Avoiding Distractions | The Colton Dixon Story (Part 3)

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Hit American songwriter, Colton Dixon explains how both he and his wife attempt to minimize distractions caused by social media and their smartphones while traveling around the world performing and sharing their faith with others through the medium of music. http://www.coltondixon.com/

  1. Identity by Colton Dixon – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK-gyCPrhBw


  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Is your smartphone making you dumb?” –
    1. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/glue/201501/is-your-smartphone-making-you-dumb
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” – Proverbs 18:22
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Now entering the dojo mojo and the top business podcasts thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the bike and can topical castano, pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plans broadcasted from lance to portland, and stick it like that man damndrive time show host your. He is actually verify the pecans are in fact not i, didn’t just say to conveniently rhyme all the time. That’s why I wouldn’t do that are liners expect at war. How can I download the caucasians I thought it was maybe a little, but it turns out. It is a nut bolt on today show. We got a special guest here with colton dixon, his incredible wife, annie dixon on the right top business podcasts thing. I said that wrong bozo hanger on this is a christian pop star, whatever, if you judge people based on skill performance do, which is why we want interview him at all the fixin’s on the show with whoever that is over there. But if you haven’t noticed it’s not raining inside the studio. Todaythat is true that the weather outside is been getting frightful, but yet the weather inside is so delightful to be fake. For are what are rough, not having else. We should think the guys over at messick roofing mess what mesicni sickness, mrs. Griffin massacre m e s s, I c k roofing. These guys have been doing roofing since 1962 play I’m, not impressed not in person actually 1963looking for a long time in the tulsa area, get ahold of him at 918-747-7141, messick roofing.Com get a free quote, free consultation today and actually going to give you a free copy of his book. Thrive.

It’s a good read messick roofing, messick, roofing.Com 918-747-7141, and if you want me to devalue your book, just bring it by the time, show options and I’ll sign it. Go down hill trend downward with an e dixon and colton colton dixon american idol did did well I’ve been performing since the age of 13 before he got his shot that he worked hard to get there on the american, idol show and he’s been signed to a christian label and he is a christian pop star in our top business podcasts office. With a lot of people heard he was coming to the office today. I think his father-in-law told us he was coming the office, but he’s comingit’s. So we had to get the fever pitch down a little bit and then I said what are you saying and they realized they were excited he’s coming to our top business podcasts office? So people know who he is around together. They have a band and they traveling together performing all around the country and I want to ask you as yours as your starting as your success has arisen as result of being diligent and consistent and focusing on the right things. It’s gotta put up a little bit of a pool, maybe a natural pool by default on pull you two away for maybe your faith.

If you’re, not careful, they are intentional about putting your faith first I want to hear. How do you fight that natural pull from moving away from your face, or maybe not putting that first time, I start with annies takin the? How have you kept faith a center in your family as you’ve? Grownlet me guess, you guys are grown together, yeah, honestly, I think because things just get so busy and there’s just stuff coming out of all the time. It can be really easy to just kind of get lacks with like that top business podcasts time, with the lord and I can our bibles and just making sure they were staying, strong and firm, but even as putting in like certain times of the day or like you know, we come together and pray. We have our bible reading times just stuff like that to stay. You know just keeping that truth in us, because that’s what’s going to keep a centered and grounded really important and I think it’s changed things honestly, though my wife is like this is very much the spiritual leader i, don’t like to put her first wife is like absolutely when our son was born blind, I literally said vanessa.

