Breaking Down the Wisdom of Bill Campbell

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As the business coach of choice for Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google), Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple), Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Co-founders of Google), Jeff Bezos (Co-founder of Amazon), Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), etc…It is indisputable that Bill Campbell was the best. On today’s show, we break down the wisdom he left the planet before his death.

Bill Campbell was the business coach of Silicon Valley’s business leaders including:

  1. Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google)
  2. Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple)
  3. Larry Page (Co-founder of Google)
  4. Sergey Brin (Co-founder of Google)
  5. Jeff Bezos (Co-founder of Amazon)
  6. Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook)
  7. Tim Cook (CEO of Apple)
  8. Ben Horowitz (The co-founder of the Andreessen-Horowitz Venture Capital Fund)


Bill Campbell is also the subject of the new book, Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle.


Trillion Dollar Coach – Intro – Bill Campbell was the MVP of his HS football team despite standing five feet ten and weighing 165 pounds. When the track coach was short on hurdlers, Bill volunteered. Since couldn’t jump high enough to clear the hurdles, he just ran right through them, bruising himself all the way to the regional championships.

Trillion Dollar Coach – Page 8 –  Bill didn’t take the job at Pepsi, but in 1983 Sculley decamped to Silicon Valley to become CEO of Apple, and shortly thereafter he gave Bill a call. Would he be willing to leave Kodak and move his young family – he had married the former Roberta Spagnola, a dean at Columbia, in 1976 – west to come to Apple?

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Not wanting to bother Bill himself, I started reaching out to his mentees. Soon, I had a flurry of calls from Bill’s proteges who described him as a father and compared him to Oprah…Trillion Dollar Coach reveals that to be a great manager, you have to be a great coach.” – Trillion Dollar Coach (Eric Schmidt  (Author), Jonathan Rosenberg (Author), Alan Eagle (Author)

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  3. Perform the group interview every single week
  4. Schedule specific times to coach your team

NOTABLE QUOTABLE “Your title makes you a manager. Your people will decide if you’re a leader, and it’s up to you to live up to that.” – Bill Campbell – Trillion Dollar Coach

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “So when we met Bill in our weekly coaching sessions, what we discussed first and foremost was management: Operations and tactics. Bill rarely weighed in on our strategic issues and if he did it was usually to make sure that there was a strong operating plan to accompany the strategy.” – Bill Campbell – Trillion Dollar Coach

BOOK – Trillion Dollar Choach –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate



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  2. You must have set expectations
  3. You have to install call recording

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. 23 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; 24 for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. 25 But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does.” – James 1:22-25 New King James Version (NKJV)

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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

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Mr Eric Chupp. How are you sir? I’m doing great, clay. Super excited to be here with you again, Dr. Brock. How are you? I’m doing fantastic. You don’t, you know, uh, I feel like you have had a secretly great Saturday. I haven’t told us what great things are happening. What kind of with a haircut like that. Nares looking great. Tell him in the room. So I feel like I’m on point with that. I mean, that helps. Okay. I’m now bearded, so that’s kind of new. Don’t know, Dude. I want to look more like Eric. Jeff, he’s already putting me to shame. Is that beard? It’s so manly with Eric. A lot of times, Eric, is it as a, just a beautiful man. But what Eric we’ll do is, is he Wilson remove that beard and then he removes like 15 years.

He’s a seven or eight years old. Last time that happened, my wife said, please don’t do that again. Do you see person? That’s crazy. Okay. Well, we’re talking to today about is the wisdom of the world’s best business coach. Bill Campbell. So wisdom from the world’s best business coach. Know when I say world’s best business coach, I think in our culture we throw out words a lot of times without meaning. Like you might say, oh, that’s the best. Oh, that’s uh, that’s incredible. A lot of times people ask me, clay, what do you think about that movie? And the way mine, my mind works is every movie is the best ever or my top 10. Right, right. Or terrible. Yeah. So they’re not selling between, I saw zoo lander there tonight. Oh yeah. I was just feeling, couldn’t like, as soon as I stopped laughing, there was another one.

That’s how it goes. Do I can just keep going and going. I never seen the movie for the first time I’d ever seen it as as possible. There was, there was one scene in the movie where the model, the main character played by Bill Ben, Ben Stiller, the model, he wants to create a center to give back to the community. And it’s a center for kids that can’t read good. And once you do other things good. That’s what it’s called. The center for kids who can’t read good. Well anyway. And then anyway, so the, I guess they hire an architect to design the project, did to design the house. And so this guy’s impossibly dumb. The character played by Ben Stiller, the model. That’s a good way to possibly dumb, oblivious to all things and a pompous to match to go with it. Yes. So this architect shows him a model rendering that’s probably, you know, three feet by feet size to scale of what it’s gonna look like.

And he looks at it and he’s like, how are the kids supposed to learn to read good if they can’t even fit in, the building goes off and breaks it. And then I, then I, I can’t, I can’t stop laughing. I’m just like, I’m drunk driving. I’m like trying to get it together. And then he has this punchline that’s so good. He goes, it’s going to have to be at least two times larger or something like that. It’s like awesome, Matt. Possibly them. Oh, it was one of my favorite parts is he’s given a, you Google-y he’s giving a eulogy, which he says as a, you’re googling and uh, he says what’s really hard when your friends died in a freak gasoline fight accident.

Oh, you gotta watch it again and slow. Good. Oh yeah. Okay. Bill Campbell, who was, we say this is the best, this, this is the one that at the top 10, but really this guy is the best business coach of all time. I would say the number one business coach of all time is bill Campbell coming in. Number two, I would, I would argue, and number two would be Chet Holmes. I want you to read off chuck for the former clients that a bill Campbell coached about his career. So Bill Campbell was the business coach of Silicon Valley’s business leaders, including Eric Schmidt through former CEO of Google. Never heard of it. Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, and stop right there. If he had just been the coach of the CEO of Google, I think we would say, okay. The one, the world’s largest companies, one of the best seizures needs a coach.

Okay. They, who do they, who do they hire? Maybe I should hire them. Bill Campbell. Bell Campbell. Okay. Then you say, well apple, AH, they’re not struggling. I went to Woodland Hills Mall the other day, uh, portal. Doris I know went there just to see what kind of gang activity I can stumble upon. And so I went up there. Honestly, I went there to get my hat with a boom on it, you know, and I go in there and I’m on the lower level in the apple store is busy. Oh, always. I mean, it’s champed now the Microsoft store, nobody’s in there except for the Microsoft employees. And if you’ve got a huge TV kiosks down the middle of the mall to try to bait you and still feel like I’m not touching it. No, I get that off of me. You’re gonna wait in line apple and even waiting in line and people hate to wait in line, but they were like, I still would rather wait in line here for an hour.

Then you go in your store and so much a, it’s terrible because they’re almost like directly across the hallway from one another. Do you guys just do any Microsoft products except what you’re forced to buy? Do you mean, do you do to own any Microsoft products? Not that I know of. I probably do somewhere. I mean I haven’t, I have a MAC computer. I have an HP laptop. Okay. Do you like it? Uh, yeah, it works well. I mean had this oriented. So you had a man all those top before. I haven’t seen everything else I have though. Is Is Apple Mac? Ooh, I know. I just haven’t made that switch made off of other, other clients that he’s coached because we’re trying to make the case that he is the world’s best business. So we’ve got Larry Page, Sergei Brin, the co founders of Google using it right now.

I have an iPhone in my pocket, a Jeff Bezos, never heard of that guy. Co founder of Amazon. I’m struggling, I’m struggling to know who this Amazon Companies Amazonians are these, I don’t know, the world’s most valuable company, right? He’s coaching them. Coaching Amazon. Okay. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Again, never heard of it. Have you guys ever a, you heard miss with the old Facebook? Yeah, of course. Yeah, I’ve been there. Of course everybody has. Yeah. Oh, you know my bed, my bed. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Really? So think about that now the current CEO of apple says, Hey, I should, I should, I should probably use them to work right then. It should probably work now. And I’ve been Horowitz, the cofounder of the Andreessen Horowitz Venture Capital Fund. Uh, Ben Horowitz built a company called ops where Opsware, which he sold to Hewlett Packard for over a billion dollars and he says that the coach he needed was, was bill Campbell.

So now I think we’ve made the case that Bill Campbell is perhaps the best business coach of all time. Well, I mean any one of these or even you know, two or three. But when you put the holistic together, that’s a phenomenal resume. No chip, I have required the team to read true this book about bill camp. Yes. Why? Because it is, it’s everything that you need to know. That’s not, you know, Ma mainly systems driven. It’s all of the how to manage team and manage people and how to lead people. Uh, and he used to be a football coach. When you get into the book, you’ll see that in the way he translated pushing a football team and football players to be their best. He translated that into the business world and that’s what made him the best. What I’m going to do in this book is I’m going to read some excerpts from the book.

Yeah. To our listeners. They didn’t show up. You can just take note of what page they’re on and then afterwards we’ll go back and we’ll, you know, we’ll put it on the show notes so our listeners can find it. Sounds good. But I would just say here, um, the one thing that people don’t know is the back story of Bill Campbell. They don’t know how Bill Campbell became, became bill Campbell. And so I’m just gonna give you a quick back story. He was I a very um, uh, hardworking, kind of like a Rudy of high school foot. True. Yes. Was not skilled, but was like the route he had that passion, right. Became the MVP of the high school team. Knock him down. He’s right back. He became the captain of the College Football Team, Division One Columbia. And he thought, you know what, I’m so passionate about football. I’m going to go on and coach.

