Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 2) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick’s number one fan and America’s #1 business coach Clay Clark breaks down 75 Bill Belichick quotes

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Bill Belichick Quote #11 – “We’re always trying to do a better job on that and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

What can you improve in your small business today?

  1. Branding
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales scripting
  4. Pricing
  5. Human resources
  6. Accounting

NOTE: You must track your numbers and you must measure what you treasure.

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Bill Belichick Quote #12 – “Mental toughness is going out there and doing what’s best for the team – even though everything isn’t going exactly the way you want it to.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #13 – “My personal coaching philosophy, my mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice, however bad we can make them, I make them.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #14 – “When you get wet, it usually means something good.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #15 – “Whatever success I’ve had it is because I’ve tried to understand the situation of the player. I think the coach’s duty is to avoid complicating matters.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #16 – “Every game is an important game for us. Doesn’t matter what’s the next week – who we play, whether it’s a bye week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Columbus Day. We don’t care. We’re just trying to go out there and win a game.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #17 – “You can play hard. You can play aggressive. You can give 120% but if one guy is out of position then someone is running through the line of scrimmage and he is going to gain a bunch of yards.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

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    2. Facebook (is the fallback position)
  2. Video Reviews – 2 video reviews per Google Map (add to marketing sheet)
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  4. Content – 24 articles per month (with 1,000 words per page)
  5. Images – 10 images per week on website gallery (revisit ask Clay)
  6. Images – 10 images per week on Google Map (Add to manager daily items. Take 1 picture of club and 1 picture with member/staff and upload to Google maps)
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  9. 50 door hangers per day (revisit)
  10. Sign flipper during busy hours (doing on Mondays and Tuesdays)
  11. 1 employee testimonial per week (add to marketing sheet 1 per week. Following script

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” – Colossians 3:23-24

Bill Belichick Quote #18 – “The less versatile you are, the better you have to be at what you do well.”

Bill Belichick Quote #19 – “I think a good quarterback or a good linebacker, a good safety, even though you have a lot of bodies moving out there, it slows down for them and they can really see it. Then there are other guys that it’s a lot of guys moving and they don’t see anything. It’s like being at a busy intersection, just cars going everywhere. The guys that can really sort it out, they see the game at a slower pace and can really sort out and decipher all that movement, which is hard. But experience certainly helps that, yes.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Quote #20 – “Do your job.”  – Coach Bill Belichick

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Facebook 75 Bill Belichick Quotes Part 2 Thrivetime Show

On today’s show, we break down the coaching genius of the new England Patriots head coach. Bill Belichick on part two of I look under the hoodie, exploring 75 built Belichick quotes about the management mastery, the greatest coach of all time.

[Inaudible] You guys need to stretch. Maybe that’s a problem. Too much gossiping and not enough stretching. We had one fight like the second day and then I made them run because they had so much energy to fight and we haven’t had any since then. Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show dies to may eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time.

Oh boy,

Yes, yes and yes. Jason Beasley. Welcome

To the thrive time show. How are you sir? I’m doing fantastic on this post Thanksgiving Saturday morning. Hey, now a lot of our listeners out there might be saying what qualifies a Jason Beals Beasley to be on the show? Well, I’d like to say that you have managed a team of people. Your title was the super manager for awhile there, which means that you started off in the call center and worked your way up to the role of a call center manager and then an assistant manager in the store and then a manager of the store and then the super manager in charge of all three stores. And so you’ve personally managed a multimillion dollar company with dozens of employees at the same time. And it turns out most entrepreneurs struggle with these following areas over and over and over. Most entrepreneurs struggle with, first they just struggle with marketing and you know, getting in leads.

True. But then step two is they really struggle with selling something. I mean, converting any lead into actual sale. And then third is once you sell something, you got to manage the people. Yeah, that’s a big part. And I find that a lot of people struggle with management, but you have become a very effective a manager. But again, we take care of the turnkey marketing and branding and elephant in the room. So we have leads coming in. You know, we have about a hundred new customers coming in every single week for the first time. The first offer that we make for them is a no brainer. It’s $1 for your first haircut, $1. So it’s a great offer. But then step two, we’ve got to convert them into actual members who are our paying clients. So we have to do a great job. But then once we convert, we have, you know, thousands and thousands and thousands of members.

And now that we’ve done that, now we’ve got to manage people. Yeah. And when you first started managing people, was it an easy thing? Was it a tough thing? Tell us about where you started when you first began managing people, if you can remember without having flashbacks. Well I did a lot of my training, I guess as an assistant at our South Tulsa store, but I didn’t really start managing a full team by myself until I was moved to broken arrow. And I went in thinking, Oh, this is going to be great. But I didn’t realize the shift that happened from when you go to an assistant manager, to a manager, what kind of shift there is a, there’s a weird love loss I guess. Like there’s like a, there’s a comradery when you’re not wearing the captain’s hat and like, yeah, this guy’s on our side.

We can confide in this guy and the new become a manager. And it’s almost like you’re the enemy because you are the one now holding them accountable. You’re the one that is stressing sales quotas and getting to work on time and all that. So trying to get over that hump was huge cause I thought, geez, why do people hate me? Hmm. So you’ve learned how to become an effective manager. And we were talking about this off air, but I use bill Belichick as an example at least in probably every meeting. Yeah. And you know, you’re not super interested in football, frankly. Neither am I. But why do I mention bill Belichick all the time? Cause he is without a doubt one of the greatest human managers of just that’s ever existed. What’s thing about the parallels between professional football and running a small business?

A one on a professional football team. You have 53 players. Yup. Oh, that’s about like having a small business [inaudible] you have a salary cap. True. You’ve got to stick within a certain budget as an NFL team and as a small business owner three you’ve got to make a profit, you know for the average player in the NFL has careers only three and a half years. Think about elephant in the room. How long does the average stylist stick around if they’re very good? I mean, if they, if they’re very good at three, three years almost max. Yeah. There are so many parallels. What we’re gonna do on today’s show is I’m going to have you read the notable quotables as we go through part two of the bill Belichick notable quotable series. You’ll read the quote and then I’ll break it down. I’d like for you to explain that the tough part about actually implementing what is being said here.

Okay. Okay. So here we go. Notable quarter, whatever, 11 from coach bill Belichick is what we are always trying to do a better job on that. And that’s what we’ll continue to do. So we’re always trying to do a better job on that. And that’s what we’ll continue to do. All right, so let’s think about a elephant in the room, the men’s grooming lounge. We’re recording this right now during the month of late November, almost December. And what are some of the new things, the new, the new promotions that we’re doing right now? What, what’s maybe a new thing we’re doing in the stores right now? A hot and fresh promotion we’re doing right now. So anytime a new member signs up, they get a chance to win a massive TV. All right? So we got that going on. True. And we also aren’t trying to improve every week, right?

