The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 8) – Hour 2

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Are you having trouble getting things done? Learn from business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner the secret moves to how to get more done in a day.

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Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business coach school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, the word America, alright Drive Nation, we’re talking about the art of getting things done on today’s broadcast of the Thrive time show presented to you by The good Folks at Scripps radio, if you have to subscribe to the podcast, just go to going to podcast in this. Just in it’s free, it’s free! I don’t care if it’s we archive each and every broadcast, she’ll, never miss an episode. Number 60! Don’T chase new ideas and businesses until you are currently succeeding with your first idea or business. This is a huge issue. Robert, your business coach. You work with clients, help them get out of the psychosis of the chasing. The new idea break it down my friend. So here’s kind of the deal and entrepreneurs they’re very zealous people write a creative, they seize opportunities and what can tend to happen is a lot of people see a new idea and they begin chasing it and going after it, and then they get tired of the Idea and then a new idea comes along, and so they move away from the idea. They had no idea and the cycle continues and then there is no ideas, never building on the idea that they originally have can I buy I want to. I want to make sure you’re getting this here.

You know aspiring entrepreneurs lovers, car buyers, they always love the new one. They love their new girlfriend in her incredible, laugh and the way she walks. Oh, oh, they love their new car in the blasty blast. They have hobbit inside of it. They have that new fabulous. If you sniff smell of a new car – oh yes, they love their newest business idea and they’re in their mind and in their mind that they never you know they. They never minded their their their new they’re, all businesses barely surviving or that they just left a marriage and kids. This is gamblers mindset to chronically chasing new ideas and new people. New things is going to leave you with a trail of upset, stepchildren, bitter Partners, massive car payments and biscuits cycle of futility, and I would challenge you here right now to get a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions. In what way have you made me know what your friend next to your car also gets great car? I get it okay. In what way have you been guilty of chasing the new idea, the new business or the new something cuz you want to come in here and now to stop chasing new ideas until you execute your business coach current ideas, I’m going to give example when I started dating Vanessa In college she was, and is at the time I was infatuated. Infatuation is where you have this, you go man she’s gorgeous. I don’t know her. I want to discover her. I want to get it on answer. What we were used to do is we would go there. Was The Prayer Tower or use prayer time and a half to turn off the display example in Spanish, one behind the building, where it’s kind of dark? You can see that one by you talking about lrc resource center right, the big building and there’s a talking about really did Vanessa back there and we would just we would like like Mills Lane. We can get it on the back. So I will do thanks. Just repetitive back there behind, because we don’t like prayer and worship, I would lay hands on her Bible study and yes, the demons and my demons. I mean I’m not going to sell what did he get married and I had the rule. I called at my daily Duty and my daily Duty was to just let you feel like that. I still need something for focus. Is that a lot of my buddies? Nobody calls me up. He says here’s the deal, here’s the deal. Do you want to go out tonight go out tonight and I saw you going to the summit Club. I said who’s going well me and my Google. Now I see why isn’t your wife going? You know you have 5 kids, you know how it is around here. All the time – and he goes out true story and he creates a child and he calls me up and says man, I just screwed up – and this happened to the you put yourself in that position by going out with other dude, I don’t hate you, God forgives You but the issue is you going out with other women?

That’s the problem and the root of it. Is it you and me everybody? We all want new thinks. We all want a new, it’s exciting, it’s a new, I get it, but you can’t do that. What the same guy and his career, he was working at the same job for a long time to financial advisor. Doing very well he’s been there about 4 years, and you know that you’re an attorney. How long have you been an attorney here in in how have you been practicing as it as an attorney West a little over a decade? Okay, I’m practicing this whole time, you’re at Winters and king of Italy, for looking for an attorney, and you need to find an attorney before you need one by the way go to Winters But West Carter is my attorney. Now, where is an attorney talk to him? How long do you have to sow seeds as an attorney before you begin to generate referral business and in a place where your practice is growing tremendously, because one you’re part of a proven firm and you guys represent some of the top? The people abuse go to Winters and check it out when you guys have worked with Joel Osteen and TD Jakes many big names.

