Bill Belichick’s Brand of Football and Management | Patriots Beat Podcast Host, Reporter & Columnist Mike Petraglia Breaks Down Coach Bill Belichick’s Philosophy of Coaching

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Patriots Beat Podcast host, Mike Petraglia breaks down the legendary coaching philosophy of Coach Bill Belichick, which is commonly referred to around the NFL as the “Patriot Way.”

Guest – Mike “Trags” Petraglia

He now works now for CLNS Media – ConnectionLess Mode Network Service

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  1. Running a small business is ALOT like being the head coach of an NFL Team.
  2. When you lose in business you go out of business or you get fired.
  3. When win in business, your competition starts to recruit the top talent that you’ve been coaching up over the years and turn-over is a constant.
  4. Faced with a limited budget (or a salary cap) overtime entitlement from your top employees begins to set in and key players start demanding unreasonable things and you must decide whether you are going to let star players tell you want to do or whether you are going to let the entitled and former superstars go.
  5. Years approximately 17 years ago, I began to hear about The New England Patriots and their head coach, Coach Bill Belichick who seemed to have this uncanny ability to coach up undrafted, late-round draft picks and cast-offs from other teams into a band of brothers as a result of implementing this thing that was being referred to as “The Patriot Way.” Several books later, I began to realize that Coach Bill Belichick and the former CEO of GE, Jack Welch had almost identical management philosophies and that I could watch effectively be taught effective management while watching football if I was simply willing to become a New England Patriots fan.
  6. According to Inc Magazine since his arrival in New England, Coach Bill Belichick’s winning percentage is a staggering 74 percent, the second best of all time. –
  7. Without Tom Brady at the quarterback position, Coach Belichick has gone 13-6 (.684) in 19 games without Brady at quarterback for the Patriots.
  8. Before his time as a head coach in the NFL, as a defensive coordinator Belichick was dominant. During the six years that he worked as the defensive coordinator under coach Bill Parcells of the New York football Giants his defenses consistently finished with a rank of just over fifth in the league for fewest points allowed.
  9. His legendary defenses allowed the Giants to win two Super Bowls while keeping two of the best offenses in the NFL to well below their season averages.  
  10. When Coach Bill Belichick decided to take over the defense for the New York Jets they were ranked at 29th in the league in terms of points allowed, and under Coach Belichick, the team was able to immediately deliver three incredible top 10 finishes in the category of defense.
  11. Throughout his career, Coach Belichick has been forced to change either his offensive or defensive coordinators a total of eight times.
  12. When Matt Patricia decided to leave the Patriots to become the head coach of the Detroit Lions, it was the sixth that one of Coach Bill Belichick’s coordinator has decided to leave the team to become the new head coach of National Football League Team team or a major NCAA organization.
  13. Belichick has yet to fire a coordinator in his entire career as Head Coach of the New England Patriots.
  14. Coach Belichick has a won a total of five Super Bowls while being the Head Coach of the New England Patriots.
  15. In addition to being the Head Coach of the New England Patriots, Coach Belichick also acts effectively as the general manager of the team…basically, it’s like he has two jobs.

Biography – Mike Petraglia (Trags) is the iconic columnist and reporter who’s covered the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Boston College for from 2008-2017 and now works for CLNS media. Mike has been a member of the Pro Football Writers Association, Baseball Writers Association of America and Pro Basketball Writers Association. Mike can be heard on local and national outlets including CLNS Media and ESPN Radio as well as Sirius NFL Radio and his Podcast “The Patriots Beat” is what I listen to each and every week during the NFL Football Season.

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Description –  Boston sports columnist for @CLNSMedia & @CelticsBlog Host: @PatriotsCLNS, host of the Patriots Beat w/ Trags.

  • Mike the first question I would like to ask you about is your story. How did you get started in media and specifically how did you become a reporter and podcaster for the Patriots? Moved to Boston in August of 1993, he has been covering the Patriots since before Bob Craft ( purchased the team. Mike has covered the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins for example.
  • Have you always been a Patriots fan?
  • Mike, I would consider you one of the top experts on all things Bill Belichick so I would love to have you break down 15 principles he uses to coach/manage the team.
  • Principle #1 – Hire Character and Train Skill
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Talent sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT: Bill Belichick was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the year of 1952. Bill landed his entrance into the NFL after graduating from Wesleyan in 1975. Belichick took the job with the NFL’s Baltimore Colts for only $25 a week. He served as a gopher for head coach, Ted Marchibroda. Essentially, he did whatever the coach wanted him to do.
  3. Mike, you’ve covered the Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick for years, from your perspective why do you believe that he has been able to get so much out of late round draft picks and undrafted players over the years?
  4. FUN FACT – Matthew Wilson Slater (born September 9,1985) is an American football special teamer for the New England Patriots. He played college football at UCLA, and was drafted by the Patriots in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft. A two-time Super Bowl champion, Slater has made seven Pro Bowls as a special teamer.

Principle #2 – Build Your Success Based on Repeatable Systems and Not Individual Talents

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is an old saying about the strength of the wolf is the pack, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. On a football team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT: After landing his first job with the Baltimore Colts, Bill bounced all around the league. He joined a number of NFL teams including the Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions. In the 1980s, Bill became the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants football team. During his time there, he was praised for being one of the most well-prepared and sharpest minds in the NFL. Belichick stayed with the Giants for 12 seasons. He eventually took over as the
  3. Mike, every year Coach Belichick is going to let key players go so that he can afford to bring in the best quality overall team possible, from your perspective, why has he been able to do this over the years when no other team in the NFL has been able to replicate his success?
  4. Belichick Legendary Coaching in Action:
    1. Randy Moss
    2. Corey Dillon
    3. Josh Gordon

Principle #3 – Do the Right Thing for the Team

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Mental toughness is doing the right thing for the team when it’s not the best thing for you.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, you’ve covered Coach Belichick for years, what does Coach Belichick see and love about players like Matthew Slater and Nate Ebner that most other NFL Coaches can’t see?

