You Become the Average of the 5 People That You Spend the Most Time With

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Learn the moves to increasing your net worth by understanding how your network will impact it. Clay and Z are breaking down the business coach moves in this man cave session of the Thrivetime Show.

  • Your Network is Your Network
  • The People Around You Define Your Normal
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (Best-selling author of the 4 Hour Work Week and successful early stage investor into Facebook, Uber, Evernote, etc.)
  • Don’t Take Feedback or Advice from Most People
  1. Sales quota feedback from a poor performing sales person
  2. Website optimization advice from a person who doesn’t understand how Google works
  3. Accounting tips from a guy you met at the bowling alley
  4. No-brainer advertisement tips from a guy on featured on Ted Talks
  5. Management or leadership tips from Simon Sinek
  6. Books written by con artists
  7. Motivational tips from get rich quick gurus
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Audio Transcription

What event in the legendary business coach thrive time, she’ll business workshop for free, subscribe on, itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true where that band is performing with subway their end, but I want to go there. If you want it either I can tell I can just take it till I mean just incredible subway band right there, probably some return, begin jars or buckets, and the musical buffet in the subway the shortest podcast would ever done. Unless it’s not because it isn’t. The question is mindset 101. How do the people ask us all the time yeah I know you say that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with, but what, if it’s different? In my case, there was a what if it’s different in my cashier, understand my case. What, if I’m a exception, so I’m going to lay out the business coach rules? Are the gravitational pull up success or lack thereof, c2 to break it down and luke owen’s you’re a business owner? Looking at your take on this as the owner of a gym right here in broken, arrow oklahoma print would ever want your network? Is your net worth somebody says, put stanford in my case, my network is. I Don’t need to surround myself with smart people that are on time or who work hard. I just found myself an idiot and then I just view them as my mission field, if you run with the dogs are going to get fleas. If you hang out with the idiots, you will yourself do it, he otic things and what happens is prince the number to is the people around you to find your normal. So what happens is overtime? You begin to act like the people around you, the most it it’s it’s just affecting I know a lot of people. That say you know I’m going to be a positive influence on the person I’m going to know they have all these issues and problems. But you know what I’m taking it upon myself to. Let them enter into my inner circle and then I’ll give you a positive influence on them and, and that can be that that can be noble and in your might put some of your life energy into that, if you’re into that. But what I’m telling you as a business coach is that at some point-and they teach you this in life, lifeguard training, water, safety, instructor, lifeguard, training, yes, and that is somebody’s out there and they’re drowning okay they’re in the ocean and a big body of water and how it happened.

I used to I used to go out to them and they will not there so panicky. They will not stop flailing cuz the natural it didn’t. Is it if they can get their panic under control. When you approach that they will actually wanting you to leverage up to get up out of the water push myself up and then one in berkeley drown you in and you both will drown to at some point as mean as it sound in the training. At some point, when you swim out there and you can’t get that person to to resend it to stop doing what they’re doing, then you have to just back swim away from them and let them go and I know that sounds mean it’s a podcast podcast, not yet. Okay, bibles bibles to a strip club eventually look around your past we’re hanging out with an idiot on my team and don’t got no man. This guy is a bad business coach person to have it numerous times. I’m just going to go out to lunch with him and didn’t share them. My faith service restored my faith sharing in my face twice that I know of they. Can we learn so here’s the deal? My wife calls I was at the strip club and it was just because we were going to go out to fridays. Then we started going to hooters every week and then we just said why not and then all the sudden and I’m like really I’m not going to lie under. We have used it twice to specific times that has happened, and somebody started saying they wanted to just minister to them. They’re going through a rough I’m telling you man, darkness typically, will absolutely crushed the light. It will just bill. Disc anime think we should I say all the time in the problem is:is that unless you’re really trained in that, unless that’s your life calling, unless you really have a lot of good supporting that lets, your appeals, gozie okeke you’ll, get that you’ll get sucked, you don’t get sucked down to the quagmire and I’m. The problem is:is that they rub off on you? Just like you rub off on them is my point. Sometimes you just have to look at that person to listen. You’re, not healthy, you’re, not helping me move my ball down the field, and why am I spending time on you if you’re a business owner who you spending your time with employees? And so, if you allow idiots to work with you pretty soon, you start to think things like well i, guess someone can’t be held accountable to make calls, because it’s so hard to get my team to do it. I! Guess it’s hard to get my team to clean the bathroom. So no team can clean the bathroom. She starts to be done right. Do it myself, no tim ferriss the best selling author of the 4-hour work week and is successful early stage investor in facebook and uber in evernote. He says the business coach people around you to find your ears when he says you are they average of the 5 people you associate with the most you are the average of the five people you most associate with luke you’re a business owner with people throughout the years, I’m sure some good people, some idiots? What happens if you surround yourself with enough idiots on your team, your business definitely does not grow and you just become very frustrated.

