Breaking Down 9 Napoleon Hill Notable Quotables (5 Hours After Wrapping Up The Thrivetime Show Annual Christmas Party) and Breaking Down Franchising 101

Show Notes

5 hours after wrapping up The Thrivetime Show Conference and Christmas Party with the world’s top PR consultant Michael Levine, the world’s top literary agent Yfat Reiss Gendell, Dr. Zoellner and Emmy-award winner Mary Ann Zoellner Clint Howard, Clay Clark breaks down 9 Napoleon Hill notable quotes.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE -”The major distinguishing characteristic of cosmic habit force is that it forces all repeated actions to become fixed habits, whether these be the thoughts of man or the orderly movement of the stars or the coming and going of the seasons.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author of all-time)

Action Steps:
Make a to do list every day
You need to have a calendar
Get up early and design your day

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The truly great people have no such reality as “idle time”, because they keep their minds geared eternally to patterns of constructive thought. By this profound use of their time, they develop an alert sixth sense through which they look, listen, and see from within.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author of all-time)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No amount of money could possibly be made to take the place of the happiness and joy and pride that belong to the person who digs a better ditch, or builds a better chicken coop, or sweep a cleaner floor, or cooks a better meal.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The successful leader of the future, whether in the field of selling or in other walks of life, must make the golden rule the basis of his leadership.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author of all-time)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You will see how important is the subject of imagination when you stop top realize that this is the only thing in the world over which you have absolute control. Others may deprive you of your material wealth and cheat you in a thousand ways, but no man can deprive you of the control and use of your imagination.” – Napoleon Hill

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nature does not vacillate; does not procrastinate; does not change her plans, and in this respect she sets a beautiful example for people to follow. The successful ones do follow the example; the failures do not.” – Napoleon Hill

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One must cultivate and nurture a positive mental attitude to achieve that smooth, effectively functioning mind-body you are seeking.” – Napoleon Hill

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Tell me how you use your spare time and how you spend your spare money and I will tell you where and what you will be ten years from now.” – Napoleon Hill

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No matter what you are or how much you know, you will not succeed unless you are a salesman! You must sell your services. You must sell your knowledge. You must sell yourself. You must sell your personality.” – Napoleon Hill

What is a franchise fee or royalty fee for a franchise?
$40,000 to buy an OxiFresh
Franchise Disclosure documents are required by the federal government and provided by the franchise owner annually.
Pay a fee per appointment that is scheduled (Included call center provided by the franchise)
Most franchises charge a 6% franchise fee
2% – 2.5% national advertising fund
OxiFresh portal
Email marketing
Text marketing
Ad templates
National google domination
Does OxiFresh sell franchises by zip code or territories?
OxiFresh sells each location as a whole territory
Does OxiFresh operate their own corporate stores?
How does OxiFresh capture credit card numbers?
We don’t believe in a culture of having a ton of accounts receivable
The local franchisee will charge you for each transaction
Hows does OxiFresh schedule?
They have a centralized call center that books all jobs
Define key performance indicators for the call center
Install call recording
Google maps for real time scheduling

Clay’s Daily Motivation Routine
Listen to Bishop T.D. Jakes every single morning

NOTABLE QUOTABLE -“At the Thrivetime Show we focus on results and not feelings, which is why we feel good about the results of our clients listed below. “ – Clay Clark

Fact: 96% of businesses fail.

Fact: Our clients grow on average of 35% per year and above. (It is harder to grow at a large percentage as the size of a company increases)

A Better Sewer
Jeff Watson
2018 – 2019 Up 79%

AB Service Company
Allan Brown
2018 – 2019 Up 51%

Accolade Exteriors
Stuart Weikel
2018 – 2019 Up 80%

Action Heat & Air
Steve Westerman
2018 – 2019 Up 35%

Amy Baltimore, CPA
Amy Baltimore
2018 – 2019 Up 34%

Angel’s Touch
Christina Nemes
2018 – 2019 Up 71%

Back to Basics Builders
Joe Burbey
2018 – 2019 Up 41%

Barbee Cookies
Kat Graham
2014 – 2015 Up 140%

Best Buy Window Treatment
Ergun Aral
2018 – 2019 Up 76%

Bigfoot Restoration
Marc Lucero & Stephen Small
2018 – 2019 Up 26%

Bogard and Sons Construction
Andy Bogard
2018 – 2019 Up 32%

Breakout Creative
Chris De Jesus
Up 59% Total

Brian T. Armstrong Construction Incorporated
Brian T. Armstrong
2018 – 2019 Up 52%

C&R Contracting
Ryan Kilday
2018 – 2019 Up 240%

Catalyst Communication
Adam Duran
2018 – 2019 Up 44%

Chaney Construction
Jim and Amy Chaney
2018 – 2019 Up 19%

Citywide Mechanical
Terrance Thomas
2018 – 2019 Up 118%

CK Electric
Chad Kudlacek
2018 – 2019 Up 25%

Colaw Fitness
Charles and Amber Colaw
2018 – 2019 Up 15%

Compass Roofing
Robert Alsbrooks & Sonny Ordonez
2018 – 2019 Up 103%

Complete Carpet
Nathan & Toni Sevrinus
2017 – 2019 Up 298%

Comfort Pro
Steve Bagwell
2018 – 2019 Up 28%

CT Tech
Christopher Tracy
2018 – 2019 Up 77%

Curtis Music
Ron Curtis
2018 – 2019 Up 58%

Custom Automation Technologies Incorporated
Dan Hoehnen
2018 – 2019 Up 16%

D&D Custom Homes
Dave Tucker
2018 – 2019 Up 45%

Da Vinci
Josh Fellman and Jerome Garrett
2018 – 2019 Up 1,097%

Denise Richter
2018 – 2019 Up 17%

Delricht Research
Tyler and Rachel Hastings
2018 – 2019 Up 300%

Dr. Breck Kasbaum Chiropractor
Dr. Breck Kasbaum
2018 – 2019 Up 50%

Duct Armor
Tim Borgne
2015 – 2016 Up 20%

Dynamic Electrical So
Edward Durant
2018 – 2019 Up 16%

Edmond Dental
Dr. Joseph Tucker
2018 – 2019 Up 205%

Electrical Investments
James Henry
2018 – 2019 Up 21%

EnviZion Insurance
Austin Grieci
2018 – 2019 Up 800%

Full Package Media
Thomas James Crosson
2018 – 2019 Up 15%

Gable’s Excavating Incorporated
Levi Gable
2018 – 2019 Up 63%

The Garage
Roy Coggeshall
2018 – 2019 Up 33%
2017 – Present Up 70%

The Grill Gun
Bob Healey
From Idea to Manufactured Product
8,725 Funders
Raised $920,009.00 Crowd Funding the Invention

H2Oasis Float Center
Debra Worthington
Up 17% Total

Handy Bros Services
David Visser
2018 – 2019 Up 86%

Ryan Graff
2018 – 2019 Up 10%

Healthworks Chiropractic
Jay Schroeder
2018 – 2019 Up 24%

Hood and Associates CPA’s, PC
Paul Hood
2018 – 2019 Up 61%

The Hub Gym
Luke Owens
2018 – 2019 Up 66.38%

Impressions Painting
Manuel Mora
2018 – 2019 Up 41%
Inspired Spaces
Josh Fellman and Jerome Garrett
2018 – 2019 Up 40%

Jameson Fine Cabinetry
Jamie Fagel
2018 – 2019 Up 31%

Jean Briese
Jean Briese
2018 – 2019 Up 90%

KAE Edward Plumbing
Ron & Jacqueline Mader
2018 – 2019 Up 46%

Kelly Construction Group
Jon Kelly
2018 – 2019 Up 38%

Kona Honu
Byron Kay
2018 – 2019 Up 14%

Kurb to Kitchen
Lonny & Rinda Myers
2018 – 2019 Up 81%

Kvell Fitness & Nutrition
Brett Denton
2018-2019 Up 35%+

Lake Martin Mini Mall
Jason Lett
2018 – 2019 Up 13%

Lakeshore Plumbing
Mike Boulte
2018 – 2019 Up 100%

Laundry Barn
Josh Fellman
2018 – 2019 Up 100%

Living Water Irrigation
Josh Wilson
2017 – 2019 Up 600%

Mennis Heating
Mike Ennis
2018 – 2019 Up 400%

Metal Roof Contractors
Doug Yarholar
2018 – 2019 Up 14%

Mod Scenes
Steven Hall
2018 – 2019 Up 83%

Morrow, Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Mark Morrow, Dr. April Lai, and Dr. Kerry Kitterman
2018 – 2019 Up 42%

Mr. Rooter
Joshua Creasy
2018 – 2019 Up 75%

Kevin Thomas
2018 – 2019 Up 14%

OK Roof Nerds
Marty Grisham
2018 – 2019 Up 74%

One Way Plumbing
Chad Ward
2018 – 2019 Up 11%

Oxi Fresh
Jonathan Barnett
Matt Kline – Franchise Developer
2007 to 2019 – 400 Locations Opened

Pappagallo’s Pizza
Dave Rich
2018 – 2019 Up 15%

Platinum Pest
Jennifer and Jared Johnson
2018-2019 – 25% Growth
2017-2018 – 43% Growth

Randy Antrikan
2018 – 2019 Up 70%

Precision Calibration
Nathan Saylor
2018 – 2019 Up 62%

Quality Surfaces
John Cook
2018 – 2019 Up 76%

Rescue Roofer TX
Wesley Cannon
2018 – 2019 Up 61%

Revitalize Medical Spa
Lindsey Blankenship and Crista Hobbs
2018 – 2019 Up 36%

Roofing & Siding Smiths
Zach Potts
2018 – 2019 Up 46%

Rogers Plumbing
Roger Patterson


2018 – 2019 Up 33%

Scotch Construction
Tim Scotch
2017 – 2019 Up 492%

Shaw Homes
Aaron Antis
2018 – 2019 Up 116%

Sierra Pools
Cody Albright
2017 – 2019 Up 309%

Snow Bear Air
Daniel Ramos
2018 – 2019 Up 41%

Spot-On Plumbing
Brandon Brown
2018 – 2019 Up 120%

Spurrell & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants
Josh Spurrell
2018 – 2019 Up 50%

