The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 4) – Hour 2

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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) breaks down The Art of Getting Done (Moves #36 – 41). If you have ever struggled the time needed to turn your dreams into reality, you will want to listen to today’s show.

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Alright, welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, your co-host with the most the man with the plan to dude with an attitude your brother for Minnesota, the commander of this entrepreneurship, trying to steer away from the tricky rocks Waters. Things that could we don’t have in on Today Show opportunity to teach you how to get things done in one of the ways you have to get things done. The next move that were teaching the next specific move. It we talked with the art of getting things done is move number 29, which is a boy named the physical and emotional presence of chronically late in emotional people, project managers at Thrive.

He is the dude who runs the execution of all the system to make sure that the things get dirty man, just the team and Jonathan Kelly, hired a personal call, this poor person white pants and we hired white pants. Can you explain the Thrive Nation, the story of what happened?

Yeah so white pants works for us, I want to say, maybe a week wasn’t even a week when you asked her to do the unthinkable, which was to self-manage yourself or did he drop out right? So she said I asked her to drop offs and keep him on. I personally done drop off, so I know how the system works and I know how the system should work. What are you dropping off? Well, it depends on the client, but typically it’s and yes, I’m kind of cookies are goodies or something like that for the business coach dream 100 list – and I asked white pants go – do this there’s a list of, I think, there’s like 10 people and she’s literally gone all day.

I don’t see her for the entire day. It’s the should take a maximum hello. Like if they were crazy far apart, maybe 2 hours, maybe 2 hours, and so it’s like 8 hours, so I talked to her the next day. I might you know how many did you get to the drop off because I couldn’t get the whole pack and I was like you couldn’t get all of themhow many did you do. I did three and I was like I said I was just like at this point like like. I just doesn’t make sense to me. I watched you, I want your face and it’s Jesus and they’re going to 3 and she goes why didn’t have directions? I go. Walk, I didn’t give you the address as well.

I did, but I didn’t know how to get there and I’ll go get there. I don’t. I didn’t know how to put them in your your phone. I was born yesterday and she’s ever used, I’m not from Tulsa. I, like everything, that I said like the more I talk to her, the more angry I was getting that I kept trying to have a swallow it and I look I’m getting mad right now, I’m getting red just thinking about it and I look over and Business coach Clay is  just sitting over there and he’s just giggling, because I’m like that, like having a brain meltdown of this impossibly stupid, two-person pretends to me. That’s the issue that I have their predicts to remove every single person. You have some in your office right now. If you’re not intentional about this, do you have in your office they’re going to pretend to be stupid?

Let me give you the number Dateline Thanksgiving years ago. Family member says: can I borrow your car sure borrow the car. They borrow the car, they bring back the car on E, completely out of gas parked in my driveway with no gas. Well, as you guys know, as you guys know, when you get up the next morning, you need to go somewhere. You need your card and not not start without gas in it. So I get up getting the car going to head off to my thing and it runs out of gas. Like maybe you know, five hundred feet down the road or something I mean it’s, not even a half mile, and so I have to like started to get in. Thankfully I was nearby. I had to just enough juice wreck, it start and stop it and I don’t know what was going on with the gas tank, but somehow I threw fumes, I made it there. I talk to the person I said: hey, did you not fill my car up with gas after you drove it and we drove it with you took it was on a 3/4 full.

You brought it back empty. You said you just wanted to make a quick trip. Oh, I guess I I forgot okay, so then another situationI curse, the same person same person and he just used to it over and over and over the things they do. You just watch the same and by the end of this Thanksgiving week, and I almost killed this person. This person knows what they’re doing, but they’re move is the oblivious, which is why I love Steve Martin’s comedy Steve. Martin explains in the book I born standing up to his character. He plays while doing comedy is that of a man, who’s very educated, but is not aware of anything. So he said that this whole thing’s, a lot of if you watch his old stand-up comedy routines. It’S hilarious because he’ll brag on the people in the in the back seats, the ones who are sit in the nosebleeds Hill brag on how awesome your seats are because they have such a aerial perspective. Isn’T man you guys must have been like thousands of dollars to be up there? Man, I’m looking down on a business coach Buick the gods seats man to go out for you guys. I brought a magic trick of a small dimeI need to go.