You have to stop praying you’re, making me crazy and if you keep praying out Loudi’m going to lose my mind and she says god’s going to heal him and I said you stop. It. My partner is an optometrist dr., robert zoellner, and so we went to the dean mcgee eye institute, what every possible place in the world where they are these top places in these experts, and they all say, he’s not going to see and I’m going to fill out the paperwork school of the blind. Let’s get it going, let’s, let’s do the whole top business podcasts braille thing:let’s get it, you know it’s going to start quickly here, let’s go and vanessa’s like he’s, not blind, he just can’t see yet and I just could not handle that dialogue. Now those people meet him realize he can see a medical miracle and I did not switch faith. I don’t become a christian join the team until 2007, but i, but I just would not even now, I don’t get it but I believe in god, but I don’t quite understand. I’m going to take my top business podcasts smartphone I have no doubt that if I call colton that somehow through the technology it somehow transmutes my signal, my phone to your phone and we connect i, don’t know how it worksthat’s kind of my christian faith right now, I would say no clue how it works, but I use the phone and I have no doubt that works, but it’s kind of a I want to get asked you.

Let me know this is your wife kind of more of a spiritual leader? Are you, the spiritual leader to equal liters I mean what’s going on just the spiritual dynamic, with the faith and the profession? What does that? Look? What’s really cool about my wife and i? Is my wife had such a great spiritual foundation before we got married? She was born and raised here in tulsa, so she went to victory and went to ramah and just had a really great foundation, detroit christian school and then rhema bible college university. So you out there who doesn’t oral roberts university is my favorite author of all time. His name is napoleon hill and he was the speech writer for franklin delano roosevelt during the depression, and he was his top business podcasts business. Coachan oral roberts actually called the poem hill and asked him if he would help advise him and how to grow. Oral, roberts university to be hired or oral roberts to be his coach and that’s how I came to know of that journey was by studying napoleon hill. So it’s like, if you, if you’re a christian out there-and he is, he should come-see it. It’s a faith-based university where they put faith and spirit, mind and body is kind of their big thing.

The spirit, mind and body of updated. The verbage now but spirit, mind and body is kind of thinks. You’re you’re, you’re, marrying a lady whose spiritually grounded. Did you copy that? Where you were you, were you mixed up with no I was not. We originally signed to death row records, okay. So how are you? How are you? How are you like i, said our belief system wasdifferent? However, the main things were great. We were we were sold on that, but you know as well as we dated and we got married and now almost two and a half years in I can honestly say that there are days where and any kind of takes the wheel on certain things and I can shift my top business podcasts mind to where it needs to be, and then there are days where I take the wheel and shift and we go the direction we need to i. Think it’s really great for us. We’re also both first born children. So we like our hands on the wheel, but we bounce it really well. Yeah I hope that answers the top business podcasts question. Now. I have a question for you. I’ll start first and I would ask you and every 30 days, 7 days 7 hours. Maybe every 7 is I hit the crazy button.

My wife has a button where, if you hit, the top business podcasts button show go there because it’s like, if i, if i, have a majorethical, faux pas or i, do something crazy, she’s kind of crazy person who will call me on it and I mean where I will, just like so she’ll, be at target shopping and I’ll, say a very nice statement or I’ll. Just I’ll screw up I will basically take our marriage. The bottom every 8 days will get what will be kind will say:i hate you to a cheerleading competition and I’ll point out hates an hour and a half there an hour and a half back, they’re performing for 2 minutes and still kind of in the top business podcasts median right now and then I will talk the entire way. There is a way to show my support, cuz I’m, just so busy and you’re going to be there you’re going to support them, and you are going to be a good christian, father and I’m not going to take it. You are going to beand I realize it plays back in my mind when I’m in the mcdonald’s bathroom. Up up up up she’s right and then I go back out. There I’ve been thinking about it and he’s already knew. What was that? Would you like to do? You want to apologize for trying to buy some beef jerky or can I talk to a guy about meet something like that?

