Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 4) | Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About Management

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Bill Belichick Quote #31 – “Not all teams use the same tests and certainly those tests are far from being 100 percent as well. It’s part of the process.” – Coach Bill Belichick


Bill Belichick Quote #32 – “I don’t really know what that means, so I can’t answer the question. I’m just trying to win games,” Belichick said Friday. “I’m not trying to create, I don’t know, I don’t know what the identity is. The identity I’d like to have is a team that wins a lot of games. We’ve had some of that around here, so I’ll take that rather than being known as a, ‘this kind of team’ or a ‘that kind of team.’ I think if you’re a smart, tough football team that wins games, that’s what you want to be. The rest of it, I don’t really know what that means.” 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

Bill Belichick Quote #33 – “The only thing I can cheer for in Philadelphia is the national anthem.” 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

Bill Belichick Quote #34 – “I could tell you that in my entire coaching career I have never talked to any player, staff member about football air pressure. That is not a subject that I have ever brought up.”

Bill Belichick Quote #35 – “It’s not all about talent. It’s about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve. If you work hard and you’re coachable, and you understand what you need to do, you can improve.” 

Bill Belichick Quote #36 – “It’s the business that you guys are in too. We try to get as much information as we can and make the best decisions that we can for the football team.”

Bill Belichick Quote #37 – “What we can control is our performance and our execution, and that’s what we’re going to focus on.” 

Bill Belichick Quote #38 – “Game management, game decisions, adjustments, seeing things during games – it’s all important.”

Bill Belichick Quote #39 – “There’s no medals for trying. This isn’t like eighth grade where everybody gets a trophy. We are in a professional sport, and it is competitive to win. That’s what we do.” 

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Audio Transcription

Dr Z on today’s show, we are breaking down the bill Belichick quotes part for a look under the hoodie, exploring 75 quotes you need to know from the man and the myth bill Belichick. Why should the listeners want to know about bill Belichick quotes? Well, cause he’s a goat. He’s the greatest of all time in running a business and his business is that new England Patriots. If you struggle to manage people, and I know you do, this show is for you. It’s a laser show.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show. But this show dies to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive.

I’m shocked.

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. It is always ecstasy. Whenz is next to me. And on today’s show, Rosie,

We have two incredible two incredible guests to help us break down the Bill Belichick quotes, two incredible ones. We have Cory Minter, the founder of Trinity employment specialists. This is a company that has staffing for some of the top companies in the Tulsa area. Cory mentor. Howard. I’ve used them. I’m a client of Cory’s and I’m so honored, so honored. And you did a great job. I’m telling you what, he went above and beyond and overboard to take care of me. That’s what we do. I’m going to see if we can do something else. We have our camera guy here. Kendall did a great job filming. Keno. Can you try to film Corey while also adjusting his microphone height on the volume? There’s, I think I’ve got the, the height of the mic. Stand a little bit off there. See if you can adjust the mic stand while also filming and maybe you can’t tell them.

Maybe you just [inaudible] all the viewers are getting dizzy now. How’s that? Oh, that’s beautiful. Oh, it’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. Now Josh, we also have Joshua with living water irrigation. We were just talking today. This guy has grown his business from it’s six times larger, I believe total from the day we first met to now. That is correct. And two years in two years, Korea. And I’ve got to say that I’ve also used Josh. Aaron has done a great job. I mean, he had an army of guys out came on the weekend. They knocked out that project and they did a fantastic job. So thank you. Joshua FIS. I’m a client of both these guys. This is how business should work. You know why we made this show Z? We made this show because there is no place on the planet typically where you could go to a local bar or a local restaurant where the only people you talk to are successful business people.

There’s usually one negative Nancy in every room who hates the business owner all the time. I get it. I get it all the time. So this is a rare place where you can you know, we can enjoy the man cave. We can enjoy the, the camp Clark and chicken palace, metal opinion, ward keto. Can you feel the lagoon? Can you go out there and film that film, film, the lagoon film that st Paul’s out there. This is a chicken, the chairman a, I hear chickens out there, clay. There’s a lot of great things to see and do out there. And I’m just saying we built this because there wasn’t a place for entrepreneurs like you to fellowship with other entrepreneurs who are successful. You’re always in a room where somebody is a hater. And I’ll tell ya, I’ll tell you why people hate.

Why do they hate? Cause they ain’t Oh nice. Nice people like to bitch when they’re not rich. Oh, I have found this. It’s a fair trade. Ain’t to race. I’ve see this. What happens is people say you know, dr Z probably made his money by screwing. People don’t get in the room. They be in the room. They probably fire all the [inaudible] he built the other chicks. Probably a jerk. He’s talking about him. If he was, let me think about this. Who is upset about the coaching staff of the Jaguars? I mean, how much controversy do we have about the things you need to know? The secrets, the dark secrets coaches at the Jaguars. That’s my point. Nobody knows who these people are. I mean, we don’t hear in inside edition the things the Minnesota twins management staff doesn’t want you to know. Nobody cares because it’s the Minnesota freaking twins.

They’re not good. They were good. Was what? An 87 and 91 I mean, I’m from Minnesota. It’s how it is. So if you have a business right now and people aren’t talking bad about you, you don’t have a good business. Okay, Whoa, let’s break that down. What in the world do you mean by that? Well, okay, as an example, I’m in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We had a, some wonderful ladies apply for jobs. A lot of them apply to work at elephant in the room two weeks ago. A lot. I at one time and I’m going, Oh Santa, cause we turn down, we have fourth that we had 4,000 haircuts a month ish. As we could look at Quicken, Cory’s hair cut today. He’s beautiful. Great time. Look at my hair guys commented on it earlier. Hey listen, the girl I had today, she was so, so good.

Like you know when you go to the haircut and you sometimes they don’t fix your collar. Got it. Got skin hair on your color. They don’t do. Hopefully they had an uplifting conversation with you. It was a great conversation. And then all this extra stuff they do, it’s just great paraffin hand dip, the hot trout, the hot towel treatment, the overhead music. Hopefully the hole is the decor, the atmosphere. Hopefully we nailed it, which is why we’re growing. But we had all these ladies apply for a job and I said to one of the ladies, I said ma’am, can I ask you, how come everybody in the heritage industry is applying today? She said, Oh, this particular franchise is just announced. They’re closing all three stores in the next three months, no way. Three stores. And then she said the other one, the smaller one, they’re closing two. They already closed one and they don’t like it. Oh. And I said, what do you mean? And I’m, Oh, tell the listeners, I’ll just say it’s near a quick trip near Memorial. They just shut down by some phone stores. And I know I’m just saying every intersection in Tulsa out there

Every square mile as the businesses, as their business is shut down. I was able to put a microphone in my head. Okay, and this is your head. As I heard that they were shutting their doors, I thought, and I Mike their heads,

But it’s war. It is. I get, I get it. I support Dover. This Kendall do not film this, but above your head. Do not know. Seriously. You’re not filling this above your head. There is a sign we had a competitor that we caught on camera that kept stealing our elephant in the room signs. They were stealing our sons. Really? Yes. A lot of them. We caught them on camera. We got the whole thing. So I thought to myself, let’s take the high road. Let’s call the guy up and just ask him to stop taping. Stop taking the sides. He says, I’m not going to stop taking your sides. What I’m going to do is it’s a halo. He hit me seriously when he says he goes and knock us. You can’t stop. You cannot stop. You cannot stop. You have to, don’t do whatever it takes.

And I’m like, alright. So I don’t know where all of his signs are. One of them has ended up in our ceiling. There are hundreds of signs that apparently are disappearing every month now. But the signs now we don’t need, cause I love that those signs don’t need to be taken anymore because apparently he’s going out of business with one of his stores. I like feel bad for him. Oh man, thank you. Said all three. Well they’re not closing all of them. There’s a couple that you don’t have enough traffic there, but they clutter close in three of them. I mean there’s, there’s many in town. So I’m just saying though, but you had optometrists that hate you because your $99 deal. Your value proposition where you make it affordable for families to actually have great eyecare. Do not let me do not have some optometrists that hate you.

Oh they do. And in fact, you know, years ago, I can’t exactly remember when, I think it was, it was before I opened. I’ve been open now since 91 so 28 years. It was a fortnight. It’s about 30 years ago. There’s actually some legislation about professionals being able to advertise you back in the day, tell us the story, don’t buy the whole bag of the day. You might be able to Google this and get the exact date. But professionals were not allowed. It was thought to be unprofessional to advertise CPAs, attorneys, dentists, anyone who cared about their family could not advertise professional. Anyone that lived in a tall white tower and looked down upon people and said, look, there’s people and you had to be closed on Fridays to be a professional doctor. Families could not get sick half, half day if you were froggy, you know, you could still work in the morning to get to the leg and have a business card with your name on it. As long as the font wasn’t crazy. And then someone said, Hey, that’s not right. And so it passed. So when I started advertising, there was not a lot of traction in the atmosphere as far as advertising goes. And I remember being sat down and I was a young man and a couple of older optometrists in the region is what I’ll say, sadly doubts. It’s what God’s name are you and they actually, they hadn’t a queued up their soundtrack cause they were to you.

Okay. They were playing this in the background. This is the communist national Anthem, which we’re all on the same theme, but there’s one pie. You get your slice of pie not too big and we want not too small. We all get the slice of pie. New York man are trying to take a two slices of pie. It’s kind of an Mussolini

Met the communist party, covenant, stallion, communist. It was a beautiful combo. Damn. Maybe I should use the pizzas at a pie. I want to ask this because we know there are people that are not a fan of ours because we’ve had some success. Joshua living water. Have you ever had someone you’ve had to fire hold accountable? They didn’t like you, a competitor, they didn’t like you. If you ever had somebody ever not like living water irrigation or just not liking the name of living water, which is a Christian owned company. I mean if you had any pushback at all in your career, has it all been just rainbows and rainbows and just love things? Oh yeah. So it’s anytime that you go build a business, I think you have to have some level of competitive edge. I think that the the market votes with its dollars and whipping is if you are busy.

So I think you have to have some level of competitive, a desire and a, I want everybody to eat and everybody to do well, but I also want to dominate. And so I think that in doing so, he sent the T word yes is terrible. I think in doing so you’ve got a lot of people who’ve been around for years and years and years and years. Kind of same conversation with dr Zellner. A couple of guys who been in this industry for a long, long time, don’t like how we do things and because of our digital presence and because of our reviews and because of our systems and our scripts and our follow up. And have you ever met someone that doesn’t like me in Tulsa? So we actually have had this discussion. So about one out of two that want to, I mean, but it might be trending up but it might be trending up to like 52%.

I’ll explain why so many don’t like me. I started working with Shaw homes years ago and to work with Shawzy I was working with a different company, not Shaw homes. So to work with Shaw I had to stop working with the other company. So for years I worked with, with this other company and you know, cause they’re the same categories that another real estate company, there are no home construction. And so they Shaw had reached out for help and I’d said I cannot work with you guys because I’m working with this other company. The other company I’d worked with for years went through some management changes in my point of contact, changed in my loyalty was with the previous contact. So I let Aaron antice with Shaw homes know that we, I was, I was available, contract’s up your free agent. And I always called people before the other deals over. That’s how I do it. So if when deals ending, I’ll fill the spot. And I said, Aaron, I’ve got a spot. Do you want to move forward? He said, absolutely, let’s, let’s do it. Let’s do it. And we S when we had that conversation, Shaw Holmes had just hit $37 million in sales that year. Wow. And we just ended this year at 80 million. We’re not actually through December yet. True. And there’s a lot of details that go into it, but it’s like when you have a growth and that means that competitors are not happy.

Now there’s only one Shaw homes in Tulsa and there’s like nine other companies that are not Shaw homes. One of which is a gracious competitor. Hats off to Brian wigs, a custom home builder. He is a great guy. He has no hate that I’m working with his competitors cause they’re, they’re kind of Shaw. Shaw is they do big neighborhoods where wigs does custom, you know, one off houses, that kind of thing. But outside of mr wigs and Mr. Shaw, I’m in the home industry. Most home builders in Tulsa don’t like me. Now this is extended to Oklahoma city because we are now growing there as well. And in the hair industry, if you own a hair business where you have someone who works for one, you probably don’t like me. And then since we started doing the show together, I run into random people who know people who are optometrists.