It’s amazing amazing up there and he just keeps the entire routine talking about how awesome it is, and then he acts like he discovered for the first time just to feel people yell at him all the time, they’re yelling from the stand and then he’s all you’re Saying those are, the cheap seats of Comedy is based on pretending to not know what’s going on, but that’s what makes it funny, but there’s people who do this do not think that people are not trying to use Laws of Power on you, Jon the passive aggressive Paul from the idiot idiocracy there’s a democracy in Idiocracy, the passive aggressive pull that people do. They know what they’re supposed to do, but they are chronically emotional and late. John, it’s the same person, the late person, emotional person, so the person that tries to play stupid just so they can get out of their job, is the same person. That is the chronically emotional, because, if you call them out be like what are you doing like that, you know better than this then they’re like what are you trying to say and then they get all offended about it. It’S the exact same person, all the timeI. Just want to tear up the fact that the whole white pants thing that I mean it’s not men’s underwear. This is this is actually trousers. You talking about his will. So can we just talk America now this coach, the one thing he does not even a passive, aggressive, aggressive aggressive? Is he always trying to overthrow our country and job? You saw that? Are they red coat again, but he threw my tea out and I was like that was hard to understand. Yeah it was, it was cold to you go. Can you please take off the red coat, I’m going to get you guys, some Chick-fil-A for breakfast from Chick-fil-A and we said yeah he comes back and somehow he comes up with crumpets anything else. I’m sorry! I went to Chick-fil-A they’re all out of everything come on over 30, the art of getting things done. Did you want to turn off the notifications on your computer, your phone and every digital device? To I’m going to read you a note of a coil for a man, who’s made millions of dollars by investing in social media.

Any tells you you shouldn’t use it, so he can eat invested in it because he thought it’s a great thing, because you can’t stop using it, but he encourages you to not use it. I’M going to read this notable quotable from Duvall Robert Conte. This is what he says. He says. I think the modern world is actually really bad the Modern world is full of distractions. Things like Twitter and Facebook are not making you happy, in fact they are making you unhappy. This is the guy who invested in these things, he’s playing a game, that’s created by the creators of the systems, and yes, it could be a useful game once in a blue once in a blue moon, you are engaging in the dispute and resentment comparison jealousy and Anger about things that, frankly, just don’t matter and he’s the guy who invested in it there’s a a book called hooked that you can read and talks about how social media is actually psychologically program to keep you on it and keep you dependent. It is it’s like smoking, it is, it is like it, it’s an addictive doctors.

He talks about this, but it’s actually on a neuro level. If you examine the human brain, the same experience they have when smoking is the same type of readings that show up on scans of what happens to the human brain that is always on social media. You’Ve just got to make sure you have time to be on and time to be offso how many hours a week should you be? Should you be devoting the social media? How many times a day, should you allow social media to interrupt you? I would submit that you should use social media 10 minutes a week maximum, but if you want to use it more, that’s fine. I’M used to make money, I’m not going to argue with you, but I need for most people as it is a distraction. It causes your your wife, your husband, to compare himself to somebody who’s been photoshopped before they post the photo. You see these women who are not in shape and they’ll poster photo edited up mock it up and put it on Facebook, and then you’ll see someone in your family try to compete with that person.

You see people just post in the positive parts of their life. All the time and not telling you about the bad things are going on in the north door shut day, but I’m saying that you’re having a false comparison, there’s anger, there’s jealousy it’s just Steve. You have a lot of fun on social media. Doesn’T want me to the bounce also on my desk, my Thrive desk. I have that little wooden box thing. Have you seen and it says one of them says like money can’t buy you happiness, but I’d rather Cry anime and. That’S like one of my things. I think school, the other one says: may your life someday be as wonderful as you pretend it is on Facebook because I won’t be able to just like you said they don’t post they post the highlights and maybe the sympathies you know it’s like. I don’t have this problem or I need advice from a bunch of strangers that I say or my friends on Facebook, but it’s just like. We talked about earlier when you’re talking about with your business engaging on Facebook whenever people are being negative, as you can give me that do Loop, do some people you know, like you said speed was how I sent you a message on Facebook.

