Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 1) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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America’s number one Bill Belichick fan breaks down 75 Bill Belichick quotes while teaching about his management mastery strategies and systems and how they apply to the world of business.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE #1 – “There is an old saying about the strength of the wolf is the pack, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. On a football team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. How does the concept of the strength of the team versus the strength of the individual player apply to business?
    1. All of your employees are part of a team. The team can help fill in the gaps where other people on the team may be falling short
    2. By building a strong team, when the tough times come, it makes it easier to pass those times.
    3. ACTION ITEM: Do things for your staff that build camaraderie and the sense of a team
  2. If you hire a manager or employee, let them do their job.
    1. If they don’t do their job with excellence, then fire them.
    2. They are going to make a mistake or two, but you have to let them do their job.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #2 – “If you sit back & spend too much time feeling good about what you did in the past, you’re going to come up short next time.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing that has happened in the past, it is important to always look forward.
  2. What is the balance between celebrating the success you’ve had with still getting things done?
    1. You want to be passionate with your team. Stop. Celebrate with the team. Then get back to work.
    2. Give high-fives, fist-bumps, etc. Get pumped up, but move on.
  3. Google Joplin Gyms:

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #3 – “Mental toughness is doing the right thing for the team when it’s not the best thing for you.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Z, talk about delaying gratification and working 7 days a week.
    1. When you don’t spend a lot of mental power thinking about the things that you could have and just keep going to work, saving money. After several years, when opportunities come, you have a war chest built up.
    2. The average American has less than $400 saved. – Money
    3. 96% of small businesses fail within 10 years. – Inc Magazine
  2. I look at things and ask if I would rather have that $50,000 in my bank account more than spending $50,000 on a car. – Charles Colaw
  3. “If you do not develop the habit of saving, the seeds of greatness are not within you.” – Jim Rohn
  4. Charles, what do you say to people who say they can’t start a business out of their house?
    1. You just have to grind it out. We loved it.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #4 – “Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Z, what does it mean that “talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling?”
    1. Their floor is their physical ability.
    2. Their character is their ability to do the things they should be doing (studying the playbook, being a teammate)
  2. Charles, when you’re looking to hire someone how do you apply this principle
    1. I look for a core value fit and character in people I hire
    2. I hire for attitude over skill
      1. Someone who comes with a good attitude every day will beat out someone with more skills
  3. Burn the boats
    1. You cannot have a plan B and be successful
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NOTABLE QUOTABLE #5 – “We’ll continue to work hard to do a better job in every area going forward. I don’t know where those little things will come from but we’ll continue to be diligent on them.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Globo Gym – 
  2. Charles, why can’t you ever be done
    1. You have to continue to update and rework your checklists, processes, etc. to keep up with customer needs and feedback

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #6 – “For a team to accomplish their goal, everybody’s got to give up a little bit of their individuality.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Dr. Z, when you try to run a business as a democracy, what happens?
    1. When you have an employee, they say to themselves, “since they work for me now, I’m going to take my business in the direction that the employee says. I want them to have input and feel trusted.”
    1. James Devlin
    2. Julian Edelman
    3. Jacoby Meyers
  3. When you set aside your desires to help the team win, you win.
  4. Red Light Special Lyrics –
  5. As the boss, you have to say, “This is the direction we’re going and stick to it.”
  6. 8900 S Lynn Lane –
  7. Don’t let the prisoners run the prison.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #7 – “To live in the past is to die in the present.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Bill Belichick once hand-wrote 250 letters to colleges for a job and worked for $0.25 a day
  2. ACTION ITEM: Ask yourself, what are you locked into that doesn’t work anymore?
  3. There is a time to buy and a time to sell
  4. At some point you have to cut off old things
  5. “I don’t want your money, I am simply done.” – Mike Posner
  6. Money can’t buy you everything, and happiness is one of them.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #8 – “There are no shortcuts to building a team each season. You build the foundation brick by brick.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. There’s no shortcut to preparation
  2. Why does it take longer to get rich quick?
    1. By taking a shortcut that is not the way it is supposed to be done, you have to go back and fix the things you messed up to get there the right way.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.” – Proverbs 13:11

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Why lottery winners go broke –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #9 – “You get the job done or you don’t.” – Coach Bill Belichick

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “75% of employees are stealing from the workplace.”  – U.S. Chamber of Commerce –

  1. There is always going to be a conflict when ordinary thinking people come in contact with extraordinary thinking people.
  2. .00193 percent of the population are qualified to give you business advice.
  3. US Debt Clock –
  4. If an employee is not a good fit for you, it probably means that they don’t want to be there. 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #10 – “I think that we’ll continue to try to look at ourselves in the mirror and see where we can do a better job, maybe where we can improve the process. But I think the fundamentals of the process will remain the same.” – Coach Bill Belichick

Analytics you need to know – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

As the boss you have to figure out what matters the most to the business.


  1. Memberships
  2. Guests
  3. Cancellations

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “Inspect what you expect.” – W. Edwards Deming


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  2. What are a few of the management principles you can apply today?
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Audio Transcription

Speaker 1: Dr Z on today’s show, what are we talking about? Well, we’re going to talk about a goat goat and not like a furry little animal. We’re talking about the greatest of all time goat. And that’s coach bill Belichick. You see he runs his team the way everybody should run their business. And so we have gone through got, so I think 75 of his quote he five quote, we’re going to see how many we can get through on today’s show. I’m not sure. But we’re going to break them down and make them applicable to business owners out there. They’re saying, you know, how do I have a better business? How do I have a better team? How do I win? Cause that’s the business is about as winning. I know that sounds crazy. And we’re going to read an email from a listener in Russia, Russia, this just, they have the email there. I’m excited. Putin shut all that down. I’m going to hit the start button. He must have some I’m hitting about right now. He smuggled it out. Okay.

Speaker 2: Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show dies to may eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive.

Speaker 1: I’m Sean [inaudible].

Speaker 3: [Inaudible]

Speaker 4: [Inaudible].

Speaker 1: Yes, yes, yes. Wow. You pulled up the power and I want to clarify real quick with with the subtlety that only a megaphone can bring to the table. Our kids were cocreated by two different women. I just want to get that out there, but to make sure co-created, that’s how do, what does that even mean? It just sounds just shady enough to keep someone’s attention. Like what? What kind of show is this? Where are they? What? Let’s do this. Let’s not clarify what we mean. Yeah. Just let it be a commune or you know, a compound and, Oh man. All right. Now dr Z on today’s show, we are breaking down. What we’re doing is we’re taking a look under the hoodie and the hoodie of coach bill Belichick and we are exploring 75 bill Belichick quotes about the management mastery of coach bill Belichick.

Speaker 1: Now we’re going to add some energy. So is there a certain energy to the show? Come on now we have 75 quotes we got to get through and we have one dr Robert Zellner and one Charles colo. And we have one Amber Cola. So it’s kind of a lightning round. So I’m going to read the notable quotable and then you’re going to explain what it means and how it applies. Okay. And then Charles always gets to one up you every time. Cause he’s big cause he’s big. And if when you’re that big, it really doesn’t matter at that point what we think. Correct. It’s, it becomes his show. Right? So we’re going to go. So Charles, are you prepared to one up dark? I am very prepared. I feel like that, you know, let little bug just, just try to get through the day without being stepped

Speaker 5: On you. You’re just trying to get, just try to move just where’s it going is he’s okay. He’s going there. A better slide over here.

Speaker 6: So let me, let me go and get into the first one. Here we go. Coach, bill Belichick says there’s an old saying about the strength of the Wolf is the pack. I think there’s a lot of truth to that on a football team. It’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together. Ah, Z. How does that apply to running a business, this concept of the Wolf pack and the strength of the team versus that of the player? First of all,

Speaker 5: I had to start this answer with this beautiful, beautiful, I just had a call. I just had to do a blow off call. I am to my pad, primal to my, sometimes you just gotta go there.

Speaker 6: Maybe before the show is done, I’ll, I’ll put out some of the I have sound clips of, of porpoises that are ready for mating. I’ll play those too. They’re not just porpoises, but the mating calls, a porpoise [inaudible] ready, ready for Megan. Ready for it. That’s good to know. Yeah. Cause I’m sure they’re there. Their calls very different when they’re not ready. Well, okay. We’re like that, right? I will queue it up. I will queue it up at some point.

Speaker 5: Okay, here’s the, here’s why that’s relevant to all of us in the business world. And I think it’s really important for you to take this and run with it in the sense of building your pack and make your pack clothes or all of your employees are on a team. They’re, they’re like the pack, you know, and together I mean, you know, Sally may be having a kind of a tough day and her teammates kind of pick her up today. You know, Bob could be maybe having a rough one himself or maybe made a mistake or isn’t handling a patient or a customer the way that they, they’re just not connecting. And so you, you can see where you’re there. The staff can either let them just flop in the bridge or they can come with her and help them. And I think building that camaraderie, building that sense of team team within your team, within your employees is so important.

Speaker 5: And that’s why whenever I would hit a sales goal or we would have a little contest, I would take out my team, my employees, and we’d go bowling and we’d go dinner or I’d bring some pizza or true and we would go hang. I would go hang out with them. And not only was I hanging out with them, getting to know them better, but they were getting to hang out with each other and getting to know each other better. And so then what happens is, is that when the tough times come, cause they didn’t, they do happen. And they do, you know, Bob called him, you know, sick for the second time. And on his Instagram, he’s wasn’t, he wasn’t sick, if you know what I mean. So the other right, the other employees like, dang Bob, but, but what happens, what that relationship and what that, you know, you filled up that little love bucket of, of each others, that friendship bucket, I should say then makes those tough times. And so I really think that’s one of the, I’m not sure you’re going to get a better quote than bill Belichick. You got 74 tries because that is huge and, and you have to take advantage of it. If you own a business and you’re not doing things with your staff on AB semi-regular basis, shame on you because

Speaker 7: It’s a great way to build camaraderie. It’s a great way to make everybody feel like they’re there in the same Wolf pack. Right Charles, you’re not over there. Yep. Yep. We just got done doing a manager training event and then our customer service training event and it’s been, it went off really well. We have everybody’s very engaged. It kind of resettles everything gets everybody back on shore rowing. Kinda like rowing. Everybody’s running on the boat in the same direction. Yeah. We had a, our managers are super pumped or got trained on some new systems. Did you take them to a cool place or did you yeah, we went to the thrive time co co conference. We actually used the room there. It was awesome. Yeah, they love the all the accoutrements on the walls, all the slogans. It was awesome. It’s business sexy now and [inaudible]

Speaker 6: Z. Did you watch the Cowboys play versus the the, the Patriots here just yesterday. You watch the game? Were they playing? I didn’t even know. Were you, were you, did you watch the game that the Cowboys didn’t score a touchdown? Well, I have a audio clip where they’re asking James Harrison who played for the Patriots for a season. They’re asking him, you know, the difference of being on the Patriots team versus other locker rooms and I just want to cue up the audio this kinda share what these team building looks like from within the locker room, the Cowboys. So let me, let me queue it up here. I got right, got a little, a little happy fingers there. Yeah, I got all happy fingers. Let me queue it up here. And this is a James Harrison talking about this. I’m gonna queued up here.

Speaker 6: Not that you weren’t in a great one with the Steelers, right? Same. Same idea, but you that this might even be a little step up from the Steelers where you walked in and you just felt like this is serious business expectations as professional as you skip Bayless is asking James Harrison what it’s like to be in the Patriots’ locker room that one season, that one versus the other teams he’s been on. It wasn’t a field like when you walked in there like the first practice, you know I’m thinking it’s the middle of December, you know, we might get some dome time or some this and it’s like negative 10 and we’re outside. We went into the dorm one day and that’s cause it was a blizzard and you could not see five feet in front of your face. He was upset about that. Totally upset. There you go. It toughens you up.

Speaker 6: Especially for the games. You know, we’re sitting here, I think we’re playing a Jacksonville and I’m sitting on the sideline and it’s like negative three or four and I’m just sweating bullets cause all weekend practice. I ain’t had this heated bench. I had these blowers. We out there in the middle of it. We couldn’t practice on a field cause it was fro. So he went into the turf on the indoor and we practiced on the game field. That’s just what they do. And it’s something that actually benefits you when it comes to that time. And that’s another thing like the coaching you have to prepare your players or get your period players prepared to play in adverse weather and adverse conditions. You’re in Dallas. Give him something to, to mimic anything. Make the bottom and the ball down. Put it in the freeze. Z colon, a cow herd was talking about this and skip Bayless was talking about this and Shannon sharp was talking about this, but Shannon was saying if you gave bill Belicheck the roster of the Cowboys, he would win three

Speaker 5: Superbowls with the current Cowboys roster. Do you believe that strongly that there’s a, that big of a difference between the coaching of bill Belichick and other other NFL coaches? Oh, absolutely. It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. You’re very bubbly. I mean, you see it, you see it at every phase of sports. It’s not just the NFL or professional football you’ve seen in college football. You see it anywhere. I mean the coach makes such a big difference and the tone they set and their philosophies and, and I mean everything. I mean I just see so many guys out there are, you know, they, they coach not to lose their job or they’d coach just to try to, you know, like that when you know, you see a team out there and they’re playing right now not to lose instead of playing to win. There’s a big difference in that, this mindset even on that.

