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Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark break down the words of financial words of wisdom from America’s Rabbi and best-selling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

“You dramatically increase your value to others if you always maintain a calm and pleasant manner.” – Daniel Lapin

“Take out a dollar bill and look at it,” he said. “Now pat yourself on your back because you are looking at a certificate of performance.” – Daniel Lapin

“By remaining exactly the same today as you were yesterday, you are guaranteeing that tomorrow will be no better than today.” – Daniel Lapin

“For the most part people prosper when they behave decently and honorably toward one another and live among others who conduct themselves similarly.” – Daniel Lapin

“Promise less than you deliver.” – Daniel Lapin

“Businesses that don’t do something valuable for others do not survive and should not survive. Profit is a way to measure how useful a business is. That doesn’t ever change.” – Daniel Lapin

Michael Jordan’s Income Per Year –

  1. In 2017 Jordan Made – $350,000,000
  2. Current Net Worth – $1,900,000,000

The Green New Deal –

Forbes Billionaires List –

Bill Gates – “I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I’m still fanatical, but now I’m a little less fanatical.

Elon Musk – Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.

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Recently we had the opportunity to interview rabbi Daniel Lapin, the best selling author of thou shall prosper, and the man known around the world as America’s rabbi. I asked Rabbi Lapin about why Jewish people tend to be disproportionately so much wealthier than the average person, and the rabbi broke it down. He broke it down like getting four flat tires at the same time. Whoa. He broke it down like a Ford Automobile. Whoa. Rabbi Daniel Lapin broke it down like fractions. Whoa. Rabbi Daniel Lapin broke it down like the office shared printer. Whoa. And so on today’s show, I want it to interview doctor z since it’s always ecstasy when he’s next to me and I knew who would be in the studio today. I want him to break down the words of wisdom of Daniel Rabbi Lens so that any further I do, the breakdown is about to happen

now, broadcasting from the center of the universe at the camp, Clark and chicken panelists, the founders of 13 mode time million dollar businesses, they started from the bottom. Now they’re here, doctors there and Clay Clark, welcome you to the thrive time show.

Starting from the bottom and show you how to get it. He’s got it when the [inaudible] started

from the bottom. Now we’re on the top. Can you the systems to keep what we got come Dixon’s on the hooks. Opera. The books will seize Brigitte’s up. Wisdom as the father of five. That’s what I’m a dive, so keep you see my wife and kids. Please tell them how it’s c and c upon your brain. Oh, and now three, two, one. Here we go.yes, yes, yes.


Unbelievable. On today’s show, we’re going to go into the Dojo of Mojo fo sho to marinate on an idea that has been blowing my mind for about a week and a half now. All right. I’m excited about it. We had rabbi Daniel Lapin on the show. Yes, and it was so good. Paul, have you heard that show yet? I have. It was awesome. Andrew, have you heard the show yet? I was there. Yep. That is just, it’s such a, there’s so many knowledge bombs and this show I thought we need to do is break it down. You like the poor show about his show, the show about the show and then tomorrow we’ll do a show about the show about this show. It pretty soon we’ll be like a dream within a great show time. They pretty sleep. We’ll be, we’ll be back a week ago and in the show I got to ask you is what’s your favorite meal?

My favorite favorite meal? Probably like salmon and PS. We know salmon and salmon is kind of a thing. You probably don’t want to just let kind of marinate for a week. You don’t? Yeah, I mean maybe you do, but like stu, Paul Tillich, stu you like still do. Still gets better as the week goes on. You just keep adding carrots. Peas are, yeah, we’re going to marinate on this. We’re not where there’s no sense of, we want to make sure that everybody understands all the principles, so I’m going to cue up. Got It. The, the, the intro for the show and then z out. We’re going to stop it at regular intervals for you to break down what it means in your thoughts on it and then no matter what you say, Paul will one up you. Of course, you will say political one, two up maybe. Is there a, so here we go. I’m all excited. Here we go.

On today’s show, rabbi Daniel Lapin explains why people that practice the Jewish faith are so disproportionately financially successful while sharing the secrets of financial success.

As you know, the book was, I was constantly being asked by by good people, people who didn’t have a molecule of bigotry in their entire bodies, but people said to me, why is it that Jews are so disproportionately good with money?

On today’s show, rabbi Daniel Lapin explains why in the original Hebrew language, the words work and worship meant the same thing.

This might be the most important and powerful point we’re talking about today, which is that the word for worshiping the God, the Lord is exactly the same as the word for doing your work for six days a week.

All right, Z right there. I want to get your take on the first two big nuggets of knowledge that have bloomed. They have blown my mind. I haven’t met, I’m not very good friends with dozens of Jewish people, but I have a few people that I have got to be good for, good friends with who are very, very successful who happen to be Jewish. And I’m not Jewish. I wasn’t raised Jewish. I’m a Judeo Christian. So we, I agree on the Old Testament and in the new testament that we kind of lose the, uh, our Jewish friends of there. They kind of say that this second part is, isn’t correct. Now the Mormons goes down as thick as mine. The Mormons have part three. Oh yeah. Well, you know what I mean? So it’s really rocky one great movie, right? We all agree rocky, but rocky to lot of, you know, a lot of the, you know, people say, you know, I don’t really like rocky too.

Now rocky three, one with Mr t, that’s the Mormon addition. Okay. So it works. So I asked one of my friends back in the day, I said, sir, you are just super successful. Just crazy. I just want to know why is it that every Jewish person that I know is super successful. See, have you ever had that question? You know? Yes, I have. And what’s funny, when I first started off in, in my business and my optometry business, yeah, that was the question that was asked me more than any other random question. Really. And that is, are you Jewish? Really? I can’t make that up. See. And then I had to get it. I’ve never told you that. But that was the question. The random question that was, I was asked more than any, any other question? Like, you know, are you Jewish? I’d be a friend of mine who I didn’t know was Jewish.

