Are You Wasting Your Advertising Dollars? Learn How to Hit the Growth Gas Pedal for Your Baby Business

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Are you looking to grow your business fast? Clay Clark and the brand developer of Oxi Fresh, Matt Kline share about how to effectively hit the gas pedal with your baby business. 

The Highest Return on Investment Advertising Systems:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    1. 6 pages of content to your website every day
  2. Google Local Map Optimization – 
  3. Gathering Objective Daily Google Reviews from Your Real Customers – 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 
    1. Gather 1 Google Review
  4. Adwords
    1. Turn your adwords on
  5. Facebook Advertisement
    1. FUN FACT – “If the consumer economy had a sex, it would be female. Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence. Influence means that even when a woman isn’t paying for something herself, she is often the influence or veto vote behind someone else’s purchase.” – 
  6. Turn Your Adroll Retargeting Advertisements On
  7. Visit Your Dream 100 Every Week
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients. “ – Chet Holmes

FUN FACT – Where do people search?

FUN FACT – “90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.” – 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 + employees and 1,000,000 customers per week)

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Facebook Are You Wasting Your Advertisement Dollars? Thrivetime Show

Are you looking to grow your business? Fast ball on today’s show, the brand developer for Oxi fresh joins Josh Wilson with living water irrigation took the plane the most effective ways that you could spend your advertising dollars if you want to hit the growth gas pedal for your baby business. This show’s for you.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Josh Wilson with living water irrigation. How are you sir? Ah, I am. Well, I’m well Ms. Clark. Thank you. Hey, you know we are on the show about once a week, pretty much every week and every week you’re on the show. We don’t talk about it on the show, but every week we are on the show. You, you never turn your digital advertisements off. Never. So when we’re on the show, your ads, your, your Google ad words, ads, your Facebook ads, your retargeting ads are never off, never. And your team is always seeking Google reviews. Some weeks more effective than others, but always seeking reviews. Yes sir. Could you explain to the listeners out there why you never turn off your advertisements? Because I never want to go broke. Oh, okay. All right. Well deeper than that Matt Klein, I’m going to let you take this show to as deep of a level as you want there. Matt Klein. How are you sir?

I’m doing awesome. How are you guys

This Justin, I’m excited to have you on the show and you are the franchise brand developer for Oxi fresh. So for the listeners out there who are not familiar with what you do at Oxy fresh, can you explain what your role is with Oxy fresh?

Certainly. Yeah, so my main job in my team is to take people that are interested in, in being owners of business conferences, to guide them through the process [inaudible] specifically with Oxy, for us to find out if this may be the business conferencesfor them to then become a franchise owner. I take them through all the initial steps of learning, everything that needs to know about Oxford. So all the details, taking them through all sorts of different documents, sharing eventually getting them to a point where they feel comfortable with what they know to take the next step and come out and see us in Denver. Right. Make sure they have all the training needed and if they feel comfortable, then they can move forward. So that process could take, you know, 35 days, it can take two years, whatever it is. So myself, my team we’re the very first step of the process to getting someone to eventually become a franchise.

So you, when someone is awarded a franchise, your job is, is, is what, at that point, once somebody decides to buy an Oxy fresh, once they’ve done their research and have traveled to Denver to, to vet it and to go through a discovery day, what does that process look like? What does, what is your role with the franchisee after they’re a franchise has been awarded to them?

Yeah. So at that point, I just help with, you know, maybe someone to talk to you. I’m a franchisee myself in that capacity. So I have a lot of people that I’ve spoken to, a brothel through the processing. We can talk franchise, the franchisee level or if there’s questions about growth in terms of next territories or opportunities, I’ll help them with that. But mostly when they become a franchise, I’m just a sounding board. I’m, I’m part of the team here at Oxbridge, so I’ll take calls and help however I can, but typically the operations team takes that from there and then they’re doing things like onboarding and making sure that they’re getting the intimate train to run the scheduling in terms of being able to, to run their scheduling platform being able to, to meet the other side of the team. So they’re basically getting them all ramped up and ready to go and supporting them from that point forward. I, I’m more here as just the person to help with whatever needs.

Okay. So I wanna I want to tee up the big problem. The big idea we’re going to talk about on today’s show, it’s hitting the growth gas pedal for your baby business, hitting the growth gas pedal. Men. Are you a lead foot? Do you drive fast?

I do. How fast do you want to take it to Matt? One a year. No tickets ever go get tickets. I get, I get up to speed fast, but I don’t speak very often. Okay, so you’re not thinking out with a little bit younger. I maybe push the envelope a little harder than I should have.

Well, let’s, let’s work off this, and this might be a far stretched example or analogy, but we’ll go with it. Here we go. If I buy an Oxy fresh or it’s a business vehicle to get my family from where I am to where I want to go, if I open up a small business, a living water, irrigation, a location C I team up with Josh and I opened up a living water with the exact same systems and processes is what Josh has. But I’m based in Bentonville, the exact same logo color website based in Bentonville. If I get that business vehicle and I’m fully fueled up with gasoline, I have the ability, the potential power, the potential power to move forward. But I don’t ever hit the gas pedal. If I never hit the throttle, I’ll never move. I’ll just be sitting there in the parking lot.

