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Learn how to get more done in your day. In hour 2 of this episode of the ThriveTime business coach radio show “The Art of Getting Things Done (Part 9) “, we are going over the “bonus fries” of how to maximize the time you have in the day. If you would like to see the show notes or hour 1, click here

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It’s just too much for a business coach. What we do you can do with it. I showed you with the thrive time, to show on your radio. It’S a prime-time, show and away. We go on your radio and free to do we go highest. Graduation. Welcome back to the conversation is your daily audio Dojo of Mojo, and on Today Show we are talking about the 66 moves that you can use to get more things done and specifically we’re going to wrap up this. This this epic Series, where the move number 63 move number 63. The doctors and I have documented for getting more things done. Some people say you don’t have these big goals, these big dreams. I want to get these things done, but I just don’t have enough time, and so we start here with move number 63, don’t drive around looking to save /bin/sh.02 per gallon on gas. What are we talking about we’re talking about? Is the mindset of you driving around each week looking to save /bin/sh.02 on gas, what’s play? What’S that you are the Nostradamus of gas savings and you do find do to your gas Whispering skills. You do find a way to save /bin/sh.02 per gallon. Does she saved a massive on Philip? What do you do at all

Year? You save, but how much time did you spend looking around to save that gas that we have Steve Currington? He is with business coach client total lending Concepts, he’s worried about a big, a big deal and Dusty Rhodes total lending concept, but before he did that Steve you once worked. I believe that you did you. Did you don’t deny don’t did I did you once work at QuikTrip? Oh yes, I’m proud of my QuikTrip the biggest have lower standards. Oh yeah they’re, hiring system. It wasn’t fully developed by the time I get to meet Steven. I both got hired, they didn’t even ask they said you have a pulse you’re in no, but you didn’t work at QuikTrip QuikTrip. Do you work at I worked at in the quick trip was out there on the number 12 in Sand Springs at Trussville, not the one that were by the roller coaster Hill at the top of that Hill. Is that is kind of down on 50 you? What is at 41st Street right there at Highway? 97? That’S really! My dad has also worked at QuikTrip before. Yes, you guys share that relationship. What years were you working there? I work there in like, I want to say, like 95 96 97, oh yeah, that was supposed Tom Clark, Tom Clark it already. He already made his Mark for the same manager that he worked for Steve ack. That was, I bet you. I bet you. I bet you that you just were riding Tom Clark’s coattails in the QuikTrip success Steve if you’re out there listening, leave that purveyor of useless information. You know why they say sleep well because back in the day, the strings underneath your mattress and when the strings got loose, it would Sagle and then bed bugs can get in the things that are they say sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite or, like that’s Great man, I don’t know why it would drive into that QuikTrip store that would go to drive it there and it would say what to you about trying to save money on gas. It’S /bin/sh.03 cheaper, a gallon. Can I play words like /bin/sh.03 cheaper over there and I out what you want my business? Do you want me to say I know you work at QuikTrip and you can change your prices. Tell me tell me what business we had a guy come in. That was arguing with us after he printed his receipt at the pump after he bought every three cartons of cigarettes, and I want to say something wrong like it didn’t add it up right and we had to point out that the gas was like.

You know what it was 1099 does. He know that has a little nine nine, and so he was calculating how much gas it should have cost him by 1:09. Will. I know you have to take that 91099. He was arguing literally over. It might have been the difference of about maybe /bin/sh.26 or something I actually watched a man at a QuikTrip return, his page, he was a. He comes back in. I see that I see this ambulance parked out there and he comes, and he says he wants to return it in the QuikTrip, and I was like do you want to return the the the newspapers on 101st and Memorial that a quick trip because they want to Return he was like Super 8 about the whole thing it was if you’re listening right now, I want to ask you in what area of your life are you driving around looking to save /bin/sh.02 per gallon on gas? John, you see this all the time because you, Jonathan Kelly, you have to run all the systems and execute like for ordering business coach cards for a client or, or somebody and you’ll, see somebody who will like what to say Boomerang for business cards and we’ll see. Somebody will want to try to save /bin/sh.02 by ordering it through some company out of India, that’s impossible to get a hold of break it down. My friend, how do you see this he’s got this kind of jackassery mentality at work? Come on John, I think the overall principle is that you know people want to waste time, looking for these minuscule Savings in things that really don’t matter and it just in the way of progress. It’s like what you’re saying is, if your you know, instead of ordering your business cards your one sheet or whatever it is that you need and you’re like well, let’s hold off on it because, let’s see what prices are out there than what you’re getting in your Own way for your business right now, if you are listening right now to the to the show, I want you to write down some areas of your life, where you could pay a little bit of money to have a lot of time for him as an example, I returned yesterday to the man cave and prepare for my daughter’s birthday. I went to Barbie cookies on the way home. I went to Nothing Bundt Cake. I went to do our research and my daughter to get smores. I did all of these things. I picked her up at her school and we did all these things previous to her birthday party and while I was doing that Alma was cleaning the man cave. So that’s why it’s always clean as I pay her to clean, and you know what I probably could clean it myself. But you know I’m not as good or as detailed as she is and that’s her business. And so I pay her to clean who cleans your house – and I said I said: can I get her phone number is absolutely. I gave somebody on the business coach phone number that called me back and I said she’s like an hour more than my person, and I said the reason why you ask me it’s because the person that you use is terrible right. That’S why she just make a livable wage. She’S good, which is why she charges for it. You know another example: Russell Westbrook is a phenomenal basketball player. He’S like a human Puma he’s like 6 ft 3, but he plays like he’s 6 foot 7. He can do what he wants. He’S a defensive machine. He’S intense all the time how much we pay in Russell Westbrook, right, knee., Russell Westbrook, makes per year Steve. You know that 28.53 million dollars go the. So it’s very similar to what I make except minus the 28-point Russell. He makes 28.53 million year and I would argue that without him the team doesn’t win right without Carmelo Anthony or Paul. George, wanted 28.5, for you should practice, give it to him well, but he won’t people are listening to show today and you have some in your office that does have good freaking job and you’re, trying to beat him up over an extra an hour or whatever. It is because I’m just telling you I know, there’s budgets and businesses have to be profitable, but there’s some areas of your life.

