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Are you a hungry entrepreneur out there looking to build your knowledge base? On this special ThriveTime Show podcast business coach Clay Clark and Dr Z will list out what books they are reading as they continue their education as they grow their businesses.

Show Notes –

  1. Dr Z – Sun Tzu’s Art of War.
    1. Business is war. The sooner you realize this the better your business will perform.
    2. Your competition is viewing you as an opposing force and they are trying to attack you. You must understand this and prepare yourself.
  2. Clay Clark – Start Here by Clay Clark
    1. This is a combination of all of the best business books in the world.
    2. Mastery by Robert Greene
  3. Marshall Morris – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    1. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight by the founder of Nike.
  4. Wes Carter – 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene
    1. The BOOM Book by Clay Clark – it is an interactive workbook that goes over the 13 step system that we walk all of our clients down.


‘m show on your podcast download or your radio. My name is clay clark and I am a business coach and before we get to into our final segment of the ask us anything from clay to z segment, I want to make sure that I invite you personally to attend our next in-person thrive. Time show workshop. This workshop is a game-changer, but I encourage you to not believe me do not believe me go read the reviews. I read the reviews on the google reviews, testimonials of people who actually have attended sharing with you what they thought about the workshop and to say it’s game-changing, wouldn’t be true to say it was a. It was helpful, not true life. Changing is what I’ve heard from over a dozen people directly and then legal eagle Wes Carter. You ran into somebody who a mutual acquaintance, someone you knew, who attended the workshop or something, and what did they have? They describe the value that they received at the workshop was a client that I worked with had a side business as a software engineer, but is an employee and had come to your work shop and then make the touch base with me again because he was venturing out to be a full-time, independent guy and mention that he had the workshop, and I said all that’s awesome: what do you think of his exact words was? It was life-changing and I will say I’ve decided. I haven’t told you this yet, but we’re sharing today. So I’m going to have to associates attorneys that have doctorates, and I still think I need to send you a business coach workshop to learn about business side of it. Well, I tell you what, if you are a member of the thrive nation, we have it it’s. It’s filling up fast, it’s unbelievable! How many people are showing up for this, and maybe these two dudes too heavily educated gurus, hear that wes knows where is 16th and 17th at the actual conference. The workshop is is going to take place on the left coast of the arkansas river in the jenks riverwalk from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. And the tickets are ninety-nine dollars.

How much are tickets for free right now, limited time offer? All you got to do is go to itunes, just search for the thrive time show on itunes all the thrive time, showing itunes click the little subscribe button and then leave us. An objective review tell us how we’re doing send as proof that you did it to info. Just email is info at drivetime, show. Com drive time should I come and I we will send you two free tickets. Now the final question we’re going to get into it from the thrive nation, I’m so excited about this one. This is the this is the top of. It is really it stopped, because it’s a double blind studies. He doesn’t know. Nobody else has seen the question before. I haven’t seen the questions cuz. He hasn’t seen the business coach questions, see here’s the question from the thrive. What book would you recommend that I read and what books are you reading now, because I saw it just a little before you do you want me to go first or do to go first? Well, I just like to point out that we’ve done a couple of shows in the past and that’s a great thing about every wendy’s radio shows we put on his podcast. Yes – and you can you, can you can go in the drivetime show.Com and you have me, we have on there now, probably 300 300 closer to 400 is so there’s there’s a lot of great information on there and we did a couple of great shows on the top so you gave out the top six books every entrepreneur should read. Yes, can I get a bonus 7, so I would be remiss not to say my bone is 7.

As my answer to this question – and my answer was written in my the the book – I’m talking about was written 3000 years ago, so very poor, penmanship, interactive, pdf version of you kicking me book of sean connery show me the principal on war and if you are starting a business, I am going to give you a renovation revelation and that is it works, and the day you think that it’s a you know, kumbaya more making event that you’re going to help everybody it’s war. Well – and you want you want your slice, the pie, but you wanted to be as big as slices. You can fact you went the whole pie if you can, but my point is: if you don’t think your competitors out there don’t look at it as war. Then you need to read this book and and put some of these principles in place of the art of war. The book that I would recommend it all the drivers would get is the book that marshall and I co-wrote together called the start here book and the reason why I would business coach recommend that book is cuz marshall and I spent years developing the book we didn’t combined. All of the best business books that we read it’s all cited and it breaks it down in the lynn, your path, so you can learn specifically what you need to know to start a successful company. It’s like the curriculum of the thrive time show program, and the book is about 500, something page as long as the search engine manifesto teaches you time management customer service that you read that book in the book that I’m currently reading that I’m stuck on is called mastery by robert greene cuz everytime, I read a page, a good, so I’m going to do the second time of that book.

I might not ever get off that book, it’s so good! So that’s my book magic by robert greene start here is the book. You should read cuz it’s practical masteries, a book you should read if you’re obsessed with one thing like I am and you’re trying to figure out. Why, back to you, marshall, a book that you should read if you have not read, is thinking grow rich and we just did an ample amount of episodes of breaking down, think and grow rich until you, you got to go, read that book and you got to take notes in it yourself, okay, so I thought I’d recommend that you actually go read that book and then the book that I’m about to start so is actually shoe dog by phil knight, that’s a good one in so I’m pumped to read it eased. You know former chairman of nike in that book when you discover what he originally named, we should do a radio show about it and how long it took him to not lose money, no matter how bad your business is doing now, you’ll be encouraged. By contrast, bad. I mean it’s a crazy scenario: the debt, the unprofitability, the stress v, investing years z and the name of the company in the deciding later you’re going to change dramatically, just tossing out the logo tossing out the name toss. Another kind of shoe. I mean that that’s her level persistence that you haven’t seen before a phenomenal read shoe dog, chew dog by phil knight, giving me the side you to read some things again and make note. I never been a note taker. You think I read so I’m going back to the 48 laws of power, I’m going to wash it down with a chaser of the bible, verse 1 chapter balance it out balance it out hardcore stuff. It’s the one. I would recommend, when I give away the clients that I want to have an extra copies at the office. I think it’s boom, it’s the one where you look like terminator on the front. I read a line and not just the sitting here, but I read a lot in short business coach increments when I have time to like it’s very visual, there’s a lot of graphics on a cartoons on an edible quotables lot of statistics. But here’s the thing: here’s a big tribe nation for for about 4 years ago, three and a half years you have been working together with marshall and we’ve been building this thing, this ultimate sounds like the death star of entrepreneurship.

It’s like the ultimate business incubator. Yes, imagine that you are in what are the ultimate business incubator and your name is darth vader trying to find a one-stop-shop that can fire off a shot and could book a place. Is that possible? Well, I’m the thing is what, if you wanted to do it, and you said you know what I’d like it least: 90 % of the resources to be free. I mean that’s pretty demanding how do they? How can that be sustained? Well, I mean it seems like a tall task. Will I drive time show.Com drive time? Should I come? We have the world’s best business podcast, ok, spiked it the number 5 on it and pick it up bloomberg. People find the show they share at the ratings are taking off an exciting video training videos available for you, a dollar for the first month. Every month, thereafter, 3 marshmallow workshops marsh. Let me have business coach. Why would anybody want business come you got to have business coach cuz you got to have somebody hold you accountable? Someone show you the way. Hold you accountable. You got to check it all all for the quad, it’s all available for you at drivetime show.Com. Someone says what was that again thrive time: show.Com. Com, it’s always free to watch, jump like a horse with blinders


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