The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 6)

Show Notes

During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break down Moves #42 – 50 of 66 Moves included in the upcoming book, The Art of Getting Things Done. During this show Clay and Z break down the following topics and more:

How to fire people efficiently
How to go out to dinner with business contacts effectively
How to end conversations effectively
How to design your schedule to minimize your weekly commute
And much, much, more…

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Audio Transcription

Move #42
Fire people succinctly by simply stating, “It’s not working out.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You have to be responsible when you’re running an organization, and firing people who are your friends is part of that responsibility.” – Ben Horowitz (is an American Businessman, investor, blogger, and author. He is a high technology Entrepreneur and co-founder and general partner along with Marc Andreessen of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He co-founded and served as president and chief executive officer of the enterprise software company Opsware, which Hewlett-Packard acquired for $1.6 billion in cash in July 2007. Horowitz is the author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)

When it’s time to fire somebody make it happen quick and don’t sit there and attempt to get into a debate, a discussion or an ethics class with them. Simply tell them, “It’s not working out” and save the next few hours of pointless dramatic conversations that you would have just invested in them. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
Who in your business needs to be fired for not consistently not getting their job done? __________________________________________________________
Who in your business needs to be fired for having a bad attitude? ________________________________________________________________
When is the most convenient time and place for you to fire them (I love firing people on Fridays)? ________________________________________________________________

Move #43
Don’t go out to dinner with more than 6 people at a time.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.” – Benjamin Franklin (He is man that most historians consider to be one of the most intelligent men in American history, yet he did rarely attended formal classes. He spent two years of his life attending Boston Latin School and another private academy before he decided that it would be a better use of his time to join his family’s candle business and soap manufacturing business. At the age of 12 he began working a full-time apprentice for his brother James in a printing business. Benjamin went on to found the University of Pennsylvania and he actually received honorary degrees from Yale, Harvard, Oxford, the College of William and Mary and the University of St. Andrews.)

When you go out to dinner with more than 6 people you are going to experience 2 separate conversations that break out on either side of the table and nobody will connect. When Doctor Zoellner first pointed out this phenomenon to me it blew my mind how universally true it is. If you are going to attempt to connect with somebody over a meal for the purposes of business, you must not have more than 6 people involved in any meal. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
When was the last business dinner you wasted on having a meal with 7 people or meal? _________________________________________________________
When is the next business dinner you have scheduled? ____________________
Is it possible to cut that guest list down to less than 6 people? _______________

Move #44
Let people know when your conversation has to end before it starts.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin (A man who became a celebrity author while still a teenager. When his brother James started a weekly newspaper called the New England Courant in the 1720s, Benjamin began writing and send essays to the paper using the pen name of “Silence Dogood.” This character was brilliant and the people in the community loved these essays. Ben wrote 14 essays before letting the community that he was actually the now locally famous Mrs. Dogood. His brother did not like this and physically beat his brother. Benjamin, left Boston the following year to settle in Philadelphia, the city that became his new hometown for the remainder of his life.)

When you start a business conversation it’s very important to state, “Hey, I’m glad we’ve scheduled this hour to get together….” or “hey I’ve got to pick up my kids at 5, but let’s knock this out” or “hey, I saw you called and I wanted to knock this out before heading into my last meeting.” I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
Write down the “epic length quick call” people in your life that always have a way of morphing that “quick call” into a soul sucking hour of power? ______________________________
Commit right here and now to stop having rabbit-trail and long-winded conversations with these “epic length quick call” people. You shouldn’t feel like you are about to watch the movie Titanic every time you are talking to somebody.

Move #45
Design your schedule in life so that you can minimize the time you are commuting to work.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” – Tim Ferriss (He has written a number of self-help books on the “4-hour” theme, some of which have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies. He’s a man who gets things done.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.” – Thomas Jefferson (An American statesman, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He later served as the third President of the United States from 1801 to 1809. Previously, he was elected the second Vice President of the United States, serving under John Adams from 1797 to 1801.)

One of our mentors (teachers on the online school) was the first person to point out to me how much time people waste commuting to and from work which is why he lived right by Disney World when he was the Executive Vice President of Operations of the Park. My friend, if possible find a way to reduce your commute to work. Do what you have to do to get that time back. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

Can you leave to work at a different time when the roads are less busy to reduce your commute time to work? _________________________________________
Can you move closer to work to reduce your commute time to work? ________________________________________________________________
Could you move into the office (the first Walmart store manager that Sam Walton hired did this and so did Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos)? __________________

Move #46
Turn your commute to work into your mobile call center or audio self-help library.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz (The best-selling author of The Magic of Thinking Big)
If you are going to have to drive to work you might as well make your drive time productive or you might as well sell something. On my way home to work every day I am on the phone wrapping up the last calls of the day or closing a deal. On my way to work every day I am prepping my leadership team for the day and answering any questions that have about the upcoming day. You can do it. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
What is one daily phone call that you could have in the car rather than at the office? _________________________________________________________
What is a daily podcast you could listen to while driving? __________________
What is a self-help audio book or auto-biography that you could be listening to on the way home? ___________________________________________________

Move #47
Sleep less. Work more.

