Aristotle Teaches Us How to Deal with Haters (Non-Constructive Criticism, Negativity, Hateful Social Media, Betrayal, etc.)

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If you own a business you will be attacked by haters, non-constructive criticism, hateful social media, gossip, betrayal and more. But how do you deal with it? Clay and Z teach you their super moves for dealing with haters during this edition of The Thrivetime Show Podcast.

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Just returned from New Orleans, Louisiana where I was working with Rachel and Tyler to help them franchise which is a proven business model that is producing over $100,000 per month of profit for them.

Had a wonderful dinner on Friday night at a local place that serves authentic local cuisine. Both Marshall Morris and I had alligator and turtle gumbo.


  1. Aristotle is considered the “Father of Western Philosophy”, which inherited almost its entire lexicon from his teachings, including problems and methods of inquiry, so influencing almost all forms of knowledge.
  2. He went back and lived in Macedonia for 10 years from 345 BCE to 335 BCE where he worked as tutor to Alexander the Great.

Anyone Can Claim Anything

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle

Criticism #1 –

“I got a call this afternoon from someone named Chris McKinzie about our website.
He said that he had done a bunch of research on the way Thrive (Clay Clark) builds websites and that he felt they were being done in an unethical way.  He said that if google found out about what was being done, that it would be detrimental to Peak as a company because google would blacklist us. He said that Thrive (Clay Clark) is using a method called Link Farm and that he had called other companies that you work with to see if they are aware.” – Ethan (Wonderful client)

**People are going to claim things that are not true

 Character is a Process Not An Event So Be Careful Who You Let Into Your Inner Circle

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle


I normally don’t place reviews but after 3xs of receiving service the way I did I’m going too. Normally I’ll tip 10 per person being in a similar service industry but what I received was the saddest excuse for a haircut let alone service!

Dealing with Endless Non-Constructive and Non-Productive Criticism

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.” – Aristotle

AMPLE EXAMPLE (Google Review)

There are some wonderful stylists who work at EITR, however there are plenty of rumors regarding shady practices associated with the CEO. They recently fired my favorite stylist, a VETERAN and RESERVIST, after she inquired as to whether they’ve been skimming her tips.

Sometimes The Thrivetime Show Radio Show is Not Live.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He who hath many friends hath none.” – Aristotle


  1. Friends / DJs not showing up to work, thus requiring me to fire them (friends and family).

Criticism #5 – I Don’t Interact with People on Social Media.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope.” – Aristotle’’


Criticism #6 – I Cut People Out of My Life and Fire People, Yet Call Myself a Christian


  1. Partners screwing you, etc.

John Doe,

I’m disappointed that I’ve been informed that you are in breach of the separation agreement. As I understand it, you have breached the separation agreement by taking possession of John Smith’s Google My Business Page and Facebook Page, and by continuing to use the SMS short code 444 222. You need to correct both of these items immediately and provide me assurances that you will not do this again.

I have not turned this over to my lawyers to sue you yet, but I’m inclined to do so unless you fix this immediately. Please note that the separation agreement provides that in any dispute relating to a breach, the losing party has to pay the attorneys’ fees and expenses to the winning party. If you make me go down the litigation path, I will have to continue until you not only cure your breaches but also pay the fees and expenses of the lawyers on both sides.

I expect you to provide the assurances I’ve requested and to cure both of these items by Monday, June 11, 2018.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

Firing People Is Not Ethical

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A friend to all is a friend to none.” – Aristotle

Criticism #7 – I fired our best employees.

  1. EXAMPLE – Hit and run DJs in Dallas.

It’s Impossible to Not Create Enemies If You Stand Up for Something

EXAMPLE – Photographers who forget to save the photos.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We make war that we may live in peace.” – Aristotle

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill (Following Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s resignation in 1940, Churchill replaced him. Churchill oversaw British involvement in the Allied war effort, resulting in victory in 1945. His wartime response to the 1943 Bengal famine, which claimed an estimated three million lives, has caused controversy, and he sanctioned the 1945 bombing of Dresden, which caused tens of thousands of civilian deaths and continues to be debated.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing.” – Ecclesiastes 3:3-5 (The Bible)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the best business coach thrive time show books, books jump in the cookbook at the father of five. That’s what I’m a dime joke. If you see my wife and kids, please tell them to here, we go call thrive, nation. Welcome back to another edition of the drive time show on your radio, with haters out with non constructive criticism:toxic talkers, hateful social media, betrayal, endless negativity want to you are going to be attacked consistently by former employees, competitors former best business coach employees turn competitors, social media people that don’t like your business model, people that don’t like the way you do business people that don’t like you, it’s the only way according to aristotle. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing be nothing. That’s. The only way to avoid criticism is to is due to be. Nothing is to do nothing to say nothing to do nothing. You only way only read another recordable tribute to aristotle. There’s only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing say nothing and be nothing, say nothing and be nothing positive way to start who’s. Aristotle aristotle is the father of western philosophy. He was also the tutor of alexander. The great until today show we’re going to see what aristotle can teach us about how to deal with haters, not constructive criticism, hateful social media and much much more, just showing up no.

I want to brag on a client I want to brag guys it delricht research, they’re, not new, orleans check about d e l r. I c h t delricht research in order to help them franchise very very soon and they produced over $100,000 of profit. Last month, over $100,000 of profit. Last month to my wife and I and marshall morris went out to visit them and we had some incredible new, orleans local, authentic cuisine. There we had authentic local kazoo. Cuisine. We have had alligator for dinner. I have a turtle gumbo for dinner, I had shrimp, but we called it’s a cry cry crawfish at crawfish for lunch we have the whole on new, orleans, authentic cuisine experience and a great time, but while I was gone, as is tradition as his normal I experienced best business coach haters and if you’re not there any other company, how many of you have to experience negative commentary? Negative feedback via email or social media or variety of sources, cuz I’m involved in so many different business ventures, is really not a day that goes by that i. Don’t get some sort of super negative accusation or claim or feedback from somebody who is out there, and it just happened in france and so I when I was gone. I received I’m just got back today and I and I was told that there was somebody who’s been calling my clients and claiming that I am a bad person. Now this is this into segments ever want.

Anyone can claim anything think about that today. In today’s society anybody can claim anything which is actually good if you’re living under a totalitarian regime like a north korea or you live in iraq or some country where there is crimes against humanity. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone and film the atrocities that are going on you put up on social media next thing. You know the entire world knows about it, and so it allows the whole world to know about the evil and it won’t stay localized, and then they know the world can deal with it. Also. However, it allows people that have no talent, no skill and no platform to have an equal voice to share what they feel and to share their comments on anything right. So as an best business coach example, this up real quick on youtube, okay, we go so susan boyle on britain’s got, talent 2009 sing, the song, absolutely blue people out of the water she’s a 40 7 year old lady that nobody had ever heard of before she gets on the show britain’s got talent in 2009, and this is what she say and despite singing like an angel and battle accounts, being a good human she’s still got negative comments. All over youtube people attacking the way that she looks people attacking her age, people attacking her wait, because that is what people do. People, love to mock people. I grew up as a kid that stuttered and said:i went to school.