And if you have a small business with all the systems and processes and you never advertise, your business never moves. But yet I see a lot of people who are resistant to running advertisements because there’s, there’s a difference between effective advertising and any effective advertising. So Matt, let’s get into the most effective forms of advertising for an Oxy fresh franchise owner. And then I would like for Josh with living water to share about what the most effective advertising has been for you. So Matt, let’s start with what’s the most effective kind advertising that you would need to have in place if you’re an Oxy fresh franchise owner?

Yeah, and there are several that we go through, but first and foremost, the most effective way to get business for us, and actually the most cost effective way, is to make sure that you show up when people are searching for whatever you’re trying to accomplish. For us it happens to be floor cleaning, carpet and upholstery, tile and grout. And hard floor. So when someone goes on their cell phone and they type in carpet cleaners, carpet cleaners near me, carpet cleaning quotes, green carpet cleaning, you better show up and that’s what we help with on the front end. So being able to have the correct pages up front and Google, Facebook, Yelp, I’m having a good website. That’s the first date. But then you can stack on top of that, like you mentioned in your intro ad words, right? Having advertisements that show up to even further push your business when someone’s looking for you.

So not only are you organically showing up online, but you’re also paying to be in spots where you know your customers are going to be. Ad words are important, okay. I know you guys talked about that a little bit, but your ad words, the more you spend, it’s not necessarily what you want to look at. You want to have a very strong presence online and then for every dollar you spend on ad words, you’ll get that back. If you do not have a Google page and you do not have a good presence and you try to spend money on ad words, you’re not going to be nearly as effective if you show up one, two, or three on Google. Does that make sense?

I, I want, I want to do this. I think it’s making sense for me cause I’m kinda stooped up in, I’m up to my eyeballs in data as it relates to what works with, with marketing and systems. I think some of our listeners are not. So I want to make sure I understand what you just said here. One you’re saying you need to dominate search engine results in specifically Google. Am I correct?

You’re absolutely correct.

Okay. And then second, you mentioned we need to have our Google map, our Google local business conferences map. Can you talk about that? Google, that Google local map. What do you mean by that? For somebody out there that’s maybe not familiar with what you’re talking about?

Sure. So for us we’re in the service industry. So when someone searches, they want to find a company that’s near them. And what Google will do is they’ll place companies that are near that customer. Okay? So you not only need to be near where your customers are at in terms of servicing and they’ll actually show you on a Google map which is basically Google my business. They’ll show you where this company will service. Okay? So you want to be able to be there, but then you want to basically stack your Google, Google reviews. And we talked about Google reviews all the time. You can literally have a Google page and if you don’t get reviews, it’ll just sit there. There’s no validation from customers, it’s just the page. But if you have customers give you reviews and you start building that, then you will become the number one results when a customer searches carpet cleaning on Google, that is important.

Okay. And then the next part of, and it gets a little confusing, but you can stack ads on top of that so that you show up multiple times as a company. When someone searches carpet cleaning on Google, you might show up multiple times on one screenshot and we can help you do that. It’s very important to be there. That’s just one way of getting business. That’s the way you want to start. Okay? And then there’s things like putting, putting mailers out there, making sure that your customers know you’re in the neighborhood, right? There’s things like targeted marketing for Facebook, you know where you’re going to be servicing, so you can actually target a certain segment of your population so that you can show those customers that you are there to serve. And all of these things have an effect, but you want to make sure that you’re doing it smartly and you’re getting the best out of every dollar spent.

Okay. So let’s, let’s make sure that I’m giving you some facts here. And then Josh, I want to go with you so you can talk about what the most effective advertising is for your business. But I’ve got some, some stats I want to share with the listeners out there. First off, let’s recap the five methods of marketing that I’m hearing from Matt Klein discussing as we’re talking about the importance of hitting the the gas pedal in your baby business conferences is one search engine optimization. That’s a longer conversation. We have many shows about it, but make sure you are top of the Google research results or that you are on a path to getting to the top of the search engine results. To Google map optimization. You can go to forward slash business to register your website on the Google map and it is so important you do that because right now if you do a Google search right now, if you’re listening right now for Tulsa men’s haircuts, that’s one of our businesses.

Elephant in the room, you’ll see that we come up top in the Google search results and that is not because I’m a good guy. Oh, that’s not because who I know, it’s not because of tricks. It’s not because of how much I’ve paid, it’s because point number three, we have the most objective Google reviews. So we gather Google reviews as a daily process from our real customers every day for ad words. Those are the ads that pop up before the search results. A product of Google and you want to be, have those ad words going at all times. And fifth, Matt mentioned Facebook advertising ad advertisement where you focus on demographics. So Facebook, demographic advertisements, Facebook ads that are focused on your specific demographic. Matt, mostly men book carpets with you. Is it mostly older elderly men in their late eighties. Is that typically who books, carpet cleaning at this point in, in, in Denver,

It’s typically not. However, we do absolutely have a bunch that do. But we know that our average customer is going to be a female with one to two kids right in the age range and about 27 to 57. So if we know that that we should probably target those individuals in a sense where if at the time they need our service, they have us to meet on, they can do that. And we, you know, marketing’s pretty smart now.

Okay. So if you’re out there today and you’re, and you’re saying what are the most effective, what are the highest rate of return on investment advertising as advertisement systems out there? We’ve just listed five of them for you and we have a wasp that has entered into the thrive time show studio and that right there makes it exciting cause we don’t know who’s going to get stung. Josh. It’s exciting and I’m allergic to bee stings so we might have to get a, the little the F a pen ready. But so Josh we’re going to come back to you in just a moment, but I have some stats here from the business insider and Matt, I’m going to read these to you. Maybe you can jot these down and break them down for us. Okay. Business insider, the article is con, it’s called right now. It says how Google retains more than 90% of market share. This is from business insider. Right now I’m giving you the statistics. As of right now, 90.8% of all internet searches are done using Google. Does that, is that surprising to you, Matt? 90 90.8% of all internet searches?