Well, I’m a fan. It’s kind of [inaudible] and it’s worked its way down from highway 75 South. There was one optometrist in Glenpool who wanted help. I let this particular person, I told them, I’m not available. They were respectful. They just said, it’s okay, I get it. Then we worked our way into South Tulsa. Another one reached out. I said, can’t do it. Didn’t go over well. That conversation didn’t go well. I said, I can’t do it. He said, are you kidding me? You’re going to block me from growth. I’m like, he’s my friend. My best friend is like, you’re going to block me from growth. I love the fact that you’re, you’re the limiting membrane. If I can only kid, that’s the moon and then we can move into Midtown. Midtown. Got a little bit more outraged. We wouldn’t help them. They’re Midtown, but your loyalty has to stay with one person.

And when you do that, you’re going to irritate some people. Now, inter Cory Minter. Corey, I’ve been, I’ve been know working with you or I’ve, I’ve known you for what, seven years now? Probably. It’s been a, it’s been at least seven or eight. Yeah, eight probably eight. I bet. We’ve worked together for at least eight. And you were referred to me from a coach, Don Calvin was score basketball. Yes. Referred to me from spirit bank. And I’ve had multiple of your competitors reach out, but we only work with Trinity employment specialists. I’ve always appreciated that. So at this point, the listeners out there, have you ever found yourself being unliked by somebody because of what Trinity stands for? Has it ever happened? Clay, when we very first started 10 years ago, there was, my very first employee has had a grudge against me in our industry.

Oh boy. You would not believe the things that I hear from other people that don’t make any sense whatsoever, but it never stops. It’s like a barrage. It won’t stop. It’s just like what you’re talking about. It never stops and it’s always personal. It’s never factual. It’s always one of those things. It’s always a personal attack based upon hearsay. It’s never about the fact that the haterade flows. So that’s how we’re going to start this conversation because a lot of people are, but I want to say this one thing. I’m crushing this person and that’s the reason you are you up. You’re you’re up. Sorry to interrupt you. But we need that to be said for my person. Are you up 30% this year and we say 30% think it’s going to be a little bit above that. 31% awesome or above? Yes. Maybe over 32 I think so. I think, I think it’s going to be somewhere in the neighborhood between and 35

[Inaudible] got an update that got I’ve another bar at that down. That’s huge. So you might be at 40% when the year’s over that that would be really nice. But listen, we’ve had a crushing year, so, so excited about this year. What kind of companies have you staffed for this year? I mean, because you are really, really doing it well. I mean, this is exciting. This is an eight year conversation we’ve been having and I love seeing people like you. When and what kind of growth are you having? Thanks for saying that. Listen, there’s not too many medical facilities in the Tulsa area that we don’t staff for and from hospitals. We only have one hospital that we don’t staff for in Tulsa, but also in Oklahoma city. It’s growing over there, but in the, in the administrative and clerical division, fortune 500 companies, the company that we would know that we would go, Oh, that’s a big company.

Oh, it’s just st Francis hospital. Oh, that’s a big one. We’ve built their, their revenue cycle team. I mean, they’re almost every level in that hospital. We staff, we’re in it and it’s slowly growed because you did a good job. It’s just like what you said, you’re, you know, the market spins the dollars and, and it, you either do a good job and they want to use your beginner. You don’t. So now the reason why I want to start off the show that way is because bill Belichick quotes a lot of times when people hear the name bill Belichick, they immediately stop listening. They’re like, Oh no, here we go again. I bet you this guy’s from new England. No, I’m not. I bet he likes lobsters. Shouted. No, but see, people think that the reason cause a lot of people choose their sports teams. That’s fine based upon where you grew up.

You know, it’s like I’m from this area, therefore I like this team. I don’t do it that way. I go based off of how the management of the team is. So I like the spurs and I liked the Patriots because the way they’re run, they’re essentially run the same way. So we’re going to read off some notable quarters to sell. It’s going to work. I’m going to fire off the little quartal. I’m going to haveZ breakdown. Oh, brick break down kind of what this means. And I’m going to have Josh try to one up him and then I’ll do another one dizzy and they’ll have Corey tried to one that I feel like can play what they call that Australian rules tennis, you know, have you guys ever, Oh it’s one guy on the single side. It gets two guys on a double side and that’s basically basically what we’re doing is playing Australia in tennis today.

I need a stretch. Can we tie Zs one hand behind his back just to get me in. Joshua a shake here. Hey Josh, I’m already ahead of you. I’m already looking at this. I already got my, I’m already stretched in bed. Well your cabs are always ready. Your calves are already ready. Beautiful calves over there better. Here’s bill Belichick quotes number 30 to anyone those headbands. He says not all teams use the same tests and certainly those tests are far from being 100% as well. It’s part of the process. AKA the dude is secretive. He doesn’t want you to know about how he evaluates talent Z. Why would he possibly want to be secretive about how he evaluates talent? Cause he doesn’t want anybody else using his techniques. You know, he has success because I don’t know a man out there coaching an NFL team. Matter of fact, I don’t, I don’t know many of them personally, but I don’t know a guy that can do it. Seems like every year, no matter who leaves the team, he brings in somebody that you’ve heard of right

From some school, you’ve never heard of them. You got to Google. Where is that? And, and they, he plugs in place and they plug right in and off they go. And when you own a business, that’s one of the most intimidating things that can happen. And that’s why having a Corey as a resource is so awesome. And that is when you lose key people replacing them. It’s, it can be frustrating when they move off. They get pregnant, they, something happens. I mean, you know, life happens and they may be unhappy. They may get a better job. I mean, who knows? But there they give you that two week notice or they give you the famous year. Usually they’re really nice before they quit. Right. It’s always the real nice, you’ve been the best boss and then you know what’s coming, right. They’ll give you the thank you card, right?

You go, Oh no, you’re leaving next week. I know it’s over. You know, so, but what happens is it’d be able to plug and play personnel is, is is a superpower. It is a superpower, superpower. And he can do it unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I mean, his coaches are gone. Boom, plug and play his best. His, his players are gone, plug and play and it’s, it’s amazing. So whatever system he has of evaluating that to judging that, the test as you say, the, I could see why he would want to treasure that closely because that is, that’s worth a lot, Josh. If you ever had a competitor, maybe you have it too. Maybe you have who they just want to maybe meet, do some networking and they just want to know, actually just two weeks ago and did, they’ll call you and say, can we do some networking now?

Now you’re a better guy than me. But if you would call me from the DJ business back when I owned DJ someone would call and say, well can you, would you want to network? I would say my goal is to destroy, you know, so I, I, I seriously say precisely that. I would say those words all the time. I told him that I would be willing to buy him out and he can come work with us. And how did that go over? It went over really well. I think it lasts about three more seconds till you hung up. Oh man. He just, he just asked me, Hey, how have you done this? This, this isn’t this and how are you doing this and how are you doing that? And he fired off like 10 questions before I could answer anything. And I said, Hey buddy, if you want to sit down and, and we could talk about, I can buy you out or you can come work with us, then I’d be all about that.

And about three seconds later he hung up the phone. I had a guy, I haven’t talked to him since. I’ve actually ran into him like I’ve seen him at least twice. Was that awkward? He like, he did the about face like see you when I see other a zoner I would like to make a confession on the show here. Oh. Oh, this happened. Shut down as usual. So passive aggressive. I think it’s on. Let’s have Andrew [inaudible] fire up the machines I have. I feel like you’re, Oh, I got it. Okay. Try it again now. Try button. Well, you got yours going so well. You wanna try button just real quick.

Oh, I’m, Oh, you’re hitting Buffalo. I’m out. Oh, you’re on. I’m on your back. Here’s my, here’s my confession. Yes, my son. Listen, when I, Randy Jay connections year was 2004 and what am I competitors doing? He pretended to be a customer, but he definitely was a competitor and he wasn’t that clever. So I knew who he was. And the guys are going, dude, why are you meeting this guy at your house? He’s a competitor. I said, when he leaves, he’ll be so confused and so convinced that everything did. I say to him is true that he will lose for six months or a year. But I have to meet him with, it’s an act, it’s a game and I must start the game. The game begins now. So Steven comes downstairs and my wife, everyone’s like, dude, why are you meet with this guy? And he’s downstairs and he says, yeah clay, I just don’t want to, I know you’ve probably looked into it. I know it’s kinda awkward. I do it on DJ company, but I would love to, I want to hire the best for my wedding.

So you don’t wanna hire your own team? No, no. I want my team to be able to attend to my wedding. I am getting married, right. So when I want to hire them as my team members having to work on my wedding day, you won the wedding wire wards and the and the modern bride award and you’ve, you know, you’ve actually give awards. They do. And you want all of them. And I know it cause we’re doing like, you know, we’re doing 40 weddings a year at this point, he’s doing like four. So he goes, what are the secrets? And I said, you one of those secrets. He’s like, yeah, I brought it. Can I get it out? Yeah. So he gets out his notebook and I’m like, I want you to write this stuff down. It’s powerful. Are you gonna give you your deposit for your wedding first?

So we’re doing this true story. And I said so the first thing you always want to charge as much money as possible as much because customers are suckers, which is the opposite cause I’m like you where I tried to charge the least amount possible, maybe a value proposition. So the hook, I’m trying to make a no brainer B. So the D, the DJ business, the way it was constructed at that time was we would DJ your wedding and at the end of the wedding we would call you and ask you how happy you were with our services on a scale of one to 10. And based on how you rated us, that determined what you paid us. That’s how, that’s how it should work. And about everything for entertainment. I mean, so that’s like, you know, so I would quote a bride, Hey, it’s $600 through wedding ish, but it’ll be $300 guaranteed.

And if you’re happy you pay the other 600 you know, because we’re not gonna make any profit really unless we’re wowing you. Okay? And it’s all based on you. And that’s how I got, you know, those first couple thousand events. So I said, well you want to do though, feel them out, look at the size of the ring. Ask them about their venue and shoot high, shoot high because you don’t know if the customer, they get one wedding every 10 years. So you got, you got shit got really now and I said, he’s like, Oh, and he’s writing this down. Oh. Oh. And he says, what’s the second tip? I said, you want to have the Cerwin Vega subwoofers and let me go show you one. Now I had one from, I bought it when I was a brand new DJ guy. I started, I thought having huge subwoofers that were about as tall as you doctor.

See where the key, Oh yeah. So I took him into the garage. This thing’s like five and a half feet. I mean, they’re not six feet tall, but they’re big subwoofers. And I said, this right here, I told them five and a half feet, by the way, [inaudible] five, nine, five, nine. But this thing is like a big, I mean it’s, and so I said these things right here, you see an outcast videos, by the way. I mean there are few, they’re game changers. And I said this right here in the fog machines. Now this is a secret. You keep a sneaker menarche. He’s a Freon company. No, no, no, no, no. I would never do that. Bride spoke the crap out of these and he’s like, they booked. Oh yeah. And they love the, and you got a quote high. He said, Oh man. So he, he’ll come back to the opposite.

He goes, what are your other tips? So well when you meet a bride for a meeting consultation you’d like to wear. Like it’s just like, you know like a tuxedo, you know for the, for consultation you want, you want to, you know that’s the move and you want to do the walkaway close. You don’t ever like if someone wants to, don’t, don’t try to close the deal when you meet him quote high and say you guys can call me back if you want to move forward. But I don’t, I don’t want to pressure you. No pressure. I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want you to just walk and just say you guys go home. Think about it. Never follow up. Cause following up is a sign of weakness following up shows you’re desperate cause yeah, exactly. Cause you’re going to quote high. Yup. Don’t follow up. Nope. Use the subs. Use the subs. And when I tell you about the fog machines and he’s going no. So I’m told about fog machines that settle the fire alarms off this whole thing. And this dude is writing down and he’s like a scribe. He’s like, well, can I write this stuff? This is like the people that were hanging out, the homeboys who were like a little lay on being led to the slaughter house.

