Building One Checklist at a Time and Building the A-Team

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Learn how to build checklists and a business A-Team from America’s #1 business coach, Clay Clark.

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  1. Build one system at a time so you do not lose sight of the customer.
    1. Find or create best practice systems and implement.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.” -Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)


  • Building the A-Team


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We will hire someone with less experience, less education, and less expertise, than someone who has more of those things and has a rotten attitude. Because we can train people. We can teach people how to lead. We can teach people how to provide customer service. But we can’t change their DNA.” -Herb Kelleher (The co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines)
  2. It is bad for your mind to listen to C players filling your mind with trash
    1. Garbage in – garbage out
    2. Do not bring people into your business that are not on the same page
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We are talking about building a business coach approved checklist at a time and building the a-team. Then we’re going to talk about installing guard rails and find those a players and then we’re talking about eight effective, guardrail, business systems. You have to install oh and then better clean up. We are going to be teaching an actual business coach thriver who reached out was built a multimillion-dollar company and they want to know how to scale it to beyond, just them so eric chop. Let’s talk about this idea of building 1 checklist at a time. I take a lot of entrepreneurs out there. It and I know it’s none of our listeners, but if I do i, can you hand me a copy of the cd start here book? Where do we teach you today from page 73, all of the the start here, but can I see a lot of entrepreneurs that boy? If you want to download the star hero book for free, it’s an amazon best-seller how you can download it. So we buy going to thrive time, show.Com i, see a lot of entrepreneurs are so excited about growing their business. So what they do is they try to pull an all-nighter or take an entire month off from their business and spend every waking hour, building systems processes in checklist.

However, the absolute best way to create all of your system’s is to create them, as you see the need for them. Every time you see a member of your team doing a repeatable task and you noticed it’s not being done right or you. You notice. It’s consumed in copious amounts of time for your team. That is when you would write down on your to-do list today. I need to make a crate I need to create a checklist for that. Every time you see someone on your team, creating excellent products and services that far far surpass the quality of the average business coach team member on your team. That’s when you would want to make that a best practice. You see:michael gerber, the best-selling author of e-myth revisited wrote systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. Predictably, give you an example of a best practice that we just came up with today. Are you excited? I’m excited and I got an example for you after that, but really yeah. Well, okay, so I’m going to start with you, for example personal business coach example between you and me:it took personal exchange. Here we go. What are the companies are working with to help them scales called tip, top k-9? They train dogs and they’ve, been in business for over 9 years before I met. These guys, he’d heard about me on the profit first podcast and he found it there, an oklahoma I’m in oklahoma they reached out.

They came to a workshop and I’ll tip top k9 is just taking over. There got a location to rent idaho they’ve got one in owasso locations all over the place, but it turns out that whenever somebody wants to buy a franchise or buy location, we haven’t fly out to tulsa and its shadow, the owners of the business, because you might love the business coach income, you can make training dogs definitely, but you might not like training the actual dogs right for me. For instance, if you said clay, you want to be itchy all day. What do you say? Play I’ll pay a million dollars a year, but it involves training. Dockside, say not going to do it. Half a million 4 million a year to train dogs know if I will give you a million dollars to own a dog and care for the dog. For you, cuz i, dislike i, like that you, like dogs, or do you like. I, just don’t want to have it. I, don’t take care of that. Write. A dog wants to be me to pet I’m, not going to i, want to be by myself and read a book, so people have to like dogs to be dog trainers for the more a lot of people like to have big dog on the customers, like that big. So. We’ve discovered that unless you weigh about a hundred and sixty 270 strong pounds, training 110 lb dog is going to be overwhelming.

