How to Be Broke In America (With PR Guru Michael Levine)

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Business coaching expert Clay Clark is sitting down and interviewing PR guru Michael Levine who represented brands like Nike, Pizza Hut, Prince and many more. In this segment they are going to break down the concept of how to be broke in America.

  1. Think like a victim if you want to be poor in America.
  2. You need a burning rage to win.
  3. If it’s successful what would it look like?

Get ready to enter the thrive time show three to one this is a special business coaching edition: podcast sit down with the legendary pr guru michael levine. This guy has is the pr consultant of choice for president bush president clinton michael jackson prince pizza, hut mikey he’s talking about how to be broke in america jump. Does this is exciting for you or have you found yourself wanting to know how to become broke? This is on the top of my to-do list is actually I need to figure out today how to become broke. I think he just wants to lay out for the listeners out. There hey do this and you will definitely lose and do this and you’ll be successful. He’s an intense guy when you’re listening and he’s been there, and so it’s good to listen and pay attention to what he sayinglisten to this exclusive interview with v michael levine. If you want to prosper, if you want here’s the number one rule, if you want to be broken, america I’m going to tell you how to do it. Okay, I know you are the bottom piece any of your audience’s listening to us now, they’re saying she not want to know how to be broke. How do I be broke? I’m, going to tell you how to be broken, america ready, there’s a number one thing you got to do if you want to be broke. America reading, like a victim, you going to be broken, america people listening discussing, arguing about ideas and our civilization, maybe you’re talking even about income in equity, which is a very, very, very, very that’s, free, berries, serious problem, you say:wait, wait! Wait!

Mr. Levine everything you’re saying is kind of interesting, but you know this game you talking about this game this game here. This is a. This is a rigged game. I know you’re right. The game is not easy. The game is not fair, but with enough burning, maniacal rage and focus the game is winnable. The game isn’t easy. The game isn’t fair and spend don’t sign up when you want to say why isn’t the game? Fair? Don’t sign up for that class? What would victory look like if it’s successful? What would that be like if it’s on successful? What would that be like what would happen if this was out when you know usually what happens with ideas? Business coaching Clay are one of three things usually happen to the ideas or a homerun feel. Second, if it’s a strikeout ubit march, your sorry ass into a room and figure out how what the lessons are. Lessons learned the hard way, they’re small business owners who are like you better, be at little, resourceful or figure out how you going to steal. Second beer to say:look at the outcome of where you eat people would take you that was a success and see if that’s worth your time,


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