Struct Construction
Brandon Haaga
2018 – 2019 Up 60%

Tesla Electric
Felix Keil
2018 – 2019 Up 60%

Tip Top K9
Ryan and Rachel Wimpey
1 Location – 10 Locations

Trinity Employment
Cory Minter
2018-2019 Up 35%

Turley Solutions & Innovations
Rance Turley
2018 – 2019 Up 300%

Tuscaloosa Ophthalmology
Doctor Timothy Johnson
2018 – 2019 Up 16%

Viva Med
Chris Lacroix
2018 – 2019 Up 90%

Veteran Home Exterior
James Peterson
2018 – 2019 Up 145%

Williams Contracting
Travis Williams
2018 – 2019 Up 33%

Witness Security
Keith Schultz
2017 – 2019 Up 300%

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Oh, Jason, it is the day after the thrive time show conference. Oh yeah. I went to bed slightly before I woke up today. That’s right. And we’re breaking down nine Napoleon Hill notable quotas. If you’re kind of dragging today and you need a pick me up, this show is going to be the ultimate motivator and truth teller. Nine Napoleon Hill notable quotables get ready, get ready to enter the thrive time show. [inaudible]

yes, yes. Jason Beasley. I would

like for you to tell the truth. What time did you leave our Christmas party last night? We had a great Christmas party last night on the 60th floor of the city Plex tower, AKA the tallest building in Oklahoma. The Devon energy tower is listed as the tallest building in Oklahoma, but only has 52 floors. We were on the 16th, we were on the 60th floor. What time did you go down the elevators and call it quits? A too early. It was eight 15. So you, you, my friend are a man who has life balance. You’re a man who his class. You’re a guy who’s thinking about tomorrow. I did not make those choices. I sh I should have been the guy who said, you know what, tomorrow can wait. I mean, we were rocking last night. I was having a lot of fun. And then he fought the literary agent for, uh, Elon Musk, his book.

Uh, she was their literary agent for, uh, the subtle art of not giving a, you know, that book. Um, the book of bad-ass you can find at target. Yeah. Um, that lady, the one who put out, uh, uh, Chris Kyle, you know, the American sniper, that book, she was there in attendance at the, at w at the thrive time show a Christmas party as well as the award winning producer for the today show. I was there. Marianne Zilner was there. Oh, nice. Michael Levine, the publicist of choice for a Nike Prince, Michael Jackson. Uh, Nancy Kerrigan, George Carlin. Uh, I did get a chance. Charlton Heston. Yeah, I got a chance to shake his hand and introduce it to my wife before I left. So did you, okay. He was there. You were there. And Clint Howard was there. Clint Howard, how are you sir? I doing great buddy. Good morning. What was the last time you were up that late? [inaudible]

it’s been a long time. Oh, man. That was a, so what we’re going to do today is we’re going to bring unbelievable energy out there because we’re going to do today, show as much for us as we’re doing it for you. We’re doing the day show cause somebody out there who you’ve had a tough week and this week has beat you up and you need a motivator. You need an activator. Now for us, we had a great week put the conference when you are educating adults on how to grow a business for uh, two days and basically 10 hours a day. Um, Jason explained the energy in the room first off, cause if you want to get energy back, you got to put the energy out. Oh yeah. But explain the energy in the room. I am not a a drugs guy. Well if you were to get an idea, if you were to bottle or encapsulate the energy from two of those days, you could sell that and we could rival Z leaf.

It is so incredible. Um, day one, I mean we had, we had a Santa Claus there. We had a Santa Claus there both days actually. Justin Wren, the MMA fighter who’s been featured on Joe Rogan and the Mike Tyson podcast. He’s there dressed up like Sam. Nobody knew who he was. He was a good Santa. He tied that beard right now. I’d like for you if you can like feed a brag on one of your business coach clients who came from California. Oh yeah. Tell us his story with his business and your journey together because it was a magical moment seeing him in person. Oh, absolutely. So Elliott Samson is the, uh, owner, founder of Samson sound and lighting. So he is by trade a musician, he’s played drums, he was a studio musician. And through the process of him basically telling people how to hook up their recording equipment, right.

He found I’m really good at organizing sound and then from that, and he built in his whole lighting and stage production and rentals. And so he does all these amazing shows in the Los Angeles, California area. He just did a big show for a LA Reid’s new label hit co. Uh, he’s done stuff for the doors, Chicago, Steve Aoki, like the dude’s incredible, but he flew all the way out from LA just to spend two days with us and meet Michael Levine, talk to Michael Levine, you know, get all the systems information from the conference. And he loved it. Um, I first started him in February of 2018 he was one of my first business clients ever. So, uh, going on about a year and the second time around he was just like, God, this blows my mind. Now his company’s called again. What was this company called? Samson sound in lighting. Samson sound in lighting. And, uh, uh, Clint, I dunno if you’ve found it to be helpful as a conference attendee or not, but was it fun for you to hear of the winds of these people at the conference where we actually shared their growth rates? Yeah, it was amazing. That was my third

a conference to attend. Yeah. And every time I go, I get some new just new information or just sinks in more differently. And you know, you add new stuff to it every time. But yeah, it was awesome. It really just shows people, and I gave you a great video testimonial when I was telling yesterday. Yeah, sure. And they were asking, you know, who, who would it be? Someone that you would recommend should come to this? Now it’s like, honestly, anybody that owns a business or anybody that’s thinking about starting a business because it shows you what it takes, what to expect, what to do, how to do it, and the irrelevance in it, but also shows you successes. And here this was possible if you’re willing to do the work.

So if you’re willing to do the work, it’s possible. But what I want to do is I want to talk about what’s possible. Okay? I want to celebrate. I want to talk about the end, the end game. Then I want to go back and teach you how to get there. But start with the Andrew real quick. Jason, I put the some of the documented wins that we shared at the conference. Oh, the bottom of today’s show notes, and I’d like for you to just read off the name of the company, the person’s name, that we business coach the company’s website and their growth percentage. And if you’ll do that until my brain explodes because somebody out there needs some wins in their life right now. And I’d like for you to just read it with a lot of a passion. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to cue up some, some Epic music, you know, to kind of provide that, that backdrop that somebody needs.

All right? It’s going to get them fired up because what happens is if somebody out there, you’ve been stuck in the rut so long that this is now your normal, your normal is stuck and you need a pick me up. Or maybe you stayed at our Christmas party last night, too long talking to eat fought and a Michael Levine and you need to pick me up either way. We are your audio red bull this morning without the drop. You’re not going to gonna crash, not going to crash. Here we go and keep the, go for it, my friend. All right, so affect our clients. Grow on average of 35% a year and above a better sewer is the company owners, Jeff Watson website, He from 2018 to 2019 is up 79% AB service company owner, Alan Brown website, a, B S, uh, AB service. Tulsa went from, or he is up 51% 2018 to 2019 accolade. Exterior’s, Mr. Stuart Weikel who was there yesterday. Websites, accolade, exterior’s dot com is up 80% 2018 to 2019 action heat and air mr Steve Westerman website is action HVA C O 2018 to 2019 he grew 35

since the super CPA. Amy Baltimore owner, Amy Baltimore website, Amy Baltimore, uh, she is up 34% Oh Christina Nemus with angels. Touch up in a Cape Cod website, Cape Cod auto buddy and from 2018 to 2019 she’s up 71% now. Oh, back to basic builders. Joe Berbee home remodeling. is up 41% Barbee cookies Kat Graham Barbee. is up 140% best buy window. Oh somebody needs that this morning just by window treatments. Um, is it Ergon Ergon a row? Either way, you’re on a flow. It doesn’t really matter. Best buy window treatments. That’s with an is up 76% Oh big foot restoration. Mark Lucero and Steven Small, big foot they’re up 26% Bogart and sons constructions owner Andy Bogart, website Bogart and they’re up 32% breakout creative. Chris [inaudible], that’s a great name. Breakout creative company. Dot. They’re up 59% total. Brian T. Armstrong construction, inc owned by none other than the brand Armstrong brand here on front. Construction inc com that’s inc they’re up 52% C in our contracting. Ryan killed a great name, a Colorado they’re up 240% catalyst communication. Adam Duran catalyst communications group, inc com they’re up 44% I think you could bring it more. I think you could bring it. Bring somebody needs a PO, bring it. I’ve got it. I’ve got to get my inner TD Jakes. Gosh, here we go. Janie construction, Jim and Amy, Janie, Janie construction, they’re up 19% citywide mechanical, Terrence Thomas, they’re up 118% yes. CK electric. Chad [inaudible].

Sorry if I pronounce your name wrong. C K electric, They’re up 25% Cola fitness, Charles and Ember Cola Cola, They’re up 15% uh, compass roofing, Robert Allsbrook and sunny ordinance comes they’re up 103%

okay? Okay. Think about this. We’re only on the seas. That’s right. Alphabetically. We’re still on deceased. I didn’t even, I wasn’t even thinking about alphabetical order output. Medically speaking, we’re still on the seas. We could do this forever. We could, we could do this, but we could have an entire show get 15 more pounds. Just winning and winning and winning. We could do that, but then people would say, but clay, that’s not fun. I need to know how to grow. Well, nothing is as powerful as a changed mind through. So what happens is when you are going down the elevator after midnight after a Christmas party, you understand, I woke up at two yesterday, so at midnight last night, that was my 22nd hour of offering value to humanity. That’s true because we did the podcast that morning because someone at the conference said to me, they said, Hey, Hey, I wasn’t able to hear the podcast you recorded with Jill Donovan and Michael Levine and I want to know can I get it on audio?

And I said, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me do it by tomorrow. That way, that way, you know you have it in that way. We’re good. Cause I don’t know if I’ll see him again. I don’t want that miscommunication happens. So I woke up Abra yesterday at two in the morning, like two 30 in the morning. This is yesterday. Good morning to you, my friend. How are you? Good. It is a three 30 in the morning. What time did you wake up today? I’m like two 45 so two 45 now what do you, what are you wearing? A Christmas sweater. Oh, it’s a Christmas sweater. Cause tonight you’re deejaying that Christmas party. That was yesterday floor of pulses. That was yesterday. So I mean, uh, then you, then all of a sudden the alarm goes off, you know, at five today I’m going, Oh no. Oh no, that’s, I mean, cause when you, when you, when you have a big goal, like I want to start a business or I want to get up early or I want to whatever the goal is and then you go, Oh no, that’s what happened this morning.

