The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 4) – Hour 1

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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) breaks down The Art of Getting Done (Moves #36 – 41). If you have ever struggled the time needed to turn your dreams into reality, you will want to listen to today’s show.



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Move #24

Stop emotionally engaging with social media comments and reviews about your business.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman (The founder of LinkedIn, a successful venture capitalist and author. He is currently a partner at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners. On the Forbes 2017 list of the world’s billionaires, Hoffman was ranked #631 with a net worth of US$3.1 billion. He knows how to get things done.)

I really do care about the businesses that I have built because they provide for my family (,,,,,, etc.), however, I do not care about the endless negativity posted about me and our businesses on social media. As an example, at Elephant In The Room, we employ a team of almost 100 people who sincerely do their very best job to cut your hair to the highest quality standard in the business. However, we currently have decided to hire humans who do make mistakes approximately 1 out of 33 times, thus, somebody is going to get upset every 33 haircuts because a human is cutting their hair. Fortunately, most people understand that mistakes happen, yet some idiots cannot grasp this idea and thus they will invest the majority of an evening taking to social media to complain about us. If I sincerely cared about the comments posted about me about me and our team on social media, I would end up losing my mind. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. In what ways do you need to stop emotionally engaging about social media comments? ________________________________________________________________
  2. In what ways to do you need to stop emotionally engaging with reviews, critics and negative feedback from people who do not have a valid opinion? ________________________________________________________________

Move #25

Take a 5 minute time-out before responding to anything serious in your life.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I like work/life separation, not work/life balance. What I mean by that is, if I’m on, I want to be on and maximally productive. If I’m off, I don’t want to think about work. When people strive for work/life balance, they end up blending them. That’s how you end up checking email all day Saturday.” – Tim Ferriss  (He has written a number of self-help books on the “4-hour” theme, some of which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies. He’s a man who gets things done.)

During our lives both you and I could make a list of insanely long list of the bad things that people have done to us, but if we did that we would become very negative people. My friends, my recommendation is that you recognize the Bible was correct when it stated in Deuteronomy 32:35, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip, their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

In fact during Romans 12:19 the Bible also states, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

The point, is don’t waste your time freaking out the moment something terrible is done to you. In fact, take 5 minutes and 300 deep breaths before you respond to something terrible that somebody has said about you, your team, or your wife. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. In what areas of your life have you responded to quickly to hate and negativity? ________________________________________________________________
  2. What are current areas of your life where you are fanning the flames of hate and wasting massive amounts of time because you are responding instantly to grievances, and the issues of the day? ________________________________________________________________


Move #26

Don’t allow yourself to be guilted into doing things that you don’t want to do.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” – Warren Buffett (An American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Buffett serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He is considered by some to be one of the most successful investors in the world, and as of August 2017 is the second wealthiest person in the United States, and the fourth wealthiest in the world, with a total net worth of $81.1 billion. He is a man who knows how to get things done.)

Just because someone invited you to a party does not mean that they have now somehow earned the right to put something onto your schedule without your permission. Once you have kids in school, just do the math and you will see what I’m talking about. If your kid is in a class with 24 classmates and they are in a gymnastics class with 18 other kids that is a total of 42 total kids whose birthday parties you may be invited to. In my case, we also have 5 kids that have birthdays, 2 grandmas that have birthdays, 1 grandpa that has a birthday, and two brother-in-laws that have birthdays. If we took time out of our schedule to celebrate a birthday with all 50 of these people, we would be blocking off at least ONE DAY EVERY WEEK to celebrate. Thus, if you were not a purposeful person who was comfortable with saying “no” and saying “no” often you could potentially be going to 50 parties per year. Now, if you also decided to celebrate the birthdays of everyone who works on your team you would now be up to an endless to-do-list that looks alot like this:

  1. Buy Billy a birthday card.
  2. Hire a babysitter so that we can attend Billy’s birthday party.
  3. Call Billy to confirm that we are going to attend his birthday party.

I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. Who’s birthday parties should you attend during this year? _______________________________________________________________
  2. Who’s birthday parties should you not attend during this year? _______________________________________________________________
  3. How many hours did you waste during this past year attend birthday parties of kids that you don’t know and that your kids don’t even get along with? _______________________________________________________________

Move #27

Stop buying things you don’t need.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.” – Dave Ramsey (An American businessman, author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. He’s also a man known for getting stuff done.)

Anytime you buy something you also bought the obligation and responsibility to maintain and insure it. If you want to get more things you must learn to stop acquiring things that you don’t need or you will fill your schedule up with the endless maintenance needs of material items (your boat, your lake house, your garden, your greenhouse, your dogs, etc.) I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. What items did you buy during the past 2 years that you regret purchasing? ________________________________________________________________
  2. What are items that you could rent for enjoyment rather than buy (boats, exotic cars, ec.)? ________________________________________________________________
  3. What are items that you could sell or get rid of that are costing you both time and money to maintain that you rarely use? ________________________________________________________________

Move #28

Commit to simplicity.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – William Shakespeare (An English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (The man who personally lead the charge to make personal computers that non-nerds could use, the man who co-founded Apple, the man who introduced the first 100% digitally animated box office success story (Toy Story) when he was the CEO of the company. The man who revolutionized the music industry the iPod and iTunes. The man who introduced the iPad tablet technology to the planet and the man who introduced the game-changing phone, the iPhone to the planet. He was a dude who got things done.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” – Isaac Newton (an English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist (described in his own day as a “natural philosopher”) who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution. His book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (“Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”), first published in 1687, laid the foundations of classical mechanics. Newton also made pathbreaking contributions to optics, and he shares credit with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz for developing the infinitesimal calculus.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein (a German-born theoretical physicist. Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Einstein is best known by the general public for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”). He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect”, a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes, and procedures.” – Tom Peters (An American writer on business management practices, best known for In Search of Excellence (co-authored with Robert H. Waterman, Jr).