I met the guy through, I can’t remember. I, here’s what I met him. I was at a 15th and Lewis at the Saint Louis, uh, Palerra of a bread company. Saint Louis Bread company. Yes. I used to go in there to meet brides and grooms. Sometimes I was, you’re off. Guy Says, hey, you used to always be at 71st and Lewis, but for some reason I was at 15th and Lewis to meet with the midtown bride and this guy says, I see you and hear all the time, what do you do? And that’s why I book weddings, that kind of thing. So what do you do? He says, ah, I’m the founder of such and such company and it’s, I, I didn’t ever heard of the company and he said, I, I’m now, you know, I basically, it runs itself. And so I’m up here reading the newspaper and I kind of do my route.

This is my routine. I’m like, well, he’s like Kinda young though. 40 ish or so. Sure. I’m going, what are you, what do you do? Do again, we start talking and at one point he says, are you, he goes, his, he says, clay, you work like you’re Jewish. And I didn’t know, you know, like, and I didn’t know he was Jewish, right. So I’m like, ah, because I right away, when you mentioned any race or religions, you don’t right away. The tensions. I someone listening right now, your tensions are already going up. But yeah, just, just relax, take a deep breath, pumped the brakes a few times, it’ll all be okay. But he says, my man, you work like you’re Jewish. And I’m like, ah, okay. Why is that? He goes, I’m Jewish. I fought in the sixth day war to liberate our people and the expansion of our land and all this.

I said, really? So I started picking his brain and one thing he said was that work is worship. He goes, I literally believe work in worship to me have the same meeting. I remember him saying that to me. Then I’m thinking what? That’s powerful. That is very powerful that they have the same word means both of those, because in the new testament that actually says, you know, you’re supposed to work as if you’re working unto the Lord. Right. All the time. So, um, anyway, that’s, that’s fascinating. I didn’t realize they didn’t have a, that’s the same word in the Hebrew. It’s the same word. So here it’s cool. Paul, here’s the verse. Stuff like that. Collagen’s three 23, 24 from the New Testament from the Bible, from the, did the Christian translation here again, the original text was in Hebrew. So they have a different language here.

The translations for translation. I do believe you lose certain nuance, but it reads whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for human masters, for human masters. Since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Um, they’re saying work as unto the Lord. But then again, we have a new word called work in new word called worship and English. We don’t have just the one word, right, Paul, what’s your mindset when it comes to diligence, work ethic, that sort of thing? Where does that inspiration come to from? Where does that inspiration for you to work hard come from?

Well, you know, it’s, it’s basically, I think we have two ways of thinking here. There’s the, when you have a job to do, um, and you find out what is expected, you either set that is what you’re going to do or you set that as the minimum of what you’re going to do. And you try to do more than that. And, and I think successful people, most successful people understand that. That’s kind of what he’s saying the rabbi is saying is, is the level of what is expressed that is expected out of you is the minimum. And, and as the same thing in that New testament quote is when you’re working into the Lord doing extra, you’re giving extra, that’s the minimum. That’s not the maximum what you’re going to put out. You’re going to put in extra effort, clay. And so mine as, as I was, I just added desire basically, it’s real easy for me to work hard is because I didn’t want the lifestyle of the both sides of my family.

I didn’t want to, I was running. Now this is a concept right now we’re going to lose zero, probably gonna lose two thirds of the listeners when I tee up this idea. Oh Wow. Maybe you can help get them back. Okay, get him back in the boat. Exodus 16 five reads on the sixth day, they are to prepare what they bring in and that is to be twice as much as they gather on the other days. Now, rabbi Daniel Lapin explains in the book, Thou shall prosper and during this interview that you have to work six days a week that he literally believes that is a commandment from the Hebrew original old testament text. Literally not, this is not a, Oh, you should work like a lot of, a lot of Americans say, I work 105% put 110% is it? You say, oh clay ha, did you work hard on, oh, I put 110% did?

Yes. Well literally though, if you did believe in the five day work week, putting in 110% would then take you to, you know, five and a half days. Now if you put in 20% extra hundred, 120% in that mean work Saturday. No, I, I’m just telling you guys this, and I’m not saying this is the way to live life. I’m just saying, I do not recall the last time. I didn’t work eight hours on a Saturday. Personally, personally, I do it every single Saturday. I get up at three. I like to work till noon. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t have other hobbies. So it’s kind of easy for me and I spend the day with the kids, but if I don’t put an eight or nine hours before I see my kids, I just, I’d feel bad about day. I just like it. It’s, it’s fun.

I have no religious reason for doing it. Um, it’s my natural, it feels good. I enjoy it. I like getting stuff done. I like knowing, hey, it’s noon. Other people are getting started with her day. I’ve already put in nine hours. Now I’ll get back to whatever. I just like that. Sure. But see, take the religiousness out of it for a second. When you built your optometry clinic, how many days a week were you working? While I was working seven back then and in my face [inaudible] seven now. I mean, obviously when you own businesses that are open seven days a week, you can, you know, emergencies happen mean you’re always on call. You’re always kind of working, you know, um, in that regard. But, uh, yeah, I mean, I was working seven days a week and I enjoyed it. I loved that you liked it. They’re paying me money from what I’ve heard. Is that you like to do, I liked it. I liked it. Yeah. I liked it too. I liked it because it was, I saw myself getting ahead.

Yeah. That’s nothing. I work nine days a week, so, yeah. So, wow. That’s to up me nine days a week. Wait,

man, I want to, I want to ask you guys though, because I’ve, we’ve interviewed David Robinson now, Hall of Fame Basketball Player. Uh, we’ve interviewed, you know, the top fitness guy, the top crossfit games when if you go to thrive time, you can see these people that top crossfit games, winter guy. We’ve interviewed a Horst Schulze, the cofounder of Ritz Carlton Puck, John Maxwell, all of them work six days a week. All of them worked six days a week in route to their success. None of them. We’ve yet to have a guest on the show where I’m like, well, let me ask you, what were your tips for success? How’d you do it? I’ve yet to have somebody say, well guys, here’s the deal I know really made. I made a click funnel and it all just started happening. Yeah, I’ve heard that. I know, and I’ve got three letters, oh, that this country can look at and say, hmm, is this holding us back?