It’s not surprising to me. I think most people when they get, you know, an iPhone, it’s just when they go on there, it’s automatically the search engine that’s on your phone. It’s automatically on most of the desktops that you use unless you prefer something else. So yes, it, it makes a lot of sense to me because I use it every single day.

Now let me break that 90.8% into some parts here. 62.6% of all the search results are just done on Google itself. But 22.6 are on Google images and you have 4.3% on YouTube and 1.3 just on the map. That means one out of a hundred people, Matt, just go into the map and look for the math with the most reviews. They don’t even like use Google. They just go to the Google maps and look that way. Is it shocking to you that 4.3% of all of all people searching the internet use a Google property known as YouTube? Is it shocking to you that YouTube has growing in popularity?

It is not. People are more attracted to videos than anything else and it makes sense, right? I think everyone that’s had a cell phone for more than five days has gotten into the YouTube trap or you just five hours later, you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re just on YouTube.

Now, Yahoo has a two page. Yahoo has a 2.4% of the market share. So that means that more people are searching on YouTube. 4.3% of all searchers are searching on YouTube then who are searching on Yahoo. Is that shocking to you that YouTube is used more than Yahoo?

It does not. However, I still have a Yahoo email.

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, nice. Keep an eight. The Relic keep you forever. It’s court now. Bing a 2.2% of people are searching using Bing. Is that, is that shocking to you Matt? No, only 2.2% of people are searching for stuff on being

No, I mean I got to go to my own behavior. I don’t ever go to Bing. I go Google. Most of my business stuff’s on Google. I’m, my customers are on Google. So that’s not surprising at all.

All right. So Josh Wilson is, we were thinking about a strategy to grow and my business effectively to grow your business effectively. Can you share with us while attempting to Dodge a wasp, can you share with us the ongoing marketing that you do for living water irrigation?

Yes sir. So I thought it was to go back and revisit something that Matt was talking about in the, you talked about with the a 80 something year old men searching carpet cleaning quotes. Yup. I know the best exercise that we started with was identifying our ideal and likely buyers. So I think that’s a good place for anybody out there listening is who is buying your product and then that can tell you how you market as far as for living water, irrigation will what gets the most, whenever we’re tracking our marketing dollars and tracking where we’re getting new customers from, it’s the number of reviews that we have is what gets mentioned more than anything else because we are dominating our competition in the number of reviews we have.

I would say I agree with you. I want to make sure the listeners get this though. According to Forbes, and I’m not disagreeing with you at all, I just wanna make sure the listeners get this. According to Forbes right now, Forbes reports that over 90% of people read reviews before buying something. Okay, that’s fair. Well, how do they know you exist if you don’t have ads going out there on, on Facebook or right or Google or the different things? People, a lot of times don’t even think about you, but once they see your ads, then they go and read those reviews. Matt, talk about where people get that wrong. I think a lot of people want their entire marketing strategy to be Google reviews and then they turn their ads off. Can you talk about how the ads work with the reviews?

Yeah, I think you just got to go and look at it. There’s going to be a whole vast range of people. Like there are still a bunch of people out there that like to get the coupon book in the mail. I’m not saying it’s going to be the most effective way, but if you can capture an audience just by making sure that they have something still in the juncture, you’re going to actually get those customers and we will, you also want to make sure that, you know, the Google reviews are going to build. When you start a business, you’re not going to happen, right? So you need to build them. But in those times where you’re building up your Google presence, you need to be in the spaces. Likewise at Facebook, being able to target market, being able to go on, like there’s companies like home advisor out there and I know they have you know, they, they take a certain amount of money away from each job in terms of like a finder’s fee or, or referral fee.

But that’s growing your business conferences sometimes in the very beginning it’s getting customers to, to come to your business, to use your services because then they can become repeat customers, right? And then they can do referral business and there’s a lot of good value to them. So you want to be able to spread that marketing net. Why? So that you can get a bunch of customers from a bunch of different ways and then you can actually look at your numbers on the back end and see what’s giving you the best return. But then you have actual ammo. So if you go to one of your vendors, for instance, and you say, well, I’m spending this on it, but I’m not getting the return. What should I do to get a better term? Or do you need to lower my rates? Because I’m paying too much for what I’m getting. You have the ammunition to go back and always be working on your marketing to get your best dollar spent, your best return. But you got to want to spread that out a little bit.

Okay. I want to make sure the listeners get this. We’ll make sure listeners get this. If you had a grievance with me and you wanted to discuss with me personally how to solve that grievance we talk about this a lot on the show, but you’re gonna find me at hobby lobby. You’ll find me at guitar center or you’re gonna find me at Atwood’s the broken arrow Atwood’s out there near Lynn lane. You can Google, you’re gonna find me the hobby lobby near Lynn lane and the guitar center near

Get out of hobby lobby for a week.