But how long does it take you to really generate that respect that tradition, That Word of Mouth every time of years? So is it when you start talking about nobody wants to pay a twenty-two-year-old 25 year old, an hour to tell you what to do is when you get the pic. I was talking about my hair move. His suits Black 2526 start getting salt and pepper. They would die there yet who died, blacks out. They didn’t want to look young, they want to look young and, I would say, no cold. Cuz people pay me because if I look old but I didn’t do it, I was going to do it cuz the speaker. I was I sold my first business was 27 years old, so I don’t know I haven’t had to work and since I was 27 years old since I’ve been retired guy – and I told Vanessa Mike – I just want to dye my hair grey eyes. Are you kidding me, I don’t know cuz like it’s, my speak. People don’t argue that stick man this guy and then you guys you probably to law school with. I bet you at some point, some guys. You know they jump ship because it’s too hard going. The clientele and now they’re doing they just switched to a new industry. I mean literally half the people. I graduated in my class in law. School are no longer practicing attorney insurance or car sales, starting with the ology Majors. By the way people love to switch, and so I’m just telling you right now, if you’re listening to the business coach show – and you are somebody who signed up for things like being a father like being a husband like being a business owner, you’ve got to come it. Would you know when you don’t commit people are with people, know you’re on the verge of quitting. You can’t have me Eric chop. You worked with me for a couple years now it wouldn’t you like not want to work for somebody who you thought might quit that doesn’t inspire a much confidence in your work day right.

What percentage is a good job right at what ways do you know that, like you’re, just saying you don’t have to do this like you’re, not you’re, not doing it to put food on the Family Table you doing this because you didn’t have these resources doctors down There didn’t have these resources and you now have the opportunity to build a team and and push this thing for that help. People, if that were just like you, when you were going up in bootstrap in your purse, maybe he’s what’s crazy, is crazy when it gets a little rich quick scheme, encourage you to look up proverbs 13:11. It talks. It warns you Proverbs 13:11 of the dangers of looking for the get-rich-quick, the new idea to adhere. I just want to add one one saying that I hear you tell clients all the time it doesn’t have to be fruitful and multiply. Stay focused focused on that and then multiply multiply is a business business. Proper note in Redmond is Robert Redman’s. Father he’s also been featured in 21. Irrefutable laws of leadership – if you don’t know who Tim Redmond is get yourself a copy of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. Read that book and then you will see the notable quotable from 10:16 until you nail it. Someone just said Western Montana: He was a quarterback for the 49ers. Arguably the best quarterback of all time, and now Tom Brady is the goat. We move on Rogers scale it until you nail it break it down. What does this mean? What does it mean from your perspective as a business? Is here and actually wrote on my notes and move 16? A Latin? I see you move 61, don’t scale until you nail it in the concept. Is you don’t want to try to scale whatever you’re doing you don’t want to try to grow your business and tell you really nail it first, so you really nail that core competency that thing that you can deliver consistent, high quality results, whatever service or product. You have again and again and then even further, you don’t want to move on to another business, reiterate the move 60 and tell you first nail your first one. I know dr. zoellner, you know he didn’t really move on to a lot of this other businesses. He has a bunch of different businesses: the auto auction dr. Z’s Sleep Center, A to Z, medical he’s, a CEO of Zoellner Optometry and that allowed Jail at the other areas for years working a week trip 7 days a week for straight, he was able to Nail it and then he’s going to agree with everything you just said when you’re saying grow and scale out.

What I want to say is you don’t want to delegate these tasks that only you can do these important task checklist Bjorn? Well, I’m going to have Amanda make the script. You can’t have a man to make the scripture. He always sucks. Curtis Tucker job last night couldn’t hear about as much as you do. You want to open up their location number three other business before location to is profitable. I mean other entrepreneurs who want a franchisor proven system, but it’s not losing money. So when we come back we’re to talk about how hard it is to franchise, a business, cuz elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge, where the process of franchising it and I’ve been asked for at least 2 years – hey man – I want to franchise that he can. I franchise that wasn’t franchising is very detailed and I am good conscience. I can’t franchisee, I can’t sell you a franchise to a business, that’s not scaled an elephant. The room is very close to franchising, but we have to nail or software, and I were making tons of changes to the software right now to make it absolutely perfect, because you have to nail it before you scale subscribe to the business coach podcast you’re missing out going to Subscribe that podcast, it’s a hundred percent free State coach – hey you make me feel your American ISM and listen to the Thrive time show me the number for Walmart in Johnston. Everyday things are going to start happening to me now. Alright, right now, as you were, walking back to the conversation, is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. The former us sba entrepreneur of the Year and business coach broadcasting from the Left Coast of the beautiful Arkansas River, celebrating your ability to start a successful business every single day. And I want to brag on a client right here and right now and I demand the Eric Chuck business Coach bags on a client as well, because he has so many client Winds of his clients are just winning consistently growing having success. I’M going to start first, but you can see what the story is: the name of Ryan story, how he went to Raymond and he’s married to Lady by the name of Rachel, Rachel and regular people, and he trains dogs turn it up. Good train dogs, Rottweilers. I don’t know how many people listen to the show right now they have a business, but you have a business. If I ask you to guess what kind of gross revenue they can produce on a weekly basis, training dogs – I want. I want you to take a guess: tribe Nation. You can email me info at 3:15.. Com want you to guess, and if, with the number that I tell you it’s higher than what you gross per week, you might just want to license this business because for ,000 you can actually license and or buy their star proven system now and open up one. In your city to bring in more Revenue than most doctors, I’ve worked with most chiropractors, most dentists. Most they spend a week a week, so they spend a week on Advertising total how much gross revenue could they produce Robert?