So every week we’re trying to make sure that if a guy books his hair an appointment at 11 o’clock and another man books his appointment at 1130 and another man books his appointment at 12 and another man books his appointment at 1230, we want to make sure we are on time. Yes. For all four of those appointments in a row. What is the challenging part about that? The challenging part is making sure that the stylists can perform all of their duties and all the extras that go into our experience within that given amount of time. But also the human error of if the person who booked that appointment at 1130 actually shows up before or at 1130 so we can get started. So you’re saying we have a challenge of the human component that if the customer shows up late or early, that’s a problem.

Yup. And if our stylists are running behind, that’s a problem. Yup. And so we were talking on Friday about the 10 minute rule. Oh yeah. Can you kind of explain what the 10 minute rule was all about? And this is a new update that we’re doing an elephant in the room and our continual quest to be the best. What what? What is the the the, the new 10 minute rule. Well that’s just like, so we opened it Saturday, so we open at 9:00 AM on a Saturday. If I book an appointment at 9:00 AM and you book an appointment at nine 30 if by nine 10 I am not there, but you are already there, they’re going to go ahead and get you in because you were 30 minutes early to your appointment. You’re waiting, you were punctual. Or if we have somebody who shows up and we’re booked out, they wait about 10 minutes and if I’m not there, we still have enough time to get their service in so they don’t feel shortchanged or excluded.

So we’re saying if somebody is running more than 10 minutes late and they’re a customer and they don’t call and tell us and they haven’t called, then we’re going to go ahead and take care of the person who’s right in front of us who maybe is a walk in or somebody who just walked in without scheduling and play hockey. Why is that a critical move? It’s critical because of we turned down, what was it, 112 last week? Yes. And mainly because we stayed booked. However, we also asked the stylist, you know, okay, if you have maximum, I believe if they booked back to back 30 minute services, they can have like 16 a day. And all of them were saying, yeah, you know, on a given day we’ll have four or six people not show up. Like Whoa, that’s two solid hours. Or you know, three solid hours of appointments we could be getting in for people.

So if you took that and you said, I’m trying to remember this statistic, but essentially we could still get in four or five additional people per day per person based off of the no-shows or the late people that we have. So let’s think about that. What can you improve in your small business? What could you improve? Well, I’ll, let’s talk about the branding. Jason and proving the branding. You’ve worked with a lot of great companies. What we’ll pick on one in particular does a great job as angels touch Oh yeah. Based out there in Massachusetts actually. Oh yeah. Born talk to me about how well she’s doing in terms of growth this year versus last year. She is doing so awesome. So she is up 71% total. They had $1 million a year last year. They closed it out at just over 860,000. Then this year before December has even over before November was over, they were already at a 1.6 million.

So she is doing very, very well. This just end from our home office. She is doing well. She’s killing it now. So again, I’d ask yourself, well, what can you improve in your small business today? Is it your branding on a scale of one to 10 rate your branding on a scale of one to 10 your marketing, your print pieces, your website, your logo, that kind of thing. And then marketing, you know, how you generate leads. How, how effective is it? On a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the highest, how could you improve your marketing? How could you improve, improve your sales scripting? How could you improve your, your, your pricing and your, your profit margins? How could you improve the human resources component of the business to actual people that work with you? How could you improve the accounting in your business?

But Jason, none of this is possible if we don’t track. Now, bill belichick watches game film maniacally. Bill Belichick does not delegate the watching of game film. Talk to me about how impossible it is to improve. If you don’t track well, you’d never know where you are. So one of the things I can speak so highly of Angel’s touch and know how they went from, you know, 800,000 to 1.6 million was she started tracking and she let me know she didn’t want to, she hated numbers, but she had to become a numbers person. So every single week for about the first 20 minutes of our call, we go over her numbers. She markets aggressively on her ad roll and Facebook and she tracks how that’s doing. Any other type of marketing, like the Google ad words, where their leads are coming from, where they can optimize, but she knows down to the the lead source all the way down to how much they’re making.

Like her revenue goals are on there. And because she can see it, she can push past it. Or if she’s not getting there, she can identify what’s stopping her from hitting her revenue goals. We know we just helped a multiple Thrivers this week, save thousands of dollars. And is it, do you give me approval? Are you okay if we help the listeners save thousands of dollars? Right now. I’m more than okay with that. Let’s, let’s help the listeners save thousands of dollars right now. Okay. So step one, if you’re out there and you have an office printer, let’s say we have an office printer, we have the big color went out here. Oh yeah, we do. And a lot of business owners are spending a ton of money on printing a ton on the ink, on the cartridges, on the, you know, so years ago we measure what we are spending on our printing and it occurred to me if we would switch to and different business, a different vendor, we could probably save hundreds of dollars a month and approximately six grand a year, dude, 6,000 a year.

Oh yeah. By switching to a different printer provider. And so the printer provider that we used, and I, by the way, listeners, I don’t make any commission for recommending this guy. We switched to bud Taha, bud, bud Taha T a H a his phone number is (918) 855-6111 (918) 855-6111. And Jason, you just heard the call with one of our coaching clients and is he not going to save some money by switching by just switching to a different printer? A business? He’s saving $6,000 a year. It’s impressive Jason. I mean if you could get, make a $6,000 raise by just switching printer printing vineyards, I mean switching printer vendors, wouldn’t that be a win for America? Yes, yes it would. And I would do that in a heartbeat. I need to see where I’m printing right now. Oh, now. Okay. Let’s talk about another company here. We’ve got Tyler Tyler is a credit card vendor and a, this is a credit card vendor that has been able to save one of my clients over a thousand dollars a month.

Jason, are you, how familiar are you with how credit card processors work? I know that’s in order to have a business just based off of being an elephant, we have a credit card processor. So anytime that they offer the convenience for their systems to pull money out for cause our our customer’s cards and put it into our accounts, they get a percentage of that just for being the software and the hardware provider. True. Now let’s talk about this for a second. When you have a website, when you have a, when you take credit cards, you’re going to be charged a fee. Many of you listening right now, you might be get charged per transaction per swipe. So let’s say that I go into your store today and I buy a candy bar for a dollar. Many of you might pay 10 cents per Slipe. Every time someone swipes you get charged 10 cents.

Some of you might get charged a percentage or some of you might get charged both, but I have found that if you go to the thrive time, forward slash credit dash card, that’s thrive time forward slash credit dash card. Again, thrive time On average, our listeners who have compared rates saved $2,500 last year, $2,500. Now, how would you know if you’re saving money? You gotta track? Yup. Jason, let’s talk about call recording for a second. Ooh, let’s see what happens if you’re out there and you do not record your calls, what happens right now? If we do not record our calls by default, what happens by default? Either calls are not made or calls are not made up to standard, which means we lose those leads and elephant in the room. How vital is call recording? Extremely vital because everything is a, he said, she said scenario.

So what kind of things do we learn by recording the calls we learn one if our call scripting is effective in order to book people, get them the correct info, cause that in turn, I mean it starts with the appointment and if they don’t like us there and then it’s going to affect our conversion when we try to close them as a member. But yeah, if we’re not recording it, weird things can be said. Calls can be missed. Calls can be ignored. If we have a vital customer service issue that doesn’t get recorded, person could say anything in order to get that person off the phone. All right, so right now if you go to the thrive time,, forward slash clarity, thrive time, forward slash. Clarity. You can go up there and you can get it quote for call recording and I’m T I’m going to tell you this.