There’S some your your your gas, your Landscaping, there’s something that you’re doing. I know there’s another example. I want to live the other day and I bought a boom hat for colaw. One of her awesome clients, colaw Fitness wow. These guys are growing colaw Fitness. I bought him a hat at lids and I bought a hat for dr. Joel. I do orthodontists. Do you know so you, Google, Tulsa orthodontist, who comes up top KL Ortho baby, so I bought dr. Joe who’s, been putting braces and faces for a long time. I bought him. A boom hat go there and they said you want to have this embroideress. I do. I said okay well, if you want to rush it and have it done today, and it’s like an extra like right great, you know, there’s a person in front of me arguing about the same day charge come on if you want to have a custom embroidered for A great client like dr. Joe, has been putting braces and faces for a long time. Then you got to pay the extra 6 bucks. I mean just if you’re up, I’m just at Steve. Is there any other area right now you can call out this is this? Is your chance to air their grievances, you’ve seen it or somebody just beating up a vendor over to save a dollar and a half? You know what I mean: it’s a quality vendor in somebody’s some companies, freaking out or somebody who knows arguing over. You know the cost of extra guacamole for an hour and a half with a Chipotle worker walk me through it. Here’S the deal, not my company, but in another company, another company, that someone was having someone call all of the extensions within this company to make sure that those RingCentral phones were being utilized. And they did this over like a two-week period and then found out after their investigation that we had two lines this company had to live, that we weren’t using. What are you today? May we were using what you’re talking about somebody else and somebody else’s business, and I appreciate you trying to personify it and to make it your own, but to get to make sure you don’t get in trouble. If you are definitely talking about Bernie’s, biscuits and now defunct company in Coweta, yes, it’s Bernie’s biscuits. They call him the BB biscuits right so find out, there’s two lines that are getting paid for that by the way. There’S a contract for 12 month and we can’t cancel those now and guess how much they cost per month and 14. We’Re hiring business coach people all the time. So when that person makes like like that, but on the same token, we have these. These maybe other people that need email accounts that when you get those off as we as, if you personifying, b, b, b b, biscuits, we do the like a lot of people do with you. Go daddy office Bernie Moon 64 can bad eyesight bad news, Okay cleaners. I just want to say that 64 take the cute one time that you would spend doing pointless networking and driving around looking for gas and read the following: 8 books that have the power to change your mindset, which will change your life. Read these books, that’s free to download start here.

So many people say what book do you recommend? I read all of the world’s best business books into one book called start here to 550 page start. To finish, this is what you need to do to do to grow a business. It’S an Amazon bestseller! You can get it for free to download, for free for free for free, just go to thrive time. Show. download it today, but never to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read it, read it book 3: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale, Carnegie, batting cleanup book number for soft selling in a hard World by Jerry Vas. Stop sucking hard World by Gerry Vassar the service profit chain. That’S why the Harvard case study people, James haskett, an Earl Sasser book number 6, the Purple Cow by Seth Godin book number 7, winning by Jack Welch and book Number 8 Boom by Yours. Truly, you got to get the boom looking at also available for free to download at Thrive time. Show. Got your business drive time. Should I come and download that book also. Do I make your business boom understand this concept, that your mind is what the mind is fed your mind. Being your mind, good stuff, quit listening to all that negative political talk that really doesn’t matter. You can’t control, don’t listen to it, listen to Pat Campbell constantly and know everything you need to know about politics and then speak your mind, positive thoughts by subscribing at DriveTime cousin, the podcast, but you never want to miss an episode subscribe today at DriveTime, Distance from the center of the universe, it’s business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. I just want you to know alright Drive Mission. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive. Time show on your radio, and today we are talking about the 66 super moves that you can use to get more things done, the challenges we all have one life we all have 24 hours in a day, but yet some people seem to get so much more Done during their work day, then other people trying to reach you a notable quotable from business coach Tim Ferriss. The personality behind the Tim Ferriss show, which is the best podcast of 2015. A guy who’s also been the best selling author of The 4-Hour workweek he’s a venture. Capitalist poisonous people do not do not deserve your time to think otherwise is masochistic. Don’T let someone over 65? Don’T let problem employees perpetuate their poor performance one more time. Don’T let problem employees perpetuate their poor performance task example. 6 times best. Example, there is somebody listening to the show right now and you have somebody that screws up everything they touch everything and they always say they need more resources. John you’ve seen this very, very effective manager. You manage the Thrive team through a business coaching client. What we do for. I did the math on this. If you hired somebody today for .65 per hour, that’s what it would cost you. If you had them for the month, I work 40 hours a week 765 an hour, that’s what it would cost you to have the Thrive team helping you grow your business. So we include that 765 month to month, by the way most employees are typically not month to month, unless you want to do with unemployment right here we go. We include the search engine, optimization the web development to be graphic design, the photography, the video ography, the Strategic, Consulting the sale stripping to call recording.

We do it all design, mailers print pieces, everything that all the top marketing companies in Tulsa will charge you ,006 and ,000. The top Optima optimization companies will charge you ,000 8000 month. We do it all for less than would cost you .65 per hour to hire a .65 per hour employee for ,500 a month or less. We do all that for you, but there’s a guy who helps manage the execution of all those systems, and his name is Jonathan Kelly. So, John, is you have a big deal, there’s an employee who just can’t get anything done and that they can’t go to Staples and buy staples so true, they can’t get pens at Target that are cool what kind of pants and where did it go? And I couldn’t find it so you feel free, you can air their grievances. You pricing a time where you had to rethink it at 375. In the past. Don’T mention your name in the past, for your like. I gave that person a basic task and they couldn’t do it, but I was indicative of the big problem with you. They cannot. You just saw the tip of the iceberg. Me realize this person can’t do anything. You have poor performers, irritate every single non-poor performer that they contact like. If that’s so that’s client, that’s that’s customers! That’S that’s employees! Anybody who’s not a Pro Performer, if they’re around, when I just really makes them so so angry because, like they don’t understand how you could not like do your job or how you could not go the extra mile and figure something out like it. Just doesn’t compute to them, and so what happens? If you leave these people around, because one reason or another you want to do with it confrontation or whatever it might be. There poisoning you’re well aware that your clients or customers, or even your employees and they’re, not going to tell you why they’re leaving they’re just going to up and leave I’ll, give me example this we all have a friend who is it he, he drinks heavily at Kids birthday parties – we’ve all met that guy everybody shows up to the party. There’S a pony, there’s cheese, cubes, there’s a broccoli, you know we can dip that and Ranch. You know there’s a little smokies. You know a good time and everyone’s like in just a minute. We’Re going to sing Happy Birthday for Skyler and my God, oh my God, look at the Madison. The kids are six seven, eight years old running around having a good old time and this guy burning. You know what happened to me today was my effing bar still. There should I was at the nursing after 9i will taking all the city like you: just dropped the F-bomb like 3 or 4 times at the birthday. Everyone stops for something something happens, I’m not sure what happens, but whatever you hear the F-bomb. How to take you? Take a radar, we go, we just stopped everything and we noticed it. Oh my gosh, this guy just dropped the F-bomb of the kid’s birthday party in front of Skyler. It kills the mood, though I don’t know if you let that person stay at the party you’re playing like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey you’re playing like little kids games. You know you’re you’re doing like when it goes. Where do the pinata and the guys are alright, I tell you Madison, why don’t you just sweet proposal, pull the back back and just swing swing for the F in fences just just crush it. I just I swear.