And he did that at Columbia and it talks in the book very unsuccessfully. They lost a lot. And then about the time he was my age, 38, 39, he decided, you know what? I’m going to go into the corporate world and go ahead and get it done. So he goes in the corporate world, starts off doing some kind of sales for Kodak and he gets promoted to be the head of the Eastern Europe, become the head of the European division, uh, within a year and a half of being there. I mean, it’s crazy. Wow. That’s pretty quick. And then as a big company back then, this was, well at the time it was a multiple billion dollar company, right. North of $7 billion of value right? Years ago. And now I’m, and then Steve Jobs realizes this guy can sell a lot of things. Well, so he and the folks at apple reach out to bill Campbell and say, would you be willing to come join our team?

He does so well in the positions they put him in, they make him chairman of the board, which is a big thing and it becomes one of their top most integral team members. Um, but, but [inaudible] he built a special relationship with Steve Jobs. Yes. Do you recall the part of the book where he made that relationship? Uh, I know that when he got kicked out the, uh, when Steve got kicked out of apple, he was the one man on the board that said, you guys are making a mistake. Right? And the only thing I want to make sure you get this, he’s the only guy on the board who stood up for Steve Jobs. The only guy, the only one. Now I think this is really interesting because this is how I see the world work. Typically. I see a lot of entrepreneurs where there’s a, there’s a, um, a dislike of the founder who created the jobs that everyone has.

I see this a lot, but yeah, I mean it’s, it’s most of the clients I’ve ever worked with, this happens and I’ll tell you why. Well, ship, I want to get your take on this. But yeah, if I start a company, right, a small company and I grow it, do I have to make some people irritated along the way as a result of holding them accountable? I mean, even if you’re the nicest guy in the world and you do not want to ever have friction, don’t you have to hold people accountable to at a certain point, 1000000000% because not nobody on your team, maybe those rare, rare people, but nobody’s basically going to have that founder’s mentality, that sense of urgency to push you to where you need to get to. So Bill Campbell recognize this. I mean, Bill Campbell recognize the passion of Steve Jobs. 1000000000000% I should say instead of 1 billion percent.

That’s true. Yesterday I just wanna I just wanna make sure that all the listeners are, are, are, are getting this idea of, because it’s so powerful. Bill would sit down with a guy like Steve Jobs. This is Steve. Steve got rehired to go to apple. He became the head of apple again on round two and he would sit down with them and say, when you go in there, you know, and you deliver the truth, people are going to perceive it a certain way. Have you thought through that? Right? Have you thought through the political aspects of when you do this, how will it impact that? Because remember, getting, think about craziness as getting Google to allow Amazon to show up in search engine results was quite a move, right? I mean, think about these are huge competitors. Sure. Yeah. And so if you want to make, I mean right now, if you, if you do a Google search for like, um, grill gun or a PR, let’s, let’s type in a charcoal grill.

Let’s just type in charcoal grill into Google real quick. And Chuck, tell me what comes up there. Do you see Amazon search results coming up? That’s luck. Charcoal Grill. Oh, popups. Ah, do you guys see anything? Okay, we’ve got Walmart, home depot, Amazon right there. Right there. Right there. But, uh, but to agree to make that happen, I mean, that’s something that Bill Campbell in the book you’re going to hear, he kind of negotiated, he let Jeff Bezos know, hey buddy, I got your back. We need to work together with Google. Right? And a lot of times Google and apple didn’t get along. Um, I don’t know if your listeners are out there, are aware of this, but Steve jobs did not like Larry and Sergei, they’re much jazzy in. Yeah. Um, and it was because he thought they were stealing his ideas in making the android phone, uh, very similar to the iPhone.

Right. And, um, it was, but, but their argument was this is this, this technology is sort of common knowledge now, much like Henry Ford, you know, when he was trying to build the automobile, the original creators of the automobile had a patent on the word and the concept of an automobile, right. I don’t think people realize that originally Henry Ford had to break the law copyright law in order to create another kind of car. It’s crazy. You know, so they had created the smart phone, basically technology, and they feel like that nobody else could ever enter into that space. Well, so bill Campbell was the person who was able to coach these guys along the way. I’m Shabaab and read on page, uh, this kind of the intro, the foreword of the book. It says Bill Campbell was the MVP of the high school football team despite standing five feet 10 and weighing 165 pounds.

When the track coach was short on hurdlers, bill volunteered and says he couldn’t jump high enough to clear the hurdles. He just ran right through them, bruising himself all the way to the regional championships. What does that say about a guy? What does doctor [inaudible], what does that say about a guy who is a high school in VP football player? They ask him to the track team short. He says, I can do it, but I can’t jump hurdles and just runs through them all. What can I ran some hurdles at one point and the um, to understand that knocking over a hurdle doesn’t penalize you, is great knowledge to know. Um, as long as you don’t completely throw it into somebody else’s lane. That’s awesome. Um, so yeah, I think it tells me that, uh, you know, this guy from an early age had a, whatever it takes to get it done kind of mentality.

Like, let’s understand the rules, let’s figure out the game and let’s play it to the best of, of my, to my advantage. So I can’t jump high, but I can run fast. So I’m going to run through them, make up the difference that, that, you know, hitting him slows me down, but I’ll make it up in between. And a, and obviously he was pretty successful at that. It kind of reminds me of like Tim Ferriss and a number of ways that he approaches things like is a, I think it was kicked Thai boxing championship where he just figured out the rules and then used them against the people who had been doing this for a long time. That right. I just, he, nobody else realize you could pick up your stool from your corner and hit the guy with it. And Tim Ferriss figured that out so well being able to outweigh his opponents by like 30 pounds, you know, cause he could manipulate his body weight quickly.

And then if the person left the ring, you know, three times they were automatically disqualified. So he didn’t really have to understand Thai boxing, but he was able to win, you know? And that’s what an a big sample ship shut. How does a coach who knows nothing about dentistry, right? Have the ability to help a dentist or in this case a chiropractor? I mean, how does, how does a coach Tim Redmond in this case, how does a guy like Tim Redmond help a guy like Dr Breck when Tim Redmond is not a chiropractor? And that’s what Dr Brick is. So he’s a business coach, so he knows all the business. Now just because you’re a football coach doesn’t mean you’re an awesome quarterback, but you still got to know how to train that person and show them how to be their best and show them the holes in their game and where they need to improve.

And I think that’s what a coach does best. Dr Brick, how has, um, having a business coach helped your company grow? It’s helped in a number of ways. Um, accountability is a huge part of that. Come on, you know, being able to, um, no one wants to talk about that, but no, I’ve heard accountability. I’m described as I’m putting up the bumpers on the bowling alley. So, you know, I mean, it better guarantees your success and the only reason we don’t do it is their own fear of, um, you know, other people’s judgment. Um, but you’re guaranteed that you will not have a gutter ball. You may not have a strike every time, but you’re guaranteed you won’t have a gutter ball when you put up those bumpers. That right. There’s a great analogy. I’ve never heard it described that way. I don’t remember who first said that to me, but I’m going to quote the great doctor.

Breck was that you did, you said going to tell us like a bully. But, so I think accountability is huge in all areas of your life. Um, and so that’s one. But then also being able to be that, that person that’s removed emotionally, um, and be able to give you that 30,000 foot view, um, help you get perspective at times. Um, when you’re in the muck and the mire of the daily, you know, in it. Cause right now I’m still very much in my business and I’m working, you know, on strategies and steps to, to work more on the business and the little less in. And so, uh, Tim’s been very strategic in helping with that planning and how that looks. And so yeah, there’s just so many things and then just better management skills. I mean, things that I went to school to be trained as a chiropractor.

So I’m a, I feel like I’m a phenomenal clinician, but there are definitely a, there were holes as Jeff was saying in my game as a business owner, um, operator and a manager. Um, I don’t know, uh, your, uh, opinion on this chip and I won’t even ask for it. I’ll just tell him sets the sounds good. There are a funerals and weddings that, ah, we all get invited to. And I think a lot of us, I’m not gonna ask chips. I’m like, I don’t get you in trouble here. I appreciate that. [inaudible] get a lot of times there’s weddings you get invited to and funerals where you go, I don’t want to go to that aisle. I agree. I’ll just say I’ll volunteer my opinion. So I’m saying there’s like a wedding you could go to and you could go, oh you could find a way you could, you could do the things.

There’s a space in my mind, but you just are saying you just go on. I don’t want to go. Right. So recently is probably about, I don’t know, in the last 10 years I told Vanessa, I said, you know, I don’t want to go to any weddings. You’ve been to so many weddings, like no matter who, who’s speaking here, gun more than your fair share for like, I think I’ve done a thousand weddings. Right? Yeah. Cause at one point I was, I was teaching at least a hundred and like 150 130 every year, every Friday and Saturday and Sunday. So I mean it was a lot. I love weddings too. They’re my favorite. Really. No. So all I’m saying is that Bill Campbell’s funeral, you know a lot of people, you kind of know the impact that someone made typically by who’s at the funeral, right? It’s not always the case, but one way to to see, sure.

And it says here on page one of the book trillion to our business coach and a warm April Day in 2016 a large crowd gathered on the football field at sacred heart school in the heart of Atherton, California to honor William Vincent Campbell, Jr who had been recently succumbed to cancer at the age of 75 they explain it among the audience that day where dozens of technology leaders, Larry Page, Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Andreessen, just not real quick. Think about this. [inaudible] that means right there, right there, right? Just right there and then and that. And then the net net list, $2 trillion of net worth. We’re sitting in the same place. Wow. So quite a network. So you, I’m just saying is bill obviously was doing something well and I just think many people don’t recognize the impact of him, which is why I want to do a lot of shows about him and to teach some of the wisdoms because yeah, I think, um, as you read the book, Chuck, you know, he, you understand that after bleeding apple successfully as chairman of the board, Steve got fired.