You do this. I post a lot of stuff to Facebook. You do, but I don’t respond, a lot of people. Did you see my thing? I don’t go through my Facebook Newsfeed and like see what your posting I just post, what I post, you know you did not respond. You use Facebook as a newsletter is what you do. You use it as a way to share things with people, but you don’t go on there and compare yourself to other people and get into arguments right. Some people use Facebook as their only communication device that, by the way, allows them to be interrupted during a work meeting by someone they knowmovie 31, the art of getting things done, blocked negative people and relationships that you need to break ties with from your phone. Your email and social me there’s a new way to fire friends family. Now it’s called block them from everything, because you have to don’t give an example. There is a very, very dishonest, horrible person who reached out to me on Friday during our Workshop to rekindle something we never had.

They screwed me on a deal, and now it’s been long enough. I guess that they want to meet about us, helping them, and I love you and I know you go on my Facebook. Can you post things and I’m sure case then you’re like? Oh, I’m so glad you didn’t see this because he was his mind would have exploded here. You know why is it so important that that our clients are successful client to learn to do this by the way all the successful client and learn to do this? But why is it so important that our clients were listening to the show that the people who are not our client to everybody out there learn how to just cut them when it’s time to be done, you’re no longer datingthe person you’re not married to him. You are no longer your boss, but you left it a bad way. Why is it so important to just block him on that on that text on the on the Facebook on the email? Because if you don’t you’re, always going to have that confrontation right in front of you and you always be tempted to confront that person. So they also say something and then you’re like what I was passive, aggressive and so you’ll have to say something back.

And then now all the sudden you’re wasting all of your time, arguing with these people. I told you, I said it would take a family member that do not mention his name. Do not talk about him again, cuz. What happened is like he would email in like this. The way people got me fired and I’ll give. You will know who I’m talking about the guy and he goes out there and try to buy a car. I guess and my defaults on the car payments and so he’s like basically running from the law and debt collectors, know cuz. He has a car, that’s now basically a stolen car, but he used. My name is the cosigner till I find out where he is why I block all those people and that’s the only way they been able to I’ve, been able to hear that name in a long time. But if you’re listening to the show today – and you just have not blocked out negativepeople out of your life, I’m promise you we’re in a world now where they can reach you on Facebook, on social media, on email on text, you’ve got to find a way to Block out the negative people, if you don’t do it you’re, going to end up very perpetually frustrated, I move 32 say hello to the person who invited you to the party you have to go to and then leave as soon as possible. If you have an obligation, you have to go to a party, but you don’t want to go to the party.

All you have to do is say hello to the person who invited you to the party and then leave as soon as possible and Andy you’re a place in your life, where you been invited to a lot of parties. Steve you’ve been invited by to a lot of parties and sometimes there’s parties you have to go to because you’ve been invited by somebody who you have relationship with, but you don’t want to spend the rest of the night hanging out with people. You don’t want to be with. We come back here to talk about how did navigate those tricky social situations that you get invited to that you kind of have to go to, but you don’t want to spend your timewhere’s the balance. How do you do it in a polite tactful way to DriveTime show on your radio if you care about yourself go to thrive time? Should I come in sign up today for a free, one-on-one, business, consultation or download the start here book for free Yamaha get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio? 1170. That’S all that matters Mamajuana radish.