We need to just destroy that business coach pinata and you’re. Like is this kind person, as he’s giving his child a tip, try to hit the pinata and you got to decide. Are you going to have an awkward birthday party? Are you going to kick that person out? I mean if you’ve seen this personality type, oh yeah, and you got to decide right now you going to kick him out or you going to. Let him contaminate your office see why don’t people fire people like this? What’S the deal? Well, I think it’s because the as a business owner, you know that if you fire that person that you’re going to have to rehire or that you’re going to now have to reassign whatever work, they’re doing or you’re going to have to do the work that they’re Doing – and I think that you know it – it’s sometimes maybe it’s easier to put up with them – that it is the prospects of try to get somebody new, which is why we interview every week and we call it having a roach in your Bowl of Cherries, because, If I had a beautiful water can talk to me as your cherries, gas, on the call talk about it and I just threw a roach right in the middle of a sick. You wouldn’t eat one of them, get the roaches out of there and that’s how a bad employee like that contain THC. The whole cup of flour for the roach was on there. It doesn’t that killed the Mojo it’s hard to have roach infested Cherry. Actually, the Cherry in someone’s bowl of roaches, and then you realize, oh my God, they’re all bad I’m going to leave this company now, if you have a performer on your team, they’re, going to irritate your clients and your customer to the point that they will fire, You, if you do not fire them. I repeat your client, your customers will fire you if you do not fire poor performers, fire them and move on as soon as possible. For the customer fires you, I would challenge you here and now to write down the answers to the following questions for your betterment, who, on your team, needs to be punted? Are you allowed to kick people who, on your team, have you let poison your culture and customer base to avoid had a tough discussion discussion the other day when you have to fire somebody, you have to deal with unemployment, and you have to have a discussion of. What’S a better pain, is it better to go and pay unemployment or to have that person poison your office in in typically, usually I’m in favor of firing that person doing with unemployment, because I think about it and there’s laws involved in all those kind of things To write, pull up as soon as it happens and know that you are in a right-to-work state if you’re in Oklahoma and it’s much easier to fire people than it is in California. If you’re in California just understand that there is no hope and eventually California break off into the ocean and as soon it will be Infested by people that don’t have jobs just kidding, it’s not that bad, but it’s close, don’t promote! Who threw the head of your company? There is a certain person, you don’t want to promote to be the head of your company by default. We come back we’re talking about the art of getting things done and who, should you not promote to be the head of your company station? Is the DriveTime show on your radio if you get to subscribe to business coach podcast, but now it’s not so busy time should I come scrub. The podcast American show your patriotism show you love the kids, love your family and subscribe to the podcast today.

Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river river river? All yes, Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversations they were talking about, the 66 moves that you can use to get more stuff done, so many people say how is it possible that you and Z run so many different companies? How could you have a photography, business, epic How could you have an auto auction, Z66 How can you serve on the board Regent Bank? How can I invest in the Bank Regions Bank? How can you start an optometry clinic? How can you run a diagnostic Sleep Center? How did you run a marketing firm? Make you laugh How could you run a business coaching platform Thrive time, show. Com? How could you run elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge? How could you do it all and I’ll tell you how we do it we get stuff done. We get a lot of stuff done during a 24-hour period of time, and so we sat down together and we documented the 66 moves that we use, and it’s just. We have now bonus fry moves in a Jim Gaffigan. The comedian what’s pointed out that we’ve all been we’ve all guiltily, enjoy the pleasure of finishing a large order of McDonald’s fries. Oh yeah, last time you had some McDonald’s fries this morning had the fries and we will have it this way. Ball discovered that Miracle Fry at the bottom of the back, the leftover surprise waiting to be eaten after we thought for sure, like licking the bag. Look in our fingers, hoping no one’s watching and if we discover so behold, you have that bonus for that super salty fry and it’s usually like just a little bit: overcooked words crunchy and nice bonus. These bonus moves are crunchy and they’re, salty, oh yeah, but they’re kind of like mode. It’S a little out there buddy. So these are motifs fry moves with extra salty will give you after you finish. This final move, move 66 and honor of Z66. Auto Auction. Do not promote your love interest to be the head of your company just because you’re infatuated with them and love playing touch football with them in the biblical sense, praying for Healing Hands on them just because you’re interacting just because you’re horizontal with them doesn’t mean they Need to be the top of the business, so it’s think about this thing about that. The hierarchy of your business, if you go up to the top leadership, should be up and then so horizontally speaking, if that’s happening, you shouldn’t promote the vertically. So now, we’ve all seen a business where somebody who is the horizontal partner of the business owner married or not all the sudden becomes the head of the company, the head of the market in the head of the sales, the head of the thing – and I don’t Want to get any real examples, I don’t want any or of any of our Co guest stamped it to throw themselves at the bus like that, but I will years ago I’m working with that a doctor. This is about 11 years ago. Were the doctor and the doctor says: hey just so. You know moving forward. She is going to be in charge of the company and I said, awesome awesome.. What would happen to your wife? You know we’re going through some stuff, but she’s going to be might see the new head of the company when they came in to the office. You know a lot of times we will come to the office I can hear soundtrack is are walking to the Moon. You can see the walking into the building and I was thinking like either one song. Can You Feel the Love Tonight Elton John yeah, that wasn’t what I wasn’t I wasn’t by her to walk in. I saw the walking I didn’t hear that soundtrack it in here.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight beautiful? I didn’t hear that what I heard what I heard was TLC Red Light Special for one I heard I heard I Do Me Baby by Bell Biv DeVoe. I want to Bobby Brown, you know I heard a lot of Bobby Brown, but yet they’re not married and it turns me away, but they’re not married, but yet I’m feel I hear the soundtrack, perhaps my ears to be cleaned up. They walk in there like that’s so good, to meet you, and I see your kind of winking him and there’s a lot out there playing grab-ass, you know and the office. What is it it’s? A game where you have a deck of cards. It’S always grab them.. So long story short, it was a complete culture killer and the employees all left, nothing got done. Money was in dazzled, bad things happen, so I’m going to start with you, John. Have you ever seen? You can work with me now for what about five years? For years about five five years, have you ever seen it? I see what that is right there that right there is somebody promoting someone vertically, because it’s a horizontal Direction. Yes, I’ve definitely seen this multiple times and vertically because of a horizontal interact, Steve Currington promoted me Creek hiking Express on sale seriously done., I mean you’ve seen this time. You. I’ve seen it it’s really uncomfortable for everyone, because I don’t know who you know. They think that, like doesn’t know what’s going on, but I’m definitely knows what’s going on and when you rapidly rise through the ranks. You like, okay, wonder what’s happening there, how about the double wet hair move? Where you see both people should work the same to you. Both with simultaneously have you ever seen the movie where they actually pull up in the same vehicle, but one person gets out and walks in first and then the other person wait about 5 or 6 minutes and then walks in and that’s funny. When you get to work early and you’re, the only person who sees it – that’s all I’m saying is that you must absolutely not put on blinders why you got to be faithful to your spouse. We were not perfect, but you got to be faithful to your spouse, but this is from Robert Greene, the author of 48 Laws of Power Master. A these people do any documents and people around you. He says he’s as people around you constantly under the pole at their emotions, change ideas by the day or by the hour depending on the road. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires. So I’m asking you if you promoted to a level of incompetence because you’re being interacted with him who is still in charge of something because you’re married to them see that was mean because she does a great job and I would never promote her to be top Of sales, for the same reason she shouldn’t promote me to be had a mechanic didn’t know. If you wanted to see, if you wanted to see somebody to some aggressive accounting. That would be me. So you are. You kidding me 15 extra dollars on printer paper.

