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Are you struggling with the answers on how to handle an unemployment claim? On this episode of the ThriveTime Show podcast, business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Z lay out the specific things you must do to fight unemployment claims.  

Show Notes:

  1. Dr. Z – Let them have the unemployment and don’t fight it. Do not let former employees steal your joy.
    1. Let them have the last victory.
    2. Idiots are not a reason to fight unemployment.
  2. Wes Carter – The worst-case scenario will raise your insurance premiums for unemployment
    1. You do not want to fight unemployment claims that you will probably lose.
    2. You want to write people up because of the other legal actions that may develop and you will need write-ups for defense.
  3. Eric Chupp – If you are going to fight unemployment, you must be able to show write-ups and why they were let go.

My name is clay clark and I am fairly fired up to be here with you today, because it is profound each and every day that you and I are above the ground. Someone should tell it to somebody else by the way, because I see a lot of people and I’ve been that person before not anymore, but where we run around waiting to enjoy our business coach life until these circumstances get better. But the thing is: is an entrepreneur. If you listen to a show about how to build a successful company like this, like this show the thrive time, shall we give you business school without the bs? I am going to tell you this. You are never and see. If you disagree, you can you tell me how I’m going to throat punch you, but if you have more than if you have more than 50 employees, 15 members you’re never going to have a day. Where does not either a employee problem, a customer service problem or a problem going to have a day where you’re like okay, that the trifecta of protection do the employee problems? Customer problem, there’s no problem., just things are perfect. You’re right, I mean. Is it just doesn’t happen, and so you know you’ve got to understand the tramp trying to deal with them, cope with them and and be okay with how you’re handling so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to tee up a portable horrible scenario that ties into this question, okay, as we get into the ask anything, ask us anything from clay to that’s the question: that’s the that’s the segment or ask us anything from clay dizzy. So how do you file unemployment? This is a real scenario. I don’t know legal eagle wes carter. If you helped us with this, when you help us with that, you help us with everything, I’m not sure how detailed you win this one. We had somebody who didn’t ever actually work at one of my businesses but showed up to shadow for an hour which we have switched paid, but they never did think they should my 20 minutes late and then, like left, claim to have some injury.

They didn’t tell me they just told someone else they wouldn’t get into the job, they had some kind of injury or I don’t know they said they. We terminated them for basically being disabled and said they filed, and I just now one I got my letter in the mail me to frame in the office, I’m so excited about it, but just one that is from there and I’m thinking cheese like yeah. I’m glad we sure that I hear on the radio called or whatever the scenario is you’re going to have somebody eventually file unemployment. If you have enough employees so we’ll start with: u, doctors either will go to west and shut up. Here we go see. How do you deal with an unemployment claim, whether it is legitimate or not? I as a business coach don’t have it. What would you say? Let him have it? What do you mean? I don’t find it so you’re paying someone a week to work for you yeah, I’m in here today. Quit and I file unemployment years ago, I could go through life, fighting all the injustice. Thank god I don’t get in life. What I deserve you know, thank god. I get a a measure of grace on my life and I extend that same to people around me. Right or wrong decision that I’ve made, and I don’t think I’m going to fight when I let someone go when they go file unemployment. I let him have it you’re at your lover, not a fighter, but I am not asking if somebody’s making a week and they quit a file unemployment. What’s the worst case scenario, we have to pay like his business. I was worried about unemployment. It’s what you pay into the thing and is your percentage does goes up. Your premiums go up a little bit. Okay, so I mean how much it, how what’s the worst me someone just I mean if someone at the file but have fun with your time on your side and your and you’re word c note: 10.1 claims not going to make a big difference on your insurance premiums in the employees getting much less than what would have been there actual weekly paid, so it’s less than that, but your out-of-pocket is going to be the end of the day. Your insurance premiums, possibly rising.

You know material number if there’s a lot of them, but it’s going to be from an insurance premium, stand for in idiots, don’t they have to be willfully, so this way to harm your business is a question I have for west west, dr. Z, on a previous segment, it said he’s never written somebody up in 26, 27 years of successful business coach entrepreneurship. Why do you advise people to write people up inside of a battle here? Let me preface this with dr. Z stance on unemployment. I mostly agree with it. I think most the time. You’re going to lose, you want to fight something to lose. It makes no sense in a bunch of times, so maybe there’s those random scenarios, maybe where someone did something malicious? You really want to to use that. But my issue is writing. People up stems more not from unemployment, but other legal action. Wrongful termination, disability claims discrimination claims. So when someone comes and says you fired me because I’m orange or you’re fired me because you know I have a limp and I couldn’t do the job because of my. Let you know whatever it is, you can say no, I wrote you up 12 times for later yelling at people and that’s helps you defend those types of claim.

So why certainly think for unemployment? In that narrow view? What time you don’t want to fight those z’s right on point on those, but there are other legal claims that worries me more as an attorney’s compliant unemployment. I mean I can’t. I can’t argue with this point – and I guess I think about it – is that you know your managers and the people that are are in your chart over those people. Don’t know that information, you know they didn’t know that they got fired because they know why they did it cuz they were late 87 *. What is a letter in the mail saying such and such as filed unemployment, and they dress it to dr. Robert zoellner? You call the number boo boo, boo, boo, hey I’m not going to fight it now you got to go. Do anything, I don’t even waste of business coach time to call the right time, I’m not to it. No, I just don’t the trash and go on and go on with my day. Really. Yes, cuz, I’m above that, and you know what that keeps. Maybe a rock and roll through my window that keeps maybe you’re bad. You know business coach social media outbursts on my office 62 times, you’ve been in a room, injured, tiger play, stand back and you can sit there with your club and go after you know. How do you think that’s going to turn out? So what I’m saying is that when you fire an employee, their the injured tiger, okay, let let them have the last victor. Let them run away get away. But I tell you what that should have said your hours and social media buena mirages which still happens to this day. You know that get an appointment, we can still sit there and you don’t make up. You know billy bob it while who.Com and sit there yet horrible terrible person.

All the good people and fires on trolls are winning the world, you know, and so it or you can. Let them have that last victory and I’m telling you what, when people feel like they got one on you, then they’re less likely to try to put another one on you eric. I want to get your take on this someone’s. Listen to the show here in there struggling with fighting unemployment mentally emotionally like what they they quit. Well, if you are, and if your choice is the opposite of doctors, that you are going to fight that unemployment claim, then I would say that, like legal eagle wes carter was saying having those write-ups in place is going to be super important and showing the unemployment. What do you call that person that the employment office that you have to deal with an attorney are there who don’t help either or an hour, and that’s mad that you’re successful anyway and they’re going to side with them 99 % of time? The only time that the concrete company that we were successful fighting one was the guy showed up that on the phone call hearing like audibly on drugs, just make sure that you have your weapons and your guns loaded next segment, we’re going to talk about what business coach books would we recommend to read what books are we reading now and more about fighting on it’s about time? She’ll, wonder radio apply what you learned, what you want,


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