Breaking Down the Lyrics of Colton Dixon | The Colton Dixon Story (Part 4)

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Since bursting onto the Christian pop music scene after his performance on American Idol, Colton Dixon has produced many hit songs including Through All of It and Breathe. He stops by The Thrivetime Show to break down what his lyrics mean and what he’s up to next.

    1. Through All Of It by Colton Dixon –
  • Breathe by Colton Dixon
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one best business cconsultant for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, alright, red nation. Welcome back to the conversation. My name is clay clark and I’m honored to be here with you today. I don’t want to thank you for getting us into the top 10 of the itunes chart for real tony robbins we’ve passed best business consultant gary vaynerchuk, we’ve moved a lot of tim, ferriss, sorry, tim, and so we’re starting a charity and for as little as $1,000 a day, you could support your very own. Former top 10 podcast help again how many caviar I mean don’t put, don’t make him settle for non organic gourmet. Chickenit’s important can do it, who used to be the top 10 and I drop back down to the top 50, your top hundred you, the hope we don’t raise a subsidy for me to what goes around comes around sensational definition of colton dixon he’s a christian pop music star in his incredible life.

Andy dick’s and him were talking about how to not screw up date nights now. This is important because the masters green update nights I’ll set the scene. I took my wife to san diego at a speaking event somewhere in san diego gorgeous gorgeous restaurant ocean, beach area, very nice restaurant and it just the best food ever and I turn my phone on my phone and I kind of the movie, where I’d like to pretend like I’m not on it, but I am about 4 years ago, and then some of the best business consultant office says some crazy, so I immediately cuz, there’s hundreds of employers, I think I got to deal with this now baby can’t deal with this real quick I’m gone for probably 30 minutes. If that’s, what it seems, like oprah me like 2 minutes is probably like 50 and I come back and I get that I like you shut your mouth shut your mouth and you get it. You get in that car i, like ruined of the date yeah ruined the whole evening and I was educated.

Now here’s the I can honestly Say:i’ve, never done it again since then, because I live in fear, I live in paris, iron, fist colton’s, never use this smartphone ruin today and I borrow your take on this because you guys are in the celebrity world in the christian pop music world and you have a lot of people, brown, twitter, instagram or different social media platforms reaching out to you guys and you care about your fancy or fancy really do love the pain. I know it’s a genuine thing, you care about the fans, but what are the best business consultant boundaries and what would advise? Would you give for somebody out there what the boundaries for social media smartphones you guys navigate? That is a couple man, but the devil and kind of I think that’s so like relevant to today’s culture, culture, and it’s just so easy to do, and we prioritize you know those emails and those. You know social media best business notifications and what not, and really what you’re doing user prioritizing that above your spouse or your you know your friend or like whatever you’re doing honestly, really about the relationship settings get a step back in like prioritize like okay.

This time is with them and either going to be here or not. It’s really hard to be two places at once. Stuff like get used to that, because we are together a lot. So if you know matt have lunch a lot together, and so it’s like I think he’s kind of like a paises like date time or just like we’re just kind of like we’ve kind of learn to like navigate those things and you’re, not in a place where you can respond to any kind of message. Don’t look. This is my example. I got a message today that was sent to me yesterday. So I found out about it this morning and there was a best business coach person who really doesn’t like me:they’re very upset very up, there. It. Wasn’t the radio show and apparently because I’ve said that one should not go out at night when their spouses and present debris offended by 18 years and I found all my buddies were divorced? They would go out at night with the buddies, but I don’t like go in or I go out with my wife, but I don’t go out until they’re, like in a restaurant that has been divorced 3 times to email them, it’s a big email.

So when I get to email, I just sort of found out today and then I looked at it and I get all my emails at one time. I and I hit delete and move on, but I used to like what to respond immediately. You know to radio show people act like I needed to respond urgently to all you know things and made me kind of crazy. I just want to ask you I mean vice. Would you give to your old self call? You know where you say:gosh I wish I would not have done that even right now, two-and-a-half years neko, case I wish I would have learned that lesson faster or somebody out there who’s, not learning these lessons. You’ve already learned. A lot is a married couple of your perfect know. But what would you give best business consultant device to the old colt gun hold cold and don’t do that? That’s going to irritate the incredible and i. Don’t don’t do that? That’s going to push the button pertaining to social media. Social media is honestly. It can wait if you’re out at lunch-or this is even happened recently. You know being on my phone for other things, but just being present in the moment, I’m a fact that if it’s not life or death, it can wait.