The guys not writing books about what it was like to be an apostle, writing down the things Jesus was saying. But I’d imagine if Jesus was talking to you, you’d be like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, son of God. Please talk slower. I got to write this down. I mean fog. Did you give him, did you give him tip number eight, clay tip was, I didn’t give, I should’ve given him tip. I’m gonna keep tip of rut. I shouldn’t do not get to eight. You probably stopped at seven. I should have given him, given him a tip of the millimeter cued up. Tip number eight. I should’ve given him. Probably my best tip is tip number eight. Always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your state. I didn’t have, didn’t have that tip. This is what happens. So then he goes, well, Hey, I’m going to circle back with you about the wedding.

I said, Dan, I’m not going to follow up. You know what I mean? You just let me know. I mean we’re, and he’s like God. So anyway, I see him, I see him at the wedding show and homeboy’s prices are way, way, way up there. So high. His speakers are big, big, his sales are down. Dan, he’s like, dude, you lied to me. Oh yeah, four hours in a row. Oh you told him then, you know I did. Cause he came up to my booth and was mad and I’m like, Oh, over and over. Over and over. Over. Oh yeah. It was as awesome cause I get to get it cause he pretended to be a groom. That’s fine. I respect the game. Oh yeah. It’s a game. It’s a game. He pretended to be the groom. I get it. He’s a spy and people all get upset and it was mystery shopping. Mystery shopping. Me, I’m not upset, it’s the game. But I read, I responded with a different kind of game of psychological warfare. Right. He would’ve been much smarter to have a, have a Chicky poo come up and act where you didn’t know she was involved with him and just really report back when how you sold. Do forgive me for

Destroying that guy’s business for six months.

No, not at all. What? It’s what more entrepreneurs need to do. That’s what the show’s about. Listen, people, I don’t know. They get into business. They think, okay, I don’t want to offend any of my, I want to help, you know, I don’t want it. I don’t want to upset any of my competitors because you know, we’re all, we all got, we all have a car payment. We all, there’s the pie. We all get our little slice of it. I just hope they all give me just enough slice that I can wear make yet. It doesn’t work that way. You got to go out there and grab it now with a little comfort grip now. But GI Joe,

The thing that you do in your office, and I know it’s hard, I’m not sure, it’s not hard for Josh or Cory, but it was hard for me early on to do this, right? It’s when your team starts talking about how they just, you know, they’ve, they forgot to call the leads yesterday. Okay, well they never forget to get reviews on Tuesday and they forgot to call the leads on Wednesday and they forgot to do the dream 100 on Thursday and said, now they say on Monday, the Monday meeting, they go, we just kind of lost our momentum. So the players on the Patriots had lost a couple of games and the media was talking about how bill Belichick has to get his swagger back. So bill Belichick quotes, quote 32 he says, I don’t really know what that means, so I can’t answer the question.

I’m just trying to win games.bill Belichick quotes Friday. I’m not trying to create, no, I don’t know. Don’t know what the identity is. The identity. I like to have is a team that wins a lot of games. We have some of that around here, so I’ll take that rather than being known as the kind of team or that kind of team. If I think if you’re a smart, tough football team that wins games, that’s what you want to be. The rest of it, I don’t know really what that means. I don’t know what swag means. This is bill Belichick. So yeah, Z talked to me that I see a lot of entrepreneurs who will say, clay, you guys just have this momentum right now. Or they’ll say to me, I talked to someone today and I and I, if you’re listening today, and I talked to today, Oh I care about you.

We had this conversation. It’s so powerful. They said, it’s just seems like it’s so easy for people like Shaw to get reviews and you know, living water or they’re mentioning clients of ours and it’s so easy. But for me, in my industry, it’s hard cause it’s like people in my industry, you know, when I email people and ask for review, they don’t do it. And I just seem like we don’t have that. We don’t have that momentum like you guys have up here. I mean the, you have the momentum up here. I don’t have the moment they’re talking about my, our swag. Sure. Talk to me about your take on swags. I as far as I’m concerned, anytime you put disease Doro logo on anything, the swag is back.

Well, sure. I mean when the branding, I mean when people see them come out of the, the, the hallway and it’s not a hallway. When you’re walking on the field, you’re what? What does that, you’re coming down the tunnel. The tunnel. Sometimes it’s a tunnel to the field. When they see those guys come on there and they see that logo on that, on that helmet, and they see the uniform. There you go. I mean, think about it is, it’s swag is only good if backed it up before. I mean the idea that now that I can put my logo on something that gives it instant credibility didn’t happen overnight. You know, it takes you a lifetime to build up your swag and about 10 minutes to lose it. If you do powerful, I mean, you know, you think about it, right? Your reputation, your business reputation, your branding, you work and work and work and work and work to make it mean something.

You know? And I mean Coca-Cola means something, right? And why? Because all the money, all that they put into it, they keep hammering those ads, right? And it wouldn’t take too many moves. Two, two, two, two, two for that logo, for that symbol, for that swag to be taken away in. Now with social, social media and went to go viral, it would not take long. I mean, you’d have to be something pretty horrific. And I don’t wish that upon any business out there. But what I’m telling you is, is that when you, when you do gain that swag, when you do gain that momentum, when you do have your, your business have that, have that, it’s very valuable. And that’s what you’re working for as a business owner. You want people to see that logo. They want to see that. They want to see what you’ve done, the branding and go, that has value.

That’s why Trinity employment now is getting, it seems like you’re getting that exponential growth. We call this hockey stick growth. It’s when the momentum, imagine this massive a ball from Indiana Jones, that Boulder, it starts running down the Hill. It’s hard to get that thing up the Hill, but once you get the ball going, that momentum is impressive. It’s Cory. Talk to me about this, about when you started Trinity employment out of your house, I believe. Yeah, and you had a kitchen table. You had no customers and you had a phone with the info he had. He had the DD dial app, you call it. It’s an app where you could dial. Oh wow. Is it rotary or was it like, you’re, you’re young enough. Here’s this push button, man. It wasn’t rotary, but I called it dialing for dollars. Just talk to me about what that felt like. You in the kitchen table. No swag, no momentum, no team. Just you talk to me. How you got through those hours of desperation. Was it fear? Was it ambition? Was it your wife say, say

Corey, we need money? What was it? Yeah, it was, it was probably all of those things. Listen, when, when, when I had to do this, I was, I was in a position in my job where I was kind of, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I was kind of forced to be. Yeah. I hate to say that I probably built that company on fear, especially at the very beginning. And then it was just like, Oh your God. And then this is the worst part though, clay. I would, I would go in there and I would finally get what we call work order work order is, that’s business. We get the work order and then I finally placed this person and this person does something stupid. Jackson all up. And I’m not sure a staffing company, you snap somebody, they go in there and do a bad job.

But listen, the diligence and persistence is what I, I just never ever, ever stopped. And I did it with a steam type of intensity. And I did that for long enough that you talked about the tipping point. Yeah, I tip that point. And now business comes to us in a way that I never thought were possible, but a big part of it, clay seriously is due to what you taught me eight years ago that I didn’t even think was possible. And it was, it was this, you’re like, man, if you will just focus on this SEO. If you’ll just focus on the SEO and, and we, we did that clay, you would not believe how much business is coming to us now, but it was diligence. Even with the SEO, the SEO wasn’t easy. All the reviews, they weren’t easy, but don’t ever stop.

Let me say somebody elephant in the room that just happened in SEO for someone. Someone’s pulling into a truck stop, right? And I go, what’s he talking about? Search engine optimization. So when people search in Tulsa for a staffing agency, am I going to come up top or am I going to come from bottom and, and ask yourself this. If you’re a business owner, what is it you click on? Like you click on the top three, that’s the only thing really. You’re going to look at it. You don’t even scroll down. And so I figured, well, let me go all the way. Let me tell you

About a moment that happened five months ago and I need Andrew to briefly steal Cory’s Mike for a second. Andrew, you can prove that this thing happened. Andrew has worked with me first at Epic foot photography, the company we started and then he has joined us here and now he does consulting. But Andrew is a great guy. His wife manages three stores, elephant in the room. And Andrew total listeners, what your wife’s name is and how long you two lovebirds had been married? Yeah, my wife’s name is man Elise bloomer. And we’ve been married for coming up on two years and a couple of months. Did I not, did we not downtown? Lose all of our reviews one day. Oh, we did. Every single review review is roughly, I believe it was close to 1400. Okay. Thank you. Back to Corey. Yup. Okay. So here’s, here’s though we lost in one day, 1400 reviews, nine years of Google reviews.

And I’ll tell what happened. There was a young lady who her, her husband or boyfriend used to work in my office. The boyfriend worked at my office. And he got fired for doing really, really dumb things. Okay. I mean like where you maybe should have called the cops, but instead you just fire, cause maybe that’s the high road. You sit down with the guy tears in his eyes. Sir, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I please don’t call the cops. I, you know, that kinda thing. So you, you, you just try to take the high road. You let him go. His girlfriend goes on Facebook and writes, elephant in the room is a scam. It’s a scam. All the reviews are fake. They’re fake reviews. I know. That’s because my boyfriend worked there and she starts like you, you won’t get off the subject though, right?

So she takes a picture of a review. She left, you’ll see, see, I left a review about it and I was just my husband. And then he left a review and he worked there. And you see, well if you get your haircut at elephant in the room, I can’t stop you from leaving us a review if you work there. And I would hope you’d want to get your hair cut there if you work there. Furthermore, if you’re married to somebody and you leave a review, I can’t police whether you leave a review about my business or not. I mean I can’t stop that. So

The powers that be at Google for a short term time decided to remove our reviews to review and to see if they were real or not. Now thankfully over time we get our reviews back. But man, the momentum on the Monday meetings day, when the team, I said, guys, how many reviews do we have for downtown? Come out and they’re going 12 we lost. Oh, I would cry. No, but it was heavy. Jeez, we lost them all. Hey clay, I’m just, I’m just curious what, what were some of the things that you did? Who did you contact if something like this happens? I’m just curious. Well first, I mean, this is what I did. I just said, okay, well let’s register another map and get reviews. I didn’t even try to get it back. Really, you just started over is I don’t, I don’t, I don’t do momentum.

I don’t really do it. Yeah. You know how this works when you’re dealing with Google or a government or something you can’t control. I’m going to focus on what I can do. So I’m like, today, let’s get 50 reviews from our 50 customers today. Let’s just do that today. Meanwhile, let’s have John dive into it. And if you go, if you log into Google maps, you can go in there and you can contest and a bad review, right? So right now, if you’re listening right now, Google my name, clay Clark, and go to Reddit and please contest everything.

So as an example, there’s a guy up there right now saying that I started Keith’s lemonade, Keith’s lemonade, which was a lemonade stand that we started to raise money for a kid who has a serious disease that’s debilitating palsy is what he has. And we helped Keith raise enough money to afford a machine that allows him to read. We’re using his eyes and to speak using his eyes and Cory, you remember that whole thing? Yeah, he uses that, but somebody went on Reddit and wrote that clay Clark started Keith lemonade as a way to embezzle money from people and it probably has hundreds of shares at this point and a lot to do like, yeah, it’s true. I used to work for him. I know, well, let me, let me say something. Listen, clay, what you guys did for Keith was unbelievable. The fact that he got that machine, I talked to his mom and his dad.

Okay. What you guys did, this is one thing that a lot of people don’t know about Clay’s all of the things that he does in the background. I hear about it, but he doesn’t ever tell anybody. So I talked to his mom and dad, clay and literally, man, they were so great. Super grateful people, very grateful. Mom’s still crying and I’m just having a casual conversation with her about it. His mom. This is what to tell you what, this is what made me, this was a, a T. This was a Joshua new irrigation system. This was a sprinkler moment. Okay. I’m in my office downtown 16th in Boston. I get an email that’s very short, almost like a tweet says, Mr. Clark, I know you help entrepreneurs. Can you please help me signed Keith? And so I’m like, I, I respond to every email. So I’m like, he wrote that with his eyes. That’s what I’m saying. So I said, who wrote this thing? How old is this? What’s going on? And I get ahold of someone, I get call the parents and they said our son wrote that with his eyes and it took him about 12 hours. Yeah. Using a machine at the little lighthouse. Right. And I’m going, he spent 12 hours riding to me. Clay. He wrote a business plan with his eyes.

