Breaking Down the 116% Growth of Dr. Dwight Korgan | Cramming 15 Years of Growth within Just 12 Short Months

Show Notes

Dr. Dwight Korgan shares how his diligent implementation of Clay Clark’s proven business plan and systems has allowed his company to grow by 116% within just 1 short year. 

  • A New Image
  • Wins!
  • Year Over Year = 30% Growth
  • September this year versus Last = 116% Growth
  • Working in the business less and making more money!
  • Employees doing more thanks to more business
  • Growth Came From:
  • A Great Website 
  • Hiring Great People
  • Group Interview
  • Systems and Processes
  • Our Google Presence 
  • SEO Content
  • We are ranking for many big keywords!
  • Google Reviews
  • Scripted Calling of customers
  • Getting customers back in
  • Quality control calls
  • Rebooking clients at the end of their service
  • Upselling and Educating about our services!


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