I want you to take a guess and if you already know you can just say no, I have to wait. I have to plead the 5th, but how much money do they get a week of advertising? I have to plead the 5th, but if I didn’t know this, I would guess probably like ,000 a week to spend a week on Advertising. Do you know that I have to plead the 5th class in my class at Raymond, so I’ve known as the ,000 a week of Revenue, doll, training dogs dollars a week a week and bring in ,000 of gross revenue in the operating a 40 % profit margin? You would be going home with ,000 ,000 a week you put 300 into the machine, 30000 comes out to be a backup player on the Rams is like. I never see the field, but I do see ,000 money. Signs of these guys are rocking it and they have the coachability, the humility, the they have the belief that they don’t make sense. We just need a little bit of coaching and we work with them, and I can’t I didn’t spend any time working with them on how to train dogs. I just hope them system. I said you didn’t go out there and in train dogs yourself Edition by the train.. I did go out with hand puppets on the first day and I’m trying to help them system, as I pulled out of his Cranium what he knew, help him turn it into systems. We build a website got him. The top of Google we’ve done, reviews we’ve done. Facebook ads you didn’t search engine, optimization marketing, retargeting ads a lot of things their business coach didn’t do previously, but they’re absolutely dominating Eric. What is one of your clients went to brag on you work with you. Just you just want to shout out to Long Lake Resort in Poteau Mountain Home of the world’s tallest hill. Oh come on. Are you serious wow these guys they have a resort Long Lake Resort they’ve got a couple Lakes out there. It’S a beautiful place. I’Ve been down there, they had a record-setting July August September and October this year, and I’ve also one cool thing. I thought happened is they they? Somebody tried to poach him a couple different SEO search engine. Optimization companies tried to poach him, come in and get their business, and so they went and did some reports and they came back and said: actually you guys are in really good shape.

I don’t think there’s anything anyway. We can help you out and have a great service they just needed to get that online marketing presents now we talked a little bit before the break about how hard it is to mail it before you scale it so the elephant in the room this week. I don’t have the notes in front of have it on my counter out there, but we have, I think, 12 or 13 softer that airs the company’s doing a good job but 12 or 13 software issues. I need to fix I’ll give an example. If you coming to get your hair cut your first haircut and we have about a 2 % air rate, 3 % error rate, which means that if we cut your hair at 33 *, a human who cut your hair might make an air want. One time for your first haircut close to 5000 members, things are good, but the software needs to allow me to give you a hundred percent refund. If we make a mistake and right now when we say refund, it’s it’s too complicated to the front desk person to do it because they have to then talk to the manager and it’s too complex. Also, when you get your haircut, we want to build a save your notes. If you said, I want a 2 razor here with a boom boom boom and I want a faux hawk with a boy and we want to save the notes with your file so that every time you come, you don’t have to re-educate The Stylist that what you Want we can save the notes we can set up your membership, but there’s certain complexities and really try to make it more simple to use is the is the great complexities seamless? So Sir Isaac Newton would say if he was here. This is notable quotable from Sir Isaac Newton. He says truth is ever to be found in Simplicity and not in multiplicity and confusion of things. So I’m asking you right now today. In what ways does your business system have to improve before you can scale it? What goals are met your metrics of success? Will you have to see you before? You know that it’s time to scale the business, don’t move 62, don’t Network at events where potential clients are not present. What’S up man, I hate people again, so I can walk me through on the importance of not networking at events where potential clients are not everybody’s got their theme there try that they love, so that you know the golf business networking and it’s breakfast business networking and Its sponsor my golf tournament and it’s at all these things where they think you’re going to have a wonderful exposure to their people and they catch phrases like you have to be. If you don’t, if you don’t pay attention, you’re going to be throwing money down the drain because it mean we’ve, we’ve had to cut back on or is it like? I said a lot of the charity sector, but it’s not a golf tournament. They wanted to sponsor and we have to find a reason if there’s going to be a whole bunch of clients playing in a golf tournament great. If nobody that’s ever going to hire us for the rest of their life is playing. Why are we going to spend money? We found ourselves in someone else’s living room or add an event that word like what am I doing here like?