And you get those three letters are, what’s that? F D R, right, right. And why do I say that? Clay Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1938 the fair Labor Standards Act. Come on. Ah, what happened was, is Franklin Delanor Roosevelt realized that our country was in a depression. Many people did not know this, but he actually got depressed and he hired my favorite authors. True Story. He hired Napoleon Hill to coach him. True Story. And Napoleon hill famously coached oral Roberts. Napoleon hill co coached oral Roberts and he coached FDR and he said, let’s do a fireside chat with America on a radio. Let’s say future true statements like the economy’s beginning to improve. We’re showing reason for optimism, Messiah. So he implemented that in America, got more optimistic. He talked about, I can see you next quarter. They’re spending is increasing. We’re just, as things are so good, we’re excited. And he kind of coached America out of the depression.

However, if you do get a chance to read a very long book about FDR, which I encourage you, uh, um, not to do unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Um, FDR had two worldviews that are definitely a foul of our current worldview. One is he had just a Z, just a little racism. This a little bit. Now I don’t know how you have a little racism, but you know what I mean. Just a little, just like we all know, the guy who has just a little confederate flag on his car. This is a small one. It’s not the whole car. No, still a little bit, Jay say and you say, pick her out the back window. Say little things like we’re just bringing us out back, you know? But what do you mean by that? And they want to switch the subject and go watch Nascar.

Now you’ve got another person who just doesn’t like white people. Right? I got people I knew from college, like I just, I got to, I just don’t like white people. I get it. There’s people out there with a little bit of racism. He Z, he wanted to make sure that he got votes for the rest of his life. Never FDR wanting to be president forever, forever. And so z, what would be the best way to get votes forever? Give out money. So he took your money and my money and said, hey, let’s create this thing called the welfare state. Paul, what’s the welfare state?

It is a reward system to help people that don’t want to work. I actually, you know, part of it is great because you know, I’m okay with helping people that can’t help themselves. But welfare typically rewards people for under achieving.

Okay. So what it does is, here’s a, an example that would be hopefully nonpolitical. Ozzie, who is the best basketball player in the world right now? Or wait, maybe one of the top basketball players in the world right now, according to your opinion right now, Lebron James. Okay. So Lebron James, let’s say, maybe someone wants to argue who’s made me the maybe number two best basketball player? Oh, I would say, uh, the Greek freak baby or Kevin Durant. Okay. So that’s kind of our top three, top four, whatever. What if we were to say Z, here’s the deal. I’ve been watching game film and as the coach of the Bulls, I have determined that your guy over there on your team, your guy that Kevin Duran Qca, he is really good, too good. In fact. So I got to with Paul Hood, the NBA official, uh, he’s the head of the NBA, Paul Hood here.

We’ve talked and I’m as the head coach of the Bulls, I talked to the head of the NBA and, and Paul said, well, he’s agreed. We’re going to put uh, uh, ankle weights on Kevin Duran and we’re not going to let him see he can’t play the whole game. He only can play the second, third and fourth quarter because he’s so good I think. Yeah. Okay. And, and so we’ll see what we can make it fair that that essentially is what the tax system currently does. They take, the more you make, the more they want. See, beg, take. Can you explain how that works for someone out there who’s maybe not aware of this because most of the clients I work with are not aware of this until they get a big tax bill, which will take us back to Paul Hood. But see, can you explain how the graduated tax system, well, I think we have a CPA here.

He could probably do a much better job than I do in the layman terms for, Paul’s going to break it down yet, but we have brackets and when it went into the brackets, if you make from zero to x, you have a certain percentage of that that you’ve [inaudible] terrible. I put the brackets as you go up with the brackets and what’s the highest bracket now too, right? It’s, it’s, well it depends. I, I’ll get into it and just a little bit. It’s 32% but AH, higher. Yeah. 32%. Now you’ve got dropped a Trump, Trump dropped off down in that to financially get into that. It’s what a hundred and, oh, what’s this about two 50. Two 50. Okay. So back to FDR real quick. He just said it was a little bit racist and he’s wanting to make sure that he created something that would kill not you as a person, but your pride.

And in some of his journals he, you can find these. They’re very easy. If you read biographies, autobiographies, just research, you’ll find it. Um, but anyway, he just has a, Louis wants to enslave people cause he says, you know, once you kill a man’s pride that once they need that check, they’re never going to switch political parties. So you just said, do the research on Republican and the democratic parties and see which party has done the most to help minorities. And then see who gets the votes from minorities right now and go ahead. How did that happen? How did that happen? Then also, he came up with the fair Labor Standards Act, which by the way, in the Hebrew in the book, Thou shall prosper. Rabbi Lapin breaks it down. The Hebrews do not have a word for fair. And I think the concept of fair is unethical.

And I’m like, Huh, Huh. So I’m reading it. And he said, well, it’s not fair. It’s, it’s you just agree on the deal. Right? This will send a deal for you, 30 for you or 20 or 45 whatever you owe your work, you’ll work for me for this bunch an hour. That’s her deal. Who Do you start saying the word fair? See, really? What is the amount? That’s fair. Well, I’d tell you what, if you’re possibly Pour, how much taxes enough to take from you? Well, I tell you what, you know, we gotta do, we gotta go down. I go down to the fair. Oh, you some they’d see Turkey legs and dolls. Vital cakes, not the fair. Oh yeah, that’s a fair. Now, let me tell you what, let me tell you how the highest fairs ever been. You won’t hear the highest affairs ever been.

Um, this is, this will, this will blow your mind a little bit here. My friends Z, are you ready to throw up in your mouth? Uh, Oh yes. I really enjoyed during the top marginal tax rate and for America occurred in 1960 and it was 91% over 200,000. Oh, that’s not a good number. That’s horrible. 91% now, but give me remember, we’ve never become a communist country, but we did take 91% of your income away. Well, we left at 9%. That’s like saying Lebron. Here’s the deal. You got to wear ankle weights. You can’t wear a uniform. You need to wear dress shoes. Uh, you need to wear a cape. That slows you down. Uh, you need to have, be blindfolded, but then get out there and give it your best, your best. Go get ’em tiger. Now Paul, talk to me about this text system in your thoughts on maybe what would be the most, uh, the text. Isn’t, it would make the most sense logically if you were in charge.