Oh no, because when you, Jason, you know what I’m talking about? Oh, it’s where you’re like, I’m going to get up and record. Like, cause I have to honor my commitments to myself first. And a commitment I do is I record every single Sunday. I do it. I just do it. And I’m why? Cause I just, it’s a, it’s a commitment I’ve made to myself. It’s a commitment I’ve made to the listeners and we pump out shows a lot of shows. So what we do, that’s what we do. And so this morning I get up and I’m going, I don’t want to get up self. You, you owe it to yourself. So, so if you, you can treat yourself to a little bedside Baptist, you just could go to sleep and then what you do is you Clinton, if you do that though, let’s say you, you had said you go ahead and you set a goal but then you kind of lie to yourself, you know, you told yourself like self, I’m going to get up.

But then, cause you see this in the fitness game all the [email protected] what happens when you say to yourself self self, I’m going to, I’m going to follow this workout plan or I’m going to get up early. And then you hit that snooze button. What happens? Well, I mean a lot of people, they kind of want success but they really don’t want it bad enough so you don’t get the results that you’re looking for and you just kind of go through life mediocre and you don’t achieve the results that are there that are possible. Sadly. It’s sad. It’s sad. What we want to do is want to create positive habits. Yes. Okay. So again, we have a Christmas party once a year. Guys, I mean we had all of our employees in the house and their spouses and then we got a conference attendees. There’s about, you know, 400 people up there.

And um, we, we committed to our employees to have that party cause they’re used to that party. That’s the part that we’ve committed to doing. We celebrate the wins. We’ve celebrated wins the year of the great recession. We had that print. We have the party and, and big years and soldiers. But even in the, even in the years that are slow, we still grow. We just have to work harder. Now let’s talk about this for a second. We’ve got nine Napoleon Hill notable quotables I’m going to read the notable quotable. I’ll actually, I mean I’m Jason, have you read the nipple quarter will get it and I want Clint to break it down and I’ll tell you what a one he is a source of wisdom. That’s true. Clint spin in the fitness game for how many years now? Clinton? Oh, let’s see. 18 years, 18 years. You talk about battles of the mind and helping you get on the right track.

He is an absolute source of wisdom. And two, my son asked me to get the crowd rocking last night and I did. Oh yeah. And I have abused my vocal chords and I am here for the greater good. I mean, I might sound like Joan Rivers. I might, I might sound like Dionne Warwick. Do you remember Dionne Warwick, the name Sam rivers? I definitely remember, let me cue up Dionne Warwick and I’ll sing with her and I’ll see if I see if you can tell if it’s me or Dionne Warwick. Cause this lady, she chain smoked relentlessly, um, and wouldn’t stop for forever. And this is how she sounded here at the, at the, at the peak of her career. Let me just listen. Let’s do this voice. Here we go. Let me cue it up. You have to harmonica going here. Let’s get that harmonica going. Oh yeah. As a Stevie wonder,

some of our listeners need some friends out there that listen to this voice though. Once the voice of an angel now a voice of a Chainsmoker. Here we go. This way you can start to hear this. [inaudible]. Oh yeah. I should have known John’s. Miss Sonia. Oh yeah. C’mon Dionne. Oh, help do the harmony. He’d smile. He’d shot. Oh yeah. [inaudible]

well, she did the psychic network after that because she, you remember this. She did the psychic network. Get out of here. How do you not know? How do you know this? Well, she misses Cleo, said I live my life was my entire life, was planned on calling that number and asking, what am I going to do next with my life? What’s going to happen? Remember, those are things that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Oh matter when you call a psychic,

his psychic friends fair and full. All of you at home. We’re coming to you from Minneapolis in the mall of America. glad she quit smoking to make that announcement. Okay, so here we go. Read the first notable quotable for us. Alrighty. The major distinguishing characteristic of cosmic habit force is that it forces all repeated actions to become fixed habits. Whether these be the thoughts of a man or the orderly movement of the stars or the coming and going of the seasons. Okay, let’s talk about this again. Again. Let’s read it one more time. So Clinton, break it down. The major distinguishing characteristics of cosmic habit force is that it forces all repeated actions to become fixed habits. Whether these be the thoughts of a man or the orderly movement of the stars or the coming and going of the seasons. Okay, Clint, let’s talk about this. The mate, the major distinguishing characteristic of a, of the cosmic habit for us is that it is that it forces all repeated actions to become fixed habits. What is he talking about? Yeah, so I think your habits will, uh,

dictate your success. It’s what you do daily, the little things you do every single day. And I know you’re much like me. I know exactly what I’m going to do every day. I think most people in today’s society, they just wake up every day and just work out of kind of reaction, just what’s going on. And they just go through every day and not really having a plan for their workout, for their learning study and their job. They have no true success habits really that are, that are on paper

they can look at. So let’s give the listeners right now some success habits that they can all apply right now. And Jason, we can take notes into this first quarter. These are action action steps that all of our listeners can, can apply and take right now. One, make a to do list every day, every day, every day. Make it to do list. We talk about this at the conference. We talked about this, but Jason, the people that we mentioned earlier, all of the diligent doers, all of those that are growing their business. Yeah. Why do they all use it? Why did they all use it to do list? Why is that a common denominator of all successful people? Well, it’s what made them successful. All of my business coach clients that are seeing massive growth over just a year of working with me is they weren’t using it to do lists before.

And so like our earlier business coaching sessions were a little Rocky cause we’d get, you know, through the week and make, Oh, I didn’t do any of that homework, which meant we didn’t get any reviews, we didn’t put any new systems in place. We didn’t do any invoicing or we didn’t do any reconciling of the accounts. But if you put that on the list, you know exactly what your plan is because most people, your brain’s not made to have that much bandwidth. And as a business owner, you two gentlemen can definitely vouch for this, but there’s so much going on in your daily lives. You can’t say, you know what, Clint, I was supposed to do these 30 things today. I’m going to just remember them all off the top of my head. And a lot of the business coac clients that were returning to the conference or new people, the second that they saw your to do list and then talk to people who use them, they’re like, Oh, that’s what I’ve been needing.

It helps so much. It really does. Now let’s talk about this on our to do list from the conference. Let me just share with listeners some of the things that are on my to do list. I’m one give away trophies. You remember that? I do. Those are great. And giveaway trophies to big winners and I listed some of the big winners I want to give away. I want to listed Steve Currington. I wanted to celebrate him for firing everybody that’s terrible. During the group interview, sales scripting, search engine domination, I wanted to celebrate Josh Wilson with living water irrigation just for being a great guy, for being a great guy, for no, for growing from a $300,000 of gross revenue to a hunt to 1.9 million. Uh, found out yesterday, Shaw homes actually grew from 34 million to over 80 million. I want to celebrate their success. I want to celebrate Paul Hood with hood CPAs.

I want to celebrate his growth. He’s grown by four times. That’s impressive since he’s been a business coach client. That’s crazy. Randy [inaudible]. Oh, he’s the PMH OKC. I wanted to celebrate him by growing, growing by 70%. You know, he was the first person to the conference on Saturday. He was just waiting. He beat most of the thrive employees to the conference Saturday. Right. All right, so the next habit I want to get everybody right now is you need to have a calendar calendar. Clint, what happens if you operate without, what have you tried to operate your fitness center, Tulsa fitness without a calendar. Yeah. You know, if you ask anybody, they’ll tell you they’re busy. I mean, that’s everybody’s busy. Somebody that’s going to take up your time so you can have an empty calendar in a week. When the week

gets here, it’s like, okay, it’s full. So if you don’t know exactly what you’re going to do, something will occupy your time. We’re all busy. And so you have to know, like you said, the high priority tasks. What are the things that I have to get done today that AF absolutely have to be done? And then you do those things there. Otherwise you can just wonder on internet or just search or just kind of mess around in meetings. So it’s being very diligent on the most important things to get done that day.

Okay. So a success habit one is to print off with, to do list two is print off a calendar and three you got to get a burly God again, design your day. You got to get a brilliant design that day. Clinton, what would happen if you tried to run Tulsa fitness systems without getting up and designing your day first? I wouldn’t have it. It wouldn’t be successful. We’d probably be out of business. Like most businesses, 96% of businesses fail according to inc magazine. 96% fail. We, you understand we have a population of 327 million Americans, 16 million of which who are self employed. That means again, you have a 0.00193% chance of your business working for a decade and Clint made it. It’s been tough, but he made it. Oh yeah. And those daily action steps, like guarantee, having a to do list a calendar and getting up early in designing your data.

It’s powerful. Even on a Sunday. So today I’ve got to go to guitar center. Oh and return the DJ system. Cause my son yesterday, he played a little bit of a game. I think he played the game. He was needing a power cord for his mixer. So he asked Steve Currington to take him in in Steve’s Lamborghini to guitar center. So Steve says, sure. So they go to guitar center. Steve comes back to the conference, it says your son somehow bought a multi thousand dollars DJ system because he needed a cord. I helped him take it fresh out of the box and I was like, this is brand new. Yes. And I said, what? And he goes, yes. He said he needed a cord, but he might as well upgrade that. That is the equivalent of you saying, you know honey, we aren’t a ton of paper. Might as well upgrade the bathroom.

Yeah, I mean in the bathroom. Might as well build a new house. Logical. I mean he said we got to return that today. I was going to wrap up my final Christmas shopping for my wife today. [inaudible] gotta do that. Gotta get some more. Boom hats made. The new ones we ordered, they came in. I won’t mention the company that made them because it could be an error on our part, but they looked a little bit, uh, we could, we could, we couldn’t sell them. Right. We couldn’t even show them to you. They’re a little light. They were a little, I mean it was like we, we, part of me wanted to cheer for them, but when I saw them, we took them out of the box. It punched me in the crotch. Emotional. There’s a, there’s a particular, isn’t the, it’s like the 52 50 or whatever it’s called, that, that is like the trademark.

And so they didn’t have that, but we’ve got to figure it out. Then I liked the ones that have like the farmer like mesh in the back. You know what I’m saying? Like a trucker hat. Those are cool. Mm. We, we, we, we’re gonna, we’re gonna nail that. We’re going to nail it down. I’ll tell you this, we are going to nail it down, but I gotta get some boom hats today. You gotta do got to go to finish my Christmas shopping. I’ve got to do this show today. True. We got a call, a great thriver in 23 minutes. Oh, who has the company called the window ninjas. Yeah. Gay. Nice. You know why we got to come home? Because he is, Oh, he had a question about franchisee. Yes. And you know what we, you know, we did though when we talked to him, we said okay, and we put it in our, in our notes on our to do list on a to do list it in our calendar calendar.