Speaker 5: And the thing about Belichick, which he has right now and he and he should have it and he has complete autonomy. I mean he, it’s his way or the highway and the honor Mr. Craft stands behind him apparently. Yup. And backs that move. And so, you know, I love that. I love an owner that hire someone. This is a applicable in business. If you hire a manager, if you hire an employee, listen to me, here we go. Let them do their job. Come on now. Now, if they don’t do it with excellence and they don’t do it the way you want them to do it, then you know, replaced him. Right? I mean, I’m not being mean, I’m just, that’s the way it is. I don’t know how many times, you know, people hire someone and they don’t give them the skill. When I don’t trust them to do that or I don’t trust them to do this, or I’ve got gotta, you know, hyper, I mean micromanage, whatever that means, you know, kind of just always in their business, always, you know, why’d you do that?

Speaker 5: What’d you do this? Why did you do that? You know, let them, they’re going to make a mistake or to it. Just that you don’t want him to make, you know, a thousand or 2000 mistakes, but you’ve got to let them do their job. And I think it’s rebel cheque has with his owner, I. E. the business owner, Mr. Craft. Well said. No notable quotable number two from coach bill Belicheck. He says, if you sit back and spend too much time feeling good about what you did in the past, you’re going to come up short next time. Z. How does, how do you balance that? Because you’re a guy who likes to work hard and then celebrate victories. A how, how did what, what’s the balance there? We’ll do this last half of that. That quote again. He says, if you sit back and spend too much time feeling good about what you did in the past, you’re going to come up short next time.

Speaker 5: And what that really is is that we have eyes in the front of our head for a reason to look, looking forward. I mean, I don’t care whether it was a bad thing or a good thing that’s happened recently in your life. If your all your focus is on that you’re not really preparing for what’s in front of you. I think that’s one of the things that you know, I love about what we teach people when they come to the thrive nation and that is the plan your day to look ahead. What’s in your calendar, what’s in your schedule? And that’s not necessarily looking behind you. You know, Hey, we had a record month last year, I mean last month. You now, what about this month? Let’s look forward with what’s our gold now, where are we going? What are, what are the promotions we’re doing? What are, where are we spend our advertising dollars? What, what, what will go forward, forward, forward. And I think that’s what he’s saying there is that, Hey, you, you Pat yourself on the back so much. I mean, they could still be celebrating their six super bowl victory, right?

Speaker 6: I might have been good example of that would be you know, for the elephant in the room you know, let’s just say ratings and reviews on Facebook. We always have about a 4.9 rating and a, this past week we hit a sales record and things are going very well. But in the meeting I was, I, I made sure we congratulate the team on doing a great job. They were selling a lot of memberships could job, but we need to get up back up to a 4.9 because our Facebook review score is a 4.8 because as you know, Z by default you get bad reviews by default and you should be proactive about asking for objective reviews from everybody. So you get reviews from happy people too. But again, I could have been just so busy celebrating that. I might’ve forgotten that detailed. I was E I’ve got an audio clip.

Speaker 6: This is, I’m ready Moss and candy. You can, you can watch the video here if you want. Tuesday Randy Moss, he is talking to bill Belichick and asking bill Belichick to come to a Halloween party. And let’s see what, let’s see what he we’ll see how the conversation goes. Here we go. This is a Brady Moss. Not interested in that. Are you in what Halloween party? Well, this is what it is. We’re dressed as the devil. No, that’s what we’re doing. Well, Hey, you get, you might win the damn prize trying to get us a little DJ, get us roller rink. And we don’t have it. So have a good night. But like I said, you’re more than welcome. And since Halloween, I mean we don’t go out no more. Right. You know what I’m saying? Right. But we still have that great holiday today. So we’re candy and costumes. Yeah,

Speaker 4: Right. Going to Halloween.

Speaker 6: All right. So Charles Cola, I want to ask you this, my friend, what is the balance there at colo fitness? I mean, you and your wife Amber Love to celebrate victories, but you also have to get stuff done. So talk to me about the balance of celebrating those success you’ve had. You’ve now gone from one gym as a couple to two to three. You’re working on opening up two more gyms in path two, I believe. Opening a hundreds. But what’s the balance between celebrating the success of the team and a over celebrating it and essentially taking our eye off the ball?

Speaker 5: Well, you kinda taught me to I’m always focused on moving forward and so I generally get some sort of success. I just turn around the next day and start going forward again. But you’ve been good on telling me to say you want to celebrate, you want to have a passion and passionate with your teams.

Speaker 7: Stop and celebrate, but then then get right back into it. So I think for you, you have helped me coach me into saying, you know, really like celebrate those things. Celebrate. And sometimes things don’t fall together. Like I would just get frustrated with something and you’re like, no, celebrate it. If it’s planned to be that way, get passionate about it. Get your team passionate about it. We’ve been doing great weekly meetings with our teams, celebrating all of our big wins every single week and where I used to just, you know, hit the marks and like put a smile on my face for like five minutes and to keep rolling forward, you say do it, but also celebrate with team high five, boom, fist bump, bump, get them really excited. And that’s made a huge, huge difference in culture.

Speaker 6: I want to celebrate you guys for a secondary Cola. When I have three big celebrations, I want to have them. We have to move on. We can’t, we cannot see. We cannot dwell on this happiness. Let me celebrate victory number one, victory number one is if anybody out there has a Google machine in front of you, AKA a computer, I want you to Google Joplin, Jim,

Speaker 8: Google, Jocko gyms. Now you might say, why are they clapping? Just Google it, right?

Speaker 6: We Google it. And when you Google Joplin gyms you’re going to find that there are many gyms in the great Joplin area and chaplain Missouri. And there’s this one business called a planet fitness. If you’ve heard about planet fitness yes, I have. It’s a big, it’s a big gym. It’s a big company with a, I believe over a thousand locations, maybe 2000 locations. I don’t know a lot. Are there more than a thousand locations, Charles, you think? You think there’s like over 1800. Okay. And there’s this little guy, we’ll call him a David, and he’s going against Goliath. He’s got like a, you know, David back in the day he had a Slingshot and he got this and he put the little rock in there and Goliath, he’s talking to Goliath, he’s trying to do a peaceful negotiation and Goliath is like Hey, you know, I don’t necessarily agree.

Speaker 6: Perhaps we can arm wrestle. And David’s like, nah, I think I, you know, so they had an impasse and then Goliath was like, I’ll rip your head off. Wait, Whoa, wait, come on now. Wine. So David’s like, I was just kidding. Right? Everybody knew. Anyway, so David had to fight this guy and David’s kinda like Cola here, you know, co Cola here. I was going to get to planet fitness and right now if you Google Joplin gyms, I don’t, if you see the Z, this is total domination. This is absolutely unbelievable. You got up three, three, 3,574 if we’re, if we’re, if we’re keeping score, say it was a game, the score would be 3,574 to 245. That’s a big number of doctors that Kula has 3,574 reviews versus planet with two 45. But more importantly because of how the algorithm works, look at the videos, see, do you see the videos in the search sexy?

Speaker 6: And then look at the website and then look at the website. I mean, you guys have in the first 10 searches, I count one, two, three, four, five, six Cola, fitness the appearances in the search results that aren’t paid for. That’s powerful. And I remember, I remember talking to you, I remember meeting you for the first time and going on because I couldn’t work with you kind of. So I was working with another gym and I had to kind of wrap up a relationship before I could work with you. And I really wanted to work with you because we have similar values. And I knew our wives would get along. There’s so much there. But I remember telling my wife, I said, this guy, this guy, I gotta get out of it. Cause I, I’d been in a relationship working with the gym for like a decade and I’m like, I got to get out of this relationship here.

Speaker 6: That’s going nowhere to get into a good relationship. Cause this guy’s going somewhere. He and his wife are awesome people, but we had that conversation. I think we went out to dinner one time and here we are, 3,570 put out. This is, this is incredible. You talk about the value of this, the value everybody reads reviews, everybody uses Google. You guys are growing. So I mean, Charles talk about the growth you guys are having. Your team is diligently getting those reviews and video reviews. You can’t fake video reviews. That’s hot sauce. I mean, Oh yeah. Charles talked to us about the success your, your team is rocking.

Speaker 7: Well you have, you have been huge for us on helping up, set up new systems and checklists and workflows and making sure that we instate those systems into our company. Through the thrive business conferences and through all the different systems that you guys have been helping us with for the last two and a half years. It’s been a game changer. [inaudible] Internet domination far as in making sure our staffing has a great culture, systems, checklists, workflows, all this stuff. Audits are better. It’s a lot of it’s you, I mean you’ve been very helpful but I’ve been the diligent doers.

Speaker 6: You’ve been doing it but, but when, number two though that you’ve been doing this is incredible. You and your wife have gotten together and you now have a scorecard. I have mine, I’m going to pass this to dr Z so he can see the scorecard. I’m sorry, I made it super small font, but all the clients who make up the scorecard where that’s what the numbers for elephant in the room and you see towards the bottom middle how many members we have today Z and you see all the conversion percentages and you now are running your gym off the metrics man. Oh yeah, this is awesome. The mind free. Absolutely. The mind freedom.

Speaker 7: And I was, I mean I get very nervous when you have a multibillion dollar company with 1800 locations competing against you trying to, you know, and so for me I’m like, Hey I don’t want to mess with you. I want to stay out of those markets. I don’t want to compete with you. But when they come to me I have to use you get forced to, you have to do the best thing that you can. And you have helped us a ton. And what I do know is that we are very, very diligent, very intelligent, intentional. We have to work harder than they do for, for some of those results. But we have dominated his diligence is just hard and we are very, very diligent and we put a lot of time into it.

Speaker 6: And the third victory is you’re doing that group interview. Oh yeah. And you have a great team of people. Absolutely. Talk to me about, talk to me about the group interview.

Speaker 7: The group interview is we, every week we post times, Oh we actually every week at every location we have an interview done and they all get a post posted online and post all our different job sites and we have a set time. They show up, there’s about 15 that make it in the door and the rest of them we turn away and the top 15 that make it in the door on time. We basically tell him about our mission, vision or values and they ask some questions and make sure that core value fit in. Generally see with within about 1520 minutes of just asking a few questions and they get to ask you a few questions that we actually script out. Yep. And you can kind of see who’s the top one or two. Within about 15 minutes, pretty much know which ones are the top two.

Speaker 7: And then we had them job shadow us and they get to see if we’re a good fit for them. We say at the end of the end of the interview say, Hey Billy and Susan, you guys had some great questions, rest, you guys can go. And that Billy and Susan say, Hey, we’d really like you have some great questions. When’s the next time you guys could come in and shadow? And we just have, we have them literally shadow like the next day and they get to see exactly what we do. They get to see if the, if the company’s a good fit for them, if the, if the systems that we follow are a good fit for them. So they clearly know they get to kind of hire us and try us out and they get to fire us if they don’t like us right up front before we even hire them. And so there are good core value fit. Right off the start, almost all of our staff love their job. They match our mission, vision, values. And most of them, most of them all. Of course our systems are also simple to follow. What you’ve kind of helped us with task lists and to quantify and all of that, that they get trained up in about three days. They’re doing a performance. We get a feedback from the direct supervisor every day. It’s great. It’s wonderful. So it’s just that tight systems make a game changer for your cup.

Speaker 6: But everybody out there, if you’re listening, you can do this stuff. I’m telling you, you can do this and that is a reason to celebrate right to that. Does that mean,

Speaker 8: That’s awesome. Oh yeah, I can’t, I, you know what I’m going to call, I’ve got it. I got to do it. I got through. I can penalty flag.

Speaker 5: Oh, penalty flag. Okay. I don’t know who he’s trying to kid, but they, they bring him in, they March him and he tries to see who could lift the most weight and that’s who they hire. I know, I know his move. I know what he does. This core stuff is valued. This, he just, they just want that and makes you and probably doesn’t, you know, Pudsey weight per pound, you know, that way you gotta kind of, you know, if a kid weighs a hundred pounds lift so much, I mean, you know, that’s all he does come. That’s all it is. Now it’s all at a bunch of jacked guys. I mean, that’s it. Jack girl named Jack that or Jack

Speaker 6: Notable quotable number three. Here it is a mental toughness. Mental toughness is doing the right thing for the team when it’s not the best thing for you, bill. But bill Belichick, coach bill Belichick says, mental toughness is doing the right thing for the team when it’s not the best thing for you. I have seen you do this all the time, specifically in the area of delayed gratification. There’s just not a whole lot of people that we know that own a bank. That’s, I thought we can do is we could have the camera kind of turned to you for a second and you can turn all the banks. They know if you, if you, if you can stop, stop, stop it now. You stop you, you will. And this is, it’s like a, it’s like an endorsement. If you could say, just pointed the camera, you know, and just let them know I’m dr Zellner and I own part of a bank with a thumb up real quick cause that’s, that’s, that’s I’m dr zoner and I owned part of a bank. There it is. Okay. So you though worked for seven days a week for a long time and you delayed gratification to get into that conversation and you did it for years, man, seven days a week. Can you talk about the mental toughness and doing what was right for the Zellner empire and living below your means when you wanted to, part of you wanted to go buy that thing. You didn’t need talk about it.

Speaker 5: Oh, I did. I wanted to buy several things. I did not need, but you’re, the good thing about it is, is that you wouldn’t, whenever you just kind of put it on autopilot and you kind of forget about it and you don’t spend a lot of your mental, you know, brain waves on thinking about those things, you just, you just, you just do your job, you go to work and you live below your means. And next thing you know, you look in your bank account and guess what? Chicken button you’ve got to try. You can buy a lot of chicken but

Speaker 6: So you can buy, you can buy and you can buy a whole chicken.