Why am I at this event, we come back. We’Re talking about networking gone bad, like what happens when you find yourself in someone’s living room and you’re, saying what choices have my name to end up in this person’s living room, and why are they playing an acoustic guitar stages of a show on your radio channel Baby, I’m a hustler live local broadcasting from the center of the universe. What’S Justin Timberlake’s cover of, I need you tonight, unbelievable playing on Youtube. It’Ll blow your cranium. It’S awesome! You like music – and I know you know you’ve – got to find need you tonight by Justin. Timberlake come to his cover is so so good at Bullhead networking events that have gone bad, so I’m going to share mine cuz we’re talking about the art of getting things done, move 62. Do not Network at events for potential clients are not present. I am going to share with you. I really really bad story, and then I want to see if each person on the show can one-up me. Okay, so the average of the five people you associate with most do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker, Dateline 2000, whatever Greg Clark retire at age 27, invited to the golden Chorale, there is a republican get together, and then one of my friends has business coach Taylor’s going to run unopposed for mayor. You should at least run you have the money at the time. You are politically motivated, just do it and it was. It mean to be reportedly motivate your super outspoken. You like a Libertarian Tulsa conservative go for. Is it okay? If I go to the golden Chorale to, I guess share my platform for mayor well, this is where they meet. They meet the summit Club in the Golden Corral and the guy says what would be your Platforms in Chicago to be elected as mayor. What would be your platform? I said I got three things. I need some for me always focus on three, so the other three one is. We should have a balanced budget. You know we should actually cut things. We don’t need to spend money on such as, and I list them off to. I said I feel like sick, sick birds, and he says why is it illegal? So what I want to do is I want to make sure that, if you’re in a illegal AK, a sick bird, that we need to find him a policy plan for this, because they’re putting a tax on our hospitals are police system that they don’t pay anything Into the system, yet we have to cover when I go to the emergency room, so the illegals, aka, the sick birds, are something I want to fix things that you dance kind of nipple. Guy put his hand up getting that’s kind of funny as it. I know. It’S memorable and I do think, there’s too many sick person of the third, the third thing as business-to-business. If someone can’t perform you cut them, so you should have some kind of meritocracy or rating system. I said I have several my friends, four members of the Tulsa police police department who really care there hard-working guys – and I know they care, but I’ve got several of my friends who mail it in and brag about the BS. They do as members of the police department like they’re just flaggers, and they admit it. I can haul my gosh. You wouldn’t believe what I did and it did joke about it, because no catalytic that good, because I had it because they have tenure as a business owner. You can’t have tenure left my car running all night. I would like to do it and I would like to do it for a dollar a year I like to pay.

You I like to be paid a year is the mayor, because I don’t care about the money. I just want to knock it out as soon as I get my three points. It is like a personal attack so guys like well, I heard your DJ company DJ connection. You guys got a bad review on the in 2006 and I’m absolutely we did. 4000 weddings a year and we would usually mess up. One out of a hundred shows use it when an 81 of the 71 of a hundred, and so we would ruin people’s weddings completely. We whisk, so you know, I definitely did that. That’S what we tried the best. So how do you pay you to make the city great if you ruin the wedding, that kind of stuff right now? I think you’re just doing this to promote your business, I actually don’t own. Any businesses right now have a consulting firm. I do, but it’s not really my thing Welch show: will you release your tax return? We absolutely I mean I got nothing to hide. What would you would have gotten? It just goes to the Tulsa World article. Also, they are you going to see the article article about me and these people are just writing hate like it’s not even like related to the topic at just like look at his wife. Look at his wife – and I bet you get her shoes and she never worked a day in her life. Look at her like a beauty pageant like he’s going to win. Cuz he’s married to some beauty queen, I’m just stuff like that personal tax. So it’s like a stressed-out people are making threats centers like threats like we’re, going to do this to you. If you went we’re going to come after you hey, we know your daughter’s name, hey, I hope Havana. I hope hope Havana thinks it’s worth it because we know where you live, that kind of crap. That’S awesome until you get that you go. You know what I’m networking at the wrong address, because the whole point of running for me was not to become mayor. It was to actually fix the budget, make the city better and to show through my actions that I’m going to work in over a dollar. I don’t I’m not doing it for the money. I was going to do it. You know one term fix some things get out of there. Long story short that I realize it was the wrong thing: everybody’s these people, 80 % 70 % of the people. I spoke for like you’re the man ahead of Kathy Taylor and all the polling, because I know you know I was running unopposed in a conservative state, so I had to vote for somebody will then Kristen Matlock who can listen to the show Chris Medlock. I hope that you will run into a business coach pole or something we don’t get hurt permanently, but you have a head injury that resulted in minor concussion protocol when you recover the stitches, maybe, but what? If you, Google, it DJ? Jazzy click and basic attacks me and talks about how I’m a jackass – and I don’t know what I’m doing which to me DJ Jazzy plays a huge compliment because DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of my favorite right now and he’s just going after me about this. Guy is not even 30, who does he think he is or a jackass, and it’s like okay, so you didn’t realize?

