Avoiding Procrastination Like the Plague | Waging War on the Poverty Mindset (Part 3)

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Procrastination is one of the biggest dream killers on the planet. Are you putting off getting started because you are waiting for everything to be just right? If so, this podcast is for you.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” – George Washington Carver (The famous inventor who was born into slavery and who went on to invent countless uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes, which helped empower millions of poor families who then grew these crops as both their own source of food and income)

ACTION ITEM – Create daily “to-do” lists. These are your daily goals. You want to complete 70 percent or more of your “to-do” items every day. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits

  1. Avoid procrastination.- https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination.” – Paul Graham
  2. Talk less and listen more. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I already know what I know.”
  3. Avoid toxic people. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney (An American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, and film producer. He was prominent within the American animation industry and famous throughout the world, and is regarded as an American cultural icon.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” -Mario Andretti (Retired Italian American world champion racing driver, one of the most successful Americans in the history of the sport. He is one of only two drivers to win races in Formula One, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR – the other being Dan Gurney).

  1. Don’t give up. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hope when that moment comes, you’ll say…I did it all. I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places, the things that I did. With every broken bone, I swear I lived.” -Ryan Tedder (“I Lived” by OneRepublic)
    2. ACTION STEP – Plan out and strive to live by your F6 Goals:
      1. Faith
      2. Family
      3. Friendship
      4. Finances
      5. Fitness
      6. Fun
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And back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow he’s the thrive time business coach show the, business bureau provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big tomball that will teach you. The system to increase ship. List to optimize cells multiply the truth out of paper. My name is next to me:it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable conversation today on the drive time show we are breaking down the concept of waging war on the poverty mindset and specifically were reading here from the start here book which every single, as are you my friend, could download this book absolutely for free right now to amazon best-selling book.

You can download the the business coach book right now sibley. By going to thrive time, show.Com you going home pagewhen, you can find the e-book you can download for free, read from page 21 from the famous inventor who was born into slavery. You talk about waging war on the poverty mindset. You talk about having as many excuses as one could want to me being born into slavery, but not knowing your actual name, but not knowing who your family is not even knowing the date of your own birth. Are you kidding me and this guy went on to come up with many many inventions for the peanuts in the swimmer? Who cares she african americans were slaves for a long time and they were liberated from slavery, but they were liberated from poverty check this conversation, the key to keeping the african americans enslaved was to make sure that they stayed oneducated. So what happened was they knew what cotton farming cuz? They were slaves who did work on farmers, and so many of the african americans were given their plot of business coach land and they began to plot caught. They begin to plant cotton year after year after year. Now anybody out there who’s ever worked in up on a farm or farming community. You know you’ve been taught that if you farm the same kind of crop your after year after your it depletes the soil of the nutrients and minerals needed for that particular kind of soil to do well over time. So if you point the same kind of crop for 10 years in a row, pretty soon it doesn’t grow anything. It’s almost like it’s a nuclear wasteland. It just it to totally depleted of of any of the new dorito tacos, because, like this and like it just kills the soil. Is it george, washington carver, without any formal education begin reading books with the mindset of I’m going to find a way to liberate?

Are people financially because we’re free quote unquote, but we don’t have the ability to provide enough food for our own families, so why leavepeople who were freed ended up having to go back and work for the people who whip them, while they were being slaves now they’re being whipped while being workers, you understand they couldn’t leave veet, they couldn’t leave if they didn’t know how to drive themselves. So you found that if you planted sweet, potatoes and peanuts that there were many many uses for these things like peanut butter which hadn’t been developed yet, and so we thought you know what. If we can come up with a lot of different uses for these things, that peanut oil, which hadn’t been developed yet-and we could do that-then it would oxidize the soil and does returning the minerals to the soil. Does freeing up people financially and giving us a business coach crop? We could sell that people want, because who wants a crop that produces? Who wants a product in the one use it? So he had to come up with his own products to see. Royce homeboy was a botanistininventor, a product developer and a visionary with no formal education, no background no mom and dad to cry to know psychologist to complain to he did it. That’s why I have zero tolerance for people that say:i can’t do it. You don’t understand where I came from I’m telling you you can absolutely do it. My friend and my mentor david robinson.