I mean, I’m just, that’s what I’m going to be. That’s where I’m going to be. And the thing is, is that I’m there and people, a lot of times I’ll run into folks who are clients and they’ll go, man, I didn’t think you actually go every week. I mean I do, but I don’t know a lot of other people that go to hobby lobby and Atwoods and a true story, a client who wanted to be a client who was trying to get me to work with him and I wouldn’t return his calls cause I don’t return calls unless I know who it is. And if you don’t call through the main line, I’m not gonna ever talk to you. Cause if you call me and I missed your call, I’m not calling you back unless you’re a client and if you’re a client, I put your name in my phone or you’re a friend or something.

If not, I just don’t answer it. You know, Matt, cause you get a lot of calls and sometimes there’s gotta be a filter system. And so this guy went to Atwood’s hilarious story. He went to Atwoods and he was there just because he normally shops kind of near there anyway, the 50 foot, what’s the farm place? That’s not Atwood’s it’s near there though. It’s like the, the or shown or whatever that one country farming, country supply or farming or whatever. Normally goes there. And so he had a it consulting business of some kind and he decided, I’m just going to go to couple miles down. I’m usually there for an hour on a Saturday. I’ll just go there and I’ll eventually run into you. And sure enough, there I am. He’s like, what’s up man? Boom. We had a conversation, but I wouldn’t recommend that at that. Atwood’s advertising is the number one platform for everybody out there. But there are some people like me who never ever, ever go on social media and there’s other money wants to sell you. They just stand at Atwood’s every Saturday. Well, the best sales ever is a guy who sold me the printer and Matt, this sales pitch was beautiful. Can I can I can give you the sales pitch, man. It was beautiful.

Yup, man. And you all pretend I’m trying to sell you. I’m gonna pretend I’m trying to sell you a printer. Okay, here we go. And I got through the guard dog up there at Oxy fresh. So now I’m just knocking on your door. Hey, are you Matt?

I am

Matt. I know you’re busy. I sell printers and I’d love to earn your business. I know you’re busy. So I wanted to just give you a $50 real quick. This is just a by you know, 10 minutes of your time and then I’ll pay you another 50 when we, whenever we meet, you know, we won’t be a good time to get on the books for a quick 15 minute meeting.

Five minutes. I did that 100 bucks.

This is what happens. So I said, okay. And so I really busy. So I said, Hey, why don’t we go and book a time? And we booked the time. So we meet and he shows up and he has a, he says, clay, how many printers do you have here? I tell him, and he says, how many scanners? I tell him? And he says, well, I’ll, I’ll be willing to match whatever you pay now currently on your office and printer supplies. Beat it right now. And your first month is half off, so you’ll save half. Do you have to get out of a contract or are you buying from office Depot? What are you doing? And I said, yeah, I buy from office Depot. We shipped some stuff, some stuff from Amazon. And he said, well let me, here you go. And man, I made the switch right there but he got to me, cause he knows that a lot of business owners cannot be reached on Facebook.

They cannot be reached. I’m not on Google searching for saving money on printer supplies. So again, that’s a maybe less effective form of advertising than Google. But he put it in his regiment to, to you know, stop by to people’s businesses and he calls it his, you know, he now calls it the dream 100. I’ve met this guy, we’ve talked about it, but before he called it the dream 100, he just had a list, like a run list or a route list or a Matt, do you ever have people with Oxi fresh that have a dropoff list or a networking list or commercial businesses that they go to routinely in a, in a, in an attempt to win their business?

Yeah. I’m glad you brought this up cause this is so, so important. I mean we want to have, obviously we just talked about all the marketing and there’s a whole bunch of, we didn’t get into, but the marketing piece is one segment of how you want to run your business. What we consider the X factor, right? Because we can control that as a company and as a brand we can really try to help with with the marketing residentially. But you are so right. If you have a concerted effort to go out and meet people that are decision makers for your industry, for us it happens to be property managers, building managers, real estate people, real estate investors, anybody that has the decision making power over a property that you can potentially be servicing. You need to be, you need to have a conversation with them.

You need to let them know what you do. And even if they say no, that’s okay, right? You need to be able to have a conversation, be persistent. Just like you’re saying, that guy found a way into your business to be able to sell you his printers, right? You need to be able for us to go in and show value to whoever’s out there that’s making decisions. So yes, I think you absolutely specifically as a very early stage business, you should be introducing your business who every single person that could potentially give you business and anybody that can make a decision that is super, super important.

Now again, I want to make this very actionable. I don’t like when we have a show or someone can immediately apply what they’re learning. Thomas Edison said that vision without execution is hallucination. So let’s just pretend. Let’s pretend this, this Justin, let’s pretend that you have a, have a, have a business. I’m going to give everybody homework this week of stuff. We’re going to do homework this week. We’re going to, we’re going to dominate everybody. We’re all gonna dominate. Step number one every week. If you have a website, if you don’t have a franchise, if you have a franchise, it’s different. But if you have a website, I challenge you to add six pages of content to your website every day. And we have entire shows about this. If you own a franchise for Oxi fresh, I’m not encouraging that they take care of it corporately. One of the great advantages of that, but again, if you own a local business, let’s get six pages of content up on the website per week, so you will rank in Google to let’s commit right now, we’re going to optimize our Google map.

Let’s go to business. What’s quit putting it off. Let’s quit. Let’s quit watching the voice tonight. You know the kids are at cheer, they’re at soccer, whatever. Let’s go ahead and optimize that map. Go to forward slash business stop saying you don’t have the time. Stop paying the poor tax for not doing what you know to do. Let’s get that done. Step three, let’s commit to gathering. Matt, how many Google reviews should we try to get per day minimum? I mean, is it one a day? Is it, is it two a day? When are we? Can we do one a day?