But what I’ve learned is that by surrounding myself, with people like you guys in the thrive team very shortly that can change yes and your business starts to thrive. You mean you can’t surround your business with a bunch of house. Do you think about this? I was telling this is the analogy:i was 200. Imagine every employee walks in your business has a number okay. If I walk in I’m at 2 and you walk in xenia 10 inch up as a 10 and luke is a 10. Then there’s a total of 40 points available and your business is the average of that point. Total so give a bunch of jews walk into work. Every single day you can expect to have a 10 level. Output I mean customers, you talk about judgmental-ness and you talk about being pretty finicky business coach customers. You know if you exchange your hard-earned money for a good or service, it’s not good. He doesn’t offer them. The service tonight. Show me back man ain’t coming back, it’s so you could be captain, i, understand and not fire people, and if that’s your lot in life, people actually contaminate. Your mindset, jump I want to say something that people are probably thinking, and that is that you know yes, sometimes being an idiot is fun right, sometimes not delaying gratification. How many beers I can drink it’s awful I just to check so that you know people can have fun doing that, but the problem is when idiots are having fun all the time. They’re, not delaying gratification, like doctors, owner talks about all the time, and you won’t get anywhere on that path. Can I tell you about my story about the naked caucasian buddha z about the naked caucasian buddha been naked, caucasian buddha I used to have a seat on camera., com, I told the guys after the event. If we had, we had our sales goals, I’ll take you guys out to eat so young man on rt news about 15 of us going out to eat and one guy on our team love to eat any love challenges. So never mind team says I bet you can’t eat that entire dessert and stein restaurant is italian. Restaurant is called roma’s or something. It said that it says that you know the calories. It’s like 2,000 calories for, like 2 slices in the whole whole cake. Whole cheesecake has like 6 servings. Are you know something thousand calories in crazy and then he says I can do it but did not get. These are all things that are happening but I’m at the one in to the table. So I don’t know the whole thing. I hear about a second sino second hand.

Later long story, short the guy in zap eating the whole cheesecake and downs like 12 to 13, long, island, iced, teas previous to us, leaving that’s a beautiful concoction, so we’re now in downtown dallas at hyatt downtown with a big ball on top of a sphere. Yes, and we were there and I told the guys hate after the work you know after we have a great day to work with the bridal show. Where will get in the limo will take you guys out to eat and I will drive back so I start asking the guys hate guys were that guy like? Where did he go and they’re all saying what he’s so I’m? Just a minute ago, where was like 13 long island iced tea alcohol? How do you know this is why I told him that for everyone he bought I buy them once it was, are feeling okay, alice it like 11 and I know. This is the kind of stuff, the guy that all the time and I would never fire people like this until I finally realized it couldn’t rely on these people. So it’s like midnight and the trade show it’s a two-day show the next morning we have to be there at 7 a.M. Parole call the thing opens up at 10, so it’s like me getting close to midnight I’m going. Where is he and we’re looking around or look around those who are familiar with downtown dallas? There’s a buddha, it’s all about a 20 ft tall waterfall and it’s like star wars or the scene where luke goes out on that pedestal to fight business coachdarth vader for the first time and darth vader cuts his hand off it’s one of those like if you fall, you’re dead kind of moments and we hear water rushing heat near this like it’s like-is that him and I look in there? He is about a block-and-a-half away, somehow completely intoxicated and naked. Holding the face of this buddha spend my evening trying to get ahold of certain members of may have may or may not have been law enforcement community trying to get a member of our team down I’m, not exaggerating if you’ve been to downtown dallas. You seen this buddha with the foot, the fountain. It’s got to be 20 feet up in the air I’m in a basketball goal, 10 feet, it’s got to be 20 and underneath them is a very shallow pool of water. On the a marble. I’m really got, never climbed the 25th. Let me tell you what you found this guy. We get them back. I get her back to her or our trade show,, guys I need you to go to sleep at like 4 a.M. 3 a.M. And I’m so furious about I didn’t ask where the other guy was so I might pay. You guys seen keith worth keith ferrazzi they’re going I thought he was with you. I thought we broke up from the business coach dream, I thought I was with you and so the next morning we wake up and there’s a man laying in a pool of his own vomit in a bush right there in front of the hyatt hotel and I’m like forget it so like we went to the bridal show, and this happened about 2 years in a row and vanessa come back and vanessa’s like why the show go and I’m like well.

