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Yung Knowledge and Clay Clark collaborate to break down the wisdom of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ sermon, “There Is Nothing As Powerful As a Changed Mind.”

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Audio Transcription

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Boom. nothing as powerful as a changed mind
Boom. better get yours cuz I’mma take mine
Leave em where they at if they ain’t ready
Used to have a lot of homies now they Droppin like confetti, I’m like
Boom we taking over it’s our time now
Boom oh you ain’t know, we bout to thrive now
Big Overwhelming Optimistic Momentum,
Ay Clay sit back let me get em
Clay : (Gon get em then)
Hurdle every obstacle Tryna do the impossible
Turn my whole life around Haters Thought it was comical
Had to make some moves didn’t even seem logical
Quarter back the play man I had to call an audible
Drop back, stop that rearrange and switch it up
Only got one life to live, it’s best that you go live it up
Failure ain’t an option ain’t no way that I could give it up
Ha ha Ay Knowledge gon pick it up
Nothin like ya posse look papi you can not Top me, they watch me and try to copy
Like rocky, you can not stop me
Hungrier than ever, we grinding all through the weather
We shining because we betta, get with us we bout our cheddar
Once I change my mind dawg, trust me ain’t going back
Comin for that top spot I’m Feelin like they owe me dat
Time for us to level up I feel like we been holding back
Throw ya hands up, say it with me, if you knowin thaaaat
Came a long way from where I used to be
I don’t even see life the way I used to see it
Old habits die hard but ya gotta leave em
If they ain’t ridin like a Harley then you don’t Need em
Ya cheering and ya clappin I don’t need that
Fake friends treat em like Fat Joe make em lean back
Sight with no vision makes you blind I can see that
Anything I think up in my mind I can achieve that uh
I can make a mill if I want to (if I want to)
I’m a keep it real cuz I want to (I want to)
Other women tryna holla girl I want youuuuuuu
And disrespecting wifey’s what I won’t do
Gon do ya dance gon do ya dance
If you really wanna change Gotta have a plan
Even when they sit down ima take a stand
Throw ya hands say it with me if you know it maaaan


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