Well, if I was in charge it would be definitely a national sales tax. If, because people that make more money spend more money, therefore they’re going to pay more tax, but it’s the same percentage. And so it also encourages you to s to save. If you save money, you don’t pay taxes. But that’s never gonna happen because you know, like you say, um, a certain party likes to buy boats, they like to create entitlements and you know, clay, it’s, it’s the old thing that, I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a national park and their signs usually out there says don’t feed the animals, don’t feed the animals. And I’m not referring, you know, comparing people to animals. But the, but the principle’s the same if you feed the animals, if you feed the animals then they lose the one, the, the motivation, the desire, they won’t feed themselves. And so they become dependent upon people. And so they don’t want us to feed the animals. And it’s the same thing that the government does with, with people.

Let me tee this up. It’s very actionable for the listeners out there. You’re going to go vote this year for an r or an l for the r or the d. You know the, you’re going to vote for the left or the right. The Republicans, the Democrats are going to have to vote somewhere. Um, I am always very libertarian, very left of center, that Z and I kind of share that we’re very get government out of the way. Would you, would you say that capitalists, but I can say if you look at it objectively, a Republicans, we love to talk about little lowering spending but not real. We don’t want to do it. No. We want to talk about what we say. We need to lower [inaudible] that the budget, but we’re not going to do it. Somebody needs to, the Republicans like big, big deficits in Democrats like to say, now here’s the deal.

We’re going to balance that budget by taxing the crap out of you guys. So it’s both parties like to play Santa Claus to certain people. Oh yeah. But at the end of the day, you and I own a business. Now we have a business and we have to deal with the situation of are we doing what we can do? Are we focusing on what we can control? Are we complaining about politics or are we working z six days a week, right? Whoa. Yeah. Six days a week, six days a week. You see somebody out there sitting you face to face right now, okay. And they’ve had two adult beverages and they’re like, z, just tell me, tell it to me straight to only work five days a week and my business is not succeeding. I want, tell me, z, tell me what do I need to do? I only work five days a week actually worked for, cause I take a lot of lunch breaks. I’m self employed, I take an hour long lunch break every day I’m self employed and I’m on the verge of becoming self unemployed. What is the secret? What should I do?

Mark. Mark [inaudible] first, then play, work, work, work. Here’s the deal. Come on here. You’re absolutely correctly. The thing is, is this, is that we have this culture of this 40 hour work week and, and entrepreneurship, but you sign up 67% of you out there according to Forbes, want to start your own business and when you sign up for it, now I’m gonna tell you something right now. 40 hours a week is about how you’re about halfway there.

Z, I want to repeat it. Rewritten it. Really notable. Quotable. Okay. But first, can you make the sound of like I, Andrew, can you try and make the sound of of something that’s like, you pull the, the, uh, you see when you get a bottle of wine and you pull the cork out of the bottle, what does it sound like? There you go. Um, Bill Campbell and the book of the trillion dollar coach. Oh yeah. He says that’s the sound of your head coming out of your boob. Oh yeah. I think that’s the sound that a lot of people are just mean. Seriously. If you’re working 40 hours a week and you want to get ahead, get outta here.

Get outta here. What are you doing wrong podcast? Do what job? 40 hours a week. Okay. And into your second job, 40 hours a week and save all that money for that to start up your business. There you go. That’s an idea. Get a job. I remember a young man started up a clothing store. Oh Man. He had lake time on the weekend. Okay. I was never there for the weekend. He wondered why everybody hired to come in and work on the weekend was always stealing from him, given away free clothes at the friends and he mightn’t have the cashers Jared and not. I said, well, why don’t you skip the lake for a while and come work in your business six days a week.

And you know what you already said to me. Ah, well I’m sure after the crickets,

no subsided. They left

premesis what did he say then? Well, I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t sign up for that. I’ve wanted to be my, my boss’ boss. I want to, I want a successful business, but I want to be able to go to my eye. I go to lake every weekend. Okay. Scouts, is it really that complicated? I mean, if you want more, you do more. Oh, that’s crazy. Yeah. Let’s just see if everybody else was working 40 hours a week does mean well, think about our culture, Paul. Rabbi Lapin is saying here in the book, it literally states in the Hebrew, you have to work six days a week if you want to become successful. There you go. And Work is worship, so don’t mail it in. I mean, don’t mail it it now again. Now if you want to hear a a non a Hebrew translation on page one 59 of the trillion dollar coach z, could you read the notable quotable number one here at the bottom?

I’ve, I’ve tried to take good care of it so it’s nice and readable and maybe do some editing to, so what? We don’t offend the listeners were talking by the Saudi or, yeah. Oh, okay. It’s what you said. That’s the sound of your head coming out of your now. Can you read other Bill Campbell notable quotables that he told clients to get them unstuck as he freed up dog. There’s 10 of them. Just try it. Oh. Oh, here’s one. You’re as dumb as a post. I can say that. Thank you. Bill Campbell. Bill Campbell that the business coach for Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos with Amazon, uh, Facebook, the founders of Youtube, a very successful coach. The trillion dollar coach. Right dollar. He had I think $2 trillion now and running. Yeah, guys. Yeah, man. That’s the guy who coached on Google. They’ll see what’s there. Notable quotable from Bill Campbell. The nice little you’re at numnuts.

What’s another one you’ve got hands like feet. Oh boy. All right. Thank you bill Campbell. Uh, yet, uh, uh, the f word. I put free lunch. So dude, f up a free lunch. Put Up. Okay. What’s the next one? Okay, next one. Uh, you, you should have that shirt cleaned and burn. I don’t know what that means. What’s the translation of that? I think that means you need to dress to impress. Okay. What’s the next one? Um, well we did grant. It’s one of the great horses, uh, arses of all time. Now again, if rabbi Lapin sounds harsh, Bill Campbell was worse. Oh yeah. Okay. That was on it. So we’re going back into the interview with a rabbi Lapin. Let me, let me get the sound clip all queued up here. I see I’m multitasking. I’m getting the sample down. Adjusting the timeline here. That up to that day, the bomb button, three, two,

one end kicks plaints both the power and the principle of the sixth day workweek. Hicks, planes. Why the original Hebrew language intentionally did not include a word for the English term fair. He explains why the original Hebrew language intentionally decided not to have a word for retirement.