And if we did not do that, we would forget because last night when I was helping to eliminate the thrive nation on the fluids of having a good time, um, I didn’t think about doing the interview. No, no, no. I woke up this morning. Oh yes I did. And I got up and I looked at my calendar. I don’t want to do list that I had written previous to today. Yeah. And then when I woke up three hours after going to bed, it occurred to me, this is what I must do today. And then because I have committed to getting, getting the Christmas gifts for my wife and to returning the guitar center thing and into interviewing Gabe and interviewing Clint and meeting with you and co hosting the show with you. We did it. This right here is where most people’s dreams fall apart to God.

Most people, they wake up Clint, and they had the idea, the thought impulse to one point, Hey, I’m going to go, I’m going to go to guitar center and I’m going to, uh, Oh, what was that? And then I’m going to call, uh, who was that? Oh, and then they don’t call them and then you get no hats and then they get no hats and they drop the ball. They’re dropping balls like a pubescent boys. They’re, they’re dry and they, they’re just, that’s what they’re doing. And that’s not a move. That’s a his amazing, that’s a gift I give to you. That’s what happens here. If I, if I DJ too much like I did last night, this is what begins, I’m going to give you comes back. Oh no. When you have this kinda, uh, my son had my sign apps is start firing at this level and you get everything becomes, becomes a rhyme and then it just becomes a, a rhyme.

And then, uh, and then the little, little witty little [inaudible], well, you know, it’s a, it’s a true fact and I’m sure there’s a study out there, but the more exhausted you get, the funnier things are to you and the funnier you become and the worst they become too. It’s like when you’re out living the DayQuil dream on a sick day, by the way, one side effect of a DayQuil is it makes your liver quiver. That’s true. And the second one is it will, it will make your hand kind of numb and then you’ll start to laugh a lot. You’re like, Oh, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. And then you’re going to get, all of a sudden he transitions, it goes over the arch, it goes to the apex. It’s like the climax of a movie. And it’s like, that is awesome. That is not, and you start to cry and you’re like, why aren’t you crying? No, you’re great. Too much DayQuil do that to you. True. Okay. So too much entrepreneurship will do that to you to think about that they’re clean. I mean, what is life like for some of the entrepreneurs out there that don’t have a to do list and don’t have a calendar and they don’t have the habit of having it to do list in a calendar and designing every day? What, what, what does it, what is life like for these people?

Uh, it’s definitely very challenging. So we know the entrepreneurship is very, very challenging in itself. Uh, that’s when you do have it to do listen to calendar. So if you don’t, um, well you’re probably not going to be in business very long, but sadly, um, people get overwhelmed. They have anxiety, uh, very, very high stress levels and uh, they’re just going through everyday trying to figure things out. You know, you have to figure things.

So you’re, you’re saying that not having it to do list could cause anxiety. So what you just said? No, most definitely. You just said that. Are you being serious? Most definitely. Wait a minute. Wait a, wait a minute. Wait, no way. This is good. This is good. Anxiety means this is the definition I’ll read to you. It’s your body’s natural natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Like, Oh, I wonder who I’m supposed to interview this morning. Am I supposed to interview? So when this way do we have a Christmas party tonight? Oh, I think I forget. He might get at the mall. I mean there’s all that kind of stuff. So that yesterday, Jason, we have this agenda. This is why most people can’t run a conference yet. All of our listeners can do it. You just can’t do it yet.

We had this lady at the conference, right, and she came up for her 13 point assessment. She’s an attorney and you know why she came up for a 13 point assessment, Jason, she wanted to potentially see about being a business coach or a business coaching client. Yes. And she was on the waiting list to be a business coach client. And you know what the time was of her meeting was what time was that? Oh, come on, take a guess. It was yesterday. It was yesterday. It would have had to have been 9:00 AM 9:00 AM and we had booked that time before we booked the conference so he had it covered. So I had to meet her during the SEO section. Oh yeah. Which is why we did SEO at that time. Ah, you see I could have done SEO, search engine optimization breakouts at a different time, but I did it then because we booked this lady months in advance before we even booked the conference date.

We booked this lady’s assessment and this sweet lady has been on the waiting list for like a year. And the cool thing is you already put that rock in your schedule so you didn’t call her and say, Hey, we have to reschedule it. Because you had the conference, right. You stuck to that appointment because the appointment, this is, this is this right here. This is some good knowledge. Now we’ve got a notable quotable that I’d like a Jason to break down the next one here. This is another Napoleon Hill, new boat, a Napoleon Hill, notable quotable. And there’s about seven people out there right now who go, I don’t know what Napoleon Hill is. Oh, I don’t know. Dionne Warwick is, your show is not relevant. Okay. Um, if I were to quote Justin Bieber, would that help? Would help a lot. Okay. Think about this. So Napoleon Hill was like the Justin Bieber of self-help back in the day.

Everybody knew his name. He wrote, he wrote, he’s written more. Uh, his books have sold more copies than any other self-help guy in the of the world, except for Jack Canfield. The guy who wrote the chicken soup for the soul series. Jason, you want to guess how many books Jack Canfield is sold without Googling it? I’m going to say he has sold somewhere. 260 million. That’s not true. I’m going to say 140 million. 140 million. Yeah. 500 million buddy. Jesus. This guy has sold, so he’s sold a couple to every single person in the United States. No, it is. When you’re looking for like a regrettable Christmas gift, you’re like, Oh gosh, my third cousin twice removed, he’s going to be here for the holidays. Oh, what’s a good song? What’s, what’s, what’s a good book to get and what’s a good, what’s it he, you go to the bookstore and you’re like, he’s in college and it’s chicken soup for the college soul.

And then your aunt is like aging and you look and you and she’s like a 90 97 and you find chicken soup for the person with the Walker and the tennis balls on the bottom of its soul or chicken soup and your, your, your cousin’s neighbor is like a mailman and you’re like chicken soup for the mailman. They have the title for everything. Have you seen the book? Have you, have you gotten a chance to go into those books, those books series before? Jason? So we were talking about this the other day about like brand awareness and you guys mentioned, you know, if you, there’s a guy who has to question, there’s a potential thriver or somebody who, somebody at the conference, they asked what do I do to get a book off the ground? And you gave them all these action steps. You said you need to get it to somebody who can influence it.

Yeah. And I just made the joke Oprah’s book club and so Jared and Josh Feldman were like, Oh my God, if anything’s on Oprah’s book club, people are going to read it. My mom was a huge Oprah fan. She devoured that book because it was the number one and Oprah’s book club in like the mid to late nineties and so yeah, I remember finding it thinking, what is this? This show is going to be a show you’ll probably hear after, after this Christmas. This is get your aid for next Christmas. Yeah. But thinking about these books, these gift ideas, there’s chicken soup for the woman’s soul chicken soup for the teenage soul. There’s chicken soup for the preteen soul chicken. Super tough times and tough people. There’s chicken soup for the dog lovers soul. What? I’m serious. There’s chicken Hunter chicken soup for the soul. 101 stories to open heart and rekindle the spirit.

There’s chicken soup for the soul at work. There’s chicken soup. No, this is good. There’s chicken soup. Uh, for the, uh, for the soul. We got that. There’s a chicken soup for the teacher’s soul. There’s chicken soup for the dog lovers. We’ve mentioned that there’s chicken soup for the soul. I guess there’s a healthy dog food. I’m serious called chicken soup for the soul and it’s like a classic chicken Turkey and duck recipe for mature dogs. Yeah. This is crazy. I mean Jack Canfield, way to go buddy chicken soup for the think possible. What does that tune suit for? The thing, that’s what it says. It says chicken soup for the soul. Think positive for kids. A chicken soup. The spirit of Canada.

I guess if you talk to other markets, chicken soup, unlocking the secrets to living your dreams. Okay. Wow. Chicken soup. The miracle of love. Chicken soup. Christmas treasury for kids. I’m not kidding. This guy you want to, you want to rip on Sylvester Stallone for putting out like Rocky 47, right? No, no. We’re mad at some thanks to load in what? Rocky nine or something? Um, w we thought people want to rip on him for, for beating the heck out of that series. I mean, this is the, he’s done the equivalent of like, this is like Rocky 57 as what he’s done here. This guy, I’m going to start a Kickstarter. That is a, it’s a movie pitch to follow me here. It’s chicken soup for the soul of the movie starring Rocky Balboa chicken soup and be like 90 chicken soup for the soul. The joy of Christmas chicken soup.

Think positive. Live happy chicken soup for the Christian soul. Marnell souls Christian. Okay. Chicken soup for the tales of golf and sport. What? Chicken soup? The power of positive chicken soup. I mean I’m, this is incredible. Chicken soup. Grain-free. Savory sticks for your animal chicken soup. Christmas magic chicken soup and the power of yes. Chicken soup in the classroom. High school edition chicken soup for raising the truth. Say chicken soup for racist chicken soup. What I learned from the dog. What in the world? Chicken soup. Time to thrive. Oh, there you go. Chicken soup pro. Oh my gosh. Chicken soup. Teacher tails. Chicken soup. Simply happy chicken soup. Miracles and more chicken soup or little souls.

Chicken soup for the recovering soul. These are all great ideas. Chicken soup. The wonder of Christmas chicken soup for the soul. My resolution. We got a lot of reading to do here, folks. Chickens. I mean I can. Chicken soup for the chicken soup for the soul. The mother’s soul part to the sequel. Chicken soup for the prisoner’s soul. What? Yeah, that’s what a, that’s one that Malcolm X, right, and he’s in prison, right? Oh my gosh. This chicken soup for the soul. The cookbook. Oh, chicken soup for the soul embrace. I says exploring. Embrace your inner strength. Chicken soup, angels all around us. What is going on? Chicken soup for Christian kids. No chicken soup for the soul. Diabetes sponsored by Wilford Brimley chicken soup. Thanks to my mom. Chicken soup for the soul. Divorce and recovery until I’m not making these up. They’re all here. Chicken soup for the soul.