One a day? If you have multiple locations, then do one per location.

Gather one.

Don’t know what industry you’re in, but certainly,

Well now I will share this tip for the listeners out there who are in the carpet space and Oklahoma. Cause if you’re, if you’re in any other state you’re gonna run out, you’re gonna find an Oxy fresh. And if you’re hearing this right now and you’re, and you own the carpet business, that is not a an Oxy fresh, just surrender. Just wrap it up. Just surrender. Join up with Oxi fresh. But I have found that one of our clients in Tulsa, a complete carpet. It’s a carpet cleaning business in Tulsa where we’re allowed to, you know, my buddy John Barnett is not in Oklahoma, so I work with a car, complete carpet there without any feelings of guilt or remorse. But he gets video reviews. And Josh, you’ve done this too where you get up where you get a video review, but you put it on your Google map.

And why are those two effective? Josh getting a, getting a video review on your Google map. Those are, those are power because people can’t deny that it’s real, you know? Oh, that’s our fake reviews. All of his reviews can’t be real. It can’t be real people. It’s a video and it’s Billy Bob or Sally Sue or whomever sitting there and it’s a little legit. I encourage everybody to look up complete carpet. Tulsa, this guy has been a Nathan client for years and years. Just a great guy and a man. He gets, you know, reviews of people on video testifying, you know, about the quality of the service. Can you explain to me the power of having testimonials from big corporate clients or, or reviews on Google? Let’s talk about testimonials in general. Why is it so powerful?

Well, I think just the same thing. I mean, you just said it. There’s more people looking at YouTube that are on you know, Yahoo, right? It’s because they got there first and it’s a very good platform. So videos, testimonials, if you can actually look. So you know, you’re, you’re essentially looking some their face and they’re telling you over a video, use this company. I believe in it. I’ve used them. Right? That’s more powerful than the seeing text and always will be more powerful. The only other more powerful thing is having them shake your hand and telling you in person and giving you a so you know the more above and beyond, you can go beyond just the central review. The better your business is going to be cause it’s going to be more validated. For sure.

I’m trying to make millionaires on today’s show. I’m not trying to make contenders, I’m not trying to make pretenders. So I’m going to make sure we’re recapping this. Step one, write one page of content every single day. Unless you own an Oxy fresh franchise cause they take care of that for you. Six days a week to Google. Get that map the Google map optimized today, forward slash business conferences three get an objective review every day. Josh, what’s the hard part about doing it every day? Just staying consistent every single day, every single day, every day you gotta do it. Following up with your people every day for launch. Those ad words. Get the ad words up there. You know what I’m talking about? You have what? We’ve all seen the ads on Google. Get those thing launched. If you need help, reach out to my team will help you. Step five, have some sort of Facebook ads running based upon your demographic. Have your Facebook ads running. Never turn it off. This just in from our home office here, women buy almost everything. Matt Klein. This might sound offensive. It might seem polarizing. People might say no. You can’t say that. You can’t. You can’t. It’s a politically correct world. You can’t say that. Women control spending. Well, Matt, I was, I was on Google and I went to this website called Bloomberg a man. Have you ever heard of Bloomberg?

I certainly have.

Back in the day they screwed up and interviewed me on Bloomberg. And one of the things that Bloomberg says, there’s an article called top 10 things everyone should know about women consumers.

Ooh, these are fighting words. I’m giving you facts. And when I give you facts, now you know you have to act. Because I could just miss to tell you I had my opinion. But when somebody takes the time to do the research, you probably want to check it out there. So thrive nation attempt to prove me wrong here. Bloomberg writes, if the consumer economy had a sex, I repeat. If the consumer economy had a sex, not if the consumer economy was having sex, it’s empty. Consumer economy had a sex, it wouldn’t be, that’s a different show. It would be female women drive 70 to 80% of all women drive, 70 to 80% of all consumers spinning through a combination of their buying power, their power and their influence as is his power and influence. Influence means that even when a woman isn’t paying for something herself, she’s often the influence or veto vote behind someone else’s purchase. Step six, if you don’t own an Oxy fresh, I would encourage you to turn on your ad retargeting ads. Those are the ads that follow you around. Matt, if I own an Oxy fresh though, you guys take care of most of my digital advertising. Don’t, don’t you guys or do I have to? Is that something I have to do if I’m a franchisee,

So we’ll help you with all of that. Right? Biggest problem with like retargeting and all those ads is the creation and finding out how to actually implement them. We will help you with them. We will put them in your local market. We’ll do all the things necessary to make sure that they’re working. Like right now we’re working on a Facebook chat bot, right? No other companies have the access to these things. So we will build them. Just like you’re saying, we’ll help you get them up and going well make sure they’re done the right way. You are not on an Island when it comes to these types of things.

Now, the next, the next week, just a couple of final points I want to, I want to recap for the listeners. The next point, point number seven. Every week you got to do this. You’ve got to visit your dream 100 ideal and likely commercial clients every week or your ideal and likely referral sources. Matt, why do you want to see these people face to face? Let’s say you have a dream 10 list or a dream 25 why is just the act of seeing this person or seeing this entity on a weekly basis, ideal and effective,

Right? Because the first time you typically meet someone, they don’t trust you and they don’t know you, but after the 10th time you’ve met them and you’ve had a conversation, you build rapport, then they can feel comfortable utilizing you as a person in your company. If you don’t build that relationship, you will never be confident that they’re going to use you and they shouldn’t be, right? You got to show the value. You got to show that you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do. You have to be consistent. You’ve got to be there. When somebody else drops the ball, you’ve got to be there when their next contract rolls around, right? If you talked to them every six months, you’re going to miss those windows. You have to be consistent. You have to talk to them. They have to trust you, and that’s only going to be built by having consistent conversation.