I can’t imagine how long. Right away I talked to Vanessa and I’m like, we’re going to help this guy. So we, I called business owners. I called the apothecary shop. I called myself Arthur Greeno first introduced us. We call all these business owners and we said, let’s build a large Keith lemonade cup in front and put it in front of all our businesses and volunteers can work the lemonade stand and all the money will get donated to charity. But as the owners, let’s supply all the, all the materials. Let’s supply the lemonade material, the, the lemons, the, the water, the sugar, the stands, this, it said, let’s do all that and let’s promote the crap addicts. We have brick and mortar businesses with thousands of customers a day. Let’s obsess on this and let’s help per machine. It was 25 grand. Let’s get 10 kids a machine now. And I think in like six months, we raised enough money for 10 kids to have that machine. How much did you embezzle though?

That’s what I’m still going to figure out. You know, let me, let me, let’s be just [inaudible]. So I mean this though, this is powerful. That was a video moment there.

This is powerful though. So then one of our employees, who’s a great guy on named Ben, his wife wanted to come work with me and she was told what a great place it is to work. So she did her research on me and I guess on Reddit she went down like the Oregon trail of dirt. And there it was, it was like the trail of tears of like, yeah, I used to work for him and he screwed me over and he will hear thousands and I hear it. And then you start, people still say this is what’s crazy. When they say the word, they go, yeah, I hear I’m right now he and his wife are on the outs. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So now it creates this fuel and, and they then, and then what happens is it works its way somehow through the labyrinth, back into my house.

So now when I come home, I’m getting like, now you really are the, Oh no, no, no. My wife knows me, but the people that are kind of peripheral family, they’re all going on. We’re reading on Reddit. But first they don’t say anything. They just look at you weird. Oh yeah. And I’m like, what? What’s going on family? What’s going on? We still having things. We still are you are we, cause I was on, you know what I’m like one, what? I don’t, I don’t know these things. And all I can say is if you don’t have haters, you are not a game changer. Period. Period. That’s what it is.

So, so it’s kind of like several things in business. When it happens, it may feel horrible, but you should smile because Hey, I made [inaudible] there. That’s what it does. Exactly what it is. No bill, bill, check quote number 33. It’s frustrating though, isn’t it? I think what you do is you, you say to yourself, especially the first few times you, you harden your skin to it and I get that and we need to get back to bill. But let’s talk about that. I know, but the first, the first time you have a lawsuit, you know from, from a client that feels like you did them wrong and it’s employees and some attorney thinks that, you know, a wave, they’re successful. They have money, let’s go get some. You know, first time you get sued, it’s just like, you know, why, why didn’t they call me?

Why didn’t they talk about it? Why didn’t they, what’s wrong? What’s going on here? You know? And it’s just that. Have you ever been environment sued by somebody within like a week of having like a face to face pleasant meeting with them? Hmm. Let me think. Oh that’s a good question. I had a Thanksgiving dinner with somebody and within like 24 hours after the dinner, they were coming after me from a really true story. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Did you know him before? Did you know before the dinner? Yeah, they were actually an employee. They’re actually an employee who reached out and said, Hey, I don’t have any family in town for Thanksgiving. Sure could I come to your house? Which is a pretty bold ask. It is a bold ask my wife. And she said, sure. So this person eats the meal with us. And then I get an email in that States cause this person like to come into work early and stay late even though they weren’t asked to.

And they send me an email asking for like 20 something thousand dollars for unpaid overtime overtime for overtime. And I’m like, I didn’t ask you to come to work early or ask you to stay late. This is something that you have been wanting to do. You come to the office and read a book, read books. No, but it was an email and it was CC to his law firm. Oh yeah, that’s the, that’s the first. That’s what I call the shakedown letter. That always precedes the last, the day after Thanksgiving. That was my first webs. That was my first lawsuit. I got black Friday. I got it from someone I had no clue this person had left their job and then all of a sudden four months later we get a letter saying, Hey by the way, we’re suing you. There it is. There it is. You’re like, what in the world?

We need to talk about this because no one talks about it. But the first time you get sued it is. It is almost debilitating for a while. You’re just really very true. And you want wanna. You want to try to say your case and you’re just so embarrassed and you think everybody out there. Now, this is a public piece of information. You think everybody out there, I mean you, you’re going through Walmart or target or something and people you don’t even know. You stop and go, I really wasn’t my fault. I did. I’m done. I’m a good guy. I’ve got the audio of a UC. The first time you were sued. Oh, Oh, I’m okay. But the audio was corrupted. It’s a corrupted file. Oh. So I was able to find the audio the first time I was sued and luckily the file was not corrupted. Oh, this is, this is the audio. The first time I was, I want to cute it up here.

It’s like I picked the wrong week. We smoked like what took the wrong week? We drink like I picked the wrong week when I’m filling means.

So let’s talk about bill Belichick. Quote number 33 in honor of Larry Bird, also from the Boston area. Oh, there we go. Bill Belicheck is the King of candor. Like he just calls it how he sees it. He says, the only thing I can cheer for in Philadelphia is the national Anthem. Now let’s talk about this. Whenever you watch Mark Cuban on shark tank, whenever you watch Simon cowl on, what a, what show was it back in the day? Now it’s American idol.

Whenever you hear dr Zellner talking about business, the directness with which they speak is called truth. But the truth hurts if you don’t want it to be true. Like you have to be honest, if you’re going to be funny. So bill Belichick was asked, coach what do you think about Philadelphia? And he says, the only thing I can cheer for in Philadelphia is the national Anthem. Xeons funny, when you’re that kind of candor, when you’re that kind of candida, when you’re, when you can make, honestly, Canada, Philadelphia is known for booing their own team more than the other team. I mean the only stadium with the, with the prison in it. Did you know that? Yes. They have a state prison in the stadium because it is so likely you’re going to get arrested for public intoxication. I had no idea. And they actually threw snowballs at Santa.

Oh yeah. I mean, they’re crazy. Anyway, so Bill’s me, he’s saying what you’re all thinking and everyone’s going, that’s so true. But because he said it, we live in such a politically correct over filtered world. It seems me. Talk to me about the balance of being filtered, guarded, and telling her how it is. Well, I remember the good old days when the saying was, you know, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you. And now it’s almost just the opposite. Right. And it’s amazing how many people get offended and get hurt by what they’re hearing. Somebody say, it may not even be directed at them and just like, Oh my gosh, can you imagine that? Can you, they said that word. Oh my God, the world has ended as we know it. I’m like, Oh my. You think they would have like given someone gluten or something that how horrified they are.

Right. Can I, can I go ahead and offend all the people out there that don’t own a business? Oh yeah. Come on. We’ll start there. Come on. I just go through five ideas that are super offensive that I believe to be true. I’ve five and we’ll just, that way we can tell you unsubscribed. If you’re not the right guy and if you like us, you’ll tell a friend. So here we go. Or, or you’ll tell people that won’t like us and then it becomes controversial. Then we get more subscribers anyway, so here’s where we go. Number one is one. Number one, I believe that every house in America should have a door. Are you with me on that part? That part Z. Okay, I got you Chet. And I believe if you live in an area where you know it’s safe or not safe, we should lock our doors.

Do you, do we go that far? Yes, I concur. I believe any time you want to keep somebody out of something, a barrier should be created. If you want to keep people out of stuff, if you have a yard and you want to keep people out of the yard, you might have a privacy fence. You might put a door on the bathroom if you want to keep people out, you know, or you just feel awkward situations. You know the mother-in-law walks in when you’re in the bathroom, you’re like, what’s going on here? You want to put, you want to put a door on your bedroom so the kids don’t walk in. You don’t know. You know what I’m saying? Sure. I have five kids. They’re there. They’re there. They’re basically, they’re trying to make sure that we cannot produce another child by knocking on the door.

Hey mom and dad, what are you? What are you guys doing in there? Here’s what’s going on. What’s going to guarantee you? You put door on it. So what happens is I believe in a country where we might want to keep certain people out. Oh no, no, we do not know who they are. I would put a wall up because it makes sense. And I don’t care if a Canadian, Oh, don’t ya know all your patch. I don’t care for Canadians coming across the border. I don’t care if not even when there’s a mounted patrol windows, pound mountain guys, I don’t care if it’s a person. I don’t care if it’s a person. I don’t care who it is. I am not that curious to see who wants to drift randomly into our country. So I believe we should put up a wall and right away by saying that somebody like you hate people, you’re racist.

You’re right. I hate white people. I hate their music on. But seriously, it’s just like you can’t say that the man I’m telling Ryan Tedder on you. Now here’s idea number two I did number two is controversial. What is true is you might want to balance your budget. If you’re a business owner, should you not spend less than you bring in Z. Oh yes, got a P and L profit and loss. Good idea. And if you’re a country, you might want to do it too. Well, not unless you had the ability to just print more money, so I’m an I’m a big favor of removing all state paid and federal paid scholarships. All of them immediately. Why? Because we can’t afford it unless you borrow money from the Chinese. It’s a weird concept. When was the last time that you were able to print money? You said guys, the budget’s tight. Just go fire up that Hewlett Packard and hit print.

I don’t know why you need some extra cash sheets that you got back and print much. Now that we’re building a cohesive team here, we’re building a cohesive team. One we’ve, we’ve brought the room together by talking about a wall. Two, I’m bringing the team together by talking about this idea of balancing a budget, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you have to cut something to break even. You should balance the budget. Controversial idea number three. This is the in Z. This is, this is, this is probably where we’re going to lose. We’re just on three. Wow. I thought we had already lost everybody. No, we got it. This is tough. You’re not proud. This is, this is a little Proverbs ten four for ya. And this is, this is a, a problem for somebody. The Bible. Proverbs ten four Proverbs, the book in favor of action. Proverbs. Proverbs says, lazy hands make for poverty.

What? But diligent hands bring wealth. I believe that when you don’t work 80 hours a week while trying to start your business, you deserve poverty. I believe that you deserve poverty if you won’t work 80 hours a week. Well, starting it isn’t necessity. I’ve interviewed billionaires on the show. Millionaires. I have never interviewed a single one of them who said, well, I used to get there right at nine I’d have coffee till nine 15 and then at 12 I would go on break for an hour and I’d come back and I would stand at my ergonomic desk and I left just on time. So I had life balance. You want to have life balance. I call it wallet imbalance. You have no money in it.

Another controversial idea why I’m on fire. I believe that you are going to have to a birthday, a wedding, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, all of these holidays in order to make your business successful if you need to and if you don’t need to, you don’t need to. But see you’ve see this, these entrepreneurs who are going, I want to be self employed, I want to be successful, but you know, I want to take the day off before July 4th. You know what I mean? I haven’t made it yet, but I want to get ready for the weekend and I want to take the fourth off. Okay. Now I’ve got to take the fifth off cause I’m already out of town and then Christy had the whole week of Christmas. There’s not a lot going on and they want to act Z. You’ve seen this, you work seven days a week, did you not?

Oh absolutely. For first couple of years. Yeah. I had a an acquaintance open up a men’s clothing store wanting to be open six days a week. I talked to him that that’s a good idea. And he said, man, it’s hard to find good people to work on Saturdays. You know, they, they’re either stealing them from me or they’re not showing up. I mean, and I said, well, dude, you just got to get there and work on Saturdays. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t do that. That’s a leg day. That’s leg day, babe. Come on now. You know, out there skiing on the Lake. Got messy. Do.

