Ask Clay Anything: How Do You Hire and Fire People?

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Are you running or managing a business and can’t find or get rid of people? In today’s Thrivetime Show – Ask Us Anything with business coach Clay and Z we will break down how to hire and fire people.

Show Notes:

  • Are you already working on your new moves for the Christmas party this year?


    1. “Not as of yet. Will start training late summer or early fall.” – Z
  • How do you hire and fire people? – For Doctor Z


      1. Z’s Steps for hiring:
        1. If you like them:
          1. Shadow day
          2. Background check
          3. Hire fast
          4. Measure them by their actions not their words


  • MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate –


        1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie
        2. Z’s 5 A’s:
          1. Attitude
          2. Appearance
          3. Above and Beyond
          4. Accuracy
          5. Attendance
            1. Z’s Super Move:
              1. High level person = Interview the spouse (take the couple to dinner)
    1. Z’s Steps for firing:
      1. After you’ve decided
        1. Do it on your time not their time.
          1. what is the best for you
        2. Say this simple phrase
          1. “It’s just not working out”
          2. Repeat until situation is resolved.
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