Let them know you’re not just there to take money from there. You’re there to help them, right? You’re going to change their environment for the better. All of those things will help. I always go backwards on this a little bit. Okay. If you want to close like 15 new commercial contracts, you need to talk to one person a day. That’s 260 people a year, right? Do the math just keep being consistent. And if you do that, you’re going to have a huge leg of business that you would never had if you’ve never talked to anybody,

You know, back in the day, Matt, before, well, no, this is great. Back in the day before I met you, I read a book by Chet Holmes who was a partner of a Charlie monger and Charlie monger, everybody looks them up. Charlie Munger, Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett’s partner that nobody knows about. And Charlie monger is a man who, it’s, it’s, it’s kinda hard to be an an an unknown billionaire. But Charlie’s done that and he’s worth one point $9 billion. And he’s Warren Buffett’s partner. And Chet Holmes was a partner with him on in a business and he wrote a red covered book called the ultimate sales machine. And in that book he explained, he says, I’m quoting best buyers, buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special repeatable effort dedicated to just these dream clients. So I recommend everybody has a whiteboard or something where you’re going to see it every day and then every go to all of your dream 100 people and cross them off.

And a lot of entrepreneurs say, why do I have to network with these same people every month? What are we going to talk about? Matt and I don’t mean this in a bad way. You’re one of the, you’re one of the best network or some, some, some might say, some people quickly label a networker as a BS or they’re like, Oh, Matt Klein is a good way. Yes or no, you’re not making stuff up. You’re a connector. You’re, you’re somebody who meets people and your network is your net worth. So you guys at Oxy fresh go out a lot of times to these business conferences. I think you just went to one with a boom, boom Powell in Florida, right? Terry boom, boom Powell. The the godfather of franchising. They’re one of the guys who’s a franchise coach. Some might call him a broker. I would not. Matt you would not, but some would call him a broker. But you went out to his networking event there in Florida. Why is it important to get, you know, in, in front of people like that? I mean, why, why can’t you just email him?

Well, because like for us specifically for Kerry and his organization, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs source, they are a huge partner of ours because they have qualified business coaches, franchise coaches that are searching out people that are C level all the way down to veterans that are getting out of the service. People that are tired of being in corporate America and they just don’t know where to go. They are introducing these people to the life of being a franchise owner.

When you say [inaudible] sorry, what does, wait, what does C level mean? Somebody out there is going are, are you discriminating against the people of new Orleans? What do you mean by sea level?

Yeah. So in every company you’re gonna have like a chief operating officer and chief financial officer. You know, all the, you know, these, every company goes through layoffs and you know, going through things like acquisitions and there’s typically some people left out there with a lot of skills that are looking for a new opportunity because something may have just happened in there. There are other business and these individuals, maybe it may make sense for them to actually, you know, all those skills that they acquired in their, in their past jobs might be really good for them to really run and own a business cause they’ve been doing it for somebody else. So, but your initial question, right, if you don’t know where your customers are coming from, then you can’t, you can’t get to them. But not all of these things are direct. You might have an entire network, BNI groups like us going out to the entrepreneurs source and talking to coaches that can find super qualified potential franchisees to bring to us. It’s all about just the contacts and communications that you have. The more you have, the more your business is going to grow. It’s all a numbers game.

Matt, I’m going to read off the following forms of marketing and you and Josh can tell me whether these forms of marketing are more effective than search engine marketing. That includes reviews and content more effective than than that or targeted Facebook ads or the dream 100. Okay. So are these, are these forms of advertising more effective than Facebook advertising than Google optimization? All right. Or the ad words. Okay, so you tell him here, here we go. Auto reps, Matt Klein, more effective or less effective than search engine optimization, ad words and Facebook ads more effective or less?


Okay. But it’s still effective. You still do it right? You still ought to wrap your vehicles, right, Joshua? Absolutely. So you’re already there anyway, but it’s not more effective. So I was just saying if you have, if you only had $3,000 to spend total on your marketing budget, you probably wouldn’t want to start with your auto rep negative. Okay. This is an interesting one. Cold call marketing. Matt Klein. More effective or less effective than Google domination ad words and those Facebook targeted ads.

Not even close.


Yeah. Less effective. Less effective. Okay. Jordan doors sales. Matt Klein. What are the door to door sales, Matt Klein? More effective or less?

Less effective?

Josh? Less effective or more effective? I mean, unless it’s Matt Klein in-person, it’s definitely less effective. Oh, that’s now. Magazine advertising. Magazine advertising, man. There’s a lot of people out there. They want to buy that magazine ad. Is it more effective or less effective than the three we mentioned before?

Less effective and it typically has a very big upset cost.

Woo. You agree, Josh? Less effective and crazy expensive. Park bench marketing or auto wrapping. A city bus. Matt, what? Say you,

If you are a DUI attorney, do it. You want an octopus franchise? Do not

Josh auto wrapping a boss or a park bench. I’m going to say definitely less effective. A few more here. Advertising.

I think. Hold on, hold on. Didn’t it? Didn’t somebody route? I mean, Josh, is that you? You’re a billboard guy though. I’m pretty sure.