You crazy, and I would just cuz, I’m aggressive and my wife’s more like well. Okay, they definitely turned into an hour that aren’t theirs will have to get to the bottom of it. Where I’m just like I swear, I will kill him and you know what in sales you want, that Alpha doing the sale. So I’m just telling you make sure you don’t promote people to incomprehensibly because of your infatuation with that person out here are the bonus fry Subaru, just a quick super, salty Subaru through talking to me, come back and I want to get Steve. I want to get your take on this. I know Andy Math Run. The business coach has never used this super salty moving or what he do. He probably wouldn’t question the ethics in an antique and kind of question your ethics about this, but prayers for you and me. This is a supercell to move hang up on people when needed. Steve put your toe in the water here, oh yeah! Well, you just go to a place that you don’t need to be, and you know nothing for your employees in the people that come to work. They didn’t sign up to get berated on the phone, or do you get screamed at and cussed a Dorney that 7? Sometimes you just got to shut them down. Another move I really like to do is just put people in hole mute button, so I click strobe. On and off while talking and then it Go, your phone’s cut down and it works, but always always I’ll tell you when I use the strobe mute move, it’s a super move that you can only. I only use it sparingly. I’Ll tell you when I use it. It’S a it’s called the nuclear option, but I do it and it’s a great conversation. Inter-State DriveTime show on your radio. We encourage you, we are. We want to just tell you if you haven’t subscribe to the podcast, yet it’s kind of like you’re you’re, missing out on the secret keys to success. You’Re missing out on. You know that you’re standing at the Gates of Heaven you can’t get in. Why can you didn’t subscribe to podcast me come on you don’t get stuck in purgatory subscribe, drive time, show. Com get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. That’S all that matters all right! Swipe Nation! Welcome back and mark my words. One thing you can create a lot more of his money. One thing you can’t create a lot more of it is time. So how are you using your time? How are you investing your time? A lot of people don’t think about it at all until they get near the end of life and I’m what’s crazy about our life is that we have no idea you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. I say it all the time and I think eventually people will start to say daisy in our call center. She asked me all the time how I’m doing and she’s a great person just want to know. How are you doing – and I always tell her it’s profound if you’re above the ground, that I just said every time, because I really do believe that’s a gift every day is a gift. This is at. This is the day that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it or we shall do nothing and talk to somebody about nothing in a circular conversation forever. It’S a one suit get a bonus. Fridays are super salty time. Management moved already covered. The 66 moves in the last week of our shows the 66 super moves for time. Management super salty, but it’s kind of like people don’t even want to admit any more than they go to McDonald’s. Then, like I don’t. I would never go there, but some people – you know you got McDonald’s anyway, but then when you go there and you do have that super salty extra fry, when you think there’s no fries left in the bag, that’s the kind of moves. I’M talking about the sex move up here, super salty make a move number one hang up on people with need soap when you’re talking to someone on the phone – and you know that the conversation is going nowhere and you may want to think about hanging up after Your tactful attempt, in the conversation or not working so what I said, what is my boo, what you firmly established in your mind that you’re never going to need to need to talk to this person again and you’ve tried to wrap up the conversation two more times. If they don’t get it, I encourage you to hang up and enjoy the next 2 minutes of free time. Knowing that you have spent that the year did he write wasting that time on ex-girlfriend ex-employee, X, family member X, high pressure sales person or X elephant the room who continues to want your freaking haircut elephant the room get off my Facebook unbelievable again.

Yesterday, she’s coming in to help in the room yet again yesterday it’s on Facebook – this is just a kiss, would be in on Friday, so Friday, Friday, she comes in and yet again she wants to get her hair cut. I don’t care if you have a man haircut in till I see documentation that you have a unit. You cannot get your haircut at the elephant in the room and I don’t care who you think should be president. I don’t care about your Rainbow parades. I don’t care about your left-of-center worldviews. I don’t care about your transgender, miss. You cannot get your haircut until I see an x-ray. That shows me the thing anyway. Back to you, too, Steve Stine are koala that you know he’s got a drinking problem and he’s always calling wanted to get pre-approved and I’m like first of all, pre-qualified. Thank you very much. We put the bottle down bro and then eventually I just have to hang up on him because he’s on top of the signees party strobe mute button. I put it on mute. I just keep hitting you in on off and tell you, but I do it with my own voice because I’m I’m, like you, know the guy from police academy on like that guy. So your conversation – hey, I want to see if I get pre-qualified for a loan to buy a look into it to get ourselves a double-wide out there and Coweta where we were. We were just looking online and then I realize my internet service is intermittent inch. I want to see if you can find me to have the devil out, as well as the financing for work actually know the mayor of Coweta KC who works for us. I never left. You already have a house picked out, or I told you I do not have a house picked out. I couldn’t get the internet service to work, okay, that the owner home now or are you renting or what are the personal interrogations? Man? I tell you what I just want to know: if I can you Department of double-wide, have it on the internet for hours trying to get to connect what’s wrong with my modem, I don’t know, I don’t really know what’s wrong, what’s wrong with you, I don’t want To cover that, on this information, I want to know why don’t we get some information from you have really what’s your name, sir Cletus, okay, kletus! Is that your real name, okay, I’m at agonizing about? Why would I can see if we can get you qualified for that nursing in Coweta? There sounds like a great idea. That’S why I’ve been talking about some information from you right now. What’S your address, are you currently we are staying at the it’s a it’s! A temporary Suites you pay for the week at a time or two looking for a place where at I don’t know the name, but it’s over there by the about having fancy store at 11th and Garnett. So there’s other people in here and what about your birthday? Well, I don’t want to disclose it because it, my age, is not relevant to this conversation. Well, I can’t. I can’t really pre-qualify you. If I don’t know your birthday, your information, I need no. I won’t like this call you. When do you hang up, come on, you’ll, never been that kind whatever that was like you. You just went to Life Church 14 times you watched every Joel, Osteen video, because I know that you would have hung up that way before that. I feel like the what song is on the radio show still think I’m a good person, and I don’t want my work until it happened back in, like I think Steve knows, I’m silently judging him shut up. What would you hung up? Well, I mean I’d like some.