The more that you invest the time needed to study the minds of the greats (Steve Jobs, William Shakespeare, etc.) you will discover that simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication. You and I both don’t want to be greeted with a massive task list each morning and we don’t want to have to have to employ a team of geniuses to simply make our at-home-technology work because we can’t figure it out. Keep it simple and you will get more stuff done. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. In what ways can you simplify your business processes? ___________________
  2. In what ways can you simplify your life? __________________________________
  3. In what ways can you simplify your daily schedule? ________________________

Move #29

Avoid the physical and emotional presence of chronically late and emotional people (when possible).

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” – Joel Osteen (Best-selling author of the pastor of one of the largest churches in America, Lakewood Church)

We all have a choice to make…do we want to be early, on-time, or late? We all have choices to make…do we want to bring joy, laughter and charm to every conversation or do we want to “keep it real,” negative and depressing. People who choose to bring hate and negativity to every conversation must not have a consistent daily presence in your life or you will become a negative person over time by default. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. Who in your life is consistently negative? ______________________________
  2. What can you do to reduce the amount of interactivity that you spend with this chronically negative person on a daily basis? ____________________________
  3. Who in your life is consistently late? ___________________________________
  4. What can you do to minimize the amount of time that you spend with chronically late people in your life? ________________________________________________

Move #30

Turn notifications off on your computer, your phone and on every digital device.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I think that modern world is actually really bad. The modern world is full of distractions. Things like Twitter and Facebook are not making you happy. They are making you unhappy. You are essentially playing a game that’s created by the creators of those systems, and yes, it can be a useful game once in a blue moon. You are engaging in the dispute, and resentment, comparison, jealousy, anger about things that frankly just don’t matter.” – Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and He is an active Angel investor, and have invested in dozens of companies, including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo.)

As a rule I try to minimize the amount of time that I spend on social media during my day to somewhere between zero and 10 minutes per day, yet for sake of this book I am hopping onto Facebook to give you real-time data and real-life feedback about how I could be wasting my time if only I were more committed to “The Facebook Life.”

Essentially it looks like I missed out on Hayley’s comments to Carmen, Gene liking Sam, Bethany reacting to Lozann’s photo, Eliza commenting to Helen, Lynn liking Fit Camp, 1 person being frustrated with one of my companies, Susi checking in, Spooktacular canceling their grand opening, a company that needs my review and a general buffet of “who-gives-a-crap.” It was exhausting even listing out all the notifications that I “missed out on.”

Now let’s see what I’m missing out on by not responding to my Facebook messages (God forbid if we did this on Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter.

So it looks like I’m not connected on messenger to many new people and that someone who once screwed me over repeatedly in business deals is now trying to yet again reach out to me. If I checked my social media updates every month, I wouldn’t get anything done, let alone every day. Now if I totally wanted to become less efficient and to waste massive amounts of time I need go back would add those notifications back onto my smartphone. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. How many hours per week to you devote to social media? _____________________
  2. How many times do you allow social media to interrupt your concentration during the work day? ___________________________________________________________
  3. How often do you let negative social media comments and posts impact your present emotional state? ______________________________________________________
  4. Who should you unfriend on social media today? ____________________________

Move #31

Block negative people and relationships that need to be break ties with from your phone, your email and your social media.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I used to sip the whiskey and hit the bong. I gave that up, now all my friends are gone. And my folks don’t understand I ain’t no macho man. But I know how to write one hell of a song.” – Mike Posner (Posner started out as a record producer, working on some tracks with his hometown friend Big Sean. Posner produced and featured on Big Sean’s first mixtape on the song, titled “Smoke & Drive.” Posner’s second mixtape, A Matter of Time (the first mixtape being Reflections of a Lost Teen) started attracting industry attention in 2009. Working with Don Cannon and DJ Benzi, the mixtape was recorded and released through Small Town Records at Duke University in March 2009 under the name, “Mike Posner & the Brain Trust”, the Brain Trust referring to Posner’s supporters. The release was unusual for being distributed for free through iTunes U, a channel designed for educational audio content. Although Posner was not the only artist to take advantage of this loophole, his release was the most organized and high profile, and attracted the largest response, immediately reaching the number one position on the iTunes U chart. Posner signed a record deal with J Records (RCA/Sony) in July 2009, after his Junior year at Duke University. On April 15, 2015, Posner released a stripped-down single, “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”, on his Vevo account. The song was shared in an exclusive EP titled The Truth that Posner made available to fans through his email sign up list. He later confirmed that the EP would be made available to purchase from online retailers on June 22. In addition, Posner stated that his second studio album would be released after the EP.

“I Took a Pill in Ibiza” was then remixed by Norwegian production duo SeeB, whose version of the song has gathered roughly 750 million streams on Spotify and a charting position of two on the Global Top 50 Chart and five on the USA Top 50 Chart. The SeeB remix topped the charts in the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the Dance/Mix Show Airplay of American Billboard, and peaked within the top ten of the charts in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States.)

In my endless quest to help you achieve your F6 goals (faith, family, friendship, fitness, finances, fun) I would encourage you to block negative people and relationships that you need to break ties with from your phone, your email and your social media, it’s amazing. I love not knowing what the hundreds of people I have fired are doing. I love not knowing what college campuses are protesting. I love not being sent GoFundMe requests from lazy-ass people. I love not receiving real time email updates about how life is terrible from family members. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. Who do you need to block from your phone? ________________________________
  2. Who do you need to block from our email? _________________________________
  3. Who do you need to block from your social media? __________________________

Move #32

Say hello the person who invited you to party and then leave as soon as possible.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs (The man who personally lead the charge to make personal computers that non-nerds could use, the man who co-founded Apple, the man who introduced the first 100% digitally animated box office success story (Toy Story) when he was the CEO of the company. The man who revolutionized the music industry the iPod and iTunes. The man who introduced the iPad tablet technology to the planet and the man who introduced the game-changing phone, the iPhone to the planet. He was a dude who got things done.)