Everyday people made fun of me. That’s what they did. That’s what that’s! What people do it says it’s like you go to school and you stutter and people make fun of you stop it I mean we can’t ban volcanoes, and then we can pass legislation and we could talk to congress and the senate in the congress, and we could work it through the legislative branch and we could do all those things, but we can’t ban volcanoes. We also cannot ban bullying, we, can’t, ban people being negative and what I found throughout my career, no matter what business I’ve cream every time I build something and get it to the top. There’s always somebody at the bottom. They would rather spend their day slinging mud which creates a bigger hole, bigger hole for them by the way, if you sling mud, it creates a bigger hole for you. Just just think about that. For a second, if you’re slinging mud, it creates a bigger hole for you there if you would rather spend their entire day. Slinging mud and digging a bigger hole for themselves, then actually growing their company succeeding in their own way, and so I built my best business coach company called dj connection. There was this guy named zack. You just could not do anything beyond just attacking my company. He couldn’t focus on growing his company. He couldn’t focus on marketing his company. He couldn’t focus on anything but just attacking me through the company pic of this guy named kevin, who could not spend any of his time and marketing.

He couldn’t spend his time growing his company. He couldn’t spend it recruiting people. He couldn’t spend his time improving the company at all because he spent his entire day. Attacking me and I would ask you out there if you have a company that successful who is attacking you know if you’re not being attacked right now. It’s probably cuz your company isn’t yet big enough, but if you have a company that is successful, it’s grown beyond. A certain point:i promise you you’re going to become an enemy or a target of the bottom feeders of the carp of your industry, and so going back to our theme today. Aristotle teaching us how to deal with haters anyone can claim anything aristotle once wrote. There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing say nothing and be nothing. There’s people that we’ve been criticized weather aristotle actually made that direct quote with a problem. If you didn’t have best business coach microphone back, then things were written down in the courts been attributed to aristotle over and over again, but maybe there’s somebody out there that criticizes the idea that even aristotle what we’re even said, that, turn it all I mean but again aristotle once wrote. There is only one way to avoid criticism. To do nothing say nothing, be nothing aristotle! There’s only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing say nothing and be nothing, looks repeat it again. There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing say nothing and be nothing until the other day, I’m out there in an in new orleans hope we can company that I work with franchise and I get a call from client number one I get a call from client number 2 I get a call from client number. Three recent realize gosh. This guy’s been pretty persistent. I got a call from a lot of client and I got a call from my client telling me the following eminem going to read to you an excerpt from when a client actually sent me the email. It says. I got a call this afternoon from someone named better website.

He said that he done a bunch of research on the way to thrive, build website, thrive really means clay, clark I mean that’s, not say thrive, because thrive is not a way. It’s not really personal enough. It’s more me, research on the way that clay clark build web sites and he felt that we were being done and it unethical way. He said that if google found out about what we’re doing no be detrimental to peak as a company, because google blacklist us, he said that play clark. I did not drive, you take lake clark, but he said try, but he really meant like, like he said it looks like clark, is using a method called link farm when she called other companies that you work with to see if they were aware and that came from one of our wonderful clients have working for years, but the name of ethan ethan. Thank you for sharing with me again with this incredible guy had to say about us. What’s going to play the audio of been saying to our clients, because it’s crazy, but our client actually have installed, call recording on their phones, and so one of our clients actually sent me the audio recording of what print Chris Mckinzie said when calling them to attack me about our best business coach search engine, optimization strategies. Basically, a couple of months ago, I was grounded discussing their website and they have breakfast ideas, maybe switching to a different company, and so I told him. I would analyze the website and I looked through it. I was taking it down, 10 things that can be done differently and I stumbled upon the sitemap, which was filled with random random words, and so there we have it yet again.

Another competitors calling one of my current clients that I worked with for years to call them to just let them know that he has some concerns about their website for altruistic motive. Truly, he could not possibly be motivated to you know, make a profit or to grow his company, but instead he just calling to let people know that he is concerned about their website and he just wants to. Let them know that he has a few concerns, because, as a member of the I don’t have enough clients internet police, he wanted to reach out to our customers out of an altruistic desire to help them just to let them know that they had some things to be worried about, but it’s hysterical. I had so many clients call me all week telling me this guy’s been calling them. It has happened every single week for me, for just one of my companies, I mean we come back from the break. I’ll talk to you about the reviews my haircut business gets, but if you’re out there-and you want to scale a best business coach company to create time, freedom and financial freedom you’re-going to have endless criticism endless on wanted feedback you’re going to have it. You have a barrage of a feedback of of interruptions, of complaints from people on a daily basis, and so, if you how to create time freedom you understand it one of the trade-offs of scaling a business is you have to have thousands and thousands of customers to create time for him. So if you do, I want to create time for them, you’re going to have hundreds and hundreds of complaints. It’s not possible I mean the elephant in the room or men’s grooming lounge. By the way, if you listening right now and you live inside the tulsa area, your first haircut is just a dollar in your first haircut is just $1, but it’s not statistically probable for us to get a haircut perfect every time. So right now we track internally.

We typically make a mistake:romance of a haircut 3 out of a hundred times. It’s a 3% margin for air, but when we making are most people, don’t call the company to express their concern. The immediately write, an anonymous review where they or they complain on social media, get ready to add her. That’s right. Time show started from the bottom now we’re on the top. Come on the books jump in the cookbook. That’s what I’m about to see my wife and kids? Please tell them. Hi 2 all right trap! Nation! Welcome back to the thrive time, show on your radio and podcast download. Typically, when somebody celebrates a birthday, a holiday, some kind of event, you some kind of a very good good form. It’s it’s best business coach standard. That I would tell you happy birthday. On the day of your birthday. It’s it’s it’s standard form! Yes, because it was father’s day. You know it. They will come out here. I guess a week after father’s day I want to just tell you happy father’s day, my friend i. Don’t think you can text happy, father’s day, leaving text lita email over! You can just do a quick voicemail, a bit happy father’s day to you, my friend, happy father’s, day to you and happy father’s day to all the thrive nation out there, I mean if I’m going to just throw it out. There was just throw it out there. You know of the father’s day to you happy father’s. Are you doing i, think you’re doing happy father’s day I could only blame myself. Sorry thrive nation of western wisdom. Aristotle was considered to be the father of western philosophy. He also was the personal mentor and a tutor of alexander.

