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Learn how the Thrivetime Show was born and get answers on how to advertise and scale as a professional.  Dr Z and Clay will answer all of these questions and more on this edition of the Thrivetime Show recorded at the February conference.

How was the Thrivetime Show was born?

How do you go about scaling your business while remaining professional?

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Now we had a best business coach conference here this past weekend, which is why I’m still a little bit horse, of course, but doctor z he came into the thrive time show workshop and he held court they’re chopping. He was able to make himself available to answer the best business coach questions from the thrive nation want to see in there and he was there for about 2 hours of power. We had them on the bottom inside the box that rocks to record a session there and then also we opened it up for any of any other conference. Attendees could ask us any questions we could possibly have, and so now don’t need further ado shepherd to go back into the audio from the actual thrive time show in person workshop. Even though you guys are up here and you guys have passed the precipice. Do you guys still invest in small businesses, entrepreneurs do a quick, sermonette and jackassery biscuit my husband’s done this and you shouldn’t do this. My husband can’t figure out how to use a tv, but you can’t hanford I’ll speak myself. I am involved a lot of different pictures like elephant in the room, but I’m in control you’re the best in it but I’m in control. I’m not going to invest in anybody lives, have total total ability to say stop doing that by the way you’re fired up a charger I’ll do if I don’t have it to complete hundred percent control so that I am not participating in it because morris put your hand up there, he’s not normal, so that guy says someday I want to do something. I’d probably buy that stock.

Cuz marshall will get here at 3 a.M. Everyday I See him, Jonathan kelly, with our teams with our best business coach would do that, but I just that’s. My whole thing is cuz. A lot of them have a great idea, but it is the execution of those ideas and there’s a lot of things with great idea. Me great ideas like an idea where you go if I had the time. I would do that idea, but that person can’t be on time to a meeting and they can’t like her to do list every day and they can’t say no to things and the promotional that can fire anybody and I’m. Not that’s not going to work. You know it’s so ownership for supper, right opportunity to speak up or to be in control or i. Don’t know that person for an extended period of time there’s just no way so tip top k-9, you met those guys, invest in them, cuz ryan’s, a great guy and rachel’s a great lady. We work them for almost couple years now and I’ve never missed a meeting. They never been late. They do everything they say. Yes, they say no they’re, very, not kind to each other they’re kind of your customers there. By that, that’s how I would do a lot of people there bitching me i, didn’t I go now, just how to get shark tank.

So to answer your Question: i’m, not a venture capitalist. It’s when people call me and say hey, they want to start taking me. They just want money from me. That’s I’m, not I’m, not your guy i. Just don’t do that! I’ve done that in the past and every time it’s been kind of failed because i, if I don’t have some control over the business, then I got white. Why mess with it I mean I’m, not I’m, not looking for passive investments. Now, on the flip best business coach side, there’s every now and then a special deal that comes along play, shark tank me three and a half years ago to start your online business school and I invested in it, and he came to me a couple months after that said:hey I need more of you know. You know, that’s not how it happened. Company percent of my brain cuz I only owed I want to pretend to company. So you know I check if you want me to. If you want more of me and our conference room and I had said, hey i, don’t know, I hadn’t heard back from you. What’s the best way to get ahold of you and that’s what I had said we’re at the never forget this at the bar at the other office at 16th and boston I had said he had called you couple times. I hadn’t heard back I just didn’t want to like abuse our relationship. So is there a better time to call, and he looked at me and it was like slow motion like the matrix, dodging bullets, he says I own I believe 2% of the potatoes slow to it was like matrix lol i. Have my you want to make sure you got it. You said I believe 2% of the business, and so you get like 2% of my time. If any of my timers ono peter cuz, you realize, and if he has time freedom because of these rules and I said how can I get more of your tux ready for that response when he says well, you know if I talk more, you know makes more sense:cuz I’m, not his son, not biological. You have that conversation. Also thrive had reached a point where I saw the future and I think my wife saw it better and sea salt better than I did but we’re doing a lot of online stuff and I was traveling over the world that wasn’t sustainable to be like 7 speaking events in one month all over the world.

It was crazy and I knew that I needed you to be the ceo of my vision, which is super weird to know that somebody else should be the ceo of your vision. You know, I know what I do well and I knew I needed. Does that make sense to you guys too I needed someone to coach me consistently and certain, because my business is raw going crazy, but I need to scale I need sand everywhere, I think. If we need to do the power of coaching, it’s so I asked you if you’d be the ceo after that for our best business coach team, I was my response to that was that was that was like a week of hell. For me, cuz like I need someone else to be in charge of my own thing. You know I realize my limitations that are there when you said yes, it was like of the highlight of my business career. It was the best thing ever i. Remember, I met with you in that corner office said you said yes, and that has been a life-changing moment, because when my dad was sick and I didn’t know who to talk to you’re the only person that I could talk to-and you said, let’s go to a man cave so I got to keep doing what you’re doing for the day. But what’s doing man cave and like he’s been a father and a friend of that was because I only own 2% to I had to decide to I want him to be like do I want his money or his brain cuz I want the brain that made the money or just the money. I realize I think I need that break. His brain is awesome. He’s he’s the smartest sharpest guy he’s just super kind, super generous and he’s just that guy and I like I need that. It was the weirdest experience for me and I can just tell you. That’s that’s. Why you see this this? What you see here is because he’s been in my life at this-is what you what you’re seeing here is. Is he and my wife saying mr. Bowling ball? Go that way and that’s how the radio shame joe came about and how did you listen to the radio show nobody gets to meet with you for 15 minutes. You can return the call or be you’re not going to do it, but now everybody get you 2 hours a day.

