mean as a culture. We don’t value. Teachers are, we would pay them or write or we may police private top-heavy administration. Maybe we have a jacked up pay system. It’s like to be changed a lot of business coaching money. You know you’re not going to do that. Now colleges they pay their teachers lot of money and I called you two need to know why cuz it’s expensive to go there. It’s like 40 grand a year to go to university of tulsa right now, I mean it’s like i. Think i. Think i, don’t think about number here. I want to get on the show notes. I want to look at the actual number here from the university of tulsa to go to that school. I. Believe it’s over 35,000 your. How much does it cost to go to the university of tulsa right now, full-time basis, student 2016-2017, $58,000 I want to play the show. It’s called arab money arab money, it’s a written by a busta rhymes. How much money has its it’s amazing. 58? If I was writing to you. This is how I could do to you about it. If every class had 30 kids and you had 50 8000 for your each dude was paying you could have the kids meet in an office where you can rent, you can release the off. You could least you could at least a retail space for 3000 a month next to elephant in the room you pay 3000 months month to lease the space at clay, clarks university of tulsa 3000 month, then I could pick up cigarettes. I can pick up every student in a limo every morning and I could serve them outback steakhouse and give them gym memberships at lifetime, fitness and personal trainers, because that means we have a bunch of 1.74 million dollars a year. If I charged you $58,000 to go to college and there’s 30 of you, I have a budget of 1.74 million, so you would be staying in the penthouse of the mail. Hotel right and you’d be eating lobster for lunch. A limo would pick you up and then I can pay the teacher $800,000 a year. You tell me if the school system is jacked up. You tell me if that’s all jacked up, if it, if you can, if you had a budget operating budget of 1.74 million dollars, is 1.74 million to be equally split amongst 30 kids. 30 I want to make sure you get this. That means the business coaching kids can be picked up from the mayo hotel. They would all be staying in the penthouse dormitories to be picked up, buy a limo. Think about this thing about this man to get picked up from a limo. Then they only eat. We only eat organic fair-trade lobster. Everything is healthy, have a personal trainer that works out with them each individually every day, and then the teacher can make 1 million a year.

We pay the teacher affair salary now, but if you want to go, walk to oklahoma city I mean i, don’t get that I just stopped I just left i, probably just buy oxyfresh franchise in your life, but I can’t afford actually can get a small business loan for that probably buy a phone doctors franchise. You can make over $75,000 a year having a phone repair business I work at phone doctors. We have 11 locations, not a surgeon by franchise inquire about phone doctors.Com. You want to the tip top k-9 I have just given you 3 ways where you can make over $100,000 a year, and we just had begun this conversation. This conversation going all day so I don’t understand the idea of saying I don’t make enough money and then not doing anything with it. I mean this is the day that the lord has made every day is a gift and that’s the way I choose to live so white. Why are we doing this? So you have to learn how to manage your finances got to learn how to read your financial dashboard. That requires time, which means you got to turn off the tv show about that person who became rich so that you can become a person who became rich and they can make a show about you. You do something remarkable remarkable in fact that people do want to make a show about you. Think about that. That is powerful. That right there is a powerful thought. Are you going to live a business coaching  life so profound that people talk about it or are you going to just watch other lives around you on the voice? I mean? Do you really want to invest half of your brain to wondering what miley cyrus’s up or do you want to actually do something profound with your life and everybody has a gift? Everybody has a skill, because this is the day that the lord has made, and we should rejoice and be glad in it.

I know that you are a child of god god created you for a purpose. We come back we’re going to teach you the specific date. Game-changing accounting moved to everybody out. There can use what do not escape the profundity of this message. This is the day that the lord has made. You are a gift from god. You got to seize the day. My man cuz. You know how many days you have left 21102, legendary, drive, time, show, business workshop for free, subscribe and itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true, all right on your radio. My name is clay clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year I’m here with eric chubby renowned business, coach chuck. What are we talking about? We are talking about that super moves to get your business coaching accounting under order. Okay, what’s the next supermoon next supermoon is going to learn how to read your financial dashboard. This is big and it’s because nobody knows how to put on the show notes, the things you need to know every week that way everybody feels good about okay. Make, it overwhelming will just be very specific. Okay, please write these down or vitamins units one. You have to know how much money is coming in income. Not don’t do this accrual accounting accrual accounting is the most stupid idea in the whole world. It makes zero sense accrual accounting for small business.