Even if it’s a text message from someone pertaining to the business, it’s like, like I’ll, just get to it after lunch. If it’s something really pressing I’ll ask and if I get a look then I’ve got. My answer is pretty simple. Figured out you’re like that, but yeah I can wait. Did you know you hit rock bottom when you’re on stage playing piano with one hand and facebooking, on the other hand, try to sing a song and I know you have a problem with each question when I ask is there? Is there a song out there, we’ve talked about one of your songs. He wrote her proud of. Is there another song you if it’s all the listeners, just listen to one of your songs? He said hey. If you want to judge the the totality of my career, if you want to eat a dip, your best business consultant toe into the colton dixon repertoire of music song, if you check it out, that’s sort of indicative of at least mirror now is an artist. Is there a certain song or two that you would say, hey there, maybe two or three of these are certain song that you feel like that that song right there that’s one song, you should check out I have a song called do all of it. That is, is basically kind of a summary of someone’s life.

Saying, there’s, there’s been ups and downs, but god’s been with me. The whole time. This been with me through all of it, so I would check that one out through all of it through all of it. Where were you when you wrote that song did you hit your head in the toilet seat and then bam you drink flex, capacitor, or how did you write that song I actually didn’t songs at that? I did not write on my record. So it’s honestly, the first time I heard it I just thought it was such a beautiful picture of life. What’s cool about what I do is I have fans who are five six years old and then I have their grandmother’s coming to shows really why demographic but I was like man. This song really is kind of timeless. It’s not specific to one generation, it’ll kind of best business consultant blanket itself over everyone and and I love with the lyrics say. God is with us, through everything, he’s also waiting for us at the end of whatever walking through so yeah I just really struck a chord with me, so we recorded it and the guy who wrote it was nice enough to lend it to me in and yeah that was it, its colton dixon. Com and I’m tony. What shop his father-in-law is kind of, like tulsa’s kind of tight causes oil roberts.

That is true the world right. If you got a ford, the need some hands laid on it, you’re going to want to take it to rc auto specialists. What you going to want to do. Oh nice, not get ahold of him at rc, auto, specialists., com years. Experience of healing those ford motors at the right time show on talk, radio 1170. Yes, it is all about you that would bring the speaking about yeah. If you will I will I didn’t woodchucks stop doing. That is a christian pop artists, he’s a guy who has more talent and really a half of a hand and shepherd i. Have it both are all four of my body and my whole body. Your body. Doesn’t unbelievable & so colton dixon, music, star, you’ve done so well in the world of christian music and there’s music out there that I think a lot of our best business consultant listeners would like what are there a christian music fan or not. I didn’t want things about your music. Is that you’re telling stories you’re connecting with things that happen in your life and obviously you tell that story through judeo christian perspective, but every artist tells every story through their own perspective, so I think your music is is pretty inclusive, i!

Think there’s a lot of people out there. That would check it out. It’s I would humbly request. Everybody listen to the show today would go to colton dixon. Com and check out at least one songs I’m going to ask you but you’re colton dixon. What’s it what’s the song where you sick, if they could check out, maybe one song, one song where you go:okay, just check out this one song and see. If you like me and you been on american idol, so people who are not christian music fans thought you did a good job. You did very well on the show, what’s that song, my friend. What’s the song when did check out yeah i, think that pertain to what we’ve been talking about today, I think a song, that’s really fitting is called breathe and it it’s honestly just about stopping and getting rich when you, when you own a business or with what I do whenever, whenever I have this music ministry that I do it’s so easy to think being busy is a good thing. You ask people how they’re doing and they said, I’ve been busy with xy or z, and you like all that’s great and it’s like, but is it really i, don’t harsh, take on busyness, okay? What’s your busyness is a decision becoming busyness is addison? Actually, it’s a best business consultant decision that you know what I want to just use that, as my phrase, to compensate for the fact that I’m, not intentional about my life and i, use that I pass before the last I took last jackie took my son was born blind 2007 I felt this like this big call to just sell dj connection, which is my favorite thing in the world and I just I had to sell it. I want to sell it.

I’m like i, don’t know how to say, sold visit now. I’m, 27 and I have to work again and I’m going now and I should do is so friend of mine was running uncontested in the tulsa mayor election kathy, taylor she’s running as a democrat and I’m a republican and I can’t let her phone now bye, bye on a pillow posed. I got some time for us to actually was running against. Kathy taylor in a mayoral election I actually was pulling up in a 5150 2% hours ahead of her for a long long time, and then dewey bartlett can’t gotten involved in I decided about to the next one to be mayor. I, just didn’t want her to win if she answers your friend of best business consultant mine, we joke about it, but I try to be and now I look back when my dad passed away last, when my son was born blind and realize times are most precious asset like the times, the one that you can’t make more of reach and I love my job, I love working I do I love working! So that’s! Okay! It’s my ministry! It’s my thing! I get into it’s my hobby I’m good at it. Helping companies grows exciting, but there is a value and not being busy to. How do you find that balance I mean? Do you wait until your wife yells at you, cuz i?