Can you explain to me how you decided to make that decision to hop on the show that you don’t get paid for i? Tell you I I I I made that decision. I got you a lot of radio advertising. I told him for those of you that aren’t around here until I have very good relationships with the radio station to radio station changes, hand and the new ownership. We want local programming, we want local, we want local stuff and what you got and so the guy they hired to run. It said:hey, i, think I have an idea, so he calls me up and says:listen. You know that business school stuff you guys are doing online. Do you think you could turn that into a radio show and I said yeah? Let me talk to clay and and see what I will get back with you. So I sat down and played as heck, but i. We have an opportunity and I i, don’t know if this is in your best business coach wheelhouse or not. He nearly wet when I told her about the situation actually cry. After the last of my wife 18 years ago, I pulled an all-nighter with that I did 18 years ago and I’ve been praying for a wave that that materialized. So you told me I kept together, we got the phone I was like he said. That’s been my lifelong dream. If that could come true, that would be my lifelong dream. Alright, tribe, nation, now welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio, for those of you just tuning in we’re actually playing live audio from the in-person thrive time. Workshop. We had this past week and chip is cut crazy, cuz. We were sold out, I think for several times we were sold out and then we were like so let’s go ahead and purchase more chairs and reorganize the entire by layout of the room and I think we had to rent more chairs on top of the purchased chip, and then it was like. Let’s do that again, if you’ve not yet purchased your tickets for the april event.

Good thanks to our good friend up paul hood, with hood cpas on this special continue where, if you will just find the drive time, show on itunes and or stitcher to be just fine. If you just google search thrivetime show-and the word itunes and you lie is an objective review, then. So we do you google search, drivetime, show and itunes you subscribe to the podcast. You leave us an objective review and I send as proof that you did it to info at thrivetime show.Com and we’re going to give you two free tickets. There one thing:i, love about the conference:you get to meet real entrepreneurs, I mean in many successful people. Owners of multimillion-dollar company had a guy there, who is the private top a home builder in the region. Was there we had home builders from texas. We had home builders from florida serial entrepreneur down in florida. Yes, he had multiple businesses, i, don’t even know where that was until you said that I would. That is likely to get here in the news all the time if kim jeong-hoon is threatening, guam I mean that is to the left, if you’re scoring at home, that is, and it was so fun to see. When did you have a particular highlight of the workshop of a man that was cool, I thought to be honest with you that the overall, like how good this workshop is getting all the things we added this time.

I talk to you that had been there multiple times we had tons of people come back for a second or third time, they’re like oh, my gosh. This is getting better and better and better the the live video on all the screens. We had so many people are people really love and the band the band was you, we were hurting from hurting for certain. Do you know what myrtle got off in the end of the breakfast club? Don’t you guys are incredible that maybe my highlight was seeing the drummer show up for the first thing at like 6 in the morning. It’s probably one of the earliest gig they had i, don’t know what you would call a really good job south right base with love to it, to meet you and help. You grow your business and if you want to see feedback from the workshop, it’s going to cool as we’ve had i. Think 600 people now left us a video review so crazy. So we have summer 600 people on video, sharing their feedback from it and totally of thousands of reviews between google and and youtube, and took her to just type in thrive time. Show reviews see if it’s the right fit for you and your family and I could tell you I mean we are helping perot businesses from coast to coast and actually passed west of the coast of all over the world. Now we have listeners in in australia and guam. We want to say thank you very much, and so, if you’re listening to the best business coach show today, one thing we want to do for all the listeners will be doing at this month. Here we can show our love for the drive time to show. If you will just email us info at thrive time show.Com, we will actually give your your family free family photos or free business. Headshots I have to be a business owner to qualify, but for all the business owners. Listening you just email info at drivetime show.Com.

