Build Your Hiring Process | How to Hire Quality Humans (Part 1)

Show Notes

On this episode of the Thrivetime Show Clay Clark is showing you the steps to hiring the highest quality humans and training the skills they need to know to grow.

Action Steps for Hiring

  1. Step 1 – Schedule a Weekly Group Interview
  2. Step 2 – Post on Indeed and Craigslist every single week
  3. Step 3 – No matter what the resume says respond with a pre-written email without even reading it first
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  4. Step 4 – Conduct the weekly group interview
    1. Topics for Group Interview
      1. Expectations
      2. Compensation
      3. Communication
      4. What questions do you guys have?
      5. If you like the person say
        1. I think you are a great person and if we decide to hire you we will be in touch by _____(time) on ______ (day)
  5. Step 5 – Invite the person to shadow you and if you like them, hire them
  6. Step 6 – when you decide to hire them you must do the following paperwork
    1. Non-disclosure documents
    2. Fill out I-9 employment eligibility form
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Audio Transcription

This is the thrive time top business coach show on your radio and podcast download loyal listener that I ran into last week, and this gentleman was explaining to me that he loves the radio show, but he doesn’t know how to listen to the podcast and so I thought. I would take just a second pretty for listeners out there to break it down for you. We have about as many people that download the podcast. If we have it, listen to the show so there’s estimates it say about 33,000 people listen to the show at any given time and we have approximately 40000 pounds loads, and so you can. You can kind of see what we would do. Do more people listen to the podcast for the people. That’s on the top business coach radio show either way because I know that our listeners out there or business owners and most of these business owners don’t spend a whole lot of their time. Listening to podcasts about these people are busy running banks running dentistries photography, companies, whatever i, want to break that down. So what you do is just go to thrive time, show.Com, that’s thrive time show.Com and then you click on the podcast button and then away you go to be a play button there.

You can hit that button. You can pause, that., that’s, really shop. It’s a it’s really there’s a plethora of audio play to play option, but you get to drivetime show. It’s a free-for-all, audio buffet up there today and that it’s question is:he wants to know how to hire somebody, and so I love the top business coach question, because it is as simple question, but it’s actually, the kind of show is that we’re going to wear a deep dive into everything you would possibly ever want to know about how to hire somebody because I don’t think they they teach us if it doesn’t college specific steps of how to hire somebody specifically. No they did not get it really know they did it a specific steps to do anything besides write papers or do silly things that you would hit a deadline, and that was about it. So I thought, if you can recall, have you recall the last time if you thought about geez what was the last time you wrote a paper for a business that you’ve ran to go you you assign that out.

You want me to write a 20-page report on all of michael. Now, of course, there’s no need to write papers papers over whatever theory of management practice that you’re learning it’s it’s all about what we’re going to get into today. Somebody step number one:chapels put the notes. You need to schedule. A group interview, our group interviews, every way today at 5 p.M. Every single wednesday at 5 p.M. For all the different companies that we have. We interview people at 5 p.M. On wednesday at 5 p.M. What day, wednesday people everyday. Yes, so we interview people every single wednesday at 5, but what if they can’t come in on 5/5, then they can’t come then come next week they can come every week, every single week at 5 p.M. We do a top business coach group interview inject. Could you explain why we do from your perspective, why we did the group interview every single wednesday at 5 p.M. It’s, a pretty simple concept:those those unicorn employees does a player’s they’re, not just looking for work. When you’re looking for a new team members there looking for work when they’re looking for work, they may be fed up with an existing boston. They may have gotten laid off for whatever reason, whatever is going on in their lives if they are looking for a job and you’re, not hiring you’re going to miss out on all those people.