The great and on station were talking about how to deal with haters and not sort of professional stone, casino meadows. Do it the right way at least $1,000 a year, isn’t even likely that you won’t have a hater or two you ate. Well, it’s very unlikely that you won’t have one and nowadays with social media way that it is social media. Is it’s so easy to hate this? Just it just this just easier. You’re welcome! Thank you. Thank you, al gore, for giving us this thing called the internet, www internet I’m. Sure you going all the way back to that the father of western civilization can claim anything today. Okay, bottom line. Anybody today can claim anything because of social media and the internet and the ability to write anonymous post on youtube videos when she is a process and not an event, so be careful who you let into your inner circle. So, sir I’m going to start with you as quality is not an act. It is a habit, but the teaching prince, while I’m trying to communicate as best business coach characters a process, not an event, so be careful who you let into your inner circle my friend break it down. It’s really kind of sad because you build your character, you build your reputation, your entire life and then one stupid at idiot.

Move I’m hold my beer watch. What to do when idiotic move can destroy years of reputation. But if you lived your life as if the cameras are on you all the time right as if everybody knew what you were doing as if you know the people that you’re trying to convince to buy your products and goods and services. If your kids were talking best business coach entrepreneurship, then right, then you might act a little different. Then if you didn’t think about that, so building that character play it’s a like. It really is a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of doing the right things and I always say my little saying is:if you take, if you always take the high road, you’ll, never take the wrong road. Oh my god make sure I will you. You said you always take the high road you’ll, never take the wrong road. This into this.

What he had to say about that a lot of pressure you got to rise above it good energy, walk out the bad, harness energy block, bad fuel. The flow happy feel it its circular cycle. Carousel, you pay the quarter horse, it goes up and down and around a circular the wrong and that’s what you whenever I’m faced with a decision-and you know you know me-i i-think these people that run around and say you know no justice dresses and like no, no, no mercy mercy, but you don’t give to think about is if you have the opportunity in life. What happens is is that when someone makes a mistake, oh yeah, they had your hammer and they give you permission to swing that hammer and him. Okay, you follow me, i, follow you and so we’re always shocked, least I am when you’re ready to go okay, one of my staff, I screwed up so much good up here is a hamburger said patient. Now you can hit us if you want to, but you’re really not going to know they do it you’re like wait a second, nobody ever sweep the hammer that hard. But the thing about it is, is that whenever you get handed the hammer that your opportunity to take the high road better opportunity not to give them what they deserve, that’s an opportunity at the teaching moment for you and all those around you. You know we don’t have a whole lot of time for this sister, like I’d, like you to share,, no, billy story a time in your life, where you let somebody in your inner circle, you thought that was probably not a good move for guarded your wiser, but we’ve had a lot of drivers email recently. There said yeah I invited somebody into my inner circle and advantage of me screwing me not doing the right thing by making it to give an example of your career, where you let somebody into your inner circle, trouble or call somebody out.

You know it’s not swinging a hammer, just just a teaching moment in a way that sylvia can. We can change the the gender of the best business coach person involved in the time in the space. But can you share an example person vulcan? Well, it was a. It was a gentleman that actually brought a deal to the to the table and by bringing the deal to the table said gentlemen, one of the opportunity to be a part of the deal and I mistakenly agreed to that. Just because someone bring the bill to you just because someone brings an opportunity doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to then bring them on the team. But in the moment of really not thinking about it all the way through shocking right, right, I said absolutely handcuffs come on round off, sweat equity down the road-and you know-and this could be wonderful-i-didn’t really check it. In your background, I didn’t go to check references on your house. I really haven’t hung out with you that much to find the character of the person you are since you’re being gender-neutral. What I found out is shortly thereafter, I’d hide a complete maniac, narcissistic crazy, like oh, my gosh, like when we come back from the break, we’re going to transition from a crazy man. There’s a narcissistic man into a discussion about dealing with endless non constructive criticism when you’re getting non constructive criticism from people who you’re not even asking you for their feedback.

How do you deal with it stay to 3 2 1 boom? You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone east stop at i. Do charts in the category of business. Dentist much market motion, sickness patch 321 here come the business. Alright, tribe nation, welcome back to the drivetime show on your radio today we’re teaching you specifically we’re breaking down the teachings of the father of western, really really western philosophy, the guy who was the personal tutor of alexander the great and we’re using some aristotle quotes for aristotle to teach us how to deal with haters business, and you have more than a thousand customers a year. This is what you get to about a thousand customers a year and see what that’s about the number where you, the owner, can’t personally put out. Every small burning fire have too many customers that you’re not seeing everybody sure your best business coach company’s grown, beyond you and so therefore, now you’re going to start to see some weeds grow up. You don’t get blindsided by the no, because you don’t see the customers yourself, you’re, not in the the trenches you’re, not out there everyday, seeing all the customers and say this is a big for a lot of our listeners. I mean shut up as a business coach jimmy have you ever had when your clients shop, where they got very upset or distraught about a bad review or bad feedback from a customer, and it happens all of the time because there’s just people out there in the world that you can’t please no matter what they feel as though they’ve given you money now their expectations are crazy, high or is there something that is true? That seems probably exaggerated to listen soundtrack. You quick question:have you noticed you’ve been a business owner now for quite a few years, I’m 37? This is my 21st year being self-employed. There you go i, see this in my businesses, and that is when there’s a full moon.

It just seems to get a little bit wacky around the office. Will wild it’ll be like I mean some days will be like? Oh my god, was it a full moon last night, yeah I think it was or is it a full moon tonight you’re like no one? Did you ever notice that the full moon occurs because of my business and this isn’t weirdest yeah i? Typically, top of the bath with a bottle of wine and bubbles in and i, can imagine and write bad google reviews, no I’m, just weird things that happen. There’s weird patterns you’ll see in business, but one of the things that I have discovered this is this is this? Is criticism area number 3? This is hey terraria number 3. Is you start to get an endless stream of non-constructive and non-productive criticism to get to a certain level? If you’re not careful,, you could spend your entire best business coach day just dealing with endless non-constructive and non-productive criticism. That’s unsolicited! Even asking for feedback coming in from random people.

He could you not just get your whole day stuck there in that reactive state, if you’re, not careful, i, absolutely I mean you can and because people you know people it’s so funny because act like they care in my business back to back 2 years ago 3 years ago, and you were generous enough to have us over to your home for thanksgiving so anyway, so we we leave. We have a great time a family member says:you’ve opened your home, you’ve served great food and it was as awesome by the way they’re like his business so busy. You can’t even think about that statement for a second we’re getting the family car driving on my wife and I are like this guy just pray that he invited us to thanksgiving he’s treating me like his own son by the way I appreciate you doing that on the most kind of best business coach guy in the whole world, I mean that you’re the best, and so he like his home to us just like royalty, we are in a circle we are holding hands, were doing the the prayer together, hospitality, it’s so busy. You can’t even get in. We had a party at a staff party at your house one time all of our employees are there, so he would love to have one day.