We got one guy that woke up naked next to a buddha and high place, another guy who was drunk as a skunk in a bush and seems normal and I’m like it happens. Every time baby, you’re, surrounded by idiots you got fired, it was like z just this is what business is so you’re just another dj to me. This is what you get with dj caesar. How these guys are you know and I’ve got a minute. What time. Does it does the same guy that woke up drunk in the bush? He one time he took a honda, big suv and here and it’s super super super super fast through the union high school track, keep trying to like ben press buddies, while intoxicated so his vehicles left in the middle of the union high school football stadium with all my dj equipment stupid. You know what that’s like trying to get a hold of law enforcement unity and explain to them. Why you’re, why your dj equipment in the middle of there cuz there’s a tractor, runs around the stadium but he’s out there and I’m just that kind of stuff see that can become normal. If you’re, not careful, it became your normal trying to just put up with it for years like 5 years right, and you never send me listing right now either. Someone is doing right now going to me drunken how drunk were the hanson exactly take feedback or the advice from device from most people? Don’t take feedback or advice from most people, the sales guy that’s not performing wants to now set your new cells do have optimization guys on page 7 of google wants to tell you how to do it, the accounting guy who’s going to the bankruptcy twice once to give you a counting tips. The person is not good at sales wants to give you business coach advertising tip the person called simon sinek, the terrible book called how to motivate everyone. Everyone bolts on a weekly basis, books written by con artists, will teach you that doing the same thing everyday expecting a different result is called in sandy. Just a thought motivational tips from get rich, quick, gurus, you can’t you be careful you’re, getting your information from any other.

Careful, business coach advice is like elbows everybody’s got some. You know, you know what, unless you’ve met them, unless you really get a good understanding, I mean i. Think that’s one of the things that I’ve been fun for us to see all the people that have vetted us now over the year that over the year plus we’ve been doing the podcast radio show and and our background and what we have accomplished and what we are currently still even accomplishing and then listen to the fact we just throw out there. You know I mean it’s kind of fun. We use fax back after story, there’s an example of simon sinek. He would have a cold start with why it’s good, how great leaders, inspire everyone everyone to take action, i, never miss an opportunity to share the story with dr. Z I would consider you to be a very good leader. Thank you. I’m, going to one-up, you i, must say, i, think lee cockrell’s, probably a really really good leader plywood for a thousand employees. I want to leave a like business coach GE jack welch, humana, 2010, simon, sinek leadership classes, how great leaders inspire everyone to take action and he’s run because I think it’s important. We should look at that before. I got him a little bit, so he actually went to high school there in wimbledon area in london, and then he decided to you know, go to the college, so he he went to college at london, city university and received a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from university and so i. Guess, as he understands that you that he understands cuz, he gets it where you and I don’t get it. Lee cockrell doesn’t get. It is christ and I didn’t study any cultural anthropology. Did you what tip? Should you give jesus on how to motivate everyone? Cuz? Apparently he couldn’t go to everyone. In fact, you know what percentage of people are are. Could I listen this thing working out too much just keep that why I’m a keep that water to wine thing going well just get up at 3, we’ll just give a little tipsy than what I think would motivate him better. That way, jesus was taking the lobes and feeding everybody to multiplying in the fishes and loaves, and the fishes and loaves I will teach you how to motivate everyone. That starts with the y. That’s what you’re missing as a business coach! If you’re not you’re, not good leader, you’re, not good, with no quit beating yourself up, you have to fire people occasional! You have to chop your somebody of your listings and I feel bad that I have to fire. Somebody I tell you a few other listings and I feel bad that I have to fire. Somebody help cure them of this disiz. So here’s the deal. They don’t feel bad about. Screwing you over so quit feeling bad about fire than because there are people in your business that are stealing from you they’re lying about what time they clocked in there trying to put gas in their vehicle into the company, because it happens every single time every sunday, so don’t feel bad about firing. People that are already screwing you over without feeling bad about it themselves and the deeper thing is this, but they were challenge you on this podcast is firing employees be but you’re paying money to that’s almost easy compared to firing the friend who’s, an idiot and bringing you down in your life in your ear after you get off a tough day at work and every single week just telling you you can’t do it, it’s not a good idea.

Given you stupid management advice, giving you terrible, financial buys who’s in your ear. You know you don’t need to do that tonight. Let’s go to the bar this guy. You don’t need to do that. Let’s go! Do this you’re, always working come on, come on now, hiring even pruning in your personal life, it’s over three important, probably the most important personal prune personal pronoun pruning my business coach person. If there’s a i, never was a chance to endorse prune juice and the this is me drinking prune juice. If you think that, if you drank a half bottle, you’re going to need about 15 minutes from now or to prune juice, prune, azalea friends, time blocking 101 from a business coach and actually blocking out time to do what matters actually block it out time to do what matters in the show with a three and a 221 in the boom. So any further. Due to what


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