Literally so, literally last night and again this morning, I said ryan:hey. Have you noticed that there’s a certain size of man? It takes to train massive dogs because yeah pretty much. You have to be a strong male or a really strong woman, I’m thinking about all the guys that I know what tip top and they’re all their big burly got practice, and so now we’re actually making a chart that will show if you want to buy a tip top k-9 franchise relocation. You need to weigh about this much or beef. Strong cuz he’s dogs are massive and I would never get a dog that had the ability to eat me. But you seem like a lot of business coach people. 240 lb mastiff for something that’s disgusting and over and over and over I suggested hey. Why don’t we make a sheet? You know where it’s almost like an amusement-park. You have to weigh this much or more to ride this ride or you just height or more or systems. You be built systems, one problem at a time, but I see this is a business coach should I know the clay’s deer season sees this as a business coach play you’ll see somebody that you’re you’re coaching with and they want to make all of their systems in a weekend.

They want to do it all in a week. Why is that a certain recipe for disaster when the business owner mr. Clay stairs, tries to actually make all their systems in one week number one thing:they don’t have the time to do that and it just totally blows them up emotionally. They have no idea even where to begin 2nd as soon as they look at a blank piece of paper, they just they go blank themselves ago. I don’t even know where to begin which system do by begin with. So again, it’s can be so easy for them to tap into that emotional engine that you shut them down so quickly, because it just way too much. That’s why the start here book took me almost a decade to write this book. It’s now an amazon bestseller, because every time I would teach somebody something over and over I jotted it down and put it into. My journal. I was working on and it was like a i, don’t know, probably 6 or 7 years. I was journaling and I took that in turn that into the rough draft that I had marshall edit. The book based on his business coach experience, coaching clients and I had a client sit down with me and then we actually flew around the world interviewing people likely cuz. It’s all business, artisan bread, like a lot of things, went into this. It’s it’s very much like we have a show me if I properly cook a pork chop. Do you know it, but you know you’re, also a barbecue business coach guy, I love it to build your systems.

It’s like smoking, brisket night takes time to do the right steps in the right order, and it takes time but kept you see this as a business coach, you see where a business owner wants to make all of their systems at one time and then when they try to do it and they can’t, then they they they did great pendulum shift occurs. Let’s do it then, and now they say I don’t have time to make any stuck in the doom loop of the better. Your business does the worst. Your life is because you haven’t made any business coach systems randy insidious part of this is that trying to make all your systems at once is almost the mindset it takes to be an entrepreneur in the first place, like just like you’re, going to run at your problems and try and knock them all down, but you have to know your own limitations as a founder as in person right, you can’t do you can’t do that or what ends and end up having happening inevitably is that you dropped the ball on your core competency. You mess up with your customers, because you’re focusing on your business too much and I was talking about an example of this that I had recently you know today. Actually I was working with a guy and we’re training. A business coach sales person he’s got one other sales guy. What’s a good story, yeah he’s doing really well and I said well. Why don’t we do if you get if you handsome man, i, haven’t seen him i, don’t know if I don’t know who’s, having trouble figuring out what he said to try and scrape it out so I said:well, this guy’s doing a really good job.

Let’s just pay attention to what he’s saying:listen to get him on the phone and now we’re taking his employee, who was best practice and we’re turning it into the system that has other guys can use their for scaling who all can beat on calls doing estimates putting bids out excetera example of a system I built just this week. It’s, just messy I built it I’m, going to say that loosely, it’s really my wife built here on my wife. Yes, my wife was looking at the the payroll for elephant in the room, as we get close to franchising temperature in some people want to be profitable amount of ranch, I mean I really want to buy. A business then make some money money money fun with the honey with some money. This is what business coach franchise and she says she says. I believe I’ve got to move just wants to reduce payroll by $24,000 a month, wow increasing what everyone gets paid. That’s impressive, money tree know she’s worked on this now for about 90 days and we we have a profitability. We stick with in and she’s I think that I could improve the profitability by 40000 a month and pay everyone more and I’m going. I know you.