Speaker 4: I don’t know how many times

Speaker 5: In my life and other people’s, if you’re listening right now to this, you can, you maybe say, Oh, that happened to me too, where you get this wonderful opportunity and yet you don’t have a war chest. You don’t have the money to do it. You’re thinking, Oh man, that’s such a good, somebody there,

Speaker 6: Mike right now, right now, right now might want to buy a porpoise. They might be motivated by an earlier conversation, but they might, is doing a mating colony cue up the audio. But this is what land an Argentinian land porpoise sounds like when doing the mainland land porpoise,

Speaker 4: That would be a lad Boardman.

Speaker 6: Back to it. This is, this is, this is false audio. See, this is, people want people wanted to hear the lady call the portrait.

Speaker 5: You know, the, the, the, you know, the good spot about that. That kind of was the trigger to kind of give you the heads up. It says land porpoise.

Speaker 6: Well, let me give us a call of a koala. Somebody other white one to buy a koala right now. You know, that’s, yeah. Can you hear that? Hey, hurry up. Get over here. They’ve been in the mood, but they haven’t been saving their money. They’re so slow to get over. They’re like, nah, I’m sorry. It’s past. I mean, you know, I love these koalas. These are beautiful animals. I am. Look at this and somebody out there might be,

Speaker 4: I want to buy a koala right now, but they can’t.

Speaker 6: There you want to, you want to buy a PO, a koala that’s in mating season. So you could have two quallers dose, but you can’t afford it because you can’t stop Barnes to Starbuck. Have you been,

Speaker 5: Have you been watching the discovery channel again? Cause this sounds like you’ve watched an episode or two or did you get back some old copies of national geographic had been coming through them? I mean, what’s, what’s going on here?

Speaker 6: I don’t know. I just, for some reason I’m just really right now froggy today. I have a question for him. If I were to buy a Lama, what do you know about llamas? I’ve been contemplating getting a llama or an alpaca or something. What do you know about these animals? See about llamas or alpacas

Speaker 5: OrL or L pack is a there, there.

Speaker 6: Do you know someone who can draw what out? I do know. Do you know someone who owns one? Did they spit? Which wasn’t,

Speaker 1: I mean I, I’m kind of, I’m kind of out on animals that are going to possibly let me queue up. This is a Lama. I mean, I draw the line somewhere. Clay gonna. Look at the Lama. I’m seriously, I want to get one to beautiful animal. Beautiful. Now, what’s the difference between a llama and an alpaca alpaca? What was it? What was, the spelling is a little bit different. That was a craze there a few years ago. It was, you had to get ostriches and alpacas and the meat was supposed to be so good and the for were. They knew they were the new shoe.

Speaker 7: They were the new shape, right?

Speaker 1: This is an alpaca. Look at them. They’re beautiful guy. How much does it cost to buy an alpaca? Somebody out there is saying, I want to buy an alpaca, but I can’t do it now because I’ve not been living below my means. There you go. Isn’t buying alpaca? Even if it was a great deal, see, you’re going paycheck to paycheck. You can’t, you know the average human has what? $400? I mean the average you at United States, according according to all those articles, you can find it. Forbes, the average American has less than $400 saved. That’s crazy. And another example of, of jackass or in America right now, today is a, you have 96% of small businesses fail within 10 years. And one of the top reasons why they fail is they run out of money is that you see people have a startup and they’re going on vacation all the time.

Speaker 1: You have, they’re not working the hours they want to. They want, you know, they want to start it and not work it they want to pull a bunch of money out of it cause it has to make their house payments or car payments or insurance payments. Can you find out how much of an alpaca costs to buy? I know I found here, I think that I’m like, this is the medium price for a herd sire. Quality male alpaca would likely be in the range of $5,000. Oh that’s a good deal. And very, very good quality mail. Well you don’t want to, you don’t want to be, have like quality ones 15,000. No, I want the one that’s a little bit off. Just your, your life, your alpaca, the sharp out packet. No get the one that talks like a human that Cambridge spit straight. I guess as soon as you get an off brand alpaca for five grand or that quality, how much is a Lama?

Speaker 1: You might come up, you know, hard decisions are made for you. This is one of my core beliefs, you know, and well a Lama, here we go. The past high quality alpacas cost 20,000 to 50,000 high quality Lama is a fraction of the price. The elite end of the llamas price ranges varies, but a small percent of llamas can fall between 5,000 and 20,000 nice quality Lamas though can still be found in the 1500 to $5,000 range. There you go. So moral of the story is if you will live below your means, you took it by a llama or an alpaca. Charles, do you have any strong opinions about this delay gratification thing because you guys do. I do.

Speaker 7: I think for me, I’ve learned for myself, I would say the core value of loving to see your bacon fat count grow more than spending on things. So I’ll look at things and say, do I want that car more than I want that, that state’s $50,000, I want that $50,000 in my bank account, or do I want it in a car that’s depreciating? And when I sit there and think about, I still want the 50,000 in my account. So for me, I value money in an account more than I do some material possessions. So I think the core value to save, just wanting to save, and if I don’t see us bank balance growing every month, I’m pissed for some reason. I just don’t know why. But that’s, I think the one thing for me, like I’ll say to the teams, like, dude, this month sucks. We lost 25 grand. We maybe we had major payments on some sort of thing or some sort of deal made a deposit on some sort of project. But still, I’d just like to see accounts grow. So that’s just one of my [inaudible].

Speaker 6: Thanks. You know Jim Roan, the bestselling author who couldn’t be here today, is he because he’s no longer alive. Oh, that’s a likely cause by the way, the one of his peers though, John Maxwell just emailed us today to be on the show. Well for part two, which just happened today. I just have it and we, we just interviewed the guy who wrote the the, the the cha-cha slide. Oh yeah. DJ Casper just interviewed him. And I’m working on Toni Braxton getting her on the show. Her, the lady who does her eyelashes is a friend of ours and we’re working on it. But Tim Rhodes, we did, we did her interview. Yeah, we’re going to Toni Braxton on the show. Yeah. That was who I was gonna marry in high school. That was my plan. I really thought about that. It didn’t work out, but I’m glad it didn’t cause my wife’s, I think I, you know, incredible person.

Speaker 6: But that was my plan in high school was to marry Toni Braxton. Oh, really? You, all of her songs were about breakups and I’m like, Tony, it’s not going to work out. Don’t worry about the relationship cannot be healed. Just wait. Just write me another song. Here we go. Now, Jim Rowan says, if you do not develop the habit of saving, the seeds of greatness are not within you. If you do not develop the habit of savings, the seeds of greatness are not within you. Now, this room we’re in now, see how many square feet do you think that this room is here? And maybe Kendall can kind of pan and Shahab. How big is this room? What did he think? How many feet? I would say it’s probably, well, let’s look at the tiles here. Okay. She’s counting feet. And then you’ve got 20 feet over here and you’re here.

Speaker 6: I would say 1100 square feet. Now Charles you started, you and your wife started a colo fitness from your home in Bartlesville, which I believe you purchased for $115,000. Does that, and how big was that home? How many square feet? 2000 square feet. And a, your wife was a hairstylist, had her own business and you were a personal trainer, had your own business that you both were self employed. Am I correct? Yes sir. And what time did you see your first client when you started your business? We would start as early as four or five in the morning. And then you would work until, what time every day? A 10 o’clock appointment. So you’d go from four to 10 every day for it.

Speaker 7: Sometimes the 10 o’clock appointment, Rhonda, of course 11. But I tried to scale that back, but I would take anything from about four, six days a week appointment it, well I did at first, but I put it into Monday through Friday after that.

Speaker 6: What how much money could you on an on during a month between you and your wife in the house? Just you too. Seeing people like that no breaks, by the way. I know when your clients wouldn’t show up, that’s probably when you ate food. But talk to me about how, how did you kind of do revenue? Could you generate just in that house? We could a bad month, I could do 20 good ones to 30,000 in revenue and my house at your house. And there’s some people out there that say, I can’t start a business out of my house. I, I don’t, I, I can’t have a college degree baby. So talk to me about that. Where you were used zoned. Could you do that? Were you just doing it? Guess we were just insane. We, yeah, we just grinded. Yeah. Yeah. I loved it. I love what I did and I love meeting with clients. That’s why we like coach. I love coaching people, loving on people. Steve jobsZ , this just in didn’t get a zoning permit before starting Apple out of his garage. The Hewlett Packard guys starting Amazon, probably Jeff Bezos, but Jeff Bezos, his parents and Jeff Bezos put all of their money into it. People don’t know this. Jeff Bezos, his parents put in their $300,000 life savings into the founding of Amazon. And Jeff put all of his money.

Speaker 5: Yeah, they’ve got a second on their home, I think. Right. It’s unbelievable how the equity of the house and it’s beautiful. And they went, they doubled out. But they’re happy now.

Speaker 6: I’m a fun fact for you. I’m in the boom book. I write about this fact, but the people put in one, they put in 50,000 for 1% but they didn’t declare a profit for 11 years. They didn’t see any return. So some people wanted just to get their 50 grand back. But if they had kept their money in Amazon and today’s money, each one of them, and again, I’ll come back to it here in a little while. I’ll have, I’ll pull up the fact here, but it’s it would have been worth billions. And I’ll, I’ll get to the fact here in just a minute about that. But let’s move on. Do notable quotable number four from bill Belichick, the coach of the new England Patriots. He says, talent sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling. Dr Z, what does it mean the talent sets the floor and character sets the ceiling?

Speaker 5: Well, I mean, you’re, you’re so fast. You know, that’s your, that’s your physical ability that you’re going to be able to run and say a four or five or four, six or you know, you’re, you’re pretty quick. You probably went for three or four, well, four to eight, you know, before too seriously, these guys are fast and it fell. But the Patriots right now, they have undrafted players, right? So that’s, that’s their floor. In other words, they can be fast. But what do they do with that? How do they build on that? How do they use that? That’s where the more of their character, in other words, are they going to practice? Are they going to Oregon? They’re going to listen. Are they going to learn the playbook? Are they going to listen to their coaches? Are they going to run the right routes?

Speaker 5: Are they going to do what they need to do? And that’s that character of doing the things you’re supposed to be doing. Even though you have the talent over here and you see a lot of teams that’ll, that’ll draft a guy with a lot of talent with no character. And guess what, they’re out of the NFL or out of whatever league that they got drafted into and just, you know, I mean the average what, three years anyway, but they’re not in there very long. They don’t even make the team. I mean how many, what they call them, you know, draft bust, right, right. Got all this talent which is their floor but no character. So they don’t, they don’t know how to develop it. They’re going to turn that talent into being a team mate that can help you win the game.

Speaker 6: Charles, talk to me about this. Talent sets the floor, you know, it characters, the ceiling and bill Belicheck is saying here again this idea that talent sets the floor, but character sets to ceiling. When you’re looking to hire people do you look for the most talented guy or the person who has the strongest character? What do you look for?

Speaker 7: I definitely look for, you know, a core value fit. And then I do look for character cause generally the, like you’ve even said in your business conferences, you know, you hire for attitude over skill because somebody with a great attitude every day consistently beat somebody with a lot of skill, with a bad attitude who goes disgruntle or has alternate motives or isn’t like a high character loyal a team player. And you, you’ve been really big on that and I have definitely protect that in practice within our hiring. And so yeah, it’s big. It’s huge. So we’ve definitely applied that and it’s helped.

Speaker 6: See, look at this. Play real quick here. I want you to describe this play. Yeah, this is a on the Patriots here. This is the Patriots versus the Cowboys. Tom Brady’s going to throw the ball to a receiver on his team, Jacoby Meyers who’s an undrafted guy and just watch, look at them. Look at the hustle of this homeboy. He catches the past, watch him and here he goes. Here he goes, look at this, look at this. Look at the look. Just he just Z he just wants it. I mean undrafted guy, you get the feeling like he’s running like he has no other backup plan

Speaker 5: And that’s why he’s successful. There it is. Yeah. When you’re, if you have a plan B, you’re usually your plan a doesn’t work out. So no plan. Burn the boats, burn the boats, no plan B and like he did right there. Run like still something. I mean that was impressive. And the thing about it is he’s not the fastest guy on the field. He can’t jump the farthest. I mean, I’m telling you right now, you just see how when he caught it, he wasn’t the lightning speed. Right? Right. And yet you go, how many guys that aren’t the NFL have more talent than him, but he’s got character and he’s, he’s doing what he needs to do to make the team.

Speaker 6: Now, fun factoid here. This Justin, I promised I would read the fun factoid to you. This from my boom book. You can download this for free. By the way, if you go to thrive time, forward slash free dash resources, you can download an ebook version of all of my books for free. Now, this just in here according to [inaudible], according to Jeff Bezos, he gave great deals to the first 20 outside investors who put in an average of 50,000 a piece for a stake of just under 1% of the business. If those investors fund investors had chosen to hold onto their stakes, they would have been worth three point $5 billion a piece today, which would produce a return of 70,000 times. Oh, ouch. Oh, so again, delayed gratification. We’re talking about FedEx didn’t make a profit for over a decade. Amazon over a decade. Tesla didn’t make a profit for a decade.

Speaker 6: ESPN over a decade, Henry Ford lost it all five times. Walt Disney lost it all twice. Z talked to me about that. Martin did what three times now, Sam Walton story is a little crazy because Sam started the business and it did well. Okay is the first time. So he goes to renew the lease and the landlord says, Hey, in your lease, there’s a clause that States that I don’t have to renew it and that I own all the fixtures and the contents that you’ve put into it. And so I’m going to keep it as it is. I’m going to let it run as it is, but my son now will be in charge of it. And you no longer have a job. Thank you for paying your lien. Thank you. Thank you. That happened. So he to go find print, you better read it. So he had to go back to his wife Helen, who her dad lived in Claremore.