He went on to become the CEO of intuit, led them very successfully. And when Steve got out of, uh, kind of, uh, he exited Pixar, he had took over Pixar and rent it for George Lucas. True love. They don’t know that the man who started star wars started Pixar and he was going through divorce and he wanted someone to run the company for him. And he asked Steve Jobs to do it for him. And Steve Jobs made more money off of Pixar, that off of apple. Crazy, right? I don’t think, I don’t think most people know that. So anyway, so Steve jobs though calls, he says, I’m coming back. Oh baby. My company I started, it’s called next the company. And Steve Jobs started was called next. It was a software company. And let me tell you how awesome of a coach Bill Campbell was. Um, do you guys know anything about the feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs?

Somewhat not. I mean, not a time. Let me just give you the rough overview. Steve jobs created the apple computer and he needed somebody to make an operating system that would work really well. And so he reached out to Bill Gates and they’re about the same age. And Bill Gates created software that Steve Jobs thought the Software Bill Gates made was never good. He always ripped Microsoft. Right now Microsoft has the philosophy of ship then fix. So they designed something the best they can make it, they ship it and then they basically have heirs and they let users know you can download updates, right? Steve jobs believed there shouldn’t be in the heirs and they should be tested internally before you sell them. So Apple’s been known to have products that just work and Microsoft like you have to work it, you know, download. Have you guys ever seen that where Microsoft, you have to download some patch code update or right drivers and apple doesn’t do that.

Right. So anyway, those two had a little bit of a friction on just the philosophy of life. But where it got a little bit crazy was Steve claimed that Steve jobs claimed that might, that Bill Gates was stealing things from him, like ideas and concepts and uh, the se was claimed about Steve Jobs. And so these two fought years, year after year, just going after it. I mean, even while they were still partnering. Yeah. Yeah. They’re working on projects. Remember, and Microsoft was very software driven company and Steve was more hardware, but then Microsoft created like garage band and other software that went on the computers and they just got into it and they, and they just take, they just said we always would fight. So anyway, people who love apple is a general rule, dislike Microsoft products. Right. Um, I don’t know if you’ve met people like this who are just passionate about how much they hate pcs or vice versa.

Oh yeah. So at the apple, uh, the idea of an apple annual conference where they announce that, um, this is the new product, Steve would get up there wearing his black shirt and blue jeans. We talked about the new product is going to change the game and they became almost like a religious event. Yeah. People. But what happened was, is, uh, through the work of Bill Campbell, apple was running out of money. So when Steve came back, remember apple bought next, which was the technology owned by Steve Jobs. They bought the technology. So now Steve and through a vote of the board, all of a sudden he’s in charge again of the company he just got fired from. Right. So he’s back, he’s back, baby. And when he was back, there was an excitement amongst apple cause they knew he would fix it. However, they had no money.

Now, uh, chuck, where do you think they got the money from? Where do they go? Where did they go? Who Do they get it? If [inaudible] guests, shareholders stocks? Is it selling big parts of the company? How do you think Steve Jobs generated the cash? Oh goodness. Um, shareholders, he mugged a bunch of people. Well, our good friend Bill Gates was going through a problem, a monopoly suit. If you remember monopoly, soon in the lawsuit, alleged the CT case, the situation who was alleging that Bill Gates knowingly did things that were unethical to create a monopoly, such as whenever you buy a Hewlett Packard or Dell or any computer, they come preloaded with, with Microsoft, Microsoft. Right? And they say that’s unethical because the customer can’t choose. So all these other smaller operating systems like Linux, right. They didn’t have a choice. They didn’t have a chance to compete. So they were saying it was unethical.

Right. And he was going, no, no, it’s not unethical. It’s just something I had to do in order to distribute the pros as a distribution deal. So my relationship with Michael Dell is not unethical. It’s just something we had to do. And so anyway, um, you know, you don’t have a lot of friends who are at the top. So Bill Gates, I says, Dee, call Steve Jobs. And he says, I’m sorry, Steve Jobs Calls Bill Gates and says, Hey, I need some money. He knows how much money. It’s like hundreds of millions of dollars. He goes, we are within hours of bankruptcy. And so what I need is I need money. And uh, he says, uh, okay, how much do you need? And he tells them the number, it’s a whopping number. And he goes, now, here’s the deal. Now this is the part that, that, uh, historians may disagree on and it just depends on what side of the story you are on.

He gets out and says, um, here’s the deal though. I will be willing to testify that you did not do x, Y,Z , one, two, three. And thus the member one, the number one person that would have the, the, the, the number one witness, the number one company that should have a problem, right? Because you hurt apple in a way. You Limited our growth by doing what you did. And by you, the number one thing always site. The reason for this, uh, this, this white has to change. We have to break up this monopoly is because companies like apple that are superior don’t have a chance to compete. And he’s like, that’s the argument. And that’s American meant too. But I will switch and say, I love you. You’re my boy. You’re my dude. We worked together and it only cost you. It only is all you got to do though is present at the business conferences. And I don’t know how it went and how it went down and how long it took for it to happen. But what ends up happening is Bill Gates ends up getting up there and announcing to all of the apple community that he was going to fund, uh, apple. So the apple people are like, what the crap watt because he’s such a gutsy call to make. Yeah. So all the albums, they’re like, why is he at our conferences? Yeah. It’s like turning on a meter.

Relationships that are destructive don’t help anybody in this industry as it is today. So during the last several weeks, we have looked at some of the relationships and uh, one has stood out as a relationship that a hasn’t been going so well, but have the potential, I think to be great for both companies. And I’d like to announce one of our first partnerships today. I’m very, very meaningful one and that is one with Microsoft [inaudible]. Uh, the discussions actually began, uh, because there were some, uh, patent disputes rather than a [inaudible] rather than repeating history. I’m extremely proud of both companies that they have resolved these differences in a very, very way. And this is led, I think to a, an overall relationship that we’re announcing today that’s got several parts to it and we’re extremely excited about. First part of it is a patent settlement across license. The two companies have reached a full cross license for all patterns that exist and for patents that are filed within the next five years. And, uh,

quick time out right here. This, this is, this is where these homeys have been fighting in court and literally all of all of America, the entire, it’s like the poster child for Microsoft choking out innovative technology was apple, right? And so everybody thought for sure that Steve would get up on the stage and would say that Microsoft was guilty of collusion and monopoly activities, monopolistic activities, and that they would then begin to break up Microsoft in a small, tight, this is what we’re going to do. This was a huge court case had been going on forever. And so people are sitting there going, my mindset, my mind is blown. I didn’t know it took a minute for that audience to react.

It has been a, a, a very serious patents settlement. The second part of this is Microsoft is committing to release Microsoft Office on Macintosh for the next five years.

[inaudible] yeah.

We use the same number of, uh, of major releases as they release on windows during that time. Their first release, uh, is going there. They’re going to target the habit out near the end of the year. It might slip a few months into next year, but they’re working real hard on it and it looks very, very good.

So again, just little backstory, because everybody in America used windows and windows, was being taught at schools what was being alleged. This is where it gets all crazy and memorize. Every computer came preloaded with what? No, my a windows, right? Yeah. Except Bill Gates said, hey, you know one thing I’m going to do, cause I know apple is not doing very well because he decided not to make any more windows products for your computers. So you know you guys are, you’re a whole platform of supported on windows. We really aren’t going to make it anymore. So everyone who uses your computers now going to have to figure out a different operating system because there’s no other competitors. I can come on convenience. This is a complete reversal of that.


Next we have taken a look at browsers out there and apple has decided who has decided to make Internet explorer. It’s default browser on the Macintosh.

What is that?

This is Steve jobs coming back to save the company. And this is what he’s getting a whole lot of it. Listen to this. I mean, these people are not, does it look, see if you can tell, is this a cheer up?

I mean, desert news as it clearly, this is the legendary Steve Jobs who’s come back to save the company and people are saying now again, Bill Campbell had already rolled, played with him about this and bill’s like, here’s the deal. We’re going to go save the company buddy. We’re going to go do it. And when we do it just to get their faces, everybody looks at a piece of Haley dejected. Yeah. Here we go out there on a Macintosh [inaudible] we believe in choice. [inaudible] we’re going to be shipping other internet browsers as well on the Macintosh. And the user can of course change their default should they choose to [inaudible] the Internet explorer is a really good browser and, uh, we think it’s going to make a fire. You can see on his face, we are going to be collaborating with Microsoft on Java, uh, to ensure that we can get the best from each other and ensure that there’s compatibility between our virtual machines and we think that, uh, that will serve everybody’s interests. And lastly, Microsoft is making an investment in apple. Microsoft is buying a $150 million worth of apple stock at market price. It is nonvoting shares [inaudible]

well, it’s, you know, again, apple was very, very, we’re talking about days away from bankruptcy that you understand what a move that was to call your enemy and to say, here’s the deal. Let’s do this together. It’s more of like, if this is how he pitched it, okay, this is what, this is why it’s kind of a controversial thing. If you read any of these books about that time period, the controversial with Steve called him and said, hey, here’s the deal. I’m something like this. Hey Bill, let’s go on. Hey, I don’t like you. We obviously know that we don’t like each other. Great. Here’s the deal. You might go to prison from an awfully activities or your company will get broken up. If I don’t, you know, say that I don’t have a problem with you and that you have never tried to start to stifle my growth because you know you have your, the reason why I, the whole reason my company hasn’t ever taken off is because you have done shady things.

So in order for you to not maybe have some federal issues here, I am going to testify on your behalf. We’re going to drop the thing altogether, but you’re going to give me $150 million of cash and you don’t get to say anything. You get to vote on it. And then now I can say, they’ll say, well, do you have a problem with Mr Bill Gates? Has he turned his, has he heard apple in any way? And they’re going to go, no. In fact, he just gave us $150 million the opposite and the case court cases over for you. So it was like a, a definite, uh, you know, gunpoint sort of a, of a negotiation. Here we go.