He spends entire year playing for the san antonio spurs. Winning two nba championships and mvp is an individual most, valuable player board playing on the dream, team’s winning the gold medal. I mean unbelievable and he gets what he name the school. He started that provided free education for the inner city, kids, who could not afford it. It’s called the, george, washington, carver, academy I asked my friend david. Why do not name it after yourself? E6 I want to name it after a great man. I’m just working on ityou talk about an impact. So you talk about. You know the guy was a guy invented the peanut stuff. Don’t know this is a guy who changed the economic system for millions of african-americans. It’s a portable has a lot of weight to it. Has a lot of personal story to it, and I want a voice of choice. To read this with a lot of a brotto that you simply cannot find anywhere else on talk radio or with what you have make something of it never be satisfied, that’s huge, and so he read this book called habits of the rich. You read the book called the millionaire, next door. You read the business coach book called the richest man in town by tom corley documents. What successful people do and I love this idea? You know that over 70% of the millionaires he interviewed keep one single to do list physically present. At all times. The other 30% have a list of physical present, all timemermaid man doctors that you’re not going to see him carrying around a clipboard. You know why he’s already there so what he does is.

He sometimes comes back from there for the mountaintop to teach entrepreneurship, but I’m telling you this is a mess. Everybody was aspiring to become successful. If you refuse to make a printed to do list every day, you will lose it’s not possible. It’s not possible, not going to happen, get a printed to do it, but I can’t afford what come on, but I can’t afford one. Were you born a slave? Were you born? A slave I was born a slave, but i. Don’t even caredid african print, it, to do list have success. My main man, george washington carver, have no tolerance for it. Therefore, I don’t either george washington carver. You are the man. The next procrastination can you read to us what business coach paul graham says about procrastination? This is the guy who built airbnb, dropbox and read it. He actually built the first online shopping, cart called via web, which he sold to yahoo. What is he have to say? This is a huge concept in the first time, I heard this quote. It really struck home to me, but he says perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination and what I mean by that is people sit around and talked an idea to death over years even decades, but it’s just that’s not quite right. Now, i, don’t quite like the look of that. It’s not quite there yet and what you’re really doing is covering up for your own lack of action. I see this not from our listeners and not from our coaching plaza tails. What brother other other people you see, the I’m a perfectionist know you’re a procrastinator not, you other people, you know, and we move on to the next habit of ultra successful people as we wage war on the poverty mindset, move number 10 talk less and listen more.

Think about that. For a second talk, less and think more talk, less and listen, more talk, less and listen more errand and tissue sold over 800 million dollars of real estate throughout your career to bobby’s. They had to verbalize the features of homes and become good at selling. But what is it start with talking less and listening more, oh! Well, the man who taught me the real estate industry, a man named steve kent, who used to be the vice president at toll, brothers, one of the biggest builders in the nation. He used to say to me that you have two ears aaron and 1 mile, all yes, and that is directly proportional to how much you need to be listening. Any other thing you used to say to me is thathe used to say:i already know everything I know. So, if I’m talking all the time, it means I’m, not learning, and so, if you are, if you find yourself just incessantly rambling on all the time and I find that the poorest business coach people love to give advice out in in great measure and so they’re just rambling on and on and they’re, not learning. I have a confession:all right, I used to do that all the time and I remember:i work to directv and my boss, lexhe would give me feedback and as soon as he did it, this is how I would do it. I would say yeah, but this is this is what I’m doing and you can I can I be real with you for a second. He was a big guys like an office linebacker like terry crews, the office linebacker and he was like 250, had double hoop:earrings large african, american guy, big guy jack., great physical, fitness and I said yeah. Yeah I mean what would I need you to shut your mouth and we could, if you ever thought about shutting your mouth in a way where it doesn’t imply that you’re waiting for me to finish speaking like right now. Could you is it possible for you to shut your mouth and to not pretend just wish i? Could you pretend that you’re not just waiting for me to finish speaking could?