I do there’s a little part of me. That’S probably like flawed that I actually enjoy that just heard. He said it sounds like you had a good idea. He was making crazy comments about his ladies professional team. Ever this person they can go on the other, recording, yeah yeah. She got a new job at some adult club or something and tell his cash it. So he doesn’t know, but no right. He said he feels like she is going to start getting paid well soon. I don’t get just actually have to hang up like I said part of me enjoys it, and so it’s kind of funny and I’m like Hey, listen to this. This is hilarious, but then you like, I need to work. I mean I need to go actually close somewhere alone, so much more ethical than I see would never hang up on. Somebody was just talking in circles, and you know it’s not going to end. Do you hang up, or did he has a cup of hot tea cool like that? I am trying to find out what we know what’s going on with the past and why are they feeling that way and getting the emotions? But if you are having an extremely busy day and it’s time to get off the phone, I will wrap up in a sentence while and that’s probably, if you don’t have another line coming in or I have to take this cool. Maybe let me give you a call back later or coming in. Let me tell you a super move that I using this is gone, but it does say that maybe not terrible customer, but nice person, that’s just a rambler. You know like they just talk, and then you have people like. Oh my God, she called again and we can’t get off the phone. It’S like. 15. 20. 30, it’s not the one at Peoria, but over there by the wanted to me. First, I think I want to hang up on you because it because it’s a customer and if they’re not like being rude, it’s not like they’re being bad, so they move it move that I’ve used.

Is I just stopped in mid-sentence and I say hold on, and I just put them on hold for like 45 second and I’ll, keep talking not even knowing you’re on hold. That thing is, it is like I am, that person that they will tend to ramble sometimes and by the time you come back on the phone 45 seconds. Are they forgot what they were even talking about your weed in there? You just take over the call – and you say: oh hey, Susie Drake got everything I need. I got to take this other call, but tell you have a great day and it works every single time. You know we come back we’re to talk about. Another Super salty move. This movie is called the all-nighter. Sometimes you have to pull an all-nighter to get something done. You need to pull an all-nighter every day. I just pulled an all-nighter. Often it shows that you are probably not preparing, but sometimes you just have to do what it takes to get it.. Sometimes you have to get the point on items. We come back we’re going to talk about pulling an all-nighter, maybe some famous people who have been known to pull all-nighters and why it’s so important that you don’t rule that out as an option when you need to get something.. It is the Thrive time show on your radio if you get to subscribe to the podcast you’re really missing out on a blasty blast, so go there to thrive time.

We’Re talking about the 66 super moves that you can use to get more stuff done. We all have 24 hours in a day, but how did some people seem to get so much more done? Then? Other people will a lot of people just don’t know. These 66 moves the doctors and I will document the 66 move that we use on a daily basis to free a copious amount of time. However, there was some super salty, but there’s some moves that didn’t make the top 66 because they’re salty there salt in the way that the bonus fried extra bone is extra crispy. Fried you find at the bottom of the McDonald’s bag. You feel bad enough. That’S 11 p.m. your wife’s out of town. You just finished working out, you know, kids are with the wife. You know when you’re like I’ll stop by McDonald’s I’ll just stop by here like they do you want it? Would you like to take a large fry with a walk with a I was still with the mick? What’S the big, the big one, they have the big guy, McDonald’s or big thing to have double now. What’S the big burger, the Super Burger? What’S the Big Mac and I’m going to get a Diet Coke to go ahead and do the super size that I do want to supersize that and then okay and it look at you and they look like they don’t know if this is a good decision for You, but you went ahead and you upgraded so now you’ve finished eating at your side. I feel pretty terrible. Your wife says: how is your Dad? How are you doing the kids just want to call you before I went to bed. What are you doing? How’S your diet and you go oh that woman, it’s on it’s great, I just finished getting kale Shake honey. Whole Foods close earlier. I did have a bonus Friday. That’S how you feel already when you talk about the super salty moves, but then you find an extra bonus, fried it’s so so, if he’s here we go, you want to pull an all-nighter occasionally to get something done so often times throughout my career. I’Ve discovered there’s been there simply not enough time to get that final task done unless you do stay up all night, while working without ceasing and dust dust. That is exactly what I have done to me as a growing business is over the years. I found that you, if you get more more highly skilled people than its, you have to pull an all-nighter less often, but sometimes even though you’re good at delegating. Sometimes you just have to pull an all-nighter to get it done now. What happens is when you’re out there, you know you’re newly married right and you’re passionate about your significant other. You might pull an all-nighter, you might you might not you no worry about. You know, hey, you know it’s going to get some sleep here. I don’t know what I mean Steve. What do you think? Maybe you like for me, you and every time I’m doing music, mixing or book writing or graphic design or something I’m passionate about. I don’t need sleep or, like Outlaw Kustoms gets like a big order to wrap a big giant open all-nighter, though stay up all night, and I know they’re pulling all nighter to get it w me example when I went to Vegas went to Caesars Palace and I love the whole pool area, but I, Like it was, but when I kind of want it to be my own pool area, no one else can have it till. I woke up to my alarm for 3 a.m. and I went to the pool area and I enjoyed that pretty flower room service and I just enjoyed the pool area by myself. It was awesome, nice, and so I didn’t worry about. If I’m tired or not. This is greater. I watch the sunrise in Florida, the sunset in California to awesome.

So if you are listening to the show that I’m asking what area of your life do you need to maybe pull an all-nighter Jonathan Kelly, you pulled an all-nighter. What were you were you doing for the Thrive Community? What activity my friend were you doing when you pull an all-nighter? It was couple months ago and we were doing the reports that just had to get done. So I was going to say it’s more. Like a report about search engine, that’s what I was going to say stuff like that and we send that out to all the clients and has to be done by the first of my computer right now. I want you to go to Google search Tulsa, auto wraps in Google for the term Auto wraps. That is worth thousands of dollars a month and millions of dollars in millions of dollars over the course of the lifetime of the business figure out how to get to the top of Google for ,500 a month. How do you, how do you do it? Man? Well, Google is just all about it: you’ll fall into canonical rules of the certain rules that Google has laid out saying hey. I need you to follow this rule that rule that rule. It’S also about you know the mobile compliance of the website and whoever has the most content. John know they find out how people scamming them and change the rules to fix a book written about Thomas Edison by Randall stross called The Wizard of Menlo Park it in the book. It says the all-nighter at the laboratory must have been a routine occur, for the discovery was treated surprisingly casually in the lab notebooks. With her talk about it when he discovered how a light bulb works then make a big deal about all. We pulled an all-nighter and actually Thomas Edison was known for pulling about an all-nighter every 3 or 4 days. Elon Musk has pulled many all-nighters LeBron James shot free throws in the snow. The point is, if you’re passionate about something you’re going to find the time to get it done. John John, did you have any more all night or now? If you want to share the driving it’s just me, there’s you can get so much done when you’re working hours and nobody else is awake. So that’s the point of them, but on the controversial side of things a lot of people will say: hey I pulled an business coach all-nighter cuz they’re, looking for some sort of praise and actually didn’t do anything while they stayed up all night. I stayed up all night looking for a great that’s awesome, you should have gotten so much stuff done and I call I did this like three things. Example. I came to the office about 2 in the morning. This is about what three years ago to come out. Sat tutoring the videographers I’m pulling an all-nighter pull over pull an all-nighter. We are pulling an all-nighter me and my man bun we’re pulling an all-nighter we’re pulling all-nighters every night me and my man bun just got a man. Bun videographer we’re pulling an all-nighter. I’Ve been pulling all-nighters all week, man I go up there, I’m not getting. All of them are watching House of Cards, but I’ll controversial house of cards with Kevin Spacey there watching House of Cards. All of them are watching house of cards while having popcorn and the next day they’re like oh yeah. We worked all night and all the time and your boy and all nighter just to be able to say that you’re pulling an all-nighter and not actually get anything done. It’S not helpful, like you, don’t get any special awards for pulling an all-nighter tonight visiting every night. American document shredding because they shred so much paper I’ve.