Animal tails, chicken soup for the soul. The cat really did that question Mark. What is going on? What did he just say? Chicken soup for the soul and mother’s day celebration. Oh my God. Chicken soup for the soul. I mean this isn’t, it says chicken soup for the soul. Curvy and confident. Whoa. What chicken soup for the soul. Random acts of confidence. Of course he wrote, of course he sold 500 million copies. He has 500 million titles. So one. Unbelievable. Alright. Alright. What’s the next notable? Quotable. Ooh, okay. The truly great people have no such reality as idle time because they keep their minds geared eternally to patterns of constructive thoughts by this profound use of their time. They develop an alert, sixth sense through which they look, listen, and see from within. Clint talked about idle time, the importance of using idle time at all times to be thinking about how to go to the next level, how to solve problems, how to improve your life, how to improve your day. Talk to me about why it’s important to use our idle time positively.

Yeah. I think, uh, and you know the numbers on this, most people, it shows, they watched watch too much television. It’s been too much time on social media and so they’re not using their time to invest in themselves to study, to learn, to read. I’m sure we all need downtime, but most people, if they work 40 hours a week, they are, they’re like worn out. Like, man, that was a crazy busy week cause I do 40 hours. I’ve been working 80 hours a week, you know, since I was like 22. So people don’t know, they don’t realize what it takes to be successful as far as spending their time wisely, even if they’re not at work. Just a self-help and study and learn and getting better. Um, so they have this free time and they just want to hang out and you know, it’s, it’s sad because you’re not, they could use that time so much more wisely to, to grow and develop into always sharpening the sword. It’s like your conferences last two days. I mean, I’ve been to that a few times. I’m a business coach client of yours. So a lot of that information, I’ve heard it, but I still want to go. I want to, I’ll pick up a couple of nuggets. I’ll network, I’ll meet somebody new, I’ll give something different every time from it. It’s just, it’s so valuable to keep learning. Um,

Jason does it ever. Um, and I’m not asking you to mention people that are really close to you. I’m just saying, does it ever bother people around you that now that you’ve trained your mind to become a diligent doer and a solution finder, does it ever bother them that you, during your downtime want to be productive? Does it bother people? It does. And it’s, what I find funny is people get very confused. And now, because I, I schedule my time, like today I’ve got a list of errands I have to run so I could just, you know, do nothing on a Sunday and say, Oh, I’m going to relax before my work week kicks off. But I have a busy week, so I have a limited time this week. So I have a set window that I have to get things done. So I’ll be doing all those errands and most people say, why don’t you take Sunday off?

But I get annoyed now when people say, Oh I don’t have time to do this. Then I look and they don’t use it to do list and they have four to six hours that they are watching TV or you know 16 hours that they’re, yeah, cause you had a great statistic the other day. Somebody said, what if I don’t have time? You pulled up the statistics of how often you’re interrupted today using your smartphone and how many hours of media people consume and if you cut all that out, that’s 16 hours of your day you get back. That’s ridiculous. To me it is right now, think about this last night we talked about this a lot though on our show we talk about how your network becomes your net worth. I just want to give the listeners a real example that will blow your mind. Okay. Last night. I don’t know who was at your Christmas party, but last night we have a lot of these super successful business coach clients that came to the party and then we have the world’s top literary agent at the Christmas party.

The world’s top literary, I mean, okay, play by what standard. Okay. Let me just throw out some books here for you. Go to the go to target and mentally. Have you seen the Chris Farley show book? Chris the Chris Farley show. Have you seen Sean Payton, the coach of the new Orleans saints? Have you seen his book? Have you seen the life and legend of Chris Kyle, the American sniper, the the book that inspired the movie? Have you seen the subtle art of giving a, of not giving an F? Have you seen that book? A great book? Have you seen I am Elon Musk. Have you seen that book by Ashley Vance? Have you seen you are a bad ass? Have you? Have you seen these titles? Yeah. The person who produced, have you seen ready player one? Oh yeah. The person who is the agent for these. Have you seen Damon John?

You know Damon John? Yeah. Can you see? Yep. There you go. The power, the power of broke. Have you seen his book? Of course you have. Why? Because you’ve been outside ever. The person who brought you those books. Was that the conference? I don’t know. Who was at your party now? Michael Levine, the PR consultant for Michael Jackson. Prince Nike, president Bush, president Clinton. President Reagan. He’s there. Yup. The Emmy award winning producer of the today show is that our holiday party and even given that set of circumstances, some people still, when they, when we, when we say your network is your net worth, it still seems kind of vague. You know what blew my mind and I thought about it. I was driving home last night and even before I knew that you thought was there, I was talking to my wife, I go, do you realize how much money was on the 60th floor of that building?

And she’s like, what are you talking about Mike? You’ve got clay and Z. But then you’ve got all of the business coach clients showing up in master machine and Josh with living water and everybody else there. I’m like, I am extremely lucky to be where I’m at. Like that is insane. Right? Five hours though, after wrapping up our Christmas conference and party, we now have to do a show. Yeah, we get to do a show. We want to do a show. Exactly because we’ve committed to doing it. What is the next notable coral, Jason? The next notable quotable is no amount of money could possibly be made to take the place of the happiness and the and pride that belonged to the person who, um, builds a or who digs a better ditch, who builds a better chicken coop or sweeps a cleaner floor or cooks a better meal.

Basically, when you over-deliver, you get overpaid and you feel a sense of pride. But when you have money handed to you, it kills your pride. You want to kill your pride, get free stuff. Yup. You want to kill your pride, have it handed to you. You want to talk about proud people. There are people who built their own business and why are they pride? Because why are they prideful? Because they’ve woken up in the morning well before everybody else for 20 consecutive years. That’s why they’re successful and that’s why you’re going to be successful. Mr. listener, mrs listener, that’s why you’re going to win this year. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? The successful leader of the future, whether in the field of selling or in other walks of life must make the golden rule the basis of his leadership do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

That’s the golden rule. Jason, what is the next Napoleon Hill notable quotable. You will see how important it is or you’ll see how important is the subject of imagination. When you stop, when you stop to realize that this is the only thing in the world over which you have absolute control, others may deprive you of your material wealth and cheat you in a thousand ways, but no man can deprive you of the control and use of your imagination. Focus on what you can control. You might’ve come from a bad family, you might, you might have no money, but you’ve got to keep that mindset positive. Right? And your imagination is where it starts. Think and grow rich. Step one, think about it. Step two, bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it into fruition. What you think about, you bring about what’s the next notable quotable, Jason nature does not vacillate, does not procrastinate, does not change her plans and in this respect she sets a beautiful example for people to follow.

That’s it. Nature doesn’t vacillate. Once nature commits to something, it does it. That’s why I’m doing this show. It’s like Levine says obligation. Probably 20 people yesterday while I’m taking down gear like a, like, like a, like an unpaid gear slave roadie for my son. You were the roadie on the way up. That’s true. On the roadie. On the way down the uh, I don’t know, probably 20 people said, Hey man, you can record your show tomorrow. Like weekend. Oh yeah. You’ve seen that. You seen that scene from? I told him one guy said you saw that scene from star Wars. You know the one where Darth Vader takes his helmet off and he looks bad. That’s going to be me tomorrow but I’m going to do it right. I put my helmet back on. I’m going to do that show. Cause I said I would. Yup.

Cause I said I would don’t vacillate. Commit to something and stay the course til you get there. What’s the next? None of a chordal Jason. One must cultivate and nurture a positive mental attitude to achieve that smooth, effectively functional or effectively functioning mind body you are seeking. Somebody might say, Oh my gosh, I have to record to show it to navigate. Get, are you kidding me? There’s half a million people listening to each and every one of these shows and you guys are telling me all time that your lives are changed. Do you know that we had over a hundred people reach almost 200 people reach out for one on one consulting between Thursday of this week and and today. Sunday I was in, I was in one of the meeting rooms, uh, last week listening to your interview with Dumas and um, somebody had logged into the sales email. And so as I’m going through just listening to that podcast, I’m watching in real time, everybody responding to that email from um, John Lee Dumas for EO EO fire.

Yeah. And again, I mean we, we have an obligation to be great at this show. We do. We don’t put together weak ass shows. We do great shows. True. We cite every word we say. We bring on gate great guests. We, uh, deliver that with deliver it with the best quality possible. We’re always upgrading and improving. We listened to feedback from you guys. We want to make this show great. Jason, what’s the next notable quotable? It says, tell me how you use your spare time and how you spend your spare money. And I will tell you where and what you will be in 10 years, 10 years from now. Clint, talk about this. Tulsa fitness didn’t start a, I don’t know where you built this started first in your imagination. But then you delayed gratification. So you and your wife could afford the house you now live in and afford the lifestyle.

You now live. Talk to me about delayed gratification. Yeah. This is actually one of my favorite Napoleon Hill quotes. So I’m glad you asked me. Yes. So, you know, so when we first decided I’m going to open my own business, I saved every penny that I could. Um, my wife and I got married. We had an agreement, we’re not going to take a vacation for probably 10 years. We did a we, so we got married, we went on a honeymoon and we didn’t take another vacation for at least 10 years. We’ve been married now for 15 years. So we’ve taken a couple of, we have kids, but we didn’t take a vacation. Uh, I worked seven days a week and you know, so there were sacrifices. And again, I, I’m married, very happily married and my wife knew what she was getting into and she agreed to that.

But, so I see the opposite. Most people, they’re going out and they’re, they’re planning their vacations and their weekends more than they are their life. They spend more time doing that. So it’s one of those quotes I heard, I forgot who said it, but you live like no one else. So that one day you can live like no one else. That’d be a Dave Ramsey. Okay, cool. We’ll soon beyond the thrive time show. Oh yeah, yeah, I’d love that. And that’s a quote that I used to tell my wife, you know, we first got married and I’m like, honey, just bear with me. We’re going to work hard. We’re going to save. We’re going to one day, it’s going to pay off. And so that’s what you know you have to do to be successful. You invest and you put back into your business and you’ve invested into retirement and you, you work and think about this for a second.