Can we work together? This is what we do. So how close you know you had your monthly expenses, you look at them, you have your monthly income and she just deeply stares at this looks at works on it looks at stairs and she said:i got a plan, see what she did was she increased the hourly pay of all of our stylists. Thus they are now getting paid more when they’re there, whether they’re cutting hair. Not, then those people are now assisting the manager when the business coach manager needs help. So if somebody cancelled their haircut appointment, that is now the default assistant, so manager says, hey clay looks like your haircut cancelled. I. Need you to help me clean. The bathroom help me do the whatever so you’re already there any way to get paid. So now we just eliminated the entire position of the assistant, who used to be two managers, are two people working in that role. At the same time now you have a manager and assistant manager, but neither one is working at the same time have a 1-hour overlap where they hand off that you trade offs and then everybody else has resulted in doing these tasks is sort of like a backup manager. Should the manager be sick, so we essentially reduced a position per store, which is the average person? Is an assistant manager making 40000 a year, and we had three of them at $220,000 a year and now that position and no longer exists, and she did it through attrition.

So when they were these people who had decided to move on move out of state, one person move to hawaii one person move to wherever they move to. She, basically just didn’t, replace them, and now my wife has done it yet again, but it’s through deep observation and every single week, printing out the income and the expenses and looking at it and ask you the question:how can we pay people more and reduce expenses? Do you think to to the point of the building 1 shekels of the time she will probably wasn’t thinking about multiple, deep dives right, she’s, going to focus on this thing and real the system, and now we’ve save money and increased pay for the team. When will think we’re working on right now, as I’ve noticed that the kind of people that want to attend a workshop for a two-day interactive workshop, these kinds of business coach entreprenuers out there, what date would they want, but they love but they’ll up. They love the ability to ask questions right and when you take that away, it removes the reason why they wanted to attend the workshop in the same place. They don’t want to go and just be motivated and not ask questions. They want to ask questions so john I’ve decided we’re going to cap the size of our workshops at a certain level to make it a better experience.

What’s your deep observation also discovered that people want to go into a clean bathroom people want to walk into a clean bathroom. They do not want to walk into a bathroom, it’s dirty now, i, agree, i, agree and so deep observation you’ve been doing there skip happening in the more people that attend the conference is a dirty air gets in it’s a soul-sucking cycle, and so we reached out to classic clean classic clean is the janitorial service of choice for google for new star for dupont? What is their phone number? What’s? The website 918-671-2046 their website is v classic clean.Com, again 918-671-2046 column. Today, turn your urinal into a drinking fountain called classic clean, attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright trap, nation welcome back conversation. My name is clayton menendez, bicoastal bilingual, very I’m, a lover of all cultures, burrito guacamole! Do you say overall nature banyo talking about today is were talking about how to build a checklist one of one of the time and how to build a team on my desk i. Have a document like me to grab the big stack of documents on my desk that I do my business planning from in this stack is a great I’d like for you to look at that stack of crap i? Want you to look at that stack of stuff I want to just look at that and realize how much I hate that stack of stuff, but how much I love the stack of cash it creates.

So let me explain this to you. Building your business systems is not an event. It is an ongoing process. Thinking of your business coach systems as more similar to brushing your teeth, then to get married is healthy unless you are a real sick freak you’re going to want to brush your teeth twice per day on ongoing basis to maintain your oral hygiene on the flip side. Unless you are real sick for i, don’t recommend that you attempt to get married twice per day on an ongoing basis. I, don’t recommend that you get married twice per day ever when you first start building your business systems, they’re going to be very simple, I didn’t complete. However, as you update these systems week by week, they will become the solid foundation upon which your company has built. Okay. So now we talked about building business systems phone doctors is a company I’m working with were taking them into the franchising phase and I have editing an operations manual, and you know what I hate more than updating that operational manual paper clips.