Yeah. I have made a list of all the days right now in the American calendar, the average person takes 104 days off a year and the boom book, I will read them off to you, please. Here we go. The day before new year’s Eve, new year’s Eve, new year’s day, the day after new year, new year’s day, the day before Martin Luther King jr day, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King jr count weekends, right? The day after the weekends. In addition to this, we’ve got the day after Martin Luther King day. We’ve got the day before. President’s day, president’s day, the day after president’s day. The Thursday before. Good Friday. Good Friday, the Saturday before Easter and Easter. The day after Easter. The day before Memorial day. Memorial day, the day after Memorial day. The day after independence day. Independence day. The day after independence day. The day before labor day. Labor day, the day after labor day. You know, I celebrate labor day. I work or these government the day before Columbus day. Columbus day. The day after Columbus day. You’re not celebrating Columbus. Are you kidding me? Now the veterans day, the day after veteran’s day, the Monday of the week of Thanksgiving, the Tuesday of the week of Thanksgiving, the Wednesday of the week of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving.

Cory, we met this week on what day? Thanksgiving morning. I think we did black Friday 30 or six in the morning there. We did the day before Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve. Christmas day. The day after Christmas, my kid’s birthday. You take off your kid’s birthday. That’s why you have a job and you don’t own a business. What are you doing? I take off for my birthday. Don’t take off for your birthday until you’ve earned the right to you know, clay. Do you know how much crap I took from my family? They’re like, do you know what? I’m not going to talk about your family. I’m sorry. I’m not talking about your family. I’m gonna say what? My family for a second. My wife gets it, but we started the businesses together, but the extended family, they don’t get it. That’s why they want my money. You won’t get it. That’s why you want my money. So I understand this idea.

If you want to be successful, you gotta put in the work. See, you worked seven days a week. Did you not go? That’s all they, that’s all I could. I mean, you guys had met Charles Cola. That’s commerce. Colo fitness. Is he not jacked? He’s jacked. Guess what? He works out every day. Homeboy only eats chicken and vegetables. He seriously only eats meat and vegetables. That’s why he’s jacked. It’s why he’s Jack. I thought it was, I thought it was Charles. I want to eat like fat free ice cream. Get outta here. I mean, Corey, you quit eating sugar. You’ve lost me. Look at you. Look, look at Courtney. A beautiful man. Lead court. I know I’m coming. We came in, I mean he’s been hitting the gym, but seriously though, have you not had to cut out sugar? I had to cut all the sugar. I don’t need anymore.

There’s people out there that don’t want to cut sugar but want to when a fitness competition or you want to grow a successful company, but you don’t want to work on it, all right, let let, let travel. I’ve told people they like, what? What’d you do? And I said, well, I just quit eating sugar altogether. And do you know how many people have quit eating sugar that I’ve told that to? I don’t know if one people want. I’m just saying though, you can’t sit there and say, I just what makes me crazy? You can’t go Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Time out. Time out to my man. You’re on a rant right now. We don’t want to steal the dream because we want to celebrate success. We don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever want to talk about the hard work, the not eating sugar, the working out, the showing up to work, to skipping some holidays.

You don’t want to talk about the hard work it takes to get there. That’s not sexy clay. It’s, you can’t build a radio show around that. This is the way, let me, let me, let me, let me share this with the listeners, have some hard facts for our listeners. What we’re doing, everybody please look this up. The census Bureau says, right now we have 327 to 330 million people in our great country. 16 million of which become self employed or want to be 16 million per year. Check the box, 96% of which fail. Wow. 96% core. You wrote an article in the Tulsa world about this 96%. Josh, why do you think that 96% of the people out there who are willing to borrow money from their friends and family wanting to get a bank loan, max out credit cards, get an LLC, make a logo. Why do 96% of business owners fail in your mind?

Number one, the [inaudible] willingness or desire to work. Interesting. I think that’s number one. I think number two and three and four and five we could go on and on and on and on and on. I think it’s just the bottom line. Are you really truly, sincerely willing to go to work? Like will you get up everyday at four or five o’clock will you go to work until dark? Will you miss dinner? Will you miss concert? Will you miss at? A guy asked me the other day about our company and I told him we went and bought a van and I borrowed the money from my mother and we bought a van and I worked every day for 18 months or 18 months now which one? Church but I worked on the business Sundays after church worked six days a week. Minimum of 12 hours a day cause they see the now everybody

Cause it’s beautiful now. It’s wonderful. Got a gorgeous home, got a great wife, got stuff, I play golf, I love life, blah blah blah. But never put in the work. But people don’t want to look at the day to day. Are you willing to get up and go to work? They want to sleep till noon and they want to talk about the idea. I got this new idea and I want to take eight days off for Thanksgiving. And so let’s talk about this. Another controversial, maybe a bonus idea that we’ll move on. Okay, this is bonus idea number six, which is goods that ties into my work philosophy. I went to a church on the move sermon one time. Okay. And a pastor Willie George got up there and Z, you’ve met pastor Willie George and his church on the move. A great big church. He’s, he’s talking about the sixth day principle.

He says diligence. Remember that is the consistent application of effort and he’s quoting some stuff. Genesis, Exodus. Now when I go to churches, maybe different than some people I go to like learn something and then that’s a crazy idea. I know, but a lot of times we’re talking to the person next to you turn around and meet some people. How you doing? I’m there to, I’m taking notes. So he said, and again, I’m writing down the verses, I’m looking them all up, but I ended up reading the verses and I discovered Exodus 34 21 from the Bible says six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall not. You shall rest. Even during the plowing season harvest, you must rest. He’s saying six days you shall labor, but on the seventh you shall rest. We love the part that says on the seventh you shall rest.

We love that because like yes, yes, it does not say work five days. So you go to Genesis, the very first book, a good book, mr Kanye West is recommending this book recently. Genesis, the first book, the Bible says God created the earth in six days, six days, and he rested on the seventh and typically people who are Christians believe that the Bible teaches through patterns, symbolism, that kind of thing. So why do you work five days a week? Who came up with the nine to five? I’ll tell you a jackass, 1938 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he came up with the idea of the 40 hour work week in 1938 now, I will tell you because I’ve read way too much about him. There are two truths about him that you didn’t know. Yeah, he’s IC socialist and he did not like capitalism. He came from the ultra rich elite, didn’t like hard work, didn’t like it.

I’ve never interviewed one of our guests that worked 40 hours a week. I didn’t interview Wolfgang puck and he told me the keys to his 40 hour work week. I’ve never met a single business owner who’s built success in five days a week. I think it’s unethical to work five days a week. Yes. Marinate on that. Wow. If you want fruit and you’re not willing to work six days, I got a problem with that. Also, if you read the Hebrew language, if you looked that up, we had rabbi Lapin on the show, Daniel, rabbi Lapin, he broke down. The Hebrew has, he’s the Jewish faith. He’s a, they believe in the old Testament Z and the old Testament. The word work means worship. Yeah, and so he says, the word work means worship. He says, praise and worship isn’t a thing you do on Sundays. It’s what you do every day.

So see that’s interesting is a lot of us want to be like, I want to go to church and worship, but at my job I’m gonna leave early. See, you denounce your faith with the you work. Your work ethic is his work as unto the Lord, not as unto human masters. For you shall inherit a inheritance from the Lord. Above the point is work as unto the Lord. The word work means worship in Hebrew. That’s what that word means. It means work and worship are the same word in Hebrew. That’s an interesting thing. Interesting. Interesting. So we move on. Let’s talk about this for a second. Bill Belicheck, Nicole, double a little Quidel number 34 he says, I can tell you that in my entire coaching career, I’ve never talked to any player, a staff member about football, air pressure. That is not a subject that I’ve ever brought up.

Now let’s talk about this for a second. If you’re an entrepreneur out there, I know you’re looking for, I call it a loophole. I know you aren’t. You know why? Because that’s how your mind thinks. And if it’s legal and ethical, you’re gonna make a run for it. Now the moment the government shuts down the loophole, you’re gonna, you’re not going to do it. Change gears. Now, bill, who I’ve been following forever is a man who every time there’s a loophole, he goes with it. And most recently versus the jets, it was hysterical. They’re already up there dominating. And so that’s clearly play. He, there’s like 40 seconds left in the game, so you have to hike the ball. How many seconds do you have to hike the ball you have like, was it 30 seconds and what’s the 30 game? Like locks 35 and 35 you’ve got to hike the ball yet they put a play clock and you have to hike the ball with an unlimited period of time or it’s a penalty.

So he first doesn’t hike the ball, which doesn’t stop the game, clock it just as a penalty so that they stop the clock momentarily. They take a five yard penalty and then the clock starts running again and he does it again because he knows the other guy doesn’t have time outs and he doesn’t want the other guy to touch the ball cause he wants to end with having the ball just doesn’t want to give them the ball at all. Right. And he’s already crushing them. Yeah. And it’s been a loophole and you might go, that is so dirty, but it’s illegal. And so they’ll probably change the rules as they often do. But these are, these are loopholes. So people have said, and Tom Brady was suspended for it for what some have said or what mr Goodell says is deflating the footballs. Z, what’s your take on the undone then you have to flight gate thing. Do you think that he deflated a football? Do you think he was a part of the thing? What is your take on deflate gate?

Well, I don’t know all the specifics. I don’t know who did it. I don’t know who was told to do it. And quite frankly, I really don’t care. I think it was actually kind of funny that they, that it happened. And I think that the NFL shame on them for not enforcing. And that’s the other thing about it. They had the rule, they just didn’t enforce it. So they, it wasn’t like it was a loophole, it was just bad enforcement of a rule. You know? It’s kinda like people out here on the highway speeding a lot. I’d be like, well what do you, what do you think about you know, when you think about people driving too fast, like, Oh well we have a law against it and we have police that are supposed to, you know, police that. And so if they don’t, I mean it’s not on me. Right? So

I think if you’re out there and you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to look for a loophole. Let me give an example of the loophole King and I want to get Josh’s take on this and the Coreys, sir, when you, my, you are my wife’s boss. And the year was 1999 1999

2019 ten nine my wife was a front desk person. And then she became a I test prepper or she popped a runner. We call them runners and she’s putting a puff of air in your items. I hate them. And I, we one car, that’s how we dropped her off at doctors elder and associates by the mall. And I’d pick her up here you come in half a model with myself over always. It’s like Vanessa’s coming here she comes. Oh no, it was, it was like it was when dr Dre had his newer album out, it was his most recent one and it was it was serious. It was, it was to his Dre 2001 was the album. And let me cue up kind of the songs that I would be playing. Yes, I’d be rolling up and I had just a sick subwoofer. No money. That’s the key to being poor by the way. Huge subwoofers and no money and you want to use when you’re, when the car stopped, she want the rims to keep rolling. Z’s in the background, trying to do an eye exam. He’s just hearing this Bo. People would knock on the door and go, sir, could you on the window sir? Could you turn it down? I’m like, what?

My wife’s like would you stop? Stop. Just who are you trying to impress what you’re doing anyway. So my wife worked there and you put billboards up all over Tulsa cause LASIK LASIK was the new thing. Lace. And you said on the billboard, $1 LASIK, Vanessa said burned down the phone. The phones are ringing all day and the people that are not happy are other optometrists. Other ophthalmologists. Could you please explain the nature of the $1 LASIK special that you did? Cause that right there is an example

Of a loophole of a loop. Oh, beautiful loophole. That was, it was kind of fun. I mean we, I think we ate and T got, God was in trouble with them for burning beyond phone lines. I mean it was like unbelievable. My, my surgeons would like come to me and said, would you help? We told him busy. Well how did you, how’d you get away with that ad? How could you possibly say it was $1? I mean, how, how can you be truthful in advertising when you said it’s a dollar for LASIK, how can you, what was the hook? What was the what the hook on me? Well, what happened was you got your first one for full price and then you got your second one for dollar. So it was Lacey for a dollar. Heck of a deal. Heck of a deal. I had one person called me up said, Hey, Hey, I only got one.