Someone goes and I went in there on saturday or the day after the party, and it was so busy I couldn’t i, think you’re reading it wrong they’re, giving him a compliment. They’re saying he’s winning so another example for elephant. The room I provide i, have i, have 12 mystery. Shoppers did your people to get their haircuts for free and the ideas are supposed to give me feedback about the experiences for you got a minute. Somehow, yes, for free, just text me what we’re doing well or not. Well, the point is:are 12 of them all conan come in at different times, and nobody knows that our mystery shopper, so I go to a public on a place of worship of some I cover. The church I go there and this person I’m not kidding I’m in the restroom. All the great conversations happen, I walk out. This guy goes I want you to know. I just been really slamming your place. They just said it so busy. You can’t even get it shopper. What’s telling their friend confiding in there. For me, I just want you to know they are so busy i, don’t even go there. Anybody can become angry, cuz I was hungry at that is easy. He says, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way. That is not within everybody’s power, and that is not easy. Aristotle get into anybody can become angry, that’s easy, but to become angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and to the right purpose and in the right way. That is not within everybody’s power, and it is not easy and that’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned from you is you have disability, which I have tried to learn to osmosis I’ve tried to take your superpower just absorb it. You do not give any of your sucky collapse, your force, you don’t give any of your best business coach force and if your focus to people who are giving you unconstructive criticism because telling you that you’re so busy that I can’t go there anymore, that’s not constructive!

So I can it’s just random feedback that you’re not even asking 40 talk to me. How do you handle that endless dreams? Sure you’ve never had someone tell you that one of your company’s is so busy. You can’t get it restaurants, so so so busy nobody goes there. Exactly is, is being able to block things out, is bliss I mean I’d rather not even know about it. Sometimes when people come up and try to give you advice that you don’t want, that is not a good advice, advice you’re not going to use i, just throw it out. You know where the things that people get upset about is there look at this today’s day in age and I’ve said this before in the show yeah I remember:i was a kid with the same sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me right and now it’s the opposite side of where they say what they really mean. What did you hear? Words will break my bones, but sticks and stones, like whatever I know. You know what you’re getting me some best business coach anxiety right now, I’m picking up your voice, I feel the same. Get ready to drive time show big shout out to colton dixon colton dixon. Thank you for the intro. See why it’s so good to see if we could sing like that, we are our own people. Would we would always be in the business category in all categories, but I know what you’re getting so good with writing your jingles.

That I think you’re almost going to turn into a pop star on me and then then I don’t have adam shepherd I’ll, be here the jingle master I mean mcmasters gone. Give me a geo match. Headlining in vegas bring manilow lost his jingle writing career to a pop music career, start off. Writing jingles. The next thing you know, that’s what I’m saying like such hot sauce out there we tried. We tried to check out, they were talking about fresh tracks or talk about barry manilow, we’re talking about bringing some sizzle for shizzle on the tracks, we’re talking about how he had to deal with non constructive criticism, negativity, hateful social media but trail in before we went to the break, see you have a hot take. You had a you were right there brewing on something marinating on something:i can I had the weirdest, so rudely you know, go to the break. What which team back up for me to get up stand up like that I can’t go back in the past. You can’t you can’t really yeah I’m serious I cannot go back that far in the past, so much has happened and it seems like 40 minutes have gone by, but in reality it’s only been like 4 minutes right. You have time. Warps can happen like that. One might have been gone for like 40 minutes exactly, but in fact we’ve only been gone for 4 minutes. Can you repeat, repeat repeat what we’re talking about is the whole. The whole premise of today show is aristotle, trying to give us wisdom on how to deal with haters haters and in the idea that that, whenever someone says something how how you process it-and there was something very important talk about when that is being the right kind of mad-oh yes, and and and but also for me, one of the things that I enjoy doing is when I hear things are potentially, and we talked about you, the best business coach offense it was going around these days. Want you to be offended looking to be offended that expensive, I know I’m going to be a send it today, I’m just coming up and I want you to know microaggression right now see you hear that all the time you’ve I’ve heard it growing up, don’t sit there and stew on it.

Don’t think about it, don’t don’t punta potato about it yet about a aristotle quote a quote from an elephant in the room customer, so aristotle says anybody can become angry is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and the right way. That is not within everybody’s power. It is not easy this just it seems. Are you ready? Yes, that’s just it. We had somebody who died. However, there are plenty of rumors regarding the shady practices associated with the sea that recently fired my favorite stylist veteran, a veteran, her tips and so think about that for a second. If I had a really good stylist elephant, around. I need the best z get the best. Cherokee give me the absolute best people in north, korea, documentaries, I’m, pretty inspired by the leadership style. That I would like to execute on top people. No ideals of people think that that’s what business owners do. I was listening to a preacher who I never disagreed with this guy, more i, listen to a lot this morning as a guy. She need to stop talking. He was talking about. He says if you’ve been fired from a job, then I can count on me. Like one hand, the number of best business coach people that I know you’ve been fired from a job for doing the right thing. I can count on all my fingers, toes on all the limbs on a tree. I can count on all the keys on a keyboard. I can count on all the blades blades of grass how many people have been fired and then claimed they were fired in a way that was weird but i, don’t know because it doesn’t make any sense logically to fire.

Your top people just make sense, and then, furthermore, think about this we would have business for 6 years, almost 7, where the verge of franchising. We have an online education program that provides free subscriptions for military members. We do half haircut, see how about haircuts for members of the military. Why would I want to fire somebody who is serving our country proudly for the more it doesn’t give somebody a hall pass to be a bad employed simply because they serve in the reserves? Don’t get me started on that, so can we just one pack, it cuz I I got all that and what happened. Somebody came in they’re very concerned I appreciate that show their loyalty and they said sir. Somebody is saying online that you’re racist and that you hate the veterans and I commented. They got rid of the part. Now about you hating. You know minorities and eat the fat in a good going on with what happen. If the best business coach person claim that I hate hispanics, because the person who I fired was hispanic and was a veteran, but the person who on my team, did-and it brought a comment about my my true character or a company in the person who commented-was hispanic so kind of hard to argue with ana spanic who’s worked with me, who was bragging on our company, so they had to take that part down. But i. Can you talk to you about this idea that hey because someone served in the in the marines or military or they all said they could not be right there on touchable that can’t be fired to me. You sit in politics, you sitting business, it’s like, because this person, you know and serve in the best business coach or military, do I get a hall pass for life past. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin. It doesn’t matter your gender, it doesn’t matter your past good deeds or bad deeds.

