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How do you optimize your happiness

Are you allowing the Negative Nancies, Debbie Downers and Crazy Uncle Eddies of your life rob you of your happiness? Learn how to break free of the soul sucking cycle of spending your time with people that kill your mojo.

Dateline – 3:01 AM –

My goal is to not ruin the party my allowing negative people to attend, because the food will taste bad and the ambiance will be weird if negative people show up.
Have you ever noticed that you could be on a tropical island surrounded by the most beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, and yet if the wrong people go with you on the trip it could still be terrible?
Have you ever noticed that you could be stuck in the Lobby of the Tag Agency, but you could sincerely lose track of time and have a great experience if you are engaged in a conversation with a great person?


Concept #1 – Your ultimate level of happiness is determined by who you spend your time with.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret of happiness is minimizing the amount of time you spend with people you don’t choose to be with.” – Phil Libin (Founder of Evernote)


Concept #2 – The people that you surround yourself help to shape your moral boundaries, and your ambition.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – When “Tools of Titans” author and podcaster Tim Ferriss was asked on a book tour pit stop what he would print on a billboard if given the chance, the self-help guru did not hesitate.
“You are the average of the five people you most associate with,” Ferriss answered. – Melia Robinson – January 11th, 2017 – Business Insider –


Concept #3 – “Your network is your net worth.” – Porter Gale


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