Being Curious | Deconstructing Success (Part 2)

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Why do you have to be a curious person to become a successful people? Are you curious? Clay Clark and Dr. Z are talking about what it means to be curious and how it applies to business.

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Shaw Homes in Tulsa, OK is now getting 12 times more leads.

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Attorney to use – – Wes Carter.


  1. “I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Clark in 2010 when I managed over 2.2 million square feet of downtown office and retail space. I can recommend him highly and without reservation. I had hired Mr. Clark to rebrand the portfolio and reach out to prospective tenants. Throughout the course of the campaign, Mr. Clark was a consummate professional. He conducted market research, built a website, and coordinated obtaining pictures, print materials, and gaining media attention within what I would deem record time. Within the first week of Mr. Clark going public with the campaign, he generated hundreds of prospective tenants. Mr. Clark’s positive attitude is contagious, he is hard worker, and he is genuinely a great guy to work with. I hope that in the near future I will have the opportunity to work with Mr. Clark again.”
    1. David Atkinson One Place, LLC | 120 W. 3rd Street | Tulsa, OK 74103

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Guerrilla P.R. 2.0: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Knowledge + application = transformation – Wes Carter – Winters and King

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Attend the world’s best business coaching program workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright trap nation welcome back to the conversations they were talking about, deconstructing success and specifically, what we’re doing is we’re breaking down some notable quotable from the start here book which all the listeners you can download for free. You can download the start here book today for free at drivetime show.Com, so you can follow along with us on the start. In the start, here, buck right start, to start here book. We have a lot of drivers out there who reached out to us and sent they’ve sent in testimonials or are thank yous or appreciations kind of sharing their best business coaching program experience. I’m working with us and one of the clients would work with I’m I’m, just honored to work with is shaw homes now shaw homes. These guys are our fabulous guys see. This is this is crazy, shaw homes they are getting now in the last 4 months, 12 times as many leads as they used to get internet leads, and why is that? Because they’re topping google the google retargeting ads that work very very well. Have a no-brainer, that. They just got all that they’re implementing all the systems and turns out I have a great product to nobody. Second, let me get this straight. They been in business how long over 30 years, over 30 years, why didn’t they do this is before i, don’t think they knew? Who is the chief marketing officer for the company? He thought I wonder why my competitor has hired click, clark i, wonder with. If, if, if i, we could get I really like mr. Hernandez and so I got this other business to a place where they are rocking and rolling and I realized. You know what I’d rather work with the biggest company in oklahoma and a client that I’m working with his at capacity.

They literally cannot build any more homes based on the current crew. They don’t want to grow anymore. I brought up the conversation. Hey can we move on, they said sure, boom I’m working now with shaw homes, homes, it is unlikely. It is not probable. It is not going to happen you’re going to have that many homes that have what I mean some type of legal situation. You know that, even matter what research you look into, every business owner earn business and you’re doing over $1000000 a year of sales west carter, the attorney for joyce meyers brother td jakes for craig groeschel, life, church west. What are the chances that, if you’re going to be a million dollars a year of sales, in your best business coaching program mind that you’re not going to have some kind of litigation, unemployment, lawsuit dispute, something that’s happening, wrongful termination, some type of claim-accusation lost. What’s it like to be or not going to have any litigation and your first 5 years? Well, there are always those people that live. Those charmed lies that don’t have anything wrong. You know baby I’m, going to 99.5% turney previous to having a legal situation, will support attorneys if they’re doing a good best business coaching program job and you’re doing a good job, communicating with them they’re going to help? Keep you out some of those situations or put you in a place where you can defend yourself better once you get into those situations, so wanted its spending money to save money, and, second, you don’t want to be dialing up cold, calling random attorneys when you got sober the lawsuit and all the sudden.

Everything is hitting the fan, navigate to I’d like to magellan of litigation. I am 5 costly, weave around the mogul that would bring down other people, but for me I’m the titanic I’m, the king of the non-litigation boots and i. Let me blow up, but I’ve, never I’ve never stepped on a bob who’s. Listening who says, I don’t need an attorney i, don’t need to call one and find one in advance. What would you say to that? First of the best time to interview, could you want to interview several of them? You want to see which one you get along with all apps. When I get an interview, you want to talk to them and get their background see if they have anybody else, it’s in your category of business if they handle that kind of litigation. If it’s going to happen because what happen, if you blow that report, then the one when it hits the fan when it gets all drama trauma when you get served up that lawsuit, which is your first, when you get service, is perhaps the worst day of your life, that’s not something we could relate to, but I’m sure somebody else has your. You really need help. Cantankerous guy I’m, just telling us when you feel like you, have an enemy in your own camp. It is, it is the worst whenever you feel like a teammate is trying to trip you out the huddle. You know I mean it’s not good. I mean you are out there aggressively mark. Yes, you’re growing your hiring in there for as a best business coaching program consequence of that you’re going to have some litigation, some say I won’t ask you to do you do enjoy litigation time? Is it one of your favorite pastimes? I mean no? No, in fact, in fact, I could kiss it. It’s stressful, it’s time-consuming and it cost money that should be in my pocket. These all sound like great, no, no they’re, not they’re, not there hasn’t been a lawsuit, yet that I have been turned that thought that completely other minds. What’s your what’s your favorite part, though about litigation olivia to say it’s over I enjoy sitting with wes at the courthouse.