Nothing I hate traveling, but I would prefer to travel to make that document, and you know what I hate more than that document. What’s up, nothing I would rather buy a dog in training.. I would have a lot of things. I’m not kidding. I would rather study stool samples of people, i, don’t know and then work my way into more and more familiar circles until finally, I’m studying the stool samples of people, I just met that is strange. I would rather use my tongue to clean the urinals in the men’s restroom. Well, thanks to the classic clean.,, that’s all right, I would rather flirt with the concept of using my body as my number one that literally selling my body, his body been doing that. We know why I do that. You know why I’m editing that operations business coach manual before francesca’s you’re passionate about no no because I have to, and nobody else will I meant thousands of men and I have not met a single man or woman, except for doug, the attorney for oxi fresh and mary, the attorney for a phone doctors who’s willing to do that. Just a c300 hours. My man you’re, looking at my clock that crap no, no, no, it’s 40, grand I’ll, do it for you and people are willing to do it. They say:hey here’s 40 grand! You do that they were in my brain and I will write my brain and not complain for more to grant writing your freaking system just for grins, i, throw a good time to add to the franchise process operations. Man, we get started there. Mr. Blasty blast. Mr. Super busy I want to get rich quick, and then you do that.

You called me, 6 months later after you’re, on page 1 of that book, you try to write to the 18th time price and then we’ll see the value. You know you write that sdd, you write those shop that are diligent, dewar’s and I just want to celebrate the crap out of what they do, that no one sees somebody I’m going to give you some good example to workshops all the time all over the world he’s paying some of the smartest minds in the world to teach him how google works, how systems are done franchise law, which is why he can sell a lot of express franchise? Is it I literally, if you’re, listening right now and you’re willing to spend 40 grand to buy oxyfresh I can pretty much guarantee you that you can make a hundred grand a year for the rest of your life or more per million bucks a year by simply spending 37 grand I mean what, if you buy a tip top k-9 franchise today, I pretty much guarantee you can make $45,000 a week, training, dogs, but here’s the deal you got to invest in yourself and learning how to train dogs, and so ryan spent 9 years doing it wrong before you figure out a business coach system that worked I mean it symbolize overnight.

Success class over night baby in bartlesville for $115,000 for over a decade is like 5 a.M. To 10 p.M. But really he gave himself because you can’t be out of shape trainer right, but I think people want to celebrate the success. That’s why call manitou do franchises, opening up quick, going to see it and I meet the business coach owner? This is what I say:i say:did you write the ftd and they’ll go yeah, pretty much knocked it out. I know right away there, a scammer I’m just so many good people at our workshop in a grinders. If you made somebody who’s, never woken up previous to 6 a.M. And they tell you they’re a multi-millionaire business owner a bunch of crap. So what I’m talking about today is this concept of? Yes, we all want to get rich I want to ask clay stairs this question because, yes, you are a school teacher and, yes, you wanted to become a consultant in it and a well-thought after speaker and, yes, you want to become the millionaire school teacher. The guy used to be a teacher was gone on to have success as an entrepreneur and you’ve done that. But talk to the listeners about the hell, you went through the transition from running a nonprofit to becoming very profitable.

The pace of success is so different when I’m in a business coach salary world open in the wage cage the pace that it took to get out of that just by itself the pace the mine set, the pace to get out of that and then to maintain it and keep moving forward. It was just something I had never experienced before we work together for what 6 years, 6 years yakaland at one point I’ll send you refer to me as the ask man ask man – 4k, okay, I buy job was to basically create that page up and now there’s a lion chasing you better get running, but it’s all good cuz, there’s a bag of money over there that you’re running that. So we come back from the break. I want to talk about that pace and the kind of pace and the energy you have to put into building you’re a team. You got to find those a player, there’s a certain pace it. What you have to go at to assemble a great team in ultimate team. Have you met the guys with onyx imaging i, know those guys they’re fantastic business coach guys, and they are you speaking of being diligent. They are super diligent guys in and speaking of my my my my bilingual nature. They both is to spend less time doing things you don’t want to do is spend less money on the things you don’t want to do jump. How can I do it? That’s what you do get ahold of these guys. They can do price matching on office supplies. They can do overnight or same-day deliveries on off. Surprise printer supply printer service get ahold of him at 918-627-6611, again 918-627-6611 or tulsa. Printer repair., com


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