So it’s just like sales I was on my clients, just like sales. If you’re looking for a deal as soon as you’re out of all of your work right, it’s way too late. It’s way too late to find a new deal. You got to find those employees as they’re looking for work, and then you can build a place within your top business coach organization or straight up. Tell them hey, just hired that spot, but you’re the first person on in my file as soon as I’m, ready, I’ll begin contact with every single wednesday at 5 p.M. You have to do so. Here are the steps to doing the group interview you need to post that you’re now hiring make a job, post and post that every single week on indeed and craigslist somebody says, should I post it on social media too sure somebody says:should I drop off flyers at the local community college sure somebody said, should I also tell family and friends I’m hiring yes, but what I’m saying is you have to do it every single week, every single week, post on indeed and craigslist? Now? The second thing you have to do every single week as a relates to getting people in for the group interview is you’re going to need to actually conduct the interview every single wednesday at 5, so you need to block it off in your calendar. You can’t do it some weeks and some weeks not do it. You have to do. That’s. Okay, have an excellent mood, as relates to the group interview with no matter what anyone’s top business coach resume says, always respond with the same email. So it’s already submit their top business coach resume. Always hey. It looks like you might be a good fit. I’ll see you this wednesday at 5 p.M. Not sure. Why do we want to say to every single resume every single time, whether it’s accurate or not? Hey, you looks like you might be a good fit.

I’ll see you this wednesday at 5 p.M. Right, because the whole point of this process is. It is as a multiple filter method to filter out people through the different steps, but it’s also to save you time as a business owner or the manager. The whole goal is to save you as much time as possible. So you’re, not scheduling. You know, 20 hours of interviews for 20 or 30 people. Your scheduling one hour every week now and thoughts I have to hire people I never have and never will, and you should not read resumes until after the group interview seems like a countercultural idea, but according the ink magazine opens on the show now, it’s 85% of people are lying on the resume 85 people applying for your job, you in a hundred resumes 85 of those top business coach resumes, are completely bogus. If there’s any five of the hundred I mean that’s crazy and you think about this: according to the top business coach us chamber of commerce, 75% of employees steal from the workplace 75%. So if you really, if you think about this amy 5% of the resumes that you anyway or crippled so good, no matter what the resume says, even the resumes mangled and misspelled cuz, you won’t even know cuz you’re not going to read the resume if they send you a picture of a cartoon, a hand drawing of there hey there, you can trace the outline of your hand and make a turkey that’s awesome, I like them. If that’s what they send you, they send this to you gobble gobble. That’s fine! If they take a picture of papyrus, did they have used to debut debut cuneiform but they’ve been compressed reads:they’re using ancient hieroglyphics to write and I know that cuz I went to college.

They send that to you, that’s fine! If they send you a picture of themselves flipping you off, you would say it looks like you’re a great fit because you wouldn’t know they decide you’re not going to read resumes you don’t ever read the resume. Just say it looks like you’re. A good good fit could be a good fat like to see this wednesday at 5, and someone says well I can’t do it this wednesday at 5 will then they can’t do it this week. You know what if they question know what is it? No? No! No! No! No and that’s how you do it right, so happy, mart, there’s not more now! The next step is:how do you do the group interview itself by the way, if you don’t know how to do it and you live in the tulsa area or you’re in town about who are flying in for a workshop from all over the world? You might want to plan your trip. We could fly in on like a wednesday morning or tuesday night, so you can watch our top business coach group interview, but this is how you do the group interview station compensation to expectations of the job. You go over communication like who people need to report to if you work here, who’s your who’s, your boss, going to be who will who will be your boss? If you work here, they weren’t sure. How does the organizational chart works too? Let’s go over the first one case of communication. You say before the first one to be an expectation to sit here and say:i own, a haircut business called elephant in the room and we operate with excellence, which means that we pride ourselves up in the highest reviewed, men’s, grooming lounge in oklahoma and in all other states, and so do that we have to have really great people, which is why we’re interviewing you and then we have to pay you more because turns out great people want to make more then the people that are not doing a good effort or the question I have for you is removing the compensation.

So mr. Conference, it mr. Workshop attendee mr. Group interviewer mr. Person attending this. This work group interview compensation. What specifically do I pay you now? This is a good question, so I’m going to teach you and I’ll walk you through it. We’re going to pay you this much per hour and you get this much commission. You get this much tips, and this is how your check works out. Any questions about compensation and your expectations. Okay, third, where to go to communication, if you work here, if you’re go to the south tulsa store, your boss will be dead and then got this job. As a result of knowing me, but as a result of working hard. There’s no nepotism here and even if there was a kid of mine or family member of mine wanted to work it out to start the bottom. So dan is there as a result of his hard work. If you want to work at downtown, your boss would be windy. If you want to work in broken arrow, your boss would be jason and then above all, three stores and we call super boss, the db super manager. How can I switch a formal title? Is super manager at jason manages all three and then above that, there’s jonathan, kelly and kelly would only be called if jason has a freak out moment what you can’t have because he’s a super manager, but if you did have one you would reach john and if john can’t handle it, which should never happened. He calls me so really. No one should ever call me, but I actually do trainings every single friday with you guys personally, I’ll be training every single top business coach person here, every single friday on how to cut hair as well as how to sell products. We have our lead, stylist, our a master, stylist cynthia. She conducts hairstyle training, every single product and i. Do seals train every single product, that’s how that works.

