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Most entrepreneurs are busy every minute of every day and if this is you and you can’t even find time to eat during your day tune in to this special Ask Clay anything podcast to see how Dr Zoellner and business coach Clay Clark talk about what time they eat during the day.  

Show Notes –

  1. Dr Z – He would have someone on his staff bring food to the office for him. That way there is food waiting for him when he finds a quick break.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When the sun is shining it is time to make hay.” – Dr. Zoellner.
  2. Wes Carter – Grind 8+ hours at work and wait until dinner.
    1. He has a coffee or drink to hold him over.
  3. Marshall Morris – He doesn’t eat if there is not time during the day.
  4. Clay Clark – He prefers to pay a prepared food delivery service to bring healthy food daily to the workplace if possible.
    1. Schedule this on your calendar so that it happens daily.


Alright, try make sure welcome back to the conversation at the Thrivetime, show podcast download a lot of business coach questions. They want to have like little short each segment really tackle one specific question: it’s okay, I’m going to give you their quizzes. This is a double-blind quest. I have not seen it, you have not seen it and the tribe nation is excited to have your questions answered by dr. Robert zoellner, the entrepreneur trapped inside an optometrist body marshall morris, a midget stuck inside a 6 foot, 8 business coach body and west carter. The number one attorney in Tulsa oklahoma and my humble opinion that everyone attorney in the country, in my opinion, turn in the history of the planet, because we know back before the dinosaurs that were good at ernie’s. But he is better the best attorney in the universe and that’s a fact that serve ago asking the questions the question number one here is: what time do you eat as a busy business coach or entreprenuer seriously? I will see you going from meeting to meeting to meeting see you used to be back in the day you’re. Seeing patients like every will you see patients patient for patient back of the knee, looks like your optometry near building dr. Robert zoellner and associates when you used to personally see each and every patient. What time would you eat or did you eat? Well, I would have my staff go, get me food and then it be there. Then I would just be no carpet down in between, in between patients to the patient. Didn’t show up running late you to scarf it. How long does it take to eat a sandwich or simple, and let me see it up in the song, for the conversation was running out of time to get things done today, you’re self-employed, you have less than 3 people in less than a million dollars of revenue. If any of those scenarios are true less than three employees less than a million dollars of revenue protein shake have some bring you lunch, you cannot be going to lunch. You cannot be taking an hour lunch, you can’t do it until you get to the million dollar. Throw so I just i, don’t see successful people taking an hour and a half long lunch, let’s party, like you’re meeting a new client or whatever you’re, giving us their sales process. You just can’t be literally taking an hour and a half a day. He said to go to lunch now, a days on a day when you were going to be busy sound like a busy saturday, I will make sure that we bring food in and usual color wrapper try to make get them to buy it right there can you come in with your 10 pieces piled up in the breakroom everybody, nobody has to leave and run up there and eat and get back to work.

You know until night time eye doctors, listen, you know you don’t always get x-men have time for lunch. I mean I’m busy days, you may have to send them out to get your sandwich and bring it back. You know, but I’m just slow times of the year. You’ll get your our. You know, you know not overlap. I mean not sure why you can’t you got to. Sometimes you just got to the sun is shining when the sun is shining it’s time to make a shirt or we do that. Let’s go back to west carter. What time do you as a elite level attorney? You are not claiming to be an expert of all things: dietary norris, dr z, but the real question: did you win that you find time to eat as a busy attorney I’ve developed this weird business coach ability to just go like 8 or 10 hours without eating? Sometimes I have a latte some milk and some espresso that holds me over and then, if I can I’ll eat, while I’m working cuz it’s easy at a desk titan of morgan legal doctrine. I get eaten work, but a lot of times, I’m on the phone. During that time, so I just have to roll thru and eat dinner, and so sometimes it’s between 8 and 6 or 7. I just don’t eat as I got busy or what is a lot of reps, a lot of people that need to meet with me and I needed to meet with them. You know I’m buying product, I’m I’m buying advertising, so lunch meetings. I would often say to you: you can have my lunch time to get a toothache when you got your lunch spot for you, which is always nice, I never too, then you got lunch and knocked out of meeting, so you got to do it’s a two-fer means marshall morris is up next time. He gets a chance to one-up all of us. What time do you, marshall morris heat as a busy entrepreneur? This is one of the areas that I need to improve drastically in very quickly, because I do not have a super move. I just I guess my super movies. I just don’t eat kind of like west. I just I don’t eat it. Every food delivery service that I’ve tried does not deliver daily. Why can’t they figure that out? I’m saying I will pay a premium to bring me food everyday. At the same time, why do I have to chase you around and convince you to take payment from me just ship it? I don’t even care that they will call me gone. Do you want food today? Yes, what? If you’re out of town every day, whack the credit card, buddy get me food, I’m serious! I can’t stand the inconsistency of it and outside of the hungry ninja.

I am convinced and did some of those things you can prove me wrong. There are so many entrepreneurs out there that are busy and just want consistent food. I will take advanced. I will pay a premium if it’s healthy. Yes, it comes daily healthy daily and I don’t have to talk to anybody. That’s just my card is on file just hit it every single time. I can understand why it’s so hard for what they don’t. I bring it by the way you can choose whatever you want, I just set up like in the morning eggs and they bring buy eggs and then for lunch. I think I did like a vegetable tray for dinner headed home health. It was dinner, I’m so late after business coach meetings. I have no time to cook I’m getting bueno on the way home or something and that’s just horrible for your help. So I think it’s dinner yet to think about not just lunch like the bell west. Are you trying to say that you shouldn’t eat taco, bell or bueno everyday? I think it’s probably a good start. I thought the defensive well and they want to be told. That’s okay! You can do what you feel like you need to do what you got to think about your sustainable health, the doctors. He brought that up. You got to think about it. For my alarm. I am the kind of person who wants to wake up as soon as possible, sprinting to work cuz. I love it. I’m also.

The person is like food smoothie, let’s move on, but you’ve got to block it in your schedule to eat healthy to get up at the right time. We perfect, I didn’t know, but I just don’t need these. If you don’t schedule things like this is a busy or sometimes you just miss it, and it’s not good right. It is a busy. You might try to pack some of those meetings in to rep from two different industries meet for lunch, and I have both meetings in and I so I double booked you guys. So you know you guys can arm wrestle over there over the the check when we’re all done: number 1 and number 2 you’re going to each get 30 minutes or whatever it was 20 minutes or whatever you know and okay billy go, you know, and I’ve got two meetings and why you eating your chicken or steak out two birds with one stone with his regular drivers if you want to attend the best business workshop in the history of the planet, with the money back business coach guarantee – and you also want to do without paying anything. Just going to throw my time show on itunes subscribe to the podcast and leave us one objective review just give us one objective: review: email as proof he did it to info at thrive time. Should I come in or going to send you free conference tickets and how do I move my company from one state to another legally west there’s an existing company based in new york? They want to move their company from new york to canton connecticut. This is rob.. I’m showing her bring the old catch the business coach broadcast


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