Clarity, voice saves almost every business owner I’ve ever, ever worked with thousands upon thousands of dollars because most small businesses don’t have people that answer the phone, right? And in the event that they do answer the phone, they don’t follow this script by default. It is a powerful game, changing money. And I could go on and on, sharing with ways that you could save money. But the point of this first notable quotable is you’ve got to try to do a little bit better job every week and you can’t get better if you don’t track Kaizen. Kaizen, which means continual improvement. That is a Japanese term. Kaizen stands for continual improvement. Jason Beasley, notable quotable. Got a notable quotable, a number 12, coming in hot. What does it say? My friend? It says mental toughness is going out there and doing what’s best for the team even though everything isn’t going exactly the way you want it to.

Okay, let’s think about that as it relates to elephant in the room. What are times where you have to do what’s right for the team, but it’s not exactly what you want to do or what I want to do, but something we have to do. Let’s see. What’s a really good example of that? I ain’t making a soup. Making shampoo. Yeah. I mean, yeah, you’ve turned it into a learning center. You now listen to podcasts while you do it. That’s true. But I mean, making shampoos probably not exciting. It’s not, the beard balm is the least exciting. It’s also the most dangerous. It’s just hot oil and making you know, making those awkward conversations happen. We have to sit down with two feuding stylists and talk to them. Disciplinary conversation. Should have been the first thing. Those are not fun. No, but we have to do it.

True. But how many times do you see as a coach where you’re working with a small business owner and before you’ve been able to help them, they simply avoid these conversations entirely. They say, I don’t want to have the conversation. So they just don’t. How common is that? Very common. I have two clients this past year that they kept a toxic employee around and all they had to do is have the awkward conversation and they didn’t. And so both of them got way out of pocket and then they ended up having to fire them, which was good for their business. But they just let it go on each, each one of them for far too long. Ah, that’s, so if you’re out there today, I’d ask you what are the things that you need to do right now with your business that you don’t want to do?

Like what is something that you need to do but you don’t want to do as it relates to your company? This is so important that everybody out there understands this idea. Because if you do not do what you need to do, if you don’t do the hard things, your life gets tougher. And here’s why. I’m just asking you, what are the areas in your business right now where you’re saying, you know, that’s a, that’s a, that’s a tough one for me. I don’t want to do that. What bill Belichick think about this. He’s a great, he’s a nice guy. Jason, if you had 53 players, do you think it’d be difficult on a weekly basis to have to cut people? Very difficult. Why? Because you don’t want to be the bad guy. And I hear this a lot from from clients as well as that’s somebody’s livelihood.

I’m messing with. I don’t want to make them unemployed because they might have a family. So I mean, it’s a difficult thing, is it not? It’s a difficult thing. Oh yeah. But at the same time, it’s a, it’s a difficult thing, but it is something that has to be done. So I’m asking you right now, if you own a business, what is that thing that you’ve been putting off that you don’t want to do but you have to do now, Jason, notable quotable, number 13 coming in hot or bill belichick is what my personal coaching philosophy. My mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice. However bad we can make them, I make them. Why does bill Belichick have his team practice outside during the winter? Because inevitably they’re going to have to play outside in the winter. Ah, but most coaches don’t do that. Why? It’s true. Most coaches don’t like to win the way bill Belichick does. Now, let me cue up this video here. You tell me you’d narrate right here. What you see here going on here. This is a [inaudible].

Boston was wrapped with record snowfall and historic flooding after a massive storm took hold of the Northeast. But despite the frozen conditions, players got to play.

Oh man. So they are walking down the, so this is the Patriots in nothing left their gear. So pants, pants, helmets,

Jaylen Brown proved that. The phrase, no days off runs true.

No days off. So why, why is it a big thing and important thing for these guys to practice outside right now in the stomach, these are guys, NFL players making millions of dollars a year. Why are they outside? Well, in order to play and make millions of dollars a year, they have to be able to play when it’s difficult and they’re going to succeed where other teams don’t. Because I mean, look, this guy is marching through the parking lot. It’s windy, there’s deep snow. It looks miserable, but they have to be out there. What happens to the other teams though? They’ve had been practicing in a, in a, in a dome climate controlled environment. When the snow hits during a real game, what happens to those guys? They’ll be distracted. They’ll lock up. They won’t know how to maneuver like these guys practice on, you know, running on snow or slippery surfaces so they know exactly how to go in order to not impede their movements.

But even then it’s like what was the, what was the play from the podcast we did last week? Where bill turned over the ball because he wanted to kick with the wind instead of against it. And the other team didn’t even think about that. Yeah. Bill belichick and if you listen to some of our previous shows, we have to be kept a lot of examples. But bill, you know, during a critical game elected to you know, he said, Hey, I don’t want the ball during overtime. You know, like you don’t want the ball. He just won the coin toss. Why do you not want the ball? Well, he wanted to have the wind at his backs and it had his back and sure enough when the game was on the line, the opposing team tried to kick a field goal into the wind and they couldn’t do it right.

And so Bill’s team was able to March the ball down the field and kick a field goal and win the game. Yup. This happens all the time now. None of a chordal number 14, this, this just in from a bill Belichick notable quotable center is what when you get wet it usually means something good. What does that mean? That is a great question. What does that mean to you? All the 12 year old in me is just like, don’t say it. Okay, let me, let me, let me tell you what it means. He bad weather conditions and why does he like bad weather conditions? Cause it’s hard and the other team hasn’t practiced in it. Right. I just want you to understand this. There are so many examples of former Patriots talking about this, but bill Belichick will actually make the balls wet and scuffed them up all the time during practice so that when you’re in a game and the balls wet, it’s not new.

But what happens if you’re trying to catch a wet football for the first time in your life and you’re doing it on national television? What happens? Like somebody just tossed a big old fish out of the river at just flopping around and you have no idea how to grab it. Okay, let’s move on to the next door. Double quarter with a notable Quidel number 15 from coach bill Belichick. Whatever success I’ve had it is because I’ve tried to understand the situation of the player. I think the coach, his duty is to avoid complicating matters. Let’s go back to [inaudible] number 14 for a second. I’m asking you what can you do to make your office environment tougher than it is on the playing field? So as an example, if you have a call center, why would you want to roleplay Jason? The frequently asked questions or customer complaints situations with your call center team before they have a real complaint because it gets them ready.

Back when I was working at the elephant call center or the rental car call center I was working at, I came into both of those not having prepared, and it wasn’t until I started working for the elephant call center that I would have weekly times with my manager in any other trainer where you guys would go over hard customer service issues or you’d play a call back and say, okay, what did you do wrong here? And it would get me prepared that way. The next time somebody calls in and they’re screaming, it’s ours. You okay, hang man, I don’t lock up. I’m able to go in with nothing but candor. Make them, you build that rapport and then diffuse the situation. But if I weren’t experienced with that, I wouldn’t be able to, you know, close that anytime. Well we have a notable quotable here from a little audio excerpt from a James Harrison.