Actually I’ve actually seen Kelly parked in the parking lot, Kelly Hardison of Thrive with his machine shredding paper and coaching client, and it’s an honor to serve this guy, because he is one of the Premier document. Shredders of our time, it’s amazing – it’s like how do you get it from this giant thing of paper into shredding, he’s not going to stay up every night all night, it’s like he’s pure rain, he’s it’s more than art for him. He doesn’t it’s like he’s. Superman’S, hero wow, it’s so weird Superman. What’S up to him, what’s his website, what’s his website, it’s just like American document shredding! Oh it’s on the screen up here. By the way it did the great great American you get a chance to visit. This website is shred. Onsite.Com, OK, Google search American document shredding of American document shredding Mary is coming in hot, with 45 reviews. First month of dollar audio recordable coming hot from John D Rockefeller, a man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily. I repeat: a man has no right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily, but ourselves in a meeting that we didn’t need to be in it’ll. Be really shouldn’t have been in, but just because of your partnered with somebody or their spouse or employee doesn’t mean they have to be an every meeting if they feel the need to it’s indicative. The trust issue, not a business coach time management, shoot. Andy Mathurin, when you worked with some top medical companies you’re now a business coach talk to me about the importance of not inviting people that don’t need to be in the meeting to every meeting yeah. If you got somebody in the meeting that doesn’t necessarily need to be, there really can’t convolute what we have going on. So you want to make sure you have the specific people that need to be there and you can continue on. It said everybody chipping in with that, maybe something that you don’t need to hear that they don’t need to be in. They love to chip in with the captain obvious or the non question question just to do it so you’re at an underlying in a company. You shouldn’t be in the meeting but you’re in the meeting, because somebody feels you should be in the meeting and then you’ll go over all. I can tell you this we’d, probably to spend more time evaluating this before we make a decision, but can we can we table that somebody else would like to be part of the team that researches that that keyword head of the committee? If you, if you invite somebody to a meeting, James, is coming with them and their opinion right many times like if they’re not essential, they don’t even actually know. What’S going on there going to say their opinion regardless cuz. I just want to hear themselves talk, show and it all it does is just like make the meeting longer and just get everybody. I would ask you right now: rhetorically Thrive, Nation. You should write down what specific people can you stop, inviting a certain meetings to what are specific meetings that you don’t need to attend, and I went ahead and put down some meetings that I attended, that I thought were a waste of time and expensive: quantitative literacy, That was a 1001 semester meeting and now it’s time that I discovered that my vast knowledge, I learned in college at Oral Roberts University of how to chart a slope on a graft, has never actually been used in business or Humanities by Mastery memorization of The Magnificent Achievements of the Mesopotamian River Valley and the women have never been used in business, and so I called you when I want to be my understanding of the Electra complex has never been used to solve a business problem Steve. You know what the Electra complex! No! No! No I’ll tell you this when I was in TJC for 2 days, that wasn’t part of the the Electra complex is at the complex of Electro super found out last night. I actually part of my cloud casinos.

This is part of my curriculum at st. Cloud State University. Okay, Sigmund Freud had a theory describing the psychodynamics of a girl’s sexual competition with her mother for the sexual of love and affection of her father. What he believed that girl young girls wanted to have sex with her father’s secretly, so he tested these theories on real humans, and it’s actually caught in college is right now well did you have to do if you’re going to college and you’re studying a? He also has Freud. Was it snow? This is the Electra complex. Let me know, I know these things because I actually read the books, and I know these things because he’s a bad second thing where you go. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not slap myself right now. Okay, just to be clear, I like to retract that statement on college campuses everywhere. This describes a child’s feelings of desire for his or her opposite sex parent and their jealousy towards that parent. So you’re young son wants to have sex with his mother. That’S what he believes, parts of the show that have gotten a little weird guys who knocked out this week: 6 oz, living space on college campuses – I’m not kidding! I do not want this bonus fry people, talk about how you need to go to college and you need to learn these things with. This is what their teachers actually on the syllabus in college. Psychology 101. If you’re going to Oklahoma State St Cloud State they’re teaching at this crap – and you know what parents you’re paying for it – get your kids out of college, it’s a waste of freaking time. I’M telling you! Unless there is a sponsor of the show, then mailing baby go ahead and continue paying for a semester or two after stating an actual skill. But if you would find out there studying Freud would be in jail today, for what is the worst. But yet his series are taught on college campuses. If you want to do a colon cleanse of your mind. Time should I comment subscribe to a podcast and here every other podcast, it’s not about the subject. It’S about time show on your radio live local broadcasting from the center of the universe. Time show, do you feel good tonight? What’S up call Thrive, make sure that was the conversation start time show on radio entrepreneur of the year, and I promise not to talk anymore about Freud’s theories on Today Show but think what happens is so many people out there. We are struggling to get things done because we do not know the 66 super moves for freeing up time in your schedule and now once you’ve mastered those 66 moves. You may say you know what I want some bonus. I want the super salty, the real. I want the stuff behind is that I want the bonus moves that we’re going through now. These are the final super super salty bonus prize at the end there either hidden in the McDonald’s bag. You pulled an all-nighter last night and you just ate at McDonalds. At 3 a.m. – and you regret it so much, but you want to just one more fright: if you can just find one more fry, it would feel that you don’t have to go back through that, the shame of going back through the drive-thru a second time. That’S like going through confessional at a Catholic Church. You go to the confession. You tell the priest, a priest says so my my son on what? What do you want to confess you? I killed a man and you’re going to go that was pretty deep and so you’re kind of working through that, like you killed man, if you it wasn’t how it seemed, though I backed into him I ran over, I didn’t I didn’t stop and and you’re going You could be on House of Cards, so the priest – I guess it’s too deep for me – is my son. Are you must talk directly to God, I’m peacing out business coach style and then you you come back a moment later going that’s what it’s like going back through the drive-thru again for more fries. If you don’t find a bonus, Fridays are super salty move, move number for don’t read messages until you’re in a place to deal with him immediately is example: don’t check your text messages or emails or voicemails are open near your mail, your actual physical mail into your New place that you can deal with them immediately so last night I take my daughter to the Olive Garden with her friends to celebrate her 13th birthday and they’re. My mental capacity in critical thinking skills are reduced to that of an average buttery. Bread stick something out of people in there. The server keeps going to do any soup. Do you want me nice person, but you, let me see what I meant was that already had some soup, because I’m sitting here talking and talking and there’s a guy behind me. I hate my boss in the teenage girls are talking and if I had checked my emails there there’s no way I could respond in a way that made sense and you I know here, here’s the deal, you you not you The Listener. What’S the person you know what they’re doing is they’re going on dates and they’re on their cell phone text in the office? Do the soccer game emailing and here’s the super dirty move literally and figuratively your checking messages in the bathroom. It’S weird it freaks me out. Everytime, I see you after I’ve, seen you using your smartphone while peeing at urinal. Stop it stop. You stop peeing. While smartphone e, you stop it. You need to stop Steve, I’m going to start with. You will start with you, because I know you’re good for hot. Take on this and Andy will balance out the power here so Steve Currington, the mortgage wizard wizard. Does it freak you out when you see somebody who’s smart phoning, while peeing Stave Stave what happened? Let it flow freak me out. I mean it happens, but people whether I should be. That’s very nice watch – make eye contact or talk to him in the restroom, and so that’s what I try to do so already make it. Can I take an Oral Roberts fun fact. I was once asked to help sell his house, which is on the table behind it or you campus. Until I do tour of the property with my business partner, we look through the rooms in the hallway hallway, that’s longer than most people’s house is bigots and even in the house, there’s a closet with just a massive shooting. This house, there’s it’s a great home for a great man, and I get into the great room of the great man who held the throne room with a throat is, I noticed next to the throne, there’s a phone.