His he’s kind of coaching me through what to say or not to say aww, that’s that’s the part I enjoy enjoy that. Where he’s like a brother I like I like those seriously, if you’re listening right now, where I couldn’t see my kids for a while emergency protective order on kids, violent person in the cop cars were there and I wasn’t allowed to see my kids and they took me out of my house with my ends up and such I had to give him the papers at west got me had to pull it out of my pocket. Cuz I had my best business coaching program hands up to prove that I can go in my own house. What were you going to tell me that I don’t know? I just saw that i. Just remember. Vanessa goes you’re going to have to get this done because your brother is going to die. I just know what he’s going to do he’s going to make it where you can’t see our kids I guarantee, he was going to try and again west gallery the documents I need to before I came home and took place for what you going to house of gummy possessions will give you a 60 seconds and I’m like 60 seconds. What’s the you know, and so okay I don’t either. One of us will enjoy this if you could grab it on my back pocket. That would be awesome and he grabbed it. Next thing. You know you know we can get worked out, but that’s your brother, you just shouldn’t! You can’t go cain and abel. That’s i! Guess the moral of the story. Right I mean just say:if you’re listening right now, you don’t have an attorney. If you would you deconstruct the success of ultra successful people, they’ve all had some litigation and I’m telling you you’ve got to reach out to an attorney. Today, too, I would humbly submit the recommendation for winters king.Com winters king.Com the offer I’m making. If you go to winners king.Com and you schedule a a free consultation with west carter I’m, going to give you a free copy of my book thrive there you go what you got you got to do in here in the next for 5 minutes for the commercial break segment there. So it’s whitledge, winters, king.Com winners, king.Com king.Com agenda world’s best business caoching program workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving mission objective review.

Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to info@thrivetime show.Com. We have the time for them right now to record this best business coaching program radio show. Otherwise we could see if you thought about how to do the show me what requires time and I was thinking about all the things that I don’t do. That makes it possible to the chevy want to say how do you find the time? How do you find the thing about the things? I, don’t do it. You know what I mean is i. Do is i, don’t i, don’t eliminate my own pasts i, just don’t like I could I suppose you could i, don’t think i! Don’t do that! Cuz i! Don’t go pick up. My own office supplies. You can do it. You can do it I can do we actually called our good best business coaching program friends at onyx imaging.Com, it sew-in. Why? Because there are why? Why? Because they’re awesome, onyx imaging.Com and if you want to call him on the phone while I have a phone number and everything 918-627-6611 is 92918. 918-627-6611 offer right now that allows us to my man. That’s right, and if you want to get a free ink cartridge for your printer in your office, all you got to do is fill out the form on their website. Tulsa, printer repair.Com, again tulsa, printer repair.Com and office supply quote.

That’s all I got to do and I’ll give you a free printer cartridge that they manufacture right here in town they manufacture when these guys also do printer service. So let’s say you have a law firm in town and you got. The big printer goes down everybody’s running around freaking out the printer style. They’ll actually take your printer and bring you a loaner for free while they take your pain or back to what they call their operating room. If your business counts on getting those copies made in those pages print off, you got to get ahold of these guys, 918-627-6611 or tulsa printer repair.Com, chuck you’re blowing my mind all the time they were talking about today’s deconstructing success know what that is. Is you look at somebody in the hour of triumph, and you say what is a record that says? How did you do it’s a lot of people realize that maurice kanbar he invented skyy vodka, and then he bought one third 27% of downtown tulsa, so he will say what would have been closer to a quarter. We actually bought other real estate holdings and he sold steps like now. It’s the downtown marriott, the atlas life building and he bought a ton of real estate coming in hard that dude bought a third of downtown tulsa before anybody was buying. I. Think that I think the snyders with the mayo hotel in mr. Cannon bard between those two it was like 45% of tulsa, was owned by two people in downtown. It was. It was so far to do all the marketing for his real estate, and so can you read us the the notable quotable here for mr. Jesse d cambridge properties. He says I had the pleasure of working with mr. Clark i, like that story 2 million square feet of downtown area office and retail space I can recommend him highly in without reservation. I had hired mr. Clark to rebrand the portfolio and reach out to prospective tenants throughout the course of the campaign.