Principle #4 – Don’t Allow Yourself or Your Team to Be Distracted

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I don’t Twitter, I don’t MyFace, I don’t Yearbook.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT: EA Sports, which produces the Madden series of NFL games, has a licensing contract with the NFL Coaches Association. It pays the NFLCA for the use of the coaches’ likeness or name. EA Sports then pays the NFLCA and then they turn around and pay out to their members. The only NFL head coach that does not receive a portion of the revenue is Bill Belichick. This is because he refuses to become a member of the NFL Coaches Association. If he signed up, he would get paid, but he refuses to join because he is obsessed with minimizing distractions.
  3. Mike, you’ve interviewed and been around Coach Belichick as much as anybody, I’d love to hear from your perspective why Coach Belichick chooses not interact with social media?

Principle #5 – Make Internal Training Difficult on Your Team

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My personal coaching philosophy, my mentality, has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice, however bad we can make them, I make them.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT: After a challenging 2000 season, Belichick made the difficult decision to replace the team’s current All Pro and local fan favorite, Drew Bledsoe, with an unknown player by the name of Tom Brady. Brady played college football at the University of Michigan and was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.
  3. Mike, you’ve witnessed the Patriots Dynasty up-close and personal. What are some of the ways that Coach Belichick makes his practices more difficult than the practices of most teams?

Principle #6 – Play Smart and Hard

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can play hard. You can play aggressive. You can give 120%, but if one guy is out of position then someone is running through the line of scrimmage and he is going to gain a bunch of yards.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT – During his time as the head coach of the New England Patriots, Belichick was named “Coach of the Year” three times. He was named “Coach of the Year” in 2003, 2007, and 2010. In the years of 2007 and 2011, Bill coached the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl, where they lost (both times) to Eli Manning and the New York Giants.
  3. Mike, from what you’ve been able to witness upclose, when Coach Belichick talks about playing smart, and players doing their job, what is he talking about?

Principle #7 – Understand the Strengths and Weakness of Each Team Member

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I think a smart guy can learn. Some guys learn – it’s just like all of us – some guys can learn electronics, some of us can’t. Some people can learn something else, some of us can’t. I mean, we’re all wired differently.” – Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT – In 2007, Coach Belichick became the first head coach in the history of the NFL to coach a team to an undefeated 16-0 regular season record.
  3. Mike, you’ve witnessed it year after year, how is Coach Belichick able to get the most out of his players when most teams cannot?

Principle #8 – Put Your Team Members in a Position to Perform at Their Peak

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Some guys are football smart and they’re not smart in other ways. Other guys get 1500 on their SATs and can’t get a double-team block right. No, that definitely – in my experience, sometimes it correlates, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think you just take it for granted.” – Bill Belichick
  3. Adam Vinatieri – He’s the best field goal kicker of his generation and he was not drafted after playing his college career at South Dakota State.
  4. Lonie Paxton – The long-snapper was undrafted in 2000 and yet was signed by the Patriots. He was important during many key moments.
  5. Wes Welker – After having a good career at Texas Tech, he was not drafted. The Chargers signed him, but he was cut. He then played for the Dolphins for two years before joining the Patriots in 2007.
  6. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – The Patriot with the super-long name played college at Ole Miss and went undrafted in 2008. He was signed by the Patriots and was a backup for many running backs until injuries created an opportunity for Green-Ellis to showcase his talents.
  7. Stephen Neal – This man was a college wrestling champion who never even played college football at Cal-State Bakersfield. However, he showed that he had the skills needed to be a successful NFL offensive lineman. The Patriots signed him and he went on to become a solid team member for seven years. And the list goes on…
  8. Mike, it seems like Coach Belichick is somehow able to work magic when it comes to recruiting players that other teams are not excited about and turning them into critical components of the Patriots team, how does it do this year after year despite not having and endless supply of top draft picks like many of the teams that consistently lose?

Principle #9 – Value Results Over Tenure

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We like to say that dependability is more important than ability.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, every year, Coach Belichick seems to have the ability to trade away or release his high-value top-shelf talent and reload the team with unproven players that play a critical part in the team’s success, from your perspective, how does he do this?

Principle #10 – Give a Chance to Unproven Talent

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I think Tom is one of the most consistent players that I’ve ever coached.  He works hard every week. There are no ups and downs with him.”- Bill Belichick
  2. FUN FACT – Tom Brady was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. He initially found himself as the team’s fourth quarterback on the depth chart and as a player fighting for a roster spot. As a result of diligence, he moved up to become the Patriots’ backup quarterback. Unfortunately, he only played one game during his first NFL season. During the 2001 season, the team’s starting All-Pro quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, was injured and Brady quickly proved himself to be the perfect man for the job. He lead the team to 11 wins and 3 losses during the 14 games he played. In the postseason, he lead the team to a win over the St. Louis Rams during Super Bowl XXXVI. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl.
  3. Mike, whether it’s Tom Brady, Nate Ebner, Malcolm Butler, Josh Kline, Brandon Bolden, Danny Woodhead, Chris Hogan, James Develin, LeGarrette Blount, Danny Amendola, Adam Vinatieri or Wes Welker Coach Belichick seems to have a knack for getting the most out of undersized or undervalued players. From your perspective, how is he able to do this?

Principle #11 – Focus On Results Not Tenure

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “To live in the past is to die in the present.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, very few coaches seem to be able to move on when a player is no longer the right fit, yet Coach Belichick has been able to do this consistently for nearly 20 years. From your perspective, what are his secrets for focusing on results and not tenure when it comes to building his roster each year?

Principle #12 – Be Candid with Your Team

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “This won’t be good enough. It wasn’t good enough today. It won’t be good enough against anybody else, either.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, Coach Belichick is famous for calling it how he sees it and for being candid with his team. From your experience having him interviewed him and having watched him closely over the years, why is able to be candid when so few other coaches seem able to do this?

Principle #13 – Don’t Allow Bad Habits to Infect Your Team

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One thing that could be a problem is breaking old habits. It’s not that you don’t understand what the new responsibilities or plays are, but just the fact that you’ve been doing something a long time and you’re kind of used to doing it, it’s a habit, and that’s not what’s required in the other system and that means kind of undoing something before you can even start to do something new.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, you’ve watched Coach Belichick up-close for years, can you share how he’s able to coach bad habits out of veterans and rookies year after year?