Now James Harrison played with a plate for bill belichick during his final season in the, in the NFL. He will be a hall of fame NFL player. He was the strongest man in the NFL during his career. He spent the majority of his career on the Miami dolphins. However, James Harrison has been on other teams throughout his career. And so he’s played for a lot of different coaches. And that includes the, the bangles and he played for the lookout. Just look out Jack D is, this is like, look at this guy. I mean, God, he’s, so he played for the Bengals. He played for the Steelers. He played for the Patriots. Look at those arms. What the crap. And so James Harrison is being asked about what it’s like to play for bill Belichick versus playing for other coaches. And this is what he has to say. Just wanna make sure we’re getting the biggest difference from playing under a Tomlin versus a belt check.

Like I said, it’s discipline and everybody think I’m talking about you know, the players are just running wild or doing whatever they want to do is discipline as far as an understanding of, of defenses. You know, the execution them, even with the players, you know understanding in this being taught the same way by everybody else. It’s not, I’m not saying that the team is going crazy. They’re doing whatever they want to do. That’s what I’m saying. That’s the big difference that I felt when I went over to new England. Well, the reason why it’s such a relevant

Subject is because Terry Bradshaw obviously working for Fox, doing a great job for them year for years for Tom Superbowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He did an interview a couple of days ago and he spoke out about Dominic and he said that he wasn’t a fan and that his coach, his style, he’s more interested in being with friends, with the players than doing anything else. My attitude is simple. Tomlin is one 16 and 60 as a head coach, he’s been to three STT championship games. Two Superbowl’s won a super bowl title, eight playoff appearances, and there’s 11 years as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t think there’s much to complain about other than to say he’s not bill Belichick. But when you hear a Bradshaw saying what he said, what do you take from that?

Like I said, everyone’s entitled to her opinion. You got to look at the type of coach that he played under versus what he’s right with versus what he’s seeing now. Right. You know, I would say that, you know, cower was a, you know, another coach that was, you know,

And he’s explaining that bill Belichick level of discipline he has on the team translates onto, into success on the field. Yep. So let’s, let’s break this down into small business language. Let’s talk about checklists. Checklists. Oh, gotta love a check. Oh my employees do not like following checklist. Why do employees not like, I mean when, when I think of checklist, this is what I think.

Oh yeah, love checklists.

Cause they, they, they make it work, right? It’s a, it’s a sexy idea. But most people, they think about checklists. They think about, no. And I think a checklist, I think

About checklist systems success.

But when most people think about checklists, they think about this Thanksgiving, I made a check,


Well all the food that I would bring and I made a schedule of events and that’s right. Therefore I didn’t forget anything. Most people for Thanksgiving didn’t do that and therefore they forgot something. So let’s talk about this for a second. Why do employees hate checklists so much? The main thing that I always hear when people get used to doing the checklist is it’s just so, it’s, I don’t like to be micromanaged. I don’t like for you to tell me every two hours that I have to do the same thing. There’s nothing new. We do the same thing over and over. Oh it’s beautiful. But they don’t see the benefit of that. Like for you as a business owner, checklists are great cause that means if that checklist is there and gets done every two hours, you don’t have to be there doing it. And if you have a manager who can execute and follow up on it, everything gets done.

So let’s talk about this notable quotable. Whatever success I’ve had is because I’ve tried to understand the situation of the player. I think the coaches duty is to avoid complicating matters. Jason, how could we make the elephant in the room? Men’s grooming lounge more complicated cause we’ve had people suggest things that would definitely make it more complicated. How could we make it more complicated? Oh we could take all of our tools every single day and do like a crazy maintenance sweep and cleaning. Even though the sanitation process that we use, the state board certified, we’ve had times people were like, Oh we need to take every single thing apart even though people don’t know how to do it. Or whether it be like how we, how we approach the checklist. So instead of doing it every hour, let’s do it every 30 minutes or every two hours for every 30 minutes.

I found too with a, we have guys that will come in who will want like the Oklahoma city thunder logo in their hair. Oh yeah. And it’s not the average person, but it is somebody. And so we’ll have a newer grooming professional who says, we need to focus our training on how to do those kinds of designs. And you’ve seen this Jason, and it’s like, we need to retrain everybody. We need to start right now from the top to the bottom. We need to have a seasonal product every single month where we have to take all the stock that we have for our, you know, ongoing stuff and then converted it into something that nobody’s going to buy. What are other ways that we’ve had people suggest ways to make it more complicated? I have, I have so many examples that relate to small business owners. I have, I’ve had employees who said maybe we should have a new playlist every month.

Yep. I’ve had that happen. I’ve had people say, what if we had what have we introduced? Like you said, a new product every month. Yep. Another one is what if we have a new org chart so that way it doesn’t get boring. Like we could rotate an assistant manager and manager every week and then rotate the lead stylist and what, talk to me Jason about this cause I think a lot of business owners are out there listening to their staff and their staff is board that they work at Dick’s sports and all Dick’s sports sells his sporting goods and so they want to sell something else else. There’s employees out there that work at Victoria’s secret who are upset that all Victoria does is sell her secret products and they want to talk to me about this cause w how are, what are, what are, how did you handle this when you’re a business owner and this case, you were a manager of a lot of people and they all suggested new ideas every day.

How do you handle it? Well, most people get bored, which is what is happening with like you know, employees suggesting things is they don’t want to do the same thing over and over because they feel like their job lacks quote unquote excitement. However, they don’t realize that a job makes sense and you make money if the system actually is in place and is repeatable and so most managers or small business owners will have that employee mindset like they were an employee at some point. So then I really lost that. And then when it goes back to being likable, you want to make sure that you have the same mindset so people still like you even though they don’t respect you. So when a new idea comes up, they’re going to say, Hey, I think we should do kids’ cuts every other weekend in order to make it fair.

And you’re like, you know what? That’s a great idea. Let’s do it. Well then it’s utter chaos. Or if they decided, okay, you’ve had the kids cuts recommendation. Oh yeah. Okay. What kind of recommendation did you have for that? I said, well, the system is set up to cater to men of a specific age. What is it you’re saying? We’ve had a member of the team at one point suggest what about kids cuts? They wanted to do like a every other weekend or like two weekends a month. We’d be able to, you know, let kids in no matter how young in order to cut their hair. Other what are, what are other, what are other examples of things that people have suggested that could make it complicated? They wanted to do stylists like cut each other’s hair every Sunday because they thought it would be fair to enjoy the services that they offer.

What about a membership for women? Have you heard that? Yup. Membership for women. I’ve heard a lot of people say you should do elephant in the room for women. That’d be awesome. He had heard of like senior memberships memberships for seniors. Oh my gosh. Okay. And what are other more ways we could complicate the elephant in the room? Cause again, bill Belichick is a master of coachings. He breaks down at complicated amount of film, a ton of data and turns it into a game plan that people can actually understand. Right. What are other areas where members of the team elephant the room have perhaps just things that would make an infinitely more complicated? I’m changing out the comp, the complimentary beverages that we offer our clients, not them, but the clients changing it out once a month so people don’t get bored with, you know, Coke, diet Coke and Sprite.