The man had a landline next to toilet and he was causing some big deals. He was doing business while closing business deals on the bathroom door in the bathroom. While calling you, how do you play it off? How do you do what you do when you’re attacked woman? What do you do to you? Do you just sort of thing you don’t accidentally hang up or what are you doing? You know they’re doing some business, and so you just trying to show you something so give me the crazy amounts of Reber when you’re on the phone. You just have to call you back John Wheeler to the Reverb to let you know what are the sound of running water running water, but it’s not talking on the phone while peeing, because to me it’s worth the time of fish at where I’m like. Well, I have to pee, and I have to make this phone call, I’m just going to do it at the same time, but no of course hello. How would you call when you pick us up something else, I’m really guilty of is the point is don’t leave messages until you can actually like folks on that? I’M really really bad at this, because you between meetings, I called you, don’t respond to text or call. I think my business coach wife will text me and send me something and I’ll answer it, but I only read part of it and then she’s like I come home. We talked about it and he’s like your this. That and the other thing I like. What are you talking about? We didn’t talk about this and she’s like yeah, you didn’t read the whole text me back. Did you Dallas next move is address concerned as immediately as possible, as example, if you have a problem with somebody, I would highly recommend that you would bring it up and deal with it sooner than later. If you can, because the longer you let it Fester the worse, it gets so Jonathan Kelly. You see this in the office where somebody has a small grievance about. Let’S say somebody was supposed to call you and they forgot and we’ve all done it everybody’s forgotten, to call somebody didn’t write it down or whatever happened, but now that person carries the animosity. The other person carries the animosity of not being called into the next day. It’S good to see you good to hear you going to see and hear you ever pass over here like it’s great, to see and hear you too yeah, I’m so glad we’re talking like this. You know we’re talking or like. What’S your issue, I’m glad to be doing right now is hearing you hear me because we’re talking like we said we would go insane right right, real fast. First of all, I love the word that that use Fester cuz, that’s just a fantastic word, festering so angry about something. So you just leave it alone, like they’re, just going to think about it, like you said faster, it’s just going to grow and grow, and then it’s just going to turn into bitterness and bitterness is such a hard thing to get rid of so like once. You get bitter, like that’s, that’s poison in the in the heart. Sometimes you just got to drink some prune juice and let it flow – and I’m saying so get rid of that. But I moved over 6 as you want to put your phone on the do not disturb feature of this. Isn’T this? Isn’T it freaks people out? So it looks like because you have a smartphone now you should be reachable all the time, but you do have to put that phone on the do not disturb feature. When do you do it? How do you do it? What do I hit on this phone? Where is a millennial stage at the DriveTime show on your radio? If you have to give subscribe to podcast it’s because really you’re missing out here, just figured you’re unaware of how to do it. Drive time. Should I come put on podcast And subscribe today. It’S business school without the BS. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170. 10. Cummins call me I’m feeling alright Rebelution walking back to the conversation for those of you joining us Today Show for the first time it’s business school without the BS, and this is been the craziest most polarizing show we’ve ever had so the show here’s one You definitely Want I want to come when I want to go to the podcast with Rob time, cook of the podcast and make sure you don’t miss any of the segments of Today Show we talked about the Electra complex, complex we’ve talked about the ethics of taking a Phone call, while urinating and we’ve got into a really deep stuff. Some shows you talk about the epidermis. You know just to do The Superficial, the skin level stuff. No, no we’re going down into the marrow we’re getting into that she’s really into the deep.

The Deep Thoughts this is like the in the Earth’s crust that they were talking about me super moves that you can use to free up more time in your schedule. If you are super busy – and you just don’t – have the time needed to get things done, you’re going to have to implement some of these moved all 66 moves which can find by subscribing to thrive time. Show.Com click on the podcast click. On that button, you can subscribe to never miss one of those moves. It’S an epic 7-part series. What the next move here is you’ve got to put your phone on the Do Not Disturb mode you’re, not actually getting more. Things done by constantly always reactively participating in any time that someone needs to reach you you’re, not getting ahead by always be reachable. Nothing is worth. Nothing is worse than watching. You try to check messages in meetings or at work, while trying to look like you’re not trying to check messages at work and they they they either checking the emails underneath the table in a mother to all garden with their spouses. You see him at church. He was slick person acting like they’re on the Bible app. You know what I’m saying: you’re acting like you’re on that Bible app try to. I was just looking up her ass, while you’re responding to emails from work. We all see you check on those emails at your workstation I’ll pretend that you’re not don’t be an idiot turn your phone on to the Do Not Disturb mode, so you can actually be physically and mentally present. John I’ll start with you and take on this many. What’S an example of maybe cuz, I remember the last time that I brought my smartphone into a a dinner with my wife. I took my wife out to eat and I was guilty of trying to respond to a work-related email while on a date I will get bad again. I will not make that same mistake because I got called out on it Tender Years. As is tradition, my wife was right. I was around that’s two points for her. You still have the twins to my kids. I buy my wife random things throughout the week because each time I give her a gift, that’s one point, and each week I will always make a mistake. That is a deduction of three points I can never get ahead, but at least I’m not behind. So John walk me through the whole Do Not Disturb mode. How do you handle it to Kelly house? I just turned my phone off when I’m on the on the date night. You turn it off. I turned it off and I’ll be in the car. What was like so, if you’re on your phone, all the time like it, becomes a habit and if so, if it goes off, it’s like you know, your notification goes off. You, like instinctively just grab it and look at it and then now you’re like stealing time away from whatever it is that you’re supposed to get this car real fast. So I can email – and it’s like – oh my God, this person’s burning alive and now you’re responsible for ensuring that and then now you’re taking away time from somewhere else broadcasting at the man cave. Here we can be doing the broadcast. We can be teaching time management moves. What we’re looking at in nature, we’re looking at nature here. You got the Green Woods out there. The flow of the air coming into pinion would the smell in the army during the break down there. I open the door because I wanted to smell the pinion and also we need to read fuel. That’S the way. It’S like it hard for clay. I would like to see if you could take the headphones off and go put Pinon wood on on the business coach fire while still engaging in the shop, so we can still talk. I want to still talk to you on the show. Does Steve, like this analogy States specifically, what are your? How do you make sure you don’t get distracted while try to do two things at once.? How do you do it State? We can’t. We can’t hear you stay stay. Put the pinion one Steven put the pinion wood on there and be on the microphone stay safe.