Speaker 6: She’s from Claremore, Oklahoma. And he went to Helen and said, Helen I couldn’t ask bad news. I mean the business that took us forever to build. We’ve lost it all. Now I need to go back to your dad and ask him for his, for some money. And his dad says, Oh, okay, so you gotta read the least though. Yep, please, please. So he has to start again. And during that time, it’s all of the brand equity. He had built was and now in with the other owner. And so he had to start over again. And so he had a lot of these like start and then go back to zero moments and it was like some like seven or eight years of this wilderness. And then his buddy and his brother and who’s as good friend bud, bud, bud said, please just let me handle the finances cause they weren’t partners yet.

Speaker 6: He says, you handle the phone, I’ll handle the finances and you go do what you do and we’ll be fine, but just, just stop doing the same thing. So he put button charge and they did great. They did great. But I mean he w does. If he would have stopped those first five, six, seven years, it wouldn’t have happened. Wouldn’t have happened if Walmart’s doing okay. This just in Walmart is jelling Kay, coach bill Belichick quote number five. We’ll continue to work hard to do a better job in every area going forward. He says, I don’t know where those little things will come, but we’ll continue to be diligent on them again. He’s asked, you know, Hey, you want a game? What are you going to do now? Are you going to Disney world? You know, when he says we’ll continue to work hard to get to do a better job in every area going forward.

Speaker 6: I see. He has this thing where he’s always getting better, you know, and I think about phrasing and I think about Regent bank and I think about you guys, it was bank of no water. Right? Right. And you, you guys were bank. How many of you homeys went in and bought this thing together? You bought 10% of it, right? You bought 10% of that roughly. There was probably, I don’t know, 15 to 20 of us, but none of you are owners. You just own part of the thing. It’s let’s, let’s, let’s be honest. It’s just not that impressive. Just don’t part of it. You guys don’t own a bag. Did you, did you ever write that a Regent bank? Did he song that you were going to do that? You did you that you were working on a song for Regent bank? Oh yeah, I did.

Speaker 6: Wait, let me queue it up. Did you ever get that on the topic? I want to share. I want first off, a lot of people may hear this song, they’re going to go, this sounds familiar. That’s the key to it. A good name. [inaudible] We call it elephant in the room and we named the business elephant in the room because Z, it’s like you, it feels familiar cause you know the phrase, you know your logos. A Z like Zorro. It feels familiar because it is, it is familiar to us. That’s the key to a good song title. A good movie, you know? And so you and I sat down together for several, I believe it was several minutes. We sat down together and words were spoken. Yes. You had a lot of words. You had a glass of lack of Uhland I believe so. Can you explain what lack of hula is?

Speaker 6: So we know the listeners know it’s a man drink. Okay. But it’s a single malt scotch. You were, you were sufficiently motivated and lubricated mentally. You were free from? I was in the zone, let’s just call it what it is, kid, if you can get a close up here, this, this poster here of dr Robert Zellner there. We gave this to him as a birthday gift. You can see him right there on the Braveheart poster there and it says, you know, you can write part what you’re talking about. You mean my lack of Uhland posts they may take, they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our lack of who I loved. So anyways, so we worked on this and this is what I came up with. I went into the, into the lab with a pen and a pad and I said, I need a cow bell. Yes. And then you always have to, well I went in there for like several hours. I got nothing. I got nothing but I, but then I forgot where’s my cow? But I grabbed my cow bell and inspiration and I worked for a couple more hours. And then I’m like, I mean I had an inspiration, I had nothing, nothing. And then I’m like, I need to stick to hit the cow bell. And some of you might be saying this is a funny store. No, this is serious. This is dark story. It’s a dark, it takes [inaudible]

Speaker 1: Twist. And so, you know, this is the first time we performed it. Yeah. Live there. We’re just glad we got the stage.

Speaker 6: Let me queue it up here. Let me get to, here we go.

Speaker 1: Reach a bank. Yeah, we were riding, we dad, it’s [inaudible] Jen Bay region Bay. It didn’t happen. I’ll try frog. Your banking needs free suckers. [inaudible] Bank, Regent bank. And I didn’t even get your toaster.

Speaker 6: And then Sean, Sean came in and Sean says, are you going? What are you guys doing here? And we’re going, we’re, we’re making a theme song. And he says,

Speaker 1: Sounds familiar guys. It’s on, it seems like it’s from us. And where are you guys wearing? Purple. Why are you guys wearing purple? Why? Just because it felt right. And why are you wearing a blousey? It’s a, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a pirate. It was a [inaudible] sequence. It’s a pirate shirt with, it’s a puffy pirate shirt. And I said, Sean, I want to see you. [inaudible]

Speaker 7: And it just, you know, and that’s what happened. That’s what happened. And then there it is. You see true inspiration can hit you anytime. It could. Charles, you let that be a lesson to you and whenever you don’t feel it, just pick up a cow bell. Oh yeah. That’s the tech cowboy move. Oh my God, you’re welcome. By the way, have I ever, ever played my Globo gym song for you, dr Z? A lot of OGM I ever played it for you. Is that, is that a thing? If I ever dare devotee might play this for you. I don’t think. I don’t know that I’ve heard it. You have heard it? I’ve heard it. Oh my gosh, I’ll, I’ll see if I can find it. Cause it was a thing where I spent way too much time on it and when it, when I finished it, I knew that I had, I knew, I knew that I had a hot hot crowd.

Speaker 7: Yeah. But yeah, the problem, yeah. This is a, I think this is it. He’ll be cued up. It was a truly remarkable thing when I finished it. I can hardly wait. Oh my gosh. I mean, seriously. I can hardly wait. Let me see if this is it. I mean, I’m still waiting and I can hardly move on, but I’ll, I’ll, I’ll find it. I’ll, I’ll find it. I played this in like a decade. Oh, here we go. So I liked that porpoise. It just teases all the other ones getting better and every week at colo fit. So why can’t you ever be done? Well, you’re never really done because as, as you go along, you start to see that like far as in your different checklists and each person has these different tasks that they have that you see that when you do management meetings or feedback from those, they’ll say like, well, we’re not really using this or this isn’t really getting done.

Speaker 7: So you always adapt, kind of innovate and kind of recreate each one of those systems and checklists and so on. So you never really done. And so as you get feedback, you’ll, you’ll get feedback. You’ll see in a how actually like a lot of the staff don’t actually follow the things exactly like they’re supposed to. And you’ll find out that that’s not a marker or like let’s say about KPI sheets, the key performance indicators that we get on every location. We’re tracking a lot of stuff, which is great, but say like 30% of it we don’t ever really talk about. So then it’s just kind of the limiting factor for growth and things like that you could be doing with that time. So certain things on our KPI sheet, we continue to adapt as you go along. It’s not really relevant. It is great.

Speaker 7: It’s so some trailing indicators for some other things, but you can always go back and deep dive. But some things aren’t the most important things to be tried. Your new store layouts are beautiful and they get better every time you and your wife works so hard at that. I’m sure it’s 99% her 10% you, I’m sure a lot of times you’re not even in these meetings. I’m sure you have no involvement, but seriously, it looks great in there and you’re rolling out new gyms and each time they get a little bit better. Yep. And you could say now we’re done. Like for example, like we have eight different private bathroom shower rooms in art speak a location and it’s still, it is a limiting factor when you’ve got tens of thousands of members coming through. That right now is one of our limiting factors for sales is because in the parking lot like we just closed a deal because our parking lot is completely crammed with 30 or 40 cars went down the street on high times and so we partnered with the adjacent land owner on building [inaudible]. That’s regionally in these new locations. I, I have

Speaker 1: To have about 250 stalls or else we’re not going to. So you, you did a deal to expand your parking? Yeah, we did. Is cheaper than buying the land on you are in a deal right now you’re explaining. Sorry. I know it was in the tip because location, I tied up that shower for a long time. I just, I just want to right now publicly tell you I’m sorry. Okay. That guy that was calling me out, you calling me out. You, you knew it was me. I’m sure. Cause your, the camera’s everywhere. That guy. So I, I was that guy. Okay. You caught me actually in there. Locks the door and closes. Let’s go so much back story Z, you’re, you’re right. Now you’re investing in your auto auction to make it bigger. You’re buying some land, find some adjacent land and it’s just when you pour concrete, it’s not free.

Speaker 1: It’s not. And so one way that you’ve been able to afford it is you moved into a car and you have a gym membership at off I tell him I found the song and Charles, feel free to take this song. Okay. And use it as your theme song if you want. No understand. You have to ask yourself what kind of man would spend North of 40 hours on one particular song? Oh, that is me. So here, I’ll cue it up here. So you get ready. Sure. Yo, this song goes out to all the Globo gym members world. Why show your pride. Purple cobras. Hey. Hey. D McKenna, Kevin Cody, Jay Hobe, Chuck Norris Falk. Hey, Hey. No membership fees here. He’s got no shake. High protein, no morphine.

Speaker 4: It’s effect. Jim, obviously. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. [inaudible] Yo dude friends and I will pray my two friends, both these first Romans on this side. Okay

Speaker 1: Gentlemen, welcome to like a rock. A whistle. Greatness happens to an eight number. Rob, where are we in the hall? In cock. And it’s about time. So I hope you have a lot. It’s about tap to get ripped and do the bench protein and most esteemed morphine for me. Whatever he might trigger, the robot will make good games. When we do push ups, he pushed the earth down. We read the books and half of them were just fooling around. No church, no services top on us. But how are we supposed to pine church big. You know it’s true. We kick us. What’s a mega bumpy like a one, a bartender. We hit us or the wall. What’s Norco nipples in? Three cars off. But it’s all worth it because we’re hitting hello

Speaker 4: About those codes. Damn man. Yo dude Cola,

Speaker 1: The GM of Scott that are Romo Muskegon sweat. They don’t put you in a coma. He said, I don’t see nothing wrong with them. They don’t pull the ground. We can split spiders up. Take the camera, run the Cobia. Is it the parvo cobras? You’re going to get smoked [inaudible] stolen, but number one in honey bunches of votes, a hundred custom for Lexus. Reputated isn’t roasts going to get the protein stuff? The car backing gonna blow up like a bomb homie Yemen machine probably. You have to get all new shirt sizes. The shirts I got now won’t fit my biceps anyway. You submitted it be bigger than you. Pull the trigger on the gun. Boom, boom, boom. Gov yo G Y GYN. You don’t even know what you’re missing. All you gotta do is sign to Julie [inaudible] insane build muscle like ruin it. Did they complain on me? Check on six techs. Second one track and maybe younger. The weight rack bullshit shot like a city on a Hill like no preservatives. [inaudible] On every meal with the Bulletproof products on to steal fitness stuff. Brand new heifers, muscle milk. What would you piece in a lot of that at all? He got muscles. All right ladies day. Love a bag. If I’m always just put them aside. Don’t get buffeted. Lost 15 pounds in the first six minutes. Little clocks on the wall. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: I’m not hearing a PT. You wouldn’t lay down baby. Pull up in the drive. Knock on the garage door. One grant to factory rep for [inaudible] protein shakes you and metal for gift. You wash it off and when it’s super set, it’s going to be where we kicked the osteopaths. Bigger like a like a beam trap curve like for noodle. Yo, big shout out to ed Guthman. What’s the plants over the Globo gym workout equipment. Big shout out to Josh Guthmann supplying the global Gibb official purple Cobra tee shirt. Big shout out to anybody out there who got Sinatra. My shit will be in two weeks. Two islands. I’m sorry. I guess we were just too small, right? Erbacher to smile. Kimbo slice to smile. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: Look, it’s Globo gym. We’ve got standards here. We just cannot let anybody into the global GM. We, I’m not the Cincinnati Bengals, we are not universal healthcare. We will deny almost anybody for preexisting conditions. It’s the global all the way to get him physically. That’s your next business. That’s where it’s from. Gee, I know Cobra get purple cobras. There is a, when was that written? Oh I did that in 2009 so this is exactly 10 years ago. Oh yeah. Beautiful. It’s a gift. I can you put that on that start here button on our website. Oh my God. Oh, gym music, music, video to go with it. Alright, so notable, quotable, global. Did you send that in bid still? No, I just worked on it and I couldn’t stop. I just kept working on it and working on it. And then I was like, had a buddy of mine. I’m

Speaker 6: Like Roman. Cause he used to be more employees come over here and do a verse and he’s like, what? And so I had Roman do it and then it just kept happening and then just kept happening. Just like come upstairs. Stop. But that’s his voice right there. Rapping, right? Oh yeah. And the Jared hugs on there. And Cody, the whole bunch of us. It was just great. This is what you do. It’s a, it’s a montage of excellence. It was really what it is. Now, a notable quotable number six, coach bill Belichick for a team to accomplish their goal. Everybody’s got to give up a little bit of their individuality. Dr Z, for a team to accomplish their goal. Everybody’s got to give up a little bit of their individuality. I see this a lot in businesses where every [inaudible] there’s like an owner and he wants to get everybody’s consensus on the playlist overhead, the overhead music. Yes. He wants to get everyone’s consensus on the logo color. Oh yeah. He wants to get everyone’s consensus on the location of the new facility and Z. When you try to seek a democracy kind of business as opposed to a benevolent dictatorship, what happened?