“By working only when you are most effective, life is both more productive and more enjoyable. It’s the perfect example of having your cake and eating it, too.” – Tim Ferriss (The best-selling author, investor and life-optimizer whose podcast The Tim Ferriss Show has over 200+ million downloaded episodes)

There is so much discussion around being a workaholic or an alcoholic, but nobody ever talks about being a sleep-a-holic and I know specifically that one out of 5 people that I hire I struggling sleep-a-holics. They have big dreams and ambitions but they lack the self-discipline needed to get up and to get things done. Now if you are allergic to coffee, I have a plan for you. Now if you are against stimulants, I have a plan for you. Now if you are into making excuses for not getting things done related to not having enough sleep but you refuse to heed the following advice, I encourage you write down all of your goals and dreams on a piece of paper before flushing that piece of paper down the toilet (because it’s not possible to be successful if you sincerely are unwilling to make a few tradeoffs during your life for the success you want). I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
How many hours of sleep do you truly need? ____________________________
How many hours of sleep are you truly getting? __________________________
What are a few schedule changes that you are willing to implement in order to have higher quality sleep when you do sleep?___________________________

FUN FACT: You will never find enough time to be successful, thus top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Thomas Edison and Matt Mullenweg often must become very creative with how they are going to find enough time during their day to get things done. Today the WordPress content management and web development platform now powers over 18% of the internet, but who developed it? The man who developed it is Matt Mullenweg. However, where did he find the time to develop this platform? As an ambitious coder motivated to change the world who found himself perpetually running out of time, he (much like Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller) decided to experiment with his sleeping patterns and he ultimately found that incorporating the Polyphasic sleep pattern into his life was the only way that he was going to find the time needed to change the world. Essentially Matt became to sleep multiple times through the day. Many researchers believe that humans are naturally bi-phasic with our sleep patterns. However, Mullenweg pushed himself to max and incorporated 6 sleeping periods into his days (with each sleeping pattern being 40 minutes long) with approximately 2 and a half hours of awake time in between each nap.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “This (the bi-phasic sleeping period) was probably one of the most productive periods of my life.” – Matt Mullenweg (The billionaire developer who developed the WordPress Platform that currently nearly 20% of the internet is built on)
FUN FACT: According to People Magazine, Matt Mullenweg’s company (Automattic – which is the company behind WordPress) is currently worth over $1.16 billion) – The Hottest Billionaire Bachelors Worth Billions – People –
FUN FACT: To hear Tim Ferriss’ interview with Matt Mullenweg visit the Four Hour Work Week Podcast at –
But, what if I am allergic to caffeine or I struggle to get myself going?
My friend, if you struggle to get yourself going in the morning I have both good and bad news for you. Here is a little secret? I also struggle with getting myself going, which is why I get myself going right away every morning by doing the following activities EVERY MORNING.

Step 1 – I listen to inspirational music to get me going in the morning.
Step 2 – I workout at 4 AM.
Step 3 – I create my to-do list before I interact with any other humans. This list sets the pace for how fast I will work during the day.
Step 4 – I attempt to stay hungry all day. For me personally I get tired after I eat and full there is a massive quantity of scientific data that shows that most people get tired after a big meal. Thus, I eat very little during the day.

By design, I have been around enormously successful for so long now, it’s almost hard for me to empathize anymore with people who are unwilling wake up early in exchange for the achievement of their dreams. However, if you worked for me and you struggled to wake up I would show you what I do every day to wake up and to get going and then I would encourage you to shut up and get moving. Don’t be a mentally weak human.