You had that suggestion? Oh yeah. At one point it got super heated and so I just showed them the costing sheet and like, this is why we do what we do. What about this? I’ve had this one suggested a lot. What if we had a seating chart and then every month or every week we’ll rotate what chair each stylist works set. Feel like you get tipped more in. The lighting’s better in this chair. Have you heard that? Oh yeah. I mean they’re, they’re endless. Endless. I’ve heard people suggest we need a new video game every month. Oh, that one never changes. Every time something new comes out. Hey, we need to get the new games now. We keep Madden in two K and call of duty because that’s what homeboys will always default back to. I’ve heard people say they want us to repaint everything all the time.

New colors. Yup. And I think there’s business owners out there and you’ve worked with these business owners. Jason talked to me about these business owners that you’ve worked with that had been a slave to their employees and it’s slave to complication. You’ve helped him change the conversation by understanding that you have to nail it to scale it because complexity fails and simplicity scales. Yeah. Well, oftentimes with those clients, they’re entertaining all these extra ideas and what happens with that is not only are they wasting the time that they need in order to manage those people and their business, they can’t work on or in it if they’re focusing on a crazy idea of the week, but it also, it’s one of the biggest things that I see stops people from tracking because if you’re adding a new idea every single week, there’s no like continuity there. You can’t say, okay, well this worked for this week, but didn’t work for this week because it was only one week of you actually acting on it or pondering on it. Not even acting yet. Let’s talk about bill belt. Bill, bill Belichick, coach bill Belichick, quote number 16 what? Say you, Jason, every game is an important game for us. It doesn’t matter. What’s the, what’s the next week, who we play? Whether it’s a bi-week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Columbus day. We don’t care. We’re just trying to go out there and win a game. Repeat that again, please. Because somebody needs to really just soak that in. Someone needs to listen to that. Take notes on this because is powerful. Somebody out there, you need to get [inaudible]

This, break it down. Every game is an important game for us. Doesn’t matter what’s the next week, who we play, whether it’s a bi-week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Columbus day. We don’t care. We’re just trying to go out there and win a game.

I see so many business owners who are held hostage by their team because this week is Thanksgiving, so I can’t pay boss. I can’t work this week because it’s Thanksgiving. And then by the way, boss, I can’t work next week cause it’s, it’s, I can’t work the day after Thanksgiving Jason. Cause that’s the Friday after. Sure. And I can’t work then cause it’s the day after Thanksgiving and then the Wednesday before. I can’t either cause I got to travel and I can’t work Christmas Eve. But I, and I, and I know we get Christmas day off, but I can’t work the day after Christmas day. And that can’t work on the Eve of new year’s or the day after new year’s. And I can’t work the day of Saint Patty’s day. And I certainly can’t work the morning after. You see this all the time. Yeah. I mean how many holidays are there in a year? Too many. There’s a lot. So what happens Jason, if, if the listeners out there can’t get their team to get it done 52 weeks a year, what happens?

Well, your ideal and likely buyers will quickly become somebody else’s ideal and likely buyers. How many, how many holidays are there during the year, Jason, that have the ability to just, I mean, think of just off the top of your head, what are some of the holidays that have the potential to absolutely destroy your business? If you let everyone on your team have these times off? Definitely Thanksgiving, because most people take a week off for that Christmas. Most people take a week off for that new year’s Eve. And I’m not gonna argue with you, but let me, let me just tee this up. You tell me if you disagree here. Do you believe people should have the day off before new year’s Eve, before new year’s Eve, you had the day before new year’s. You know the Eva news you get out of here, but people ask for it. What about the day after new year’s day?

So it’s the day after new year’s Eve. So do new year’s day. I believe new year’s day, you should be open. Should you be off two years Eve? Hmm? No, actually. So you think you should be off. If you had to choose new year’s day, are you offering new year’s Eve? Are you, are you off? Oh look, I have to pick one. I had to pick one. I would pick new year’s day because I know my employees are going to show up in a very, okay. So right now we’re saying right now, most businesses that I’ve worked with over the years, they let their employees off the day before new year’s Eve and they let him off new year’s Eve. Would you agree with this? Yup. And then they let people off the day before Martin Luther King jr because it’s a bank holiday the next day. Have you seen this phenomenon? I have. Okay. what about the day before president’s day.

Do you know people that have ever taken this day off? I remember used to get it off for school and I had no idea what the holiday was. What about good Friday? Ah, see that’s, I’m stepping on toes there as far as religion goes, but personally I don’t, I don’t think so. But you know what I’m talking about. You know, people that are asking all for good Friday who are certainly not going to remember and can memorize the the life and death of, of Jesus Christ. They’re just wanting the day. True. Now, the day after Easter, should you have that off? No. What do you think about here? The fourth of or the day after the 4th of July. You want to do the day after 4th of July? Do you want people to work on that day? I would say if I had to choose day after, because it’s another drinking holiday. It’s the day after independence did the day after the 4th of July.

Let’s, let’s, you know, and then the day before of the 4th of July, people ask for that off. There’s no point. People ask offer labor day people. I mean, we go on and on. We labor on labor done. There are so many, there’s 104 days off. Whoa. In the year right now on my list here and on page 21 of the boom book, there’s only 365 days a year is 104 days off that people believe they should have off right now. No. Now we also throw in birthdays. Do you see this crap where it’s like, my child’s having a birthday today. Can I get off? Have you seen that ever since I was old enough to work? I have never not worked on my birthday. But you’ve seen people ask for it. Oh yeah. How many penny times have you seen people say, can I have today off? It’s my birthday or it’s my kid’s birthday.

Have you seen this? I have seen that far too often. Unbelievable and it’s hard to get anything done if you’re off 104 days a year. Believable. Again, bill belichick, he’s the King of consistency. Now bill Belichick, quote number 17 Jason, what does that say? My friend says, you can play hard, you can play aggressive, you can give 120% but if one guy is out of position, then someone is running through the line of scrimmage and he is going to gain a bunch of yards, talk, read, read it. Again, you can play hard, you can play aggressive, you can give 120% but if one guy is out of position, then someone is running through the line of scrimmage and he is going to gain a bunch of yards to break down the football jargon. For someone who doesn’t know. What he’s saying is if you can, you can be really hardworking, run really fast.

You can go out there and give quote unquote 120% but if you run the wrong way, you’re going to lose. Yup. And I think in business we see a lot of business owners working hard but not tracking. You know, just today, Jason, you’re never listening to a, a, we were on the phone with a client and I’m having them track how much profit he’s making per week. Yep. Why? Because he, you know, you want him to know how much money he’s actually bringing in. But what happens if he works really hard but doesn’t actually track what happens? Oh, it’s going to get to that point where every statement is I think or I feel, I think we had a busy week. I feel like we were super profitable and then he’s going to look at his actual account and go, Oh no, but we have to track it.