Principle #14 – Insist on Maniacal Preparation

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I think practice preparation is always an indicator of game performance – not necessarily 100 percent, because there are still a lot of variables there, but it’s still an indicator,” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, how does Coach Belichick manage his practices differently from most NFL coaches?

Principle #15 – Build a Versatile Team

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A lot of times a player has a lot of versatility. That’s really what their strength is and what their role is.” – Bill Belichick
  2. Mike, as an avid Coach Belichick fan, I have witnessed Coach Belichick play players like Troy Broy, and Mike Vrabel be asked to play on both offense and defense over the years. Having watched Coach Belichick up close and personal over the years, why do believe that he values the versatility of his players so much?

Bill Belichick Fun Facts

  1. Belichick’s father, Steve, started out volunteering and then working as the equipment manager for the Detroit Lions to actually playing for the team in 1941.
  2. After serving in World War II, Belichick began coaching football professionally. He started out as the head football coach and the head basketball coach at Hiram College. He worked as an assistant coach for Vanderbilt University (1949–1952), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1953–1955), and then as an assistant coach for the United States Naval Academy for 34 years.
  3. While in high school Bill Belichick played lacrosse and football.
  4. Bill Belichick graduated from Annapolis High School in 1970.
  5. After graduating from High School, Bill spent one year of his life at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.
  6. Bill Belichick went to college at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.
  7. Belichick played tight end and center on the Wesleyan football team.
  8. Bill Belichick graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in economics in 1975.
  9. Bill Belichick spent 10 years working in entry level coaching positions for the Baltimore Colts, the Detroit Lions, the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants before he finally scored the defensive coordinator job with the G iants in 1985.
  10. Bill Belichick has been an assistant or head coach with the following franchises:
    1. The Baltimore Colts
    2. The Cleveland Browns
    3. The Denver Broncos
    4. The Detroit Lions
    5. The New England Patriots
    6. The New York Giants
    7. The New York Jets
  11. Belichick changes the name of his boat every time the Patriots win a Super Bowl from “III Rings” to “IV Rings,” etc.
  12. Bill Belichick is the only coach in the NFL who refuses to become a member of the National Football Coaches Association, which is why he does not share in any of the earnings produced from the games’ sales and why you will not be able to find him, his playbook or any likenesses of him on any of the popular Madden video games.
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Audio Transcription

Running a small business is a lot like being the head coach of an NFL team. When you lose in business, you go out of business or you get fired. When you win in business, your competition then begins to start recruiting your top talent that you’ve been coaching up over the years, and turnover is a constant faced with a limited budget or or salary cap. Over time entitlement from your top employees begins to set in and key players start demanding unreasonable things and you must decide whether you’re going to let superstars tell you what to do or whether you’re going to let the entitled or former superstars go. Approximately 17 years ago, I began to hear about the New England patriots and their head coach, Bill Belichick, who seemed to have this uncanny ability to coach up undrafted, late round draft picks and castoffs from other teams into a band of brothers.

As a result of implementing this thing that was being referred to as the Patriot way several books. Later, I began to realize that coach bill belichick and the former CEO of Ge, Jack Welch, had almost identical management philosophies. So I could essentially be taught effective management simply by watching the Patriots Games. Now, that right there is what I would call wicked author. I could become a fan of a football team while learning effective management. Did you know that according to ink magazine, since Bill Bella checks arrival in New England, the team has won at a staggering 74 percent if a winning percentage of 74 percent. And even without Tom Brady listed here, buddy Tom Brady is wicked awesome. And I don’t want you to speak negatively about touchdown when Tom Brady does not play, the team has gone 13 and six, meaning they have a winning percentage of 68 percent, almost 69 percent even when one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL doesn’t play.

And that would be because even with Tom Brady bodies not on the field, his physical, uh, almost spiritual presence is annointing bill check and allowing him to lead the team before his time as a head coach in the nfl. And as a defensive coordinator, Bill Belichick was dominant during the six seasons that he worked as the defensive coordinator under coach Bill parcells of the New England football giants. His defense is consistently finished with a rank just over fifth in the League for fewest points. Allowed his legendary defenses allowed the giants to win two super bowls while keeping two of the best offenses in the nfl to well below their season averages. When coach bill bellacheck decided to take over the defense for the new for the New York jets, they were ranked at 29th in the League in terms of points allowed God and under coach Belichick, the team was able to immediately deliver three incredible top 10 finishes in the category of defense with many of the same players throughout.

Coach Bela checks legendary career, he has been forced to change either his offense or defensive coordinators. A total of eight times when met Patricia decided to leave the Patriots to become the head coach of the Detroit lions. It was the sixth time that one of coach Bill Belichick’s coordinators had decided to leave the team to become an NFL head coach. Or a major head coach for Ncaa Organization below check throughout his career has yet to fire even a single offensive or defensive coordinator during his time as the head coach of the New England patriots. Throughout Bill Bella checks career, he has won a total of five superbowls while being the head coach of the Patriots. In addition to being the head coach of the New England patriots, coach, Bill Belichick also effectively acts as the general manager of the team. Basically, it’s like he has two jobs and so now that any further ado, Mike exclusive interview with the host of the Patriots beat podcast, Mike skaggs put trail.

Some shows. Don’t need a celebrity and a writer to introduce the show, but this show to eight kids, Koch, created by two different women. $13,000,000 businesses and gentleman. Welcome to the thrive time show.

Do what?

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and

cast download. And on today’s show, I could not be more fired up than to have our guest here today. He’s an iconic columnist and reporter who’s covered the patriots, the Red Sox, the Celtics Bruins, Boston College. I listened to him each and every week on the Patriots beat podcast because I am totally nerded out and obsessed with the management style of the Patriots Organization. Bill Bellacheck, Bob Kraft. This guy knows more about Bella Bella. Check that I could ever possibly learn. Mr Mike trags. Welcome onto the show. How are you, sir?