When I first started I was sincerely excited and honored to be invited to anything. If you invited me to a Chamber event, a Grand Opening celebration, a Ribbon Cutting event or any kind of event I was sincerely honored to be invited and excited to attend…and then I realized I was spending nearly every free evening Vanessa (my wife) and I had with random people while claiming that I did not have enough time to make progress towards the achievement of my goals. Now, I have a move. When I’m invited to an event that I must attend out of obligation I make sure to say hello to the person who invited me as soon as possible so that they know I attended. Then as soon as they get engaged in conversations with other attendees I leave as soon as possible and typically don’t even recognize that I even left. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. What are events are you currently attending consistently that are wasting your time? ________________________________________________________________
  2. What is the next big event that you try out this super move on? ________________________________________________________________

Move #33

Wake up 2 hours before most people do and go to bed 2 hours before most people do.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin (One of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Franklin was a renowned polymath and a leading author, printer, political politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove, among other inventions. He is a man who got a lot of stuff done.)

It’s amazing how much you can get done before most people even wake up. As an example, I have completely written this manuscript between the hours of 3 AM and 9 AM during the past 2 days. I sketched out the book outlines during the day, but I have knocked out writing this book when most people are still sound asleep. When you are uninterrupted you will find yourself flying through to do list and knocking out items in minutes that would typically require hours of your time if you attempted to knock them out amidst the constant distractions of the day. I would challenge you here and now to become proactive about designing your life one day at a time as a result of getting up and going to bed 2 hours before everybody else. This week during this time I have taken time to do all of the following items and more:

  1. To schedule my daughter’s (we have 4 daughters) birthday.
  2. To design a berm building (a building built into the land) for our new office location
  3. To write down the list of reasons why I am going to fire somebody today who has been secretly doing nefarious and business damaging activities during the past 2 months, but who has worked for us for about 4 years.
  4. To plan out the right time in my schedule to go and get my driver’s license.
  5. To plan out attending the Denver Broncos versus Patriots game.
  6. To write out the lyrics to a new song that I am working on.
  7. To create the perfect playlist for our Mayo Hotel (in Downtown Tulsa) Team Christmas Party.
  8. To schedule the ordering of Shari’s Berries ( for my wife in my shameless attempt to trick her into staying married to me.

My friend, I encourage you to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. How many hours of sleep do you actually need to maintain optimum health (see the fun facts below)? __________________________________________________
  2. What time can you commit to waking up every morning? ___________________

Move #34

Wear the same thing everyday.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Barack Obama’s days are packed with decisions that come from running the most powerful country on Earth. Mark Zuckerberg’s days are packed with decisions that come from running the most powerful social network on Earth.

They each wear basically the same thing every day: Obama a blue or gray suit, Zuckerberg a gray T-shirt. And they do it for the same reason: decisions.

As in, they have to make tons of decisions all the time. And there’s only so much mental energy in a given day, even if you’re the leader of the free world or a wunderkind Harvard dropout.” – The scientific reason why Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg wear the same outfit every day – Drake Baer – Business Insider

Whether you analyze the life and times of President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre or Steve Jobs you will start to discover that many of the world’s most effective people wear the same thing every day. For years I wore a blue suit, a white shirt and a red tie because it minimized decisions and freed me up the time I needed to knock out other more productive things in a day where an ambitious person like me always finds themselves running out of time. Now I wear a Thrive Time Show Business Coach Radio Show hoodie, a hat with the word “BOOM” or the logo on it, white Adidas shoes, blue jeans and a black $5 t-shirt I bought from Wal-Mart. When I’m working out I wear And1 basketball shorts that I bought from Wal-Mart for $9.97.  I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

  1. How could you simplify your wardrobe to be more productive and to get more things done faster while still maintaining the look / style that you are going for? ________________________________________________________________
  2. When is the first week that you would be willing to wear the same thing for an entire week just to see what happens? __________________________________

Move #35

Automate your savings with a one-time decision to save.

“In fact, what determines your wealth is not how much you make but how much you keep of what you make.”- David Bach (The best-selling author of The Automatic Millionaire)

When you take the time to make the one-time decision to automate your savings you will reap a lifetime of riches and financial freedom as a result. My friend the power of compound interest is magic when you have it working for you and your savings, but you have to make the one time decision to actually set aside and save a specific percentage of your gross earnings. I highly recommend that you would save a minimum of 5% of your gross income because when you implement proven business growth strategies you will earn a lot. However, whether you produce massive amounts of income or not it’s not about how much money you earn, it’s about how much money you keep. Since the age of 16 I have essentially been self-employed (21 years as of the writing of this book) and I have always been able to earn as much money as I want and you may already been able to generate copious amounts of cash. I know that when you implement the strategies that we teach in the Start Here: The World’s Best Business Growth and Consulting Book: Business Growth Strategies from the World’s Best Business Coach you will earn a ton of gross revenue, but none of that matters if you don’t save anything. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein (a German-born theoretical physicist.Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics(alongside quantum mechanics). Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. Einstein is best known by the general public for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”). He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect”, a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory.
  1. What expenses could you cut out of your budget to save just 3% of your gross income? ________________________________________________________________
  2. When will you meet with your financial advisors to begin finding an investment vehicle that is safe and that you can trust (specific date and time)? ________________________________________________________________
  3. Who will you meet with you help you plan your financial future? I recommend, but obviously you can choose whomever you want, just make sure that they have references and they have been doing this for 10 years or more. Startups scare me… ________________________________________________________________

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You need to have a proactive approach to managing your personal finances and your accounting. Your accounting needs to be viewed as a front dashboard and not just a rear view mirror. Decide one time to automate the amount of money that you want to save as a percentage of your income and you will become wealthy over time as a result.” – Paul Hood, CPA (The founder of

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 tickets to the price is getting you pick it up. It’s just too much. What we do you can do with it.