Welcome back to the conversation is the business coach thriveTime show on your radio and mark my words here. You only have one life to live so quit wasting it right, quit doing stupid things that you don’t want to do with your time, and I unfortunately in a lost my father this past year, but fortunately, when my dad died, we knew when he was going to Die so he had ALS, so it’s kinda like we knew when he would die from that disease, so bad deal that he died, but the good news we knew when he was going to die it when people know they’re when they’re going to die. They have this heightened sense of urgency of a sudden didn’t typically exist before, and it’s caused by regret, but gosh. I wish I would have done all these things. It’S caused by realizing the finality of life. It’S caused by a lot of things and I don’t know what it is. But what happens if we most people don’t ever have a break through until they have to break down and see what happens if you’re out there doing a bunch of stuff that you don’t want to do all the time, because you feel obligated to let you know Steve Jobs once wrote, this is a guy is going to die twice and he did die the second time, but he says your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life, don’t be trapped by Dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s Thinking with the noise of others, opinions drown out your own inner voice and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition again. He thought he was going to die and he survived and then the second time he said he’s going to die. He did, but he lived as though he’s going to die all the time. So here’s an example I get invited all the time to weddings all the time. It’S probably for a year, maybe you’re. Listening I get invited 5 times. I don’t go like I just don’t go cuz. I just did what he was going to happen. If I go to the wedding, why go to the wedding, the bride and the groom aren’t going to notice that I’m there and in when they, when I, when they do see me it’s like how are you did I spend the rest of time hurting up my 5, kids and basically that they don’t know. I was there, but I’m out ,000 to have flown there with the kids to shaking hands in to talk to the bride. For like what 10 minutes – and it have an insincere conversation with whatever I would rather send a gift and a thoughtful letter and say hey, we can’t make it, but here is a investment in your future together. Hopefully, as can use this, but if I do go – and I don’t want to be there – I sincerely will walk up to the person. I am the first person at the wedding of the event. That’s my business coach move. I got to get there first and I make sure that I connect. I leave a gift and I peace out because I don’t want to be there, so I wasn’t able to have a holiday party coming up here soon for all the employees of the team members at the Mayo Hotel – and I do want to be there because the People I don’t like have been fired, but a few years ago we had a party where the people I didn’t like having been fired yet and I hated being there. So I would just encourage if you have to go to something, give you need to be there. If you need me to get, you know when you need to be there, but if you need to be there, I would just run in there say hi to the person in charge, be nice and then peace out. So I want to ask you guys here. What about your knees and let’s find some kind of Adventure, babysitting area where you get invited.

You don’t want to go, and you know you know what it’s going to take up all my weekend, all my time and you have to show face and if you happen to have absolutely no, this there’s wedding parties there’s this birthday parties at bottom. It says that there’s a lot of different invitations out there, and especially with the birthday parties. We used to go to them all the time, but you know what they can take up your whole weekend and I personally like spending time with my children in my wife and not necessarily at birthday parties. So I think I love that move right there, where you do take a gifted and you peace out, I invited to my birthday party. He said no Brady loudly you’re, the only person. I know what I mean. Conversation. Carrots of tickets here comes cheese, cubes of cheese, cubes, definitely broccoli with ranch ranch and look out. Alright, guys, Susie and Susie Q Susie would be like a person is not always to hearing it’s for Hamel Elliott, Elliott is Skylar. Skyler’S party he’s turning four he’s.

Turning four so you’re there with his uncle you’re there with the mom and then like 17 kids, you don’t know in your kids having a good time. So what you do is you say: hate hate, Skyler, Miss Smith, super awesome to see it is it cool? If I leave, if we come to your party, is it cool? If we leave our kid there or do we need to be there the whole time and if they say no, you can just leave your kid pick him up an awesome Skyler, you are, you. Are you you’re an adult? I don’t recognize this face, danger, danger, Skyler, I’m so happy for you.. Here’s the business coach gift, hey, we got a piece out will come back at 5 and you just get your time back. There’S no need for you to spend your time. Do you don’t it’s not mean you’re, just you’re getting your time back, you get away as you don’t get to do the date night or you don’t get to do whatever I mean come on, come on, don’t get stuck in purgatory. Show up if you ever had that happen when your weekend is filled with just crap. I mean it’s almost all the time. If you don’t have like we’re talking earlier about and have those conversations and just began with people and tell him know if you can’t go, but this is the perfect move, if you feel like you need to go just get in, there say: hi make your presence Known in no mood number 33 wake up 2 hours before most people do and go to bed 2 hours before most people to Benjamin Franklin, he said early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise what he did during his lifetime.