I’m doing great. Thank you for having me. That’s quite the build up and uh, I am very, very grateful for it. Thank you.

Well, Hey, I listen to you every week. So I feel like I know. Yeah, but for a lot of our listeners out there that aren’t from the northeast, who or maybe aren’t as familiar with the diddy patriots and the Celtics and the teams you cover, could you share with the listeners out there a little bit of your history and how you ended up becoming the, uh, the official beat reporter for the Patriots

moved here in August of 1993. Started my own wire recording service, uh, then started working for espn radio back in the day, uh, and I’ve been covering, uh, the patriots since, believe it or not, before Robert Kraft, the purchase the team. So that would be, but in the first year of drew bledsoe and, um, Bill parcells and, uh, it’s really been a remarkable run. Of course, at that time I covered, um, I also covered the red sox have ruined the South Texas, you mentioned Boston College. Um, and it’s been as everybody who has followed Boston sports for the last 25 years knows and unprecedented run, nobody could have ever foreseen, uh, the kind of success, uh, that, uh, New England has had. But you know, why you’re having the on is because of the Patriots primarily and Bill Belichick and the Patriots really, they started it all because aside from a couple of Boston University hockey national championships in the nineties when the Patriots won in 2001, the culture started to change drastically.

And then, uh, and then of course the red sox had their historic comeback against the Yankees and the o for all cs. And the red sox had always been very good. I mean, I never buy the long suffering red sox fan because, you know, they’ve always been on the precipice, safe, made the world series several times. But in, oh, for it really changed a, obviously one at all. Then the Patriots want to know for Patriots, want to know five a and the red sox won it all in. Oh, seven Patriots undefeated. And uh, oh, seven loose in the super bowl to the, uh, isn’t that classic game against the giants? But it really was the Patriots and develop check style of management. I think here that started it all because I think really from what I’ve seen over the last 25 years in covering it in person, the waybill bill check runs his program, the so called Patriot way, uh, has proven successful across all platforms and other teams have adopted it here in town.

Amount of preparation for today’s interview, I want to kind of tee up a notable quotable for you to break it down because you’re in the culture. You see it every day. Bill, Bill check was, uh, born in Nashville, Tennessee. And in the year of 1952, he landed his entrance into the nfl after graduating from Wesleyan in 1975. And I did the math and I just did it for inflation. He was coaching for the colts at the time, making $25 a week, which is not a lot. And uh, you know, but then he just kept being diligent, kept being consistent, kept working his way up the ladder. And one of my favorite bill village hit check quotes, is talent sets the floor. Character sets the ceiling. You’ve covered coach bellicheck for years. Could you talk to us about the Patriot Way and what that means? Where talent sets the floor? Character sets the ceiling

in different ways. What do you mean you need a certain level of talent? Baseline to plan the national football league. Everybody knows that, but character is determined by a number, a number of qualities, dedication, a determination, a ability to overcome challenges, uh, focus, uh, effort, all of it mixed into one bag. And that really that is what character is. And Bill Bella checks mind understand that bill bellacheck dad obviously was a navy man coach for the Naval Academy and has really adopted a lot of the military mindset when coaching and building a, his program with the Patriots and character in the military is essentially how do you react when the times are tough? How do you react under pressure, you know, not all the tough times of pressure, not all pressure times are tough. I understand that. But how do you handle challenges, uh, under intense scrutiny and pressure?

How do you, how do you handle that and that to, to bill bellacheck his character and got that from the military being around his dad who was pretty much a Nannette no nonsense type of guy and his mom was more of a lighthearted and Jeanette is still alive but believe living in Nashville, Tennessee. So I think that’ll be nice for Bella check when they go to visit the titans and Mike were able in a couple of weeks so they’ll get together. But, um, his dad was his biggest influence. No, no question about that. And His dad is the person who gave him a baseline for what character is and character. All of those Patriot teams that won super bowls had to overcome some degree of intense challenge when it came to, uh, the playoffs and eventually winning the superbowl. And obviously there’s no better examples in the last two superbowls.

They won, right? The Seattle Seahawks, the Malcolm Butler, the go, go, go, Malcolm Go Malcolm go, uh, at the end of the game putting Butler in, um, and intercepting a pass from Russell Wilson on the last play, last, a seahawks drive of the game after go line in a play where they practice it a couple of days before and not that well, but they practiced it and you know, practices the greatest educator in pressure situations. Then two years later, they’re down 28 to three and everybody knows what happens. Um, Dante hightower comes up with a huge strip sack. They claw their way back in about five minutes to go down a point. She just knew the Patriots. We’re going to tie that game and force it to overtime. And probably when him and his players knew that, and that is, you know, when the chips are down, it’s important for Bella checks players to understand that they’ve been through it before and they’ll execute, uh, when the time is called for and they’ll execute at a high level.

Your coverage of the Patriots is truly phenomenal and you go deep. You go deep. You know these dates. This blows my mind. Matthew slater is a guy who I think is a guy who plays the game, the Patriot way. For the listeners out there who aren’t familiar with Matthew Slater, can you explain what makes Matthew Slater such a true patriot?

That’s a great question. I’m going to try to articulate it the best I can. Get him out of Ucla in 2008. Um, son of a hall of Famer and Jackie Slater, a Bella check, loved the way Jackie slater played. And Jackie slater was everything villain check would want in a football player, right? Dedicated. I’m very dedicated to his team, um, and out of implanted incredibly consistently high level and at a position in a tackle in the national football league where you get beat up week after week, but he kept coming back and Bella check early on, could tell that Matthew Slater was formed by those fires of his dad, right? The, you know, the genes really can’t pass it over from father to son, but Matthew Slater was an incredibly fast player, very bright player and spell check is always valued. That on special teams is always valued.