I showed you with the thrivetime to show on your radio. It’s a business coach radio show in a way we go on your radio and three two one here we go boom boom boom and to welcome back to the box that rocks in his lifetime show on your radio, big shout-out to the New England, Patriots containing the continuing To win, win, win and win and then winning more. We are so excited that you thrive Nation have decided to join us as a business coach team today on today’s broadcast, and today we are talking about the art of getting things done. This is going to be a six-part series now, okay, so with this is the fourth installment of the series, The Art of getting things done. It may went very well become a 10-part series 2 had such a great feedback from listeners out there who have it in the struggle to get things done for years. I just struggle to get enough time in there sketch freed up to execute, to knock things out. So move 24. Did you want to stop emotionally engaging with social media comments and reviews about your business? Now Reid, Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn and a partner with Greylock partners? He said the fastest way to change yourself. Change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be so.

If you’re around enormously successful people, you were going to notice that everybody that you were around, who is an enormously successful in business as a general rule. There are some exceptions: they don’t participate in social media. The way that you think they do. They don’t respond to comments and reviews. They don’t lose hours upon hours of their day caught up in the constant pull of social media. So, John, you work with a lot of clients. Are you do a lot of the work behind the scenes to help clients get things done? Can you talk about how big of a problem it is for many people out there with social media and just being able to somehow pull themselves away from the great social media world without a little bit of entering social media?

Just as a general rule is just a giant distraction for all people, whether that’s a business coach, owner or a employee or whatever it might be. People use that to escape to focus on other things, but specifically were talking about how social media comments and reviews can can really get in the way of productivity, because the same somebody leaves you a negative review, whether it’s true or not, a lot of clients will Come in and it just Rex their whole day because they’re so focused on. Oh my God. Why would anybody say that about me? So, as example, the totals for today and I put it on the deshow notes to will share with you thrivers later, but as of 329. This is what 321 I went in 321. Am I just checked so I could. I could have these this information here. For you and I’ll put it with you on the on Today, Show notes is also listed under move number 41, if you’re scoring at home on the show notes here so missed calls at 7 missed calls this far today by 3:29 a.m. that means, I miss something From 5 yesterday I had two missed friend request on Facebook. I had 6 missed Facebook messages, 27 Facebook notification, notifications, 57 LinkedIn, my network notifications, which I don’t go on it at all. So I don’t even know that was a thing. I had to voice messages. 14 text messages I missed 37 YouTube notifications, 31, Twitter notifications, that was 226 interruptions. Previous to 3:33 a.m. when I finished pulling my report of crap so 300, I had 226 missed potential interruptions. No, that was before 3:33. You answered all those right. Oh I never respond. Anything – and I know it is we had somebody who are at the church. Are they actually said hey? Did I sent you a Facebook message?

What’s going on with you, and I said I don’t. I don’t respond to that from there. I said I was out of business as I get how Facebook works, so I’m on their posting, wins, wins and wins all day, but I’m not going to go in there and respond cuz. I just don’t care now Steve you’re, an entrepreneur. How have you either personally or have you seen it where somebody has let negative comments, as John pointed out on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, or a bad review? How have you let it seems somebody wreck their day? Well, the minute you respond, people are trying to get a rise out of you, so the minute that you respond, then they respond and then and then it’s like in this tit-for-tat thing, where you’re trying to defend yourself and all I would say – is: there’s no winter. In that, so don’t try to defend yourself because you’re at you’re already losing and the more you know like when you’re when it, when a kids annoying and they say we’ll just ignore them and they’ll likely be alone.

But if you like tell him, I can’t stop the music norum like they don’t know. So that’s what you got to do is just got to ignore it, because otherwise, now you’re firing back and now maybe there’s some truth to what they’re saying. Maybe that makes you mad too, and maybe they’re. You know something right, so so just gotten out of gauge with it. I want to give all the drivers my tip for social media, totally use it all. You want for one minute a day, just give yourself one minute block out that many maybe 30 seconds on Twitter 2 seconds on YouTube, one second on Facebook and just do it within a minute. You’re good and I’ve never actually met a single small business owner that ever built a multimillion-dollar company by using social media as their way of doing so, with an accepted with, with, with these exceptions like there’s outliers, but I mean, did you hear about small business owners Like a plumber, like a doctor, like a dentist like I know, someone like a rustic cuff who that was her brand was the culture.

That’s an outlier, and maybe that pertains to you and maybe it’s her going to grow your company. But I see people wasting 90 % of their time, John and making 1 % of their income on social media, but spending 99 % of their time on their engaging with those comments, my bad, I have a super move for social media and spend probably an hour One time once a year and just schedule all of the post that you want on at you, catch a link up all of your social media. You have to think about it. What you want to say, but then you can schedule those suckers out for a year and you never have to look at it again to remove Elmo 25-unit, take a five-minute time out before responding to anything serious in your life. If you want to get things done and if you want to get things done so as an example people to hire you up, you go in the food chain, the more people have negative things to say about you. It just happens so, and I want to get your take because you play basketball professionally and I’m sure you had the blue bird in the standard size with your speaker. There’S always one guy who’s kind of taunting you or being difficult, but in the stands you’re out there. What what? What position did you play when you play professional will be depending on how tall are you, I guess you’re 65?