He was the Founding Father of the guy, who actually wrote the crafted get out of the bottom of our founding documents. So it is a team, but he was the one who founded Kraft of these documents. He was one of the most successful printers of his time. He was a best-selling author, he was a postmaster, he was a scientist, he was an inventor, he was a Statesman, oh and by the way he invented the Franklin stove bifocals. He discovered in modern electricity, the weather at work, and he also negotiated the deal with the French that made it possible for us to beat the British in the war. So Benjamin Franklin is sort of a big deal, but he talks when you have to get up before everybody else. You got to get up John. You got to get up 2 hours before most people and go to bed 2 hours before most people. How does that help you so getting up before everybody else gives you the time to like playing at your day, get the stuff that you need to get done, because, especially if you’re managing people you’re the owner of the business of the during the day when people Are there they’re just pulling on you left and right, where you actually don’t have the time to like actually think through the thing just get up before everybody else, in order to do that in order to get up before everybody else, that means you have to go To bed before everybody else as well, I was just walking down in the man cave, and I saw this poster that you have plates of Elon Musk and it says at work. Everybody just work like sleep.

If other people are putting in 40 hours a week you’re putting in a hundred hours a week, even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you’ll be there in four months, it’ll take them a year to achieve it. It’S kind of crazy is all my heroes. Are that compare myself with that compete with mentally are billionaires, multi-millionaires very successful people and most of them are divorced, and so I don’t want to be divorced and I want to be successful. We come back to have a happy marriage and to get things done, how do you do it? How is it possible is even possible DriveTime show on your radio. It’S going to get deep, weird awkward and it’ll come back out until fall. Fluffy again is right. There Alicia Keys running out of time. I really thought you were on my side, but not as nobody by my side. I need you, I need you, I need you right now. I need you, don’t let me down. down. Alright, they were talking about the art of getting stuff done, but because I do care about you out in your whole life, I don’t just care about you, making lots of money and then having a horrible existence. I want to bring up the what I believe to be an issue that is huge and I’m sorry, if I irritate you if you’re like, I don’t like the way you’re doing the show today it doesn’t, it just doesn’t feel really got my heroes that I compete With at work are in my head, so what are the only business hero? Did I see on a daily basis?

This is not in my head. Would be doctors like he just gets it done, treat people the right way. I really am impressed with him, so it’s kind of fun to see him, but he’s not me. That’S why I lived in the radio show I just I love it, because it’s just a thing where it’s kind of fun to have your hero, your business, Mentor in side, a box that rocks into a radio show with him on a consistent basis. I’M almost like. I can’t believe it’s happening every time. That’S why I sincerely Droid interviewing David Robinson on the leadership videos. We did that’s why I love. David Robinson is a guy who is very successful to gold medals to NBA championships. He start a company called The Admiral fund, which is buying up hotels, property. They bought academy sports center plate, the cupboard it puts all of the concession items in stadiums. Are there just dominate? He owns part of the Spurs. Now I mean he’s just doing great. Did they refund you look at the Admiral fun. I believe it’s worth 900 million dollars right now and he just keep stacking growing growing, but with an exception of David Robinson and a handful of people, all of my business heroes are divorced like all of them, so it seems like in their big desire to get Things done, they didn’t put their marriage on the to-do list make it was like hey. Let’S put a lot of things, I’m not saying if you get divorced, you messed up in every area of your life and either that’s Larry’s. I messed up and I do mess up in, but I want to point out here. Is I care enough about you that you’re listening show your I got to put on blinders and grow my freaking? Well then, you’re going to end up finding yourself alone at the top of the mountain, so what you want to do is get to the top of Mount with your spouse still in the house.

So here’s some examples: Elon Musk, he got divorced from a lady. Then he said you don’t think I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t mean it baby. No I’m doing just a baby, but if you could just come on back, please she’s just gone, I’m not letting you come on baby. Please send me back in the house to do a stud I like and then you have any know, Steve Jobs, divorced. George Lucas divorced Jack, Welch divorced Bill. Belichick. Are you divorced her ovaries on the cover of the Nantucket? Wherever is a total sellout, total poser wearing a sweater with his new wife hilarious, you got ta look up Bill, Belichick, look up Bill Belichick Spring photo I’ll, put a link to him on the show. We all know your affinity for those sweater photos, style or lack thereof after who doesn’t wear anything but decided to dress up. It’S super funny like it’s, the funniest photo shoot ever. What I’m saying is you got of schedule time for your spouse? So I’m just going to put myself out there and say what I would do if I’m not intentional, I’m not getting up to before everybody else. I would get up 9 hours for her. What else I would just get up at 1 a.m. because I just like it, I would just get so much done. I enjoy it, but what’ll happen is. If I got busted, probably about 3 months ago, you know it’s like 6 p.m. on a Saturday. I’Ve been downstairs since, like 3 a.m. just knocking stuff out just how she comes down and come out at all, I’m going. I’M sorry and I got that look of like what you’ve done, is a violation of all ethical standards, and what you have done is I you just missed a critical event in someone’s life and I’m going baby.

