Branding Basics for Startups

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Learn how basic branding moves that you can use to introduce a new product to the marketplace. Business coach Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down the basics of branding and marketing a new product or service.

Question: If you are new to a market, what’s a good way to get your name out there?

Step 1 – Do not look new when you are launching a new product or business.

    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Watch the original video for Rustic Cuff marketing video –

Step 2 – Improve all aspects of the brand that will be scene by your ideal and likely buyers (logos, packaging, website, one sheet, business cards).

Step 3 – Create a Sustainable 3 Legged Marketing Stool

  1. Leg #1 – Convenient locations – Many brick and mortar locations that are convenient.
      1. Leg #2 – Google search engine dominance.
      2. Leg #3 – Retargeting advertisements.

Question – I’m in my 30s should I now dump money back into my business or into investments or savings?

Step 1 – Automate the savings of at least 3% of your gross income into a conservative investment vehicle so that you can realize the power of compound interest.

Step 2 – Don’t die soon.

Step 3 – Continue investing back into your business.

Question – Does success come as a result of fighting through adversity?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill



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