I’M serious at this is Steve. This is not we’re not trying to exaggerate this example. We want you to put the pinion wood on there, while participating on the shelves. Sweating all right, Steve, okay, here the whole time. So what are your tips? What are you up to what are tips for staying focused? How did you ever be able to stay on the show while putting the pinion wood on the fire? What’S really truly an art? That’S exciting. I know I sound like I’m out of breath. No, no one can even hear the difference in audio quality. They thought you were right there. So what makes you feel if you’re listening right now? What makes you think that you can play golf while texting right? Well, you know I am guilty of this and I don’t have anybody else. Is there was a time in my meetings with Clay where which I love this is the movie Collide us? He just leaves the meeting. I do you go in Virgin of hanging up on your phone. This is what I had to come back as I want to say to you and everybody who chooses to text messages through text messages and emails and phone calls while paying for someone to consult you. I can’t say this to you. I couldn’t send you messages. I want to say what is wrong with your head pricing like what I bet you can’t say that cuz with client and myself included II, I’ve had mentors and coaches, you don’t know these things and you can’t beat somebody up. They don’t know what happens if it’s sad when you watch somebody who’s paying, I can get to go. Give me the example. I know people who pay for an a lawyer to represent them in court or to represent them in a court case, but they won’t even listen to their advice, so it’s like so you’re, basically just paying somebody to validate what you already do it like you. You have a website that doesn’t work you’re, not talking to Google, but you want to pay an advisor so that you can argue that you know everything about Google optimization. You don’t want to change anything about your current schedule for the way you do things, but you want to pay an advisor to what to what validate your jackassery. This doesn’t make sense so, whatever 7, you want to use it to do list. All this is big Lee Cockrell, the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts. He wants told me you need to have one to do list for your one life. One to-do list for your one life of this is Lee Cockrell man I used to manage 40,000 employees the same time. My friend, we’ve all been guilty of double booking our cells for something in our personal and business lives as a result of having two different calendars. That we use – and this is jackass Rihanna – must stop today. Stop double booking yourself for things, stop saying I need to go home and check my kids calendar. Don’T forget about the things that you’re supposed to do. If your personal life in your business life, you got to put it all in one calendar, John Kelly break it down my friend. This is an issue that we all struggle with. Why do you have to have one calendar? Will you have? Two calendars are to to-do list, you’re going to forget things or you won’t have one in front of you while you schedule the other thing, and so if you combine them so both your personal and your work life are on one thing: you cannot double book, you Cannot double book if you don’t., If you do not give your chance to give yourself the chance to do it, because you have to counter this would force you to ask yourself what do I need to cancel to make room for this appointment? Examples of all the time from universities saying hey, could we meet in the thing? Is I can’t meet cuz, I’m already scheduled so that we booked a meeting here in December, so we can meet for lunch December.

I think it’s October well yeah, but we need to schedule for thanks. That’S what we want to do when we come back. We’Ll talk about setting goals, move number 8 Super salty move, never ate. You’Ve got to learn to be good at setting goals. If you want to get ahead, if you don’t want to get ahead, then you don’t need to set goals to just drift around. Let your garden garden itself, you let your physical fitness manage Itself by not working out. You can just drift your way to success. Stay to think this was so funny World Headquarters. Yes, that’s right, I’m so alright! We’Re talking about this is the final segment to complete our epic broadcasting obvi 66 and moves for how to get more things done. People say how does dr. Z run the Z66 auto auction and an optometry clinic and a thriving sleep center and a medical center and drive? How does he know he doesn’t the CEO of Pride? How to do it daily business coach radio show? How do you guys run a photography company? How do you run into the Men’s Grooming Lounge chain? How do you do how what starts with the very very basic of the very bottom level? Is it’s your ability to manage time so you’re going to build a major home? What they’re going to build a home? That’S a 5000 square foot beautiful home! And what am I could you say: what’s a 6000 square foot home and what you wanted to see? How big is your house roughly how many square feet come on? We all know you have lights in your mailbox. Just tell it something. I guess you got to say it need to be 6, because that would be an upgrade. Do you have a nice house? It’S my dad’s, what you doing the house by putting in rebar into the concrete you put the footings you got to use rebar. I work construction for one summer dead, concrete work, but I built my house myself because if you don’t and I’m at the foundation is Shifty what happens as you build the house every time the house will settle and it will crumble and fall apart at the very Core, the very time management, Steve you set up for time. Management is sanity yeah. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you can’t manage your life and nothing’s going to work and that’s why we spent so much time on this because there’s so few people out there that know how to manage time so we’ll never ate. You got to set goals: there’s not a recordable from Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author of the best-selling, the best-selling self-help author of all time before Jack Canfield came out of nowhere and 500 million copies of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series 500 million drifting without Amber Purpose is the first cause a failure. He goes on to say a goal is a dream. With a deadline, you got to have goals for the F6 areas to your face, your family, your friendships, your Fitness, your finances, and you have goals for your face, your family, your friendships, your Fitness, your finances in your fun, my friend, your garden, isn’t going to drift Out of Chaos and Order, your body isn’t going to drift into being in shape. Your daughter is going to drip to do an alignment in the end. Optimization, your life is not going to get better if you’re, not intentional, about setting goals for yourself and me six areas and your father also business guy talk to me how you scheduled time for your family. How do you do if my friend, obviously you’re not perfect? No one is, but how have you been able to do it and build a schedule time?

How many kids do you have it last count schedule time for the family and the that’s what I try my best not to bring business time once I’m home. I want to spend that quality time with the with the family. You know that the kids – that’s right, did you say koala tea time with the family, just nice product total lending Concepts, Ron about making sure that you don’t take any emails or texts on your phone when I’m having a conversation, while I’m in my phone looking at Emails and that’s not really helping the situation, but if I tell you you might get locked out of bedroom that way, I’m going to play Quality Time by hi-five to in the show today, because of the quality time. That’S it that’s incredible song,


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