We think of retirement in Hebrew as up seat. Now this is definitely going to irritate some buddies, husband or wife. Somebody’s out there listening who agree? If you are listening out there right now and you agree with me on this principle, I’m probably going to upset your spouse. But Z, just think about the buddies you know who make a lot of money, okay? Thinking about them. All right, and let’s pretend that their business was a garden. Okay? Follow me on this analogy. There are businesses, a guard, oh, how many days in a row can their business garden grow before they have to pull weeds? Figuratively speaking. How many days can your conductor, Robert Zelner business empire grow without you having to pull a weed? I’m not talking about you getting in there and half of the get on your hands and knees and sew the seeds and do all the work yourself.

I’m just saying how often, how many days can your operations go before you have to pull a weed? Ooh, that’s a good question. Morrisania if you let to fester would grow. Oh yeah. Well, I mean it’s almost, it’s not, yeah, I would say dailies. The first thing pops in my mind and I’m trying to work through it. You know, it’s Kinda like every time I walk by my garden. I mean, just like you look down and go through it another week, I guess you could wait until you get four or five weeks and go, okay, now I’m gonna get ’em all out of there. Uh, that’s not very productive for your business. The garden analogy. Um, I think that’s kind of why I would do my garden. I’d Kinda get to, to a threshold, go, okay, now I’m gonna go in and weed today. So I don’t know mean what does happen daily.

I think you do what you do. I mean you kinda got up, you know, you got, you’re going to nip it in the bud as we said. It’s probably all screwed up. Let me give an example for you about elephant in the room and you tell me if I’m ever having too many weeds. Okay. We have a weekly manager meeting. Uh, Andrew, if you’ve ever been in the manager meeting. Uh, I have not been in one. No. But guess what happened today? Your wife just got promoted to what position? To super manager. So her job now she manages all three stores. Whew. How long has she worked there, Andrew? Um, uh, a little over. I actually about a year. And what percentage of her income has she automated and saving? 35. Wow, that’s awesome. Show off. Great couple manegait got promoted. Now this is what happened.

This is probably about, you know, five, six months ago. Hmm. See we have a Friday meeting with all the staff. Okay. And one member of the team is just letting her have it. An employee is just letting their boss have it. I’m just going after her now. Z, why do you think I didn’t interrupt? Intercept, intervene. I just watched it happen. You want to see how the manager I handled it. Yep. The boss handled it and let me tell you what, I watched her, them hit every one of her buttons and for her to stonewall them and not get bothered at all. Now do you remember like your wife when she started working with his uncle started like every second day. Yep. And they started hitting the buttons and I thought they were going to kill her z. Wow. I mean they were like just going for a personal attacks.

You know, you have to write people up if they’re late or hold them accountable. People were just trying to switch their schedules, be late being a Pfarius and she tried to take the high road and they just ate her. So I intervened. But we’ve kind of built up that tolerancy so now it’s probably once a week I have to put out a fire with the, with, with the business. But that’s because she’s such a good manager. Well, because you have somebody else putting out a fire. Right. But she, so she was dealing with the daily. Yeah. But I mean, you have so many different businesses. There’s gotta be one fire. What per two weeks per business. Oh, sure. I mean that, that comes to my level, but I’ve got to, you know what happens is pretty soon you hire a gardener and they’d gone weighed every now and then there’s a way that they can’t get, they go, hey, we gotta we gotta know what, if you want to skip that step z and not, oh, let’s start with you, Paul. What are the business owners skips the step of hiring a manager to be more profitable? Um, Paul, what could happen? Because you work with great clients like Tate boys who are growing, they have strong managers at all of their locations. They’ve very strong management. What would happen if they got rid of that management layer? Paul, cause they’re, they’re meeting with their accountant and someone says, Hey, you know, we could be a lot more profitable if we got rid of that $60,000 a year manager expense. We can lean it up there. What would happen, Paul?

Well, they’re kind of cutting off their nose to spite their face. You know, the bottom line is, is as your business grows, your responsibilities should change and every minute that you’re in your business, being a technician is a miniature business, is not growing. And so you have to create systems and processes or basically it’s not a business.

It just becomes, you know, a decent paying job that you’ll never get out of and, and you, you can’t buy back your time because the intent really should be to create a business that can buy back your time and nothing’s worth z. Then when you see somebody who sets an impossible goal and you know, it’s not possible, but they’ve been maybe 17 to 18 too many Tony Robbins conferences. Oh yeah, they’re walking on hot coals and they say, here’s the deal. I’m 38, but I’m going to be the first 38 year old to play in. The NBA. Didn’t, he’s never previously played. I’d be the first one, my first Arvida subunits, the guy from Russia, he its first year, the NBA, he was like 37 or 36. I’m going to do it. Do it. You’re like clay or your need eight. You’re not hearing any or even six, five, you’re not, don’t you hate on my drapes?

And you see people that, that want this thing to be possible. But it’s not an in the Jewish faith, which I love. They don’t believe in the concept of retirement. And he said it’s obscene. Obscene. See, what is the word obscene mean to you? Um, it’s uh, not accepted, uh, in, uh, in today’s culture it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, I think I’m going to look up, I’m a Google that disgusting. Maybe I’ve seen, I’ve seen is, is, yeah. Is Your, let me give you the definition. I have found here it says abhorrent to morality or virtue, oof containing language or efforts is that are taboo. Taboo. So, like if we were Andrew and I, you and I were meeting for lunch, you know, and we’re just talking about just life. And he said, clay, how are you? And I said, well, Andrew, I’m thinking about a letter.