Speaker 5: You, what happens is, is that the kids are then running the house. You know you see this a lot of times with, with some business owners that they, they look at the employees as valued teammates, but then they all show for some reason think that just because they pay them a salary you an hourly rate, if you will, that their opinion on the way you run your business all of a sudden matters. Oh, that’s that hurt again. That was kind of tongue. It’s tongue since time. I’ll wake you up in the morning. I mean that’s a poof. Where’d that come from? Well, when they have an employee for some reason

Speaker 9: Did they say to themselves self, since Billy works for me now and he’s, he’s been a fine employee for 32 days, I am going to go and take my business in the direction that Billy thinks I should. And the reason why is because I just want Billy to feel like he’s part of the team. I want Billy to know the guy’s input that I value not only in a trusted employee, but just on a great American Philly.

Speaker 6: And so what happens is when you tell people this, when you sit down and you coach a business owner and you say business owner, the members of your team are going to have to give up a little bit of their individuality. The other individuality, I like to use the Patriots as an example, but there’s a guy on the Patriots who’s injured this year, but he’s a fine player. His name is James Devlin. He’s all pro. There’s another guy that’s fine, member of the team called, his name is Julian Edelman. Oh yeah. And these two guys were recruited by the Patriots, drafted by the Patriots, and they were asked once, once they joined the Patriots to switch positions. They were like, Hey, Julian Edelman jewels. I know you’re a quarterback and that’s exciting. You were a quarterback at Kent state, did a very good job, a quarterback at the college division one level moving forward.

Speaker 6: You’re not gonna ever throw the ball. Nope. You’re going to be a receiver. You’re going to kick the rock. Jacoby Meyers. The guy you just watched catch that pass a minute ago. I know you were a quarterback in college, but we’re going to go ahead and do the switch. You’re going to be a receiver seabed and some guys can’t handle it. They go, no, Nope, Nope, Nope, no. I’m throwing the Rahway spin up quarterback. I can’t. But Devlin’s like, Hey, I’m honored to be on the team that you would even ask me. So yeah, what do you want me to do? Sure. And when you can give up your individual, when you could do that, then you can win because the game versus the Cowboys last night our linebacker could, because remember our, our star, our starting fullback, James Devlin is hurt, his backup is hurt. So they have a linebacker playing fullback last night, number of things.

Speaker 6: Number 51 and most NFL teams you’ll never see that you will not see. You will not going to see people switch positions like that. Cause there’s all that entitlement going on. You know it. It is. And it’s a shame because if people would just set aside their pride because that’s usually what it is. That’s tough. It’s tough. That’s tough. Set that aside and do what’s best for the team. Love it. Then as the team wins, I mean, they win. I mean, you went in life, that’s what you have to do. And so you have a great example. Whenever your employees at elephant the room coming to to say, Hey, can we put this particular song on the playlist? You’re like, no, no, no. I gotta put, you know, highway to hell on, on my over whatever, wherever the song, well, let me, let me, let me play a sample. Oh no, don’t have a song.

Speaker 6: Don’t let me just give you a song that was recently requested. And I think that people out there when Mike might know why I wouldn’t play this, but Amber, you, you cut hair for a long time and now you’re the owner of a business, but you just as a, as a female stylist, I’d like to get your take on this because now you’re an owner, but you were once a female stylist. Let’s see if we can get the mic there to nice level for you. Did you ever cut men’s hair or was it all female? Yeah, lots of men. And do men ever say weird stuff? Yes. Is it out of a hundred men? Is it one out of a hundred, one out of a thousand or what? What presented to the guys ask for something weird? They say something weird. They’re hitting on you where you get the feeling like what is your deal? How often is that? Probably I want to get me honest. Honestly. Her husband’s right next to her. Be careful. [inaudible] Because this is a big thing. I mean this is a what, what do you think? Is it?

Speaker 10: Mmm,

Speaker 6: I would say it’s pretty high. More than 5%. Almost 60% of men.

Speaker 10: [Inaudible]

Speaker 6: For what I would classify

Speaker 1: As a probably a fishing. He’s fishing. Yeah. He’s trying to make a comment to see if you bite at all. Got it. And then that one little comment leads. So as an example, we had a guy a few years back who’d made this comment, was interesting. One of our employees, she’s cutting hair and she has a ring on her finger and he says, how tight is that ring? And she says, Oh, it’s, it’s, you know, pretty tight. He goes, you. So I’ve had it since we got married, never taken it off. And he’s like, do you think you could take it off? And she was like, Oh, I haven’t tried. And he’s like, well, I’d like to try. And she just keeps doing this. And she’s like, I’m sir, I’m married, I appreciate you. And he’s like, Oh, I know, but, but that doesn’t keep us from, for me from trying.

Speaker 1: Right. You know? And he just keeps doing this. Well, eventually he’s asking for crazy stuff. So one of our stylists asked for this song to go on the playlist. This is about three months ago. You tell me why I can’t do this. This is red light special by TLC. I don’t know. Nope. See, can you let me just give some the lyrics. You tell me why I can’t play this. The playlists probably you can play it private for a group of four presses that are, can I play this kind of song in the shampoo room? You know we have a strict rule that says there’s no sex in the sham and the shampoo room. What does this, that’s a sense of role. Just no fun. I know it’s a top hole. Well then don’t play that song cause that’s gonna. If you play that, you get the mood going, you take something out, you don’t play that mood.

Speaker 1: But I mean there’s certain things you can’t do certain but there’s like dark heavy music. There’s negative. But if I wanted to reach consensus, you can make everybody happy. The new one would be happy. This is true. And that’s why as the boss you’ve got it. You’ve got to say this is the direction we’re going. Yep. You know how many people out there you go into a business that have that suggestion box. Have you ever seen, Oh yeah, I’ve seen a little slit. It’s always got a lock on it. My people are going to get in there. Steal your suggestions. Right. I mean it’s like ridiculous. Anyway. How many of those do you think people actually look at? I know that when

Speaker 6: I used to have a suggestion box, cause I went to too many leadership seminars, they used to have one for new business and there’s, there’s a, there’s a place in a space and there’s certain people who have earned the right to criticize and I want team feedback from those kinds of people. Sure. But one person on our team, we were at 91st and Lynn lane and Devin, you could put a link to it on the show notes, the address 91st and Lindland 8,900 South Lynn lane, beautiful house. And we, I was very at the time adamant that we wouldn’t DJ certain kinds of events and, and, and just as a DJ company, when you have prompts, you’ve got weddings birthday parties. I used to DJ DJ clubs, but I decided not to do clubs, but the places that would call every week, you know, every week you’d get a typically adult clubs like strip clubs and you would get clubs like, like a, you know, dance party clubs, it would call.

Speaker 6: Sure. And I just made a stance, we’re not going to do any kind of clubs. We’re going to do weddings, birthday parties, proms, that kind of thing. And you would see in the suggestion box like, Hey, you know, why don’t we start deejaying at night trips. They have shows seven nights a week and you know whose handwriting it is and you know what guy it is. And I’m like, Hey guys, you gotta quit suggestion that we’re going to DJ for the strip clubs. We’ve already had this discussion, which one of you guys suggested it? They’re like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I thought it was an anonymous box. I thought it was an anonymous box. Nothing’s anonymous. And then they would put in things like is there any way we could fire our manager? We don’t like him. He’s too mean.

Speaker 6: And then a suggestion box, they would put in a tip. The tip was fire. Our boss fire our boss. He’s constantly, and so you, you again, just don’t let the prisoners run the prison. Don’t, don’t do it now. Tempting as it sounds. This next notable quotable, kind of similar to one earlier. I want to get your take on it. Z and then Charles as well on notable quotable number seven to live in the past is to die in the present. Bill Belichick once hand wrote 250 letters to division one colleges requesting a job hand wrote 250 letters and he got rejected. So we took a job for the Colts and here’s what here, here, see this was his offer. He said, I would like to be a coach. This is 1975 I’d like to coach and you can pay me a quarter an hour just kind of throwing it out and they go, okay sure.

Speaker 6: That was his first job. A quarter, an hour, like 25 cents. Yes. Yeah, an hour. An hour. It’s his first job. He got to live at the stadium though and they took care of his food. There you go. So room and board. So the dynamic has changed cause then he was this 23 year old guy that no one respected. Now he’s the goat. The greatest of all time coach. But he can’t sit there and start off every single pep talk with guys. When I was 23 I worked for a quarter an hour, so quit white guys. We won the super bowl. I was a coach of the giants. We won the super bowl and that’s why you can’t you, you bitch. You have to live in the present. The rules have changed to the NFL quite a bit. In fact, Z Z, talk about just some of the rule changes. I’m not expecting you to be an expert of every single rule, but how is the game different now in terms of the physicality to when bill first started coaching like the giants and the Colts back.

Speaker 6: They don’t want you to read the lips from your opposing coaches and kind of get done. Let’s go their plays too. They have to have the football’s inflated to a particular, what if you hit the, Oh, wait, sorry. Can you hit, can you hit the quarterback? Can you hit the quarterback? If he doesn’t have the ball anymore, can you hit him? Just go ahead. Not really. I mean you, I mean, yes. I mean they hit has to be, you know, if he’s in the pocket, you can’t hit him below the knees. That’s a new one too. Back in the day. I mean, you could just lay it out, rip the quarterback’s head off. Now it’s a different game. Now they got the slide rule. You know how the guy, if he starts to slide, you can’t touch him, you know mine. But I’ve seen certain coaches that are just dumb.

Speaker 6: They’re on the, the, I watched every week I’ve seen opposing coaches argue with the refs over these late hit calls. Just quit hitting people late. Yeah. If it’s closed, don’t do it. But bill Belichick adapts all the time. He’s constantly changing. When the rules change, he changes because he had dApps see he adapt your optometry clinic. Number one, the yellow pages were hot. Oh, they were so hot. Now did we get a lot of calls from yellow pages? Are you getting a lot of calls from the old pages and down so much? Do you see business owners, you’ve seen them who have refused to update their marketing strategies since the yellow pages? Have you seen this? Yes, I have. What happens if you don’t adapt? You get left behind. That’s it. So Charles, I’m colo fitness. You once were a personal trainer and a very good one and I’m sure at some point, I don’t know the conversations that you and your wife had about this.

Speaker 6: I didn’t know you at the time, but this is how I picture it happening. I pictured you can, you can refute me this, I mean we would never have this conversation. I’m just guessing. I believe that the classy member of your team will go with Amber. She, she, she walks into the, into the living room on a, on a Sunday, which was the the day off probably. And she says, here’s the door. You need to stop trading clients one on one and you’re going to debate it. I’m always coaching my clients one on one. I have like from four in the morning till six o’clock at night. I’m the best. I’m the goat of coaching. I’ve been doing this forever. I love training. She’s Charleston. You eventually have to stop training one-on-one people and then at some point you had to change the game and get out of one-on-one. So did, did, did she prompt you to do that or did you prompt yourself to do that or when did that change occur?

Speaker 7: Well, she definitely would tell me things like, Hey, you know, you know, we’re going to have to do this differently. We would see that the biggest limiting factor is time and that I can’t train every single session. So you want to train down the low skill set necessary and take care of maybe more sales and then delegate and elevate people out. Those tasks and those hours. So, but yeah, she definitely was telling me, Hey, you’ve got to, you got, and I, and I, and I like working 16 hours.

Speaker 6: But you’ve had that conversation. Yes. About delegate and elevate. You’ve had that. Did she lead the conversation or did you leave that

Speaker 7: Generally leads all those conversations. I just say, yes ma’am.

Speaker 6: I bring it up because my wife pointed out to me, she said, you’ve deejayed your last show.

Speaker 7: Well, I’m liking, I’m going, why? Why wasn’t it just get in this routine age, keep knocking pins down. You’d just keep going, going, going. And then they see from a meta perspective, like back and they say, Hey, this isn’t gonna. This isn’t the best strategy. So it’s good to have a good mate, you know, in, in life.

Speaker 6: I don’t know if you can see this picture over here, but Z, I was so angry with my wife because she’s right. I was just so mad. Cause you know, it’s like, see, you know what I mean? When you go, you know, when you’re talking to somebody who’s right and you’re tired of it, you go, yeah, I’m tired. I need to, I just stop it. You know? So I, she said I had to stop deejaying and I said, no, I will not. I will DJ until I am 90 so I made, I stayed up all night. I made this picture, I framed it, I mad at it. You’d just see this picture. Let’s look at this. This is clevis Franklin. I made this and look at the beauty of this. It’s, it’s incredible. I’m like, this’ll be me. This is [inaudible] dollar bill is all I’m going to say.

Speaker 6: And, but again, I was so locked in and again, I think there’s somebody out there that needs to hear this right now. I’m asking you, what are you locked into that doesn’t work anymore, right? And quit and don’t live in the past. I mean, okay, you had a success doing it that way. It’s great times of change. You’ve got to adapt. You’ve got to, you know, I mean, we could just stop the iPhone three, right? I mean, there’s a reason why we just keep, we don’t, we just keep making new and better, new and better. Let’s do this. Let’s, let’s make it, let’s do a quick tour of this room, okay. And relate to the evolution thing. Okay. So let’s, let’s start with this and the top right up there. That’s a picture of, of my, of my wife. And then right there underneath that, that’s another picture of my wife.

Speaker 6: And then to the left, that’s the most beautiful man ever. Devin, look at Devin. Oh wow. He’s, he’s stunning. And then you’ve got a picture of Elon Musk up there, Z the head of NASA is his buddies. He knows mr Elon Musk. Right, right. And you helped get the head of NASA in. I mean, NASA is buying rocket, so there’s not a lot of companies out there buying rockets from space X right now. Not a lot. And, and you help support mr Mister Bryden Stein and he’s now the head of NASA. What, what, what is or what was your relationship with mr Jim Bryden Stein? Oh, well he was a good friend of mine. Yup. An employee of mine at four season and my brother was his campaign manager and he got elected to the house of representatives. You at your nuclear rocket facility. Is that something he was doing?