Special teams is legitimately the third group on your team. And he didn’t realize that Matthew Slater had what it took a speed and understanding and intelligence, um, to play on special teams. And that’s why he stuck around. He went through a couple of bumps in his rookie year, had a couple of key fumbles costume a game. Actually, I’m in 2008, but I’m Matthew Slater is a man of incredible face and incredible, um, you know, belief in God and a while, Bella check doesn’t, you know, come off as a very spiritual guy. He appreciates, he appreciates those players who have a sincere route in their faith and their belief structure. Right? And he knows those types of players are not going to go off the, what’s the expression, the, um,

the straight and narrow. They’re not. Go ahead, Bella. Check on. I didn’t mean to cut you off. Just kind of cut out there for a second. I’ve noticed that over the years, just some backstory. The only reason that I am a fan at all of the Patriots is because of Bill Belichick. I started hearing about his coaching philosophy on his second year with the team in about this idea of building repeatable systems and not really focusing on individual talents. So as an example, I grew up as a kid. We were fans of the, uh, of the Dallas cowboys and the cowboys would always have a couple of huge allstar, allpro celebrity names. And if they ever got hurt, the team just fell apart. Whereas with a bill bellacheck team, if Gronk is out as a Patriot fan, I mean, I, you know, it’s, it’s, uh, it hurts when you have one of the best games, best targets out, but at the same time they keep winning when Tom Brady has missed a games either through suspension or injury, which has been very consistent player throughout his career, but whenever he’s been gone, the team just continues winning and he hasn’t notable quotable where he says there’s an old saying about the strength of a wolf is the pack and I think there’s a lot of truth to that on a football team.

It’s not the strength of the individual players, but it’s the strength of the unit and how they all function together. How is bill bellacheck able to get late round draft picks, undrafted people and people that nobody else’s is recruiting? How was he able to get them to win as a unit your after year when most teams can’t win, no matter how many top draft picks they get?

Well first of all, it, it comes with a base intelligence and they have to understand what they’re coming into. And have to be dedicated to learning and if they’re dedicated to learning and of course they have that base that we were talking about before that floor of talent to compete in the national football league. You’ll do the rest. And that’s not to say he’s going to check her rookie free agent off the street who you know, doesn’t have what it takes to physically make it the NFL. He’s not going to do that. But if he sees a player who’s, you know, Ella Nfl caliber player might be a reserve on. That’s why you see so many reserves on other teams come to New England and be stars is that not because they didn’t have the talent to compete in the national football league, but Bella check to use the expression, coach them up. And a valid check really instills that belief in the players that we will make sure you execute under pressure situations. If you can execute under pressure, you can execute the rest of the time. And He prepares them for situational football constantly. Everything was Bella check. Uh, when he coaches them, when he has them, you know, the three or four days a week that he’s really prepping them on the field. He is planning situation after situation after situation, quizzing them on the field, like a teacher would

bowling class, same thing.

My partner and I, we have built a 13 multimillion dollar companies. There’s an auto auction, there’s a photography chain, there’s a chain of men’s grooming lounges. There’s a lot of different companies were involved in. My partner has a bank and it’s crazy, but we quote bill bellacheck all the time because they’ll bill check is all about making the practice more difficult than the actual game. And we just role play role play, role play, role play. We’re making a lot of patriots fans in Tulsa as a result of obsessively talking about him. And I have three, three people in particular that I want to brag on. Bella, check a and I’d like for you to break them down because bill bellacheck brought on Randy Moss who was having some problems. He brought on Corey Dillon who was having some problems and he just brought on Josh Gordon, who’s had a lot of problems and they just all seem to be able to learn the Patriot way. Why is he able to coach people up when other coaches don’t seem to be able to do it?

Well, that’s because of your earlier point about the system, the players taking care of the player and the path taken care of the wolf, right? That’s why that, that’s simple that he believes that because the pack is so strong in that locker room and the leaders believe in winning so much, uh, that the, when you bring in a player to that system, those players in that particular troubled athlete and sit them down and say, look, you are as a spectacular challenge and you’ve obviously had issues with focus on other teams and, and staying on the straight and narrow. I like Josh Gordon is obviously the most recent example of that. I mean that story of Josh Gordon Filming and a commercial 36 hours before the browns played New Orleans blew my mind. It really did. And pulled a hamstring, pulled a hamstring, clay that would never happen in New England and it wouldn’t even enter a Joshua’s mind. And certainly that was brought up with the pack to a Josh Gordon. Like, you’re not going to behave like that here. We want you to succeed with arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. But here’s the commitment we need from you. It’s the commitment is always laid out to the player here when, when it’s a Randy Moss, corey dillon or a Josh Gordon. And those are three excellent examples. Randy Moss is a different one now because Randy Moss wasn’t necessarily troubled. He was

not always buying into the team culture. Right?

I agree with that.

And, and so it was a little different. Randy Moss’s and incredibly bright man, like exceptionally bright, one of the brightest players I’ve ever covered in any sport. Uh, he’s that smart. And, uh, it took,

once he got into New England and once he sat down with Tom and what obviously sat down with bill and he understand that their dedication and their insight to preparing for the nfl week after week after week he was sold. Once you sell a guy like Randy Moss on what it takes, the rest takes care of itself. And that’s why he had the season with Brady, the 23 touchdown taxes in 2007. That’s why he had the season he had. But even in New England, um, that window closes eventually and it doesn’t always end great. And if you remember in 2010, I believe it was season opener against the Cincinnati Bangles. After that game, the Patriots won. But Randy was, was not pleased. And it was about a believer, his contract and not getting extended. And he was getting frustrated. And what it adds in New England, it usually ends over money. It usually ends over, look, I’ve put all this investment into my career here.

I’ve made sacrifices. We’ve won, but I’ve made sacrifices. I’d like to get rewarded in dollar check. And Robert Kraft are pretty much on the same page when they say, you are entitled to your rewards. We just can’t afford our, our system, our, uh, the way we run business, can’t afford you here. We wish you nothing but the best going forward. And that’s the way it was with Denny Amygdala. That’s why Danny Edmundo and brandon cooks are not in town anymore. Brandon cooks was traded away. God, his money with the Rams Damadola got his two years, $12,000,000 with the dolphins and there’s no hard feelings.