There’s a letter a, there’s like a, B, c, d, e there’s the letter f this is for you at yourself. But I didn’t use an abbreviation and I just said it in a restaurant. Wouldn’t most people’s, he look like, what the heck, what’s going on here? That’s offensive, is offensive. It’s memorable. It’s so offensive. It’s crazy. Um, xe, um, remember when you pass the rule that said there is no longer streaking allowed behind the building. We have kind of loosened up on that little too. Oh, nice. Yeah. But I mean, if you went to work today without pants or any undergarments, how many minutes before someone’s going to go, you’re a sick car was the last time it was 12 minutes.

Took them that long to get their phones out and get the video and go. Yeah, I mean, if it, so again, obscene, that’s obscene, is like that level. That’s, that’s, that’s uh, I remember one guy years ago plus it’s hard. He didn’t last on my team very long, but he, uh, z here, there’s this, this girlfriend liked to hang out with and he liked to take photos of her and then show the colleagues because of the coworkers that move. And I saw it one time, I, he, I see him sharing his phone around and I’m like, this is before the smart phone, so this is where you had the dumb phones so that these like, we’ll look at it like this. And I’m like, where do you, what does he do it? He like, oh, he’s showing us photos of his girlfriend. I’m like, sick. Get out here.

That’s obscene. Well, it depends on her level of clothing. I’m assuming I’m going with you since we’re, I’ve seen that they were probably inappropriate, but yeah, I know crazy. Yeah. Yeah. If someone’s face or just have to say, this is my girlfriend, that’s typically nude photos of your significant other, it should not be shown to your brother. Okay. So all I’m saying is obscene net. The took the word obscene means. I mean that’s, that’s what, when you say obscene, that’s the kind of power behind that word at your blowing people’s mind. Because all their life, they’re there to have a countdown to retirement. Who came up with the idea of retirement? What year did the idea of retirement get created? This is the, these are the questions we’ll look up FTR if it all goes back to FDR cause he wanted to change the goal.

Seek back in the day. Have you metZ ? The founder of hobby lobby, David Greene talking to the guy. He’s not retired. He’s like in his seventies why Woody Ray Kroc? Mcdonald’s didn’t make any money till it’s 50s z Warren buffet made more money in the past 60 after 60 than his entire previous 60 years. Oh yeah. Bill Gates. Is he retiring as he just sitting around Sipping Margaritas? He might be sip and Margaret, he’s, but he’s not retired. Elon Musk couldn’t hear retire. I’m pretty sure eat on cubic type before. The goal is to retire. You lose. It’s obscene. Andrew, did you find the stats that show how quickly people die after retiring? So it says a, Arp is saying that, uh, people who retire at the age of 62 are 20% more likely to die. And the life expectancy of a, the u s is around 79. So that’s like a loss of almost 20 years because of retirement sane.

I just see a lot of, I see a lot of people that I went to. Uh, I, I think, I don’t know if I shared this story with these. He, I was in Oklahoma City and I went to a Walmart there and I’m there and my wife’s buying some stuff and so I’m just hanging out in front of the Walmart in Oklahoma City. You don’t know anybody there? I don’t have nothing to buy there. I guess I’m kind of retired. I’m just kinda hanging out, just kind of hanging out and I’m there and I watched this guy z who appeared to be about your age. Okay. Looking pissed. I mean just wirelessly mad. Wow. And I’m like, what’s going on there brother? Cause he, cause he knows I went in there with my wife and he went in with his wife and he goes, never should’ve retired fricking.

I spend my whole day here at Walmart. I might as well be agreed. We still get paid. And I’m like, what? He’s like, I literally have been here for and he’s just eating, you know, certain people that get to the, what’s the movie falling down with Michael Douglas? You’re seeing the movie? I don’t think so. Oh, it’s so good. So good. It’s this like tight, buttoned up corporate executive guy and he just loses his mind and it starts telling people things that he’s wanting to say for years. All at one time. Oh awesome. It’s the dream come true for me. To a certain extent. It’s awesome. But anyway, so this guy at Walmart, and he’s obviously pontificating to me out of some Cathartic need to connect. He says, well, what do you do? I said, why don’t some businesses like I remember I used to own businesses.

I remember the good old don’t ever sell it kid. And I’m like, okay, what’s going on? He’s, I just, I hate it. My entire day is spent chasing her around and she’s looking for deals, discounts on Mulch, what the h and I’m just like, wow, this guy, whoa, I want to get this guy a beer but of power and I can’t get him a beer. Yeah. See how many guys do you know that are miserable because they’re now stuck in guys that you know, who are kind of encouraged to retire by the family who are now

miserable. Oh, so many. So I’m serious. I see it all the time. I know it was so funny. Is, is they’re going to like, oh, hey, you know what I’m gonna do. I go where I’m going to play golf every day. Oh, that sounds so fun. Isn’t roll buddy. And then about two months into it, their list, I hate golf.

Say it. I mean, but there’s, but there’s a desire to, uh, the word vocation. I ran the original language again means that you’re calling and the word read the word retire means to like retreat from to, and again, if you believe work is worship than in their language, it means that you are wanting to cease worshiping.

I know when you put it like that, it’s, it sounds like I said it’s obscene and so you can see where they would think it’s obscene.

So you think about a guy like a, like a Tom Brady or Michael Jordan z. Why would they keep coming back here after a year seeking another championship?

Because they’re one, they’re very competitive and two, it’s what they do is whether wired and three for the challenge of it. I mean I really think that there’s a some kind of challenge to, because they hear everybody go,

you can do it next year. A lot of people don’t realize this, but Michael Jordan is making every year, and Andrew put it on the show notes. He’s making a find the verifiable source link. He’s now making over a hundred million dollars a year

still. I know. It’s crazy. Like profit.

People don’t realize that competitiveness does not go away. Now see what happens, what happens if you are in palm? Sure. You’ve seen people like this when they decide to retreat men, women who are hardworking and they decided to now work two days a week, spending their day at bed bath and beyond looking for discounts on towels. Uh, what tends to happen over time to these people? What do you Paul, what can, what do you see with their mind or see what do you see? How to get your take Paul, what starts to, what do you start to see?