Okay, I don’t know if I’m going to defend myself, so I don’t care about Chris Medlock thanks, but it’s just an article that came up top and Google and I realize I feel, like we’ve all been found herself or you go. What am I doing here like? Why am I at the Golden Corral West? What’S the thing where you can you tell me what am I here like what what am I doing at this thing? I don’t even know why I’m here.. Can you one up that story about the last one for one up I went running for mayor well, okay, I come from a very conservative firm and for a conservative background and several years ago I find myself at a John Edwards fundraiser at a law firm here In town in person is probably 15-20 of us and John Edwards before he had his fault, and most people don’t know who John Edwards, as he gives you a contact to John Saunders, was a Senator. He had a very promising campaign for president. He would have been pressed brakes on a chance to be president of the United States if it wasn’t for his downfall. We come back to what you talk about, who John Edwards was what kind of the downfall was and how you found yourself at this John Edwards. Networking event you John Edwards superfan, I mean, I think, about the people. I know who love John Edwards and I will put you at the top of that list. So if you know who John Edwards is you’re going to love the excitement, if you don’t you’re going to educate – and you will soon become a John Edwards non-fan broadcasting from the center of the universe and the Thrive World Headquarters. Thrive, time show alright trap. Nation was the back to the conversation. Is the Thrive time show on your radio? My name is Clay. Clark on the former DJ Clay in the former ussba entrepreneur of the Year sit here help you get into a great financial position. In specifically, did they were talking about the art of getting things done and move 62 we’re going through. All 66 moves moves. 62. Don’T Network toon network at a bench with potential clients are not present and West Carter. Tulsa’S never won attorney. In my opinion, with Wizards, he was telling us about an example from his career, where he found himself networking at the wrong event West. To tell so, we were picking it up at a law firm here in Tulsa and it when I was an undergrad. This is undergrad. I manage the law firm here in Tulsa, so I’ve been in law firms for a long time, even before law school. So the leaders of this Law Firm that I worked at were very involved Democrats. They knew I was very conservative, young man and they still chose to bring me to John Edwards fundraiser. So there’s about 20 of us there, so you’re, conservative, conservative, they’re very left of center on Edwards Event, John Edwards still running for the presidential nomination turns out everyone that nomination. He end up being the vice presidential nomination for the Democratic party that just so we’re getting this. He was on the potential candidates. In my opinion, both Republican Democrat in the top four likely to be the president of the United States very strong background. Think it’s from the Carolinas liberal agenda everybody’s, you know just nodded and not in and he opens up or four questions so my hand goes up and I have a question question question question and I don’t recall the exact of it, but it was a. I called him out on the statement he had made, based on my conservative Viewpoint. How can you say this if this is true and everybody in the room turns and looks at me like? I just called him Satan’s, you just asking honest question, and I said why am I here?

