Breaking Down the 25% Growth of Doug Yarholar, the 200% Growth of Kelly Construction,and the Fire of Desire That is Required to Succeed

Show Notes

Doug Yarholar of Metal Roof Contractors shares about his path to success. We also interview Jason Rush of Paychex to explain the time-saving power of using Paychex to handle your payroll processing needs and we break down the EPIC growth of Kelly Construction and Sebastian Design Build.

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  1. You have to take your fire of desire to the next level to succeed 
  2. You may need a coach, but everybody needs accountability
  3. To succeed as an OXI Fresh owner you must obsess about:
    1. Google Reviews
    2. Never Stop Recruiting
    3. Never Stop Following Systems

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  1. Doug is a Diligent Doer 
  2. Up over 30% this year to date 
  3. Has developed systems to replace himself – checklists, processes
  4. Added private work to his business model to help with cash flow
  5. Consistently does weekly group interview
  6. Has built a strong team around him – weeded out some bad apples
  7. Has over 200 google reviews – most in Oklahoma
  8. Implemented and closed deals from Dream 100
  9. Consistently “pays himself first” into his automatic millionaire account – every week
  10. Starting to take time each week to play golf in the middle of the day with his buddy’s at the country club where he’s a new member 
  11. Has done all of this while walking through chemotherapy with his 11-year-old daughter.  Several coaching calls while he was in the waiting room at the hospital.

Time Saving PRO-TIP | The Power of Using Paychex for Your Payroll Processing Needs


Goal = Send 2,000 Employees to Paychex Per Year ($40 per employee ) –

  1. Do you need peace of mind about your payroll and payroll tax?
  2. Are you looking for peace of mind about your payroll and payroll tax?
  3. Are you tired of wasting your day slaving over your payroll and payroll tax?
    1. For me Paychex:
      1. Paycheck processing
      2. Direct deposit payments
      3. Payroll taxes
      4. Quarterly taxes 
      5. Annual taxes 
      6. W2s 
    2. These guys can handle background checks
    3. They can handle workman’s compensation
  4. Call my personal representative Jason Rush. This guy handles my payroll and he can handle yours too?
    1. Text 918-809-2539 again that is 918-809-2539 and he will provide you the red carpet quality and service that he provides to me.

Commission Structure:

  1. 40 employees = $6,400 = $1,600 per year commission
  2. $40 per employee 

43% growth in 6 months

Went from no cash flow to Profitable each week

Time blocking




Implemented sales and management meetings

Implemented group interview

Implemented dream 100 and booking leads

top in Google and getting tons of leads (used to not)

Timeblocks like a boss

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