Could you shoot good from the outside or are you more of a driver? How do you help you out of your score? I was more so definitely driving alone, but I would shoot the ball out too late. How many points a game did the average, when your last couple years in the professional in Europe 18 points and nine rebounds in the front American by the English person that took a really even booba that replace the boot he was just buying. The shoot was to come over to TLC to do a mortgage when I have a confession to make, but a funny story that pertains to letting someone getting your head because of the principal here. If you don’t want to let people get in your head, someone ask you, though. First, how did you keep from a mentally? How did you keep from losing your your cool when someone was harassing you cuz we’re trying to teach you this cuz? You would take a five-minute timeouts before responding to anything in your life and being serious. How did you do how to do not freak out? You really just block it out, because it will the times and hours and practice when nobody was around. You just eat what you black out, cuz. You have the confidence that you worked on this thing so many times that you know somebody banging that shoot or somebody talking trash in the stands. Doesn’T matter. If you put the work in a few people, I didn’t I’d. Refrain from that, I don’t know, I didn’t know better man beaten by professional basketball, player, 3.6 transfer high school, we used to play against the team called Annandale and I played boys basketball. These guys, basketball, the girls, basketball team did a very good player and she could shoot three pointers when we should inbound the ball right by us. I are, we would dress up, we called herself super fans and, like 10 of us, would just dress up, and I might goal was to make them cry the women.

So what I was I’d find one person that would take on the entire game. So I don’t remember her name, but I know she’s at 4:25 and I got my little got Mike Mike Mike my flyer rolled up. He knows I could use this kind of a miniature megaphone and all of us directed our attention so every time she would get the ball or she would end if she threw the ball and it should buy us. We would just relentlessly talk to him every time. She would choose three point shooter, so she can get the ball to go shut it now the entire given him and she would shoot right. Look at 3:32. Just like that. You say that I thought you can’t look at it and so the whole time we’re trying to create gossip with with people anymore legitimately mad that she shot so much freaking or just the whole time or dads across the states. He’S not he’s not very happy but she’s on your. She goes to your school to rights and by about I don’t know the second quarter, she’s looking at us like a lot run down the court. Looking when she’s score, she looks like she made a shot. She looks at us will, by the end of like the third quarter, she’s crying and then did you tell her.

We got in her head and when you get to the highest levels of competition, there are people that want to get in your head. They just do it when it’s actually a moved I’ll do is I’ll, try to create infighting and dissension and deception and problems. I just encourage you if you’re listening to Today Show – and you are finding yourself perpetually in fights – stop engaging in them. If you have a bad thing that happens when someone calls you and starts dropping f-bombs on your phone Steve, you can relate to this. I can relate to people. Do you want to just take A5 minute time out and go? You know what I’m going to call you back in 5 minutes and then just think about what you’re going to say before you say cuz. If not, it gets dramatic. You don’t have time for the drama. You just don’t have time for the drama, and Romans 12:19 from the Bible says: do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s Wrath, for it is written. It is mine to avenge, I will repay, says the Lord, so basically they’re going to get their ass from the Lord From The Lord. You know it’s, it’s kind of I mean seriously, don’t don’t try to take all the digits in your own hands and I’m looking for 26. Don’T allow yourself to be guilted into doing things that you don’t want to do. Oh yeah, John! I’M going to start with you on this, you see clients all the time who say. I can’t update my website. I can’t manage my sales team. I can’t do xyz123 because I have to serve on this board because I have to do this activity in your realizing.

You don’t have to do it, but they’ve almost feel like they have to because they were guilted into doing it. Yeah yeah. You say that all the time with clients will go use other things for excuses on why they can’t work on their business and grow their business and – and we all do that, we all you know we’ll we’ll find something. So we can put something else off. You know it just as soon as we do that he’s going to call you and go John you’ve got to put it on your schedule to optimize that website. Unless you have a boss on your own business. Calls me and says: you’ve got to write that book. There’S a huge sense of urgency. You have to write that book down a good job when you finish it, you just put it on my agenda for deep., I mean it’s, it’s it’s so important that you don’t like yourself to be guilted, I’m just telling you! This is so important. You have to learn to say to know what to say no to fix Warren Buffett. He wants that the difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything. But I encourage you to say yes to one thing: go to thrive time, right now and subscribe to the podcast and claim your free copy of the start here. Ebook your listing on your radio station back again shut up, get ready to enter the Thrive time. Show on talk radio, 1170 on know. You going to dig this to welcome everybody to the you listening to the sounds of a business coach. Welcome everybody to the time time show. I’Ve got five kids and now you know if I was born on November 5th of 1980 a day after Reagan beat Jimmy called my mom and dad was out to save me a Christian family and that’s the way it was meant to be so I didn’t see The bike until my son could see what I’m going to rock the bike in the high school see how the dream went to the pain that rejection from play, Tennessee home, Thrive, Nation.

Welcome back to the conversation is the business coach Thrive time show on your radio, not typically, it is ecstasy when she is next to me, and he totally is he but he’s at expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire today, and so we must push on with great enthusiasm and great Momentum, we must try to replicate the aura of doctors and we’re talking about the art of getting things done and I’m moving on to move number 26, which is don’t allow yourself to be guilted into doing things that you don’t want to do business coach. You helped a lot of your clients, have massive success just the other day, I believe the folks at Keystone, Harbor we’re celebrating a massive win massive when the rental boat fleet that we have the market to the summer, how they talk to their main competition out of The lake had a good friendly conversation with them, but towards the end, the guy said, oh by the way, whatever you guys are doing about these boat rentals, you killed my summer. I didn’t read about it all summer. This is a huge problem with nice people right people that just want to go along to get along and there’s a Tim Ferriss quote the guy that wrote the 4-Hour workweek says that a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable uncomfortable Conversations are willing to have a nice person. You’Ve got to have these uncomfortable conversations to you just say no just say no move on. It does have to be an emotional thing for me, the stuff that I get asked to do all the time that I don’t want to do and I’m not going to do never ends, and so, as an example, I don’t drive fast through our parking lots. I don’t because I just don’t there are speed bumps that I could go over on the way to work.

