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If you have ever found yourself asking what the most effective way to block out negativity is, this is the business coach podcast for you. Listen and learn as Clay Clark talks about being intentional about the things you allow into your life.

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Does it just feel when we’re doing a business coach podcast? That’s not actually a broadcast first, because of the first time I’ve been involved in this this you know this is the story of options. We have out there a cornucopia of a verbal cartwheels. You guys are displaying. No. We just listed all of the words that we know yeah and you’re. Welcome 11 super moves that you can use to free up more time in your schedule to get stuff done, and so is he I’m going to unveil. Dd plethora of super moves. Subaru! Never want you want to schedule time for what matters into your schedule each day before the busyness begins before the world starts, going put it in your schedule ii. You want to take something out of your schedule before adding something to your scheduled seem so common sense, but I remember back in the day I would find myself mentoring a young man after work because he asked me to and why was spending time with him. I was going. This is weird this young man. Does it look like my son call aubrey, that’s not true at all, so I was wish. I was investing time in developing everybody else’s kids, but my own. I was running like a big brother kind of kind of aspect. Your wife point out: do you become a horse’s behind what kind of weird stepdad vibe I mean. You know that you’re not going to turn off all the push notifications on your phone, except for phone calls and text messages for your phone off 80 % of the day got to keep it off baby phone down, see. Why do you put the phone down when you’re in a meeting phone down phone turned to silent and phone down until face down at all the time? I want to be present the meeting since I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be bothered by a bank meeting or a big deal. I have never cheated 8, so you can check me on this one you can give it to. You can verify me online. You can look at it. I’ve never known a meeting to last forever if they have very long filibuster attempt there wasn’t going anywhere hours and what time you get done with me, then you can return text. You can return phones on the way home. Today, I noticed when I pulled into my parking lot.

I had 28 missed text messages that occurred. While I was in meetings, you know what I’m going to do tomorrow, what I’m going to do today. I can’t not do what I said I’m going to do today, plus I’m not distracted by don’t watch tv unless your to-do list is done so explanatory, but you had to do a stop. First then play where is in tbs play 40 v2 men’s work on when trying to research the economy. It’s not so you can curse me out and throat punch me and it all be at the condo. I feel like I can look at throat punch on the live show you know now it’s kind of on the podcast we can do the entire show about shipping high in transit on the podcast under kings accept things we could talk on the phone, so freaking the radio, you have to let you know baby unless you completed your to-do list, and here comes a final five moves e, I’m going to give you the first three coming in hot hot seat, block people on your phone block, people block certain people from your phone. What does it mean if you refer to that person’s and negative nancy next move apps that block block people on your social media jobs? That’s a must or not follow more business coach defriend them or whatever the the moves are you know, but you think cell phones and negativity email a lot of times. The number 9 block people on your email zblock the same thing I just ridiculous emailed you can. You can unsubscribe if you keep you push email from certain companies and every day you got to delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, select, unsubscribe, but you want to hit and cry from that. So you don’t keep doing that push from best buy your you. Just get push email from them everyday to block people out of your schedules. Yeah your schedules up to you your days up to you who you see is up to you. Unfortunately, I’m circle back with you when I get back, I just I mean real quick. I just had to I have a personal issue. You know, what’s a good thing to say to that. I’ve learned this from you and marshall in particular, but I love you, but I don’t have the brain space right now to interact with whatever you have going on I’ll, follow up with you later but got to go. Another move I like to do. Is I like to bring up an uncomfortable conversation that dissed it isn’t actually happening? I do this a lot. So if someone says, can we talk at the moment? I hear the question I’ll turn to someone like chop-chop. I got this rash. Can you come look at it and then I call mike what, if I caught every day, how about this, because it’s the podcast I’m going to put my pants on for 11 got to come in here. The hot take don’t take book, advice from people and less you view them as a source of wisdom. Somebody, you know, recommends a book to you, but they’re not successful.

Why should you feel this time pressure to read every single book that is recommended by some motivational expert or some guy you met at church or some guy you golf with you don’t need to read every book. I read every article that someone text: u d people text you articles may we should read this bro. I have high value tooth and I’ll put that on my to-do, but if they’re not if they’re, just somebody out there in the atmosphere, but I haven’t bedded, I delete that I want I bring. The book is about 400 pages long, and it’s about the importance of getting stuff done. I just want to see. Could you read that ready? You should read this brother, it’s a game-changer. You know you didn’t even talk about their on that show you’re doing cuz. You know you guys need some good stuff. There’s yet another there’s yet another book on time and when they just came out support department work. We can get it done for much. Would that one guy saying in 4 hours the power y, how to make everybody? How to motivate everyone to check if you seen that book cover by the way, I’m going to read this book cover to you tell me I want this is a book that I want to make sure that you I want to see if you had the ramp to do something I want to ask you: if you have a problem with this book title I got, the book is called start with. Why no limit that the premise of the subtitles? What makes me business coach crazy, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action, everyone that jesus could inspire everyone? He was. He was a great leader tonight, but if you read this book written by a company, you can learn, inspire everyone and it’s okay. It’s it’s a false idea and it’s silly and it puts your people, think I’ve got inspire 1 or I’m not. A good leader makes people feel bad. That makes you feel bad for somebody else not being inspired of that sounds easy, because I didn’t inspire those inspired you and it is for me to inspire someone.

Is it? Is it always just an appositive or if you inspired someone to do something negative and hate-filled it’s still, it’s icy business owners with 12 to 15 employees who lives it will come into their meeting or, like my team, isn’t making the sales calls. I guess I’m not good at inspiring them and I will free them up. Also here’s the deal. They don’t know what to do. They know what to do. They chose not to because that’s correct. They said yeah, that’s, okay. Whenever it’s convenient for you, you choose a day and time in the schedule. Whenever you have a good placement bingo, what I need to be nice to him until I fire the message yet usually up until like the final minute, you’re right, I’m up and stuff. But you know they’re going to fire him at 5 and 4:59 if you’ve written them still say, hey good, to see how you doing. What’s going on it’s convenient for you right, you don’t need to tell them in advance auto by the way isis I’m hiring someone to replace. You know we’re pulling out our troops on june 1st at 3 p.M. Because we told national tv. We would you know the ultimate move, what is the oldest to make that person think that it’s a good thing and train their own replacement long is that movie is a great move, iphone x. If you are listening, this podcast is a good chance. You subscribe to podcast listening right now and you haven’t  business coach subscribed, shut up. If people subscribe to the podcast, what can we give them for free if they, if it will take the exit to go the extra mile and write us an objective review I’ll, give you a hug but objectively? Let us know what you like right now: look at that roof in an email to info at thrive time, show. Com, along with your phone number, and we’re going to give you two free tickets, they’re they’re, normally each, but we need to get two free tickets to the february 16th and 17th works are so nice, it’s just not as nice. Valentine’s present colin time to you happy valentine’s day to you, the break so happy star bed to listener that mean valentine’s day too. I’m even going to go. Give me going to go see if you can go to go to the game. I got it.


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