Hey, not to sell them for at least three years. So what this means is, is that Microsoft is going to be B part of the game with us as we restore this company back to health,

have a vested interest in that stock price going up. [inaudible] these people are not happy [inaudible] we’re going to be

working together on Microsoft office, on Internet explorer, on Java. And I think that, uh, it’s gonna lead to a very healthy relationships. So it’s a package announcement today. We’re very, very happy about it. We’re very, very excited about it. And I haven’t to a special guest with me today via satellite downlink and, uh, if we could get him up on the stage right now,

Darth Vader is coming to visit. I mean, everybody’s going, you’re freaking nuts. These MAC people, they’re still their heads blown. They’re not sure what to think right now. Yeah. Here we go.

The four [inaudible]

that I’ve done in my career and has been the work that I’ve done, uh, with Steve on the Macintosh, uh, whether it’s the first introduction or doing products like Max out at least had been major milestones. And it’s very exciting to renew our commitment to the Macintosh. We have over 8 million customers using Microsoft software on the Macintosh. We make it very easy for people use Macintosh to take their, uh, their documents and work with all kinds of machines. Uh, we’re very excited about the new release we’re building. This is called Mac office 98. Uh, we do expect to get it out by the end of this year and we’ve got some, uh, some real exciting features, uh, to product that’s going to require no set up. It’s going to be an easy transition from people in the past and I think it’s going to really set a new benchmark for doing a good job that performance and exploiting unique Mac features. Uh, in many ways it’s more advanced than what we’ve done on the windows platform. Our also excited about Internet explorer and you’ve got it, a very dedicated team that’s down in California that works on that product. So

the idea that Steve Jobs could put aside his hate for his arch rival and work with him to do a deal. That’s the kind of stuff that Bill Campbell would do, right? It’s crazy. Another example, Twitter wanted to be in the Google search results and so the founders of Google didn’t want that to happen. Chip, why does, why does Google not, well, if you, if you are the head of Google, right? And you have page one, which is like the holy grail of search engines, right? Why would you not want to commit to making Twitter guaranteed to come up in the top 10 for most searched her?

Well, that’s super valuable real estate to people that have a product or service and there’s only 10 spaces on that front page. And if you’re giving it to someone else, that’s uh, it’s guaranteed for them, not the other people.

Now, how many of those search results can they give away before you no longer use Google?

Not many. Not many. Because if all you see is a, if it’s a Twitter search, not a Google search, then people are going to stop using it.

Well, let’s do a search right now for the phrase Bill Campbell business coach. I’ll put up on the big screens. You guys can see it. Bill Campbell, business coach and I Google searched it, right? So we see coming up top is Wikipedia, Wikipedia, then fortune, fortune than Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Linkedin, the book itself, trillion dollar coach. Go buy that book by the, okay. And then you see what’s going down and then look, there’s the thrive time show coming up top there. Now why is it super valuable? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why is it so valuable that the founders, why is it so important that the founders are willing to fight, to not give away search engine results to big companies quickly?

Uh, so that as opportunity for competition in the marketplace and people will be interested in their Google product.

Have you noticed that Yelp comes up top for everything and title? Search them up top for everything? Yeah. Yelp’s always up there. So if you could do a search for a Tulsa men’s haircuts, whether I like it or not, I’ll pull it up on the screen here. Whether we like it or not. I mean, I personally don’t like it, but on Yelp’s always coming up top you because see all the youtube videos come up next. That is because of how the Google Algorithm works. But there are partnerships and agreements that are happening that are influencing Google search results in a way that most people don’t understand. So again, there are partnerships and agreements such as Yelp chip. How many clients have you ever worked with and are upset that Yelp comes up top in the search results in that Yelp has a bad review about them? Oh, almost all of them. Almost all of you ever tried to get it positive Yelp review?

No, not me personally. I know I have clients that, uh, you know, the thing is, I’ve asked a lot of people and I don’t know, I’ve only maybe met one or two people that even do Yelp. It’s crazy.

Can I explain to you how y’all, we’ve got a few Yup. Reviews, but it’s much harder to get a Yelp review. Let me explain how Yelp works. Educate me. Let’s say that doctor, uh, brick you want to be, you want to get favorable, favorable reviews on Yelp. Sure. He had to be one very intentional about doing a great job. What you do at your chiropractic center. You’d do a great job, but then you have to ask people every single time, hey, if you’d leave us an objective review, that’d be great. It really means the world to me. So you have to say that all the time chip, like all the time, all the time at the event that you say that about one in a 50 people have a Yelp account, right. And then in the event that they write a review for you, the review will not count or stick or stay around, uh, on the results unless they are an active Yelper, which means they have to be the kind of person who writes reviews all the time.

They be yelping all the time. So let me give you an example of a, of a Yelper that just blew my mind. We don’t have to dinner. And a man who talked in an interesting way, a was sitting seated seated next to me at this dinner that for all the speakers and all the sponsors, I’m in Las Vegas, my wife and I are there. I’m speaking to a group and very nice company hired me. Uh, very nice people there. Everyone’s great. But the guy sitting next to me, I don’t know who this guy is, I don’t know what his job is, but he’s not one of the speakers. And he’s not a sponsor. Maybe he’s an or an event organizer, I don’t know. Yeah. But he’s got his phone out and we have awesome food. I got like lobster, everyone, Vanessa guy. But we got the lobster.

She got something nice. The food was great, the food service was great. It was fabulous. So he’s sitting there the whole time, like writing things down, just writing down. Right. And I turned to him, I said, hey, what are you doing? I guess I am an, I’m an active Yelper. And when I do is I have looked for ways that this business could improve. And I just, I have several of them right now. So the waiter comes up and says, guys, are you happy with everything today or how’s the food going? And he goes, are you happy with the food? Uh, can I help you with anything? That kind of thing. And he says, well first off your presentation was tragic. All boy and I’m going, what? So I feel like I need to defend my man, my main man, my waiter, cause he’s a cool dude, he’s like a bro and it’s probably 26 27 college students guide right out of college, maybe, maybe in college, kind of a younger guy and a and just a nice guy.

Super Nice. And he’s like, and so I just want to just share real quick, just tragic now also the way you’re responding right now, that shows immaturity and he’s like, kid hasn’t said a word yet. He just looks pissed. And he’s like the lighting in here. It’s just, Oh, it’s just off. You’d have to read you the whole thing. Now the decor in here, I prefer, I don’t like the decor. Now this is here. If you guys ever thought about a theme and he starts all of a sudden being like, he’s this like restaurant whisperer, restaurant coach, some expert, and then he gives them like a two out of five. Right? And uh, I’m some, I asked him like, Hey, I gotta ask, you did wake, what? How often do you ever leave at five is I’ve never left the five. Great. And I’m like, okay, and why do you give them a two?

Because the world should know this is overpriced. And I was like, have you ever been to a restaurant at all? Ever? Not even one time. Then your mind was worth it. Oh yeah. Yeah. Many times. So what do you give them before you give a four star to people that are awesome? Yeah. Cause nothing’s a five, right? I’m like, so I’m talking to this guy. I’m like, what do you do? Like what do we, what is your role? What is your thing? He was like the lowest. He’s the lowest ranked person at this event. Right. He was the biggest opinions. Right. Somehow he looked his way into some dinner because he volunteered to speak at something or whenever he did, he’s an overpriced dinner. He’s not paying for it, right? But he’s so upset about, he’s like the lowest the ranked guy. This is like having, I don’t know, this is like allowing, uh, you know, totally with willy totally willing to get up there and pontificate about the state of the union. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. But he has a voice because of, of Yelp. That’s true. Now let’s talk more about Bill Campbell here and Steve Jobs. I want to really dive in on this. In the book it explains here on page eight, it says,


Bill didn’t take the job that John offered at Pepsi, John Sculley. But in 1983, John Sculley decamped to silicone valley to become the CEO of apple, working directly with Steve Jobs. And shortly after he gave bill a call, would he be willing to leave Kodak and move his family and his, he’s wife, uh, the former Roberta Spec Nola at Dean at Columbia in 1976 west to apple. Would he be willing to leave Kodak to go to apple? With the nine months of joining Apple, Bill was promoted to the vice president of sales and marketing and given the task of overseeing the launch of the highly anticipated Macintosh apples new computer that would replace apple too as the company’s flagship. This is what gets me excited. Oh yeah. Here we go. To kick off the lunch, the company made a big move. It bought a slot to run a commercial during the Superbowl, which should be played in Tampa, Florida.

On January 22nd once the ad was produced, Bill and the team showed it to the apple cofounder Steve Jobs and illusion to George Orwell’s novel, 1984 it showed a young man running through a dark hallway fleeing guards and emerging into a chamber where hundreds of gray clad head shaven men are listening Zombie like to a droning big brother figure on a large screen before them with a yell. She throws the large malate through the screen, causing it to explode. A narrator promises that the apple Macintosh will show us why 1984 won’t be like 1984 and it goes on to it. And so there’s a debate and bill Campbell’s in favor of the commercial, right? And Steve jobs is to everybody else. Everybody else is opposed to it. Right? And so it gets to bill Campbell and again it’s just bill and Steve again. Cause remember I just, somebody should write this down.