We will offer you a $1,000, completely free headshots for your business or family photos. Everybody’s got to get the updated family photo. This is your type. It was the last time you got an updated family photo. We got back more conference, audio citrus drivetime show under radio get ready to enter that thrive. Time. Show play broadcast from the box bridgepoint business with the root system and I’ll, be the sea obj with the projection. Yes, it is ussp. A entrepreneur of the year still vocally recovering from the two-day workshop went awesome. We have an awesome workshop there at the riverwalk, with hundreds of people from all over the world, guam was represented, florida was represented, I join from california was there. We had a lot of people from texas that were there, and we have a gentleman from colorado springs to just been a wonderful client to to serve in a really neat guy and he took advantage of the portion of the program or doctors. He makes himself available to answer anybody’s question at the best business coach workshop, and so for those of you who are not able to attend. We wanted to take some of the audio from the workshop and I gave you kind of a sneak peek into the meeting. The man behind the curtain, the man behind, he’s actually that the man behind is he he’s there and so we’re going to go and play that audio for you. But before we do so, many of you have asked did I miss out on it. How do I do it? If you do want to attend the april workshop thanks in part to the donation or the new sponsorship, I should say we have from paul hood with hood cpas. All you have to do to get a free ticket if you’d like to get one of the april workshop is a one. You just find the thrive time show on itunes, so just google search best business coach or thrivetime show on itunes when you find the show I just subscribed the podcast and leave us an objective review. Tell the team how we’re doing and I’ll based upon your feedback. That obviously helps would love to get your best business coach feedback, but they just email us your contact information to info at thrive time show.Com, and we are going to send you two free tickets to her in person thrive time show workshop I’m super excited to meet.

You I can’t wait to see out there in april and now that he further ado, let’s go back to the audio with mr colorado from the thrive time, show workshop in the ask z anything segment of the workshop customer wants her. We got so dr. Z I’m, going to chiropractor and fellow professional, and so how did you find the? How did you best go about scaling your business yet remain professional and knowing when and how to delegate and when to bring it on other people for certain tasks? What rate is excellent question and so for my industry come like yours and you can only see so many patients a day and so what I did is I made sure to expand hours and to expand the time which were open 7 days a week and I didn’t want to see patients all the rest of my life 7 days a week right, but they told me you needed to be there, so I started hiring part-time doctors, trying them up and and that’s part of the. What we talked about the boxes little bit ago was getting your dna employees because nobody’s going to have the same vigor, the same enthusiasm, the same motivation that you do cuz it’s your business now, when you optometry 26 years ago and through the power of not eating gluten, you still look like you’re 26 years old, which is also check the mail good night, okay, great so professional.

This is what I’m hearing and i, maybe you’re, not being that. But I hear this from a lot of doctors who work with a lot of doctors, lot of attorneys and they’ll say how do I still be national in your industry, dr z. There were people that were mad at you and are still mad at you that you even advertise it. It, wasn’t professional were greeted patients treated patients. The two arguments are heard that a lot that you don’t actually tell me about that balance. What people hear when we were peter and say:you’re, not professional yeah, but i, wrap up your first question and I’ll get the clear. But what happened is you? As you add people on and you take off a day, you take off another day. Take off another day, then expand when it take the people do a lot of times. I’ll say:listen, we’re so busy. We have more people now that we can get in for the day. So what do we do? Do we raise price know? We build a bigger place. We hire more doctors right now, I have a 8 doctors working for me and I just expanded. One of my office is get ready to spend the other one. Why? Because they need, is there a joke or you can build and scale even more so bigger offices, more doctors and having your systems in place, because if you don’t want to have to sit there to hand walk him through every single time, you have to have good systems in place of your systems and how to get the patient through quickly business is pigs, get fat hogs get butchered, you don’t want to be greedy. So now we’re stressed what do we do? Build a bigger building, we’re so busy right now? What do we do?

Hire another doctor. You got a higher five more staff to feed that doctor write another word for the patient through it, so it’s kind of like anything the doctor doesn’t have to do, is being done by somebody else. If you’re paying 10 $12 an hour to one of the big things that I see in my industry and also yours is, were the doctors doing things that other people should be doing so you should take a history. You know taking vitals the doctor’s office, doing all that for you right, because you can pay them 12 bucks an hour and the doctors in the den with only they can do for the time that they’re doing them so I pray my staff list. If a doctor is not in the exam room, seeing a patient, we wait we’re losing, so they should be dope door to door to door, to door to door to door, seeing patients throughout the day. Okay and everybody else takes up all the slack is hiring and then fire too, because that’s what a lot of people do, though, hire people and their limited by, because I got a bad egg. In the group, so you know I know firing is not the nicest thing to do if you own a business and something you have to do. Protein is healthy for your trees, pruning accident or produce down the road, and it’s a tough thing to do as the best business coach. But if you don’t have you know, if you don’t know right now who your worst employees that work for you you’re, not paying attention and you’re not being really realistic in your best business coach mind, so you should always be thinking about who’s, my worst employee and how can I replace them and once a year you did have done this before all the best business coach employees are the eight players in the top 10%, the bees 80% and the bottom 10 or the people just need to see what else. Now you should just write down the top 10% the ac make the 80% of a spreadsheet, and then you freak out and that’s mine that you have to have any way the rest of this. You have to have it your business, because it’s your business, it’s your livelihood and to grow it. You have to be constantly adding a players, or at least minimum be players to the team. That is some tough love from dr. Robert zoellner, explaining to somebody the tough choices you have to make the tough decisions you have to make a daily basis. If you’re going to grow your business, you just have to prune the tree and remove the people at the bottom that are offering a terrible customer experience. I know it might seem mean, but customers just don’t come back so customers fire you if you fail to deliver and the best business coach employees who cause you to fail to deliver, need to be pruned as well. We come back more ask us anything with dr. Z at the drive time show workshop


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