Speaker 6: Was he, wait, you’re not supposed to tell anybody. I have a nuclear rocket facility that was gonna make a point for that. That was a top tier. Can we rewind that? Nobody worked for, you didn’t hear that, right? Yeah, he worked with me and helped me in the initial stages of the auto auctions. Matter of fact that season. But anyway, but he did, he went to Congress and he said, I’m gonna turn myself, I’m a term limit myself. And then when he did a be honored his word and then Trump got elected Donald, Donald Trump, you mean president Trump? Tastic Trump make America boom again. And and then he hired him to be a head of NASA, which is so cool. So you know, you think about this for a second. You once were his, his boss, and now he’s the boss of NASA.

Speaker 6: Correct. Things have changed. Things have changed, but you don’t call him up and say, Hey Jim, I need you cover the shift. Yeah. Can you, I don’t call him and say, Hey, can you work some overtime this week? I don’t. I see people, I see business owners that lose a key member of their team, maybe not to become the head of NASA, but they lose somebody and they keep going back to that same squad. You see the Z, they keep calling it the guys, the same people you’re after, you’re trying to recruit them back to the team. Oh, you know it, they’re trying to get the band back together. We got to move on back together. We got to move on. If you look up here again, just doing a kind of a tour here behind mr [inaudible], ms Amber, that is a Seth Goden who we had on the show.

Speaker 6: There is the purple cow [inaudible] show. And you know what? There was a time in my life where he would definitely have said no. And now there’s a time where John Maxwell’s reaching out. So there was a time in my life where I would say yes to anybody who wanted to be a guest on a, on a show like this. Now there’s a time where I say no to most guest requests. We get a lot of people at reach out and I say, no, but there was a time when you’re buying and you’re selling. Absolutely. You got to learn to delegate. You gotta learn that. As we look at the tour, there’s a a image there on the wall. I signed it in 2004, it’s called Clay’s destiny. And on that I was finishing up my declaration that I would have a net worth of $1 million before 30 I started at three 31 2002 I signed that document, signed that thing there was, and it happened, but I remember signing that have my wife sign it and there, you know, Vanessa was like, why aren’t you having me sign this two years after you sign this?

Speaker 6: I’m like, because it has to happen and I wanted to do whatever it takes to make it happen and if you read it as soon as they have their signature on there, Carl Warner, Carl, if you zoom in on that, I want, I want to read that real quick. I wrote these things out and it happened, but it says I would desire a $1 million net worth by the age of 30 and I will, I will work diligently with tenacity, with tenacity, enthusiasm, and still resolve until I achieve my goal. I will accomplish my goal by March 31st, 2011 to accomplish my goal of a net worth of $1 million by the age of 30 I will do the following, create a create a six system, Tulsa based mobile DJ empire six systems, six. Before I sold it, we were doing 80 weddings in a weekend. Partner with Josh to start a video.

Speaker 6: All graphy company bring enthusiasm to work every day. Treat every client with respect to professionalism and use integrity. Minimize unnecessary expenses that are not essential to improve the quality of the service with which my company provides. And I will read, I’ll read, I’ll read, I’ll read my goals each morning and every afternoon until I can no longer read. And I remember doing that going, I’m a crazy person, but this has to happen. But things have changed. There was a time though where I, and so now I’ve got this little phrase on my wall here behind me. This has been a big problem for me. Now there’s a burning bridge and I wrote this quote here a while back. It says, intentionally burdened bridges to create distance. I had to, cause the people that used to work for me 10 years ago were former DJs who are now still deejaying at strip clubs, kept coming back wanting to have a conversation and Z at a certain point. Don’t you have to cut it off

Speaker 5: Sometimes. I absolutely say especially if they’re immediate now they’re a mentor in your life, but if it’s a semi toxic or it doesn’t help you move the ball down the field relationship, then why waste your time? Cause that’s one thing you, you’re not going to get more air.

Speaker 6: But then if you look at the evolution here we have a quote here from a Mike Posner that says, I don’t want your money. I am simply done. And that’s been something that I’ve, that’s a phrase I’ve been having in my head for a long time now because I, there’s a, there’s a thing where I used to do anything for the almighty dollar. I would do any dinner event, any, any dinner. I’d travel anywhere to any speaking event. Anytime I would do it. I did a good job at it. I got better all the time, but I would do anything for the all mighty dollar. And now I won’t. And so there are things, I, I, I actually DJ at an event on Thanksgiving one year. That was fun. Oh, that’s fun. None. The bride said, Hey, I’m getting married on Thanksgiving.

Speaker 6: All the family’s going to be there. Could you do it? No other DJ said, yes. Can I go? Yeah. There’s a reason why I did a, I did new year’s parties. I never had a family holiday. Never had time with my family on a holiday at all except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Except that one year. Well, even one year I deejayed on Christmas. I mean, I, I mean, I’ve DJ-ed everything. I mean, anything, every event because the almighty dollar was the thing. But there’s a time it changed. And if you get, see what if you get locked? What if you have all the money in the world and now you’re still locked into that thing where you’re going to sacrifice every area of your life, every minute of every day for the almighty dollar. Every value, every principle, every purpose, every, every, every commitment you’ve made. You’re willing to just throw it all away for the almighty dollar and you, but you know, and you, cause you kind of need it hustler’s mentality when you start. But what happens when you’re in your 50s and you’ve already made your millions and you’re a person who’s, you know, you’re just your just principle list at that point. See what happens.

Speaker 5: Well, I think what happens is that that’s why the old saying money can’t buy you love. Oh man, it can’t buy you a lot of things. And happiness is one of them. I think that having, you know, a rich quality life of, of the things that you want to go do instead of having to do the things everybody else wants you to do is a big game changer. And that’s what you did. You went over here, step one. You were doing what anybody wanted you to do the time they wanted you to do it for as long as they wanted you to do it. And then that pendulum kind of swings. And now you’re over here in your life, clay. And same with me is that if someone calls me up, there’s very few people that could call me up and change my plans.

Speaker 5: They could call me. I’m saying, Hey, you need to do this for me. Right now, I mean there’s, there are some people that have that lane in my life. I give them permission for them to be an example. For example, of ones you write for my grandchildren, they can’t speak yet though. My oldest, Sebastian did call me pop pod the other day for real in this moment. I know what the first one called you that sets it in for life. It’s kind of going to get married, which side of the bed you picked that first time. It’s set for life and no matter your, the hotel, no matter where you are, it’s set in life. So you got it. You’ve got it. You’ve got to set that. So I want it to be a, I want it to be Paul Paul. So anyway, I kept telling him, call me, pawpaw, come and you looked up. And one day last couple of weeks ago, and he says, Papa. And I said, dude, up and do it.

Speaker 6: This is, we have such, such a great, I mean, bill Belichick has so many great teaching moments, but notable quotable number eight, a Z, we’ll call the Osho. He says there are, again, he says, there are no shortcuts to building a team each season you build the foundation brick by brick. So yesterday was, it was a Sunday and the kids were doing the cheer thing and whenever the kids do the cheer thing or the grandma thing, I go back to my move, which is, I read a book whether I want to read it or not, but we’re interviewing the the gentleman Mike who is the host of the profit first podcast, bestselling author, profit first the profit first podcast. I’ve been on his show before and I

Speaker 1: Wanted to prep for the hish to interview him. I want to be prepared. So I’m reading it, rereading his book, and there’s no shortcuts Z to having a good show prep. When you’re interviewing a guy who gets interviewed all the time, you want to be the one who’s prepared. There’s no, there’s no shortcut. And I think people want to get the cliff note of the book or the shortcut version or the, I think people want to have to look at the cliff note, the get rich quick move. I think we want to get quick rich right now. We want, we want to kind of, we want to scale it and like, you know, two months, you know, we we, it turns out it takes longer to get rich quick. Actually it takes longer. It seems to take longer because there’s not such a thing.

Speaker 1: If there is what I’ll be doing, I mean all those things sound good. I mean who doesn’t want to go the shortest way to some place? Who doesn’t want to get rich quick? Lee, who doesn’t want to? Someone said woman, that’s going to take you three days and you’re going to know, I know shortcut. I can get it done in three minutes. I mean, who does it? The sound of that is intoxicating and sounds sexy and good. I mean you’re like, Oh yeah, why spend three days and get it done in three minutes? Right, right. But the reality is there’s a reason why it’s called a shortcut. Can I go back into back a lot and not the long way. In other words, nobody, unless I guess maybe one person in the, in the cosmos, it’s probably got rich quick maybe button lottery tickets. The shortcut for buying a bank there is none.

Speaker 1: You get a lot of due diligence. No money. I mean you gotta you need to kind of already prep before you know for that moment. And we were talking about earlier about having your war chest built up, having some money in the bank. I mean having some money in your account so that would opportunities do show up. You can actually move forward with them. But I mean to go back to this, to go back to this deal on, on the shortcut, you know why they, why it tends to make things longer because there’s a reason why that’s not the way to go. If there’s a reason why that’s not the way you build that. Right, right. And so by taking the shortcut or the way that it’s not supposed to be done is what you’re doing now is creating more work because now you got to clean that up and then start over and build a foundation correctly like he’s talking about.

Speaker 1: And every business, every team, you know bill, bill, check dozen group of employees, you’ve got to build them up from the ground. Bill does not delegate watching game film and many NFL coaches do. Yeah. And then why is that? Why? Why do you think that is? Well he believes it’s the most essential. One of the most essential things to do is to know, cause you’re going to know which players took a play off. Like what, what receiver on your team done did not run out the route properly. Which person did right, which person protected the, the edge and kept the quarterback in the pocket, which made the sack possible cause it’s easy to just watch it and go, that guy made the sack. He’s our best player. But you don’t think about who did their job right to make it possible. He just, he’s he’s he’s, he’s obsessive about the game but there is no shortcut to it. And Proverbs 1311 from the Bible reads, wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, but he that gather

Speaker 6: Gather with by labor shall increase. Another translation I’m trying to give you different translations of this is he talks about this wealth gotten out. What goes to Proverbs 1311, a different version of it. This is from the new international version says dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. I find a lot of people that gained money real quick, lose it all real quick because they really never earned it. Yeah, that’s a crazy thing I saw on TV the other day. A stat that talked about how many people win the lottery and then they go back in their lives a year or two later. And how many, what percentage of them are broke? It’s bad. I mean it’s, you might, you might do a, put a show note on that. There’s gotta be some something on the, on the internet.

Speaker 6: Thank you. Al Gore. She would just call it the Gordon net. The cornet or the inter owl. The w the inter Al has a certain provocative tone to it, which seems to be the theme of today’s show. Now is the, I want to bring this up real quick here. Bill Belichick, a lot people don’t know this. He does serve as somewhat of a financial coach to the players. People don’t realize that bill Belichick encourages his players to save and talks to them about it a lot. And there was a guy in the Patriots this year who’s saving his whole check. Rob Gronkowski did this as well. And this guy, his name is Joe Juan Williams. You know, this is a business insider article that came out November 8th and he was talking to them. The Boston globe was asking him about, you know, being on the Patriots and what it’s like and these sorts of things.

Speaker 6: And he says this is, this is, he says he saves 90% of his paycheck right now. And he says, I’ll read the article selected by new England with a second round pick out of Vanderbilt Williams. Join one of the best defenses in the NFL, jumping out to an eight and one record throughout the first half of the season with a four year, six point $6 million contract. Some might think Williams would be eager to celebrate his good fortune, but instead he’s choosing to save and invest. Speaking with Nicole Yang of the Boston globe, William said he now saves and invest 90% of his game checks and hopes he won’t, that this, this will ensure his longterm financial security regardless of how his NFL career winds up. I want to be set in the future when I’m not working. Williams explained grind now, sacrifice now, be happy later.

Speaker 6: I’d rather live like a Prince for the rest of my life than live like a King for my NFL career. Then go back to square zero. A Williams isn’t the only athlete to commit to commit to their savings. And he goes on to talk about Rob Ron Koski who decided to save all of his game checks. And this is a powerful thing that says it’s a strategy that Jay Leno was a big fan of that Jay Leno is all about. Saving, living below his means. You don’t realize that. I mean, a lot of these, there’s, there’s, yeah, they’re entertainers, but they are saving there. It’s just so important. If you have to listen to, I don’t just be a hearer of this word, be a doer of it. Live below your means. Commit today. What’s an amount of money you could save? What’s an amount of money you could automate?

Speaker 6: How much of your savings are you willing to save? Charles, when you and Amber were building colo fitness? I want to talk Amber about this here. I’ll talk to your wife about this. Amber. how, talk to me about the frugality. Were you saving half of your check? Were you saving 10% of your checks? Were you trying to save all of it or did you save your income and not his, or how did you guys build up that war chest to move out of the house and open up that first gym? Well, we’ve learned a lot since then and back at that time, it wasn’t a percentage. It wasn’t, it was just the goal was to live as frugal as we could. Okay. And so just spend as little, and we love the quote, cool. I will do today what others won’t. So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Speaker 6: And we just keep just reminding each other we’re on the same team and this is what the goal is. We’ll have delayed gratification and we’ll get to do those things in the future. I love it. I love it. And we have two more notable quotables a dr Z. We’re coming in hot. Our final, our final two notable quotables up today’s show. We have 75 we’re getting through and we’re on. This will be part one and for the listeners out there that aren’t aware of this Z, we’ve been working on this, we just finished recording them. There’ll be released soon, but we have an eight part series about the hundred and two bill Belichick facts that no one knows. No one knows. It’s unbelievable. Still don’t know. After we released that secret between us and a half million listeners, we have so notable quotable. Number nine, bill Belichick says, it sounds kind of harsh, but it’s called business.