Most people are wrong. Oh most people are wrong. Most people are wrong. So it’s happening is most people in the group, if you ask this is so important. Some business owner out there has to get this. Do not go into your staff meetings and ask your team their opinions about what time the meeting should start, right. Or what they are when they win. The business should be open or what color of a uniform as he should wear or what the overhead music is. Don’t ask him because they will tell you things that are wrong. As an example, one of my companies, we have overhead music that plays and if you go to Eitr you can go there and if you click on Clay Clark radio, you can play the music that we licensed and stream there. That is upbeat, RNB,

True Chub. How would you describe the music of stained? Oh God. Uh, not upbeat, rnb. I was like the opposite of that. What do you think about limp biscuit? Same thing. Very aggressive. Very heavy. Very loud.

You do you think if we switched the overhead music to be limp biscuit, that would go over very well? No. Why?

Because it would create a weirdo environment where like anger and aggressiveness would be promoted. Maybe. I don’t know.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to cue up just a little sample of a song that was requested by the light by some of the ladies recently. Um, and I’m sure it’s not the ladies who worked for us. It’s probably, um, a friend of theirs, right? Yeah. And it’s probably just an anonymous person and we have a great team and I would say 99% of them would not suggest such a crazy surgery. But I’m going through, I’m looking at the requested songs and this song, I cannot make this stuff regularly queued up here.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

it’s just one of those guys don’t want to wake up everybody’s socks. You want to stay away one of those days.

Wait, why would I? That’s not a good message. Whenever you’re walking around your customer’s heads with sharp objects to find a new barber. So we go here to page number nine and barber, the board hated the ad.

This is terrible. That was the universal opinion. Too costly and way too controversial, Steve. They wanted to know that if they could, they wouldn’t, if they could sell their airtime to some other advertiser, was it too late to sell it? We can’t. We got to back out. A couple of days later, one of the apple of sales executives told bill that there was a buyer for the slot right in bill says, F it. Let’s run it. Mm. And Bill was the only one who stood up to the board and they ran it in their sales, went to an all time high and apple became the household name that it is today all yet again because of chuck. Why is it so hard as a coach? Because you work with your clients and you don’t have to teach some counterintuitive things all the time. And, and, and, and their employees are telling the opposite. And by the way, that’s why most people, the average American has less than $400 saved, right? That’s why nine out of 10 businesses fail because most people are wrong. 75% of employees steal from the workplace. Cause most people are wrong. 83% of employees lie on resumes because most people are wrong. Most people have no idea what the crap is going on. So Chubb, why is it so hard to coach a client and say, you need to now ask all of your clients for objective reviews. Why does that hard?

Uh, because it’s counterintuitive. People, especially around this part of Oklahoma, people are humble. Uh, people work hard and

they’re humble and they don’t want to ask for things in return. Ask for people to speak kindly about them. And so it’s a little bit counterculture, but it’s what you have to do and there’s nothing you can do about it. And that’s where you got to understand where’s the, where’s the pushback is ethical? Is it unethical? Ask people for that. I mean, I just don’t know if I could actually feel comfortable with my team doing that. And you know, that’s all great, but if not, the only people that leave you reviews are upset people rightly or not. Therefore, you’ve got to ask for reviews. Dr. Bright, maybe you could talk on that. Talk about this. I know for be, when I had to raise prices for one of my companies, Dj, right. I was a young entrepreneur, quite young. Still 23 hadn’t raised prices before.

Right. It was scared. Yeah. To raise prices. And I talked to a mentor. I’m a coach, a person who had wisdom and I, they’ve been very successful. Right. I sat down with them and I said, look at my numbers. What am I doing here? And he says, um, we haven’t, um, we went out for Mexican food and we were having, uh, you know, chips and salsa whenever it was. I remember him looking, he goes, he says, clay, as your revenue’s growing, so are your expenses so you’re never going to achieve time freedom will become sustainably profitable because you pay people too much. And I said, okay. He goes, so anybody new that you higher pay them less and raised prices a little bit? And I thought, oh, but if I raise prices then I might lose some customers. So this is what I did. I’m sure you’ve never done this doctor brick.

I went into my office team, I said, guys, I met with a multimillion or today, he told me we should raise prices in lower pay. What do you guys think? I asked her because we were like all buddies. Oh, they hate it. So Dr Brick, have you ever found yourself unable to move back in the day because certain employees were holding you back or didn’t want you to do the right thing or the or the, or the move? Make the tough call? Not, not particularly. Um, only because I was the guy holding me back. So you’re holding yourself. I was holding myself back more than anything. Anybody else was holding me hostage. But we did raise prices, um, about a year ago, um, year and a half ago. And uh, yeah, we got some pushback. Um, but I also had to look at, you know, where we’re at in the marketplace as far as our pricing and we’re very competitive.

Um, we’re no longer the cheapest guy, but we are definitely a great value and, um, and we’re just continuing to increase the service for what you get for the money. But uh, but yeah, we, we were, if the way that we were training, we were actually given away more than than we were making. And so, uh, yeah, we had to change something or it was only a short matter of time. We wouldn’t be here. You know, chip on page number nine, it goes on, it goes on to read. It became not only one of the most popular commercial spots on the game of the game, but one of the most famous commercials of all time ushering in the era of the Superbowl commercials. Crazy. Right? Being as big as the game itself. Yeah. So I want, again, I want everyone to understand this idea. Having a coach is someone that teaches you what to, but it’s going to be counterintuitive. Yes. I want to give the listeners some secrets here. Oh, can I give the listener some secrets down? Campfire. Everybody uses Google. Oh, I mean he’s is what? We’ll have everyone, wait, let me get my, let me get my, my subtle, your secret device. Okay, here we go. Oh, here. Okay. This is the secret of ice.

You know, honestly, everybody know business owners out there, half million thrive members know how to use that daughter implement Google know how to manipulate Google, know how to manipulate that to power. All consumers are using this. Owners know how it works except for you.

So listen up and take some notes here. Take some notes. Here we go. There are four variables that control a Google your Google rank for big variables you can control. And someone says, is that true? There’s thousands. Okay Buddy, you get busy with your thousands of variables and you tell me how your search engines or your search engine rank is going. Chupp move. Number one, why does the website have to be canonically compliant? And what does that mean overall? So the way I like to explain it is it’s, it’s kind of the original architecture. It’s the back end. It’s all the rules that Google created and they want your website to be compliant. They want you to follow those rules so that you fit with their system. Now chip, in the event that I have a website that looks really great, right? It looks beautiful.

Woo, nice high too, but it’s not canonically compliant. What happens? Uh, Google doesn’t like it and they won’t put you at the top of their results. Why will they not put you at the top of the results? Because they want your, uh, their users to have an awesome experience so that they continue to grow the number of users. And people continue to use Google because they make money via advertising. And if you start to bring up crappy results or websites that people can’t use, they’re going to stop using Google. Therefore, people will stop paying to add a advertise on your platform. So canonical compliance out of the box. You’ve got to use wordpress. And We build for every client that I work with. You’ve got to have a wordpress based website. If there’s somebody in your life right now, somebody’s staring to someone. So I’m right now to, if there is then an, an, an an an indigent to do, who could it be? There’s someone in your life right now who I want you to think about this. Who in your life is advocating for

wix or square or better yet accustomed coated websites, PHP, custom doors, website. I want you to look at that person. I want you to mentally, mentally thinking,

cause it is so oh

bad. And I’ll tell you who’s doing it. It’s usually if you’re a woman out there and you own a business, it’s usually your husband is like, I felt it myself. Like, why are you talking like that Carl? Because Carl Room was like, I’ll do it with a website myself. I’ll build my website, my ship. I love building websites. Great. Put my pants on one leg at a time and build a website by myself. But then you’re like, Hey, my talk to this, this business coach, and he said to me, he clay Clark, he says, your website can’t be on wix. And he’s like, I don’t know what you’re talking about because usually it. Then here comes the passive aggressiveness 10 and they’ll say, we’ll have him sent me over some references and I’ll talk to us. A Web guy. Does anybody get out of here? Just switch over to wordpress.

I don’t make any extra money as a result of used what? You go over to wordpress. I don’t have a fancy promo code. I don’t get a commission. Nothing switched to wordpress switch. Chuck put it on the show notes to switch to wordpress. Brick switched wordpress. Now don’t get me fired up there. Thrive nation. Woo. You guys host your website on go daddy. You’ve got to host your website and go, Daddy, you’ve got to host. What’s he saying? I don’t understand what he’s saying. You’ve got to host your website on. Could you be more clear? Go down. Thou must post website on chuck. Why? Why? First of all, they have 24, seven support and they mesh well with Google and with wordpress. So it’s your best option. But you know this chip chip, you know this to be true. Do people push back and push back on my websites being hosted by my brother, by the way? He said this accent gets better. The more that I do it, it’s like, wow. I’ll tell you what my brother Kevin, it’s like Kayvon Cayman. He a hosted web sheet. No, no, it’s Keven. I knew it. I knew it hit named Keven [inaudible].

Uh, he was, he was watching TV with me. You’re not, you know, we were, uh, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. I’m still hosting a Web show. We hosted on a local server, private server. Oh, out there and [inaudible] and honestly I’d like to change it, but I don’t even know who used to host it out there to wash it when I bought him Roy. Right. Was He, I’ll tell you what, there’s a big old boy to say it is. That’s the whole that you hear this all the time. Absolutely. If you ever got sideways with a Web guy who wouldn’t give you the passwords are doing return your calls. Yes. How often does it happen to you? Um, it’s happened a few times. Like every time they work at the client seems like, I’m like, who’s hosting your, by the way, thrive nation. I’m just throwing down my book.

But anyway, so this just in, I got a, you know what’s on my desk here? I’ve got woodblocks, I’ve got a business coach to Bill Campbell book. I’ve got a woodblock, I’ve got a cow bell, megaphone, megaphone. It just all needs into bigger desk. No, this is it. Like that as a marker doesn’t have the power. I’ll go find that in a minute. Okay. So the point is though, the point is, is that every single web guy is gonna fight you on this. Yes, they’re going to do and they’re going to go, we’ll, we’ll just, we’ll just host it locally on a local server. If you’re out there and you’re a web guy, I know you hate me, he embraces it. I know you. This is so funny. There is web guys like to say, we’ll give you the KB, the BS words that we have guys stay too.

