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If you are looking for a way save time in your day and to get more done then you have to listen to this special edition of the ThriveTime Show where Dr Z and business coach Clay Clark give you the super moves that they use in their lives and businesses.

Show Notes –

  1. Clay – Dropbox and universal file nomenclature saves me 10% of my time.
  2. Dr Z – Index Finger – Turn of the notifications from your smartphone .
    1. How Much Time Will the Average Person Spend on Social Media During Their Life?
    2. Say NO to things that you do not want to spend your time on.
  3. Marshall Morris – Turn the do not disturb feature on your phone.
    1. Do not interact with a message, phone call or a text until you are prepared to respond it.
    2. Use 1 email inbox for everything and merge all emails into one inbox.
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.” — Daniel Goleman (Best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence)
    4. EXAMPLE – Clay’s Email from Eric regarding his dad.
  4. Wes Carter – Use a password manager like
    1. Use a daily to-do list.

Read below for the business coach radio show transcript

Now we’re doing what we’re doing today is. We are going to answer. Questions have come in from you, the thrive nation, so you have asked the questions in our workshops. Sylvia vantiv ask the questions in person with your business coach. Some of you have emailed, but either way you’ve all decided to participate in the game of entrepreneurship, as opposed to just watching your life pass you by. So I applaud everybody who emailed us to info at thrive time. Show.Com disbursed questions cover round table here, so I’m going to ask a question: I want to get the z’s take on it that I want to get marshall morris’s take on it and I want to get west carters taking west carter is Tulsa’s number one attorney in my humble opinion, not in my opinion, might just objective worldview – is the best business coach that I know and dr. Z is a top-level entrepreneur. So here we go with the first question: what is a tool that you use on a daily basis that saves you at least 10 % of your time. So what is a tool that you use on a daily basis that save you at least 10 % of the time? So I guess it’s on his list of this show and they’re not using this tool. It has to it it it it centered wasted lots of time, so they can. I go first. Okay, drop box and universal file nomenclature within dropbox, because everything and dropbox is saved the same way by every member of our team. Therefore, I never look for family photos. I never look for videos, I never look for files, just your nails at fedex, and I thought you know what I meant fedex, I’m there my dad passed away about a year ago, I’m go ahead and get all my files put my dad old photos on cd, roms and discs I’m going to get them all saved in dropbox and guess what I put them in a place where I can find it tomorrow.

If I did a year from now, everyone who knows me could find it too, because it’s at universal file, nomenclature saved wedding photos are family, but you know so much time. I never look for passwords photos. It’s just awesome! Well, I’m going to do something a little out of the box. I don’t like being boxes, you know that.. I almost had a really good box house. I have my children, I use as my finger and. What I mean by that is. I turn notifications off my smartphone. So I’m not interrupted 10 % of the day. When does giving me that dip that singer yeah, I use my business coach index finger to turn off push notifications from all these different apps. We have a new phone now and that probably saves me 10 % of my data that doesn’t whenever I scheduled me by going to go, but I’m not emails now, then I’ll pull them up throughout the day or something or are show observer today. Also, a frequent co-host, the shopping at mad at the show note how much time the average person spends on social media, because I know it’s over 2 hours a day, I believe on our research on a show we did about 3 days ago. I believe it was 5 hours a day. The average person spend in their smartphone, but 2.5 hours per day is spent on social media and 5.2 hours.

A day is spent on the new york times is spent on tv. So I mean to push notifications at that.. Do you want to save hours and 4 minutes actually on tv? So it’s so you right there, though 2 hours and 2 and 1/2 hours a day just buy that will move and that’s you know if you’ve ever lost your password zee, not to one-up you. I think you want me on a daily basis, but I might one up you when you can’t find the past, because that’s what I wrote down is the do not disturb feature on my business coach phone.. So I guess I will not get it working with clients on a weekly basis. The biggest thing for them is that they do not read a message: will there be an email or a voicemail or a text message until they are prepared to respond to your message on your phone? Will there be an email, a text message or a voicemail until you were prepared to respond to it, because nothing good can come of reading a message then also all respond to that later. It’s not going to have a dramatic exam madigan not to do when my dad got sick. I keep the email on my desk. Are there always printed out chips price in the stars? Keep my email out there, but eric herman used to work for an epic photography, and I told my wife and my mom said we knew my dad had als and I said no matter what happens. Don’t call me during the day, so I’ve got to keep it together after work, I’m the man I got it, I’m in during the day that 9 to 5 shift. My wife has to handle it, so he sent me an email which you know it was brutal. I don’t mind putting on the job. You can find it because it was like it was to me. It was a good example of this because you have me, I’m not like going through life without injury, not going through life without emotional issues, and he sent me an e-mail that said your dad just fell again.