Okay and then every single monday. We have a manager meeting. What questions do you guys have, and usually they look at bingo, just one handed cuz cuz. Remember if you had 50 people, say I’m going to be here:wednesday at 5 chuck. What percentage of the candidates actually show up for the group interview maybe 10 to 20 if you’re lucky at the interview, only 10 to 20 of those 50 ever show up, yeah I know what happens. Is that show up? Maybe only 5 show up on time. So there’s like there’s taking others there’s like 10 people there, but there’s five they’re already dead to me cuz. If you’re late for the interview, i, don’t really have a curiosity as to who you are or why you’re late I just know that if you’re late for the job interview you’re not going to work out and through extreme judgment and the prejudice that I used to have a good review, I found a great team. So, if you’re late, because of your race or religion or creed, if you’re late, I’m not interested, then what I say to you is I say what questions do you have questions from numbskulls who are late, but I was getting some good people. Good people ask you some top business coach questions and it just open dialogue. Were there really interviewing me? The majority of the time I mean they’re, actually asking me questions and i. Don’t care what no matter what the question is, because I am trying to see if they can think and then communicate, and if it can fake and communicate, they are in an elite group of people called the kind of people I want to hire. Employees did i, say you don’t have a skewed perspective of what it’s like to work here, I’m going to have you guys shadow me tomorrow, you’re going to shadow me for an hour of power because I’m the boss guy and then, if i, like him, I’m going to send you over to the south tulsa store and that you’re going to actually or broken arrow or whatever you’re going to do a demo haircut cuz.

If you have a license in in people that you say you can cut hair I’d like to see you come here and I would do this for coders web developers photographers being pertained position at all, I would have somebody shot of me and I will i, don’t know what this would be baby the same. How do I know if someone should be a friend if you do like a buyer on this? Is this is not work? This is this is how we do it. Now. We have a company out that we worked with for a long time, but it’s really built a great team of people. You know that they’ve gone through this process and they have found some elite people is classic janitorial cleaning services for dr. Zeller associates for google for the drive time, show offices, news., for, new star for dupont, and they want to provide janitorial services for you. What’s your phone number, what’s your website website v classic clean.Com, the classic clean.Com? We can call these guys at 918-671-2046 918-671-2046 or going include some high-traffic carpet or tile buffing for you included in there in your cost, and their phone number is 918-671-2046. Call him during the top business coach break and I’ll give you a free copy of my book. Show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clayton clark, alright, tribe nation. Welcome back to the conversation is a thrive time show on your radio and podcast download, and we had a very simple question that was emailed from a thriver. But this is the kind of top business coach stuff that shop you went to business school at oklahoma, state university. Did they don’t teach anything that you will remember?

The majority of your college experience has to die. Writing research papers up paraphrasing book team project projects, talk about business, ethics., crap matters, business ethics, you screwing up people, you go out of business, true I think you’ll ever have people screw you, you don’t screw people and you grow up. You did attend the clay clark business college. It would be called a two-day in-person thrive time she works. That’s right in two days. I can teach you what you need to know and you might spend a year applying it, but in two days you get the whole thing. There is bada bing bada boom, we, go from a to z. At the top business coach workshops, are we going to hire people to step one? Is you have to hold a group interview every single week and I’ll? Get you never seen a group interview, you don’t know about a group interview. Google. Does group interviews, big tech companies. Do group interviews it’s not like I’m inventing the concept of a group interview here. It’s just it’s a better way to go. So just just do it and if you that dip, if you never seen one just come out this wednesday at 5 email us the info at thrive time, show.Com schedule your reservation at are in person. When you come up and watch the group in to sit there and we’ve had people do this, and if you don’t believe what play saying here will I don’t know why you’re listening to the show on the first place, but concrete company for almost a decade with my parents and this system right here would have been too had the biggest impact immediately on our lives and I’m, not exaggerating. If you don’t do this, you will get stuck in the doom loop, where your employees hold you hostage, they’d be coming title. They make demands that are unreasonable. They make you work on their top business coach shift because they don’t want to show up and I can’t fire them cuz.