And this is why I wanted to have you on because as a small business owner or my case, I’m a medium size business owner. If you have hundreds of employees, what happens is a person joins your team, you coach them up, right? You coach up kind of a lower value person, high character. Then they want to get a big contract. Your top sales guy wants to make more of your top employee. Once more entitlement begins to set in, then you leave the team or you leave the Patriots or you leave the organization and you go play for the seahawks. And you don’t do very well because there’s not a good system there, but he got paid and then you want to end your career back on the Patriots again. I mean it’s, it’s a deal where a bill belichick does this year, after year, after year, and whenever, if someone begins to want a bigger contract, he won’t fight you about it.

He’s just like, hey, here’s the deal we have and if it’s not fair or do you think you’d get more? It’s okay, but it’s just amazing how people want to retire as a Patriot because that’s where they had the winds. They had the success and. But bill doesn’t allow contracts to become a distraction and I want to hammer home this idea. Bill bellacheck does not allow distractions. He doesn’t allow the players to say crazy things during press conferences and according to, according to Bill Bellacheck, he doesn’t twitter, he doesn’t my face and he doesn’t yearbook. Can you talk about bill bellacheck and his lack of engagement in social media and his lack of engagement with the coaches association and his lack of engagement with a press conference is. Just talk about bill, Bill checks, approach to distractions,

any platform, clay or for any environment where he doesn’t have control. If he, he just won’t do that. And you can say a lot of things about bill’s knowledge check and maybe one of the negatives you might infer about bill and I don’t think he would disagree with this. He’s a control freak and he controls his environment and he wants his team playing in a controlled because he knows what happens when it becomes chaotic. You get Josh Gordon’s and Cleveland. He had Josh Gordon, you know, reportedly is going out and checking his social media during a break in practice. You know, going back. I mean that’s ridiculous.


And, and, and you get all kinds of different distractions on and off the field and you know, obviously Bella check has been through it. I mean he went through a well let, let’s give us lists of the distractions he’s dealt with. He’s dealt with spygate. He’s dealt with Aaron Hernandez and there’s a new Boston Globe spotlight series coming out on that. He’s a dealt with obviously to deflate gate. He’s dealt with his quarterback being suspended, he’s dealt with a

allegedly, allegedly last year. He and Brady were having a huge issue with each other and he was not agreeing anymore. I mean, there’s always something.

Well, to him, those are distractions, but he deals with it from his control platform and social media, as we all know, can be backwash. It can be off, it can be a terrible place and he’s not going to do anything on that platform or engaged in anything that’s going to distract from that. He’ll post, you know, through his girlfriend Linda holiday. He’ll post, you know, pictures like from his bill bellacheck foundation dinner, um, and his hall of fame, a charity function, um, the hall of fame Huddle, a for the bill bellacheck foundation. They’ll post pictures from that via his girlfriend Linda holiday, but he’s not going to engage in anything football related on social media or he’s not going to appear before a group that’s not sanctioned by the national football league or it is not absolutely required by the nfl for him to appear. He’s, you know, cross the line. Sometimes he’s gotten fined for not appearing, but he’s good with that. He’s fine. Like, look, I’m going to deliver my message on my in my platform the way I want to, and it’s just a. it’s going to be that way.

One thing I like about bill bellacheck, it’s probably why nobody else likes him. Very few people like New England fans love him, but I think he’s probably one of the most hated coaches in the league. It’s because he. He runs the Patriots exactly how a business owner needs to run their business. There are so many parallels between Bill Bellacheck and Jack Welch. They’re very, very similar philosophies now. Like Tomlin though, allowed a players famously years back to film in the locker room, you know, social media. I’m like Tom and will sometimes get into discussions online and he’s a successful coach. He’s had success with the steelers, but I think bill, because bill bilichick different is he has exceptional success every year and I think one of the things that he does that makes super successful is he makes the training on the team more difficult in practice than in the game. And to quote Bill Bellacheck, he said, my personal coaching philosophy, my mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice. However bad we can make them, I make them. Can you share with us some anecdotal examples of how bill bellacheck makes practice difficult during the winters? When possible.

Certainly the elements, mother nature that we get up here in New England, whenever he can brainstorm. Like two years ago, I believe there was a hurricane came and the winds were just whipping around and it was raining hard and everybody went into the press conference that Friday morning, assuming you’re not in the field house, you’re going to be in the field, right? And he said, no, I mean there’s no, no. And his answer was, there’s no lightning is there. Then we’re, we’re outside. And that’s an example right there. There’s literally hurricane force. We’re blowing through foxborough range, torrential rains, and he wanted this team working on while security. Right?

And he told them, you can’t be late during the winter. We have. You guys had a massive snow storms last year. He let everybody know, put them on blast. If you need to sleep at the facility, you are not going to be late for practice because of a snowstorm.

Okay. Here’s the number one example that comes to mind. Two thousand and nine. There was a big snow storm and he warned his team, what you just said the night before, the afternoon before for the meeting, he said, look, there’s a snowstorm coming in. It’s bad. Everybody better be here at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. And the inference there was, you better get a hotel room and stay. We have a freaking hotel right across the parking lot. Get a hotel room and um, you know, you’re a professional football player. You can afford one hotel room. Um, you know, for one night and for players didn’t show up. And that was one of them was Randy Moss. Randy Moss was late, you know, randy was late, um, along with Derrick Burgess. Um, I’m trying to think. There were two other players who were also late and one of the players in the walking through the locker room, I think on that was a Thursday on Friday, was laughing and giggling. Sorry, Bill, sorry bill, you know, make mocking him and you know, that kind of thing gets back to bill and Bella check, just won’t have it.

And so on Friday morning, a Sundowner the sorry bill thing I think happened on Thursday. So Friday morning they, uh, the, the day of the snowstorm, they show up at 8:30 and sends them home. And so when the practice report came out, there were these four players who dnp speed, uh, and there was no reason less than what’s up with this and come to find out they were all sent home because they didn’t show up on time when they were told the day before, be ready. So that’s the best example of making things tough and not making excuses even when there’s a blizzard conditions outside.