I do it, but you know what occasionally occasionally I’ll go around the speed bump and I’ll skip over one bump and I’ll go to the parking lot. You know and I’ll go through that and then I got told by the folks at one fire: that’s not the move, you shouldn’t actually cut through the parking lot and so because we shouldn’t cut through the parking lot. I decided to not cut the park, but there’s other people on my team haven’t had that message didn’t know they didn’t know. You shouldn’t cut the parking lot and so every day, there’s probably a new company, a new customer. I knew somebody who cuts through the parking lot and it goes around the speed bumps because Steve it’s a vast, empty parking lot that separates the the golf place. What’S the name of the golf place flying T20 from our office, and I bet you there’s not a day that goes by that somebody who I don’t know and I’ve never met – is going to violate the rules of the parking lot, where they’re not going to go Over each and every speed bump methodically, I am not going to take time out of my schedule to host a seminar with new customers and employees about how to drive a car because I don’t want to. But there are certain people that think I should and I’m not going to. I am not going to take time out of my schedule to sit there and talk to an adult man or woman about how to drive a car in a parking lot just go to, and it’s so I’m not going to do it even though certain parties may Want me to take time out of my schedule: I’m not going to do it., Just something I’ve been asked to do.

Is there any way you could sit down with your business coach team and educate them on driving? No because they’re going to go through other parking lots in the parking lot so vastly open empty. I did it help your a 45 year. Old man was a solid mind or a 45 year old woman or a 25 year old makes sense to not go over the speed bumps. Then I get it and I guess, if that’s, if that’s it, that’s! Okay! That’S something I’ve been asked that also been asked to volunteer to speak at certain organizations I for lunch, and I never leave the building. I just not going to leave the building during the day and I don’t want to leave the building during the day. You see this all the time. People will go, ask you, could you could you meet for lunch or dinner dinner jerk? I just want to go home and see my kids and see how your life is purposeful, right and you’ve set a schedule and you have to follow it cuz. If you start deviating from that path, that’s a slippery slope to get on and then, if you get used to not fall on your calendar, so you have to have that.

What does it not irritate people because they call you or just because they email you or just because they text you or just because they reach out that you’re now required to respond and you’re? Not now John you’ve seen the Wii? U you’ve seen when purposeful people are intentional about not responding to everything if you’re at ait’s people. So what’s typically the reaction that you use see him because you you seen the reaction of people who just don’t get it that we don’t leave the building yeah. They don’t they don’t understand it cuz. They think that you should do. You know like what she saying is. If they ask you to do something now, all the sudden you’re obligated to do it for some reason and in their time, and it when you tell them no like it just really angers them, and it like makes them hurt on like a deep spiritual level and Around the corner, but what’s great as you do that enough times to the same people and then they just stop asking you to do things very well and probably six or seven guys. Any totally guys have asked me about 5 or 6 times to go camping and every time that gas can you go camping. I always say it now. I just I can’t I can’t go camping and then I don’t know you really don’t know what the Illinois River.

It’S so fun to float down the river, it’s so exciting to go to the mountains. It’S just awesome, it’s as one business coach would say, majestic. You should go and it was like all the sudden, no people who are not passionate about any area of their lives. They actually love floating on the river doing sales for their own business, but they are passionate about getting me to go every time you see it. I know you really should go. You really are I’m not going to go sit in front of me after the awkward conversation I like, even if we believe that the second coming of Christ was going to happen at that Campground, I would cease to be. Cuz. I don’t care because I’m not going to go camping need to take such a hard stand on. This is like what I was saying is like what you open that door to be guilted into things. It’S a slippery slope and it never ends cuz. Let me ask you one more thing: one more thing about this spot: photography, company, photography, company in Brides, used to love to call on the week of the wedding, saying hey, I have an appointment at 4. Is there any way we can move that to 6? And I used to always say no we’re actually all booked out there and reason why I said I wanted to go home and see my life cuz. I was on a minute.

I’m overwhelmed with constant reschedule people know this person’s going to. Let me reschedule all the time: if you do that, then, like 70 % of people will reschedule and then your schedule is completely screwed up, so people loading an equipment. People say, can I go to the different time, but I reschedule their reschedule. Are we come back from the break really talking more about the art of getting things done and specifically move number 27? Is you need to stop buying things that you don’t need? It is so important that you quit purchasing thinks every time you buy something it comes with the responsibility you have to insure it, maintain it fix it, learn about it, in fact, the most happy people, typically by the least amount of things you have to be nice, But the point is you shouldn’t be buying everything everyday all the time, because if you do you’re never going to be John maintain those things.

Consumerism does not lead to happiness. They were talking about the art of getting things done going to drive time should I comment. Subscribe to the podcast, and if you love yourself to go download the start here, but for free, it’s right on, live Eagle broadcasting for this Saturday, world headquarters of time show who hydrogenation welcome back to the conversation. It is that’s right time show on your radio and they were talking about the art of getting things done. Have you ever found yourself so busy, but not getting anything done? Well, I like a lot a lot of a lot of what’s Happening as you get so used to being a habit of doing something that you just always drive to work. That way, you always do your Saturday. That way, you always spend your Friday nights. That way, you always engage in conversations that way, you always do things the same way.

You can’t get frustrated with those results, but if you want to change the results, you need to learn how to become a more productive person. Until I am teaching you, the 66 moves that Z and I use – and you might not agree with the ethics of all of these things, but they’re the moves that we use to get more done now. If you don’t want to get a lot done or you don’t want to get as much done as we do, you don’t need them, maybe it won’t, but Moon Over 27, as he just stopped by things Dave Ramsey, says: financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’S learning to live on less than you make, so you can get money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this Dave Ramsey was an American Idiot. Is an American businessman? Is a radio talk, show host best-selling author very, very wise in the area of a personal finance start with start with the Andy on Sandy, you have been blessed to have high-income jobs and now you’re. Obviously, a business coach year with a thriveTime show when you have rise, consults to the medical, consulting company and things are going well for you and you obviously have a nice home and you have a nice car. But how do you draw the line and in terms of when personal spending needs to stop cuz, I think there’s people out there that earn and spin and spin and they keep spending more. So I have to earn more and that gets in the cycle where they’re not ever really happy, because they’re, just on that treadmill talk to me about how do you personally, I’m at the aftermath Roadhouse? How do you decide when to stop? I think of this busy bee.