Speaker 6: You get the job done or you don’t. I love it. Z, I see a lot of people that go to college. Let me just going to rip on college for about a a just a minute here. You go to college and it is possible, and I know this because I didn’t know people that went to college and did this many of them. We were just talking about saying an all staff meeting. Many of the people who now work for me have graduated from fine state schools and state schools. They didn’t go to class though. Oh, why would you do that? But a Devin, I think you’re miked up over there. Have you seen this phenomenon of people that actually go have a college degree but didn’t go to class? We were heard about this kind of thing. I’ve definitely heard about it and one person in my office actually has a degree.

Speaker 6: It never went to class or took the test. He had his wife do it for him. So it is possible now once he, once you have it online, are you talking about online? I mean, okay. Online. Yeah. Okay. And it is possible though to not actually study and to get a B at many universities today. You can get a good degree in like recreation or something. Neighbor bragging about that. He’s like, yeah, my wife did all of my work, all of my papers. There’s actually a very good friend of mine who went to a major college in Oklahoma and their quarterback, the starting quarterback of his division, one major school never came to class. Shocking. Now, here’s what’s funny is it became an inside joke that the professor was like, if he does come to class, I mean people talk about the lady, what’s the lady from full house that was buying her kids degrees? She’s in all sorts of troubles right now, Laurie something or other. And I, and I’m not saying we should give her a hall pass, but I think it’s very common this, this thing here. But they had the, the professor said if he ever does come to class, let’s all give him a standing ovation because apparently that’s what he for is cheers. So let’s give it to him. So has like a social science class or something and the one time he comes in and people are just [inaudible]

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 6: This, this moment of like this is amazing.

Speaker 8: And you ask, how does he drive a large SUV? He grew up in poverty.

Speaker 6: How does he, how does he have such great grades? Well now you take that sort of philosophy and you translate that into the workplace. Now you’re in the workplace and you didn’t do the work. You didn’t do it, but you still want to take the credit for the work. You know, you, you’re the marketing guy and you’re not moving the needle, but you still want to get paid. Like you are. You know, you’re the accounting guy and you’re not coming up with real savings, but you want to and see it. There’s a world of either you did it or you didn’t. And that’s called business. Yes. Wake somebody up to the world of business. And how that’s different from the academic world where you could actually raise mail it in and somehow still get a degree.

Speaker 5: Well, and that’s, that’s a problem. So many people today, I mean, you studies come out, I CBS, I’m not sure who exactly did the study. Devin can do the show notes on it. What 70% of people are stealing 75% of people doing commerce. 75% of the us chamber of commerce. That’s a, that’s a, that’s a credible source. I’m, I’m going to go with that. Okay. Yup. And so what are they doing? Well, they’re not doing their job. And that’s a shame because you’re paying them as the employer, as the owner, to do their job and they just want to send it in. They want to, you know, they want to go sneak on their phone.

Speaker 1: [Inaudible] Around you

Speaker 5: Every day, all day at everybody’s business. As much as you want to think, Oh my 10 employees or 15 employees, none of them. None of them. That’s the other businesses down the road. Those are, that’s that other guy. Cause he didn’t hire great people. I guide dude. That’s right. Yes. No, they’re doing it. And you’re kind of naive if you think they’re not, but it’s the same kind of deal. It’s really frustrating. And so when you find that out, obviously there’s a limit to what you’ll put up with, but when someone can’t do the job, why would you hang on to them? It just pulls down the rest of the teammates. I see a lot of it. I didn’t see a play. I see a lot of family hall passes where it’s like my uncle, my cousin, my wife.

Speaker 6: Probably a third of it may be that I see if I have a third, maybe a fourth, and then I see, it’s like it’s, we’re celebrating what they used to do 10 years ago. It’s like, man, they were critical to our start.

Speaker 5: They worked for nothing the first month. They were critical. Yeah.

Speaker 6: They’re our founding battle. They’re not lazy. They’re just more creative with how they spend their time. Right.

Speaker 5: I mean, the other day on the, in my man cave, you brought up a gentleman over the house, I think it was a chiropractor and he, part of his adjunct, or part of his question to me was he had this, would he recognize as a is a very bad employee Manning his front desk. Oh, it’s terrible. I mean it was just, it went on and on and on about how horrible this person was at doing their job. I’m sure they’re a fine person. You, you listen

Speaker 1: To, I listen to this. You listen for a long time. I did two ears. One mouth is probably 10 minutes of listening. I’ve heard the second going off on this. Yeah. Okay. And I think I told him, I said, Hey, I’ve got a hammer out there and yet the hammer and the hammer, it’s in. It’s in the tool door. Can you get the hammer? You get the hammer real quick. We have a hammer by the bathroom. Can we get that real fast? Is that possible? Oh by the way, Devin is the most technologically savvy person in the room, which is why we asked him to grab the hammer. Obviously Tamar technology, it’s hammer time is the hammer time hammer. Just hammer time. Okay. It’s hammer time. It’s officially hammer. I want, because the story, I think we a, this is a video verse they chose for his balloon pants.

Speaker 1: Oh, parachute pants. I’m sorry. Balloon. Yeah. They got the hammer walking, walking man here together as he, this is a, an adult size hammer. This is pretty heavy. Yes. Yes. So, so I told him, I said I said doctor, cause of course there’s a chiropractor. And I said do you need to go in my drawer there? And just like Devin did and get and get the hammer out, it took some time for him to find. He goes, Oh yes, yes. And then what I’d like for you to do is just kind of spread your legs up a little farther than than shoulder width. Bend the knees athletic position, let a little little bit down there, you know like a right fielder. And then I want you to take that hammer right there and just take it out. Swing it with a goodly force. You just swing it with the good force, a hammer that the, the, the nail pounding side, you know, towards you. I don’t want you to hit hit yourself right in your crotch, right? You’re right in your bed. Just, just smash that thing.

Speaker 4: Just whack that move. Just sit out there and just hit that thing overload on. We have a party with any and again, junk, junk, junk and smash it. And you looked at the phone?

Speaker 1: Yeah, he looked at me like you need to see it on his face that he just, you could hear him thinking,

Speaker 9: I’m thinking this guy’s crazy. I better get out of this. Oh shout this man gave as quick as possible. Sheree’s had some CDs wanting me to harm my business. Sheree’s had some success and I don’t mean my business Sheree’s had success, but he’s probably wrong. Y’all see what, how could that ever be a therapy for my problem? How could that ever,

Speaker 1: And then I turned to him and I said, how is this therapist? How, how’s it going? How’s your time with our business therapist? And he says, and he says well the word therapist and the rapist the same way. Yeah, there you go. And I’m like, what did he say to you? He says, I don’t know what I hit my car. I mean, it was time. You’ve got weird. And I told him, I said, you keeping that employee at the front desk and your employment is the same as you’re taking that hammer and beating your business, beating, beating the business. And you’ve got to understand that. And so it’s just, it’s as crazy as you detect that hammer and

Speaker 6: Do that to yourself. It’s the same crazy to keep paying a horrible employee at your front desk of your business. Now, now TD Jakes, we wanted him to be there. But he wasn’t there because he has class, he has style. He is a pastor. We will eventually get them on the show, call it the great voice too. So I and I, so I said, I said, Hey guys, let me meet it. What’s happening here? You are a very successful person, dr Robert zoner, you own many successful companies, several multimillion dollar companies and you sir, the person who is seeking the information, you are not doing well financially and you don’t have it together. So you are seeking wisdom. But the problem is is is, is I want to tell you what I got this audio sample of TD Jakes. Let me hit play and see if he can, because he’s a better communicator. So let me go ahead and hit play. Bobby doesn’t need a hammer. Let me go hit, let me hit play to hear. But then you can hear what TD Jakes had to say.

Speaker 9: Who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking. People always go to be calm. Conflict.

Speaker 6: There’s always, there’s always going to be a conflict. Anytime that exceptional thinking people think about this, there are 330 million, three threes or three 300 300 330 million Americans out there. You have 16 million every year that check on their taxes, yet I’m self employed and 96% of them fail within a decade according to ache, which means do the math. Somebody did the math with me. That means you have a 0.0019% chance of talking to someone who’s correct about business. Seriously, that means in the entire city of Tulsa or the population of 440 some odd thousand, there’s only 800 people who could qualify to give you business advice. I’m not talking about life advice. There’s so much more to life than just business, but think about that. 330 million Americans, okay? 16 million are self employed. 96% of which fail. If you do the basic math, it’s 0.00193% of the population should give you business advice because they’re right and so you’re telling this guy, this guy went from being a one that coachable.

Speaker 6: He wanted to know, right? He went the offended route. Now this is what made me really mad about this scenario. After you wrapped it up and he was kind of joking like, yeah, okay, I’ll guess I’ll try to fire him. He goes out at your house and comes up to me and he’s like, Oh your boy, he’s King’s kinda like a jerk. And I’m like, you just asked him. You’re in his big house. You asked him for feedback. Furthermore, I think you’re an idiot. I mean, he didn’t, he didn’t doctors, he didn’t say, or an idiot, I’m going to translate doing something that doesn’t work in staying loyal to this function. There’s something wrong with that. And even beyond doing something

Speaker 7: That is ruining the one thing that can change your life, the one thing you can change your family’s life, that is the health of your business. To keep that person employed there that’s running people off. Crazy being your limiting membrane is not a good team member is running off other good employees because of the toxic nature and the fact that you are putting up with that and you can’t see that in front of you.

Speaker 6: Whew. That’s sad. It’s like trying to talk to a politician about balancing a budget. It’s just, it’s hard to tell. It’s had to have the conversation. Take my hammer to DC. I guess just the, okay. Politicians. I need to think about that. There’s a lot of great politicians that you’ve supported Z, but the average politician, you, you go to the U S debt clock website, Devin, you can put a link to it. You go to the U S debt clock and you point out, you say, guys, and my small business, when I run out of money, what I do is I stop spending. You know, and I was just thinking maybe we could do that. And they go, no. What we’re doing is we need, right now, the promise, a new pool. Trump is on the verge of doing a government shutdown. He’s going to shut down all the non-essential government things.

Speaker 6: We couldn’t possibly say no, and we’re just going to print money and you’re going to print money. Is that perhaps a good idea to print money? Is that something we should do? Absolutely. The Chinese will give it to us. Let’s just print the money and you’re going, wouldn’t that devalue our currency? Isn’t it like pouring water and Kool-Aid? I mean, wouldn’t that cause inflation? Oh absolutely not. You see we have what we call a mess and you just, you can’t, you can’t, there’s no logic there. It’s just somebody who’s fundamentally bought it, bought into the idea. They don’t need to balance a budget when someone’s wrong and passionate. It’s a bad thing. Charles Cola, Cola fitness. You guys are doing a great job gathering reviews from real clients and by the way, people won’t leave you great reviews unless they’re really happy. Yup. Have you ever had to sit down with an employee? Maybe in the past wouldn’t say, you know what, you didn’t clean the bathroom. You said you did, but you didn’t clean the bathroom and it’s time to go. I mean your head down, if you ever had that conversation about, Hey, I know you said you forgot and you’d wanted to do it.

Speaker 7: Absolutely. But they’re like, well that guy was in the shower all day. I couldn’t clean that one. He wouldn’t get out. Yeah. So you have to pick a store, you have a job, you’ve got to get it done. And the best thing you can do as a boss is basically tell them the facts and coach them up and say, here’s the deal. I’m not really concerned with the comfort of this conversation. I do want you to become, get a better skillset, be an actor, be an action item guy, and actually get your stuff done. And I go, so, so my job is to coach you up, not make you feel good. So how many times on a football field as a coach, you know, ripping a guy, not because he doesn’t like him because he does like him, but he wants him to perform. Like here’s the ball.

Speaker 7: I kind of want you to kind of like barely run through the line. Kind of push on them. No, you see, I want you to blast through the last attack. Yeah. And get that touchdown. What you’re doing is you’re trying to challenge your team to go as hard as you can. We want to win. We want to be a team of winners. My job is to not make it comfortable to push you out of your comfort zone so I get the most value out of you and then your job is to leverage me cause you’re so good at a higher skillset, getting more stuff done. That’s a revenue producing activities that I’m forced to pay you three times a paycheck cause you’re managing six or seven, 10 times more staff with great action items that actually produce revenue. That’s the goal by is not to make you feel

Speaker 5: Good and it’s conversation make you grow and develop and that’s a good trainer. That’s a good coach. And most of these guys, they’re more concerned, more concerned about that comfortable conversation, make sure they can make them feel good. Oh man. Then build them up. Come on now. Go ahead. Nothing’s worse than watching the Browns. Mike on NFL, the HBO series of the Browns two years ago, their head coach advocated to not make players come to practice. They didn’t want to. It just crazy of what bill Bellacheck does. Of course. Well the other thing too, I want, I want, I want to free some employers, some owner preachers listen, right? Preach it brother. I wanna I wanna I want to just, I wanna I’m going to free you.

Speaker 1: Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh shun. You. See my good friend, we’re in the same fraternity. I’m talking fraternity. A business owner ship. Yes. So many times we get involved our employees in the sense of, we feel beholden to them what you’re talking about. Cause I pay them the check and I get their schedule and that can make their car payments and their house payments. Cause I give him a check for them doing the job. But really it’s not a good fit. And you’re torn. You’re thinking, well if I’ll fire them, they’re going to pay the house payment. How are they going to feed the children? How are they going to put gas in the Optimo but I’m going to free you. I’m going to free from that thinking. I don’t know how many times I have fired someone and a year or two later I see him at a Walmart or a target acts out like super target personal suits and then look at me. They say that was the best thing you ever did for me. It woke me up, made me realize I can’t be an idiot. It made me realize I gotta be on time.

