Breaking Down the 90% Growth of Jason Lett and Lake Martin Mini Mall

Show Notes

Jason Lett breaks down how diligently implementing Clay Clark’s proven business plans and success strategies has allowed him to grow his business by 90% within just 2 short years.


Step 1 – Sell a product that people actually want

Step 2 – Improve the brand quality of the product and service that you are offering

Step 3 – Create sales script / sales funnel that wows

Step 4 – Create a sales experience that WOWs

  1. Be intentional with the sights, sounds, smells, decor

Step 5 – Make a checklist for everything

Step 6 – Measure what you treasure / tracking will reveal where you are lacking and slacking

Step 7 – You must charge the right price or your life will not be nice

Step 8 – You must learn how to hire and inspire people 

Step 9 – You must bore down when most of the world would suffer from boredom 

Step 10 – You must have a team to achieve the dream

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