What was any besides any business is just jacked stupid. It’s cooking the books, it’s fraud, it’s jack, jackassery dumbness. It’s a kit, accounting method that recordes income that should be coming in right before it comes in that’s so it’s it’s! Almost income I want you to i, want you to make sure that you know how much money? What’s that what’s going to change and say, step, 1 know how much money came in like that, what could come in, but what would he actually did come all right. Second know how much money went out he’s like that jacques cousteau of like I talk about how deep is the deepest ocean bottom to find the accounting methods, it’s kind of a tiger mixed with a french french thing it. The point is it’s like I am not trying to go super deep in her to help. You write the things that you literally have to do it. It’s not that hard. It’s just making the time to do it. 3! You have got to know your weekly budget so step. 3 know your weekly budget know your weak. The budget I know your weekly budget know your weekly budget. What time is chubby chubbs not bring his band to the conference in perform these guys who jam together every week, I am going to start. My own band will practice one time it will become a car salesman. Wicked awesome cuz. We are to be wicked awesome and then we will. We will you tonight and we as the as work ourselves, the crappy beatles and we will be crappy, but we will be there. That’s all about expectations. That’s right! We’re going to show up before you’re ready marshall. Then you have to know how much business coaching money went out marshall. Then you have to know your weekly budget right step board. You have to fight to stick in the budget every week, get the fight to stick in the budget week and every week. There’s always somebody trying to budget move it to budget your budget. But can you get with a little bit? Cuz I went on a budget, yet you know it. I know you have a set amount of money in your fancy performa, but I am the dog-faced pillow at mathis brothers.

How to say this is my personal personal struggle? I go to matt, suppose I go into mathis brothers. This is what happens. I go in there in like what’s up and right away. Carl sees me coming i, see him coming. Caroline meet, it’s, like, this, magic business coaching moment, so different, and so true was not like any other. When I saw carl two and then it happened, my dog face pillows. On my mind, I had to buy one I didn’t care if it costed, $5,000 and I want to buy another one in my wife that stop it. We can make it happen and I go car. Just give me once we make eye contact. Do you want a third and then it’s my pillow, an elephant lamp lamp in the room, I’m thinking now i? If I get the dog face pillow, you can’t have three of those dog face pills:getting a lamp. Going. If I get a dog to his pillow, three of them and I got to lay up with an elephant theme to it. The tiger print chair will be sick of the man cave or some kind of leopard leopard jaguar, yes and all the sudden that’s. This is how it happens. So my wife will say:hey buddy I got your box at budget. We have a bunch of savings so hard. It is to accumulate all the dog face, pillows all the emotionally attached. Why can’t have hold that? For me, I love, my wife. What I want to do? Cuz I never want to raise my voice, so I try to like what time is it football in college and I took you out to dinner that one time at friday should you use gift certificates? Look at that ring on your finger and she’s like okay, I see the condo first condo in the second, it’s worth more than the down business coaching payments on a further our first house baby

. If you sold your ring, we can turn into a house. Listen booster, app talk, baseball third time and she says to me:you can have one by one. You mean one grouping know you can have one. Boil a dozen it’s at the conference, you’ll see i, have one dog face pillow, but I’ll I’ll get my hands on another one. Cuz it by next month makes it possible for that dog face boots play coming for you. This is what happens if so many other people make it more complicated than that when it comes down to a lot of things that apparently business you got to say no to yourself, you got to say no to other people with your time. You got to say no to yourself when it comes to going outside your budget, for you is, for you know how much money came in, how much money went out last night. So deep, it’s true! It’s crazy! It’s not the epidermis and he’s going into like he’s going into like the barrel of the way. Your money is like the tide. What comes in? What goes out for tide, the tide, chop, i, love what you did right there you said waves, you know speaking of waves. Yes, would people come to our conference? I want our bathrooms to be so clean that when you hit the business coaching urinal button hit the little lever I want that time when the wave of water comes down, I want it to be sensationally. Clean I want, are urinals to be so clean that I could use them as a drinking fountain. If I wanted to go big line, sometimes at our workshop for water, so there’s a big line. I don’t want to mess around that time for that on all fours and I want to get the disease sweet. You know your water, while you’re in luck and classic clean. Com. If you call in a new customer right now, they’re actually going to include every month free floor cleaning in your high traffic areas is going to buff the tile or clean the carpet. Their phone number is 918-671-2046. That’s the classic! Clean.Com tom clay clark sent you. They are the best


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