Move #48
Drink a meal replacement shake and don’t eat lunch.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar (New York Times best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker)

When you are around enormously successful people you will soon discover that the vast majority of them do not leave their office to each lunch every day because they would rather invest the 15 minute commute to their lunch, the 15 minute commute back from their lunch and the 30 minute of meal time into something more productive like selling something, getting something done, etc. Well then what is one to eat? I encourage you to slam a meal replacement shake and to move on. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
What is some food that you could bring from home every day that would allow you to not have to leave office for lunch every day? ______________________
How much time per week does going to lunch currently cost you? __________

Move #49
Don’t spend your time looking for something to watch (on TV, Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

FUN FACT: “According to their findings, about 44 percent of Americans ages 16 to 69 spend an average of 23 minutes over the course of their day trying to pick something to watch. Extrapolating that number out over the roughly 80-year lifespan of the average American makes it 474 days, or 1.3 years.” – American TV Watchers Spend Over a Year of Their Life Channel Surfing” – Danny Lewis –

Americans spend a staggering amount of time during their lifetimes looking for something to watch and this is before they invest an even more staggering amount of time watching TV. If you want to get more stuff done you need to watch MUCH LESS TV. Stop watching success stories on TV and invest your time into becoming one. Remember, as a general rule, rich people invest in big libraries and poor people invest in big TVs. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:

What hours per day are you currently watching TV or looking for something to watch on Netflix,, etc?___________________________________
What could you do with the hours that you are currently investing into watching TV?_____________________________________________________________

Move #50
Gather all of the facts and then act without gathering the opinions of everybody else.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Successful people make decisions quickly (as soon as all the facts are available) and change them very slowly (if ever). Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly, and change them often and quickly.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich and the man who President Franklin Delano Roosevelt consulted with to help to help lift America out of the Great Depression. Ever heard of “We have nothing to fear by fear itself?” Guess who wrote that? Napoleon Hill)

The more success you begin to have the more unsolicited feedback, advice and opinions you will begin to receive from others. If you begin to listen to all of the opinions from the left, center and right side of the aisle of life you will never get anything done. There is always somebody who is “very worried that you are working too much,” “somebody that is telling you that you work too much,” “somebody who looks at everything from an emotional perspective” and somebody who thinks First Lady Michelle Obama is a man and that President George Bush blew up the towers himself so that we could “get their oil.” Simply put, just gather the facts and act. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:
Who are the people in your life that are providing you with daily unsolicited feedback that is hindering your ability to get things done?____________________________________
How can you minimize the number of people you have to run your decisions by before making life decisions that impact your overall quality of life and your ability to get things done? ________________________________________________________________

Welcome back to the Thrive time business coach show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, I’m the co-host with the most and typically I am joined here on this show with the man the myth and the legend. It is the guy has been helping Tulsa to See 20/20 for over 25 years, almost 26 years. It’S dr., Robert zoellner, sir. How are you my stomach? Hurts your stomach hurts the problem with going trick or treating is people give you a bunch of candy and then then you feel like you’re obligated to eat it. That’S right, that’s how it works. So I’ve been on it kind of a candy binge the last 24 hours. I think I’m going to walk the streets, I’m go door-to-door when I believe me, like kind of big, be trick-or-treating, but I mean hey, it’s you need to think about the time spent and the can you get me to no brainer in it. With the only ask your what’s your favorite kind of candy here for that you know cuz, it’s either you get in today, after everybody’s kind of you know, we’ve got just tons of candy, no more candy bars in Snickers man. That’S that’s the deal at the gym. We don’t you do as a parent. I want to ask you, I was there, you can come clean on the air here. Did you ever wake? Let your kids go to bed and when they were asleep, and you were going there and just take all the really good stuff that got to move of yours or what woke me to do.

Did you ever know take candy from your kids Halloween funny? You say that because you can YouTube it or look at it, they have the the Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel, where he does that we ate all the candy you right beds for the kids, it’s kind of was me, but it’s pretty funny. There was any of those. I have not yet will Jimmy Kimmel does, every Halloween does, is he doesn’t deal with, parents will send and it will do is a film them telling their child that they ate all their candy the day or two after the children. Mostly just have these complete meltdown. So you know it’s kind of funny, but almost tad bit me as a kid I mean: that’s all American candy, that’s all that matters, but I would ask him for some: you know where they went. Trick-Or-Treating and I’d be like hey yeah, I’m going to share some of the good you know, but I would never going to sneak it. You don’t sneak it. I have friends that literally they would rational candy out and they would have it a year later. We would be going out the last bit of the last year. I don’t I don’t. I mean when I was a kid that, and you know never lasted, can I eat. Can I share with you a funny story that happened here over the weekend at the Steve Martin Ey as a entrepreneur of any kind, you got to be the Catalyst in your own business to get stuff done right through teaching you the art of getting things done, how to become that Catalyst to move 46. We talked about it. We talked about going to hammer home. You want to turn your commute to work into your mobile call, center or self-help audio library, it’s so powerful when you turn off the negativity and turn on the positivity. That’S what we do. This radio show every day because David Schwartz, the best selling author of The Magic of thinking, big, says the mind is what the mind is fed interesting. Why are driving around if you’re struggling to find time to listen to sermons or audio books, autobiographies or podcast Z? There’S no better time to do it, then, on the way to work.