I’M sorry, that’s why I again until we had to recalibrate the schedule reestablished boundaries, make sure I didn’t have his I’m doing a project. She was moving in and out doing some stuff and I just got lost in this big project and I just got it done by the way I got it done. I went too far. I just think you have to agree with that. So I’m going to spend time with your spouse. If my wife – and I we have found it if we’re together from about 6 at night to 9 p.m. at night, that’s about, looks like that’s enough play, go ahead and go to bed a good thing for us that that’s our flow. If I was with anybody in a meeting Bread hours, any buddy meeting with them for 8 hours in a closed room, but I’ll be with my wife or anybody for 8 hours, I couldn’t I couldn’t do it because it would. It would just wear me out. I wear myself out, so I don’t that’s why I have a hard time with road trips and that’s why I can do a road trip with an Andy, because I could talk to you and we’re not going to get into like some deep metaphysical conversation that somehow It’S politically divisive fist fight in the car right. I can’t people like when they go on. Trips are kind of like. So what do you think about like angels and I’m like whatever you think I as a business coach agree with so that way we feel too good we’re on the same team as I like to say that all the time I get whatever is a move, whatever you or say. I agree with that and I never really I want to know and I’m going to know. I don’t want to say that because it’s my opinion, but I do agree whatever you feel, that’s how you feel.

I agree with that I’m behind and you should feel that we should be married guys here are the perfect no, but I want to. I want to ask you guys want to start with, because you’ve been married, the longest I think, of the group after 8:16 you’re telling me the right to use, try to schedule time with your wife and where maybe could you have done it better earlier? Well, I thought I would say this, but if you’re in 8 hours in a room in a meeting with somebody you’re nice is eventually going to run out, the compliments are going to mention to run out. I would advise that, don’t let you know I run out before you get home. Keep that nice with you. I need to book bags conversations that you had all throughout the day. I wear you out a little bit, but when you get home make sure you have that space, the capacity of conversations as well that was out before you get home, that’s possible. If I get up at 4:30 in the morning, I make sure there’s a coffee, ready and waiting for my wife every morning, so I can make sure it’s ready and that’s something just a couple times really love that. Can we get this guy off the show please? I just want to show him that you want like an idiot after the show. I will say that when my wife was listening, she said it was that your friend Andy, the British guy Heat this class – is everything up. It’S great. I was like yeah yeah. That’S it say one more thing, one more thing: you know: if the, if there are any arguments with there’s any disputes, I would say if you can’t handle it right there and make sure before you go to bed, it gets done. It gets finished to get to conclude it and then, but don’t let conclusion going to lose in your household. What what what conclusion be an illusion in your house to make sure you conclude anything any disputes, make sure you get it done and have a fun programming time that we’re going to go. The commercials were to pay some bills and we come back. You just continue. This come home and take notes. Written down. Clyde Clark is an idiot, as with any man should make coffee. Why am I not a good person? That’S what I’ve got so far on the radio broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA, entrepreneur of the Year and business coach clay Clark just hold on we’re going home, just hold on we’re going home just saw today. We are talking about how to get things done, but I pointed out that if you look at a lot of people who get things done made a lot of people who get things done, it means a lot of really really awesome people who get stuff done. I have that inner drive to get stuff done. The marriage part doesn’t work. You know, Michael Jordan, is example divorced, but awesome, basketball, player and it’s so tough, because these top performers they just did they or their willing to make the sacrifice themselves to get stuff done. But what I have done in the past and I’m sure you’ve never done a tribe Nation, but I have not factored in the trade-off to everyone else had to make. So I didn’t think about like what can my family has to make this trade as I make I’ll? Do it I’ll pull an all-nighter work I’ll get it done? I work 7 days a week, I’ll do it, but I don’t think about it impacts those around me and so, as I got older, I consistently I’m almost kind of on eggshells roll ask like other people. I can your spouse cool with me, and I worry about it because I know what I am. I know what that means personally to push your spouse to the level of like insanity and you’re.