You got 330 million Americans, 16 million of which start a business, 96% of which fail. Therefore, if you succeed your point, you’re in the 0.00193% category. That’s what I would call exceptional, right? Any time exceptional people encounter mediocre, people bring it on. They have a conflict. And because TD Jakes is not here because he has class in style and because it’s a Sunday morning at seven in the morning, but we’re going to get him. Oh, I’ll eventually get DDJ. I got, I got Craig Rochelle, the pastor of the largest church in America, Craig Rochelle on the show, pastor of life church. I’m going to get TD Jakes, but this is what TD Jakes would have to tell you. When you hear somebody delaying gratification for a decade like Glenn Howard, somebody in the car with you might say, that sounds terrible. What about life balance? There’s no such thing as life balance. There’s life tradeoffs.

So Jesus who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime. Exceptional people. Yes. Well, in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflict.

Now Jason, what we’re going to do now is I have one more notable quotable and I need you to grab my pink phone. The pink Panther. Yup. So that we can call our our next guest and we’re gonna just keep it live. We’re going to call them and they’re going to boom. All of a sudden he’s on the show. Napoleon Hill, final notable quotable. He says, no matter what you are or how much you know, you will not succeed unless you are a salesman. You must sell your services. You must sell your knowledge, you must sell yourself. And the next guest we’re gonna bring on the show, I believe he wants to stay anonymous, but let me tell you what homeboy is having some success and why is he having some success? Because why? Why? Why does he have multiple locations? Why is he in multiple States? Because he can sell something. And when you can’t sell, your business will be hell because you’re going to have all these expenses and no income and that’s not fun. So we’re going to call this guy right now, and for those of you out there who memorize dial tones and use that to call people, you’re sick. I’m calling them right now. Here we go. I’m calling him right now. His name is Gabe. We’ll see if we get him.

There we go. Here we go.

What is the game,

Gabe? Good morning. This is clay Clark. How are you man?

Hey clay. Doing all right. How about you?

I’m doing well. We completed our Christmas party last night at, uh, about five hours before I got up this morning. Maybe four hours before. So if I sound like Joan Rivers, I’m still the same person,

didn’t they?

Well, I’ve got [inaudible]

I understand.

Well, I have got, uh, Clint Howard here on the show today and he owns Tulsa fitness systems and I’ve got Jason Beasley with me taking notes. Am I understanding is your business is booming and you have some questions about a franchisee?

Yeah, I do. I actually, it was mostly about Oxi fresh in their franchises and how they operate and do things and how we could relate that to our business or similar.

What I’ll do is I will tell you everything that I’m at Liberty to teach you and then what I can’t teach you, um, I’m going to give you the contact info for the guy who can answer the rest of them for you. That way you’ll leave here with all the answers.

All right, sounds good.

Okay. So what questions do you have for me, my friend?

Um, right off the bat, like for Oxi fresh, what is their franchise C or their royalty fee

under? They have a franchise fee buy-in and then there’s a royalty that they pay each month or each week. I don’t know what that system is.

Let’s do this. Let me, let me, yeah, well let’s do this. To buy an Oxi fresh, we’ll call it $40,000 is what it costs to buy one up front fee. And for all the listeners, or for yourself, if you guys go to thrive time,, forward slash Oxi fresh, if you fill out a form, um, they’ll call you. And what’s gonna happen is they’re going to have to send you a franchise disclosure document. And because that’s updated annually was annually with subtle nuances. Um, I can tell you this in general terms, you pay a fee per appointment that is scheduled because, um, the call center is like the backbone that makes it possible for all the franchisees to scale. Because those call reps up there in Denver, they’re on the phone every single second of every day. And with 400 locations, I mean, they might book, you know, 4,000, 8,000 carpets in a day.

And the average franchisee, they just wake up with a full calendar every day. And so there’s a per scheduling fee that they charge that way. You know, if you’re not like I’m getting a lot of appointments, you’re not paying a lot of fees. So it’s a perf per appointment fee that changes from time to time. So, but it’s in that franchise disclosure document that, um, they’re required to share, uh, to honor, uh, because it’s regulated by the federal government. And then across the franchise world, most franchises Oxi fresh included charge around a 6% fee franchise fee. Um, and again, in the franchise disclosure, it’ll share the, the, the heart number for this year, but around I say around, um, because it’s in that document, but that’s kind of best practice is 6% kinda like for some reason in real estate people decided 6% was the, was the thing and franchising at 6% and then there’s also a national ad fund and most companies charge about a 2% or two and a half percent national ad fund.

Um, which you pay. That covers national advertising. But Clint Howard, you once owned a fitness together franchise, Bob and five of them. Um, do you remember what your fees were? Yeah, so there was a, it was a 6% monthly off of gross revenue and then the buy in, it went up. I got in early, but it was like a, yeah, it was like 30 or $40,000. The Mayan, yes, but it was 6% of the gross revenue. 6%. Did they have a call center for you? No, they didn’t. Would you have wished they did or didn’t? Uh, I wish they would have, you know, they, we had a week long franchise school so they taught us sales and it was very much worth it. I mean, um, I I really appreciate all they gave us. We didn’t have a call center, but it’d be nice. Okay. Okay. So you would’ve preferred a call center? Yes. Most guys I know that own a franchise, that’s what they love. Uh, you know, gave a lot of people who will buy an Oxi fresh and they already own other franchises. And the one thing they love the most, it makes it the most, in my opinion, sellable is how turnkey the marketing is. And that the scheduling center schedules your appointments for you.

What is their, uh, what does their marketing include, what’s that sales, what are these, their national ad fund include?

Um, and as far as the primary drivers and systems they have, when you log in to the Oxi fresh portal, it’s a single sign on that integrates your email marketing, your text marketing, your templates for any ads or billboards or mailers or anything that you need is all included in that sign on area. And then they as an organization work to dominate Google nationally and then to run ads for you so you can determine what you want to spend, but they’re going to run those ads for you. And, but dominating Google nationally, uh, turns out to be an expensive venture. But the number one search term for carpet cleaning is, uh, carpet cleaning quotes, carpet cleaning quotes. And there’s this thing called Google trends, um, which a lot of people maybe aren’t aware of, but Google trends will track, um, you know, how popular a term is and because how many locations there are of Oxi fresh. Now, there are now many, many people nationally just typing in Oxi fresh to clean carpet. So whenever they want to clean carpet, they’re just searching for Oxi fresh because they, um, know the name


So it’s, it’s a big thing. And then Jonathan Barnett spins money to promote the company nationally. So he attends national trade shows, workshops. They’ll run advertisements in different markets cause they want to make it a national name kind of in the way. When you think of pizza right now, a lot of people think of Papa John’s or pizza hut. It’s like when you think of, you know, sandwiches, a lot of people are, have thought about subway for years and now they’re thinking about the national narrative is changing to Jimmy John’s for a lot of people are going, if I’m thinking about a subway sandwich, I think about Jimmy John’s. We’re forever, you know, subway was the move. And so they’re trying to build that awareness.


Okay. So they’re pretty much dominating the SEO. And then if a Oxi fresh franchise wants to pay for ad words, they’ll go ahead and say, Hey, I’ll, I’ll spend 300 bucks on ad words. And Oxi fresh basically runs out for them.

Right. And you’ve got people that, um, I mean you have people in the Oxi fresh system that are just killing it right now. Um, you know, just as an example, um, MCU plus audio for you, there are some locations out there that are just absolutely getting it done. Like any system, there’s some people that are at the bottom that are just not implementing and they try to make it impossible for you to not succeed. Um, but it turns out have to do a good job cleaning carpet. You have to do it. So this is an example. Let me just cue up this audio real quick. This is just like a 90 seconds and this is an audio of some of the top franchisees kind of sharing their, their, their store. Let me, let me hit play real quick. What if I told you that Oxi franchisees that

have over 40 Google reviews do an average of over $250,000 a year?

That’s Jonathan Barnett talking and Jonathan Barnett is the founder of Oxi fresh. And the one thing that he is obsessed about is making sure that that day do that the franchisees do a good job cleaning carpet and by and large they do well, but game after each and every transaction, there is a followup system that, I’m not at Liberty to share all of it with you, but there’s a followup system where the corporate follows up with the customer to make sure that they’re happy. So that way if they’re not happy, you as a franchisee can make the changes needed to make them happy. I think. I think you’ve probably heard that the conference they’re claiming you probably heard at the conference, Matt, and I’m sure Jason, you heard Matt talk about that, but he knew what, would you remember what he said? How he knew that one of his technicians screwed up? You remember that? Remember that Clinton? Oh yeah, there was two and like riding a road a week and they had given bad reviews, I believe. Yeah, there’d be, cause they’re relentless. Uh, Gabe about seeking reviews from all business coach clients, you know, objective, good or bad. He found out that he had a technician not following the system. Um, but I’m going to put audio. These are, uh, franchisees who are absolutely getting it done. Here we go.

The Foxy French people. I’m Jesse Kaiser out of Oxi to st Louis, Missouri. 2017. We did just under a million dollars in sales. We’ve got 299 Google my business reviews. So some people think [inaudible] dollars a year onto fresh franchisees.

The reason why this guy is doing so well the Kaisers is because they have Google reviews. That’s what people would think. You know, it’s like, man, they’re doing good. They’re doing $1 million of revenue because they have Google reviews. But what happened is instead is they’re obsessed with quality, which is why they have the Google reviews, which is why they have more quality, which is why they have more Google reviews. It’s kind of a virtuous cycle. But if you look them up, they’re Gabe. If you type in, uh, this band of brothers operates three franchises at 18 locations across four States, you can see their story. And as at the time of this article that came out, and then they’re much bigger now that came out in entrepreneur, entrepreneur magazine, the article says, brothers in business and in life, Jesse Kaiser and Charles Carr, uh, Kaiser demonstrate that it’s possible to operate a diverse portfolio of franchise businesses in multiple locations.

The two who are based in the Midwest owned five Oxi fresh carpet cleaning territories, five little Caesars locations, 12 sports clips. And they also own the rights to 14 additional sports clips. And I’d have no idea how many they have now, but they implement the systems. And so what they do is they like to just look for companies that have their crap together and then they will just buy a, they’d rather just buy franchises than to create their own thing because they’re great managers. And that’s a great story for you to read because those guys are, and that’s the testimonial. You just heard of the guy who was just talking. That’s the Kaiser’s.

Gotcha. Okay. That’s cool. I’ll check that out. Yeah. Okay.

Any other questions that you have about, you know, a franchisee


um, are they selling those franchises based on zip codes or like board by territory?

It’s called territory.

Cities are lower. Some cities are larger than others.