What am I, is a massive fan. Jonathan Kelly is a massive fan of the New York giants and he was talking about how he’s excited, you know, that nate soldier came and joined the team. Uh, they picked the giants, famously signed him for $62, million, I believe, over over four years, and he left the Patriots and the Patriots just keep on winning every year. The first four games we have to find our footing as a team because a lot of turnover, a lot of new players, but the giants are impossibly bad and it, it, it’s neat soldiers, a great player. But when you left the patriots, there’s a lot of people talking about are you excited about going to a culture where you have more freedom? We were finally getting paid and I almost feel bad anytime someone leaves the Patriots because I know they’re going to get their money, but they’re also going to lose in the process. Is there a, a, a fake one of your favorite patriots that you hated to see? Go away that then, but then ultimately came back to win again? Is there a favorite Patriot that went? Went away for the money? But then came back to win again, that you can remember that you can recall.

Dionne branch. There we go. There we go. Dr. Because Don was. Don came back to it

when and it was fun to see him back and it’s like hopefully nate soldier after a year or two of losing up there, maybe you’ll come back. Come back, nate.

Well, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens with trump brown. But you’re right, they find their footing in the first four weeks of the year. That’s when they start to. And nobody cares. And uh, this year felt a little different. I’m not going to lie because that last, uh, Detroit, uh, on Sunday night football, they worked bad. What good teams that was losing to a below average team and there was no energy, no effort. And I’m still concerned about this. I don’t know if this patriots team is a super bowl team, clay. I mean even knowledge check can only do so much and he knows that I’m after awhile they’re going to have to cover speedy guys in the, uh, in the secondary. And the secondary has not played great this year. Um, and you know, when you let certain players go, you know, you make that sacrifice for talent thinking that you know, you can cover with the system and the system doesn’t always cover for individual talent and that’s kind of shown up in the secondary a little bit this year.

No, Mike, as we wrap up this interview, I think there’s one glaring thing that you’re missing out on, on your coverage. And I’ll just, you can argue with me here. You’re, you’re, you know more than I do. I think you forget the power of the Hoodie. I mean, once he starts getting that nasty Hoodie on, the one that’s probably a decade old, can you explain to the listeners out there who are not familiar with bill bellacheck pencil behind his ear and the Nasty Hoodie? What is that all about?

Symbolism. Symbolism of I’m the professor. I don’t need to be dressed up in a business suit on the sideline to coach, to coach a game. I want to be comfortable. I want to be focused on the game. We’re out here playing a game. We’re not out here in a court deciding corporate sales

for the year.

I think that it’s a mindset with him that Hoodie is all about the mindset. Get them, get me in my element in which is my Hoodie, my, my. I’m a football coach. That’s what I do and when I put that Hoodie on, I take on that personality. The hoodie, he will never wear again. You know this story, right?

No. Tell us

the Red Hoodie from super bowl 42, the undefeated regular season and he broke out a bright red hoodie for the superbowl and people before the game and I kid you not. We’re like, what is he doing


Sure enough, they lose 17 to 14 and that Hoodie is never been seen again. I think it was. I think it was either auctioned off for charity or, or just thrown out, but Bella check never wore it again. I will tell you, clay, all kidding aside, people ask me, um, and they have before. Who’s the smartest guy you know, without question I answer every single time. Bill Bella, check that includes politicians, teachers, lawyers, doctors, the smartest man I’ve ever met. I never had the pleasure of speaking with his Bella check. And that is because he is so calculated and so rational thinking in almost every single thing he does. I’ve never met anybody liked the guy and you know, I, I appreciate you having me on to speak about them because you know, his way of looking at things.


He’s so unemotional and it’s hard to do that in this world. Right? We’re all consumed with emotion and anger. Yeah. Rage all the time. And you’d go all over the map. He is devoid of any of that when it comes to managing his football team. It’s, it’s remarkable. It really, really is. And His perspective over the years and how many different people he’s interacted with, uh, from Jim Brown, two presidents, senators to everybody is remarkable. And he uses that, those contacts to motivate his team will bring them in. Of course he’s brought Jim Brown in a couple of times, um, to speak to his team about, you know, what it is to be a national league player. What history is all about, and obviously bill bellacheck is one of the best historians you’ll ever meet in any industry and any business. He is a remarkable historian who appreciates the lessons you can learn from previous experience and it’s, you know, the latest example, best latest example of that is when they went to Cleveland and Tom Brady’s first game back from the suspension a couple of years back. He brought in Jim Brown because it was big Jim Brown statue outside Cleveland Stadium and uh, they all toured the statue and heard from Jim Brown and it was really, really a remarkable impact on the team.

Well, here’s the deal, we’re on pace to about a half million downloads this month and we are doing really well on the itunes charts and if we can just get some of our listeners to fraction off and to check out your podcast once a week, that would be an answer to my prayer. So can you tell the listeners the best way to find the Patriots podcast? The Patriots beats beat a podcast or.

Absolutely. I appreciate you doing that. Clay. It is at s media C l, m, s as in Sam, media, all one And you go down to um, the, you go over the podcast tab and you scroll down to the Patriots beat. Uh, we have about three or four different patriots speeds, a Patriot podcast, but it, mine is the Patriots be. And uh, I hosted every week.

Mike, I appreciate your coverage, your knowledge. Hopefully I didn’t take your day to the bottom with today’s interview and we’d love to have you on again.

Uh, just the opposite. It was a highlight of my day and I, anytime I can talk about my experiences and share them covering, you know, the greatest coach of all time, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. It’s my pleasure. So thank you very much for having me.

Alright, you take care of friends. The other check, Tom Brady and the entire wicked awesome northeastern area there of Boston. We’re going to end this show with a wicked awesome boom. Also, I strongly encourage anybody out there to eat copious amounts of locally fresh, organic lot of Sti, so we only further that dude. That’s how in this show with a wicked awesome boom. So here we go. Three, two, wicked. Awesome. Boom.