Trying to please an impossible business coach boss goes for me. I’D be work as my worship, my hobby, and what I like doing so for me. I doesn’t feel like we’re working today doing the show doing the research is at work. Doing search engine doesn’t work, I just left winning in the feeling of winning, never gets old and people say we’re going to do with all your money you going to take it with you going to whatever I want. I actually my wife is pointed this out and enjoy. We were out to dinner with somebody and then you don’t value money to you and she does know he doesn’t like that’s the thing it’s weird. He doesn’t care. If I have to do the accounting cuz like he would overpaid people, he would just keep decorating the office keep buying accoutrement. So you wouldn’t care because it’s not about money, it’s about just waiting for him, he’s just how he is so. You know – and I just think right now, if you’re listening, ear and you’re saying maybe maybe I’d flown too far and somehow you found yourself alone, but your spouse is still in your house, it’s still savable, you can still come in and you know fix it. No, I’m not asking to share a personal doghouse story, but I mean if you ever., When I was too far course correct. Can you walk us through? What do you do when you’re good at getting things done, but you may be are pushing that spouse too much. So short me, we are full of testosterone, and sometimes we have those just like the sun has. Has those random solar out best? We have some out bus from time to time, but just really not back in and just being able to help yourself in and out and apologize or – and I do something on those lines that back and really help with your future. So what are you doing on a daily basis to keep your marriage going strong? Tell us the specific things I want to know. What are the specific things that you do that keeps your marriage together? Definitely complement.

Compliments work come from a sincere compliment because they can pick up very quickly if you’re, where you’re being sincere enough to make sure that it’s a sincere compliment. But you know I’m not very good at it. So that could be an area that you can compliment in. Just fine find something throughout the day do something for your partner, because you guess what you going to do something for a 20 other people in your business that day. So why not do something with the with the one you love? Okay, John. I want to ask this because you know you’re not in your home, even if you been married now 2 years, okay. So what do you do to not irritate your super wife and then what were you saying like if you added coach yourself, you’re 6 months of marriage and your kids are so many listen to the show tonight, who’s really in that dog house today, there’s one person: I’Ve been sleeping in my work truck, which is cool cuz. I just got a new one, because we are rocking at the business. I’Ve got it straightened, believe I’ve actually put it in last night’s sleep in my sleep in the truck well I’ll pick up myself here. So I do the I get up early earlier than everybody else, so I can get my stuff done so that way I can come home in my mind, I’m like well I’m home so now that spending time with my wife, the problem is this: something that I Have to work on every single day and I’m sure, I’m alone here, but after working for you know 15-20 hours of the day and you come home. You’Re, like mentally exhausted from dealing with people, then you’re physically, tired and so you’re sitting next to your wife, but you’re you’re checked out right, so it’s like you’re, not actually sleeping but you’re, not engaging either. I want so that’s that’s something that I have to work on is like just because I’m in the room doesn’t mean that that’s time right so I have to like.