Yeah, it’s go the right way. Specific examples of things that we have to do. I’m going to give the listener some very specific things you can do right now that will dramatically increase the success of your business. I mean dramatically improve the success of your business if you’ll do these things and there are 11 things on my list of things to do that will dramatically improve your business right now. Maybe they’re Jason, these are 11 practical super moves that I give the listeners permission to use there. They’re going to work, but these are things you want to do this week and I’ll read them to you. What you have to have all your employees gather objective reviews from your real clients on Google and Facebook. Why Jason? Because it is going to help with your ranking. It’s also going to help with your overall conversions because he who has the most and highest reviews gets selected by the clients when they or by their ideal and likely buyers when they’re searching on search engines, video reviews.

Now you’ve got to gather at least two video reviews per week and add them to your Google map and then add those two video reviews. Step three to YouTube. Oh yeah. Why is that so effective? Well, it’s effective because if you add them, if you optimize them correctly and add them to YouTube, when people are searching for whatever keyword they’re optimized for, not only does your business come up organically, but those videos come up and why they are also super important is whether you watch them on YouTube or on, you know, the Google platform. It’s more proof. It’s validation, it’s helping, it’s helping you sell yourself on your ideal and likely buyers without you having to say anything. It’s an, it’s another customer that you’ve wowed. So we give the listeners two examples. If you type in clay Clark reviews, I’m sure you’ll find some that doesn’t like me as well. But if you have any clay Clark reviews right now, we have over a thousand video reviews that have been recorded from real clients who’ve actually hired me to speak in the past. Let me queue up this audio up from Paul Riddle. This is a speaking event I did in Florida years ago and let’s see what he has to say about my speaking event.

Oh, vice president of our company of operations.

It’s called the success group. International is his group. They work with home builders.

I’m vice president of our company of operations of success group international. I worked with independent contractors, but the takeaways for me was really to look at leadership and to define it in an active mode. You know, leadership is, is something that’s very, very active. If something that you have to really think on it. I think on a regular basis, you’ve got to build that habit, but you have to involve others. And I think we’re clay resounded with me very, very well was his for ease and also taking that vision and then making it [inaudible].

That’s referencing Jack Welch’s four E’s

Purposeful each day. That’s what builds success. Really impact clays. Clay style was very engaging to our group. We have of contractors in the service industry, especially in the mechanical trades and roofing. And he spoke at a very high energy level, which was very, very good. And number two,

But again, I’m not the one saying it at this point, right? I mean it’s somebody else say this is a the one of the heads of ups United postal services in Canada.

My name is David Drucker. I’m the president for ups stores Canada. Also a member of the eighth aboard and honorary position. So kind of a,

So you know, he’s a real person. He just said his first and last name

Crossover with both sides. I thought it was great. I thought clay did a wonderful job, I think. But again,

We could sit there and play these all day, but the point is, it’s real people that aren’t on our, that are not on my payroll. Jason, who have something to lose. Yes, by putting their reputation out there. Sure. So if you’re listening now, step one, get reviews on Google and Facebook. Step two, get video reviews on your Google map. Step three, get video reviews on YouTube. Step four, write 45 pages of content per month, a thousand words per page. Even if you could just do 24 pages of content per month with a thousand words of content per page. Why is that so important, Jason? Well, because Google ranks the people who have the most relevant content and based off of whatever particular keyword is searched. So if I had a mattress company in Tulsa and I wanted my customer to be able to find me on page one above the fold, preferably I would have to have enough content relating to that for Google to rank me as an authority.

There it is. Now you want next. Next item, you want to get at least 10 images per week added onto your website gallery. So let’s give examples. If you’re out there listening today and you type in P M H O, K, C reviews, P, M H, O, K, C reviews in Google. Ah, there you go. You see PMH, Oh Casey, you one of our great clients with 143 reviews. You’ve got video reviews up there. You’ve got, I mean it’s, it’s, there’s a lot of great stuff to be found up there. There’s a lot of great reviews. But Jason, what happens if you as a, a listener out there, you’re not active about getting these reviews, not proactive about gathering it, gathering them, even if you’re going 120%, what happens if you don’t stay proactive about gathering these reviews? Well, eventually if you stop getting reviews, you’re going to get out ranked because even if you have more than somebody else, if they consistently get one or two a week, Google likes that consistency.

It makes them believe that they are like a more active business. But also, I mean, you just give your competitors a chance to just steam Roya, which again is going to bear you in the rankings. And so your customers are going to go based off of who they see first and who has the best and highest rating. So you’ve got upstate proactive about it. Now, what if you do a Google search right now for a Joplin Jim’s J. O, P. L, I N jump on gyms now it’d be Cola fitness. There they are. They have 3,602 reviews. They’ve got all those video reviews, pop it up in a Google search. If you’re listening right now, look it up. Joplin Jim’s, J. O P,L , I, N, Joplin gyms, they’re top Google. And Jason, does that translate into growth? Absolutely. But what if you’re going 120% you’re giving 120%.

What if you’re going fast? You’re working hard, you’re putting in the hours, but you’re not doing the right things. What happens? Well, you’re not going to grow. You’re going to, you’re going to burn yourself out just doing something crazy. And it’s true. It’s true, but that’s what happens. Now let’s, let’s continue. We’ve got to gather again. Step one, get those Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Step two, get those video reviews on the Google map. Step three, get the video reviews on YouTube. Step four, write at least 24 pages of content per month. Do it. Step five, add 10 images to your website gallery per month and name them properly. You can reach out to us. By the way by going to you just if want to schedule a website assessment, just email us at info at thrive time. Show.Com info at thrive time, and we can help you.

Then you want to add 10 images per week to your Google map. Step seven, you want to get one indeed review per week from your real employees. Step eight, gather one glass door review per week from your employees. Jason, why do you got to stay intentional about getting those Glassdoor and indeed reviews? Well, if people are applying to work for you, it’s just like if somebody is trying to buy, but let’s say I have my mattress company, we’re going to be going back to that. If I want people to work for me and I also want people to buy from me, it’s the same thing. I have to have reviews and testimonials from my customers and say, Oh, he seems like a not shady guy. He doesn’t have bedbugs. Let me go buy it from him. But it’s the same thing with employees. If somebody is getting on any of the online, you know, and they do a, what do you call it?

It’s like, it’s like a resume centers. It’s like, Oh, I’m going to apply here. They will check your ranking and be like, Oh, if you have 15 disgruntled employees who leave a one and talk about your shady practice and everything, you’re going to be driving your workforce. Andrew customers at that point, I went, all right, so think about that for a second. Are you getting those indeed reviews? Are you getting those glass door reviews? Now step nine, this might sound crazy, but for the average small business owner, if you put out 50 door hangers per day on the doors of your ideal and likely buyers, it works. It does. Why does it work? Top of mind awareness. People come home and they’re like, Oh, we’re going to add these guys. And also they’re everywhere. So if everybody in this neighborhood who is obviously doing well and that I know has this, maybe I should get on, get on this too.