I only got one eye. Can I use that from a second award? Get for the dollar. I said, well, I said, I said I would do it, but we can’t. We only have one working. I, you, you technically can’t get LASIK because surgery, it’s elective surgery. Move. It’s a move. It’s a move. Other move Ted, no brainer. People, lot of people just call and go, okay, what’s the deal? I know there’s something up. I’m just curious. I just driving me crazy, you know, inspired me to do another movie. I thought it was a great loophole. Oh, what was that? My competitors used to rip me cause I was like 20 years old and just always say you don’t want a book with a 20 year old guy. I mean so young, he’s not even married. That

Was the, every all of them were saying then and they said, wait, listen, we’ve been around since like 1984 all their ad sets since 1994 or so since 1984 all of them said since 1984 and they said he’s got a big head too. This guy’s like not humble at all. Big head. He’s he braggadocious. So I took my head this, this, this mop, this cranium. I put this head on the body of a, of a man, a tiny suit, like a up I got, there’s like a, the body of like Brad Pitt in a suit but with this head on, he’s like a caricature in the phone book. It looked like one of those big heads and it was my head in the yellow pages. I bought the whole thing and it said something like in, in the Starburst it’ll just broke out. It said 127% more humble, conceived in 1980 DJ connection, DJ connection conceived 1980 and 127% more humble now conceived.

Oh, so my competitors would call you out. You’re telling people that you were established in 1980. I’m like, well technically somebody was getting it on like in 1979 I was born November 5th. I don’t know exactly what Tom and Mary, I don’t know the time exactly. I you’re riding, you’re probably change. They conceived in night 79 but I was been here since 80. Been doing it since 89 I was like a new ad. So Josh, you have a no brainer over there. Living water. It’s a hot deal. Yes sir. People like the deal. We do, but I’m sure other competitors probably don’t like it, but what’s, what’s the hot deal? So right now our deal is a $1 service call for all a new client. Oh, $1 yes sir. Hot deal. Yup. Savings of $74. But has anybody not liked it? So everybody thinks it’s shit. Well, the, the competitors think it’s shady. Shady. And I’m like, it’s, it’s a dollar. It is a, it is a straight up dollar. I’m not going to charge you the normal price may charge you a dollar. Well why can you do that? So here’s full disclosure. You ready y’all? Because I want that client long term. Oh,

Bullshit. You’re not good for the industry. You’re not helping out. I want a longterm relationship. Oh, we should all charge the same and all.

Oh, absolutely. Oh, of course. I want to ask you this at Trinity employment what, where did the name come from? The name Trinity employment specialists. Where’d the name come from?

From the father, son. The Holy spirit. The Trinity. Yes. I’ve only had I think two people since I’ve been working with you criticized that. Oh, I’ve, I’ve been criticized for a bit. What are they, what do they say? I got this, I got an email literally the other day from our, probably lost, Oh, I don’t know how many, maybe close to a million dollars worth of business, I think. And it was because they, they’d worked with one of our employees that we had, they wanted to come back and start working with, with them in our company. But when they found out that we were a Christian company, they’re saying, I’m sorry, but we can’t, we can’t work with a Christian company. Cause they asked me that question. And a long time ago when I started the company, I, I told you I built it on fear not, somebody asked me and they said, well, what’s the Trinity for?

And I kinda just hosed out on it. And it really bothered me a lot. And so this next time I knew what I was going to say, I was gonna, I was gonna stand up for what the name was. And I told them and they said, well, I’m sorry we can’t do business with you anymore. And it was a, it was a lot of business. I wonder why was it I mean, did they say, why was it? Well, a lot of people just get, I mean, okay. As an example, you know, Kanye West has this new, a song called closed on Sunday and you know, he went and performed this thing live on Jimmy Kimmel. I’ll play a little little, there’s a little, a portion of it. I encourage everybody to go check out the song in its entirety called closed on Sunday, on Sunday, closed on Sunday by Kanye West. Let me just queue up part of this real quick. I think this is his new album. It’s called Jesus is King. Here are the songs closed on Sunday and faith from the Oculus, New York city, Kanye West? Well, first off, the album title just bothers a lot of people. I mean, he’s is very bold.


Z. Why would anybody in Hollywood right now have a problem with something being closed on Sunday called Chick-fil-A?

I don’t know. Maybe they want Chuck chicken sandwich on a Sunday and they, they’re upset. I mean, I pulled him more than once on a Sunday.

You are out there and you’re not a Christian, you have a restaurant that specializes in being open on Sunday. I wouldn’t be outraged. I just wouldn’t maybe go there or maybe I would go there. I don’t know. To be honest with you guys and being direct with you. I have gone to get something to eat on a Sunday. Oh whore.

This just in you meet some restaurants are open on the Sabbath. Well it’s, it’s not. It’s not whether they’re closed on Sunday. It’s, it’s exactly what Corey was saying and that is, it’s the deeper meeting. It’s they that if that offends them for whatever reason, they don’t. They don’t. They don’t want that. It’s okay for a lot of people out there. We, we almost celebrate diversity in the sense that people are out there want to celebrate how they’re different than me and that’s okay. They want to celebrate them and put it in my face. They want to get a parade, they want to make it a big deal and yet a business, what’s kind of a double standard. And then, and then the business says, Hey, we’re not going to be open on Sundays because we want all of her employees go to church. They don’t have to, but we would like them for them to, and it’s just part of our, part of our culture. You know, we’re Christians, we don’t want to work on Sunday. And so, you know, the, the idea that that should offend someone or someone is, you know, like get all heard about it, that’s on them, not on Chick-Filet for sure.

Well, you had to, you had asked the question, you said, Hey, well what, why? Yeah, why did they, they, I wanted to answer that. Yeah. So they, they, they said they went to, I do a free luncheon, so I do a, it’s called a AAA, sorry. I do a luncheon for the leaders. And so we bring in HR specialists and we just educate them. And right before it, it’s, it’s not really extravagant in any way, but you know, I set a prayer right before, come on. Yeah, it’s brutal. And so her perception, her perception was that we were going to create a top environment and they have a you know, a diverse workforce and she thought that we were imposing ourselves on them. And, and really what I came down to is she really wasn’t rejecting Trinity. She was just rejecting Jesus.

And I have to be okay with that. And not only that we sent her a Christmas gift. Just send her, was that fruit cake? Did you call it a holiday gift? Change the name, the holidays. Holiday. A holiday. Here’s a holiday fruitcake. Oh boy. Okay. So let’s talk about this for a second card. We’ve got a few more notable quarter season’s greeting card. Hey, can I go back to that last quotable Wonderland? So I just wanted to circle back to the the only thing I liked in Philadelphia, the only thing I cheer for in Philadelphia is the national Anthem. So that brutal honesty. I think there’s some freedom for some entrepreneurs out there or listener out there. You don’t have to go to dinner with that networking group. You don’t have to show up for that thing. You don’t have to go put your time into this, and I’m even going to go a little deeper.

For some Christian owners out there, it’s okay to make a profit and it’s okay to be like a religious leader. It’s okay to make a religious leader, no, not with the PM, but with the F O P, R, O, F I T drama Def palms, but that brutal honesty you need is that, Hey, being a good steward and taking advantage of the tools and the skills and the abilities that God has given you is being a good steward of those things and doing what God has called you to do and living out your function, but also for the secular and other people out there. You don’t have to go to the networking event. You don’t have to go meet your second cousins nephew over here because your family wants you to just the freedom and being honest and saying, Nope. Not going to go. And don’t give some nonsensical story, but Hey, can you make it the third Thursday to the fourth Avenue Christian business owners of Tulsa and the greater broken arrow area?

No, thank you. Just because you’ve had success, does it mean that you have to be a slave to public speaking gigs? I just wanna throw that out there. You don’t have to be a slave to a, I just took a lot of heat this week. I really wanted me to speak and I was very nice. I thought I, he texted me a, asked me to speak. I called him and tried to tell him no, but he didn’t answer the phone. So I sent him a text. I appreciate you. But it won’t work at this time. He responded back, you don’t even know what day it is. That’s fair. So I tried calling him back. He goes to voicemail, you know, so I responded, it doesn’t matter what data that does, I’m just not going to speak outside of my building. You know, again, and he just was. Then he’d just text back. You’re, you’re, you’re, you’re withholding a service that the Tulsa’s could benefit from, but he won’t answer his phone

Scenes and then make you crazy. One two won’t answer the phone and they text, Oh, these little thrills responds a little retorts text debates drives me cause it’s so weasel in crazy ways. Now we move on. Bill Belichick, bill Belichick quotes number 35 see he says it’s not about talent, it’s about dependability, consistency and being able to improve Z. He often talks about how dependability is his favorite ability. Talked about, talk to the listeners out there about the importance of finding people that are willing to work hard, who are coachable and understanding what they need to do to improve. Talk to the listeners out there about finding coachable employees.

W when you find them, treasure them. Oh baby. Oh it’s like walking into TJ max and flipping around in one of those, you know, closing deals. And fighting to the perfect shirt, the perfect your size and the color you want for like a 10th of the price of you know, at a Dillard’s or wherever you’re like, Oh yes baby.

I’ve got audio for you walking in. Find this as you’re walking into the TJ Maxx. Yeah,

Let me get up here. Oh

He will just start cheering cause I know you’re going to go in there and you’re going to leave with some candles. Oh yeah. A coat, a starter jacket and maybe some shoes if I get lucky. Oh major’s his shoes. One pair of Nike socks, some other brands fit dry fit and a large loofa something.

Oh you know in a row move. Oh yeah. Well after you loofa you got to have a robot. Just don’t loop it then run around naked. That is a looping around that counteracts the loofah. I mean God, God now so I want to talk like this. When you, when you find someone like that, yup. They are on the path to being an a player and a employee. And you know, so many times when we find one like that and they get hired away, we’re like ah, that on it. But if you don’t take good care of them, somebody else will. So when you find one of those, you know Josh, when you find one, you got to take care of him

Real quick. Dr Zoellner. Cause there’s a lot of employees out there that want to be entrepreneurs. Can you define an a player please? So that guy who was working for so and so and they’re like, man, I want to be diligent. I want to learn and I’m going to stay here but someday I want to achieve entrepreneurship or whatever. Can you please define an a player? Doctors, I don’t care. Are you looking for, I’ve got five A’s and make a make an a play by breath away. Doctors take attendance, attendance, parents, parents, accuracy, accuracy, above and beyond. When you take my breath away,

Oh man. So attitude. They have a great attitude. They’re smiling, they’re not easily offended. They listen with both their ears. They keep their mouth shut most of the time, no drama. They have a great attitude. Okay. You know, that’s, that’s like Oh so glad you have a great attitude, right? Attendance, they show up on time.

What? I know you, they don’t have a personal problem every week.

Time means a couple of minutes early because there is a accident or is there is something going on. Right. I mean your, your tire’s low, you’ve got gotta pull in, put some air in and I mean, things happen in life. I get that. And that’s why if you don’t leave a little chicken on the bone you show up late what’s happening? You, you’ll say, I lay chick on the boat cause I keep chicken. Well, it’s Sunday. No Chick-fil-A. I can’t eat chicken on Sunday. No. To play defense. Yeah, exactly. And then you, then you have accuracy when they show up. Are they doing with excellence, the job that you have for them? I mean I don’t know how many times back in the day, I’m you, you kids are too young to remember this, but some of you listening may, we actually had a physical chart for patients and and in order in order to put them into it, you filed them, there was a filing cabinet and you actually put some hard stickers on the outside for their first three letters of their last name so you can file them alphabet.

I don’t know why. So I don’t know why you’re writing me up here. I mean his name was Daryl or Doug or if I had a dollar for every file they just put into filing heaven. Never to be seen again to the filing black hole. Hey, how different could their prescriptions possibly, we’ll start with a D, right? I’ve got like, you know, no matter how all of a sudden, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I put a B on there and it should’ve been a D. It’s like, I know there’s tens of thousands of files here. And if we were not looking at the DS for, how about the guy who accurately will not follow a script? You give him a script,

Only these words on the script and that’s the words they don’t say.