You know it’s a whole batch of judge on the work of body that you’re doing for the business at hand and the part about that story that I’m going to come over there and throat punch about, should I go to throat, punch him punch in a romantic way. Ornaments keep your chin up and now I’m going to across the room. Prophetically throat punch. You ready part about that story. That bothers me is the fact dead. Runner ducks back, who gives a rat’s hiney hiney I mean seriously that you’re going to give some of your wonderful energy and wonderful time to deal with something that is so silly. It’s just what I wanted to do was i, wouldn’t bring it up today, because I forgot I had a rash of clients recently that have a ride there and trash it’s on the upper thigh and that one to your right eye I had a lot of a client recently. You know I’ve had this bad review on google and it’s making me crazy. I can’t sleep i, don’t take it down, they won’t take it down. Z I know they won’t take it down, but listen I’m going to give you the keys to the kingdom right now forget about it. Forget about, it, go on it’s. Okay, you think everybody in the world sees it. It’s a choice right to be breaking down, another notable quotable for us. He who hath many friends, half nut wow yeah. This is aristotle. He who has many friends have none, since he has that your friend aristotle increase what you card increase, what you learned in hindu,, you got money to say what you burn it in due time you got money to pay, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show welcome everybody to the show. Mlb always teach you how to make money and run today. Should we have the on phillips all right. They should hear that I have to address the elephant in the Room dion is not going to be on today show. She was on yesterday show and I just want to make sure the people don’t miss it.

To tell me to tell me podcast., d d last, you like the last year was delicious. It was delicious,. My 1 word check her out she’s. She what you mean to her clients include victoria beckham, paris hilton, hot lindsay, lohan renee, zellweger, mary, j, blige, renee zellweger. One of my moods, you know I would die when I’m raising my throat right side get sometimes I have 10 or 12 and I need a name I’m, so sometimes I get to naming block. That’s what I would do is i. Would google the google state of the horses famous people, so have you named horse after alyssa milano didn’t know, I did get her birthday, but you know what movie was renee zellweger in the you like them. You should look that up I feel like I feel like she was in jerry maguire, that I know what you was in the gym. Kermit me myself and I write, myself and irene brandy davis I mean we can stop. We can’t because these are all the people that she’s worked with him and sierra. You might say, i, don’t know who that is kayla’s r&b start, and then we can’t we mentioned her. We’ve got me to send me to an unbelievable just go to answer maguire and bridget bridget jones diary. What your age is older than you I’m, looking up, I’m 53, so shouldn’t I need serena. Williams I mean so. She’s worked at the who’s who at the client list is much bigger than what I just name. It is unfixable, 6040, i, guess about how how to deal with haters there’s some people out. There is either sippin on haterade. Some people are sipping on a beverage of choice known as hater-ade, and it seems like society is just dumping more petrol. More I would more fuel more all the best business coach social media. All the ways that you could have got more ways to hate, now ben is ever been around. I. Take a funny story that you would not approve up, but the idea I had no part of instigating steve currington and said a bunch of bad bad things about me. You know my name and so, but it’s been my client for you and find all these criminal things in his past.

Tequila read more this the rest of this, and so he likes him on facebook, because his friend and he goes facebook live and he said there. I was just curious if good web developer, while he’s been to jail. This happened to becky g’s live guy. That was slandering me earlier today and he’s like hey buddy I got your back and I’m like you did what wow so I can jump around his record, and so it was pretty epic on facebook. It’s crazy, but whoever you like is your friend. Never your friend. They see your posts. So if the world is love’s, just just creating I hateful tension and our show is designed of your daily met at I’m kind of a retreat and escape from the negativity. Last night we had a great dinner. Yes, we did xscape from hate i, don’t remember when we escaped from hate i, don’t remember either one of those gossiping correct. There was no like life like dude, don’t you hate it when the republicans do this? No man argue about religious division. By the way, there’s thousands of christian denominations and I’m sure you can find something. We disagree on. Oh I’m sure we could consider what they agree on. Why it’s a new best business coach culture, it’s a new culture, this offensiveness new culture of get up in the morning and get ready, get ready to be offended I’m coming there today in our interview, true story, she says and she’s being interviewed, but i, don’t like the tone that I’m being asked questions to the person and just causing me anxiety and i, just I’m going to have to leave to her like okay here comes in, and she said she sent in a letter from an attorney stating that she has because of the 88 laws we might be in violation, because we ask her a question. The way that cost for anxiety, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

When is the pendulum going to swing back to the good old days of sticks and stones can break my bones and words can never hurt me if you heard of this best business coach person or not. Let me reenact us and tell me about yourself, like the the the tone. Okay, next question. I do not know why you’re asking so aggressively I’m going to have to leave and that’s what happened. Are you kidding me? What good weight I’m glad you take up way before my time? I! Don’t ask you another question now what we did is we actually reached out to one of the leading psychologist, our generation z, to get this person feedback? Oh, yes, building a high level of anxiety during the interview and we couldn’t get on. This is very busy very busy, but mr. Farley had this motivational interviewing I’m going to go out and I’m going to in my pocket, well I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there, that you’re not going to amount to reach out to anyone that you apply for a job, for if you have an best business coach anxiety issue that causes you to not answer the questions simple silly, it’s almost silly crazy. What I know I know I know:can you imagine that attorney sitting there listening to her and going I wish I wasn’t so desperate for butt, but i? Just let her for that. So we’re going to take two listeners how to deal with with issues to deal with this kind of nonsense. I hate we got in last week and I would like to have you deal with it right here, live on the earth? Okay, okay, first off aristotle wrote this.

He says he who have many friends have no somebody who I know very well post it on facebook, and it was told brought to my attention by member of our team. It said my team pulled me aside. They said:hey your friend wrote this on facebook and i. Think you should be aware of this and I thought. Okay, shame the guys aren’t honest, because the shows not always live what that sinking wow. It’s a shame the guys which would apply us so I immediately. What you do you just defriend the person you delete the thing to move on I’m not going to share the name not going to hit the guy who they were, but I thought it was hilarious. That’s. What they were hung up on was that sometimes our live radio shows not live so busy. Can we have a confessional moment here, I think that’d be appropriate right now time for you, and there are some times where I was in new orleans recently on friday, you were at the beach somewhere and then we can be supporting a ministry in kentucky. We’re not there, because we’re out of that was probably too much emotion of my response. Thanks book I have thousands of friends, but aristotle would say:are they really friends? Are they there, probably just acquaintances, but it says aristotle says he who have many friends have none, because it comes down to time. It really depends on how you to find a friend grabbed the phone out of my best business coach hand, young grasshopper. Yes, thank you. It’s all good, all the time with. So, if you call a guy friend and you see them once, every 6 months. I go back a long way I when you meet them.