Yeah, that’s how you can actually turn that driving to very effective you learning time and let people do you know if you know the words to every hip hop songs out there. Currently, in the top 40 yeah, you probably could be spending that time. You know learning something else. Are you saying that my vast knowledge of 1990s nelly songs is not going to benefit me in the future? When you would you would you would you would write out all the lyrics to try to deep diving with a man? Did you hear in that phase of your life or your? You know I’m going to help my younger self, oh yeah. I know that’s so funny. Driving from Bartlesville a lot to your different to your different CPA offices, what do you like to do when you’re driving, I mean, do you like to listen to audio? Do you make calls typically, do you just kind of keep it quiet, kind of focus or what? What do you do what your routine look like when you’re in the car for an hour at a time? What a time? Well, what I do every time is I plug in my phone and listen to a book, and you know audible of right now, I’m listening to winning just finished up. Listening to it looks great. Just finished, listening to start with wine and here’s. My problem is, I got to figure out that the book is coming through my phone, I like to take notes. You know just found in somebody will say something I like that I can use that later. So sometimes you know, I think I need a second recording device. Why not? You know you got your phone and I’m typing in notes on my phone and I’m not one of those one-handed typers and send it to me when you can talk. You know you’re talking, notes and I’ll hit pause and talking into my phone and do it that way. That’S a move or when my wife’s with me I’ll, say, Vanessa, take the wheel and then I’ll take some notes. Everwhite you ever even drive. I don’t know why. I mean seriously: it’s not a good thing. Anybody has ever had to pass by the Hummer this week I got honked at quite a bit and all the Justified. I apologize. If you see a Kim jeong-hoon Hummer headed your way. Just running fits and drivers Tulsa, I’m just tell her, I’m so sorry about the way I drive, I might have to click like a business coach and a horrible horrible driver stay too, and no back to the business coach. Radio show that taught John Madden. The word boom, I mean, there’s a lot of places.

You could be every time in a place like this if they want to be in a funny places. This is one of those funny places, for the other place is not what I wanted to be was in the funny play some wow boom boom, John mad, the inventor of the word boom John. We we appreciate you for coming up with the word boom mo-47 as we’re talking about the art of getting things done. I want to get everybody’s taken. The summit tip the subject know what I’m going to do. Is I’m just going to take copious amounts of notes, because I want to hear what you guys have to say about this? I’m going to start with you, business coach , coach Calvert still go to see double, go to Paul Hood, cuz you’re, all entrepreneurs you’ve all had success. I want to get your take on this move. 47. Sleep less work more now that so many people say: oh my gosh you’re a workaholic, but no one ever says to them. Oh my gosh you’re, asleep a holic. Everyone says: oh, my gosh you’re! So ambitious you just all you care about. Is it work, but no one says: maybe you should not eat anymore. So there’s no one ever says these things, but it’s always it’s a very easy to attack Workaholics. I hear I see this all the time because very few people that know the grind level needed to produce a big success in business. There’S a lot of people pile onto and even goes to the office on Saturdays. But yet that’s how success is built. So I want to get your take on this because it allowed at there’s a lot of hate.

There’s a lot of hate for the workaholic. You hear a lot of people attack people that work really hard to hear it a lot. So I’mma start with you coach Calvert. When do you find time to get it all in and end in sleep, less work more and how much sleep do you do you need at this point in life? Oh there’s a couple things I did want to things. I did was, I did to study him Proverbs. I wrote down 15 verses and right talks about sleep and slackness and all those kinds is such a serious subject, with people being lazy that God put in the Bible in a bunch of places. One of the things I did was I make sure that I’m getting up in time to get my things done, so I make a schedule before I get out the night before so you make a schedule before you go to bed every night. I make a schedule and I’ve got it on my list of things to do, love it, and I make sure that I get those things done every day when you need to do to get stuff done now. I want to get your take on that. I mean how much sleep do you need your guy likes to be rested? How much sleep do you need and have you ever been may be called a workaholic? My friend I have, and I try to get a full night’s sleep for me. That’S so you know you were between seven and eight hours and people go in. For me, it’s not sleeping less because you need sleep at some point. You don’t have a diagnostic Sleep Center in a DME medical company, where we do CPAP machine for sleep, apnea and stinky such a powerful thing, the body it’s so necessary for the body know not everybody needs the same amount because what’s happening is if you’re, not sleeping?