You know, make sure that my phone is off. Make sure that I make it participating in the plans participating in the conversation? Otherwise it’s just the same as not being there here. Is that the thing that., My wife and I do that’s – got to move, and I just too I have it wouldn’t want to give power to a thing, but I hate distractions like I just hate distractions and I hate weird emotions. I hate negative emotions and I hate distractions. I guess I hate when people bringing emotions I hate when was distracted with the crazy, so we have a rule that when she’s with me, the phone cannot be physically present. Like I hate it, I hate that phone. I just wrote that down on the outline of your phone down, put your phone down coeruleus, you cannot and I have my phone off, but I’m on, like you cannot have that phone cuz for her. She has the maturity dog, not hop on it when that phone rings, I’m always like Chuck. The question will come: hey such as I just call you. Should we take it and I’m like I can’t handle them. I got a Stoli irritated cuz when she picks up the phone and talk to him. There’S always drama. I don’t have drama, I do not know the drama guy, I don’t have any drama. I honestly have no ongoing dramatic situations. I don’t ever because I just don’t put up with it, but we will call them. Oh my gosh, you know Sarah said this and Carlos doing this and I just want to know: did you lift her up in prayer but secretly it’s a bad deal and there’s kids involved click and your and I’m just like? Oh, my gosh, I just got fired from his job because of the picture of the company in. Do you feel, like that’s ethical? A time is Donald Trump was saying this and I was thinking no, but I can’t do that. So any advice you want to give the tribe Nation out there cuz, you don’t even know how long have you been married now been married for 10 years and together 417. So I sit down and you stand out while you and I got really lucky and from a young age when when I was 15, my wife now was 18 at the time I was immature 4:15 and she was mature for 18. So I don’t know why she chose me, but it worked out, but basically me and business coach Jonathan kelly actually talked about this. The other day I’ve been threatening for probably a decade now to get a bracelet that just says www CD. What we can do, because I know that the answer to that question is the right thing in every single situation, and so one thing that I could have taught my younger self was like actually listen to what she saying and take the advice he devised. No just listen to it like do what she saying cuz. I know that she’s right and she’s, coming from a tapir spot in my just, have a big ego: there’s not a power thing going on.

So, just if you’re like me and you’re lucky, you have a significant other that is really on top of their life and on top of the game, just shut up and listen to him, sometimes they’re in and do what they tell you to do number 34. This is a move. If you want to see if you want to get more things done again. Hopefully you have a great marriage and get things done. Wear the same thing everyday. You can do that. I am power. You and imma give you some examples. This is from an article that was a published there in a Business Insider by Drake. Bear he writes Barack Obama’s days are packed with decisions that come from running the most powerful country on Earth. Mark Zuckerberg days are packed with decisions at the Facebook Facebook, with decisions that come from during the most powerful social network on Earth. They each we’re basically the same thing: everyday Obama, a blue or gray suit, Zuckerberg a gray t-shirt, and they do it. For the same reason, decisions as in they have to make tons of decisions all the time, there’s only so much mental energy in a given day, even if you’re, the leader of the Free World or the or a wunderkind, from from a Dropout from Harvard President Obama, Steve Jobs Zuckerberg, they all got to replace. We thought you know what it is mentally taxing for me to be asked what to wear today or even think about cuz.

It is a human. Your brand and people see you that this is my tip on on personal branding, be the same like I figured out what your style is, and it just go with that. So, if you’re going to be high fashion, High style, it freaks people out when you’re. Like always stylish and then, unlike a Tuesday, you randomly keep it super casual. It’S like it built distrust on a very deep subconscious level. You can’t figure out why they don’t trust you, but if you’re getting like a new haircut every single day and freaks people out, so I would just encourage you to find your personal brand and stick with it. Don’T encourage wearing a cape that weird do drug Deals. Deals very lucrative imprisonment by the art of getting things done and move. The final move were going to go over today’s move 35 you’re, going to automate your savings with a one-time decision to say, come on baby. Listen to this one and commit that you’re going to save set amount of money on an ongoing basis. David Bach, the best-selling author of the automatic millionaire says in fact, what determines your wealth is not how much you make, but how much you keep of what you make it. So you need to automate your savings. I as a business coach recommend that every single person today would talk to your financial advisor or go to hood CPAs and book an appointment and agree on a set amount of money. You’Re going to say that I would suggest that 5 % is where you need to start say: 5 % of every dollar you make you’ll, never need to worry about money. Again, that’s the tip! That’S my move!

That’S the systems we have. 66 moves were teaching to help you get more things done, and that was the first 35 tune in, for the next show we’re going to teach you move 36 and Beyond. As always, we have four ways we can help you at the right time. Show.Com there’s four ways: we can help you one. We have the podcast to. We have the one. I want business coaching three, we have two workshops and for we have the online school available for just a dollar for your first bus check, check check it out, and it’s always 3 2 1 BOOM


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