Ask Clay Anything: How Do You Prepare Yourself to Have Tough Conversations With Employees?

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Audio Transcription

Do you find yourself needing to have a tough conversation with your employees? If you need to learn how to hold people accountable then listen in today as Dr. Z and business coach Clay Clark get into how to prepare yourself for those tough conversations.

Show Notes:

  • What makes a good mentor?
      1. Z – “Fruit”
        1. Look a the fruit before you go for the root.
        2. Look at the people that person has mentored before
      2. Clay – Avoid unlucky people
        1. People that are late
        2. People that are lazy
        3. People that get no traction
  • How do you prepare yourself to have tough conversations with employees? For Doctor Z
    1. Z’s move:
      1. Have the conversation in your brain with yourself – Roleplay
      2. Put the “answering” on them… What do I need to do to make…….?
    2. Chupp:
      1. Know the facts
      2. Make the decision
      3. Be resolute
    3. Clay’s bonus tip (dirty move):
      1. Decide where you want the conversation to end.
        1. Is this the beginning or the end?


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