Why do people sleep so much? Because I’m not sleeping well, okay, question here, because you said you like to sleep a full night sleep and you just said 7 hours. You also said that you have a diagnostic sleep center right, there’s a lot of people I mean. I mean this is an epidemic. I bet you one out of three one of the four people I meet an employee who can’t get their work done I’ll, go away. How are you not getting it done and we’ll go well. I I was sleeping you’ll find out they’re sleeping like a polar bear. These people are sleeping like 1213 hours a day. I hear this all the time diagnostic Sleep Center. What everybody? It’S it’s, not the amount, here’s the here’s, the kicker! It’S not the number of hours of sleep, it’s the quality of the sleep that you’re having during those hours. Okay, so some non business coach people are in bed a long time they think they’re asleep, but you don’t get down to the Ram or the real productive sleep. Well, a lot of people never get down to that, so they wake up and went out. I was just asleep or 10 hours better. I feel like I didn’t even get any rest and what’s going on there we’re not getting the quality sleep in the other way. You can find to get a diagnostic sleep test and I didn’t hope you had a fantastic sleep test. Yeah I found out that I was getting one or two hours a night of their local sleep right. So I was tired all the time. That’S why I tried something for you. They help you out. I actually use your CPAC, it’s a life-changing move. So what around? What I’m saying is is that sleep is such an important thing and it’s kind of we can throw it out there. You don’t sleep less work more, that’s it’s cute! We we say that, and we really mean to that, were what we mean is lay in bed. Unless you’re, not getting quality, sleep go, get it tested now. This is where I want to. I want to bring this up because I know I’m not trying to argue with his all and I’m trying to push the limits going on.

Okay, Thomas Edison and Matt mullenweg, who invented crazy steps of Thomas Edison, invented the lightbulb recorded video, recording, audio and Elon Musk. Obviously SpaceX the Rockets, you know the PayPal and then Matt mullenweg he’s the guy who invented WordPress and he’s not worth several billion dollars, and these guys did this thing – business coach Z called biphasic sleeping. I want to get your take on this, but this is where they would actually sleep, 6 periods a day, so what they would do if they would work and then they would take like a nap and then get back up and it that was their whole.

That’s how I got it done and all the way it was funny, but he’s interviewing on the Tim Ferriss podcast, for you can hear him talking about his Google Matt mullenweg in the 4-Hour workweek and him talked about it, but he says it was the most productive. He says it was probably the most productive beards, my life, but it’s not conducive to a relationship. So I want to ask you because you know the health of the situation to you know that help. You know what the body needs. You talked about rapid eye movement, so you know the health trade talk to me about again. Just for somebody cuz, there’s two different extremes. Listen to this show will you sleep like 3 hours a day and that’s not good there’s. Somebody else is sleeping, like 12 hours, then write the book not go through what we are there, but there was extreme depends on the age. You know when you’re, an infant when your child and your teenager, you know we need more sleep when you can. This is from the national sleep Foundation, okay, and it when your when your infant, you need a app to make 14 17 hours of sleep and child 12 to 15, but as an adult, the lowest, it ever goes at 7 to 8. So you wouldn’t recommend wake it up my infant child and have them get back on the phones in the call center.

No but slacker go get him and get him someone that dinner together I mean we need a review of the shoes and all that we are all make the soccer balls is that if you find yourself tired, if you find yourself where you’re having to oversleep more Than seven or eight hours always kind of tired – and you probably need to sleep study, because when you sleep that hard to sleep just like coach says here when you, when you finally get that good night’s rest, it’s a game-changer, my wife made me go there. You go my wife made me go because she would wake up. She would stay awake up all night, because she’d hear me gasping for air, I’m about 30 to 45. Stop. Did you know that no idea, but will Year you and your sleep center professional sleep with me? Yes, we will sleep when we come back. I want to hear you share how you find time to get done, what you get done, cuz you work out too. So your guy loves working out. You love getting stuff done.

You have thousands of business coach clients at Hood I really want a deep dive into how you do it on a daily basis, because I know this is going to help buddy out, but before we do that, you have a gift you’re, giving away to all the listeners. What are you giving away my friend copy of Warren Buffett snowball, but go to my website Hood fill out. The form will get a ride out to you. You got to read this book. Alright Drive Bays. You heard of here go to hood To claim your book in the meantime before they come back with the break of DriveTime And subscribe to the world’s most effective business podcast, it doesn’t show on the radio. I’M a business coach live local. Is that part time show call dr. Zaid sarsam on now. It’S coming soon, the Christmas party. I can’t wait to see you challenge the young whippersnappers. It’S on like Donkey Kong, every once awhile you get a young employee. You got a member of your team this year. I think one of our business coaches, Andy matheran. He or his wife Shalom may think they could beat you in the dance competition.. I can say objectively there’s 2 things I now one who’s paying for the party doctors in the dance contest with an objective in Venezuela. It’S like a 97 % approval rating kind of, like you know the Kim Jong-un Regina, how many of you think doctors?