That’s the ones that don’t say. And then another a is a parent. Oh, how’d they show today? Do they look like they’d been sleeping in their scrubs for three days? Shaven IL cap, not well-groomed. I mean, maybe a little stinky. Do they look like they’re an extra from game of Thrones? Yeah. And not extra. You’re more walking dead per, you know, because game of Thrones, those people look pretty good. But the, the white walkers didn’t. The white walkers. Yeah. And then the fifth one above and beyond. And this was what really differentiates them. Are they in their free time, they, they’ve done their task, they’ve been accurate. They’re on time. They’ve got a great attitude. Yep. And now you know what? They go, well,


I’ve done my task. You above and beyond means. Now they’re saying, what else can I do? What else can I learn and can I get cross trained? You know, I know it’s not on my check list, but I’m going to check the bathroom.

It’s the same thing with art and you’re an entrepreneur too. I’ll make sure we get this, cause we just interviewed the gentleman who founded paychecks by the way, a billion dollar company and Z. We did the show over here with the show. Great guy. We had a great time interviewing him and you know, we could have said now that we’re done with this show, we’re done with the show. We interviewed the, the, the, we’re done with the show, but instead we go in for every single show of Tom Golisano worth his businesses worth $28 billion by the way. Then what we do is we put the show notes on the website. So you find them, we transcribe everything. None of you are making us do this. By the way, we’re transcribing all this. We put all the show notes, right? We cite everything. We say we’ve got links, quotes, stories, and then we make a little custom intro for him here on the show.

We interviewed Tom Gallo, Asano, the founder of the $28 billion company paychecks. On today’s show, he shares with us how we took $3,000 in a credit card and turned it into $1 billion net worth. Tom also shares with us how he was able to build his net worth by solving a problem that 95% of small business owners have. This right here, folks is a laser show with Tom gala Asano. Did you know that Tom Gullah Sano was once the owner of the NHLs Buffalo sabers and now he’s the author of a new book built, not born. I self made billionaires, no nonsense guide for entrepreneurs like you. Well, he didn’t ask us to do that. The listeners didn’t ask us to do that, but you’re all, you always have to seek to overdeliver because you have to offer beyond, above and beyond work is your worship. If you were working, if you’re, if, let’s just, let’s pretend you’re not a Christian. Okay? Let’s pretend that you do believe in a deity. You’re not an atheist or agnostic. Let’s say, well I’m here. I mean there’s thousands of them. Pick one. Okay, I’ll just pick one. Okay, there we go. So Jack, you’re working but you, but God is your boss. Would you be on time?

By the way, there’s cows in the background right there that the thrive time show offs. Beautiful. But would you be on time? I mean, another example if you’re dating a girl who is clearly above your league, like I married, no doubt about that. What you do is you want to be early and you don’t ever want to say you can stalk. No, no, no. I mean you want to get there early, you want to have flowers. And what my move was, I said, babe, we’re going tonight to the all of garden. Okay. Oh no, no, wait, no. Hey listen. Those breadsticks that gets you home runs every time. You know what it’s like, you’re on a college budget. You got $18 in your pocket. She’s 18. She’s looking good, but she’s, she’s 18 so she, she, her age is more than your money and you’d go, we’ll go to olive garden and you’re hoping she doesn’t order something extra.

You know what I mean? Just my wife’s really thin lady, so it’s not possible. I just eat like a piece of lettuce or something. But you go, you say I’m going to go take it off guard, but then Z, what you do is you drive right past all guard. You go right back. Where are you? Where are you going? Chick-Fil-A. we’re going to go to Charleston’s. Oh no, you, you’re stepping up it up. $18. No, we’ll work with me on this. This is a thing you can have. You just said, let’s just, you, I delayed that gratification. I’m eating like ramen all week cause I got like a disposable income at that point. Very little money. I’m like, but I’m going to save everything. I have to wow her. You know it and you get there early with flowers and you dress sharpen, you do all the things you’re trying

To wow. And if you never, if you ever, ever, ever stopped trying to wow your customers, you’re out of business. You’re right. So with her, let me, let me break this down. So you, you show up with a good attitude for Vanessa. You, your, your appearance was high and tight. Yep. You, you went above and beyond with the flowers and upgrading the dinner place. Yup. And then you you had you were accurate. You didn’t call her like Betty, your, your past girlfriend’s name. Right? Right. That’s always embarrassing. So Betty, what do you, what do you, Oh man, what do you, well, I know what you want to do is you want to have some good jams on that are our subliminal jams. By the way, this isn’t just love tips at this point. It’s this plus subwoofer in this day. No, this is, yeah. So you want to play a song like this? This is a great song. Here’s, these guys are from Minneapolis and so, you know, you said you like music, you crank up those dudes. Yeah. You get those jams cranked up, set the atmosphere right there and you’re trying to set the atmosphere. Come on, you’ve been cleaned your car for the first half of the year.

Oh, ever [inaudible] little tree in there. Change that tree. You know, cause it’s been a few years. We’re happy now. He’s checking those, checking the flowers you brought. Oh yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful day. Checking your smell of your breath real quick. Correct.

And then what you want to do is you want to do all the things you you need to do. Like you want to do the 70 30 rule of conversational generosity. You won’t. You want to ask her about her day, her about her family, her goals, her recreation, her enjoyment, what she do for a family, occupation, recreation, enjoyment. You want to make sure she’s talking 70% of the time because if you want to be interesting, you need to become interested in the other person. Oh come on man. I was preaching good stuff. But what happens is now, now there’s a conversation going on and she asks you about yourself. You answer, but you, you SWAT it back in a nice way. You throw softballs, Oh, she can stop. That’s all night long. You just keep doing it. You know what happens when you do all that? Well then you, your high babies happen.

You’re all, you’re hoping for date too, you know? And I actually tried to you know, you go in for the first kiss seat, that’s a move, you know? Oh, the first day I know. No, I wouldn’t be the date that you last probably were probably, you know, five months ago. Four months. Really. Yeah. And I got rejected. Rejected. Well, how do we pace over, how often were you dating though? Were you going once a week? Every night after cheerleading at the oral Roberts university? Maybe center after practice. I, I walked down there and we would go usually walk to Walmart or, you know, walk to Sonic or go on little, you know, walks, that kind of thing. And this is probably like every, you know, three nights a week for probably four or five months. Yeah. But how many dates? I mean like, like, like you went to Charleston’s dates.

I mean, how many of those did you do before you went in? One a week. One a week. Okay. So maybe, you know, 12. That’s diligence, right? But then I went, I went for it. I went for it and she shut me down. How’d that, how’d that go? Three, three different times. Once, twice, three times a shut down. So then, I mean, I go on and on how to shut you down. You do the bill Murray moved from a, she said, I’m not ready for that. I thought we were just friends. Oh, friend zone. I like Jake a lot. You don’t see me hanging out with Jake. Take an implosion. I’m saying, last time I took Jake to Charleston, never. So, I mean, it’s a thing where a, but I got rejected a lot. But you know, you get, when you get rejected by your top sales lead, you come back, you come back, say if somebody rejects you on your 100, you don’t stop.

No, you, you, you keep on them until they buy, cry or die. When you guys were you guys bought road Regent bank once it was called the bank of new water, first national bank of new model. When you guys bought that, and I say you guys, I mean you, you don’t own all of it. You bought 10% of it, but when you bought those used guys bought a bank with people, but when you bought 10% of the bank, the economy cratered. Oh yeah. It was perfect timing. Fairly persistent in asking for deposits. Yes. And going out and counting cows in the pasture weight. We’ve financed 50. There’s only 23. I mean you guys got to, but you just kept asking. Now you had to sort of desperation if I remember right, wasn’t it the day after that bank closed, they announced the recession? Is this accurate or did I just, or was that, was that wrong?

That I’d heard similar timing. It felt like that, but it wasn’t quite the day after. But you know, and the recession wasn’t announcement of America. You are now officially and the great recession. I think Sean mentioned to me that after the transition of staff and ownership, it happened right when the S when it had settled down, that’s when like Warren buffet was on TV talking about why you should buy a bank of America stocks because the economy will bounce back. No, I, I think right afterwards there was a, there was one big announcement, I think Goldman Sachs or one of those big ones that are like too big to fail. Oh yeah. The announcement hit shortly thereafter. We’re only concerned they’re going, well, good thing we didn’t buy Goldman Sachs, but this is not good. This isn’t good. You know, when they had all these, you know, it was it was it was a debacle.

But apparently we survived at your auto auctions East 66 words hard. I went to your birthday, you turned up 52. You invited some great people and somehow I snuck in and you invited these great people and one of the guys who got up to speak to give up kind of toast to you. He’s one of your good friends. He was a guy that’s on that dream 100 list for the auto auction of this car dealers that you wanted to get, but you can’t. She wanted to win. Yes, and he had, he’s got up until now. You told the story how you he’d rejected, how many years did he tell you know? 12 and what would you do if that goes back to the other business too? So I had an auction, sold it and it started a new one. So sales rep came back time. If a sales rep came to you and said, Z, I went to this office today and he shut me down, what would you tell him to do? Go back. But when I did, finally I went myself. I said, I’ll go back. I found out what his hobbies were, what his interests were, what is what he, what, what pushed his buttons and it more that overlapped with me. First name Rob prob. It’s interesting that you are in the sun at the same time as me. I didn’t, I didn’t

Know. I didn’t know you like go to saunas to Rob. I know this is typically a one person. Here’s the deal I always use. I happen to have an extra cold water with me before she could have one. This is some guy, this is so random. Our tape RA’s only one talent here. You shop for Rob. You shop for toothpaste at sprouts too. Wow. On Tuesdays at three I had no idea. Robert, why are you like organic to Robert? Why are you in my trees with binoculars? Oh, birdwatching tried to read of squirrels when that guy [inaudible] he got rejected. Just kept, just kept out by him. Actually, you know, you just, you just keep at them and then like I said, you, you, you showered with gifts and spent time with him. Got to know him. He’s a great guy. We really became friends. We became friends before I started a business with me and I thought he’s got the point and I said, man, I, whether you do business with me, we’re not. I just want to hang out with you and have a cigar and a glass of wine and just, you know, live some lifts in line and just hang out in the sauna. Now I like to sweat too. It’s good for toxins out. I’m into conserving towels. Are you to use this side? I’ll use this side. No. It puts you when you build relationships and then, and then. Then once you build that relationship, then the business can follow. It’s business ties.

Oh boy. Hey, you know what we need right now. We need this. You know, there’s that game you play as a kid where you look at someone and you try to miss you. Laughs first. Oh yeah. Oh, I want all the listeners right now. I want you to look in your eye, close your eyes, and listen to the laugh of this ophthalmologist from Alabama and try not to laugh. Look, this is, look at the visuals. Everybody Google search right now. Dr. Timothy Johnson in Tuscaloosa, Google search. Dr. Timothy Johnson in Tuscaloosa. Google search it. Okay. You found him. Look at his face and listen to this four times and don’t smile. Don’t smile. Don’t laugh, don’t get sick. Don’t, don’t let it happen.

Here we go. Here. Are you ready?

Okay. I got him. I go smiling. This is his real laugh.

You’re pretty tough. This does not work. This is the perfect lab lab so many times before on other planets are coming to our planet to discover this laugh right here. This is incredible stuff. Again,

If you’re out there today, if you’re out there and you say, do you know what clay, I want to laugh like that. I want to be successful. Okay. Give us the final bill Belichick quotes for today’s shows. I want to take some notes here and then I want to go chase my wife around and try to become the best manager possible. Surefire fire Charleston tonight. You know it’s late cheer night tonight. Oh, sorry. Your kind of hard.

Okay. bill Belichick quotes number 36 it’s the business that you guys are into. We try to get as much information as we can and make the best decisions that we can for the football team. Z, at the end of the day, after you gather all the facts as a manager, don’t you have to just act, make a decision? I’ll tell you what an analysis by paralysis is, is crazy. You know, I, I know so many people that what I love is when I’m talking to a sales rep and [inaudible] and God bless him. I mean they, they, some have authority, some don’t, did make a deal or may not make a deal, right? It’s, I’m talking to him, I said, listen, I’m the guy that when I say yes, it’s going to happen because I’m the boss of my business and I know you work for and probably have 87 bosses, right?