You actually do that, because you’ll notice that wealthy people put a pause after the other person is spokento verify the other person was heard. Then they will typically repeat what back what was said to seek understanding and then they might even have another question related to that. But you wait for me to spend speaking immediately and then you say something and I said watch, that’s just the way that I think it goes. That yet again is the problem. I want you to take the day off and you might get to take every day off after that, I literally want you to leave the building you’re annoyed. You are absolutely what you’re doing is you. My friend are contaminating my atmosphere. Are you kidding me to get out of here tomorrow? So I come back the next day kind of starting to get my life together a little bit. You know it’s been a day you get home early. Humble didn’t pay he’s paying me, but you know if it becomes abundantly clear what he thought about me to send me home all paying me that really shows like god I suck I’m. Really I am so then, this next habit or this next habit successful people. This next common business coach denominator of successful people, becomes abundantly clear. Successful people avoid toxic people. This is why I have a wall around my house. Literal wall with a gate. I do not like the physical presence of negative people, I’m not going to walk you through this. When my dad got als and was dying only person, the only the only person that I told about it, I’ll check the calendarz. It’s because before a meeting, I had like tears in my eyes, but I wasn’t crying and he goes my man what’s going on and I said, my dad has als and it goes okay, well, I care.

The world of business doesn’t care, so you got to get together and make it happen. But after work, if you want a man, cave man cave right, tire go in there and do it and like i, didn’t tell anybody what I was going through because nobody cared and you just going to bring the mojo down. That’s what churches for that’s what friends are for, but you’re not for the office and I didn’t want to become a toxic leader cuz. What do you say to somebody who’s constantly lamenting about their fathers? Plaid a minute and I’ll? Be okay, I know what to say, because it’s like you want to say something. Sincere like it’ll be okayi know it won’t you’ll die slowly of suffocation. You don’t know what to say. I agree, I mean you don’t know what to do so. It creates that weird atmospheres. I, would just encourage everybody out. There do not be a toxic person, don’t do it. That’s why I saw alex right ourselves with great advertiser business coach toxic advertisers about keeping tulsa spine in line guy. Who really does care about our listeners and their overall wellnessthis is a guy named dr. John sibel?

Can you tell us about dr. Sibley, www., dr, john sibley,, that’s dr, j, o h, n s, I b, l e y.Com phone number is 918-749-5741 again 918-749-5741 and claire you doing a special book giveaway for the boy that signs up today, j, o h, n, sibley. Com.Com. You schedule an appointment between now and the end of the break. We have five copies of my book. Thrive are going to be giving away so the first five people to do what you got to go to the website. Hey. What’s that website, dr. John sibley. Com, and we will send you a free copy of the thrive book. You can get that today by 7, going this website and schedule your free consultation. We come back we’re waitingscore on the poverty business coach mindset. Stay 2 want to attend the legendary thrive time. Show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at thrivetime show.Com to claim your business coach tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true about waging war on the poverty mindset like you are alone, in your quest to be your personal bass like you’re, not trying to compete with the joneses you’re. Just saying I want to be the best me I can be if you found yourself wanting to just push yourself to the peak of what you can do that my friend is not normal. What happened to the world love to justify poverty, the world love to say? Well, you know I care more about life, balance I care more about my employees to fire the bad ones, I care more about! You know, sing relevant. You know! That’s why I watch the news all the time. I, don’t read any books, you know, and so we’re doing today is waging war on poverty, so I’m going to give you some knowledge bomb. So we have the boys, have a choice here to read from page 22 of the amazon best-selling book.

The start here, but the start here book will teach you all the super moves. The doctors and I’ve used to build 13 multimillion-dollar companies on the verge of seventeen. We have for right now all crossing the finish line at the same time. So if you go to page number 22 of the start here book, if you download it for free right now on a front drive time show.Com, you can download this book we’re going to give you 3 now its bombs in a row, three notable quotable in a row and then aaron and is going to break them down. For is there an ant is who sold over 800 million dollars of real estate throughout his career was hot from walt disney himself, walt disney’s, the guy who, oh by the way, I lost it all twice in route to building the disney empire. So what does business coach walt disney have to say to us to get started this to quit? Talking and begin doing, I got to do it tomorrow, yeah well, tomorrow is never going to come by the way. The only day that’s ever going to be here is today. So, if you’re waiting on something and waiting on chasing down that dream, you’re going to be waiting for eternity for tomorrow to come, you just got to start taking action with what you know and I always say you got to start with the baby steps. You know.