Well, they deteriorate. I mean it’s, it’s a deal thing. If you don’t, you lose it. You don’t use it, you lose it. Yeah. And you know, it’s, it’s, you know, and not to get political, but it’s the same thing as socialism. You take away the incentive to show up and get up and do things. You start falling apart and you go backwards in life. And we used to teach I that one of the firms I used to work for, they basically, I can’t remember where they got it from, but it’s in lined with what Andrew said is the average man dies within 10 years of retiring and retirement doesn’t take age. It takes money, but retirement is not just stopping. It’s, it’s having the ability to work when you want to work and if you don’t want to work, you don’t work and so, but that doesn’t mean you just stop because when you stop using your mind, use your own creativity using your body. I don’t care if your exercise and you stop, it’s going to go backwards. That’s just the way

bill. I had a get her to pile on, but I had a buddy that did that same thing and I went over to his house. He had a lot of towels, just [inaudible] all these telecom, these towns, he tells you these are 32% off the other day. Let me throw out this idea. The big policy that Fdr past was called [inaudible], the new, the new deal deal

deal. Now there’s a new thing called the green new deal, and I thought that our good friends at Forbes could break down the cost of the deal right now, Forbes, Andrew put a note on it too on the show notes. The article’s called the green new deal and the cost of virtue, Forbes estimates the green new deal to cost $93 trillion, O and z. There are roughly 330 million Americans. So what’s take 93 trillion? That’s a big number. Don’t do it. And you want to divide that by 330 million, which is a big number, but not that big of a number. And the cost of this green new deal. Uh, again, a lot of the estimates that are out there are between 600,000 and a million dollars per American, all forced upon you within a 20 year window of time. What sounds like Obamacare, $600,000 per American z and people at the bottom, they’re not paying 600,000 no, I promise Ya.

Hey Man, I’m just doing, the taxes have gone up to as high as 91%. 91%. Now ZD remember the gas lines with Jimmy Carter? Yes, I do. Talk to me. Paul, you’re over the gas lines with Jimmy Carter. Uh, slightly. Sure. Well, let me just pull up a picture of the Jimmy Carter a gas line. So let’s put Jimmy Carter, uh, lines for a gas. And I, I want to give Jimmy Carter all the due respect here. Um, the worst president economically speaking that the world has seen. President Jimmy Carter. Um, look at, look at the lines for gas. Good job, Jimmy, because they hit d incentivized earning money. So a lot of oil and gas companies are like, well, if we’re gonna pay 91% income tax, so let’s just not do anything. Let’s go Wexham some golf pulse. So you had corporate executives just retiring halfway through the year and then doing nothing. So again, the Jewish faith, whether you believe in the faith or not, it has meaning, meaning nuggets in it.

And I want to get to another epiphany that Daniel, uh, rabbi Daniel Lapin laughing shared on the show. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, the book, Thou shall prosper. Z he shared, you know what the Hebrew word for businessman is? What it means in Hebrew businessman. No, I don’t man who walks with faith. Huh? Is that you can’t start a business unless you believe there you go. That the three jobs you have are going to someday in the future create a return and you might not see the return for a decade. Right. So he talked to me about the kind of faith you need to have to start a business.

I’ll tell you what you have. Everybody’s going to tell you you can’t do it. Yeah. People could come up to you all the time and say, what are you thinking? Are you better than us? Come on. You’re better than you. Get back and push that clock. Put your 40 in. I, if you’re lucky, maybe a little over time this week. That’s what I’m talking about. All right. Why are you trying to get ahead? Who are you? You could go and do something. Trying to strive. Come on now. I’ll tell you what. This country is crazy now let’s watch tomorrow. Who Do you think you, all

people really criticize you when you already have a multimillion dollar business and you want to make it bigger? Oh man,

people criticize you. Well, the thing about it is, is is that everybody, you know, there’s so many people out there that want to raise higher in life, but to do what they want to push everybody around them down, which doesn’t work, instead of elevating themselves and you have to have faith in you opened a business because you’re going to have a bad review. You’re going to have a bad day, you’re going to have a lawsuit. You’re going to have something happen that you look in the mirror and go, what was I thinking? I think you were telling me about a, a bad review because both of us, we get bad reviews every day that aren’t real, right? And then we do get bad reviews that are based on reality because we’re not perfect, right? But for elephant in the room, as an example, we get one bad review per 33 haircuts ish because it’s like a perc 33 cuts.

We make a mistake because I should say it. We make a mistake per 33 cuts. Don’t do we get a bad review every time? No, but we do. We do. We see we make a mistake. Well we all do, you know, one to two to 3% of the time. I mean it’s you’re shooting free throws and you’re shooting 99% trust that you’re going to whole thing. Yes. You’re doing haircuts though and you met and you shoot 99% people get upset. You’re, yeah, that one is, and you’ve got to review a, we won’t mention the specific name or the or the business, but you got to review it. It sounded like it was either from a professional athlete or a fake account. It was a fake account. Oh this just cause you know we attracted him and people that come into the business and guess what?

You looked at the database and you like that. We don’t have a patient by that name. And by the way, because you understand how the Google Algorithm works, uh, you’re going to just dominate with all the businesses. Oh yeah. Fun. Yeah. You know what’s a shame is that I had 25 years of great. Would’ve had great reviews already there. You know, cause I’ve been opening up 27 years young. This is just how becoming a thing. You might have 100,000 reviews if you’ve got a review just from 10% of your customers. Oh yeah. Be Crazy. Sick. Crazy. Alex pressure’s 156,000 reviews when they got 400 locations. Now here we go. I’m going to cue up a little bit more audio from this interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Let me get, let me get the audio. I’ve got to bring over the timeline. I’m moving the audio. Get myself a psychologically prepared. Z, are you psychologically prepared? I am. I’m fired up. I thou shall prosper. I mean, just the whole concept of how generationally that fate, he explains why money shouldn’t be viewed as the certificate

of appreciation. I cut you off dead. He explains why that in order to get rich, you must sell the customer something that they want, not something that you want. He explains why being a good person will not necessarily guarantee you financial success. He explains practical steps to increase your personal earnings and why nobody can become successful. Been involved in selling something that they believe to be morally reprehensible and explains why doing what you love will not guarantee you massive amounts of wealth and much, much more.