They should win tonight’s dance contest in 6 years in a row. Psychological injuries ones that are are Phantom injuries, were you can’t prove it, but we know you well enough to know tell by the way I’m moving that they’re, obviously something’s amiss extremely athletic. Coming to the table get a vision, one athlete his wife’s, a phenomenal dancer. I just feel like it’s going to get to a level where this year and you look crazy, they’re going to lose by 2 points. Well, you’re, probably right – and you know my biggest competition here of late is: is the young bull, my son? Is it a dancing anomaly it? It really brings everyone else down by comparison that go fast, but I was just so he’s an Intimidator exactly when you realize a son can whoop you, you know yeah. I mean it’s going to happen because he’s just a beast of a man cuz, I’m going to cheat there, you go but there’s that comes that tie and – and I don’t know if it’s psychological and a young man – you let you know your dad, I mean there’s There comes a time to take. I think I could take him out, but you know what you think of you. I think I could take another comes that time when you think you can make the transition now. My dad got arrested so past two years ago and he’s an ex-marine and I never thought that Nicki Minaj to bring the room up and down I’m really I’m a business coach thermostat. You are we’re talking about 47 sleep, less work more. What’S the balance, my friend? How do you manage thousands of clients, multiple practices, staying in shape, staying married being a father to your kids? How do you do it just like anything else in life, and I also agree with dr. Z. You know when I lay down. I burn 5 minutes I’m out and I think part of that is you.

You wear yourself out mentally you wear yourself out physically and in the best feeling is, is falling. You know I don’t member, you said about falling on the battlefield exhausted Victorious, so you know I I like to push and push and push in and be the efficient. I got up 5 because I had a 68627 phone call had a 7:30 appointment in Owasso Friday. I got up at 4:30 because I had to be here for our our workshop and said 7 a.m. Saturday. I got up at 3:30 in the morning to go in and work on, some radio show stuff and Sunday. I got up at 7 and did 9 miles and then went to church colored picture that 9 miles on it. First looked at a map know I walk and run. You know them 50, so I don’t run as much but I’ll run that you know a third of it or so and then walk the rest of it. And then you know today I slept and I didn’t get up till 6 a.m. but yeah I got it worked out this way out of town for an hour and then headed this way. So you have to be delivered and I can I don’t know what you guys, but there are plenty of times at least half the time I wake up. The I look up with the clock is: oh, my gosh. I just want to sleep in. I don’t want to exercise, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do that, but you know you make yourself get up as part of the bottom part of being proud of yourself. So I think he’s got to push and be proud of yourself and focus on what you’re going to feel like afterwards playing every single day to beat the little demons. In my mind that want to stay asleep step one every single day. I listen to inspirational music to get me going soon as I wake up and it is loud and it’s in the man cave and think my incredible wife. Let me have my old man cave, but it is allowed. Every morning I mean it’s awesome, then I’ll go work out right away. That’S what I’ll do with what music are you listening to music inspiration, inspirational to you, I’m listening to a song called Madness by The Muse, and I just love the song. It’S awesome and it’s like cranked up. I got a big old subwoofers didn’t wake up your family, don’t even care! I’M just kidding there. They’re upstairs. I can hear it so heavy remember when you come pick up Vanessa and she was working there at my optometry clinic over on Memorial weekend here you coming from like 3 blocks away you I don’t know what I don’t know how I was physically Windows, restart to Shake me like, oh here, comes play to get Vanessa, I mean the thing. Is a seismic activity?

People talk about fracking fracking, oh my gosh fracking started this trimmers in earthquakes. There’S a lot of business coach science behind that in a little bit Virginia to remember that they they need dr. Zellner click Clark pick up his wife days, the seismic activity on 65th and Memorial out the very Earth the people at Taco Bueno couldn’t get a decent meal. You know I got to order in the Drive-Thru now you said what I’m saying is. I think what you think is loud at this is may be different than what other people think is. When am I chance to decide not to I like to make my to-do list before I see other humans, I love that my to do list written committed on paper, I’m going to get it done before. I see other people and it. Finally, I attempt to stay hungry all day and I just I have found if I eat, I will go to sleep, so I just want to stay hungry all day. I can’t stand that. I really can’t stand. It just stresses me out a little bit, so I get tired, I’m kind of like lethargic. You know just something I don’t know. I couldn’t remember 4848, consider drinking a meal replacement, shake and don’t eat lunch. If you really are struggling to find a half hour z, I know a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have yet to build a big team, and you are literally the only person there and you’re not quite to the revenue level where you can hire somebody or Maybe you can hire another somebody and see if you ever had or you just drink like a meal replacement, shake and get back after it seems more patients back in the day when you were first starting your optometry clinic and then or you know you, I had Some local restaurants over buffet style, so you can literally just walk in grab a plate, eat and then boom you be out of there and I mean to be out of there.