I don’t know what to do. Can you help and because I saw it on my phone – any group text that my wife and I are group emailed us or something that was a good guy? You did the right thing, but I looked at what’s my rules. I do not look at that during the day. I got a block it out sure it just took my like day my mind to just the gutter of what, if what, if what, if and dad thinks it was okay and that situation, you know he was okay and when it was like your dad’s having heart problems and images I had to learn. I just got to put the phone down and put it in my car cuz. I wasn’t prepared emotionally to respond to it and I almost hit a kid in the cookie jar. I couldn’t help from kickin keep myself from looking and I literally had to leave my phone in my car because I I just was not prepared emotional, and that happens all the time where you just you’re, just curious. You didn’t you see the tagline. You see the first line of the text message with you got mail and you got to know, and so that’s segways into to my move that I do every single day is used. One email, inbox route, everything to one email inbox manage if you manage multiple email addresses, so you have an info after an hr after your personal email and then a business email, you merge it all into one inbox. You don’t have to go logging out and logging back into a bunch of different in boxes. Now guys. I know I’m giving you. The question is whether this is since we didn’t get a chance to prepare for the question to the whole point is format as we’re going to ask you anything it’s going to happen fast, so I want to give you a notable quotable that I only as as a guy who can one-up you because you’re talking and while you were talking I’m looking to validate what you’re saying here, but in a way that kind of leaves me feeling special. So I want to give you the notable quotable to validate what you said. The guy who wrote the book emotional intelligence, daniel goleman, he wrote, he says we need to recreate boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that create a virtual link to the office, you need to create a boundary that didn’t exist before, which is what martial just articulated, and I thought martial expert. I think it went up Daniel goleman right there, one of them. You want to ask you this. What is what is one tool, or one movie, use on a daily basis to free up at least 10 % of your time that the tribe nation could do I’m sending thing I can think of to that.

Are my favorite from saving me time? I think one is none like you are, you can unify a password. I have passwords for 50 different secretary of states and dropbox. I mean just password out the wazoo, so he’s a password manager and I use lastpass, but I use last last past tibbetts wick on the show notes that I don’t know if it’s a real company on seems so I can make them made up something. I don’t know I can make my passwords super complicated as a button world is, give me a crazy password and then save it with himself the one I don’t have to think of the password into next time. If I’m on a browser, it recognizes it automatically populate. My password on my end that unifies it desktop phone ipad. Everything you had the app try not to make stuff up here as I go, and the other one is to do list on my to do list stays in the triple digits, usually just things on managing. So using an electronic I’ve tried to pay tried to steal notes journal, but I’m an electronic one where I can hit a button check it off or move due dates around save me so much time from just that morning and evening time we are trying to either plan out the day or figure out what you accomplish, what you have left fork in the road here I will do believe. A digital to do list is great because you can enter it in. You can prioritize what I do during the days. I have a digital to-do list, but I printed out the morning so that way I don’t get overwhelmed by things I can’t touch today. Cuz, I only can maybe do you know six things. Maybe 5 big things today, but two big things just right now, I’m putting in a book called if the walls could talk, have a look inside the drive time show offices, but that’s not like a higher priority than doing the show right now and so for me, with my mind, I struggle with, if I can see all my to do list it stresses me out as a business coach, so I like to print out just because I’m asking you right now try nation, what do you need to do in front of you or marshall? You need to just print out a specific item. I have one more tool that I want to ask you about, because I’ve seen him do this. I know I’ve seen him save himself time doing. Is it up real loud, but the tool that I see you use the most doctors owner is saying? No, that’s just mean that is me. Why would you bring that up? I just mean everything to think I go around being mean, but I don’t think it’s mean, but I think you are as a result much happier because you use the tool and you have a lot more time to say yes to other things.

Oh you’re, right, I tell you what saying it’s learning to say no to things and saying it correctly and quickly and just with you, you have me guilty if someone’s asking something of you wanting something from you and you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to make up some nefarious reason why I think I might be out of town that weekend to say no, I don’t want to do it. You know just say the words no and the first two times. You said it sounds kind of weird because we never say no. What all think about that? Maybe I had no power, no emphasis know anything, and I remember working there. My boss is very fair to me and my boss, I said hey, can I have my this day off in 3 weeks because I’m going wherever and he was very fair to me. He said yes, you can go you. Can you can do that? You know very direct with him. What happens is a lot of people, though, are so consistently dishonest and so consistently, not truthful z, without giving a reason why I know yeah that overtime people start to give you false answers back and it’s kind of a weird zone where you’re not telling you you’re. Actually, not even sick, but you say you’re 6 you’re not coming to work soon, as your boss says you have to come in because I’ve got a big deadline, we’re doing all the sudden. It says back and forth and it’s better just to not be passive aggressive. You can be just directly doctors, he said it really does help being a powerful person and telling people direct yes and no – and let your yes mean yes, your nose mean no, you don’t have to give them 10 line. 10. Paragraph reason as to why you’re saying no or saying yes, then, when people ask things of you, I think a lot of people get their schedule filled out by the people. That’s true come on and that’s not the best way to be the most efficient and get things done it with pork, saying that 80 % of businesses that open up shut down there’s a lot of inefficiency. People aren’t getting things done and I think that’s one of the reasons why 80 % shut down. If you want to learn how to get more stuff done, just find us on itunes find the thrive time show on itunes cooked a little subscribe button. There leave us an objective review and we’re going to send you two free conference tickets, if you just email as proof that you did it by emailing us at [email protected], my name is clay clark and I am a business coach, five times the question: what time do you wake up?


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