Cause you’re working for a big corporation. So why don’t you do your homework, find out what you can do, what you can’t say yes to before we see you’re both in waste our time over a dinner meeting, a be telling you because you’re like, well I know I no, no, no. Cause they’ll sit there and say, well I might be able to do that. I don’t know. Here’s a pro tip. Here’s a pro tip pro tip for you out there. Cause a lot of our listeners are husband and wife, business owners. Please sit down with your wife and clarify what you can make decisions on and what she can or vice versa because nothing frustrates your team more than, I’m just, I’m telling you because my wife and I have run our businesses together for 20 something years. And I’ve seen a lot of business owners as an example.

There’s one lady who owned, owned a business in Tulsa, very successful, who she kept wanting to update her menu but her husband wanted to chime in, but he could never quite be at the meeting or it never quite make a decision. So for like months, she’s telling the staff, starting next week we’re gonna roll out the new menu next week. Then the next week comes around and we can’t do it. And then it’s that weird thing. So puts, let’s [inaudible] a pro tip. If you do own a business with your spouse or your brother or your cousin or your neighbor or a partner, please clarify who can make decisions on what, know your lanes and stick to them. I mean, there it is. It’s crazy. I dealing with people from other companies that don’t have that authority have not already gotten the authority frustrating. It’s very frustrating because they just kind of gets kind of a why are we wasting, I mean, I can be with my family, I can be doing something else.

I can be, you know, and now we’re just, you know, I’ll, I’ll, when you meet with me, I’m going to let you know what I can and can’t do. You need to do the same and have the same respect for me please on what you can and can’t do and be ready already had that discussion and how far can I go? Wow. How big a discount can I do? How much delayed Clearlink can I do? I mean at a time. Yeah. Understand what your parameters are and making the deal and then sit down with me and make a deal. Now bill Bellacheck and notable quote number 37 I wanna get Josh’s take on this. He says, what we can control is our performance and our execution and that’s what we’re going to focus on. You know, reporters always asked, coach, how’s the weather going to impact you? How does the loss of this player impact you if you’re a small business owner, people say, you just lost top guys. Are

You okay? Are you okay? Or the economy’s gonna get a little rough, a little rough there. You okay buddy. And you could sit there and lament and pontificate about the economy in the weather and things you can’t control. But why do you have to focus on what you can control as a business owner?

Because that’s what’s going to dictate whether or not you’re successful. That’s going to dictate whether or not you take care of your customers and you continue to grow your client base, that you take care of your people and you continue to grow them and mentor them. Or you get caught up in the latest Facebook trend or the real Housewives or the voice or the whatever. Dr Z said it earlier when you’re talking about delight gate, he said, well, honestly I really don’t care. I mean, I bet you dr Zellner doesn’t know the show schedule for the mast singer. I bet she doesn’t know. And I mean, so you’ve got to take, you punch me in the throat, you got to go take care of the things that you can take care of, that you can control. You’ve got to make sure you have your key performance indicators. You have your checklist, your procedures, you focus on those things and you do those, the it, the weather, whether or not it’s going to rain. That obviously dramatically impacts my business, but I can’t control it. It not rains. So we put our schedule together, we put our plan together. If it rains, cool, let’s go do something else productive at the shop or let’s do something to grow our business or go see some people or do something.

Now bill Belicheck, quote number 38 States, game management, game decisions and adjustments, seeing those things during games, it’s all important. Corey, I want to get your take on this because at Trinity employment specialists you meet with your team. You don’t sit there and Lord over them every second of every day, but you know what’s going on and you know the process, you do the progress of your sales pipeline much in the way bill Belichick quotes game film. Why do you have to know what is going on at Trinity employment at a certain level, even if you’re not the one making every sales call, why do you have to know what’s going on? I have two meetings that I have that are important. They’re called level 10 meetings. That in in a book called traction by Gino Wickman and he dictates how to have a level 10 meeting.

So at the very beginning of the week, I have a meeting that shows how many work orders we have, where we’re at with it, how many people we’ve sent out to them, and we make a decision on what our goals are for that week. But you know your numbers. I know our numbers and I know where we need to be at. Well, w and we go through all of those numbers through that, and if you miss it, it’s out in front of the entire group of people and everyone knows I’m not ripping you. I’m not ripping me. I’m not ripping Josh. I want to brag one person Z and one person alone, right? I want to brag on one person, Charles Cola, if everybody Google searches Joplin gyms right now. That right there is the gold standard of what it means to be an entrepreneur. That guy homeboys started his business out of a house that he bought for $115,000. His wife cut hair in one room. He turned his living room and the guest rooms into weight rooms, workout rooms, and he trained people. You’ve heard them share the story. Oh yeah. First client at five in the morning trading until six to eight o’clock at night. Every night. PM 10:00 PM book til 10:00 PM

And now that he’s no longer training clients cause colo fitness is a juggernaut, a growing big box gym. This is what’s crazy. I asked Charles, I said, Charles, I’m going to do you. I’m gonna read you the things I asked Charles to do and I would like for you to just wait, wait, we need to praise this guy because this is the gold standard of what it means to know your numbers and to do your job. I mean, this guy right here, this is impressive. This is someone we should all look up to and go, yeah, here he is. Well, he’s tall. Anyway, he gets a Google review from 50% of his customers check in that crazy gold standard. 50 I mean what? He gets video reviews at least two video reviews per day from his client. Gold, gold standard as those things to YouTube and Google every, I mean you look up Joplin gyms.

He is seven of the first 11 search results in Google right now. It’s incredible. He adds 45 articles a week about fitness to his website. Holy smokes, 45 gold standard. He adds 10 images per week on his website, gallery 10 images to his Google map. He gets an indeed review per week. His team has a side flipper out during busy hours every day, every day. And he sits down and makes sure that every week his weekly meetings that have to happen, and there aren’t a ton of them, they all start on time and they end on time. How it’s cause he knows what matters. But Charles, if you want to call Charles and say, Charles, you want to talk about the masked voice? He probably want me to turn that call. And I know a lot of people have been trying to call Charles for a long time and like what’s his deal? Well Charles is in charge of his schedule. Charles is in charge. Is it Carl? Be a good show.

That’s what you have to do. If you’re not in charge of your schedule, your schedule will be in charge of you. You know, you gotta own your calendar. Your calendar is going to own you. You know when people could say, Hey, can you, you’re like, well, I guess so you know, next thing you know your, your whole day’s filled up. The things other people want you to do instead of the things you need to do, want to do, should do, could do and quite frankly aren’t doing.

Now we have one more bill Belichick, notable quotable, but we’d like to, we always do. Every show is kinda like a movie come like a story, a story and you have it. You introduced the characters, Corey and Josh and yourself and myself and then you’ll stay off of them myself. But then what you do is then you introduce kind of like the conflict and we try to work together to solve it. You know, we cage fight and then we want to end with a, with the we want to hold like a koombaya up, uplifting and uplifting. And so I want to, I want to queue up for one of the most prolific songs in the history of, of modern American music. It is the theme song to Charles in charge. Let me queue it up.

[Inaudible] Can I get a little more cowbell cowbell Charles Cola and video. Charles, you’re beautiful. We want you in charge of us, but not really. We want our own businesses. We don’t want you to truck seriously. If we had to be, have some in charge of the school board to be one of the people in charge because he simply, if we were to form a dictator,

Yep. We want him to be our backup plan.

If we wanted him to be the assistant dictatorship, we want to be the assistant to the assistant dictator, and that’s a very important position by the way.

It is. But we don’t want you around a whole lot cause assistant dictators tend to take over the dictators to the assistant. He’s so powerful. He, he’s so big. He’s so muscular. He’s, he’s a big boy. He scares us now Charles, we love you, but seriously, please don’t do it. The hostile takeover of the studio now bill Bellacheck notable chordal number 40 39 number 39 the final one, Z. You break it down in the show text. Here we go. There’s no metals for trying. This isn’t like eighth grade where everybody gets a trophy. We are in a professional sport and it is competitive to win. That’s what we do.

If you’re, if you’re one of the, as Forbes says, when the 67% of the people out there right now punch a time clock thinking about starting a business, you’ve got to get your head wrapped around this. There is no second place. You have to win and winning means going all in and be mentored by people that are successful. That’s w that’s where our heart is because we know how to 67% of you that want to start a business that are going to start a business. A lot of you will fail and we don’t want that. We don’t want, that’s not good for the economy. It’s not good for the world. It’s not good for you. So we want to try to coach you up to do that. But you have to understand, even though you start it, it’s not about starting it and maybe wants to Pat you on the back, cut the red ribbon cheering you on.

Woo means beginning the word commencement, celebration, commencement meals beginning. I mean they’re, they’re the, you’re the mayor of your towns there to cut the red ribbon. The new idea of the year award, waiter of the year award, the big scissors, you know, and you’re thinking, if I could just get those big sailors get the big scissors, I just smell it. And you’re all good. It’s all happening. Then you get your first bad review and then you get your first bad. You have to fire your first and play good. And then then sales aren’t where they need to be. And you’re sitting there going, well, did I chart? Am I charging enough for mine? I feel like the God that God’s trying to teach, it cost me $7 to mayor [inaudible] shouldn’t work out, should work out. And then all of a sudden, next thing you know, you’re shutting down the door and there’s no red ribbon. It can, you know, commence commemorate that and there’s no big, can we put a red ribbon on the door before we shut it? It’s kinda like, it’s kinda like, you know that the wedding, everybody’s there bringing you gifts and at the divorce, nobody shows up for that party. It’s kinda like, Oh, it’s kinda like, Hey, that’s bad.

That’s kind of a skunky. It’s kind of a skunky time to throw

A party there, bill Belichick quotes I know I, well I noticed that you’ll go into a divorce that I wanted to throw a party. So what I do, I’m at the courthouse and came to the thing because you know I botched that toast and I just want to know what you’ve used ended up with kind of like, you know, maybe to borrow it again. I mean on occasion. So you know what I did, cause I was optimistic about the divorce proceedings. So I gathered 10% of your things and I brought them over here for the party because that’s what you’re going to have, right? Unbelievable. But care about you. That’s why I hide all these people to be in cheer for you at this time of your needs. Right? So there you have it. I mean it’s been a great, great show and barbell Chuck, we’ve got to love bill Belichick and please next time we’ve got 45 or 35 more sayings.

This is a bill Belichick, quote number 39 and we’ve got to get to 40 to 75 75 102 bill Belichick fax for you to check out. I know it’s so much fun, but to think about it is, is that when you find someone that’s done a job, excellent. Yep. Learn from them. Study them. Don’t hate cause you ain’t right. Don’t be mad at the rich, right. Don’t, don’t, don’t think well they whatever. No, they did it through hard, I promise you. They did through doing hard work. Yup. They did it through getting a mentor or making mistakes. Probably bows like all of us did. And the thing about it is it’s not hard. It’s just really hard. Yeah. So if you think it’s easy and you think, well that’s where I had a buddy of mine. He opened up a yogurt store and probably got 80,000 around real quick.

I just want to PFP at time meal. I struggle with being a morning person and a night person. I don’t like the nighttime. It’s like, that’s not the right one. My wife and I would watch the mask, the voice thing and then I go in the mornings I tend to sleep in and put off in the morning. I DVR shows. I didn’t, when I listen to like most of the Tony Robbins series and I’ve got like I read the first chapter of every book. I got a ton of books. I’ve been walking watching titles. Sometimes I just watch Ty Lopez had nonstop the videos of him in the, in the handle copters and the planes with the attractive women. Those moved me. I wasn’t move. I, that’s my life goal to be more and I just want to know what is the hat. Can I like as a way I could just read a little pot. Not actually what’s the loophole if I have anxiety, if the fifth is the word gluten makes me sleep the two weeks in a row, what do I do? We don’t get bright red. What do I do? I’m going to throw a big divorce party for all of you on the count of three. You already in the show with a bolt. The story. Here we go. Three, two, one.


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