And this is one of the reasons that the planet has never produced an atheist. He cuisine with a healthy economy never happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, this show could be the most profound

episode of the thrive time show that we’ve ever recorded. Oh, see, I’ll try not to cut you off again now. Okay. As we wrap up this show, I want to just really get intense about this one. See I here. We live in Tulsa, so I hear a lot of people in Tulsa going off on how they know God wants them to be prosperous. Sure. Which I don’t agree. I don’t agree or disagree with that statement, but then they start to say, because of my biblical knowledge, because of my love of Christ, because I go to church, therefore I’ll be wealthy. NowZ , have you, are you familiar with the Forbes Rich List? Uh, yeah. The, the top 500. So let’s just go through the list real quick here. Okay. Okay. Carlos slim baton number five? No. Yeah, a Mexican billionaire. Um, I don’t know if you’ve ever read any articles about him, but if that many people have talked about his monopolistic practices.

Oh yeah. In Mexico and his ruthless strategies have ruthless. It’s probably a good, I don’t know that he sits first and I don’t know, he sits in the front row at church. He might, he might, I don’t know. I don’t know. I call him Mark Zuckerberg. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know that he is at all the [inaudible] seminars. I don’t know. Maybe he’s there. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know. I didn’t seem like Warren Buffet. I do know Warren Buffet is open about having two wives at the same time. So I, I know that maybe that’s a unique church he goes to, but as a general rule, you don’t see Warren buffet up there with TD Jakes. How are you doing? How you doing Bill Gates? Ah, I duNno. Jeff Bezos. All I’m saying is you don’t see like Joel Osteen is the world’s wealthiest man and TD Jakes number two, they’re successful but you don’t see z like the top Judeo Christian preacher guy as the world’s wealthiest guy.

Cause if you did, then they would probably be the wealthiest right by that idea. What? Yes, that would make sense. So is he, where’s the balance there? I want to get your take on, do the good guys always finish last. Can a good guy finish on top? Is it possible here, here’s, here’s this, here’s a biblical fact. For those of you that, uh, caught up in facts, the rain comes down on the good and the bad, it rains on his hall. So you’re not sitting there searching for sin within your heart because your sales went down by 2% last quarter. Correct? You just fixed the problem. I fixed the problem. I see it, this is the thing, I know a lot of very, very ungodly people, people that I go, Whoa, Whoa, we’re just killing it financially because they understand capitalism. Yeah. They understand how to run a business. I might not want to hang out with him or seek moral advice from them, but they do very well financially. Um, Paul, you’re in Oklahoma, you see a lot of great Oklahoma families with great values, great parents who struggle financially. Where’s the balance between the good guys finishing last in first and what’s your take on that?

Well, my take on it is his life is about balance. And I do believe, uh, and I’m a Christian as well. I believe that anything in excess is a sin, whether that be sports, whether that would be work. Um, and so you have to have a balance and clay, you preach your f six goals, it’s not one goal. It’s applying next. Yeah, hits f six goals. So you have a balance. And a lot of times these people that are ultra rich, you know, they basically have from the f one and you know, gold type situation. And so you life is not about how much money you can accumulate. It’s about the lifestyle that you create and we use surround yourself with.

Now I can say, we’ll put a note on the, we’ll put a quote on the show notes. Bill Gates did say, I watched the talk, I want to put a link to the quote Z. He’s teaching to a group of kids and they put their hand up college students and they say, sir, what are you, what are you, what is your advice? You are the world’s wealthiest man at that time. What is your advice? What’s the one tip you’d give us? He says, I never took a day off in my twenties. And I think everyone’s like, what? Ah, that wasn’t the question that we, what question do you think we asked? I mean, do t people didn’t like that answer? Uh, Elon Musk was asked, well, what’s the advice to earning, you know, billions of dollars. Let me keep it. This is Elon Musk. This is audio. Elon Musk explaining his get rich quick tips,

even tendency is wishful thinking. Um, and then just work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 hour, 80 to 100 hour weeks every week that all those things improve. The odds of success,

80 to a hundred hour work weeks every week. Could you imagine shadowing Elon Musk? He say, Hey, for a week I want to shadow to see if I’m the, if I’m a, I just want to see if I could work here. Could you mind if I shadow you all? Just follow your schedule every day. Could you imagine shadowing a man who works 100 hours a week? I got some interesting information. No, that’d be crazy. This Justin, what’s your interesting information? Okay, here we go. You asked, you asked the question. Yes. Thrive nation wants to know, and I have the answer. Yes. Give it to us. Bill Gates, his family tend to Roman Catholic church. There it is. Warren Buffett raised Presbyterian, identifies as agnostic now. Hm. Um, Carlos slim is a Maronite Christian. A Maronite Marilyn. Hey, making up denominations. No, I’m not. Okay. I’ll look that up. And Mark Zuckerberg and braces his Jewish upbringing.

Now what’s interesting because be Zos, I’m just went through his, uh, his big d divorce of the 10 richest people in the world. He’s the only one that hasn’t really exposed what his religious beliefs are. Really interesting, isn’t it? Okay. So there we are. That there are we, there we are. I’m just saying there are people on that list were agnostic. Uh, Elon Musk is building things like solar city and Tesla and space x where he’s gonna quickly fly up that net worth chart because of the infrastructure he’s building right now. Right. Did you hear about his Uber of Tesla? Did hear about the Uber of Tesla? No, don’t tell me about it. Oh, this is sick. If you own a Tesla, right? You’re plugged into the network, you upload your identification to verify no criminal records, no car accidents, whatever. And then while you’re at work, people can use your car. Oh that’s cool. So the car will come to your office and pick you up cause it’s self driving. Yup. That’s nice. That’s sick. That’s sick. That’s freaky. That’s freaky. So he’s like building Uber of Tesla. But you using everyone’s cars without using people to drive the car. It’s just not well, and now without any further ado, we’d like to end each and every show with a boom. If you have not yet checked out the book, Thou shall prosper. You gotta do it. Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Here we go. Three, two, one. Woo.

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