Yeah, yeah, we we had the ability to talk about the billboard, so yeah, I remember we had the bill Murray,

But definitely a billboard. I think if you put love in there, you might change you.

Yeah. Yes. I remember when we had that conversation six months ago, mad about the great investment. That was the billboard, sir.

Oh yeah.

Some of our listeners don’t know the story. You know, we have hundreds of thousands of listeners and many of which we’re finding today’s show for the first time. So Josh Wilson owns living water irrigation. Matt Klein is a franchise owner as well as a franchise brand developer for Oxi Josh tells the story about the billboards. Sure. So we’ll go back a six months ago, we were on this exact same show and Matt Klein and I were discussing what a horrible investment the billboards had become

And kind of in the same thing, the same breadth that we’re doing right now and less effective and more effective marketing strategies. And then a few months after that, after I was spending this ungodly amount of money on a weekly basis for zero and I mean zero return zero zero your beautiful face. Mr. Clark in a coaching session said, Hey, why don’t you just say something really nice about your wife? Could you talk about her all the time? That is true. So I put a message up there to my wife, shout out to my wife again. Once again I put to Amy, I love you more. And from that point we got an interview from the local news station and then good morning America and then the Washington Post’s people and then people and then asked, yep, gold cast. And then Kelly Clarkson show. So here’s a announcement. Oh, world premier exclusive announcement. Okay, I’m ready. Ready? We will be on Kelly Clarkson Friday. What? Yes sir. Really? Yeah, and then we’re all going to be on the local NBC station on Friday as well. Are you going to go flying out there? You’re doing it via Skype server via Skype. Really? Yeah. I tried to get Matt Klein to sit in my place cause Amy would have been so much happier, but Matt wouldn’t take my calls. Really? Matt? Matt, were you aware of that? He’s going to be on Kelly Clarkson. Were you hold that information from me.

I, I’m glad I opened this can of worms. I didn’t know what was going on and I’m like, clay, my mailbox has been cool.

Let me, let me queue this up real quick.

This song goes out to Kelly Clarkson. Yes, yes. Oh wow. We’re going to be on her show. Yes. Are you fired up about it? We’re super fired up. What do you, what are you doing? What are you depressed? Are you, are you purging yourself or you’re not eating? Actually, we actually already recorded it two weeks ago. No way. I promise. Oh, why airs Friday? Here’s Friday. I’m excited about this. So, alright, this is great. His son needs more cowbell and this song would have been a hit. Let me get that cow bell. Let me get that caliber. Hurry up. Here we go. Oh, you need Matt to sing the backup. Matt do harmony. Here we go. It would be like the song kind of in a head if it had more Cabo. Holy crap. [inaudible] Phone Matt, if only you’re in studio. I got it. Oh God. Ah. Oh man. That

Song could have been a hit. Ah, too bad they didn’t have enough cowbell on the track. On believable. Yes. So the billboards have turned into a national attention. It is a thing but, but again, but we could go back though. If you’re going to ask me at this very moment, obviously much different. It’s more skewed, but objectively are billboards more effective? Have you gotten more deals off that billboard, didn’t you Google? No. Even with the national attention, we still go back links which help us rank high in Google, but we haven’t got a lot of from it.

Okay. A few more here and then I’ll let you get it. Get back to being awesome there. Matt Klein here. Valpack you know where you do ValPack mailers, those are nice. I remember back in the day when I first started working with a J B, that was the jam. That was how we got all the business conferences ValPack those blue envelopes is that still is more effective now than is ValPack more effective than Google optimization then online advertising on Facebook and getting those reviews. Is it more effective than that?

Not at all and very expensive as well.

Ooh, let me do it one more. Let me do one more. I want to do one. I just, there’s so many, there’s so many ways you could waste your money on marketing and I just want to touch on a lot of them cause I think a lot of people have great intentions. They’re buying these things. What about advertising in a professional sports event? I have seen, I’ve seen a lot of multimillionaires. Matt drop an insane amount of money to, you know, put a banner at a professional hockey arena and it’s fun. It’s a now, it’s a great way. It’s a great way to network. If you have a Skybox like you guys have an Oxy fresh, you know you have like a sky box and it’s a great way to network. You can bring your employees, there are potential franchisees. But in terms of putting an ad on the scoreboard at a Colorado avalanche game, is that more effective than doing Google optimization ad words and Facebook targeted demographic ads?

I can’t imagine that it is. I’ve never done it. And I don’t have the numbers behind it but I would, I would venture to guess that it is not,

I have actually done that before because I really, really was getting pressured by a professional hockey team to advertise. And so I thought you haven’t met, they have this little blimps and the idea ideas, they would take the blimp up there and they said we’re going to take it up there, we’re going to drop from the blimp, all these elephant in the room, you know, haircut cards. And the first time we do it we’re just going to charge you our costs. You know, cause normally you know we’re going to do free haircut, you’re dropping these, dropping these on people and the card say free haircut for first time people and we’re going to drop it on like, you know, 10 to 15,000 people, whatever at the be okay. I think it’s like 12,000 people. We’re going to drop it on them and you guys only have to pay to drop it, you know, so it be like, you know, $100 to drop. You don’t have to pay for the cost of printing, you have to pay for it. Just we’re just gonna drop it. Very inexpensive. And I was doing marketing for this particular professional hockey team, so I said, alright, I mean if you want to drop it. So I paid him a hundred bucks and that thing goes up. And Matt, you’ve seen the blimp at the games. It’s [inaudible]


Let’s say a hummingbird.