They’ll say, well now again, this is assuming that a redneck is your web even. Yeah, he’s here. We’re in Tulsa since it’s a high likelihood. But I tell you what, chip, uh, waiver Satch it’s propagating. I like to call my a dub dub dub dub dub dub chuck, do you remember that guy? Remember that guy? The Dub Dub Dub? Every week I’m on the be access to them. Look, I need a username and password for your domain and your hosting and we will launch the site. Now, just so we know, like we launched I think 11 websites on Thursday, right? So when we watch like hundreds of sites, okay, we know what we’re doing and these guys are now you want to put that on the dub dub dub. Now what’s the risk for Hackett? What’s the security level? What’s the protocol? What’s the Hipaa compliance on that?

What’s the, and I’m like, okay, here’s the deal. There are many other doctors we work with. All right? Every site has to have https encryption and chuck put that on the, the notes there. Okay, so you got to have your site on wordpress, you got to have it on Godaddy and you got to have your site, you’ve got to have your site with the head. It has to have https encryption. Why? Because a lot of sites get hacked. So it’s called the security socket layer, the security socket protocol that was created by Ben Horowitz, by the way. It was a byproduct of Opsware. The point is you’ve got to have that on your site now, dark brick as a chiropractor, you probably don’t want to know these kinds of things cause you’re seeing patients. But a coach should know these kinds of things, right? Collude. Yeah.

That’s what we do, what we do. Maybe that’s one of the best things. I’m so thankful that my coach helps me do and his help take that burden or concern off my plate. Yes, it can be an asset. It can be an asset that the website can be an asset that generates you money or it could be a liability that just costs you money. And time. My former website did nothing for me. It was a beautiful website that nobody saw. Um, you know, this guy who created this wonderful website who nobody ever saw. And so now I have a website that, uh, thanks to the thrive time, uh, the thrive team that you guys have created and people are seeing and it’s, uh, it’s helping crew body. What is that website again? Dr r B r e C If you’re in Tulsa, by the way, and you have a back there listening right now, your neck.

So you think is spineless has this, where do we here? If you’re empty little survey. If you live in Tulsa right now, I want you to put your hand up. All right? Can I get, you know, 5% of our listeners, my hands up. Now, if you’re in your car right now, this can be difficult. Okay? But if you’ve got, if you’re, if you’re driving in Tulsa, you can hear my voice and you have, can you have a back? I want you to put your other hand so well let go of the wheel. All I’m saying is that he got to go check out Dr Brick. He’s a great chiropractor. He will help you get your spine in line. Who? Yeah, chip. All of these other variables underneath canonical compliance. I’m giving you the laundry list because yes, we can do it for you, but just wanna make sure that they get this.

Yes, that is your site needs to be hosted with the aunt with the go daddy grow package. This is new knowledge for everybody out there. I have not talked about this on a previous show or a conference. I’ve never mentioned this before. Do you have to do it? It’s a new thing. It’s an up thing because Google is wanting sites to load faster and faster because more and more people are using mobile devices that are becoming more and more impatient. So you want your site to load within about a second or a half second. Absolutely. And most sites by default we’ll load it about three seconds. So you want to use the go daddy grow package, which will increase the speed of the site. Chubb, have you worked with a client yet on implementing this? And how much does it cost per month roughly? I believe it’s right at $50 a month.

Um, I could double check that here real quick. This is the one, make sure we get getting this. If you prepay for an extended period of time, people are paying them up 50. If you’re a yearly guy, like I’m, you know, like a year to year, it’s like a hundred bucks a month. Okay. So just, just play it on spinning between 50 and a hundred bucks a month. Chip. Oh, he continue. And uh, so I’ve worked with, I think Dr Jay Schroeder, Tennessee’s website. Um, there’s another one that we just did this with and I can’t remember who it was off the top of Steve was scuba. Steve Goes, yes. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s beginning to be a thing and when you know your businesses at that point, then we definitely want to do that. Our chip, I’m not ready to move on and I’m still propagating the server probably.

Hey, you should do that in private, sir. I’m telling you, web guys know that you don’t know what you’re talking about. So they throw in jargon as a move chip. I’ve had so many web guys that’ll come to a meeting and I’ll go, is the site launched? And they’ll say, we don’t know. I was there when I was doing was I was propagating the server for the ret program. I actually have something to show you next week. And they do it. And I said, okay, well what time, what time can we meet? Give me a specific time we can meet next week. Give me a time. And they say, we’re now, I’d hate to lie to you. I’ll call you when it’s doing. I’m right now migrating a protocol at HTA and get out of here. Stop now. Mobile compliance, the site has to load on mobile.

Chuck. Why? It turns out, you know, uh, everybody has a smart phone. These games, everybody like everybody and everybody’s looking everything up. [inaudible] he wants to have a smart Provo. Yeah. If I’m, if I’m literally in the room with my laptop and my phone, I grabbed my phone to search something super easy. They made it that way and they continue to make it easier. So your website has to be mobile compliant. Chip, what percentage of the time when we work with a new client is their site not mobile compliant? Oh, 75 I would say three out of 10. A 304 now the next one, you have to get reviews. Yes. Have together objective reviews from your ideal and likely buyers. I get in the four variables to control your Google rank are chuck, what’s one, what’s number one? Canonical compliance. Number two, mobile compliance. Number three.

Most reviews. Okay. Let’s talk about reviews, reviews, why do we have to get reviews on a logical humanistic level? Not about the Google search engine rank. Just on a logical humanistic level. Chuck White, because people are reading reviews before they buy a product or service. And it’s talking about mobile compliance. It’s that easy. People are driving by a row of restaurants and they’re going to type in all those names and they’re going to look and see which one has the best rating. Let me tell you something this week, this past week, it was called my intention that a person who we had to fire for being an idiot, um, went on glass door and wrote this awesome review. Cause I remember the guy at Yelp who has no power in the game of life, has a Yelp account and, and the employee who’s terrible at their job has a Glassdoor account, right?

So apparently someone on went on Yelp and set the title says Clay Clark is a fraud. Oh that’s the title. And then they say he’s like the Donald Trump of Tulsa. Now I want to think about this for a second. I was thinking about that. It’s tall. Ask Vanessa, is that be the president of Tulsa? Is that a bad thing? I want to be on your cabinet, so I think it’s right over there around the corner. I think if you’re out there listening and you don’t like or wouldn’t like Donald Trump, I know you wouldn’t like me. So I’m saying the parallels. I’m saying I can, I definitely have not had three different wives. No. Um, I definitely have not taken $1 billion business in, into bankruptcy multiple times. Um, I definitely haven’t gone on TV and attacked, uh, curly. You’re in his face or everyone. Yeah, everyone. But as far as the pragmaticism of getting stuff done, I find it to be a compliment.

Well that and running multiple businesses and businesses for 20, going on 20 years now. Yeah. There’s a couple of things I’ve heard you say that you have to say and that’s [inaudible]. Right, right. I just, uh, and you make sure also bolden, I mean, you’re, you’re polarizing to some degree because you’re not political. You’re not going to walk the toe the line to make somebody happy. You’re going to tell the truth. Oh man, you didn’t, I tell you yesterday about the screamer. We’ll have a screamer. I’m not, my wife and I were out in the front yard. We’re planting trees and this guy, he hates me. So he drove by, continues to drive by your property? Oh yeah. Twice screaming at first time. I caught it the second time in Estacada, but he was like, Gosh, you know, like yeah. And vessels like, ah, we got to plant some more trees.

So I wonder if he feels better now. I appreciate him for doing that because we now have a more trees. You probably have, you probably hired that out. I know she’s going to be outside at noon. I need somebody from a humanistic level. Forbes reports we’ll put a link to in the show notes. Forbes reports that well over 90% of consumers read reviews. Dr Breck to those reviews help you at your chiropractor? Absolutely. And I did not use to get any reviews. No one did. Well, I ain’t getting reviews working with you guys and my website that was never seen any reviews. And I was, um, I don’t know where I was at on Google search engine results, but it was somewhere, well below the 15th 20th page. It was, it was in no man’s land. Do you have a pen over there, Dr Brick?

I do. I have a, an action item that you and I need to do this week? Yes sir. I’m going to, I’ll put it on the big screen so you can see this. If you, if you do a Google search real quick for best gyms, Joplin, I’m going to do a search for that. This is one of my clients. Colo fitness. Great. Yes, I met, they rank very, very high in search engines. And you see there, the reviews are here, the contents here, it’s all happening. Now, if we go in here and we type in, let’s type in coal off fitness reviews. Do you see? You see, you see that right there. You see this? You kind of see, you see this right here. You see that right there? Videos? Yes. That is 10% of the Google search results. And um, let me just let me do it.

Showed that the other one too. Tulsa men’s haircuts. I’m searching in Google for it. Typing while doing a radio show is tough. [inaudible] you see the videos popping up but we want to do is we wanna make and we type in Tulsa chiropractors that your videos pop up, right? So your homework here is to get out your, your phone or have a member of your team do it right and go ahead and start to have filming testimonials. Yes, right here. Don’t testimonials and I’ll cue up one for Cola. Great. Great Company that we’ve gathered several. My name is Jamie and so don’t we we want to do is not edit the videos right? Other than the person asking the questions so you can gather like as many as possible our team will optimize them and that when people are looking for your company or your or your category in Google, you’ll come up top there. And that’s the kind of a newer thing that is really changing the search engine game. Cause when you see search engine results chap and one of them is a video, which one would you

click? Did you click on the video? Most people do when I’m driving, I can’t be reading while I’m driving clay. I’ve got to watch a video. So even if it’s like the eighth or seventh or sixth search results, a search result, people when looking through a list gravitate towards the video, especially when it comes a, this is what I’ve seen with my clients as well when it comes to reviews because we can write whatever we want right on our own website about how awesome we are. So when you’re getting these Google reviews, the written ones, people love those, but they love to see an actual client. Sure. That’s obviously not a paid actor that’s filmed on his cell phone that, you know, doesn’t look incredibly professional and they know it’s real.