When you see them in 6 months, you don’t remember their name to just come bro that that move, hey bro. If you only know that their first name might or might not be bro they’re, probably not a fret. How would you mind going to treat it with the optometry clinic to, but it’s like somebody’s going to troll on there every day, so you just got to like sometimes make the executive decision I prefer not to know, but when somebody, if somebody was in your social, circle, instagram or facebook, wrote on a comment and said:i thought you wouldn’t see it instead of your lighter. Is you respond to that? I wouldn’t i, just deleted move on i. Don’t think I wouldn’t give me personally I wouldn’t give it any energy and then let’s move on and that’s what a lot of times people than they they you, because what happens is if they, if they say something, then all the sudden you’re just opening up at troll to come back here we go that one energy, the energy is there. A teacher gave him an after mad, because they’re going were late to work and got fired, I mean you know:i wasn’t going to fall to deliver the mad about, but I guess what chicken butt take it out on you yeah baby I’m coming at you, because you know why you lying and then they trending communist country, huh everybody’s opinion matters, everybody you can be a convicted multiple-time criminal as it happened this creep.

He will come after you left, he will come after you look unbelievable run into you might have a business and a member of your team might miss the mark, see if you ever had a situation where anybody on your team ever missed the mark ever I mean i, know that I’ve had to happen. But if you ever had happened, oh absolutely sure we can offer to break I want to talk about a scenario in my life. We remember my team dropped the ball there for it’s, my fault and how you deal with oh yeah. They supposed to limit to go on it and just do me a favor between you and me and everyone listening. Have you yet to go to have you sitting on the hood cps.Com I mean if you have not yet checked out, encourage you to go to hood cpas, right now, coco during the break check it I just check it out. One time use a great show sponsor their money where my mouth is. I would strongly recommend that you check them out. That’s who it cpas. If you’re looking for an accountant who is who is as proactive as you are, you definitely want to check out hood cpas,, put cbs.Com get ready to drive. Time show started from the bottom now we’re on the top of the system to give what we got cut on the books jump in the cookbook at the father of five. That’s what I’m a bad joke! If you see my wife and kids, please tell them to here. We go bottom now we are here probation, I will move on into the show today with great off ear. Cuz. It shows too hot is a christian top 40 artists, whose is soon to be releasing an album, you’re, absolutely going to love if you’ve not checked out, yet really I mean I hate to say, you’re, not a good good, american you’re, not you’re, not a patriot you’re, not somebody who we could trust you I would be skeptical if you’ve, yet to check out colton dixon. How to check it out the guys, phenomenal artist, great great voice, great guy, nothing personal right and where did talk about anti-hate? Does it matter? Does it isn’t it doesn’t move a lot of people think it matters what I would say like if you don’t go to colton dixon. Com you’re, not as smart as you could be, you could be tutored here’s what happens if your business bad things happen? How do you deal with it? Second rule 5 hour rule for the 5-week rule long.

Does it take you to recover emotionally this called emotional intelligence, and it takes you 5 weeks to get over anything bad. That happened you got to get off the field. You can’t run a business. You just got to stop adversity free job, but if you own a business you got to get over stuff in about 5 seconds until this is what happened to me years ago, and I would like for you to z review z, to explain me how I should handle it bride hired. What do idj is an ion dj connection back in the year 2003 back in the day for some I got sued, big time of the dj was supposed to be at the wedding over at the moose lodge off of 21st or 311th and garnett in tulsa not show up. My dj did not show up before I won’t have cell phones, I had a cell phone, but it back before you take limited minutes before you can just call people constantly and ariana. So she reached out to me on the phone rang to do do do-do-do-do just high on my name is such and such and I’m arriving at my reception, I was told:there’s not a dj here. What happened? My fridge could call the guy cuz. He called me 2 hours before, to confirm he was there he’s confirmed. It was set up, I’m calling call and find out. He just goes to didn’t show up so I send my back up. The backup gets to the wedding reception 1 hour after it supposed to start voice set up an hour after I supposed to start the father of the bride yells at me right away. So once a refund rightfully so I gave him a full refund. Rightfully so I apologize I said it’s my fault, he says. Are you kidding me all you’re going to say? Is that your voice? That’s my best business coach fault, but I’d like to do is sign up. Is my daughter’s wedding and the dj ruined the reception I’m going to give you all your best business coach money back plus what you would have paid so you’re, paying $700 to me I’m, going to give you all sent her back plus I’m, paying you $700, and we operate about a 20% margin, so I’m giving you the proper.

My 5 shows and I’m also telling you I’m sorry and I apologize and I promise you that guy will not be working with me in the future. I’ll! Never forget this. He says buddy in trouble. It’s you I have a problem with I’m suing you. This really happened in trouble with him right. He told me he wasn’t scheduled. He had some big old story. You want story short. Even after getting a refund plus the $70 back, he decides to sue me dude. It rocked every single second of every single day for at least two months. I could not sleep. I was front of worried and he going to sue for an insane amount of money. How should I have handled it? How much did you want to sue for? Do you want the entire cost of the wedding, which is at the moose lodge, so I believe it was over 10,000? He said the whole ceremony was ruined, the reception was ruin the photographer’s ruined the best business coach videos were everything was ruined and the emotional stress of the deal and he wanted tim grant, okay and you gave him 1400 it first, because we know I just gave it to him, and then here comes the $10,000 claim. How would you handle that fit in the 70 never accepted? He just basically said:listen I’m, not a problem with you. I, don’t have any of your guys in trouble. It’s you. I have a problem with, and then you just missed ghost me on the phone call, but I told him I was going to do, but then you didn’t do it because you wouldn’t accept it. I did do it. I sent it to him certified mail. The check that you cashed it. Okay, so I just don’t know how did the lawsuit in pay but $30,000 I talk to their attorney is to be willing to settle for 10.

We go back and forth. I. Think I got out of it for, like maybe 6000 or 5000, but I lost, like months of sleeping i. Literally, could not think straight. It was I was thinking about it. Dinner I was thinking about in the bath I’ll sleep on the shower thing about the way to work. I was working out, I couldn’t sleep, I mean it just took my joy and it will, if you let it and you let it dry and it’s hard to tell a man going to the first injustice in his life that collect rain the dj so hard it’s roll over and take it like a man. What happened was he got the hammer? He did you guys messed up and you gave him a hammer. He said you know what I like this nana to take this hammer and I’m going to swing it as hard as I can repeatedly over and over because I’m mad about so many things, and you know what I finally have someone to take it out and unfortunately it’s easy to sit here and go through the legal aspects of it, but the the legal, the legal I would just I just went through a legal case myself. That I was supposed to I am the auto auction and there was a deal that car was and went through. There was sold and then it was sold to an individual. The best business coach inventor found out it been anyway just a bad car deal. Will this the best business coach lawsuit comes, and then everybody that detects that car ends up in a lawsuit right, because that’s the move that these attorneys want to do they want to just throw as much mud on his many people as I can and I wrote a check much larger than was fair.