Can you stop screaming and then, when I realized, she’s mad I’m awake and if I did not take my wife on a date from a 2001 take 2007 at all, I ask you:where do you find that balance of a busyness and purposeful living? What’s what’s the balance? That honestly is being intentional? It’s it’s making a schedule. I’m very I want to know what’s happening throughout the day. My wife and I can be kind of different time. She really loves just going with the flow of flour and I want to know it’s like okay. Well, what are we doing on friday she’s, like i, don’t know we might do this or we might do this and I’m like we can we can we go ahead and make the decision and I think there’s wiggle room for both of us there, but, but still, if you have a busy lifestyle that in and of itself, is not bad, but within that busy lifestyle carving out time will you can be intentional with your first priority is really, which is your best business consultant spouse? Your faith, your kids, if you have them, that’s that’s the most important talk about on her show all the time of making this pyramid and put in your biggest priorities the bottom of the foundations, your faith, then your family, then your your friendships, then your fitness than your finances than the phone. How are your organize the priorities, but then actually scheduling those things into your best business consultant schedule.

I want to ask clay stairs cuz play you typically, don’t coach, a lot of christian business, popstar music, guys took all of mine, are secular from that late, regardless of the struggles to find the balance of busyness and focusing on what matters. How would you coach your client? Would you tell me what do you say to your clients when they’re often too busy to call their leads, are too busy to follow up for too busy to go to orange charter too busy to go to work flower too busy to hire people? What do you? How do you coach them through the busy well again. Play in this, is something that you have taught me is my coach? Is it what gets scheduled gets done and so how to move something from a to do to it? To done is that have to go onto your best business consultant schedule, so I know for me my schedule I scheduled time for family i, scheduled time for fun and with my friend, if you go to my schedule, might google calendar. You will find that I actually have blocks of time where my life is going to be spent with friends with family with fun, because I know for me. If I don’t schedule it I won’t, do it. I might brag brag on you now part. You are part of the problem problem you’re part of the good problem, I’m thankful for I’m frustrated about, but I’m so excited i. Just a mimosa bridgeport.

You decided to not work on fridays. Yes, why? Because I wanted the space I wanted the time I wanted to open it, and I could have made more money or write. My daughter has track meet on friday and when I made that decision it was during track season and this week I’m going to my daughters track for the first time. Let’s play volleyball and we had to leave on fridays to play on volleyball tournaments on the weekends I blame you for this. We now have a four-day work week at thrive and you’re part of the blank. Thank you because people are going okay here, I come I have to be. People are saying you know:i got to look at them in there trying to what’s the balance, work, life, basketball, the question, but what’s work-life balance and the people work for us make a lot of money and they do well in and we have a great team, and so is it always ask me:what’s the work-life best business consultant balance, you know my wife is frustrated, my husband’s frustrated. What do I do when I feel like I was like that the cause of the problem, the behalf of other men, who almost beat up their marriages-i, don’t know i, guess, I talk to my wife and I said. You know this four-day, work week idea and it seems kind of like a communist socialist. Just hateful I did anti america america and then there’s like you know, france union days, holidays, i, don’t want to work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work, a four-day work week to eliminate some of the busyness more intentional.

We get a lot done in those 4 days. Can you talk about what the four day work week has done to the chap family? Is it ruined it as i? Have it is attached to the bottom, can’t do it., it’s, great and so fridays are my day where I can get off early to the office and get caught up on some things. But I can go pick up. My daughter from school we spend the afternoon together every friday and then I have scheduled band practice and to go play with marshall and some of the guys at the office. It’s so weird how many clients are like I’ve known you for 18 years. Are you still the same person I feel like you have given up on all that matters? You have always preached grinding and you have before they work with the hypocrisy and I’m like well. You know, I was actually wrong for a while there, you know, and so I just think. It’s important you scheduled time for what matters for me, friday to sunday I turn my best business consultant phone off the entirety from he literally does to sunday i, don’t care!

What’s going on, you can’t reach me and if you want to reach the members of our office, you can but there’s a manager for elephant in the room or people that you could get for emergencies, but they kind of passed that phone around and then elephant room we closed on sundays and that we have so many employees. You tell if that’s the only time my husband I get to connect and we have largely it. We have a large team of employees but sunday’s, weird that the only hair hair salon in tulsa the major ones, that’s close on a sunday in the door. It says family time, I believe in people always bring up how much money were losing and I just I just have to. It makes a lot of sense in the end. We just can’t take it with. You have time show on your best business consultant radio if you care about america, you care about your future, your care about you. Here’s go to colton dixon. Comets, colton, dixon., calm and chelsea always win in the show with a boom. So here we go


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