All right. To demonstrate the unbelievable bias of this show, uh, typically we’d never get to quote bill belichick quotes at all in this show. And so this is the bill belichick show. And so I will now quote some notable quotable scrum. The great one, Mr. Bill Belichick. He’s just mental toughness is doing the right thing for the team when it’s not the best thing for you. Make sense? That’s coach Bill Belichick. Coach brought bad check, says, I don’t twitter, I don’t my face and I don’t. Yearbook makes sense to me. It’s coach Belichick, both my personal coaching philosophy. My mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible to play as important. However, wicked awesome pad we make them. I make the coach Gildo yet another notable quotable, a mind expanding knowledge bomb from coach Belcher. You can play hot. You could play aggressive. You could give 120 percent, but if one guy is out of position than someone who’s running through the line of scrimmage and he’s going to gain a bunch of yachts, coach Belcher, modern philosophy, another notable quotable from Coachville bunches.

I think a smart guy can learn. Some guys can learn. It’s just like all of some guys can learn electronics. Some guys can’t. Some people can learn something else. Some guys just can’t. I mean, we’ll all wild. Why a different sign coach deal. So you want to win a football game. All right, well I happened to know. Again, it’s approached her dogs. Another look under the Hoodie from the main man, coach Bill Pella check. Some guys are football smart that they’re not smart in other ways. Other guys get wicked awesome. 1,500 on there, say keys and can’t get a double team block. Right? No, that definitely in my experience, sometimes hit color, right? Sometimes it does. It correlate. I don’t think you just take it for granted. Coach Bill Belichick got another notable quotable from my brother, from another mother, coach, Bill Belichick. We’d like to say that dependent dependability is more important than ability.

I’m going to repeat that a given the time we like to say that dependability is more important than ability side. Wicked awesome. Coach, notable quotable. Number 10. I think Tom is one of the most consistent place. Then I’ve been a coach. Let me repeat. I think that Tom Brady is one of the most consistent players that I’ve ever coached. He works. Hi everyone. Yeah, no ups and downs with it. If you out there and get down to cake. This to live in the past is to die in the presence of another notable he. He says, he says, this won’t be good. Go to them. It wasn’t good enough. Today. Wasn’t good enough against anybody else either. You see coach bill belichick calls it as it is because he is an iconic winner. Winner chicken dinner. Another notable quotable from the dude with the non attitude. The guy who was the pencil behind the ear and he makes the other team’s defense seemed to disappear.

Coach wicked. Awesome. Check. He says, one thing that can be a problem is breaking old habits. It’s not that you don’t understand what to do with responsibilities, uh, plays, ah, ah, but just the fact that you’ve been doing something a long time and you’re kind of used to it. It’s a habit and that’s not what’s required in the other system. That means kind of undoing something before you can even start to do something new. You want to hire a guy away from us. No such giants. Now, the notable quotable coming in hot from Boston, he writes, I think practice preparation is always an indicator of gain performance. Not necessarily 100 percent because there are still a lot of variables there, but it’s still an indicator. And another notable quotable, all final notable quotable from coach Bill Belichick. He writes, a lot of times a player has a lot of versatility.

That’s really what the strengths and what their role is. Coach Bill Belichick now, a lot of people have said this, you guys have had like 1300 podcasts, none of which have been entirely focused on Gilbert check other than the four or five that you snuck in an entire episode about bill belt. And so what I want to do, want to give an opportunity for anybody out there to learn the fun facts about coach Bill Belichick. It only a sick freak like my main man, Clay Clark would have pulled an all nighter that’s like staying up after it’s doc to break down some Bella check facts. So this is what this is. What bill belichick taxable blow your mind. Take your mind the next step. It’s wicked awesome. Important that all the townies out there in Charleston and Dorchester, that you’d take some notes here on the profound statements of coach Bill Belichick, coach Bill Belichick, Father Steve, started out volunteering and then working as an equipment manager for the Detroit lions, the protein.

He started volunteering, volunteering to actually and actually playing for the team in 1941 after serving in world war two, coach Steep Bella. Check began coaching football with the professional level. He started out as the head football coach and the head basketball coach at Hiram College. He worked as an assistant coach for vanderbilt from 49 to 52 at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill from 1953 to 1955. That is an assistant coach for the United States Naval Academy for 34 years. Well, in high school, Bill belicheck played lacrosse football, but you know, Lacrosse was kind of his main move. Now. Boot Chet graduated from Vulcan apples high school in 1970. Odd is part of this show is sponsored by hoagies and grinders, which is basically like a sandwich, let’s say it that way because I’m from Boston. So after high school, Bill spent one year of his life at the Phillips Academy. Andover, Massachusetts. Will better check. Went to college at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Glabella. Check played tight end and was said to on the West team football coach Bella, check the a demigod. Graduated from Wesleyan Wesleyan University with a degree in economics in 1975. Whereas the graduation gifts, somebody brought him a Hoodie. Just kidding. That was a little bill. Check. Humor. Just wove that in. Right there. Uh, here’s, here’s the next move. Coach Bill Byrd. Chick spent 10 years working in entry level coaching positions for the Baltimore Colts, the Detroit lions, no one size, great greatness, the Denver Broncos and the New York giants. Before we finally scored the defensive coordinator position, and the giants organization in 1985 on the coach will pass us the big fun factoid number 10. Coach Bill Belichick has as been an assistant coach or a head coach with the following wicked awesome organizations. Baltimore Colts. Ah, the Cleveland Browns, the Denver Broncos, the DA, the Detroit lions, the New England patriots. Yes, yes. Uh, the New York giants. Whenever the new objects who can’t.

So bill got checked, actually changed the name of his boat. He changes the name of his book. Every time my main man wins the superbowl, he changes the name of his boat to the number of rings that he has. That’s pretty cool. Pretty crazy. Pretty, pretty wicked. Awesome. I apologize. I thought you might so much knowledge before you’re probably not even have now. Coach Belichick is the only coach in the nfl who refuses to become a member of the national football coaches association, which is why he does not share any of the earnings produced from the game sense and why you will not be able to find him. His playbook, one likenesses of him on any pocket of the magic video game. Cookeville bad. Check your demand. We Love Ya. You’re wicked awesome.


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