And I think about the hub gym. One of our great clients, they put out door hangers on the homes in their community. They knock on the door, Hey, I’m with the hub gym and I’d love to invite you out for a one free month of a workouts here at our facility. And that’s all it is. And if the person’s not there, they hang the door hanger on the door knob and that’s, that’s the deal. Now, step 10, these are action steps. Get assigned flipper. If you have a retail store where you got a lot of traffic going on. Yeah. Get a flipper right in front of that store. Flipping that sign, gathering attention. Why is it so powerful to have a good sign flipper, Jason? Well, it’s a, again, it’s, it’s great that you emphasized good sign flipper. Cause I mean we have some people here not to say, but they do like a taxes every, every, you know what?

January, February, they’ll dress people up and crazy outfits, but the person’s just like, boom, get your taxes done. The person dressed up. It’s such a sad statue of Liberty has the statue of Liberty. Whereas you have the sandwich guy across the street who’s got his earbuds in and he’s, he’s basically surfing on that thing. I’m going to cue up the audio. This is a local, a channel to a KJ R H channel to the NBC affiliate. They actually did a story about assigned flipper and Tulsa because he’s taking pride in your work and being yourself to pretty good models to live by. Take a Brianne. Paul. Maurine introduces us to a young man in South Tulsa taking those words to another level

At a busy intersection in South Tulsa. You can hear the sounds of traffic and occasional horn, most courtesy of this guy. It’s all very different from what Chandler Ferris Chandler has been out here on the corner of 101st and Memorial most weekends for the last couple of years, putting on a show for drivers and hopefully really in customers. He’s assigned spinner and he takes this job very seriously.

I believe that you should put every ounce of energy you have into your job, whether that be flipping burgers or if you’re a CEO or something. So I’m just going out there and I’m trying to do everything I can to do the job as best as I can.

The polite and reserved teen is not what you’d expect when you see his enthusiastic performance.

I didn’t enjoy it the first couple of weeks and then I’m just like, well, I don’t care. I’m going to try to make this fun for me and I don’t care what other people think about me.

Chandler has been getting a lot of attention. It’s more and more people recognize him. Some of it’s not so good.

People who don’t like what I’m doing, you know, cussed me out to flip me the bird.

But for the most part it’s positive people asking for autographs. Even typically

I’m, my group came in and I wasn’t item on their scavenger hunt. They, I had to have a video of them dancing with me.

A man working for an HR firm wants to use him as an example of work ethic for his company.

He approached me, he said to him that he wanted to do a include me in a part of his video for his employees.

Chandler’s own boss says Chandler’s work ethic. It’s giving others a good impression of his business.

Smallest store in terms of visibility, the smallest sign in line, it’s very easy to miss as you drive by. And yet it’s the most known as a result of Chandler’s display. It works. It works folks. And if you are not convinced, just check out the store. I put a link to it on the show notes. You can check it out there. That guy looks like he’s playing the drums. He’s going all out, all in for hours at a time on unbelievable. Now. Then now the final final action item you can do every single week. These, these 11 moves that definitely worked that you can use is having an employee give you an employee testimony of what it’s like to work in your office every week. That is really, really powerful. Jason, why is it so important to have video testimonials of your employees explaining what it’s like to work there?

Well, it’s just good to have. It’s just a, it goes back to the video reviews. You know, we can have as many indeed or Glassdoor reviews as possible, but somebody along the lines in the back, I don’t know if I believe that. Well, if you have a video, I mean, you know, we have someone on your YouTube channel that shows actual employees there. They don’t have a script. They just say, okay, this is why I like working here. Here’s what’s different about it. There’s B roll of the rest of the office. You can see that they’re not actors, they’re real people. If you type in clay Clark employee reviews, you can see what I’m talking about. It’s so important that you gather those reviews. Now bill Belichick, quote number 18, this right here is a powerful quote that somebody needs to write down. Jason, what?

Say the less versatile you are, the better you have to be at what you do aren’t. Let’s think about that for a second. And the context of football. Throughout the years, bill Belichick has switched people to a lot of different positions because of injury. And Jason, if you’re a coach, what sort of control do you have over who gets injured or not? Or, I mean, I guess there’s like a slight bit of control. Just make sure everybody’s conditioned and trained well. But you never know if someone’s going to take a hit wrong or if the team’s just going to come at you or the opposing team’s gonna come at you even harder. So the most control you have is being able to fill that spot when somebody does get hurt. So let me queue up some examples here for you. Okay. The Patriots this year, started the season with the guy at the fullback position by the name of James Devlin.

Now James Devlin did not play fullback in college. A fullback is where you basically run with the ball occasionally, but more often than not, you block for a guy running the ball. You make sure you’re clearing a path. Yeah. So he’s very, very good and he got hurt. So they thought, let’s bring in the backup. So they bring in a backup and they bring in Jacob Johnson. Now they bring in Jacob Johnson and he gets hurt. So now they’ve got their linebacker, a Landon Robert’s playing fullback. Yup. They’re on their third string. Julian Edelman, who’s a receiver on the Patriots, he was a quarterback in college and occasionally during their office, the Patriots have him throw the ball, but he’s actually used as a wide receiver. Why is that helpful, Jason, for the Patriots knowing that their receiver could also play quarterback if need be? Well, if Tom ends up, you know, breaking a finger or something happens, God forbid they need somebody who can still play that position.

There it is. So again, in your office, how do you make this actionable, Jason? How many people don’t have people in our office know how to do search engine optimization and sales calls and know how to coach people a great deal of the team and you notice trend. Why? Just because let’s say I get hit by a bus or I decide, you know what clay, I’m taken off the entire month of December. I’m just, you know, Christmas is the 25th why did you have to start off in the call center and then move up to managing people before you could become a coach or a consultant? Well, there were plenty of times where we would have people just not show up or show up late. And if I’m around the corner, you know, you were John and Daisy call up and say, Hey, you know how to do this job.

Can you cover until the next person gets here? Absolutely. Then that way your bases are covered. I’m getting paid. That’s great. But if you do not have a versatile team and you’re a small business owner and there’s only one guy in your company that knows how to do Photoshop, what happens when you lose somebody? Well, not only are you Sol if they get sick or they quit, but test for soul brother, you’re also, you’re going to give them the ability to hold you hostage. It’s like when people hire the website guy who wants to do PHP, it’s like, Oh, I’m a the HV and then he goes to you or he’s been lying to you the whole time and you have no idea, but that’s because you’ve relinquished that power by not having somebody else ready or not having a source of wisdom that could, you know, verify.

Now bill Belichick, quote number 19 he says, what Jason? I think a good quarterback or a good linebacker, a good safety, even though you have a lot of bodies moving out there, it slows down for them and they can really see it. Then there are other guys that are, there are other guys that it’s a lot of guys moving and they don’t see any or they don’t see anything. It’s like being at a busy intersection, just cars going everywhere. The guys that can really sort it out, they see the game at a slower pace and can really sort out and decipher all the movement, which is hard, but experience certainly helps that. Yes, that’s powerful right there guys who can think well or the kind of people that he wants on his team now as a business coach or a consultant before anybody can become a client, they have to schedule a 13 point assessment with me and Jason, why do I do all of the 13 point assessments myself?