Yeah, it’s cold territory. And again, in a franchise disclosure document, and you can get that for free by the way, and there’ll be powerful for you to have that. So you can just read it and see it, but they want the franchisee to be successful. So I’ll just give an example. We’ve got a guy, did I tell you about the, did Matt at the conference? A Clinton talk about the Manhattan guy, the Manhattan? I don’t think so. There’s a franchisee in New York right now who essentially wants to buy out Manhattan and Manhattan. I mean there’s, you know, millions of people in Manhattan. And so he has multiple territories in the same, uh, in the same, uh, uh, city, you know, cause Manhattan, I mean, it has enough population for, you know, maybe five franchisees or four or whatever. So they worked with him to custom design the right fit for him. So because again, they want you to be successful. They don’t want it to be a deal where you don’t have enough of a population to serve.


Cool. Um, any other questions you have? Cause I know your business is doing great and we want to answer those for you.


so I’m going to get that, um, Oxi fresh FDD, but do you know, are they, are they operating their own corporate stores as well?

Yes. Now what we do at Oxi fresh or what they do is just powerful and [inaudible] as a guy who’s, you know, business coached him and worked with them. Um, I, um, I, I’m super proud of what they’re doing. Um, it’s, it’s super exciting. But Matt Klein, who’s the franchise brand developer, uh, he’s the guy that would, um, ultimately talk to you before buying a franchise or Andy Matheran who? Jason, you know, I love Andy. He used to work with me back in [email protected]. Now he works at Oxi fresh, uh, awarding franchises. Um, this guy, uh, these two guys, they are the ones who would determine whether you get, whether you, whether you qualify or not. Matt actually owns two Oxi fresh franchises. So not only does he sell them to you or award them to you, but he also is a guy who owns them himself. And then Mike, who is also a franchise brand developer, a guy who awards them to you, he also owns them himself. So those two guys don’t just, you know, preach franchising, but they own them themselves. And that’s how John Barnett wanted it to work cause he’s like, I don’t want to have somebody selling you a bag of goods, you know, selling you a wish and hope if they’ve never run one themselves. Yep. Furthermore, I want them to own them now and so you’re able to talk to them about the struggles and the strengths of running their own franchise. Cool. Yeah. Any other questions you have about, about a franchise? Okay.

Um, do you know if those guys are taking credit card numbers? I know you had talked to us. Um, Andrew was helping us with capturing credit cards and we started adding that on scripts and once we did that, that was like a, that was an instant game changer. Um, 90%, 95% of our cost, whereas you’re giving us a credit card number now. So we process those. So, you know, Oxford fresh is doing the same thing.

Um, I can speak to the fact that there’s, there’s two, two truths I can give you and then you could call them for more info too. Okay. Um, is we don’t believe in a culture of having a bunch of, uh, accounts receivable. We do not believe in that fundamentally because that’s where people get in trouble. You know, you do the service of, cause I’m sure you’ve seen this with your fitness business, the guy who you train him for one week and then week two, he forgets his credit card and week three, he says, I’m going to pay you. What’s the statistical probability that on week four, Clint, for your personal training services that he just does not pay you? Yeah. Then they kind of ghost you sometimes know, you know what, they don’t show back up and they just train it for free for three weeks.

Yeah. And so I would just say if you’re out there right now, um, you know, you’re going, gosh, how do they process it? I would, I would call them and I would call the, uh, the phone number up there and I’d talk to him. And one thing I’ve found Gabe is, is, uh, and I’m not trying to sell you a franchise, but I mean this sincerely. The Kaiser’s, you know, who owned the little Caesars and the sports clips and all the different things sometimes, um, owning a franchise is the best way to build one. You know what I’m saying? Like,

Oh, well yeah, I’ve owned one before so I know what a crappy one is and I know what a good one is. Yeah. And so we’re developing ours around what’s going to be a good franchise system. But my question for that, that last one about the credit card was, was mostly concerned about, so if your call center is taking all the credit card numbers and doing their job, then let’s say you have a franchise out in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yup. And you’re actually ma, you’re scaling his jobs and you’re getting those credit cards. So how do you get that money to him? Does the corporate office run those cards and process and then turn the money back over to them or do they just send that card number over to them and make them do it?

The local franchisee is going to charge you. I can say that to you. They’re going to charge you. And the reason why is in the franchising world, if I, if, if we do too much, if a franchise does too much for the franchisee, it could be perceived that the franchisee is like an employee of the franchise and if they failed, there is some legal exposure there. So we try to enfranchise it. It’s a little bit different. You have to kind of do a few things different than what I would typically business coach somebody to do because you want to violate that franchise or franchisee relationship. But what, what city are you at?

Wellington, North Carolina.

Okay. So, um, I mean I might go as far as to hire an Oxi fresh person to clean the carpet out there, see if you can find one near you. You know, just to see the process, uh, you know, clean the carpet and see how it works. Um, and I can say to those firms out there who are like, I thought you guys weren’t in Oklahoma. Oxi fresh can not be in Oklahoma as the only state we can’t be in because of a longstanding, uh, a gentleman’s agreement with a, with a gentleman.

Okay. I can definitely do that.

I mean, do you, you might, you know, benefit from actually just calling and seeing how good or bad the services, um, you know, you know what I’m saying? Like you might go, wow, that’s better than I thought. You might say that’s worse than I thought, but I could just say either way, it is what it is and you can see it and it’s been very effective. But I think it’d be helpful for you to call the call center too.

Okay. I can definitely do that. I think my secretary or one of my office, I actually think it was one of my secretaries had actually called them to give them to service their home. She didn’t use them, but she, she did call on and she had mentioned that some things that they had done. So that was kind of cool. Yeah. So how do you guys, or how do they, I mean or other franchises? Um, it seems like Oxi is in the same boat. We are as far as scheduling their, all of their routing, their jobs, I guess. Um, what’s the best way to handle that as far as logistics goes? Would you stick maps or, I mean what,

well, what they do, um, a lot of the software they’ve built is, um, somewhat, um, prep is very, very accustomed. So there are full time know developers making six figures. But that’s all they do is design the software that w that’s unique to Oxi fresh. But I would say step one is I would centralize your call center. So one call center books, all jobs that will, that right away will fix a lot of logistical issues right there. He said, she said, they said, I said, you know, just one call center. Um, step two in the call center I would define key performance indicators for the call center of uh, what you expect people to do in terms of quality and what you’re willing to accept. Um, third I would definitely install a clarity and then Oxi fresh. They have a system that allows them to check and do certain things.

But I have found that Google maps is a very effective way to realtime. So you want all your reps to have two or three monitors on their desk and they can pull up Google maps and they can, you can have like a territory map, a physical map that you have, you know, Oh, posted in their workstation so your rep could see where they’re going to be routed. And do it that way. That’s how I would do it. Until the revenue is at such where you want to get a custom software package built and a lot of the big turnkey software systems will make something custom now, whereas yours in the years past, they would not do that.

Right? Yeah. Okay. I never even thought, I meant we use Google maps, but um, you just gave me a good idea for that. And we’re eating multiple screens. We’re doing a lot of things. It’s just we find some hiccups here and there, man. And it’s just kinda like you make up this, you just don’t want to.

Yeah, no. And you know,

you know, and you’re, you’re like, we’re doing work around the work around kind of suck and slows things down. You just need a house. How streamlined can you get it? That’s, that’s our goal is how streamlined and efficient can we get it.

Well, let me tell you this, that to blow the minds of somebody out there, when a J B Jonathan Barnett stood at Oxi fresh and he started franchising, he still used a spreadsheet to track his jobs.

You know, because he did not anymore. He did when he started because you know, it’s like you can’t afford 150 grand a year to pay the salary of two coders or a coder until you’ve got a lot of locations. So I would just say you’re a resourceful guy and as we scale, I’m not saying you would do this, I’m just saying a lot of people do this. They tend to like hold off on opening and expanding until they have that one more piece of software. And then when they get that one more piece of software, they find that it’s not really as important as they thought. But centralizing your call center is vitally important.

Yeah, I agree. I agree. All right, cool. Cool man, you helped me out. You knocked off a lot of my questions. The other ones I’ll take care of with that FDD document.

Yeah man. Yeah. Reach out to them and uh, hope you’re having a good week though as far injure keeps bragging on you said you guys says you guys are really growing. That’s true.

We are some markets a little more than others, but Hey, that’s the way it goes. And um, yeah, we’ve had a good year and we’re getting ready for 2020, and we are going to knock it out of the park. I can tell you that right now

as a percentage. What did you end up growing at this year? Did you have like 10% or 5% or what was the girl?

Um, I haven’t pulled all the numbers for every market. I’ve got some markets that are anywhere between five and 10. And then I’ve got some that are between 10 and 25.

That’s awesome, dude. Yeah, I gotta tell you a funny story.

I got one. I got, I think I got one that hit like 40%. Um, so

that’s awesome. How many territories are you at right now? How many are you at right now? Territories? 11. 11. Yeah. You guys are doing great. I have a funny story for you. You’d like. Um, we had our Christmas party, you know, last night after our conference and it’s at the top of the tallest building in Oklahoma, uh, called the, uh, city Plex winters 60 towers up. There are 60 stories in the building, so we’re on the 60th floor. We rented out the top floor for our Christmas party and this would only happen at our, at our party. Man, you would loved this. He fought, who is the, he fought Jindal who is the literary agent for Elon Musk’s book and for the subtle art of not giving an F and for the Chris Kyle American sniper book. And I mean, I go on and on naming him. She is hugging Michael Levine, who is the PR consultant for Nike and Prince and Michael Jackson and president Bush and president Clinton while talking to doctors, Eleanor and the producer of the today show all at one table.

So good. Yeah, dude, it was awesome. And my son deejayed last night, he’s 12 and he deejayed and we wrapped up, I’m going down the elevator and people who work for me are going, you’re not going to do a show tomorrow. Are you? Seriously? Are you going to take out take off tomorrow? I’m like, no. And especially the spouses of some of my employees, they’re like, dude, when are you gonna let me come on, just sleep in tomorrow. I’m like, can’t do it. Got a call tomorrow with Gabe. Got to do a call tomorrow with Clinton. Not gonna miss it. So I went to bed shortly before waking up today. So I’m sorry, I sound like Dionne Warwick, but I’ll work through it.