Sometimes you don’t have the entire vision of what you’re going to do come on out, but you might not have it at the beginning. But as you start taking steps, what happens? Is you learn from your mistakes? Right start I’m waiting for word. Yes, you start having these business coach failures that teach you how to not repeat failure and start actually having success, and so, if you just sit there and wait and wait and wait because it’s not all figured out up front, then you’re never going to experience 6s garage, weezer, yeah, i, just I just waiting just for me. Yes, i! Do it’s true if you’re doing a big past that you just not sure how you’re going to complete her, how to do it just freaking start just started, you will figure it out. One of my friends in college ryan tedder’s gone to become a grammy award-winning artist, running songs for taylor, swift, writing, songs for adele writing, songs for you to his idol, the groupie group, the group, the group. He grew up, idolizing you to writing songs for bono, running songs, for all these artists are going what you written from that artist.

He has a notable quotable. Their voice of choice is going to read to us. My friend hope when that moment comes you’ll, say i:did it i? Did it all I own? Every second that this world could give I saw so many places the things that I did, that with every broken bone, I swear, I lived, you’ve got to be persistent. If you’re going to win, you can’t give up. That’s the next principal or teaching. Don’t give up! You see this all the time, though aaron you see all the time. You said that you got going on just this isil 800 million dollars a real estate. You obviously started a place where you were an alcoholic drinking 20, 22, 24 beers, that day. As a skunk skunks are drunk a lot of drunks out there. It’s an epidemic. You were delivering pizzas for domino’s, now you’re at the precipice you’re doing great you’re, not even halfway to where you want to be talked to her. This idea of don’t give up yet you know another business coach quote that I love is that the road to success is lined with many comfortable parking spaces that so many people they start pushing towards something, and their goal is maybe they want to make $1000000 whatever that number is they want to make this certain amount of money in their life? And what happens, though, is they get to $100,000 and they go well. This isn’t so bad I’d be okay with a hundred thousand, and next thing you know they’re pulling off of the highway that they’re headed to their million-dollar goal on and they sort of given up at a hundred thousand or some portion of that million dollars.

They were chasing after know what I want to throw out there for the listeners out there so that we all get this idea. This is an idea. This is this is a concept that I want to make sure we’re all sharing here. I value, success, I personally as you’re. A humble host of the show, I believe this, but I believe success, looks like I believe that success is having both of the time, freedom and the financial freedom needed to achieve your f6 goals. We talked about all the time, but here are the f6 galleria’s having the time and financial freedom to achieve your faith goals having the time and financial freedom to achieve your family goals having the time and financial freedom to achieve your friend ship goals. How do you do that? Rumor? Has it to be around your friends you to build friendships? You have to be at the physical location of your friend. That’s not true! I! Do it on business coach facetime, okay, that you have to talk to them. It’s not true! We do it all via email, really how good that friendship? Okay, so faith family finances finances finances, but you mean the time:freedom and financial freedom to achieve more financial freedom. Yes, because thinking requires strategy strategy requires thinking. If you’re going to think you got to know what strategy may even trying to think about here and then it just time time.

Thinking requires time. You got time, faith family finances, fitness, i, don’t care about how big I am to me. Put this doesn’t matter at all. Tell java I’ve got to the money. He was looking for them just telling you if you’re jabba the hutt you’re going to end up jabba the hutt, you know wasn’t a very healthy guy, i, don’t know if you guys saw the movie but jabba the hutt I mean he got to hang out with princess leia, which is kind of cool I guess, but he was not a very healthy man, so you faith family finances fitness. What you mentioned true things:faith family, finance, fitness, friendship, fun, the fitness the fun, so you got to set aside of the limiting believe the next principle that the reason why you can’t have business coach success, because why does care about faith I’m a man of faith, I care, so much about faith that I can’t have success. I care about my face, I care! So much about my family that I live in abject poverty. You know! That’s why I love my family, but my family being poor and I love, my fam, so I can be with them, I like to be with them and the cardboard box. It’s a really close way to keep us together. We’re all in one box. Worship hits a refrigerator box for oversized refrigerator and 0/100 the overpass over there now


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