You are a very good judge of character, but also you ask important questions and you see things differently. You look at it from the scope of somebody who has built multiple multimillion dollar businesses and so you have a better understanding of who’s going to be a good fit. Yup. And I can see patterns. I’m like, Oh, this person would be perfect. Or here’s the obvious cheek in their armor. Here are the five to 10 things that are limiting their growth. I can see that easily because I have been in the forest, out of the forest, in the forest, out of the forest, through the forest, up to the top of the mountain, back down the mountain, up to the top of the mountain, back down to the mountain, over and over, top to the top of the mountain, to the bottom of the mountain, through the forest.

And so now there’s been some brush that’s kind of grown up. There’s been some lack of landscaping going on and now the path has been kind of covered. Yeah, it’s been kind of, there’s weeds growing up everywhere in that forest and the path has been obscured with snow and other obstructions leading up to the top of the mountain. And because I have been to the mountain top, I know which way to go, even though, you know, some might not see the path anymore. Yeah. Or maybe some. I’ve never known the path at all. And it’s amazing to me. How easy business can be if you have a good coach or an expert leading the way. And so, Jason, I thought we would do kind of a fun, a fun thing here is we have, we were just released a Thanksgiving show obviously during Thanksgiving and I thought the show went, went really well, but I thought for a second you could share with the listeners about the growth percentages yeah.

Of these clients that are having growth this year. So if you could just read the name of the company and their growth percentage, that would be a beautiful thing. And let’s read through all 24 on this. Are all 23 on this list? Yeah. So Scott’s construction, they are a builder. They had 40 or 50, sorry, 54% growth, 2018 to 2019 a metal roof contractors, they are of course a roofer. They had 87% growth. Come on now every year. Let’s see. Jean breeze. She is a speaker. She has 52% growth. Come on now. Brian T. Armstrong, he’s a builder. He had 48% growth. Wow. Accolade exteriors. They do windows and siding, 86% growth. Ring off the names. You guys can look these people up and verify them. Keep going. Yeah. Quality surfaces. They do countertops. They had 76% growth. Come on now. Gables, excavating. Self sanatory had 60% growth.

Yep. Back to basics. Builders had a growth of 27%. Come on. Kelly construction group had a 21% growth. Yep. Bogart and sons construction. They had 33% growth. That’s huge growth or 33% growth continued. Yeah. It’s a third restoration. Health chiropractors had 115% growth. Come on. Come on. Best buy window treatment. They had a 75% growth. Yep. Cheney construction had a 14% growth. Yep. Custom automation technologies. A 16%. There we go. CT tech had a 56% growth. There we go. Lake Martin, mini mall, shout outs to mr Jason and Alabama had a 13% growth and he’s not even into December yet. Right. As, as at the time of this recording, it’s not even December. Yeah. So you understand he’s going to end up with like a 20% growth and we, when we knock out the month of December, that’s a record sales month for most companies continue HealthWorks, chiropractic, dr Jay had a 20% growth margin.

All of these clients, these numbers are documented and we have not even finished the last month of the year. And December is the biggest month for almost every business. Continue a DaVinci MSP. They had a 1090 7% growth. Wow. inspired spaces. They had a 40 a 40% growth. Yep. Laundry barn had a 100% growth. Yep. And then our team angels touch in borne Massachusetts had a 71% growth, full full package media with a 15% growth hood. CPA’s almost doubled the size of their company this year. Shaw homes has grown from 37 million to $80 million. I mean, we’re talking about massive growth. It’s because these things work in my job as a business owner is to just kind of slow it down and to look at your business from a meta level and to see problems that are harder to see if you don’t see things from a metal level. Jason, if you’re so busy in the day to day reacting, why is it hard to see the obvious flaws that somebody else could see when they’re not in the forest?

When, why? Why is it hard to see the forest when you’re in the middle of it? Well, cause you’re sir, you’re too close to everything. You’re super surrounded by it so you can only see what’s right in front of you. Meanwhile, in the foreground and background, there’s all sorts of stuff that easier that needs your attention. I also find that the, the emotional fog of the situation, it’s like you’re in that fog and if you were 500 yards away and you could see how close to the edge of the forest you are, you wouldn’t be discouraged. No, not at all. But when you make me go around in a circle for 10 years or five years or whatever, and you can’t see how close you are to the edge, it becomes very, very discouraging. Now our final notable quotable, I want to, to hammer home today on today’s show is built belichick quote number 21, which he’s famous for saying.

And I think it, I think you know, it’s easy to just look at it and kind of glance over it and not realize how profound it is and really what it means. But let’s go ahead and read our final bill Belichick quote of today’s show. The final quote, number 20 is do your job. I think a lot of people struggle to do their job for the following reasons. One, I want to do my job and I’m sick. Jason, when I’m sick, what do I do? You pop some DayQuil and you still beat everybody here. Okay. but I want to do my job, but I have 102 vacation times and you know, with 102 holidays available, I mean it’s really hard to get me. It’s hard to get any momentum going. Yeah. If every week you’re taken off a day. Yup. Isn’t it? It’s extremely hard and I want to do my job, but my kids are in school and who’s going to take them there and I want to do my job, but I had someone write something bad about me on Glassdoor or social media.

Now I’m upset all day and I want to do my job, but I am competing in a triathlon right now and I want to do my job. But with the wedding coming up, you know how it is and I want to do my job but with a divorce, you know, just happening and I want to do my job, but my dad is sick, you know, and my dad got Lou Gehrig’s disease. It wasn’t positive, but I didn’t stop working. Right. Why? Because you had a job to do, you needed to do your job blending. A lot of people do their job except for when bad things happen. Yup. Which turns out bad things happen every week. That’s true. How often do bad things happen in our businesses adjacent? I mean, is it every Monday? It’s every, every single Monday. And what kind of bad things happen on a weekly basis where you’re going, Whoa, Whoa.

It’s from a not taking proper stock of inventory. So then running out and having to scramble over order and then spend extra hours making stuff. Disciplinary issues with gossiping and drama. These are all things that happened on a weekly basis. And if I said I’ll do my job except for when these things are happening, we would never get anything done. No, you’d certainly wouldn’t work on Mondays. You certainly wouldn’t work in that is so true. So if you’re out there today and you’re struggling to get that traction, just look at, take a good hard look at your schedule and your life and ask yourself, are you doing your job every day or are you just doing your job when things are going well? And with that we’ll wrap up part two of the bill Belichick quotes series. Now we have 75 notable quotables that we’re working our way through my friend and we are on number. That was number 20 I was number 20 so part three will be coming up here soon. I could not be more excited. Jason, are you prepared to end the show with the boom? I am so prepared. Here we go. Three, two, one.

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Play the woodblock. Okay? If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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