Now let me talk to you about reviews. I’m pulling up the reviews right now for our thrive time show. We have 603 reviews and I, um, often, um, lose reviews, right? So I have a lot of reviews and I’d say for every two reviews I get, one will actually show up. Maybe what at a three we’ll show up. And the reason why is it Google is trying to check for artificial reviews. So as an example, we had somebody who left a review last week who used to work for us who now works somewhere else and we’re working with her new, we’re working with the company she now works with. So she worked for us, quit the right way and now she’s helping out at another company. Right. And so she went on there and wrote, they’re helping my company so much. I used to work there, love that place, boom, boom, boom.

You know? Well that’s too close for the Google world and that she was being all above board and right. So they deleted it and I’m not mad about it. I’m just trying to, and that’s how that works. Now, chapter fourth variable, what’s the fourth variable? Most original html content. Html stands for hypertext markup language. What that means is that that’s the language of Google’s Internet. Yes. That is the language of their Internet. Now let me blow the minds of the listeners out there cause I don’t think people realize that if you get the book called how Google Works, you’ll understand this. Google downloads the entire Internet every day, every day. And so what you’re seeing when you go to the Internet is not actually your website. It’s a copy of your website. Crazy. Are you getting this idea? So what happens is, is you have to follow because Google is like a big library and there’s sorting all the new books that are coming in and categories and they’re deciding which one gets to be displayed prominently in the, in the bookstore as the authority.

Right? Cause if you go to Barnes and noble right now and you go into the business section, I bet you right now you’re going to see a book that’s turned. The label will be facing you. And then we’ll probably have the face of Tony Robbins or a name, you know true. The books that are turned sideways, where you just see the spine that are in the back of the bookstore. Those are usually names that you don’t know. So as an example, I went into Barnes and Nobel one time and I went in there and somebody told me that my book was there. I said my books there, and the Amazon w w works is if you sell enough books on Amazon, it triggers the supply chain and then Barnes and Nobel picks up on it and they start putting books in their stores. That’s kind of works.

Yeah. So my book make your life epic at the time had sold maybe a thousand copies, not hundreds of them, hundreds of thousands or anything, but maybe a thousand copies. So one of our employees is like, dude, your book is that Barnes and noble. So I’m like, oh cool man. Sent me a photo. And it’s like in the back shop side, you know how it is a start, but I’m saying is that Google has to decide what book is prom most prominently displayed. Absolutely. And so that is so important. You have the most content in the world about that subject. Now chip, what are the two ways to create content? Because there’s, to all the listeners out there can create content one of two ways. Well we’ll get, walk us through those, those options. So you can record an audio podcast is one way to do it.

And then you transcribe that sucker and you get the transcriptions back for it. Or you can pay the thrive team and we can write it for you. Really? Yup. Now. Okay, so repeat that again. So there’s going, I, I don’t, I don’t quite understand it. So you can, you can talk into a recording device and record a quasi podcast, right? So you can record your own audio voice and you talk for right around 10 minutes is right at a thousand words. And then you can transcribe that through a software online called Timmy t e m [inaudible] dot com and then that is now your a written content for the website or the thrive team can write and optimize that for you. Can I blow your mind for a second please? The European Union put this up here, the European Union and parliament has now signed off on some pretty crazy laws that are changing the Internet.

So let me walk you through a couple that are going to blow your mind. One is, I told you Google everyday does what to your website? Downloads down those the entire way. Internet scan copy right now, think about this. Do you pay, does Google send you a check? Dr Brick? Not less than that should resolve. We’re working with. So because you come up top in Google, does Google give you a check? No. Why should they give you a cheque chip? I don’t know. You’re, the European Union has ruled now that because they’re using your website and their results, they need to pay you, aren’t you using their platform to get the results working with you on this? Right? This is what they’ve ruled. Okay. It’s just not in the idea. This is what my, this is actual fact. Wow. So we don’t realize what that would do to Google.

Google. So how many pages are on the Internet in its infinite amount of results? So here’s what so says in a studying rejection of the, we’ll have 5 million online petitioners over 100,000 protesters this weekend. The European Parliament has abandoned common sense and the advice of academics, technologists, and United Nations human rights experts and approve the copyright in the digital single market directive in its entirety. There’s now little that can stop these provisions from becoming law of the land across Europe. It’s theoretically possible that the final text, we’ll, again, a majority of member states approval when the European Council meets later this month, but this would require at least one key country to change its mind toward. Toward that end, German and Polish activists are already redoubling their efforts to shift their government’s key votes. If that attempt fails, the results will be drawn out and chaotic. Unlike the European regulations like, uh, there’s listing off other ones which become law on passage by the Central European Union Union institutions, European Union directive directives have to be transposed, written into each member’s country’s national law countries have until 2021 to transpose the directive.

Now I’m making sure we’re getting this. There’s two things in here. They’re going to blow your mind. It’s, it’s crazy. It’s so insidious and terrible, and I don’t understand it at all other than European. Europe is filled with socialists. So this here, here they are. One is Google would have to pay you for your site to rank in Google, right? And you might say, clay, that’s not gonna happen. Okay, well look. Hey, let’s pull this up. What’s this? And I’m chuck you, you verify. You can see what I’m typing it. Okay, so it’s Google loses European European law suit. I want you to look at this and you, you, you, you read, I want you to read this and this is from the New York Times and read, read. Just read this article until your head explodes please. All right, here we go. EU finds Google 5.1 billion in android antitrust case.

Do you realize that Google is just got fined 5.1 billion European authorities find Google a record, 5.1 billion on Wednesday for abusing its power in the mobile phone market and ordered the company to alter its practices and one of the most aggressive regulatory actions against American technology giants and one that may force lasting changes to smartphones. Boy, the European Union’s antitrust fine of 4.3 4 billion euros was almost double the blocks. Fine against Google last year. Wow. Last year. That’s awesome. Uh, so timeout. Yeah. So let me make sure you’re getting this. You don’t know about this right now because you’re not European, right? But soon, not tomorrow, but soon. John, I’ve been meeting about this. I’m going to be blocking Europe from all my sites. Really? Yeah, because Dee Dee, there’s socialist over there and they are suing American companies for three reasons. One, they’re saying, hey, you’re practices are monopolistic.

You’re doing whatever. So they’re going after an American company. Google, they’re saying you guys to own too much of the market and they sued them. They won. Golly. Right. That’s crazy. A lot of money to, they’re saying Google needs to pay you for having your site. I don’t want to be paid by Google. I’m happy that I’m up top and search engine results. If they had to pay every single business owner who came up top in Google, no one would use Google. How is that even possible? Yeah, I mean that you can type a clear on for any real quick. Like you can search Google for literally anything. Yeah. Now the other thing, and this is crazy, you know on Youtube you can upload a video. They’re saying that every fine, every copyright violation would be a agreed upon. Fine, let’s hit $10,000 and guess who gets fined?

Youtube. Oh Wow. Every time. So anytime anyone updates a movie clip, they find Youtube. Yeah. Like they can control, right? Oh, that is so crazy. Yeah. And that’s, that’s, that’s your opinion. But they don’t care about math over there. Have you seen that? Have you guys seen this? This is that this is explained to you the, the mindset of a socialist. So the cost of the, the green new deal. Do you guys want to guess what that costs? No idea. I saw some video but I don’t recall now you guys, this is actually, I’m you. This is crazy stuff. The green new deal at which is being promoted by Cortez, this wonderful idiot who is a socialist in New York who is a, I’m trying to destroy America and with this thing called the green new deal that would ban cars in air travel. She now is proposing a $93 trillion overhaul of America that would ban cars.

And you say that’s a clay. You’re crazy. No, no, no. Look, this is the mayor of New York City. He is actually doing the green new deal. So it’s not actually like um, a speculation. He’s actually doing it. So he’s actually implementing aspects of it. So he’s in the process of doing it. There he is explaining, he’s implementing it and he’s saying that you have to, right now you have to retrofit your buildings to accommodate the new green, the green new deal standards. And if you don’t, then you’re, then you’re going to get fined and put out of business. But it’s a $14 billion deal, right? That’s the price tag. So imagine that you own a building, Dr Brick for your chiropractic center and you own that building and then you get a message from the city of Tulsa saying you have to retrofit your entire building to make it eco friendly to these standards.

Would that impact your business at all? Absolutely. Well then maybe you want you make you, cause you maybe lay off an employee or decrease in marketing in some capacity. So I’m just making sure we’re getting this as a coach, one of the things that we do is I look for problems that are theoretical to you as the business owner right now, but that are very real to me. Sure. So this whole thing about being sir, sir, I’m sued by a European company. Yeah. Or a European. It’s not a real deal unless you’re Google. Right? But what about the small business guy? What about a guy has $100 million business, so you gonna get sued by a European probably. Yeah. So the whole eye time. So I’m just telling you, if you’re out there and you don’t have somebody who is, I don’t care if you hire me or somebody else, have somebody in your camp, you need to have these three experts in your camp.

