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Are you constantly short on time and playing catch up with everything? If this is you then tune in to this special edition of the podcast where business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Z get into what time they wake up and why.

Show Notes –

  1. Clay Clark – I wake up as early as needed to get done what needs to get done.
  2. Dr Z – I wake up between 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM.
  3. Marshall Morris – I wake up at 3:00 AM so that I can begin my meta time and email management.
  4. Wes Carter – I’m a night owl and finds there is just as much time in the evening to work as there is in the morning.

I’m proud the esteemed elite members of a thrive nation have emailed us to info at thrive time show.Com, and so I’m going to tee up the business coach question and is it of the question doctors on who’s ever seen this question before it’s a double-blind study zebra, but we both know you’re not telling me that you can clearly help people see. We know how to help people see better. But yet it’s a double-blind study. You don’t know, I don’t know what you’re going to say when it’s crazy crazy. He doesn’t know martial arts business coach doesn’t know so here we go here is the question: if this, just in from a thriver, what time do you wake up everyday and why z show you go first, or should I go first, you go first, I was reading the book about how they made espn and the guy who was who got the man, it’s jay, paul getty’s funding. He made a note in his book. I wish I could find a new it’s on my shelter somewhere. If I can find it I’ll put it on the show, no to this what he says he is, the penalty of ambition is working more hours and I thought you’re right, and so I it was very ambitious as a young guy, and I always got up about 3 or 4 in the morning grind it and built the dj connection to be kind of a juggernaut of entertainment. Then after I sold it didn’t work but never got up for work. I get up around 6, go work out and get to work around, like you know, 8 work being in my kitchen work being in my garage work being whatever, and I was working on learning how search engines work, because I knew that that would be my next thing I knew somehow that my next thing would tied to the internet, because the internet was becoming huge at the apex of dj connection. We transition from yellow pages to the internet and I knew that everybody I knew was a business owner, couldn’t figure out how it worked until I wanted to understand marketing and branding and systems, and so that’s that’s what I was doing at that point.

I was working a lot less and then we started thrive. I went with the old 3 a.M. Work schedule cuz doing the daily show prep turns out, takes about 3-4 hours a day to get the show produced to get the show prep done and z. We were approached by script to do the show I didn’t want to drop my business coach commitment side made as a father and as a business coach person am I different endeavors and my different ventures, and so the three became a normal now 2018. I’m moving into a new paradigm where I’m trying not to ever sleep less than 7 hours a day, so I’m working through bad and so this year will be the year of the 7-hour sleep. So right now its 3. But I would say, and march it’ll probably be 5 or whatever time. I need you to get something done now, you’re more of a morning when I wake up go to open. Yesterday I love it. I love it. I meet him there. I love it when we, for whatever reason we’re spending time in the evenings together because of its about that 9, 930. 10 somewhere within the that our 30. Like I’m waking up and you were going to sleep, you know why just alright! If I start, I start the dang, I had nodded in notting, it’s a big head and big. What’s that thing kind of leans over little bit, it’ll it’ll throw got off balance crane, pull my head up and then you would pump me sometimes I do. That was nice. If you received the movie shrek and you think about how large his head wasn’t reported, his body, that’s a little smaller than my head is like the metrodome in person workshops just to see how big is it is it I mean if I want to get a selfie with it I mean party creditor, have you seen the world’s largest tumor between 7 and 8? Is when I wake up in the morning the inconsistency of not knowing what time you know, because if you want to go to sleep, you set an alarm 8 hours and 8 hours sleep or so set the alarm for 8 hours.

No, I don’t want to just kind of wake up, I’m afraid hours you just wake up. I woke up. My body could sleep for a month for like an hour because you only sleeping like 3 hours a night and then that’s a difference in air than sleeping at normal 8 hour and a half. Just like my black my mind, I wake up and I’m like. Well, it’s 133. It’s like waiting for the airplane to go into a business coach trip for disney. I’m so excited excited marshall. What time are you waking up? I wake up at 3. I wake up at 3. Today. I actually did something uncharacteristic and I just set it for an hour earlier. You would have to just see if how my body would react. It’s just a game, because this is this is what happens better games, because it became a thing in our office as part of her the culture in our office, where we would just try and beat each other to work. In fact, we went so far as to get a trophy for the person that got to work for all started with john. He says why I said just meet me to work. A lot of beatings going in style is so so that’s how it got to 3.

In the first place, but after a while three didn’t become a bit, it’s not a normal anymore. It’s just like part of the chat in so you. You realize that once you’re waking up early – and you said a new normal, you raise the temperature you raise. You set a new standard for yourself hours of sleep. Do you need? I need 6923 west. What time do you wake up and think it’s shows there’s no one-size-fits-all, so you I’ve always almost felt guilty about being a night owl similar to dr. Z, cuz. Everyone need to hear that you have to get up and crank it early in the early if you’re, not the one you’re, not at 2 a.M. I find there’s just as much time or I cannot have any distractions late in the evening as there are early in the morning and so from that. From when my kids go to bed about 8. So when I go to bed but usually 12 1230, I mean there’s no distractions. I can sit down. I can reconnect work late at night. It’s all the night moves, so you guys can I thought that it was maybe while you’re getting up at 3. Anything segment mean if you have asked us to stop talking about my marital relations and I’m not going to do it stay too, and it’s the business coach thrivetime show on your radio. I remember back in the day about the temple of doom well with the doubts that try to consume but hope for the future that I can pursue what the mountaintop. Now I can conclude that you have what it takes.


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