Give me give me there and back and say: 30 minutes. You know I am not hear my doctors, I said: listen, I’m going to tell you get an hour for lunch, but you know not. Every day I mean, there’s gon na be some days that you don’t have an hour for lunch and then the other movies is that sometimes you’re so busy. What I’ll do is I’ll bring a business coach lunch in microwave, it’s cold crush a protein shake or something instead of having a meal yeah. I do it a lot. In fact, I would keep protein bars in my in my briefcase and then I would just eat a protein bar. Do that, or are you committed to going out for every single meal? No idea it depends on where I’m at when I’m off this, I’m in you know when I’m in Bartlesville that I’ve got kids and he’s poor and broke, and he always says hey Dad. What’S for lunch, I got to go to lunch with him, but when I’m in Tulsa or whatever I’m going to keep him healthy, but when I’m in Tulsa or breakfast or something on the way and skip lunch hours in a day. But what are we getting done? Everyday, that really is what we’re talking about today, the art of getting things done. We come back. It’S move. Number 49, move number 49. How do you get more stuff to? How can you find the extra time? How can you do it? It’S a trap.

ThriveTime show on your radio, I’m a business coach stay too, and now back to the only business coach radio show that can teach you how to kill two stones with one bird specs on the end line for the rotary girder, I’m retarded alright z. We can see if you can go ahead and show the demonstration your. How can we kill two birds with will kill, kill two stones with one bird? What’S a good step number one, how can you kill the to do you need to get a Stones? A metaphor for something because of stone, I don’t think by definition is alive. Can you kill well, these are Rosetta. Is that a thing I don’t know, I’ve got fish tanks and they call that live rock. So is that something looky there wow was. He were talking today about getting stuff done, so I bore down time to clean a fish tank right, so you know what to spend your time. Looking for something to watch example, there was a Smith still in the Smithsonian Institute study they did and they found that 44 % of Americans ages 16 to 69 are spitting 23 hours every day. Looking for something to watch before they watch the something that hours or minutes, this is a 23 minutes 24 hours, I’m a bad person, 23 minutes over the course of their day. When did you add that up that’s 1.3 years of their 75 years old, its 175th of their life is spent looking for something to watch, I’m even watching the things he but looking for something to watch Z help us stop the Jackass

3. How do you watch TV what’s too because you’re, a guy you like watching TV watch Game of Thrones? Are you watch a sporting event or how do you not just perfect, purposely drift around or do you mean? Are you spending your two years of your life flipping through the boob tube there? Now I don’t and it’s it’s one of those things where it’s almost like an addiction near the screens of just it’s almost become my car and addictive behavior. You nice to people that can’t take her eyes out there they’re their smartphones, which is now like a computer screen. You know they’re like little mini computers on the run around with and then when people get home. This automatically turn on the TV. What what’s there to watch when am I going to do? I want to veg out I want to. I want to watch Netflix want to do this. My friends tell me about this: show how do I find it, and you know what you’re watching 5 hours a day and spending 23 business coach minutes to figure out with the 5 hours you going to spend to watch. I mean come on folks that just burning through a lot of your day, you could have you get a lot done in that amount of time. I mean you know faris’s book 4 hours. It’S like you could be a lot more productive with your life and that’s what we’re here to help you do and that way so many people out there kind of that victim mentality. Clay was like, I didn’t get something done because XYZ and yet you got up, you can put yourself governor on you got to limit that everyone has a right. I’M just do what you call a workaholic, I’m asleep hard, I’m a victim or make excuses. You just have to exit the success kit excuses, not cut Moon number. 50. This is the final move I want to hit on today because it was powerful and I know nobody who does this move better than doctors that I see. Cuz. He did all the time. I’M very impressed with this. This is something I’ve seen him do in been close to person. I watched you from afar. I’Ve seen the results. This is, you gather all the facts and then you act without Gathering the opinions of everybody else. So 2.0 best-selling. Author of Think and Grow Rich. He says successful people make decisions quickly as soon as they have all the facts and then change them slowly. If ever unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and then they just change them often and quickly. Susie walk me through the process of you, but stay in your business coach office again that we can go back to a situation.