Maybe like a handgun come back home and then apologize I reset? How often do you push the crazy button is a husband, a husband who feels like they’re alone by hitting the crazy, but don’t know you for me it’s about every 7 days. It’s always my fault. I’m gone further review. It’s always my fault. I watch the game film. It’s me behaving badly. How often do you hit the crazy but I feel like this is an unfair question, because we’re only two and a half years into our marriage as an exaggeration probably more often than I care to admit this is therapeutic. For somebody who feels like you’re excited I want a man. We are flawed, humans and women. Have it figured out, and we don’t know, what’s going on, we chase top business podcasts women around, we can’t we try to catch some of them, what to do when we catch them. I love that my wife was kind of like cheering on your wife. As you were talking about so i, just amazing she’s putting up with a man, she does have any say that because I would say 99.9% of the time. It is absolutely me. The problem, yeah I would say, i, don’t know once a week once a week, and it is it’s immediately apologized before I know what I did wrong and then what I’ll do is I’ll go in the bathroom and I’ll and that’s. Why do my great readingand I’ll think of it like where I go hide, because no one else follows me to stand the top business podcastsmirror and then I’m like i, look deep into like the book like a chip gaines book and I might just give me some wisdom here. What’s in here and I realize I know what I did was mean or something obvious, but I just want to give a marriage tips to a guy out there.

I think there’s like a man, it’s it’s naturally obstinate you have to be somewhat obstinate to be successful. You have to be driven focusrite. Would you also know when you’re wrong honestly, my wife is probably not to laugh and or rolled her eyes, but i. Think communication is the most important thing in marriage verbally. Yes, verbal communication, I’m, not the visual a lot, but even just in what we do. I just always need to know what is going through to the best of my ability, because I am a man and she’s woman. What’s going on in her head what what or how what I’m saying is affecting her, because there’s been a lot of miscommunications which blow up into this big deal and I’m like wait here whatever you want to say, don’t don’t say that like listen to that inner voice and recognize that’s the devil, that’s like! So you listen to that guy! That’s still small voice pretend like it’s the trash you don’t take out near the squishing it down just pushing it down just to squish their top business podcasts body act like I should say this, that’s not what you should say and then think about what she would say and that’s what to say.

That’s the key to 18 years of marital bliss right. There I tell you that is apologetics to hear the click clark apologetics to her. We come back to the top business podcasts. I want a deep dive into your music and what your music means some specific songs, what they mean how you came up with them. I am super excited. If you have a soul going to colton, dixon. Com and check out his music, my man is talented, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com back to the drive time show on your podcast, download and raydio for those of you listening from portland oregon. What’s going on how you doing I’m glad you have a green belt, I’m excited about nike, portland, trail blazers, really anything that you like gray whales, I mean chuck. Is there anything you’re, more passion about gray whales, I’m, a great whale enthusiast make your best gray whale sound! That’s really, nice! Speaking of great whales in portland. Let’s do a shame was plugged one of our sponsors right on the beaches of portland in your other accounting, the whales you might say to yourself. I got better things to do to do my accounting account for the whales by myself.

I want to outsource that will counter sessional cpas., because they pay me, but I am saying it 2/3 because they pay. That is scared of competition coming up right now, if it’s booked is only authorized biography, called snowball and an hour of their time, so get ahold of him at 918-2747, 7000, hood, cpas., com artist of the deep dive into one of your favorite song. Like a gray whale song, I wrote on my last record turn into be the title track of the album called identity, identity and i. Looked at my top business podcasts generation. Specifically being 26 to seeing a lot of young people having no clue who they are, they look at all the wrong things to dictate who they are. They listen to the wrong people on whether it’s hollywood their friends, maybe even sometimes the parents telling them are speaking things over them and again, faith being a big part of what I do. I looked to god’s word to see what he said about us and he said that were chosen chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation yeah. He basically said for kings and queens, and we should be living like that and that just completely changed my perspective in a lot of things, so not giving in to certain things or I’m selling yourself short i, just really thought it was important to live. That way. I wanted to give you some highbrow validation that you are, in fact not crazy.