Much larger can I make with your massive check writing music. Please we’re going to settle with a dead baby, we’re going to slam and whatever, whatever it was going to get my money out. So I have my time. Freedom back. It was crazy, but I did I hunger through. There was three of us on the on one side:the car dealer, the wholesaler and then myself in the auto auction owner and I had the guy curves guys I’m poor them that it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right and wasn’t just chilling:it’s going to be getting more money than he deserves come on guys, but if we, if we want to go through the action lawsuit of this and it’s going to be a lot more money in the end, you know sometimes it’s just accepting the worst case scenario as soon as possible. Moving on is the movie. You have to do this location. It’s just a business deal talk about how to deal with even more haters, going to throw it to about lovers. I loved our bathroom mondays, so far, porcelain palace is so clean. It blows my mind all of the time, and now it’s because the classic clean.Com are the janitorial service up choice, oh yeah. What was that website? Again? That’s the classic clean.Com! If you turn your urinal into a drinking fountain in times of need to go to the classic, is it is the truth or they make that excuse I’ll, be up to the school board the truth into a like my yoda, alright tribe, nation, welcome back to the lifetime, show on your radio. If you’re there looking for a business, mentor kind of a father-son relationship, if you will you’re not abnormal and take a lot of people say the hardest part of running a business is here alone, you’re alone I mean think about luke skywalker. Follow me with this. With this analogy:luke skywalker’s, he he he he was a young whippersnapper.

He was told by this guy obi one kenobi that he might have the moves and skills the moves. He could become a jedi jedi. You could become a jedi like your father is who my father long story short he’s able, like levitate roxy’s, run around that lightsaber. Let me think about how you can like battle royale laser beam. Bullet, put a laser beam. I mean the accuracy, the lights, that’s pretty cool, that’s pretty impressive! If you can sort of like see into the future, if you can I jump and do these crazy, flips and just land where we wanted to, you could fight people with it have guns and you have a sword and you can beat them it’s pretty impressive. Pretty presser can relate to that. So he starts to feel only needs to refine his skills, or does he go? He flies to dagobah to visit yoda I’m here at up to meet yoda and I just want to meet you and he starts eating all this food just tried it breaking down emotionally and yoda the entire time and remember that the scene from the, empire, strikes, back, yoda, start saying eating all this food needs just really upset, and he says first, you must face vader. You must face out to see what luke can handle he’s. Trying to the high-water. Mark steven creates a hologram of darth vader. He has to fight and breaks mad. All things great I really feel, like most entrepreneurs aren’t having gyuto like training you’re, just going out there facing darth vader your little boy out there I was fighting it like a balloon sword. You got it casa, bonita back in the day and you’re not facing a real ninja ninja real person in real darth vader for the first time. Is it in remember the first best business coach time where you faced a real I mean i? Can wake up call like holy crap? You’re, not remember this is your new law? Oh yes, have you thinking what I’ve got one that I’ve got here?

That’s pretty hot, but did you want to one-up me, go for it and that way, I’m going up to okay, well, i! Remember when we first opened elephant in the room. This was my first time to have it first, it’s kind of funny and crazy. We opened up the elephant in the room and I was just so. You know my brother-in-law so excited about this vision and building up the stores. I am too so we hire a contractor and I’m upstairs at 16th and boston working on some paperwork make it something happen, recruiting the staff, oh yeah, and you hear the guy downstairs you’re the hammer. You hear this. All the pounding and all of a sudden here looks like it’s just like crazy. What happened? The guy cut half his foot off you, which it cut his foot into the shape of a triangle, a lord. He was trying to dig through the concrete this guy to lay in our plumbing, for our shampoo bowls I guess he got distracted and not in the trenches filled with his blood. Sure. If you call nine-one-one get a blanket with the general contractor is managing the job is responsible, he’s the one with the insurance so that the plumber goes to hospital. He no longer can walk normal by the way he’s been missing. All the best business coach files, a claim against the general contractor. Will the general contractor calls me up until I actually falsified that document? I don’t have insurance I’ll get your ticket just keeps getting better. So you supplied me with best business coach insurance. As I know, you guys are insured if you’ll take it on this. One I mean i, know he’s wanting like $100,000 and i. Don’t have anything saved and I don’t have insurance. Oh my this was like a buddy of my brother-in-law. So all the sudden discoveries not really a buddy, so the wake court works, as you mentioned, with your auto auction.

The next level is people to try to do anybody. So now, they’re like let’s just create a narrative that clay hired you directly and you never worked for a sub and he’s the one who should have the insurance I end up winning the case and not having to pay out money. A person who was very close to my brother-in-law was going to sell them out to avoid paying out money that he was rightfully owed the guy for cutting his foot off because he didn’t have insurance. So first off the guy, who was a friend of my brother-in-law, didn’t have insurance at the problem on tuesday falsified, the insurance it from 23 when he got help called out for it. He tried to pass the buck to me, for he didn’t feel bad about it. He said:hey you got the money you take care, then our first week we’re open one of our stylist brand new stylist was super excited talking to one of the first cuss word ever had any cut his ear lobe in almost half of sweet mother, pearl of one of my other companies that I’m sweet to send him to the emergency room, basically get his ear put back together. The cosmetic surgeon will be like cut in half and that happened. Wow, if, you’re, going, through hell. Don’t stop, don’t get going, leasing from it. One of our businesses, i, didn’t pay. His water bills or water got turned off their haircut business, and so we had to turn the water back on its kind of impact. Yourself. After a month like that or if you were going to stop but yeah I did back in 96 june of 96 I got I got fired for the other job. I’ve been fired from I was have a large optical, corporation and nationwide, and they were here in tulsa.

I came back and within 6 months, I was competing with them, who are 6 months earlier. I was running that business and it was it was on, like donkey of the congo I think when you started your new business to compete against the guys who fired you audio of what I heard you said. We are really really mike everything everything mike is offices, and this is audio retreat from 1996. How this is what I found out that you were competing head-to-head with the pudding found out that the guy they just fired. You is not competing head-to-head. This is what they said. Okay, too, the wrong week to quit sniffing glue, like i, picked the wrong week to quit. Drinking. Audio! That’s why I carry all my stress in my back I need to see a chiropractor I would highly recommend you check out one of her show sponsors and frequent guests, dr. John, sibley, i, get, it chiropractic. You want to just that back in alignment. You just feel sore all the time upper back. Lower back are the stress in your back your best business coach shoulders, whatever go see what the top chiropractors in tulsa use the chiropractor choice for wayne gretzky, the great one:that’s dr. John sibley,, so it says it’s dr. John, sibley. Come check it out today and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows no change. The mindset stock for an accident on the magic show pic of the heat up food.

