Ask Z Anything: What Is the Toughest Part about Working with Your Family?

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Audio Transcription

In this segment of the Thrivetime Show Dr Z and business coach Clay Clark will get into the hard stuff about working with family AND they will talk about what they do everyday that makes them different than most people.

Show Notes:

What is the toughest part about working with family? Doctor Z

  1. Dr Z: People’s Pride
    1. Leads to entitlement
    2. Leads to ugly situations
    3. Leads to “it’s just not working out”

What do you every day that others don’t do? Doctor Z

  1. Dr Z:
    1. Dream
      1. Always thinking about the “next”
      2. Brainstorming about what to do.
  2. Clay: 3 things Z has taught Clay
    1. Time management
    2. Black and white for me or against me
    3. Nail down your goals


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