You’d have an attorney you, yes. Before you need an attorney, you have to have an attorney yes. To you have to have an attorney. Yes. But in addition to having the attorney, you have to have an accountant you can trust through and you have to have a coach who’s looking out for your best interests. You gotta have it. Cause if not something like this, European Union, Internet Law’s gonna all of a sudden bite you in the button, you won’t know about it. Right? So these are all the kindnesses, that kind of thing. That is going to shut down. Ease of access of information and things. So like what’s happening in China where information is now booming and coming in, right. Europe’s squelching it, right? That’s crazy. And do crazy. Yes. And it’s, it’s becoming law nuts chap. We have a notable quotable here about Bill Campbell. I’d like for you to write about the genesis of writing the book, the trillion dollar coach where Eric Schmidt kept talked about the creation of the book.

He says, not wanting to bother bill himself. I started reaching out to his mentees soon. I had a flurry of calls from bill’s protege as he described him as a father and compared them to Oprah trillion dollar coach reveals that to be a great manager, you have to be a great coach. This book, I’m telling you, if you’re out there and you’re struggling to manage your team, yes, this book is so good. Preach. There are three little knowledge bombs in the book that I got just real fast. One Bill Campbell and he was with people coaching them. He demanded that they have their phone off off and he had his phone off to both of you know, glancing at it, no texting at it. He also had a set weekly meeting. Remember how Eric [inaudible], Eric in the book, it was Eric Schmidt explained in the book that they had a weekly meeting at the same time, Mondays at 1:00 PM for like 10 years.

Yeah, 10 years in a row. All Him and all of his staff. Yeah. So he insisted on a weekly meeting time. Right. Also, Bill was really against Chupp emailing action items, emailing what, why was he against the whole email them again? Uh, it just, it’s not the right way to go about it. That doesn’t get the results that you need. Um, you need to meet someone in person to communicate expectations and details. Otherwise things will get missed. And it’s just a bad habit. No, Bill Campbell says, he says, your title makes you a manager. Your people will decide if you’re a leader and it’s up to you to live up to that. What does that mean? That means that you lead by example. You lead by showing people. That basically means what you always say, close, close clay. Basically it means to say, and that’s management is mentorship and today’s world, um, it may not have been in the past, but it is today.

And so being a mentor means that you care and you help and push people to be their best. Just like a coach. The only reason these people listen, I mean, think about this chip. How powerful is that? The world’s most powerful people listened him. It’s insane. I mean, when you read off this list, it makes me think of like the funeral of, you know, like these past presidents that have recently passed. I mean like heads of states. I mean these are in the business world. The biggest heads of states that are all here honoring one individual who none of the rest of us had even heard of who, I mean, they can pick up for myself. I have never heard no one ever heard of him because bill refuse to do anything use until late in life. And he wanted to work completely anonymously if possible.

He did not want people to know who he was. He was not looking for clients. It wasn’t looking to get paid. Right. Chuck, you’ve seen a lot of my clients. I’ve had clients for, you know, seven, eight years and you know, when you have a coach that’s helping you, you’re not going to go anywhere. Why would you, you know, one of the, and one of the bill Campbell rules and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll leave it here with this. Uh, Bill Campbell had a rule and the rule was he only coached the coachable, right? So he’s like, if you cannot get your action items done and you will not show up on time to the meeting and you won’t turn your phone off in the meeting and you won’t stop corresponding via urgent emails, he’s done with you. It doesn’t need at easy. And it may be one more, one more fun factoid to end on.

A Bill Campbell got paid the low, low price of nothing. He had a rule, he said, he said, I don’t take stock, I don’t take cash and I don’t take, so bill Campbell, his whole thing is he would not get paid. And the reason why he didn’t want to get paid as he’d already made money, he’s already, you already had been the CEO of intuit. He’d already started the goat, the Goat Corp Corporation. He’d already done very well with his life. Right? He just did this cause it was his passion. And I’m telling you out there, if you listen to this show for any amount of time at all, you’re going to pick up on this. The only reason we do this show is to help you. That’s why we do the show. We do the show to help you. And if you’re out there and you want to be a hearer of the word, but not a doer of the word, uh, I don’t get it.

Maybe there’s a different show for you. You know, maybe there’s a different, you know, maybe there’s a different show, maybe, um, you know, and maybe, maybe, maybe there’s a show you can find and you say, well, clay, when you say those kinds of things, you’re going to lose subscribers. And I’m saying, I want you to unsubscribe. I want you to stop listening if you’re not a doer, right? I don’t want people to listen to this going. I listen to the thrive time show every day and I’m still really struggling. Do you want to, cause if you’re not a do or you’re just going to become more frustrated because now the dissonance is no, I even know what to do now and I’m not doing it. So I mean this morning on this, this show, I mean, you’ve just told them how the Google search works. I mean, that’s free information.

Take it, use it, it works. It makes a difference. It really is the things I didn’t know. I mean, so when I first came across this information, I was like, man, that, that’s awesome. There’s a plan, there’s a, there’s a way to get ahead on Google and to move forward from page to page to patient. I’ve seen my website do that. I went from absolutely the abyss. Yup. In Google to, uh, just continuing to climb and Climb James Chapter One verses 22 through 25 rates, but be doers of the word, not hearers deceiving yourselves. Um, and a nonreligious sense. You got to do it. Yeah. Yeah. There’s a book I’m reading right now called Thou shall prosper, which was introduced to me by Tim Redmond. Uh, your, your coach. And by the way, coaches are always learning, not done. So I’m always learning. So I’m reading this book called Thou shall prosper and really getting into, uh, it’s, it’s basically it breaks down why Jewish people are disproportionately more wealthy than most people.

And there are four epiphany’s I have so far that I’ve got from the book that blows my mind. One, the original Hebrew language, and this is something that I put on the show notes and Hebrew original, the original Hebrew language. There’s not a word for fair. So like there’s no argument of like, we do this because it’s fair. Yeah, that’s, that’s interesting. A second idea I’ve, I’ve learned is that the word in Hebrew for work means worship. So work at worship mean the same thing in Hebrew. It’s literally the same word. There is no other, so when you’re not working, you’re not working. You’re worshiping God through your work. That’s what that means. Work. It’s the same. Everything you do do for him. Third concept blew my mind is that in the Jewish, uh, law, the, the, the original, the Old Testament, the Hebrew, it talks repeatedly about working six days and resting on the seventh and everybody that I’ve ever, like, you know, personally been friends with who’s very wealthy, successful Jewish person.

I’ve had like five or six guys I pulled aside and I said, hey man, I got to know what are you doing? Like what do they teach? This is like, as are you guys like part of the Masons, this is what it is. What are you doing? And uh, I remember sitting down with one mentor in my life named it named Elon and he says that I work on the sixth day and rest on the seventh for the seventh is the Lord’s Day. The sixth is, I will work on that and I make my harvest on the sixth Clayton, America, we all are, everyone here, everyone around me works eight hours a day for five days a week. I work six days a week. So even if we were just running at the same speed, I’m getting so much further ahead because of that. Sure.

And because I view work as worship, I just take it to a next level. The other knowledge by my God, this is crazy. The Hebrew translation for like money, money means a certificate of appreciation. That’s why socialism doesn’t work because you’re getting an appreciation trophy for something you didn’t do. You’ve exchanged your energy and now you get that reward. Think about how jacked up that is though. The socialist ideas that two teams or five teams compete in a soccer tournament and the team that loses gets a trophy too, right? Cause it’s not a certificate of appreciation. It’s just like we feel bad. So we want to take this from you. And so if you’re a socialist, a communist or a drifter, get off the podcast. But if you are a capitalist, somebody who is a believer of making money and you believe America, it’d be the best country on this great planet and you don’t apologize for it, then come on back.

My name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach and that is the life and times of Bill Campbell. We have done, I think so far for shows that we’ve released, and this’ll be one of, I’m 501 committing to do 10 okay, so this will be w four of 10 of the bill Campbell. Because this guy’s life, you can use the B cell and the 40% their people were 40% he is phenomenal. The more I read about in the more we’ve talked about in the morning [inaudible] I mean, it’s up there with like John Wooden and you know, basketball coaching. I mean, by the way, he was obsessed with John Wooden. Yeah. I mean the show many similarities as far as how they develop their teams and what they did and what they stood for. And it was far more than the actual thing. So like Bill Campbell business, John Wooden basketball, it was so much more than that in developing people and character and, and all that. But yeah, I mean, phenomenal guy. Humble guy. I can’t get enough. I’m loving it. You gotta you gotta buy the book trillion dollar coach by Eric Schmidt. Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle. Pick it up today. Wherever books are sold and everybody further, I do three, two, one.

Do you own a business a certain way? Do, do you accept credit cards? Yeah. The question I would have for you is, when was the last time you compared credit card rates? I think it was around 1987 what was the last time you compared credit card fees and rates to make sure that you’re not paying too much in credit card fees? Well, my friend, we have found that over the years, the average small business owner can save over $2,500 per year simply by comparing rates today. Well, what are the steps I need to take? Start comparing your rates and stop paying too much in credit card fees simply by going to thrive time forward slash credit card. It’s thrive time forward slash credit card. Go there today and start saving money. Now I’d go to thrive time forward slash credit card, but I just, uh, I’m afraid of them computers.

I don’t, I don’t think they’re going to catch out. I mean, this is a, you know, pretty soon the Internet is going to be all phased out and it won’t be a thing anymore. I ain’t going to trap time. forward slash credit cards are not doing it and I’ll show, do, find. I enjoy, um, spending more money on credit card fees now that I’ll think about it. I just something beautiful about just watching those fees come on in and I just keep paying them and now they’re fishing on the lake, making him payments. Beautiful thing. Really hope of helping the credit card companies get a little bit, Richard, it was kind of my ministry of how I look at it early on.


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