You don’t have anybody else. I’m super passionate about it. When I lose my clients, because I see every single person, every single person goes down the same road. If you do not do the group interview every single week now here is why this person is asking this question. They been in business for over 20 years and they are growing in a client and they’re growing by 230. 1% I believe that you look on the complete carpet cleaned. Is it to 6262? Okay? Last time, I saw it to 39%. That’s the current, a gross domestic. What’s the current growth rate of our economy 207%, since it was like 10 times more than the average business, and then that’s why they need to hire somebody to keep up with the demand right and that’s a top business coach client complete carpet. Cleaning.Com inside the studio today, and this guy has actually bought a tip top k-9 business location in the company is doing great. I mean he’s out there in owasso. He’s he’s growing all the time. I’ll. Take you to tulsa by the way for spur supporting an atom and his newest business location there in owasso and saw what atoms are take on a few on a few things here. When you started me open up your tip top, a location of there in owasso, was it a little bit scary for you opening your own business? We need to get up I like crap.

When did vice by 15 $18,000 of crap, you had to auto wrap your car. You to buy leashes year did invest into tan hours of training. Was it? Was it a scary thing for you absolutely, it was like one of the scariest things I’ve done, probably ever as far as work or business or anything like that. Are you a married guy or guy married, been married. 6 years now have a death-wish. Did you want that marriage in terribly or want you to go out? There want to start a business? What did you talk to her about what was going on in your household in the moments leading up to starting a company? Well, it looks like a opportunity that I would be foolish not to at least give a shot. I mean why not I’m good with dogs go to people. How did you hear about a tip top k-9 ryan, actually training, three of my dog’s back and i, think it was 2007 or 2008 I think so the founder of the company, so the seed by doing a good job for you in 2007? Yes, now I was just thinking about you know it’s a lot of things. I’ve got very very metaphysical as a top business coach. I was thinking stupid, deep about a lot of things and one thing I thought about you, but it is not 2017 2018. How did you decide that the business model made since we went? We did that idea of her deal. I’m alright I actually contacted me to get in touch with some rescues, because we have me and my wife have connections cuz.

We actually ran rescue ourselves. Animal rescue dog rescues, okay, so we had connections with some rescues in town and he was actually looking for a place to build a train.. Or, train train train new trainers, so he reached out to you to find a new place to train new trainers and that’s when you knew okay, this might be a thing you said:i might be a new trainer. What are you doing? Career wise right now and I said Well:i’m going to school, actually really I was going to school. To get my certified veterinary assistant are my veterinary, where you going I was going to san juan college, most of it was online. I was i, was just transfer into tcc to finish up the program: they’re nice bike by cultural of you to go to san juan on how many weeks into owning your own business, 11 weeks, 400 weeks, 9 weeks, how many weeks of proximately we started? February 5th was the first day official. So was that, like 10 or 11 weeks ago, 11 weeks roughly point there right about $8,000 a week of sales every week, there’s 52 weeks? Would you go out on a limb and say the typical week?

We have about 50 critical theory about 52 weeks of 48 to 54 right in right in there and that ranger has 7 days and so I have to do the research. Where do we find our research $2,000 or $1,142 a day there you go and so that, and if you took you know, 85% of that which is i, think we need to keep 85% of that 85%. But you get such basket $971 a day that you get to spend on whatever you want to spend on and then obviously pay expenses out of it, and that kind of thing it’s so big. Now that you’re growing a top business coach place where you tube, maybe are are selling so much you’re, probably going to hire somebody soon are you there already did somebody or somebody for growing so fast you to hire somebody that’s a great thing, but you can really screw up your business. If you hire more on it and most people are freaking idiots on a freaking idiot or a person’s mind, doesn’t work or somebody who’s got novocaine in the brain you’re going to fail. Imaging he’s got to go pick up. Your office supplies go to for you to pick him up or deliver them for you. There going to be any competitor’s price. It’s onyx, imaging, he’s god will take care of your office supplies, deliver them to your office and will be anybody’s price chuck. What’s their website and phone number onyx imaging.Com onyx imaging.Com onyx with her phone number is 918-627-6611 again:918-627-6611 printer supply off supply printer service, dam


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