Have it over here of going out to eat a lot which can really eat up some of your finances right there, too, just cooking at home. You know, where is, is a big thing. A wife enjoys that and it does not eating out every single day. You know what you would try to just just be careful. We have the five children right. That’S very aware of that. We know there’s weddings coming up in the future. There’S no! It’S possibly contest! You and math rent on on kids that what we talked to Steve Martin concert last Saturday, but he upgraded us to a to a sweet. You know Vanessa nicer were staying in a nice, nice sweet there and he actually in trouble, come back on after the break and will explain to us what doctors on a claims that has an optometrist that he has the capacity of bility to a reversal vasectomy. He decided he needed a a blunt butter knife and then he can make it at all. He’S a doctor and sterile hey dr. John, where you at work today, he removed the Staples out of Tim Robbins back no, I mean I’m sure I was at work, but I did not physically. This is at 16th and Boston and Tim and had surgery on his back or something, and I doctors on a love to just joke about his capacities. As a doctor, cuz he’s an optometrist and he says he goes to him. I can remove those stitches and Tim goes from my back and I’ve got to go cuz. He had to go see you when you get surgery, you have to go, see a specialist to remove these things, cuz they’re like me, and he goes I’ll, remove them. For you and Tim is like: let’s do it, I’m going on what is going on so next thing I know I’m not kidding, he is Tim Redmond is shirtless and our office upstairs it’s probably in business coach history. Folder he’s shirtless in the office upstairs and dr. Z is removing his Staples and he tells one of our team members just go get me some rubbing alcohol, which we don’t have in the office and he removed all of his I’m not kidding, call the stitches. So I think, he’s actually secretly wanting to get into reverse but said he was going to have a new study that I can have a sick kid, but for right now I personally capped out. My friend is not an impossible. Well, I would say you know the point says: stop buying things, you don’t need him for something we might say, stop having children that you don’t need me. I can only have so many. How many Steve are you are you? Are you in favor of having a small family? Are you kind of in the hell? Are you part of the Chinese government or what’s your health, and we know we need a shed II? Kid I had was a daughter and a clay. I know that you have four of them so yeah. My wife said I would have more kids, but I’m afraid I might have another daughter and I don’t want to have.

No. I can’t I don’t know how you do it, because I have one daughter that I want to put her back. You know, so I can I tell what time am I get back in your room? I want to have a separate show, after the show about called parenting, a daughter and the impossibility of putting her child back into your room. Route. Number 28, commit to Simplicity, John. You see this all the time with business and they make very complicated, workflows. Super complicated systems, a creeping tendency for every business to try to add more and more things. I think every entrepreneur who loves your business, you love your product, you want to make it better and better. You guys want to add more things. What time’s? The things you make don’t get used: Jon you’re, making Tools, YouTube John talk to me about how to fight the creeping tendency to keep adding more and more new things.

So it’s always new ideas that create new thing. So everybody wants to see. You know that they obviously want to make their business better so by doing that, they’re trying to think of new ideas that they can Implement to do that. So then they they have this idea and it’s a great idea. They really want to do this and they’re very passionate about it, and so then you have to spend all of this time you’re making that work, and then, by that time you have another, no idea. I must focus on that one instead and forget about that old. One, that’s what’s great about you, know Tip Top K9 play all these guys are just simple and they’re not trying to will you know if you watch the video that rocks about it, but he would just run out the door when the door open. So we learn how to like train his own dog. That story is phenomenal Tip Top K9. These guys have built a proven system to train dogs, which is that’s, that’s pretty remarkable. My dog won’t stop jumping up on me. I guess it’s not complicated right at simple way to do it and they turn out cruising gross revenue that is higher than that of many medical clinics we work with, and they actually have just opened up their second and third. They just signed agreements their second and third locations in Boise, Idaho, and I believe they have one going out in Tennessee and one going in Fargo and maybe one in Oklahoma City.

I mean these guys are rocking, but you know how they’re doing it is. It’S the same system over when you go to Subway, it’s the same Steven you put in at the same system over and over him. If you want you to nail it, you want to scale it. Never Simplicity, scales, but complexity. Fails it don’t don’t scale. A failed play says right and keep making cold feeling that that’s pretty simple right now they won’t make those calls. But if you keep making calls it’s going to happen for you and ask you this year in basketball, you are a good free, throw shooter. Why can’t you change your free, throw shooting philosophy every game? So if you change it through the season and you’re in a bit of trouble., Just because you’ve practiced this so many times over you change it up, I can definitely diminish the percentages. So if you like, tap your foot and then like spin it three times and then grab it and then don’t add a thing station, anybody out there who gets good at any anything. Anybody who learned to master anything learned how to do the same thing over and over until they can’t get it wrong. I would ask yourself rhetorically in what way are you over complicating your business stay tuned? I can feel it. I can feel you staying tuned. I can feel something in the air. Yes, broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay close 2 x 7. Help me exercise all right Red Nation. Welcome back in the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio Bieber struggle to have time Freedom. This is the show for you Steve time, freedom. Is it not isn’t that a challenge? I have time Freedom right now.