We talked about earlier. You’Ve got someone your office and you’re pretty sure they’re, taking advantage of you you’re, pretty sure they’re doing something. Shady okay they’re, not there they’re taking customers from me from the auto accident. So you give you see in there working both sides are trying to steal the client on your payroll, you’re being disingenuous, and you can feel like you kind of know and walk me through. I mean: how do you do a laser strike? How do you know what your process of gathering all the facts before you choose this? This is a real situation that happened to you. Well, yeah, that’s what you do you get the pack by calling you to the customers, I mean you, you can go round about, but you have to get the facts in the here says. One thing I just will not tolerate you want people are talking about gossip and hearsay. It just drives me crazy, because I’ll tell them in a very kind way. Please don’t please don’t talk like that. Please don’t you know, Billy heard someone say the other day. You know four five steps away, even two steps away. If you didn’t, if you didn’t witness it then keep your mouth shut. It’S a lot of times, I’m when I’m getting the fact you’re, really not getting a fight. You’Re, getting someone’s with a here say that they thought they heard. This is very wise. This is where is it younger guy? You know, you probably had a situation was younger and younger entrepreneur or somebody says. I definitely know that this is happening, and maybe you didn’t have that wisdom, yet you know to know it now and now it’s you, don’t even listen to it. Unless someone’s her directly, I mean I’ve noticed you do that. So this is a powerful move it if you base your moves, your decisions on here say you don’t be wrong and you have time and then does egg on your face and looks horrible and people are looking for good leadership. People looking for people that it can be decisive, make a decision until you get the fax your shooting in the dark shooting at are here, shooting in the dark, your naked shooting in the dark in your inner intoxicant. If you’re you’re on the cruise ship, Seven Margaritas in your look limbo – and you can’t touch your toes – this house you’re not even on a cruise.

The gossip and hearsay – and you cannot make decisions in your business based on those – you cannot do it. It damages the reputation, it damages your image in the side of your employees, and so you have to get to the facts. You have to find the person that witnessed it. You have to find the person that knows firsthand, and so sometimes I was around come full conversations, much easier easier to talk to someone who can over her cuz they’re, not directly involved in it. I heard Billy and see him at the cooler in the. I think I think Billy was saying this and Sam said that, and I think you don’t think Billy stealing clients. Absolutely I really think so. You know I mean I’m not coming. I don’t want to get in trouble and don’t tell Billy. I said that he don’t say anything in common else. Can I come to you with this? You know when you’re like no nope, it’s affecting my business, I’m going to call Billy and it talked to him and I’m getting all wet and if your name comes up – and we don’t have anything to hide around here, okay – and so I take white folks, you’ve Got to make sure you get the fax, but once you get them, you have me the size of a make that decision and I’ve been I’m here for a lot of people at a real real clients. You know I talk to them directly, something up some rumors. Those were saying it Paul Hood might be Tulsa’s number one CPA. How do you troubleshoot? How do you bleed hear Paul me? A lot of you are saying you know this guy does a great job. I’Ve heard he does a great job. Give us some facts. How do we know that you are in fact Tulsa number one CPA and business coach client, because you – and I say it – I mean it on the tree of somebody’s, giving me advice for they want to. They want to give me their opinion. You know, because I think you really should seek advice from people that have something. Do you want a business coach of physical fitness coach? You know tax and financial advisor. I think we did a really good job. What I can say is we’re getting better. We do better every day and so just called and got our website which get Warren Buffett’s book and you’ll see who to get some advice from waste time. We don’t want to act off of here, saying gossip. How do you plead my friend? Are you? Are you guys actually going over there that just a rumor, but first we want to prove it to him. We want them to come in for you and try it out, and then we will will prove to him that we can teach their kid. We can train their kid. We can help their kids develop confidence that toughness become Fearless all those different kinds of things. So if you are looking for a basketball coach to train your kids go to score baseball, but that first free less another Jersey, we have four ways we like to serve for way: the Thrive Community. We have four ways all accessible through DriveTime, Thrive time Somebody says I don’t have a piece of paper or pencil, just calm down, calm down with this time. Show.Com then there’s four ways: we can help you right there we have the podcast. Does he? Why would someone a subscribe to the podcast? What you don’t miss any of the shows you the nice thing about it. Every show we do if you don’t catch it live. You can listen to his podcast like we talked about your driving you’re out running your exercising even something podcast for a great way to continue feeding that mind with good stuff see. Why would anybody want one on one business?

Business Coach], you want you all to know what you don’t win the who you going to call when you get the Ghostbusters I mean when you got to have that call when you want someone that you can say one-on-one with Chehalis and hold me accountable and Coach me Up, that’s, we are that that’s what we got for that online business for the first month of 1999, each month thereafter and finally, we have the business coach, 2 days, 15 hours of power for you to devour everything you ever needed to know about starting or growing A successful business book your tickets today at Thrive time, should I come. My name is Clay Clark. How does this coach is always free to 100? Who you going to call business coach?


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