Speaker 5: Thank you. Thank you. Right by the kale. Usually I’m right about right by the the organic kale. By the way. This is not, we don’t do non [inaudible]. Some of you out there, you have someone working for you. You don’t want to fire them because you, you don’t. First of all, you don’t want the drama trauma that you don’t want to be for them to be mad at you and then you’re honestly thinking, listen, there’s a lot of jobs out there. Thank you Donald Trump. Thank you. Trump or whoever. Yeah, whoever you want to give credit to. Unemployment’s very low. People are looking for good people to hire all the time. Right? Charles, you’re not. We have those out. I know that. And so my point is, is that if they’re not a good fit for you and you’re not happy with them, they’re probably not happy there.

Speaker 5: So do you both do your, you do, your boat’s a solid. Do you both have favor and move on down the road and get somebody that wants to be there as working to be there and it’s going to do the job that you’re paying them to do? I have a quick fact for you. When Donald Trump took over as the president of the United States, the Dow Jones average was around 16,000. Okay. That was the doubt though. That was the number that you see on the news all the time. It was at 16,000. It is now today at 28,000. He’s almost doubled the economy. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely wild. So if you like him or you don’t like them, all I could say is that when Obama took over office, when he first got in office there, the economy was not doing very well. Some would argue that he helped to, to fix the economy, to stabilize the economy and now Trump tastic there’s a momentum going on there.

Speaker 5: Almost doubled the economy economically. You know what the Dow Jones really tells us when it goes up like that, it really tells us that the world, there’s a confidence has confidence. Yes. And our country and that’s what it really is cause it’s a, you’re playing on the comments. It’s a, you’re, you’re, it’s a gamble. In other words, you’re buying the Sheriff’s stock thinking that company’s going to do better, be worth more money or someone wants to pay more for it down the road, down the road, down the road, didn’t your money builds and doesn’t decrease. I’m going to put a little, a pressure on us real quick here. Devin, if you can pull up my calendar and call the person who scheduled at five 30, just let them know where we’re wrapping up an Epic podcast right now here. Oh, great one coach. Call out tardy Kindle.

Speaker 5: If you can go look out there. If you can’t, if you can see, I want to show that the opinion because the opinion opinion awaits us when we in opinion, the people need to know we, we can’t just do a eight hour shows, just have to go out there and we have to eventually go burn. Some more opinion. Would we have to, hopefully you can see a good flame out there, but we have a letter that just came in and see. I’d like for you to read it if you can’t, I’m sorry. If it’s small font. Oh, we have a listener who listens to the show every day in Russia. Dear sir madams this email is just my gratification. Clay Clark and your team. I’m a sophomore student living in Russia. Yaka Tomberg first of all, your podcasts is the best one and teaches so much, I. E. how to manage people, how to exceed at work. Clay constantly pontificates about six day work week had never heard such things before. Thrive team really inspires me and helps to overcome harsh moments in life. If it’s possible, tell clay Clark that he is the best teacher in person I have ever met and I will definitely visit one of your conferences and shake his hand. Amen. [inaudible]

Speaker 5: When finances will allow me to do so. Also Clay’s hint and his experience, which she spreads and podcast helped me in my current job. I’m trying to work not for the human master, but the Lord is clay stipulate. Thank you clay. I don’t know whether it was fate or fluke that I stumbled upon your podcast more than a year ago, but it was the pivotal moment in my life. Practically agree with Z and clay on every aspect. Hope you will continue doing it in the future. PS, what does PS stand for? PS, when I have some spare time read books which you propose have read winning purple cow thinking, grow rich, outwitting the devil, ultimate sales machine, it’s and others. Awesome. Plus clay writes excellent. One start here and Jack ass three were excellent postscript. And by the way, P S S it would be great if every employer takes place position regardless of diplomas, experience, character over skills, et cetera. Because nowadays I’m filing

Speaker 6: For internships. I’m filing for internships and receiving myriad of rejections, roughly 30 already. I just get cut through their silly bureaucracy. I am preaching to them that they could work six or seven days and willing to learn everything, but they don’t want to take into consideration sir factor. But Nobel check got rejected 250 times won’t give up and will definitely cheat what I want. They can much one more time and finances allow me where, well make a subscription to Oh 15 now see that’s why we’re putting this show in the future shows. We’ll be out on video soon now as awesome. And I’m just telling you, we don’t get paid by mr Russia here. We do see we do this show because what I should, because Guten makes us Wooten, mother Russia. Cause Putin says do show Dushawn Siberia cause we like, no, but here, here’s the deal.

Speaker 6: Seriously, we do this show and I’ll tell you why I did the show and then I’d like to wrap up on this final notable quotable. I do this show because people started asking me all the time, could you, can I, can I pick your brain? And I said yes for a long time. And then I didn’t get no brain left. I never saw my wash. I never saw my wife. Sorry, I’m sorry. I went, I went someplace dark. I didn’t see my wife and my wife said, Hey, perhaps maybe. She said, can I pick your brain? Whoa, the suck all it. I’ll call them young grasshopper is Pell. Kona just snuck off.

Speaker 6: But my wife says, you know, maybe you should teach this, maybe you should do coaching. So like 2007, 2006, I’m now charging for this thing. Then we started the online school. Now we have just thousands of people finding us all the time. And I would just say, we do this show and we teach you the things you need to know, but we know that anytime somebody exceptional comes in contact with ordinary thinking people, there is conflict conflict. So if I’m telling you something that you’re hearing from 99.8% of the population, I’m doing a bad job, I gotta teach you that 0.0019 stuff. Come on now that two tenths of a percent stuff, give me that top down. That point we got to talk to you about hitting your unit with a hammer. Come on now. Okay. No notable quoted over Ted by the way, that that was a fine hammer.

Speaker 6: That’s a professional hammer. No, I took it to good luck with that quality of a hammer that things went on just in case of, okay. Light evidence, notable quotable number 10 bill Belchick says, I think that we’ll continue to try to look at ourselves in the mirror and see what, see where we can do a better job maybe where we can improve the process, but I think the fundamentals of the process will remain the same. Now, bill Belichick famously recently talked about how he does not do analytics, which is hilarious because every other coach obsesses on analytics and all the analysts do too. And he says, I look at the heart of a guy and I know who to give the ball to. And they’re doing, they sit in certain situations. I watch game film, but I don’t look at like heat maps and stats and graphs and grids and Z.

Speaker 6: You see a lot of entrepreneurs that over they over, they do the over stats, they look at too many stats. Devin, you see these kinds of stats. What kind of reports could you look at? They’re completely meaningless. They can take all your time and energy and make you mildly retarded. If you look at all the stats, what kind of stats could suck the soul of a business owner if not careful? Impressions. people who may have looked at posts, Google analytics, like getting lost in the weeds. That’s one example. There’s a business owner I worked with a few months ago and he said my Google analytics shows me that the only people going to my website or typing in the name of my business, and it wasn’t Cola but it can be like Cola, so it’s like, okay, so Charles you’re saying that everybody who goes to colon fitness only types in Cola fitness. Okay, I’m following you there and then I’m pointing out to the client though, unlike you guys, they don’t rank for any keywords so I’m like the only way they would find you is if they typed in the name of your business because you don’t rank for the keywords they go, that’s why I don’t want to invest in search engine optimization because the only people that find it type in my web address, I’m like, that’s like a bank giving you a report of how much money you don’t have.

Speaker 1: It’s just, it doesn’t make any sense. That’d be a lot. A lot of paper. A lot of paper where there’s a $22 trillion in circulation of which you have 75 of them. Yup. Oh thank you. Update me tomorrow please. I mean, and then you get these reminders [inaudible] you know what I mean? How much do I have now? Talk to me about analytics. You need to know, and once you don’t need to know, just so that we have a little clarity here about what kind of numbers we hit on earlier. Kpis, different for every, every [inaudible] indicators, key performance indicators. And what does that mean? Things that move the needle come on that matter. Come on. It doesn’t matter when people go to your website, what they clicked on first and sincerely, there’s a matter of

Speaker 5: That, you know no, I, there’s things Devin just said over there. Those things don’t matter

Speaker 11: Right now in this studio, little fun factor of Voya, there’s a total of six people in the studio and one has a megaphone, which means they have 15% of the people on the show. They have a megaphone. Thank you.

Speaker 5: Thank you. That fact doesn’t matter. So what happens is is that you as a business owner, you as the boss have to figure out what matters and track it and to be maniacal about trying to increase that or trying to prove that and everything should go through that filter of what’s best for the business, I. E. what’s best for those KPIs, I. E. how do I move the needle? Right. So your KPI may be how many people came in and bought memberships today, right. That’s probably a key performance indicator, correct? Yep. Memberships, cancellations. Yeah. Any cancellation is maybe even more important. Really. Yeah. Now, do you follow up with those personally or how do you handle cancellation mean? We just drove into our house would probably shut off. Just oiled up [inaudible] we don’t let them cancel it. Drag them back to the gym. Oh yeah. Yeah, exactly. Do one look like this. Keep coming. Come up with me. Get over my breath. A good lager. We have, I. W I would, yeah. The main things we want, we’re tracking how many active users are there, how many we sold, how many are canceled. We talk about a lot of those things and then how we can make sure that the customer service department that we’ve done in house with clay and the teams kind of coached us on that. You probably don’t have how towels

Speaker 1: We went through this week. That’s probably not on your KPIs.

Speaker 11: Quick update real quick guys. I hate to do this but we’ve got a seven pals. I’m in the room. We got eight over there. Oh that’s 15 now you have the third owner is also, there are two customers outside, one of which is wearing white on back to you guys. Sorry.

Speaker 1: And also guys, we’ve got, there’s a guy still in that dang shower number three, he won’t eat cause everybody knows he’s in shower number three. But in there for three, three days now

Speaker 11: Four and eight of the men who are our lifting right now have a tattoo. 181-EIGHT-18H-OF a man. That’s just what edibles in the work. And the cardio area two had a three people haven’t had to. And that’s just a,

Speaker 1: But just the test. So the point is you had to figure out the numbers that matter. Yep. Track them, track them, watch them, watch them inspect what you expect. Right? Oh I love that term. It’s so fin SPECT what you expect. That’s that point. Zero zero one nine knowledge you do stop it. Stop it. Cause my, my woman did all my work online. But the thing about it is, and that’s what you gotta do. So sometimes you can be for a season tracking things that you look at and you’ve got, Oh you can always kind of be looking at that massaging and looking at and going, why am I tracking that? Does that make me more money? Does that help build the business? Is is you say mythos. Ah, you said that when you say at the keywords then with percolate and torque, Elaine, go for the oil.

Speaker 1: Come on. I’m sorry about that. I had a flashback. Don’t show, don’t dope. I use, I used to be a hot tub salesman. Well obviously I, but you were leading salesman. I just, sorry about that. Very hot tub. I sold. I’d come and spend the weekend in the hot tub. I’m excited. I’m excited correctly. I’m excited for the, the you know, when you get a criminal a conviction, there’s a window of time and then it falls off. Yeah. I’m excited for the conviction to fall off so I can give you a back massage again. Oh, that would be nice. I still, I still had that roof straining orders, so I don’t know that it’s only a five year one. I know if you’re out there today and you’re saying to yourself, what do I need to do with this knowledge? What I’m going to give you a three direct action.

Speaker 1: Come on one. I would encourage you to go to thrive time,, forward slash free resources and find out which of the eBooks do you want to download for free. You can download the book for free. You can download the book for free. All the books for free. They’re all up their books on time management, search engine optimization. It’s all there. Actually item number two. I want you to think long and hard about today’s show and ask yourself what are a few of the management principles that you could apply today and then also about today’s show. Think about porpoises and Roche, Russian folk massaging purposes. Now the final, the final action item. No serious question. If you know anybody, whether there’s somebody from Russia, California, Florida, Nebraska, we have listeners in South Korea, Australia, Canada. No matter where you’re listening from right now, if you’ve one time and learned one time, one time, if you’ve laughed one time and learned one time, share the show one time. Surely you can share the show one time. Surely you can’t share the show one time. How do you know the name? Surely a w well actually a Z. That’s a good, that’s a good point. And I have a an audio clip ready for this moment. I see limited how many people aren’t serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. That’s the kind of show prep I do. I’m ready

Speaker 6: For all scenarios. You are ready for all scenarios. So if you get, have you learned something today? If you laugh, just share it with one person. Just one this week. Your friends and Tulsa here. You know where Todd Tulsa. It is the home of of tourism. The world travels here for our sod farm tours. We get it. We have a competitive advantage, sexy, but just share it with one person for me to grasp rolled up like that. See if you can say boom with us. You might be in your office right now. You might on your way to work, but let’s end the show with the boom and I’d like for you to say boom with us. Does that seem fair? Z? I think that’s fair. Okay. Here and I’m not sure what a boom costs, but we would be willing to pay you for a boom in theoretical cash, theoretical cash. Maybe give them a mega point. You’re going to make a mega point for my megaphone and they can go on the Gordon at owl or inner out. This is, I think Gordon, that’s better. I think that we’re talking about going inside. Ally get worried. I got it down. I think the Gordon net probably better. I want it to go inside.

Speaker 1: Okay, here we go. It just got weird. Here we go. Three, two, one. Hello.


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