Give it to you straight in the war in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts stuck at the cash bring it back. The blacks come on people like to talk about those things I like to talk about the success, but people don’t want to talk about the stress. They don’t want to talk about the mud in the trenches and staying up late and getting up early. They just want to see that I have received in the past week. It is a general way. I want you, doctors, a to z, to teach the listeners out there how they should handle these interactions with haters or negative people. This is negative interaction that happened in the past. This happens every week, but this is just this week. I made note of it to hurry up social media. Somebody calls me inside somebody’s talking about you, know, you’re saying it like you guys like when your manager is verbally abusing your best business coach employees and it’s just not a safe place to work and I want a glass door and they brought him there to that. Your teammates of your managers, verbally abusing people how I handle is i, don’t even go on social media and i. Didn’t even I just seem like anybody who knows that person I’m sure knows they’re crazy, but whenever we were at all, how would you handle just overall negative paid on social media.? Just, like you did, ignore hit the ignore button? Would people put stuff on social media? There were looking for that energy. They want to get into an argument. They want to do the back and forth. They want you to respond. They want to know that they’re getting underneath your skin, they wanted to happen. I went to happen to him, and so are you just ignoring them? You’re just saying you know what I’m not going to give any of my bandwidth I’m, not giving you my gray matter, I’m not going to give any of my best business coach energy to even thinking about that, let alone talking about it. Cuz I work with this is a fun one. Recently we had a franchisee who you and your franchise, yet the fall of system. Okay, you going to you can’t like make up your own like i, just say hypothetically, if you were in the dog, training, industry or carpet, cleaning or or you or papa, john’s franchise. You can’t start your own pizza restaurant in the same town and pretend, like you, didn’t start a company to directly compete with the franchise you want.

You can just like, buy a franchise, learn other systems and then recreate your own version secretly under the billy. So. Recently we had to send some of the following email and I’ve changed up to that specific, but you can get an idea. This was the email out that we are attorney had to send. It said:john doe, I’m, disappointed that I’ve been in. You are in breach of the separation agreement in the system, so he’s got fired as a franchisee. Okay, as I understand it, you have reached the separation agreement by taking possession of the company’s google page facebook page by continuing to use the sms shortcode boom boom boom boom to market and continuing to reach out to our current and former clients, and it goes on and on and on, and it says, I have not turned it over to litigation to sue yet, but I am inclined to do so. Unless you fix this immediately long story, short I’ve, never going to talk to that person. Again, it’s going to be all through an attorney I’m done where you’re playing those best business coach games. We talked about it. Multiple time am I wrong to just cut people out of my life forever cut them out of your life and turn it over to your attorneys turn it over to your team that they know that there’s people out there that are professionals at that deal with that and know what to do and have your best interest in you pay them to do it so you’re saying if you had to cut somebody out of your business life, cuz they’re screwing, you it’s okay to cut some of your life forever, absolutely done before we’ll do it again, I’m sure I mean if it’s. If it’s hey it’s your day, it’s your life!

It’s your 24 hours and you get to decide who gets to spend that part of that day with you and you go to the day. Here is a another one! Another one here. This is all things I’ve dealt with him last week, i, don’t recall hiring their spouse, but we never hire someone to do you do so. The spouses hi I just want to call you and the message said:hey I appreciate you. The way you’ve been working with my husband and I are sorry to know that didn’t work out I had a quick question about a reference for his next job. So it seems like the new job and I just wanted to make sure that you’re willing to write a reference and help him make a smooth transition and by the way, right before right this time of the year I mean we are. We already had fourth of july plant. You knew about that trip and you were going to fire. Then this is hot and it is real. So what I said was hey it’s not working out and I wish you guys the best, but tell you can talk to my attorney and I should I should I should I should I have met them in braum’s to discuss help you learn not to receive that phone call in the future. Can I use you as a reference to the new job, I said sure, so I thought it was like I’m sure he skipped the part about hey by the way. I I was an idiot. I didn’t come to work but said I did and turned in my hours and therefore I get tired. That’s how it always is.

When firing someone for history of firing, your best employees, I love that wrote that down it’s just, it’s almost have silly. It’s almost like that doesn’t even make sense. Here’s another got to think about is when you’re dealing with people, that without emotional, not a man that upset just don’t even deal with the deal with them. Here’s the weather. This one is one that resurface. What happened years ago, I had a dj work for me. He’s driving down the road out of the back of his car comes. One of the speakers hits lady in the freaking minivan could kill. The lady doesn’t stop to check on a drives off. Did she die at the presence of mine to save herself? Isn’t writing down a license plate? Somebody follows it writes down the license. Plate calls the police, they pull them over long story short to my vehicle. My vehicle gets impounded. That person threatens to sue. I took care of all the auto damage is in a chiropractic bill. We did the right thing, they’re sure recently. This is such work for you. Why you hire people like that. True story, true story, i, just let you know what we try to have the best people possible, so I can move on. But how would you handle people attack you for making a best business coach misfire? They want to sit there and you people i, don’t know why they want to rebel. They want to enjoy misery. Loves company want to celebrate, celebrate celebrate mistakes. You want to celebrate to make a poster to talk to you about your such a big deal, clay clark. It seem like you run around and act like you got your life together when you’re getting advice to being paid to give advice to people and people would really have your trainer mavis day. Aristotle said this quote and I want to. Let you in the show at this quote, is powerful. First winston churchill quote:winston churchill the guy, who led england against the nazi regime, the only country to stand up to the nazis and fight by the way before america promise to support him. He wrote the former prime minister of england, you have enemies good. That means that you stood up for at least something sometime in your life wow we make war so that we may live in peace.

We make war that made that we may live in peace in your. Sometimes there is a time to kill some time. Of time to sioux. Center is a time to witness that line. What is that level? Where you say is the owner absolutely must do what’s best for the business and you’ve got to be willing. Cuz business is war ii if you’re not willing to fight. If you’re able to have that mindset, I’m not going to do it all the time, you’ll ever not a fighter, but that doesn’t mean you’re, never fight her. Take the high road and the low road that doesn’t mean the high road is enough. Is enough I’m up the hill to pick a fight, all right, I think about it is, though, is? Is it absolutely necessary and then and then try to settle it as quickly as possible? We have audio from a a thriver who use to try to feed her business, not as a war, but if you’d is a great big, community, co-op or they’ll get alliance competitors in this is what they said on the audio recorder hear incredible calling her. They said it means that this thing doesn’t work at all. That’s right! It doesn’t work. If it’s not going to work. Sometimes you listen. Sometimes you have to know when the bang, the drum and you have the best business coach bang, the drum for the survival for the benefit of your business, successful business for ways to help you we have the one-on-one business coaching. Oh no, we have the business conference. Thousands of videos from world-class mentors have literally hundreds of podcast, all archived for you all. It was show notes all transcribe, downloadables everything you ever need. It’s the one website you need to go, get leah. Bro. You only have one website to go to to build a successful time. Should I come you’re number one resource for entrepreneurs around the world. Just like you and i. Do too


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