Actually, John is not a challenge to you. Juice challenge., It’s not an issue is a huge issue, as well as a huge challenge about a client who’s, no longer a client who has made Millions upon Millions upon Millions upon millions of dollars who I, every time I meet with this guy, every single one of His meetings was about the same thing, and we wanted to talk about was how can I free up time in the sad part? Was he had the money to be free, but I always wanted to do ridiculous website updates and John. You know who I’m talking to this business coach client guy would always want to do in this website. Updates Emma’s print pieces, endless videos, endless podcast, endless things, always just in a Perpetual wanting to stay busy, but they would always say they wanted time freedom. But at the end of the day they just wanted to stay busy, or at least subconsciously. They do and it’s it’s it’s. I just encourage you today to ask yourself: do you actually want to be have time for them? Cuz? If you don’t that’s fine, if you want to stay perpetually busy doing a big to-do list of things that don’t matter then stay busy, but if you want to have time for them, you got to commit to Simplicity, John. I want to get your take on this. If you can, if a client came to you and said so, you can go ahead and hit me with the wisdom, baseball bat. I just wisdom, baseball bat and it’s you hit me with that. I learn, but it’s kind of painful. But if you could just hit me right in the face just crushed me in the school about Simplicity, I’m ready to do what you don’t have to worry about my feelings. I just want to know, go ahead. Let me have it hit me in the junk, with the wisdom back go for it. What I would say is trying to reinvent the wheel, just use what already works right on out, so it like everybody, want to come up with this crazy new, crazy knew it. You like Innovative product, and you know see if it went like see if it works. If the goal is time, Freedom right then find what works you know or look at somebody else’s already knows what works duplicate that and then stick with that system. So your business is working, then you can work on your ride. Rather, you know focus on Innovation shop. You know I don’t want to do. I don’t want to you do what? Where should I go to the coffee houses in lot? And I have a bunch of ideas.

What apps I want to see you I’m not an app developer, nor do I know anybody that doesn’t freaking stop Tom Brady if you’re in business coach management or you’re owning a business. I see this a lot where people want to start to automate everything as they get a little bit of success and they start hiring more people. They want to put this crazy, complex software in place, and the thing is your boys are never going to learn how to use all the function. So you can spend all this money on an expensive software, and the other thing about that is there going to use that as an excuse to not get their job done. Boys are having Boston, a freaking awesome. I bet you are you didn’t, but you have to understand my brother Danny. He can remember anything. Any person about this point is to help you actually tired and move number 27 and 28 together don’t buy things, you don’t need exactly Albert Einstein really did some things. He had a true story. We he’s the reason why we’re not speaking German Google, the Germans were developing the atom bomb and we’re far ahead of us and Adam and Albert Einstein pointed out to President Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt hate we probably should get started and then like what is.. I know these people I’m your ride from Germany. I left. I fled there, cuz, I’m Jewish to escape certain death. I was there leading scientist, I’m telling you they know how to do. It would be to have a sense of urgency. We should probably get started here going where I don’t. I don’t know why you would you guys want to go. Golfing bomb hits Hawaii all the sudden. Now I know why are we are we are more and we were able to do this. He says if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old: you don’t understand it yourself. Isaac Newton truth is ever to be found in Simplicity and not in multiplicity and confusion of things. Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, Pakistan, Simplicity, simple, can be harder than komplex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean, to make it simple, but it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains to buddy. When you talk that fast, I can’t write it down and I still listen. I’M working with you, okay, so let’s do it again.

That’S been one of my Mantras focus and simplicity. Someone else’s speed up I’m trying to reassure her simple, can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean, to make it simple, but it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains. How many people are in the studio? Who are you talking to? Are these voices in your mind? What the inside the door they’re outside the door of his book is a book. I don’t talk about a lot clothing. The average person can handle reading that book that you read it you go, I don’t want to read it and then about chapter 2. You go gear us chapter 3 in this train before you realize. Only successful people read that book. You going to go out to dinner with the CEO he’s read that book and you realize I can’t read the best selling like in terms of reference netbook when talking to like sit outside.

It’s called in search of excellence and one of them’s. He points out in the book is that just an example? I am very very very. We are very, Jonathan Kelly and I are there, probably in the top ten percent in the world of search engine, optimization top 1 % of search engine, optimization experts where people from all over the world needs to hire me to come and speak to their company cuz. I’M awesome at it because I spent a lot of a ton of time. I’Ve read all the books and then, when you’re not spending time on it, I’m spending time on it and then you’re not working on it. John. I just hired another  business coach consultant, Bruce Clay and I wrote search YouTube for dummies to educate us. Yet again, we are it’s a never-ending pursuit of Excellence. That’Ll help me read all the books. We actually wrote a book, we did. We wrote a book search engine Manifesto right now for free. You can download it’s part of the start here book, it’s available for free download at business coach Thrive time,, and reason why I said it: snows Tom Peters points out anybody who’s awesome! It’S something! Just does the same thing over and over and over until they become the best. I was very good in high school at baseball and I’m going to go and try to play professionally and as great as he was. He realize that I can only hit like on the 210 batting average at the pro level, which is still better than the average person to just athleticism and skill. And what do we need to know? You can’t be great at everything, so you want to be awesome at one thing you want to dominate that thing. He says almost all quality improvement comes, be a simplification of design, manufacturing, layout processes and procedures are Taco Bueno, they didn’t say me, and things are going.

So well for Taco Bueno: why don’t we open up a Jiffy, Lube right cuz? I just keep opening up more Taco Bueno! That’S like lamode cleaners, say they need to keep opening up lamode cleaners and not go stand out there. All night avoid the physical and emotional presence of chronically late and emotional people. You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people. That’S what you cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang out with negative people who is good, like Kirk, Captain Kirk meets Joel Osteen. That’S the thing about people that are always late is somehow they want to put that now and you cuz it because they certainly came to the meeting late. You should continue on your meeting a little longer to make up the fact that they were late. This is one of those people, then the emotional people, oh my gosh, this is my favorite there, like maybe once every single thing is, are your problems. We share problems and let’s talk about it, when I want to do, is we had a person we hired that? I think made it for 2 weeks and white pants and all I want you to share the story talking about my white pants white pants. Why can’t we have the first pair of pants, guys, white, colored dream pants pants were offensive for many people voted for braces, colors National talk about white pants and hiring emotional people’s person. They paid somehow made it through a group interview process. They were bad hire. I think they made it about a week and a half before they were attacked by the Cobra and fired for being an idiot stages. That’S right time show on your radio. If you are looking for the start here book The World, the best business book go to thrive time. Should I come and get your copy today start here? How you make me feel


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