This is something I’ve been studying for a while I mean this is this:is you done by passion about this? If you’ll look up, if I was drizzle type, this in chippewa to put on the show notes, but if you type in is your smartphone making you dumb that’s the question now this is the deal psychology today study the human top business podcasts mind and what the impact of smartphone has on now in a smartphone have a smartphone. You typical get 90 interruptions / 8 hour day right now, which means that if you get a message and say some of that, you used to date, send you a message or somebody. That’s before more clients are former employee or someone you knew or so ago, comment what happens if the amygdala part of your brain will turn on it. What happened to his been your your your cerebral cortex can’t fire, which means that you said you could no longer be mentally present when your on social media so being present turns out as a it’s your eye out on a date with your wife but you’re, getting it in the stream of social media, so you’re, never actually there you’re physically present but you’re mentally, not present. There’s another top business podcasts article by social psychology today that does using social media, make you lonely. It says, since the beginning of the internet, pundits have worried that computer-mediated communication would have a effect on our social networks negatively, instead of going out interacting with others and traditional settings, the fear mongers fred people will stare at their computers all day typing messages to people that never actually met. If you read the rest of the article, they point out that people now have more friends on social media than ever before.

Obviously this is the loneliest times. People now have been least number of friends in the history of the world. Ever write out there more people to have no friends ever with the advent of social media, so they have less friends ever but more fake, facebook, friends and so you’re talking about people that are going to come of your concerts coming to your events, their their their list, their listeners, their music fans and they’re feeling lonely confused. They don’t know their place in the world in your message to somebody who feels like that today would be what, and what is your message to send me? The listing goes:i have a thousand facebook friends:i have people follow me on twitter I feel totally alone. I feel helpless, i, don’t know my top business podcasts identity, i, don’t know what would be your message for that kind of that person going through that I would honestly say it shift your perspective for a person of faith. I would point him to that scripture which basically tells them who they are. The guy who created the universe, says that they’re awesome, that’s good enough for me, so and but in that you also got to make a change for me.

Personally, we were looking at marriage, my wife and i, and and I really started dialing back social media all together, and it really I think helps us, maybe not during hockey playoff season. But apart from that, it helps us have better dinner together time together before the blisters. After think, you’re crazy, paul graham, who is the guy behind dropbox airbnb in reddit? He has gone out very publicly talking about how he does not use a smart phone does not allow in his office, doesn’t allow his physical presence. Cuz. He wants to be mentally present. Cuz being present turns out, is a gift and upon further top business podcasts review, proverbs 18:22 states. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor with the lord, so apparently have some favor as a result of you make being intentional. But you have a lot of clients who had massive success as a business. Coach and you’ve also had clients that cannot be mentally present in a meat in a meeting there physically there. They literally cannot turn off that phone help. Somebody out there who feels that they cannot ever turn your phone off wow yeah. Okay is my daughter, listening to top business podcasts people. Not talking to my daughter, well, I have just recently that I’ve just recently changed on my phone I’ve taken off all the notifications come on now got to do all the notifications, which is crazy, I’ve been hearing.

You know just for round two people doing this, so I did it and now, when I look at my phone i, don’t know that I have 17 text and you don’t feel anxiety, i, don’t feel any of that. It’s crazy. You know, and then there are, but you have to keep this in mind to how badly you’re going to piss people off. When you turn off your notifications, because they’re going to be, can I say that to you so where they’re going to be gone, all my gosh clamping. Trying to get in touch with you. Sorry I had i, don’t check my texts until a certain time, but clay I have. There are a few clients that I had when we first started out before we had some of these top business podcasts boundaries before they begin to find freedom in their life, where they would literally come in and say you just don’t care about me, but I can’t get off the phone. It’s like put down the phone talk to me. Lord I can’t believe you are. You still take your tweets of you and I know, but I just left and how about this move went there in the meeting and they just turn the phone over. Oh, who now you’re disconnected thank you for turning that over you out, but yeah just turn it over now. We’re now we’re together. I feel good about the power relationship. Just turn it over at smith’s, your wife with colton dixon go to colton dixon. Com is a pop christian, music artists and other they always screw update smartphone with me to stay tuned


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