What am I going to do anything? Why did I just throw myself on the sword, so you are networking event where you really shouldn’t have been no business being there, and so I’m just asking right now in what way in what way is Thrive? Nation are you at? Are you fishing in a lake for a rhino? What are you talking about it? What ways are you pitching self-help courses to terminally ill people over the age of 90? In what ways are you wasting your time? Networking I mean honestly, this is time. Is this so important, don’t waste your time what’s an event or Robert, what’s an event where you guys use it, you know what I don’t even know how I got here, I’m here for networking, and this is not going to be a fruitful used to my time. I got to admit I don’t have anything that compares with those two. I’Ve always been pretty good at getting out of the situation. I got myself, I’ve got one, oh well, it’s not. It wasn’t really. A networking event is a turkey Mountain interaction group with, but there’s a networking event at the top of Turkey Mountain at midnight, and I, you know a good way to meet young up-and-coming business coach professionals. Dogs. 2. No, I know this is something that was talked about. A few times during the show – but I said yes to being on a board of a non-profit, is a thing there’s a lot of you know nonprofits that do good things, I’m not dogging on all non-profit Tuesday. However, the goal this nonprofit – I was a part of let’s just say that it was a had not yet been proven that are actually help anybody business coach hot dog eating contest, and we had this big old age go here. Here’S how I would you want to help here too many hot dogs is. It was that we had was like a Facebook, try to launch at every major top 50 University before they actually launch site, rather than just starting as a small thing. In Harper thing we don’t even know is going to help people. I was coming to the house and realize I was like you know what trying to meet new people try to be a part of the board. With this up-and-coming. You know young people and old people we’re not doing anything. This is a waste of my time, and so I finally kind of shook my head and realize what am I doing here to rapper performing the Nascar event cute I’ll most awkward event. I’Ve ever been to this networking event to tell Arius. This is a church of ants go home fellowship and I was asked they said he could you? Could you be on this home fellowship group? Could you lead the group? Could you help organize the group, and so I find myself in a guy’s living room set and then go around the room personally, Shake You Down last night, what is a prayer that you won’t tell anybody who’s, always somebody who’s very concerned. Very sincere. What’S your prayer request, why is that tell us? What’S the troubling situation? Here’S my deal. I never tell anybody, even my wife, anything that I’m going through personally ever I’ll. Take it to the Grave, because I solve my problems myself. I won’t do it. I will not bring up cuz there’s a kid, I’m just telling you look at you as a kid crazy stuff happen to me as a young. Kid don’t talk about it. Why? Because it would make you feel uncomfortable proselytism. Does that guy Mike you don’t need to have my burdens to the guy says so watch something you’re going through and I and no one’s responding. So why don’t we just kind of open our hearts to the Lord and we’re going to sing a song? Is this song? What’S this song is this I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, but it’s just him by himself. There’S like 15 adults and it’s a man who’s not really a good singer, music over the mountains and the trees, your something something something Set Me: Free, music, sweating, cuz, no one singing long as I believe that’s Darrell, Evans by the music everybody sing along when you’re. In a room with like 13 12 people, that’s been no one singing along, so I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

Has anybody want to open up a sitting quietly in a room of 13 people? It’S a weird, weird, weird and a guy puts his hands up. I just want to share. I have a problem with touching myself, I’m assuming it’s like that. It’S very quickly touch my cell phone, Auto of a give me the Guitar Buddy, and I also I have a drug addiction and you’re going dude. You need to stop and he’s like. I just want everyone sign of the judgement free area right now. I also my wife and I we don’t have relations at all and you’re like. Why are you telling everybody and I’m going what choices have I made of clay? I thought we entered that. Fellowship Circle in confidence, so I’m outside about the campfire conversation where Bernie had too many beers and he starts opening up about weird crap and I’m telling you one if you are talking to grown up on the ranch. You know where you were parked taking over right now and you found yourself a weird awkward, social events, networking events campfire of ants, whatever you’re doing just get out of there quit wasting your time. It’S so weird! Business coach You don’t have to go to everything just because someone invites you don’t have to go, and I know it sounds weird that extreme but ask yourself what ways are you fishing in a lake for a rhino? Go Rhino, sound alike, though that’s the point. In what ways are you pitching self-help courses to terminally ill people who are above the age of 92, going to die? Why would you do that? You would do that quit wasting your time. It did we. We have four ways to help you any way we can help with pockets. Robert list way number to thrive. Time show conferences covers if you have conferences in person in person, copies of 15 hours 2 day workshop, 5th, one-on-one business coaching, and we have the world’s most affordable business school available for just a dollar for your first month and every month after that, I, like you And me what does show is business school without the BS we come back on. The next show about the final moves about the art of getting things done. The final super moves that you can use to free up your time. Time is your most most precious asset. You know you can create more money, but you can’t create more time. You know you cannot create more time you might try to, but you cannot create more time. It is the Thrivetime business coach radio show


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