Still be knocking on DIA, man G she smoked a little bit. She is. Yeah, she is awesome. And you look man. Oh, beautiful. Huh? Hey, well you have a great Sunday morning. And who can I ask mr Gabe a question I ask him. Jason. So mr Gabe, um, you said you’re from North Carolina, right? Or you’re based in North Carolina. Are you guys a big PD Pablo fans? Oh wow. PD. Pablo fans. Oh, come on, let me cue up the song real quick and you can tell me if you know this song. Okay. I’m sorry. You have to listen to this guy, but then we’re going to make you do it because it’s my gift to you. It’s a gift to you in the morning. Here we go. Let me, let me just queue this up real quick. Uh, okay. Let me, I gotta find like an edited version. Clint knows what I’m talking about. Just give him like, just humor him for like 30 seconds,

22 more seconds. Carolina to the front of the line. We’re going to play it by, he’s dedicated his idea. For some reason he’s taken his shirt off the webinar elegance. We’ve got to do it.

So I take it you. Well, that’s true. That’s your Anthem, right? I will make that my new Anthem. I will put that on the playlist tomorrow. I’m sorry I had to do that to you. Anytime I meet anybody from North Carolina, I’m like, Oh, you know, PD Pablo. And they’re like, who every,

Hey man, I appreciate it very much, man. Hey man, I appreciate all the help you guys give us, man. You’ve been helping us a bunch.

Hey, if you need something, let me know. And again, every Sunday, if you ever want to call in or want me to call you, I’d be happy to do it.

All right, cool. Take care of dude. You guys have good Rick. Alright, bye bye.

All right, now here’s the deal, not thrive nation. That’s a great thriver out there. I won’t mention the name of his company right now because I told him I wouldn’t, but we can do that for you if you want to call in. We can do that. But I want to cue up this song because it’s Sunday for us. But um, some people asked me the conference, they asked me a lot like, how do you stay motivated? They asked me that ultimately I had got asked that multiple times on the board. How do you stay motivated? So I’m going to walk you through my daily routine brief briefly, just, just, just kind of a look into it and it’s just, um, um, I think it’s powerful if you, if you get it. So I’ll, I listened to TD Jakes every single Sunday morning, every Saturday morning, every Monday morning, every Tuesday morning, every Wednesday morning, every Thursday morning, every Friday morning, and then every Saturday morning on Sunday morning. And I keep doing that and

being able to read, understand that about whatever is,

here’s TD Jakes. Let me just give a sample of what you’re, you’re getting, you’re missing out. If you don’t listen to TD Jakes every morning, let me just, let me, let me play this for you

till now and maybe this will help you see what I’m, what I’m saying, here we go. You see if you go on a computer, they have on a computer what they call default settings. So whether you’re in microwave and salt or whatever it is, whatever program it is or any, any kind of program, it has a default. The default sets in the computer, some principles and ideas to which the computer is committed. It does not mean that you can’t function outside of the default. It just means that even if you deviate from the default,

what are your default settings? Who’s coming to your Christmas party? What’s your network look like? Let’s talk about your F six goals. Goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun. What’s your default setting? When do you normally wake up? When do you normally go to bed? What books do you read or what books do you not read? What do you listen to the mind? It becomes what the mind is fed and every single day I feed this to my head.

The computer will automatically take you back to defaults settings, and if you don’t want it to do that, it’s not. It’s more than changing the plot. You have to change the default

marinade on that for a second. What’s he talking about?

So tight from it where you’re tight, we’re going to show you something. There is nothing as powerful as a change. Mine. Okay, let’s put it in the other way. Okay. There’s nothing as powerful as a change man. All we did was change the font. Yeah, we changed the font and while we’re typing, whatever we type in this font will appear in this font.

Do you have a poverty mindset or a success mindset? Whatever you do with the poverty mindset produces poverty. Whatever you do with the success mindset produces success. That’s why successful people can have bad things happen to them and quickly rebound

and it will appear that it has changed, but it really has not changed because the moment you go out and come back in again, it will come back up every day back to default. Every morning. This is how most people live their lives because of their default hadn’t changed every day. Rewire your brain. Their situation hasn’t changed. So when they’re in church change, when they’re in church, they can get this going. When? When? When they’re around certain people, they can get this going and when you sing certain songs, they can get that going. When you shout and leak, you can get that going, but when you go back home you go back to default so you’re going back to default over and over again at certain. When you get around certain people you change and you want to hang around them because as long as you’re around them you feel peace or you feel nice or you feel tired or you feel spiritual.

If you feel Holy, that’s not the problem. The problem is when you go back to yourself, you are stuck in the same pattern that you were before and you can’t figure out how to break it up. You’ve cried about it, but your feet going bike. You shouted about it but just take going by. You prayed about it but you keep going bike and you can’t figure out how somebody who cried for it and Charlotte Ford and sang about it started going to church on Sunday. Why does this still keep happening to me? I don’t know whose prayer I’m break together too.

Think about that for a second. You have it. You have to change your default setting to be excellent. It cannot be an event. You cannot have success on Monday. You’ve got to get that new list. Go in today. Get that calendar today. Plan your day today and do it every day. Get it to new list today. A calendar today. Get up early every day. You’ve got to get into a default. Excellent is your default. You over-deliver to every customer every time because that’s what you do. Your middle name should be excellent. That’s what it needs to be. You’re not doing anybody and you’re going. If you don’t practice that golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated,

Oh being excellent.

I’m telling Gabe, you’re going to call him at 7:00 AM in the morning, just hours after your carpet. You won’t get anywhere if you are not

changing your default setting to be excellent,

but I’m breaking into somebody’s [inaudible] said, Lord, why do I keep going through the same things over and over again? I go to church now. I time I shout now. I leap now and the Lord sent me here to tell ya. It’s no problem with your sentence. The problem is with your deep fault until you change your thief ball, you will always go back to being who you were before because you have never changed. Change your mind,

your mind. Think about that. I listen to that every day. That is an [inaudible] fair competitive advantage for me because every day I’m like, I got shot out of a cannon before I, before I see you pull back the rubber band called inspiration, motivation, education again, inspiration, motivation, education. I pull it back and then right before I see a human, I let go and then I take off because I’ve changed my default setting that that is my new normal. So if I have a bad day the next morning, I’m just fine. So today you don’t. I did. I woke up at five o’clock you know, three hours after going to bed, I wake up and I get up and I didn’t want to get up, but I hit play on TD Jakes. I take a shower and right before I saw Jason Beasley, I was feeling excellent. I was really excellent. But if you’re not careful, if you’re not careful, it’s going to be a feeling that wears off.

And one of the things I have found that is profound right now is some of the music that, uh, you know, Kanye West is putting out right now. Um, is cool for me because it’s, it’s, I, I haven’t heard, um, songs put out that are, that are relevant that I enjoy listening to that um, are, are encouraging but also relevant. And so I try to fill my mind with songs that, um, you know, are, are, are inspirational. And I’m, Jason, I’m sure you’ve done this too. You’re like, there’s like songs you try to find that are inspirational, but a lot of times some of the songs are inspirational, maybe are, are kind of whack. Yeah, well they don’t have the right beats per minute or they don’t, you know what I mean? They don’t quite, and I like Connie’s new stuff cause he’s doing stuff that that’s positive. But, um, last week I listened to this, uh, three out of five mornings I won’t play the whole

nothing right now, but this song it’s called, it’s working by William Murphy and I wasn’t feeling like it was working when I was listening to this because it was two days before the conference and there were so many logistical details to tighten up. So this song was true in advance for grace, my season for my season, for favor, my season to replay that song, I was singing this song about how I would feel on Monday, on Wednesday. I was thinking this before I felt it. You got to trick your mind into feeling the way to feel right before the conference because otherwise it can get overwhelming and not get overwhelming up there. Absolutely. People coming in check. Okay. But I show check and that applies. There we go.

Problem C, I used to stutter as a kid. I couldn’t even talk, well I couldn’t speak without talking for a long, long time. So you know what my biggest fear in the world is now I’m afraid of Heights. I’m afraid of speed and go into quickly. I’m afraid of, I’m afraid of vacations. But you know, my biggest fear is chasing you. What that is, probably speaking, it’s a public space.

Well, you gotta kick the ass of that giant before that conference starts. And for me it’s a fear of speakers. Clint, you do public speaking from time to time.

Could it not be nerve wracking? Oh, for sure. I mean, I, I still, I still get nervous, but it’s one of those things, you know, they say success happens outside of your comfort zone. So you have to go, if you want to be successful, you’re going to have to do things to get you uncomfortable. So I’m just telling you, you have to retrain your brain. Do you not have to be trained? Your brain, Clint Howard, yes, it’s exactly, that’s where it all starts is in your mind. If you dwell on the nervousness or the what could happen. What I do is I just focused on the other person that I’m going to give them value. I’m going to help more people and I’m focused on that, not about me. And what people are thinking about me. Do you remember last week when we interviewed grant Cardone? How that was awesome dude. It was kinda mind rocking wasn’t it? It was amazing. I mean it was exciting. It was also like we’re interviewing grandpar now. He’s a legend. He’s a big time. He’s got a huge personality. And so you don’t know what he’s going to say cause he just says whatever he feels

and you all have to um, make up for the nervousness, the lack of, uh, um, confidence with preparation. That’s how you make up for lack of confidence is with preparation. Yes. So earlier last week I was listening to this song on Monday and Tuesday.

Let me see if I get, this is at


arena in LA where Kanye is now leading a Sunday services. This is the audio lesson. [inaudible]

and I have to have that kind of mindset going into a conference cause it’s too overwhelming for me if I didn’t think Jesus walked with me. So that’s my, where’s my worldview. Um, but if you’re not a Christian, just make up for your lack of confidence with preparation. There’s so many knowledge bombs on today’s show, but I encourage you to go out there and be a diligent doer. Don’t just be a happy hoper, and we liked in each and every show with a boom. Jason, are you prepared to end the show with the boom? Oh man, I’m ready to raise it up and boom, I’ll raise it up like Petey. Pablo, what a great Petey Pablo reference you made here on this beautiful Sunday morning. I to do it, mr Clint Howard, are you prepared to end with a boom? Yes sir. I’m ready. Here we go. Remember we have hot mic, so we got to stand up. Take one giant step back before we bring the boom. Here we go.


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