Mr. Clark was a consummate professional. He conducted market research, build a website and print your coordinated, obtaining pictures, print material gaming media attention within what I would deem record time within the first week of mr. Clark, going public yassini generated hundreds of prospective tenants. Mr. Clark positive attitude is contagious is a hard worker and he was genuinely a great guy to work with I hope that in the near future, I will have the opportunity to work with mr. Clark again david atkinson one place llc. How do you get in the news? We got him a lot of news. Publicity lot of people say:i want to get in the news, but how do you getting the news. Here’s the deal? There’s a book called the pr bible pr 2.0 by michael levine. Do you put on the show notes? Okay, I already had read that book and i. Remember so many moves, but I thought to myself. Self I got to figure out what those moves are and seeing how I can apply into the situation. So what I did is I realized anytime. You make a big claim and you can back it by fax. You could probably get in the news on a slow news day announcing that can bar properties was going to read name. A certain area of tulsa sobo of argued is already called so, but I said. So what so? What so? What I said we’re going to rename it so go to sobo district, and if you get a chance to look this up here, I’ll put it in here. It’s kanbar properties, tulsa world I was able to get these guys in the media cuz. It’s such an easy story. It’s it’s a great story, but you can’t bar best business coaching program properties. Tulsa, type in fears. Clarkson can I see that the headlines it was so fun, so channel 6 free plans, downtown development in the, deco district and then I made this announcement. We’re going to rename it and call it the sobo so they’re like really, and so there it is. There am on the news and they’re like look at you you’re on the news, my mom, like you’re, on the nose.

What does explain we’re going to do we’re going to bring entertainment, dining and retail to downtown tulsa has previously downtown tulsa kind of sad and we’re going to bring entertainment dying retail. They said. Where did you get this information I said? Will the brookings institute did a study on urban renewal and they study the gaslamp district in san diego? They studied austin texas. Now found out that when you have a walkable, entertainment, dining and retail on a closed area proximity that people want to go there, that seems so. We were only going to lease space 2 companies like hello, tech, with a red like a root or wrestler downtown yeah. That’s cool! We’re looking to lease stuff too, like buildings in the bricktown area, where that’s at you on tv right there. It is it where does leasing space all day and it was fun. What happened? Is it weird that we, the media, was like downtown? Was hungry? People were hung during for a downtown to be thriving, and so I just got behind that I got to go for that parade right, right, downtown to be successful, go list, but in this case it was a dream. 3000 and I hired a taco bell put best business coaching program employee and I hired another taco bueno bueno. He called called every tenant downtown at the list and say hey:when is your lease expire I made it? They said like 6 months or less a year last, we said we’d like to invite you to an open house we’re doing at the top of the vindy, the chase tower. We have to show you all the space free, horderves food ice sculpture be awesome and we just signed the crap out of leases in the media. All the time we’re signing a floral shop, lisa bakery restaurant is awesome and I was right and it wasn’t. It wasn’t new ideas. I was just curious, but how did they make the gaslamp in san? Diego happen right and I got blocked and it could have been, and I ain’t got a bb king’s representative who said I will put a bb king’s down to 5th and boston in the guy.

Who does the it’s? The theater where you can have beer he’s like I’ll, do my theater? If they do their thing and then we had to howl at the moon, all three of them right there at 5th and boston were kinda, looks like manhattan, oh yeah, right there by the bartlett square thing we had three guys already do is sign sign. At the same time, and then one of them backed out last minute and then the other two, so they weren’t it was like it was like we had prepared. It would be like if you had howl at the moon it was on. It was awesome how at the moon baby kings I mean so good set the theater where you can have a beer, and we have a lot of water mojo going. But it starts with curiosity and someone ask us when you want to become a top attorney with one of the top firms in tulsa. How come you just said that you weren’t a partner I mean how come you just didn’t say:oh I’m, not a partner. How come you were curious, but how to do it as abest business coaching program? Why I’ve always had a curiosity? I was one of those people that to someone who had done well-and my first thought was how to do that, how to make your money had to do that and I have a good friend, justin graze. It tell it that always said knowledge. Plus application equals transformation, so not enough just to learn how I did it but didn’t like you said you have to figure out how to apply it to what you’re doing and then, if you can get both you suck up the knowledge you actually apply it to your situation.

Hahahahaha start getting on top of mountain tops and I want to learn more. You read a book by somebody who’s achieve greatness. They give you all their secrets away that you’re like trying to get when you’re around people that are not smart. They will also freely give you their opinion, as often as you can make them them opposition to anything, it’s a fact, but bill just attacked no. It’s not, you’ll see people they’re going off about the tyranny of a balanced budget and you’re like or people just going on and on and on about any quality about things we can’t control are going on and on about how it’s unbelievable to pro basketball players make more than teachers are really want to go best business coaching program stadium to watch the teacher constructing success, deconstructing success. Why are some people super successful


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