The fans are like, drop it off, drop it off. It’s kind of like the loss earlier in this recording and it comes to at Dre drops. Woo. And there’s a lot of energy at pro spa. Matt, do you like going to pro pro sports games?

I do.

Yeah. You know, you know there’s a certain kind of a aura at a pro sports game that, that it’s, it’s like, it’s like this, it’s like, all right, we’re going to drop

The woo woo pre her cards. It’s who wants a free heart? God. Who wants [inaudible]

Drop it in then nobody called like zero. No, nobody but it don’t get, no, I’ve done Matt, have you done t-shirt cannon marketing before? I’ve done that before.

I haven’t, I’ve gotten a tee shirt. Triple X T shirt that [inaudible]

That I think it was turned into a blanket or [inaudible].

Did you call the company that was on the tee shirt? Did you call up? No, he didn’t call the company. Did you call him Matt and purchase their service?

No, it was just a nugget, so I just wore it.

There was a, there was a a company back in the day that sold me that he used to have like indoor monster truck rallies and rodeos and that all come to the fairgrounds and they sold me DJ connection, I want to say like five grand. And they’re like, we’re going to load up a tee shirt and shoot it out of a cannon at a fan and you just have to pay like 20 bucks per time. We shoot it. So go ahead. He’s a gentlemen who wants a tee shirt

Who wants or to, so,

Or if it’s at the rodeo, it’s like, how many y’all want

T-Shirt? How many y’all want to take a shirt? Y’all all day shower all day shirt. He wants a taser. Alright, here we go.

I know they shoot it up and then no one called me.


It’s a big win and that’s a big win. He go thing though. Feel good. Okay. All right. Well yeah, somebody got a tee shirt. So Matt, I guess my final one, I, my final final one putting your name on a youth girl’s basketball team in an inner city rough community, hypothetically once called the DJ connection ladies Celtics where I sponsored a very, very rough urban w. Is that, is that typically effective mat more effective than ad words and Google optimization and retargeting ads, Facebook ads, that kind of thing?

Not typically.

Definitely less effective either. But as a small business owner, you’re going to get that phone call from every person you’ve ever met. Hey, we spoke to Billy’s baseball team. Hey, what about these walks? You know, there’s like a walk, there’s walks for cancer, there’s a walk for that. There’s some really dumb walks too where it’s like, we’re having a walk for, for Billy, who’s Billy. Billy just got out of prison and we’re trying to walk for him to help them raise $7 to pay his registration fee for his license. I mean, you know, there’s a walk for everything. Matt, you know, is it super effective to spend a bunch of money to put you the name of your company on the back of tee shirts?

No, no, no.

Yeah, you gotta want to be in the time and the place when someone wants to use your service. There it is measured. Someone walk in, bought a game, they’re not going to, it just doesn’t translate.

Man. I ask you every week and each week I kind of expect a different answer, but I’ll try again. People want to know are you using shampoo? Are you still going with a water form of, you know, use 100% natural route with the water?

100% natural. Took a shower at the gym this morning. There’s no soap with a hat on.

I love it. That’s what I love. That’s what I love about in that con, are you still single? The women want to know

I am not single.

Hmm. Oh, when you say not single are you married yet? Matt? Clint. Cause there’s, somebody wants to know that right now.

Not married yet. I’m not married, but I’m thinking about one of those billboards.

Okay. All right, great. Oh wow. Okay.

The more I got to be more effective, that’s already, I love you more. I can’t use that one.

Now you say I love you more than Josh loves Amy. That’s what you put on your billboard. You could do that, Matt. That would be great for me, sir. If you could do that, that’d be, that’d be classy now. Okay. Final question. If I want to buy an Oxy fresh franchise, I go to Oxy I fill out the form where I go to thrive time, forward slash Oxy fresh. I’d go to thrive time Forward slash Oxy fresh step one, two, three. Walk me through the steps.

Yup. Fill out the form. The information is going to be sent to us. You’re automatically going to get some introductory emails that you can certainly go through and then we’re going to reach out to you via text, email, as well as a phone call. We’re just going to set something up. We can start that dialogue. Start learning about you as a potential franchise and start diving into occupies and see if there’s a good fit. It doesn’t cost me anything to go through that process. Our goal is, is all information. And then we’ll see what happens.

Matt, I appreciate you for being on the show for, for being a, a beautiful scholar and in, and then when you’re in Tulsa in December, I want to cut your hair cut. I want to cut your hair, you know, for a dollar.


Man. Boy that was a doozy. Astic Matt, listen, if you would have brought more enthusiasm.

I’ve got my own Harrison, my first haircut in college. I got a great clips or something and they’d Jack my hair up. I went immediately to Walmart and got Clippers and I’ve cut my own hair that time.

You’ve cut your own hair since college.

Human cut my hair.

You are a fascinating creature. You, you cut your own hair, you use water to wash your hair. The whole thing about you, you are, you are a fascinating creature. And one of these shows we’re going to do like 101 questions about Matt Klein and just get personal in a weird match. Well, I thank you so much, my friend. Your, your beauty is an encouragement to all men across America that it is possible. And may you forever not go changing.

All right guys, I appreciate your time. Always look forward to anybody out there looking to look at Oxy fresh and I can’t wait to see you guys out there in December as well.

All right. You take care of boss pin now without any further ed three [inaudible].


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