Avoid the Slow Death Caused by Bad Business Ideas and Being a Hardcore Wantrepreneur

Show Notes

Clay explains why non-candid people and people who will watch you walk off of the business cliff are the meanest people on the planet with the help of MEGA Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Banker Steve Currington from Startup to $250,000,000 in Just 5 Short Years.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Your passion will almost NEVER lead to your profits.” – Clay Clark

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Candor just unnerves people. … When you tell it like it is, you can so easily create a mess – anger, pain, confusion, sadness, resentment. To make matters worse, you then feel compelled to clean up that mess, which can be awful and awkward and time-consuming. So you justify your lack of candor on the grounds that it prevents sadness or pain in another person, that not saying anything or telling a little white lie is the kind, decent thing to do. But in fact … classic philosophers like Immanuel Kant give powerful arguments for the view that not being candid is actually about self-interest – making your own life easier. … Kant had another point, too. He said that people are often strongly tempted not to be candid because they don’t look at the big picture. They worry that when they speak their minds and the news isn’t good, they stand a strong chance of alienating other people. But what they don’t see is that lack of candor is the ultimate form of alienation. … They actually destroy trust, and in that way, they ultimately erode society.” – Jack Welch (The CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000%)


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